Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 3
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I*1J Thursday, September 20,1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS THItEE MRS. SID HENRY ocietdi NRY HI|in TELEPHONE 321 In Dnys Just a few left that are sunny and golden! , Summer came bringing n marvelous store- Bright days and dreamy days, days made for pleasure; , These are the last. There are really no more. Will you hiwc one of the few small remaining? Just for the taking. The small price one pays Never is missed. These are wonderful values- Remnants of sumnfcr! Bargains in days! Look You will find them surprisingly lovely; Each one designed by an artist in color; Some are embroidered with exquisite flowers. Will you have this one of goldenrod All wrapped about with a soft purple haze? This is the last clearance sale of the season— Remnants of summer! Bargains in days! —Selected. The Hope Garden Club wil hold their September meeting at 4 o'clock Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. S. Greening, East Second street. All members arc urged to be present. The City P.T.A. council held their initial meeting of the school year at the city ball on September 18, with Mrs. C. D. Lester presiding. After the Relieves Headache Due To Constipation "Thedford's Black-Draught has been used In my family for years," writes Mrs. J. A. Hl&htower, of Carthage, Texas. "I take it for sick headache that comes from constipation. When I feel a headache coming on, I take a dose of Black- Draught. It acts and my head, gets easy. Before I knew of Black- Draught, I would suffer two or three days—but not any more since I have used Black-Draught." Tiicdford's BLACK-DRAUGHT rnrclr VegeUble I,»ntlT» "CHILDREN LIKE THE 8XBUF" Another BIG nilc i.l the— _.NOW— ON THE g. STAGK AT O. FASHION DISPLAY Direction cf Jessa Dee Glasgow DANCE SPECIALTIES , . ,. • _ .Under. dir.ect,ioi> pf— Ruth Niitu'sim Thomas Bc'ncfil American Legion POLLY MORAN NED SPARKS SIDNEY fO FRIDAY ONLY BORN TO BE BAD Lord's Prayer, repented in concert, Miss Mamie Briant, chairman of the executive committee reported that ar- rangemtns had been completed for the second annual school of instruction at the high school on Saturday, September 29. A splendid program featuring several out of town speakers has been prepared and luncheon wil be served in the school cafeteria. Drs. D. L. Bush chairman of the "Summer Round-up" reported that the committee, with the aid of the county health nurse and several physicians have examined ?6 children, 11 of who were of school age and a recent investigation showed that 24 had been corrected. An inspiring message from the national president, Mrs. Mary Langworthy, setting forth the goals of the organization was read by Mrs. Lester. During the business session the following committees wore appointed for the year: Membership, Mrs. Frank Ward; Hospitality, Mrs. John Owens; Publicity, Mrs. Roy Stcphcnson; Parents' Education, Mrs. O. A. Graves; Standard of Excellence, Mrs. Hatlcy White, Home Making, MLss^ Ruth Taylor; Parent- Teacher Magazine, Mrs. Giles Gibson. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lewis had as Wednesday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy of Camden. o~— Mrs. John P. Cox lias returned from a week end visit with relatives in Waldo. Mr. and Mrs. Noble Tcskcy, former residents of the city, now of Guthrie, Okla.. were the Wcdcnsday guests of friends. Mrs. Ross R. GilliSpie left Wednesday for a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. Sue S. Wilson in Little Rock. EACH G-im ^ / <*"*? ^y^s.^^yv^fc^^^^^^^jji ff MUn i IIRHE TODAY MOOTS n A BUD UN, 18 tin* prrtlj. elopr* wllfc mm I, DM), linnilnome «trlmmlng InMrnctor, llni* R-nr» to Mlnml. prnniUlnR l« •end for her Inter, and Root* ««•!• a Job In • New York •tore. llaaa doen not write. Month* pn»* nnd then word tumc* Ilim he linn Iteen killed In • molorhoat • crldent. Too prond to ««k her pnrent* for hclpi Boot* mrliKKlm on nlone. She m«et« I) 10 .N I S f'KNWAV. yonnjc •nthor, rrho Inirodnce* htr to lODWAllII VAN HCJVKII nnd benntlfnl KAV <;illI,Ml\(;FOni>. Uenli help* Hoot* get • Job In • book chop. She KOCH to live with FRANCES CMWTHVE. In eltnrffc of the chop, llooti' mother pome* to *ee her and bm» her to rl»lt her father who hn« had n. n<roke. lloon rcnllre* her parent* need nnanclnl aid. