Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 2
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TWO HOPE SflAJVHOPfii ARKANSAS Thursday, September 20,1934 Hope H Star 0 /frttfca, JJfeJ&ef Tftf Hetald,From Fat&i Report! *W*y wrefc-tfsy »ftertio6n by Star Publishing Co., Inc. Ol, A Pal3«« & AJ«b. H. Wasbbom), at The Star building. 212-214 South tfftbtilt BtrMt, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. IftlMSM, President ALKX H. WASIIBURN, Editor and Pnbllsbet Entered •* second-class matter at the postoffiee at Hope, tJnder the Act of March 3, 1897. **th* aewsJJaper is in institution developed by nwdern dvU- Itttlon to pttSort the news of the day, to fofctet cothmcree and Industry, airWirgh wideljir circulated fedvertlstfiients, find to furnish that check upon goVernftent which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. R. McCornJck. fert» (Always Payable 1& Ad^ahceh By City Carrier, per l(te; S3* TUohthkJ2.7S{ one year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Boward, Millet and taFayette counties, $350 per year; elsewhere $5.00, Whispering Pines Mcttbcr dt Thfe Associated IPtiSsi Th« Associated Press is exclusively Heft to'the use *6r republteation of all news dispatches credited to it or ot otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published her»in, MI - • - -•- • ^ - • .-. - r , , National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis. Tfehn., Sterfck Bldg.: New Vork City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E WacJs- tt, 0rt«e; Detroit, Mich, 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Qiarges on Tributes, fite.: Charges will be made .for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the hews Columns to protect their readers lrt>m a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility .tor tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of (he American Medical 'Association, and • at Hygela, the Health Maputo* i YOUR CHILDREN Clulil Needs Training Before School Days By Olive Roberts Barton There was a time when the actual education of children began with their iirst ;day -at school, when they were about-'six years old.: Nowadays, we kri6Vv that the child will do much bet- Parents Should Learn Net to Think Children Always Ave in Danger "Did you see Bertie around anywhere, Pete?" Mrs. Morris called to the handy-man of Fernlake Cottage. ter 111 school if it gets';the right kind { p ete stopped the mower and heavily of ..training- before schksoU" ! gathered his wits to think. ' There are parents who are- happy j "Yas'm," drawled Pete, "with Ar- cnly when they see their children tnur . 'hey was going fishing." happy. To get the reaction that they I " p ete alone. Alone! Why din't you want from the child, they pamper it, tel1 me ?- Out alone in that old leaky keep it constantly -in good humor! bcat - Oh dear! and that awful dam. with presents and rewards and even- °"- dear - what will 1 do? Mr. Stone, tually make .the youngster a tyrant in ' Ml - B] ack, Mr. Carpenter? Oh. where the home. is everybody?' You can easily recognize a child I S , he ran inside. "Tlio.se boys, Bertie that has been spoiled in this manner. It refuses to eat and the whole family spends its time coaxing, scolding ! and Arthur, have taken the leaky boat ' and gone fishing over near the dam. Oh, please, somebody, go and look." JJ V aLSVliU£> »WO btjtiv, *.«*»»* •••£)l "•*• W.—---O . • t 1 111 1 I and bribing it to take enough food to f" exc ' led . CI . owd Collected, mostly ' more, they coax the more the child-postpones his feedings, because he enjoys'the attention; Sooner or later, because of constant I B , , babying, the child : develops an irrit- I off t able nature and Chines to get what <tim cm * he wants. Eventually the-parents decide that rigid measurss must be adopted and the final' conflicts may 'got into her car and hurried to the links. She got a caddy to round up Mr. Stone who had the only motor to the dock and to scour the lake for two small boys in an old scow. Mrs. Morris was on the dock crying and wringing her hands by turns. Authur's mother, a mile away, was finishing her ironing. She was used to her .son's absence all day, a born fisherman and woodsman. IrV ar^Lhdiir the motorboat relumed. ThB faces "of : Miss .Corbelt and Mr. Stone told the story'. No sign of the boys. A pall hung over the cottage. At 1 o'clock someone heard boyish voices and looking out there was Bertie and Arthur carrying two young crows. Bertie was dragged in and mobbed with joy. "Where were you?" sobbed his mother. "I told Pete we were going to the woods to make a little dam over the creek. We paddled the boat up and down the creek a piece and tied it and walked on up." "The creek" ran through the cot- an explanation as to the nature of the ! tage grounds. The boys hadn't been situation works an almost immediate an eighth of a mile away. cure in her case and makes it possible Naturally mothers are worried, but for her to co-operate suitably in the | for every scare, not one in a hundred training of the child. i.'; serious enough for heart failure. All mothers have to learn a certain amount of fortitude concerning ad- have a permanent effect on the child's emotional -reactions for. the rest of its life. : The rightvkind: of attention during- the preschool period tends to over-r come these difficulties. We now have habit clinics for children, or preschool age, where, the bad habits that have been mentioned are given ;careful .study'and the child trained to overcome them. It has been found,' insuch clinics, that the real treatment begins with the mother instead of with the child. In her reaction to her deficiencies the mother will develop all sorts of physical complaints, rebel against every mild discomfort and'pain and over- exaggerate her emotions. In many instances, if the mother has a reasonable amount of intelligence, \ip all niyh! just because the hostess feels like talking. Other hostesses would do well to pattern after this couple. And guests can learn from them, loo. To keep your hostess in a constant state of ex- dtcment and to dash hither and yon. making other guests stay awake, may mean that you won't be invited back KITCHEN y BY MARY E. DAGUE s : NEA Service Staff Writer You dcn't need to live beside the bounding waves these days to enjoy choice sea food as often as you like. of packing and shipping fish, lobster, shrimp and all the other delicacies ot the coast can travel for days inland and arrive as delightfully fresh as when they started. This training is a relatively simple matter. It is important first of all to determine that the child does not ac- i ventuorous children. It is best to keep tually suffer from physical defects and ! an eye open, but it never pays to that it is not seriously ill. think the worst and jump at conch When it is found that the entire sit- sions. That way lies real distaster be • uation is mental, • Ihe feeding problem cause health cannot stand it. can be controlled by permitting the •—— child to go hungry until it is ready to eat. Sometimes removal from the family is an important measure. Children who will not eat at home learn to eat readily when they are seated at a table with other children at a preschool nursery or kindergarten. Under such circumstances they eat because they-do not desire to appear backward in relationship to the other children and also because the play element enters into the feeding GLORIFYING YOURSELF y Alicia Hart process. Cost of County Government, and for Other Purposes." Be it enacted by the people of Hempstead County, Arkansas: Section 1. From and after January 1, 1935. the officers of Hempstead County, Arkansas, hereinafter named, sholl receive end be paid out of the revenues of tho County as hereinafter provided, the compensations and salaries herein provided, and nothing more. Section 2. The county and probate judge, for his services and expenses as such judge and as ex-offido road commissioner, shall receive a salary of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars (52700.00) per year, and nothing more, payable out of the County General Fund, provided, however, that the Levying Court may authorize a part of said salary to be paid out of" the Highway or Road Fund as now or hereafter allowed by law. Section 3. The county judge .shall do and perform all the duties now or hereafter imposed upon the county judge as ex-of'icio road commissioner. Section 4. The Clerk of the Circuit Court shall receive as compensation] What with the efficient new methods an( i sa l a ry the sum of Twenty-seven | Hundred and no/100 Dollars (52700.00) per year for performing all the duties of said office, either as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Chancery Court, Ex-Officio Recorder or Commissioner in Chancery, as well as all other actg and duties, and shall receive no other or further compensation, perquisites, emoluments or fees, either directly or indirectly, for services rendered by reason of or as the result of holding the office. Said clerk may employ one deputy at a salary of no more than One Hundred Dollars (J100.00) per month, Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cereal, cream, crisp broiled bacon, oven toast milk and coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of onion !:cvp, crutons, jellied vegetable sal- a-d pumpcrnicle, apple sauce, oat- meul fruit bars, grape juice. DINNER: Chilled melon balls, baked fish, shoestring potatoes, buttered cauliflowerr, pepper and cucumber salad, baked pears, milk and coffee. Fcrced Vivaciousness Won't Win Popularity Energy that is forced often becomes boring, even annoying. The girl who is enthusiastic and sincerely interested in everything i:; a source of pure joy to her friends, of course, but one j who constantly goes through the mo_______ _.