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOR1 CHAPTER XXXVII OOOTS was curled in ono corner ot the big couch. In this room with its studio window, its marble mantel and grate In which a red firo glowed comfortably, there were expert touches. Frances had made tho linen slip covers with calla lilies on a terra cotta ground. The books that lined the shelves were many and various—poetry and fiction and biography. Frances was interested in child training and "mental health" and there was a full shelf of books on the latter subject. There were chrysanthemums Iti a decp-mouUted amber vase and the wet wind, stirring the curtains, mingled with the scent of the fire and the tangy, bitter odor of tire flowers. Boots, glancing up from her book and yawning, liked all of it. This The Oglesby P.T.A. held their first! was a step up. indeed, from Mrs. regular meeting on September 19th| Mooney's narrow room with its •"'"• "" u ~~ * ' humpy bed and sagging dresser. Hoots liked sharing quarters with Francos, who was equable, amusing and honorable. She liked tho long Sundays in the empty apartment when Frances went to spend the day with her married sister in East Orange or with any one of a number of classmates. Frances also had with 3fi members present, opening' with the Lord's Prayer fololwcd \vi1hj the singing of America. The business meeting was in charge of Mrs. Vcr- non Gunn. On the resignation of Mrs. unn. Mrs. D. L. Bush was elected president. Mrs, A. B. Patten gave the national president's message. After appointing the chairmen of the different . comunllics and completng the ^laiis for the school of instruction, the a bcau-a tall, serious young man nceting adjourned. wh ° '- iiu fi ht economics at one of 0 the nearby universities and fre- Unix; chapter 328 O.E.S. will hold its quently came up for a "bingo" of regular meeting at 7:30 Thursday dinner and the theater. It was one light at the Masonic hall. Mrs. E. M. McCoy has relumed from i few days visit in Texarkana. dinner and the theater. It was one of those occasions which Boots waB rclehrpling now with a re-reading of "Jane Eyre" and a supper of bread and milk. Edward was out of town; lie had been invited to one of tlio myriad house parties he was An announcement that will be ofj interest to the many friends of thei contracting parlies in the city was j made Tuesday evening when Miss' Charline Landers entertained at the hom c of Mrs. N. W. Denty on South Main street, announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss IVIary Powell, third daughter of Mr and Mrsr;T. L. Powell v to Leonard feet, glancing at the clock. always being bidden to. But presently his voice would be heard on the telephone and Frances would come dashing in. It was good to be alone, to savor all this. . . . The bell raus shrilly in the stillness anil Boots scrambled to tier Half F. Ellis.--son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ellis of Clarendon. Ark., and that of Miss Johnnie Franks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Franks to Matthew Reaves, son of the late W. M. Reaves ! and Mrs. Reaves. The double wedding f wil be solemnized on Sunday, September 23. Little Miss Mary Kathcrine Belts and Buddy Denty dressed as' bride and groom presented the guests with small bags of rice from a white ] satin pillow bearing the interesting, news. The Denty home was beauti-1 fully decorated in late sumer f lowers j emphasizing a color note of yellow in the decorations and refreshments., Bridge was played from three tables, | with the high score favor going to Miss Sclma Lee Bartlctt. The hon-| ovccs were presented with lovely gifts.' The hostess was a.ssitcd iji caring fnr her guests by Mrs. Denty and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius. past 10! Too early for Frances to return from her theater, much loo early for Edward to call. His note had said he would be arriving at H. and that he would telephone her the instant the train got In just to see how she was. That was Kdward! She pressed the buzzer whk-li opened the downstairs door. U might be a telegram or a special do- livery letter from Frances' yuuug uian. It might be. ... Running steps on the