__._ j liens of enthusiasm, displaying vivac- TeiTs" HowT Zahareff drew Rich by 1 ity .she really doesn't feet at all, soon Wars—Tills Biography Is Piclimi ! becomes a nuisance. r,C Sinister Arms Trade i Too much energy is particularly ex- j asperating in a woman who e-ntertains By BRUCE €ATTON . a good deal. The hostess who fet-ls You could hardly ask for a more { that week-end guest.'; must be put timely book than "Zuharoff: High j through a course of entertainment Priest of War," by Guiles Davenport, j from the minute they arrive until Just as you read of the Senate com- ; they leave is, after a .short time, apt to mittee's revelations of the doing:; of I find thut her friends no longer arc the munitions makers, and grow : eager to accept her invitations. heart-sick over them, here comes this I know a couple who own a small %^^^'t^r^™^^ gone about the world for decades j helping to make war probable, and who has been incredibly enriched by ; ^^ ^^ ^ ^ on enR , tain _ nnr/riiin : ir 'S. yet their guests lists include the uin-uridin. ' " •* According to different was originally a Russian ish Greek, or—as one lurid version [t a Russian Orthodox bishop seern uncertain.; =' ' • . =. . . ent sources, he most amusing interesting people one T w - Turk can h °P e to lmd - Everyone loves to elurid 'version so there. Why? Because each guest ,_.u~i™ K; r iw.^ i:J allowed to do just as he pleai.e=>. I like to serve fish at least once a week throughout the year. It makes lor variety and is nourishing and whcleixnne. Besides there is a variety in tho market to fit any pocketbook. A big catch of a particular kind of fish means that fish wil be cheap for a few adys and there':; always a bit: catch of something. Any kind of fish can bo made appetizing if it is cooked right. For :i cluintjc- try baked fish. Sea trout is the fi:Ji usc-d in thin receipe but you may U';e mc.st other varieties. Baked Fish Two pounds .sea trout, -Ifl small to- rnatoc-.;, 'i cups Italian .squash cut in narrorw .strips, 2 cups ti'iiuilo sauce, \->. cup Dialed Parmesian cheese, 1-2 cup brrarl crumbs. 2 tablespoons of nitlltd butter. Hunt- and skin the fish and season as herein provided. If the work increases, the clerk may, with the approval of the Circuit Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars (?18.00) per week for not more than sixteen weeks a year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than four weeks on any one approval; and, provided further, that the approval of said Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court may be obtained by mail or petition without the expense of assembling the Levying ment, for each defendant and gurnishee 50 For taking and entering every bail or deb'very bond 50 For serving every writ of garnishment on every garnishee .50 For serving a writ of injunction on each defendant 1.00 For attending each Circuit or Chancery Court, per day 3.00 For attending each County, Probate, Municipal, or Justice of the Pence Court, per day 1.00 For calling each action at each time 10 For calling each party at each time 10 For calling each jury 25 For calling each witness 05 For committing a criminal > or other person to jail 50 for furnishing a prisoner, per day, when paid by the prisoner 75 For serving habere facias pos- sessionem, or attachment :.... 1.00 For serving every writ of execution 75 .For making, executing and subscribing a sheriff's deed, to be paid by the purchaser 2.00 For executing a certificate of purchase for real estate under execution 50 For every return of non est on a writ, original or judicial 25 For return of nulla bona 25 For executing a writ of inquiry 1.00 For summoning a grand jury 7.50 For summoning a petit jury, regular panel, selected by jury commissioners , 10.00 For summoning a special jury to assess damages on special venire 2.50 For summoning each witness 50 For each non est on subpoena 10 For serving each notice or rule of court, rotlce to take depositions, or citations; to executors, administrators or guardians 50 For every triul of u civil or crhn- Court. Section The County Clerk shall receive as compensation and salary the- sum of Twenty-seven Hundred Dollars ($2700.00) per year for performing all duties of said office, either as Clerk of the County Court, Clerk of the Probate Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Juvenile Court, as well as other acts: and duties, and shall receive no other or further compensations, with salt and pepper and place whole perquisites, emoluments or fees, either allowed to do just as he pleases. | No one insists that you play gainer; buttered Uikind ilish. Place tomatoes and :.prink!f squash strips over and uniunci fish. Mix melted butler with tomato sauce and cover trout. Mix c!u:i-;:t and bread crumbs and Kpi inkle over sauce. Put into a niod- i-rati-ly hf.l (.ven, 400 degrees F. ami bake fur thrity minutes. Serve from bakind di::h. Tomato .Suiicc.