single Might of stairs leading to their apartment A dark, smooth head appearing in tho stairwell as the girl, bent double in her lounging pajamas of amber silk, hung over to see who the late caller might be. S HE drew back, vary pale. "Denis!" It was ho. Denis In full evening kit, very handsome and debonair, a stick held In the crook of his ftrm. Denis with his opera hat crushed In his hand, his white muffler showing. Their eyes met. Ho was breathing bard. He had been running but he said easily, "Hello! • May 1 come In?" The Insolence of him, the unqualified Impudence of the man! She had not seen him for months— two, three months, at least. Not since he had Been her, unsmiling, to that Easthampton train and had gone back to his Kay. . . . But politeness triumphed over pride. She said, "Of course, come in." She was conscious of her tumbled curls, of the empty blue bowl and the ringed tumbler on the teakwood tray, conscious of the dent she had left In the deep tumbled pll- lows of the couch. For tho rest It was all mystery, all enchantment, to havo this slim, dark young man here In this autumn room, full of tho scent of dying chrysanthemums and crackling fire. She sat down in the barrel chair, her back braced against its back, and looked up at him. Very deliberately he laid his hat and stick down upon the priceless walnut of Frances' old kneeholo desk. Very deliberately he removed his topcoat. "Nice room!" he approved. Her blood rose. The Impudence of the man! Into your life he strode with' out a by-your-leavc! "I'm glad yon like it." "Cigaret?" He snapped open a wafer thin case of silver and she shook her head in refusal. AH this was preliminary to—exactly what! "I was up Ibis way," Denis said conversationally. "Ed told me the other day where you lived. I've been wanting to see you. ..." He'd been wanting to see her! Ail the air was full of music now, taint and far away, and there was a leaping In her pulses as though rivers of ice had been released. Oh, ho had said that; she hadn't dreamed it. "Well, I've been around," she offered vaguely in the silence. She had resumed her place on the couch now and was curled up, a small Tanagra-Iike figure in amber silk, her hair a ruffly cloud about her heart-shaped face. The room was a warm, enclosed place, holding a man and a girl with so much un spoken between them. Funny thing, life. Ono minute you were half asleep, droning over a book, not really caring what happened; the next instant you came alive suddenly at the sound of a voice; the touch of a hand. . . . * • • J"JKNIS, in the wing chair, scru ^ linizcd her coolly. She wasn't dreaming. It was Denis himself, critical as always, assured, faintly mocking. She had dreamed of him often and often in some such attitude, in this very room; she had not expected the dream ever to come true. "So you're goinj to marry again?" She sat up, straight as a ramrod, disdaining the jiUlows. "Who riHyS BO?" Me shrugged. "I leard U." "And if I am?" There was challenge in her gaze, ia the smile sbo lifted to him. II was, sha re- minded him wordlessly, none of hto affair. Denis got to his feet, extinguishing the cigaret in a brass tray »t bin elbow. "Oh, nothing," he said moodily. "I always had a sort of feeling I might have steered you Into safer waters the other time. Just a sort of grandfather complex, I guoit. That's all." "I can take care of myself," Bool* told him airily. He bent a baffled gaze upon her and she felt ashamed. He had taken care of ber when she was ill, helpless as a kitten. Why was it that she said these stupid, tactless things to him? She flushed. "Guess you can," brooded Denis, thrusting his hands deep IB his pockets. Silence fell upon the pleasant room, a silence broken only by the fall of a coal in the grate and the hoot of a late-going ship in the nearby river. "Sorry I was cross," the girl said quickly. "It's nice to see you. Sit down and tell me what you're been doing." She. hated herself for wasting these minutes. Presently ho would go away and she would bury herself In the pillows and weep her heart out because she had wasted the precious moments in such idiocies. "Toll me just this," the man pursued, sitting down beside her. "Are you going to marry Edward? He's one of the best, you know—but be sure of