- 'Jv.'c cups canned or chopped fresh Uiiiiiloo.s. 'c. lablc.-jspoons onion finely chopped. 2 teaspoon;; sugar, 4 whole ch.ves. 1 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper. 1-2 cup chopped celery leaves 4 tablespoons quick cooking tapioca. Melt butter, add onions and cook on u slow fire until a pule straw color. Acid tunu'.ces, celery leaves, cloves anc 1 :;ugjr, salt nnd pepper mixed with lauioca. Briny to the boiling point, stiii in« constantly. Cover and cook ever bcilin" water for five minutes, stiinnK occasionallly. Rub through ;t win. i;eivc and pour over fish. N O T I C E Russia decades ago after I «° <""•• '™ mat you P,O *-•-• !,, cd IlliU . uivL . Act Submitted to "r%, n , in . in mnnPr-Hon : whfcn y°" re d y| n « lo t . ake a ndp i ,V| t!, L . Pcoole ,f Ilen-.pstead County, tnt- 1 BUGSt'' 3rfc MOtM'JV inL'V LJO lO iJl-• * • i . 'None of the busin«U' of having to .sill Arka.HU., l. y Initiative ™"™*--' | pi.-: 11 ions have beer, lilud in the of• f ice of ilv- County Clerk, proposing :-ad wrindling the torina in connection with some sacred jewels Whatever he was originally, he be came a great producer of human misery He was the man who made the It is pretty educational, however— <•-'•>- I jnjtimive At; No. 1 01 Hempstea munitions trade an international af- i.ecially in view of the current Senate C| ^.^ Alk!jr; , :u ,,_ .,,_ f 0 || ows: munitions trade an fjir His was the discovery that if i investigation, you' sell weapons to both sides, and , The book is carelessly written, and i " both sides that war is cer-I in spots is almost urn tadable. But it dots do a pretty fair job of throwing into relief one of the world's strang- j orders to come to you. «*t and most sinister figures. I Naturally, a biography of such a Fubl.shcU by Lot,,,op. Lee and man does not make inspiring reading. 'Shepard, it retails at tf. ] te you can make much more money tain, you can nwn wa itin« for than .f you* slt t ' ght Waltl "° •INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OF IIEMP- KTI;AI> coi NTY, ARKANSAS AH Act to Fix tiie Compensations ;.:id Expenses of County Officers jii'.d to B'ix tlie Manner in Which Such G, Shell be ns and Salaries Paid and to Reduce the directly or indirectly, for services rendered by reason of or as the result of holding the office. Said Clerk may employ one deputy ut a salary of no more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month as herein provided. If the work increases, the clerk may, with the approval of the County Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no'100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more than sixteen weeks a year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than four weeks on any one approval; and, provided further, that the approval of said Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court may be obtained by mail or petition v/ithout the expense of assembling the Levying Court. Seclion 6. The Sheriff of Hempstead County. Arkansas, shall be ex- cfficio Tax Collector as now provided by and said Sheriff and ex- officio Tax Collector is not placed on a salary, but shall continue to render services and perform duties on a fee basis as hereinafter fixed. The fees for service;; to be performed by said 'Sheriff and ex-officio Tax Collector shall be only those hereinafter mentioned and set forth, and shall not, in uny instance or in any wise, exceed the fues hereinafter mentioned and ^et forth. Section 'I. The Sheriff .shi.ll be allowed fees as follows: For serving every capias, sum- $ rnoiu;, scire facias, or atUich- 30 2.00 25.00 05 2.00 15 inal case, or confession in open court For every trial in a capital case For executing each death warrant For mileage in serving each writ, . process, notice, subpoena or rule, except county matters, for each mile circular For advertising goods or land for sale For returning each execution or attachment For advertising elections for each township For delivering poll books for each township For serving each order or rule of county court (but no mileage) For collecting and paying over all fines, penalties and forfeitures 3 per cent. For commission for receiving arid paying money on. execution or process when lands or goods have oeen taken in custody, advertised, or sold, 2 per cent. For posting each notice required by order of county court of letting of all public contracts to build bridges 25 For services in attending upon the grand jury each day it is attended by sheriff or deputy 2.00 For attending on Circuit Court for each day the court is attended by a deputy sheriff 2.00 For any and all other services where the fee for such service is not fixed by this act, the Sheriff shall receive the fees for such services as fixed and found in Crawford & Mo.se.