yourself this time. You're really such a baby. I feel sort of responsible for you. ..." • * * TTEU hand, slira, long-fingered, •*• tho nails rosy as little shells lay curled on the cushion beside him. Denis picked it up almost aloofly as he might have done to tlie hand of a child. The warm current of her being flowed Into the very center of that rosy palm. Something electric flashed between them. Boots never knew how It happened but suddenly she was In his arms, her bright head crushed against his black-coated shoulder. It was only for an instant. Stars zig-zaggcd In their courses and then righted themselves; a gilt-haired girl in amber silk swayed to hei feet, facing a tall, very pale young man in evening clothes. "I don't—don't know what's the matter with me." she said dizzily '•I think we must both be a littlf mad." . "My fault," he said unsteadily. The telephone rang stridently in the pause and she (lew to answer it Edward's houeat. hearty voice. "Hello, beautiful." "Hello!" ' "Been a good girl while I've been away?" "Oh, terribly good." Her eye:sought Denis. He was staring a> her moodily and he was frowning "What's the matter?" ICdwaro waa concerned. "You sound at though you'd been crying or some 1 thing. Didn't wake you up. did U I thought I'd drop by for a minutf if It isn't too late—" In panic she interrupted. "Oh but It Is—honestly. Not tonight!' When she put the Instrument back ou its cradle Denis had lib topcoat on his arm. "That was- Ed?" She nodded. "I fee) like a hound. I'm sorry.' Her eyes fell. "Don't be." His tone was infinitely i-eulJe 'You and I are set on different paths, child. You go with Ed'Ararn 1 with Kay." (To lie Continued) Tokio Health is good in this community at this writing. W. W. Porterfield of the Mt. Pleasant community was a Tokio visitor Saturday. H. R. Holt was a business visitor to Nashville Saturday. Miss Dulcie Dee Holt has accepted a position as teacher in the McCaskill school and has gone there to begin her duties. C. M. and Louie Dandy were business visitors to Columbus Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George C. McLarty and children visited relatives at Highland Sunday. Will Smith of Mt. Pleasant was a visitor here Saturday. B. J. Stecn was a business visitor to Murfreesboro Friday. C. M. Duke was a Murfreesboro visitor Friday. A. N. Laudcrdalc has returned to his home at Silsbce, Texas after an extended visit with the family of his daughter, Mrs. A. C. Holt. A. C. Holt was a business visitor in Nashville Monday. John R. Coolcy was. in Nashville on business Monday. Robert Martin of Pump Springs has from E. P. Nance and is operating the jsrrist mil land shop now. rented the Tokio blacksmith shop Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Coolcy and children of Corinth visited relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Thompson and daughter Miss Rcmajoe visited relatives at Highland Sunday. Bells Chapel Rev. Renger of New Boston, Texas preachedc hrc Sunday night. Earl Yates made a business trip to Hayncsville. La., Sunday. Married: Mr. Erwin Brooks and Miss Lorene Folsom, both of this place. All their frncnds wish them a long and happy life together. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew White and son of Waldo were visiting friends and rcl i atives in this comunity Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Stuart spent Saturday nighl with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Stewart. Mrs. Charlie Garner of Shovcr is spending the week with Mrs. J. F. Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Preston of De- li.ght spent Sunday witli her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Talc. Edd Cbamblec made a business trip to Hope Saturday. Sylvester Honea of Willisvillc was Sunday guest of his son, Bro. Horace Honea. P/Irs. Melton White made a business trip to Prcscott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Cullins and Miss Opal Yates was shopping in Hope Saturday. Guy Tale is spending Ibis week with friends and relatives at Delight. Mr. Hugg, of Charlotte, Ark., is visiting his daughter, Mrs. A. J. Brooks. Miss Chloo Brooks was the Sunday guest of the Misses Irma and Joyce Wood. Rev. Henderson of Little Rock will preach hero Sunday night. Everyone is invited to attend. EASES ACHES TJELlEVESpain<ittlcWywiaiMlt<!