-;' Digest of the Laws of Arkansas published in 1921, but without any amendment thereto. Provided, In criminal cases where the costs are paid by the county, no sheriff, coronier, constable or other person serving subpoenas for witnesses shall be allowed to receive from the county pay for making more than two returns on subpoenas in any given case, and in no case shall cither , of said officers or other persons charge or receive pay on mileage in serving any writ, process or subpoena in a criminal case for more than the actual number of miles traveled. The Sheriff shall have charge of the county jail and may appoint a jailor who shall also be ex-officio deputy sheriff and for whose conduct the Sheriff shall bo responsible ns now provided by law, The County shall furnish the jail and equipment and keep the same in repair and shrill nlsn furnish nil bedding, clothing, medicine nnd med- icnl attention necessary for the proper core of prisoners, but'nothing more. For feeding nnd keeping prisoners confined in tho jail, snid Sheriff shnll receive seventy-five cents each per diiy, payable as now provided by law. Section 8. The Sheriff as cx-officio Tax Collector shnll receive commission for collecting the revenue ns follows: For tho first ten thousand dollars collected, five per cent, in kind; for all sums over ten thousand dollars ntid under twenty thousand dollars, three per cent, in kind; for nil sums over twenty thousand dollars collected, two per cent, in kind. For any and nil other services ns ex-officio Tax Collector, where the fee:; for i;uch services ore not fixed by this act, he shall receive the fees for such service:; as fixed nnd found in Crawford Si Moses' Digest of the l-'iwn of Arkaii'-Tis published in 1921, but without nny amendment thereto. Section 9. The Tax Assessor shall receive us compensation and salary and for all traveling expenses tho sum of Twenty-scwm hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year, and nothing more, for pcrformini; the duties of said office, in lieu of the fee:;, commissions, and oilier compensations allowed by law, and .sh receive no other fees, commissions, emoluments', expense. 1 ; or perquisites, either directly or indirectly, for services rendered as such assessor or the result of holding said office. Said Assessor rnny employ one deputy at a salary of not more than One Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($100.00) per month as herein provided. Should the present law, requiring the County Clerk to make tho tax books, be changed so a. 1 ; to put this work on the Tax Assessor, then the Tax Assessor may, with the approval of the County Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy nt n salary of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more than sixteen weeks n year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than four weeks on any otu- approval; and, provided further, that the approval cf said Judge and a majority of the members of tho Levyinjj Court may be obtained by mail or petition without the expense of assembling tho Levying Court; provided further that if tlii:; extra deputy is allowed to the Tax Assessor by the County Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court on account of the law being changed as referred to, then the County Clerk may not have an extra deputy as provided in Section 5 of this act. Such portion of the Assessor's salary and deputy's salary and expense as may be due from the State and other state agencies shall be paid into the County Treasury, to the credit of the County General Fund, and shall be used only for the purpose intended; and if such portion ever be paid direct to the Assessor or deputy, the same shall be deducted from the compensation as heroin fixed, so that the entire amount paid to the Assessor shall not in any event exceed the sum of $2700.00 per year and the entire amount paid to the deputy shall not in any event exceed $100.00 pel- month. Section 10. The County Treasurer shall receive as compensation and salary the sum of twenty-seven Hundred Dollars (52700.00) per year for performing all duties of snid office, and out of said sum said Treasurer shall pay all deputies and assistants. Said Treasurer shall receive no other or further compensation, perquisites, emolument:;, fees or commissions, either