««4* JLXcning nerves or upsetting ttomun. Banishes nerve «lraih. Brln relaxation. 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Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Phillips and The farmers fire about through ! ,_ _, ^ ui , erijig their crops in tins community. r H111 j] y Hpcnl Sunday svilli Mrs. Cha Mr. and Mrs. Roming of Prc.sv.oU nrigrr:-!. called on Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed on Ml ,. ciiarle.s ROSCIT spent Monday Sunday evening. : afternoon with Mrs. J. W. McWill- Mrs. Mary Scwcll and sons. Will Ja i nSi and Tom and family of Texarkana M| . . i|u j Mrf . c; w ,,., Miciit the week end with Mr. and Johnson spent Saturday with their parents, Mr, and Mrs, John Reese and Mr, and Mrs. j\ 1rs j,,| ln ij,.i.,.,. t Johnson. I Miss Lillie Aaron and Mi.s.s Bonnie Byron finagles of KIDnrado .spent. Cn . Wii lm ,\ Taylor Phillips were dinner the week end here with Ins family. ' KlK , S | iS ,,f Misses Mildren and Wilma Mr. and Mrs. G. J. MeWilliaius of r j; ,. i( ,|,. r Sunday. Magnolia and Mr. and Mrs. Newt Mc-j B()m . To M( . . l|u , Mrs i jU ,| R , r Qw- Williams of Stamps spent last. Sun- 011S (11 - shrevcport, a son. Mother and (day with their brother J. W. McWill-i hllbv .„.,, tluim , fillc Ml . K O wens will be remembered as Miss Mildred John .•-(in of Shovcr Springs. Mrs. II. B. Sanford, the Jots Around I Shover correspondent, died Saturday evening at 9 o'clock. Mrs. Sanford will be greatly missed in the community. She was buried at Shovcr np,K Monday afternoon, tin: Hevs. T. L. Kplon of Nashville and Wallace U. Hiiyrrs uf Hope conducting the services. A large crowd gathered to pay Ihcir last respects. of Providence. Mrs. Barlo Beardm called on Mrs. Henry Piekard a wlilc 'luusday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boardcn and family tif Washington WITC Sunday sur.sts of their daughter, Mrs. Hiilph Hunt and Mr. Hunt. Doyle Purlle. ol Walcrloo spent Sunday nighl with liis and Mrs. N. C. Turtle. Mrs. Cnefield n( Fair parents. Mr. T64E WISE OLD OWl by £sso : Y YOUR flRFROM THE PROPER SOURCE ND MOTOR TROUBLE YOU'LL DIVORCE.' , SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE Rocky Mound There will be preaeliinfi at the Methodist chureh Sunday at eleviMi j o'eloel;. The puhlie is incited to at- Ic-nil the tXTviee. Mi.s.s Helen Kineher ypent Wi:dne.s- day afternoon with Mrs. John Bill Jurilan. i Miss Lavcrne. Furlle spent Friday Iniylit with Miss Willie Dale Purtle. Mrs. L. H. Mitchell and Mrs. E. 0. rioters and Miss Doris . Yarbroiigh calecl on Mrs. Andv Jordan last Tues- Monday night, with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Monl.s. Battlefield I'ev. Grain from Spring Hill filled his regular appointment here Sunday afternoon. Sunday seheol \vil be oryani/ed here Sunday afternoon. Everyone is invilcd tn come and tal:c part. Mis.s Eli/abcth Hunt of Hope spent lasl week with her sister, Mrs. Perry Johnson and Mr. Johnson. Mi. and Mrs. Klberl Tarpley and children spent Salimlay ni^hl with Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Moses al lied Springs. Mi. and Mrs. Ben WiLson and daughter, Dorothy June, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Atkins and R. T. Hembree and family. ! Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt from near j P.itinos spent Monday night with her] parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Springs. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Smith spent Sat urday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McDowell at Spring Hill. There will l>c a pic supper at this place Saturday night September 29, fur the purpose of raising funds for the church. Tlie public is cordially invited to attend. A '•iininninil.v .singing will !>'• JirM ill. McCiiskill Sunday nflcnuion, S«'p- irmbfT 2'.]. iierordini; to I!. I 1 '.. Ro'lgi 1 !'.^. The .--inning will start at 2 o'clock. The public is invited. START YOUR FALL SHOPPING EA We have a complete line or Shoes, Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear, WorkClothes and Groceries. Save time and money by doing all your shopping at one place. We can out-fit you from the mouth to the feet. 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