directly or indirectly, for services rendered by reason of, or ns the result of, holding the office. Tho Treasurer may execute a "surety bond" to cover the first Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) of liability for and on account of his or her official acts with some qualified surety or bonding company as surety thereon and, in, that event, said Treasurer may file claim for premiums paid on such bond and the same shall be allowed and paid as an expense of said office. Section 11. Sections 12, 13, M, and 15 of this act have: no reference to the Sheriff and ex-officin Tax Collector, since tin:: act doci; ncjt place him on a salary. Section 12. All salaries provided for in thi:; Act, unless otherwise provided, are annual salaries and shall be paid in monthly installments by county warrants, issued to and in the name of tho officer or deputy entitled to .same, and based upon a verified claim filed with the County Clerk, but no such claim shall be allowed or warrant issued until .sufficient fee:; for such office have been earned and collected and paid to the cnunty treasurer lo pay the same; arid thereupon warrants shall be issued for any month:; in arrears in said fiscal year, to be paid out of said fees so earned, collected and paid to the county treasurer. If the fees and compensation earned and collected during any fiscal year by any officer who, by lav/, is required to charge uiid collect fee;-; or other compensation for .services rendered, shall be insuflicient to pay in full the coni-i ponsalion and salary provided by j this act, then and in that event the j .salary of .such officer and deputy] shall be reduced ralably and alike in] proportion to the earned and collected j revenues of said office. | Section 13. All county officers, whose salaries are fixed by this Act,, except those receiving no fees, shall charge and collect, for the use and, benefit of the County, the same fees,, costs, commissions, perquisites and compensation as are now or here- ; uftcr required or permitted by law to be charged by .such officer for such services. All sums so earned shall be public fund:-;, the property of the County, and the collecting officer .-hull receive same- as trustee for the ! County. The si'.id fees and other compensation t,hall be collected in each 1 instnnce in advance of the rendition of t'ne .said services, and each officer :;hall be charged iu his settlements | with all sums so earned by or accruing to the office whether collected i or not; provided, however, thai when , bond for cot;!:; is tendered and ac- c'jpled or .sufficient ca.sh deposit is ! m.-ide in lieu of bund for costs in any ; ; contested mailer or action, in any of (the courts, the clerk may carry the accruing costs as uncollected fees.un- til the matter or nclion is concluded but, in no event longer than sixty dnys nfter final conclusion of snid matter or net ion. Each such officer shnll, between the first nnd fifth of ench month, render in duplicate n duly verified report of nil sums ehrned by the office during the preceding month, showing in detail the sources nnd amounts of raid enrnings, ono copy of which Khali be filed with the County Treasurer and the other with the County Clerk, and the reporting officer shnll then pay to the County Treasurer nil sums so -enrned and reported. Section ,14. The County. Treasurer shnll keep n separate and correct nc- count of funds received from each officer herein named ntid no part of such funds shall be transferred lo nny other fund or account until nnd unless the sums credited thereto shnll in the niwrcgate exceed the nn- nunl salary of snid officer and his deputy or deputies nnd such expenses a:i are herein fixed nnd authorized for the current fiscal yenr. In the event nny officer whose duty it is to file such report nnd pny into tho treasury the receipts nnd revenues of his office for the preceding month ns defined in this act shall fail or refuse to do so, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer, within five days, to report such fact in writing to the County Judge, Circuit Judge and Prosecuting Attorney. Section 15. Ench county officer whose salary is fixed by this Act, except lho.su receiving no fees, shall keep in a well-bound book an itemized daily statement of all sums.earp.od by the office for services rendered, show- inn therein the nature of the respective services rendered and the sums accruing therefor. At the end of each month said officer shall make and add to said statement the totals of each paye nnd of the whole sums so earned during snid month, nnd shall attach to the said statement his certificate under oath that the said totals represent the full, true and correct amounts of all fees, costs, commissions, perquisites nnd compensation or oilier revenues earned by his office from all sources whatsoever during the said month. Tlie system of keeping such books, the books to lie kept and the form of statements to be made, shall first be approved by the Suite Auditorial Department or officer whose duty it will be to audit the books und reports of such officers. Said statements shall be open at all times to public inspection. The said officers shall, nt the expiration of their terms of office, deliver tho said books to the County Clerk, who shall preserve the snhie as a public record. Section 1C. Any and all purchases.; or contracts for supplies or equipment necessary for the conduct of the several county offices nnd institutions shall herenftof be mnde by the County Court, In (he open market, upon invited bids and In ench instance from the lovvfcSt responsible bidder. In case of emergency or Immediate need, supplies or equipment may !'"• purchased or contracted for in nmoun ,, not exceeding $2, r i.OO in the nggregnte in nny one month "without, first inviting bids therefor.. Tlie County Court, upon requisition of ench county officer, working for a salary as herein provided, shnll furnish nil stationery, books, records, stomps, furnituro nnd equipment, nhd other supplies nnd facilities requisite for the proper conduct of the respective offices nnd institutions, except 03 otherwise herein provided, Section 17. After nil snlarien nnd expense claims have been paid, as provided in this Act, the surplus, if any, at the end of the fiscal year, shnll be transferred lo the County General Fund. Section 18. Tlie vnrious provisions nnd pnrls of this Act arc hereby declared to be severable, nnd if nny provision or part should be dci-hired unconstilulionnl by n court of last resort, tfle same shall not Invalidate or nffect the remainder of the Act. Section 19. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith shall be nnd they are hereby repealed and this Act shall be and become effective on January 1, 1935. Snid petitions appear to be in form required by law ond are signed by tho requisite number of qualified electors. Therefore, notice is hereby {jiven that the question of adopting or rejecting said proposed Initiative Act will be referred to the people in l munncr provided by law, at the iw.r General Election to be held on K? vember G, 193-1. and will nppear on III official ballots in the following term: "INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY "An Act to fix the Compensation;; nnd Expenses of County Officers and to fix the manner in which such Compensations und Salaries shall be paid nnd to reduce the cost of County Government, and for other purpose.-;." FOR INITIATIVE ACT NO 1 AGAINST INITIATIVK ACT NO'. 1 Each elector of the County may VO|P for or nu'ainst adopting said proponed act. WITNESS our hands and the r.pal of said County, in the Town of VVa.sh- ington. Hempsleud County, Arkansas on this filh day of September. l!i:w. H. M. STEPHENS County Judge. A. C. ANDERSON. County Clerk. (Soal of County Court) SALLOW GIRL " The sallow girl ia like a pearl, the fulrcst be has met; The swurlliy one from whom uicu run, a ravishing brunette." "Shu \,u« fuir uiid very fair, HIT Ixtuuly nuule me Klail." After tnlriuK McwlPiilmll's Muln- rlu f'lilll and IVvcr Tonlo with Arsenic. The properties of arsenic arc listed in lh(- H. S. niopi'iisatory us follows: «.(!) Stimulation of nutrition— potiy building. (2) Tonic nnd purifying notion :>n tho blood, thereby improving nil "bodily functions. (.") rioariiiR nnd blenching the skin, llius (.•radical lux bhmishi'.s and linprovlii;: the complexion, ,tnd, through its itlicrulivo elTeet,' of greni value In the treatment of cc'rtiiiii elcin (li.scam'.s. (4) Bom'flrlal in tho (Tr-atmoitt of hronchilis, particularly Ihe olii-mili' typo frequently found hi the ii.ei'd, Mild in iiitiny WIHPH of f-f <~) In flironlo wasting cHsonsos, y.nrli us luhcvi'til'islM, nr In cerluln tyui-R of iiei'vtiiH debility with nuilniili'iliou. nrsi'iiic is ono of tlie very few substances which really dosei-vo tin- mime of "general tonic." slnoo it i.'tciv.'ises liuth tho weight dud strength of the pu- tlent. ((!) In regard to malaria, the Dispensatory .states: ''Arsenle is the niu.st successful ajrent in the IroiUmoiit tif ebronle niithiriii, in- lermitlenl or ninlariiil fevrs. chronic chills, brow nnno, iionrtil- }:la, liendiielie, or rlictiiiiatlsin duu lo mulurlu or Kcucrul bud health. Mudo by J. O. Memlonhall Modi- ciuo Co., Evunsvllle, Indiana, w Twelve-Cent Cotton The Union Compress & Warehouse Company will make loans to producers without cost. Bring your cotton to our warehouse. Union Compress & Warehouse Co. Hope, Arkansas ,».',••

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