Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1934
Page 4
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IrMGBFOUB Violinist f HORtKOXTAL 3 Who was the Belgian - Violinist In the picture? 13 Delicately colored geifl. 14 Civet-like j animal. ,15 Attar. H? Negative. 15 Organ of hearing. 20 Mooley apple. 22 Half an em. 23 Thick shrub. 25Netlike. S8 Aeriform fuel. 20 Ages. 31 fcigid. 32 Box. 33 Apportions. 35 Wool rtber knots. 36 One who attitudinizes. 37 Practical example. 39 Opposite of woof. .Answer to Previous _@ HUBS EJSJGSIH HCS SOS Hl§H USD HHfS IQ1t.iBIEIL.il-11 ftPJAJPI I 40 Corpse. 42 To serve. 43 Sun god. 44 Dormant. 46 Encountered. 47 Meadow. 45 Mexican dollar. 49 Born. 50 Pink. 51 Street. 52 Dean's residence, 54 He was born in , Belgium. 55 He organized ft famous -——. VERTICAL 1 He was among , the greatest of 0 violinists. 2 Each. 3 Rubber tree. 4 Heron. 5 Northeast. 6 Motors. 7 You. S Cubic meter. 9 Pronoun. 10 And. 11 Ife wan professor and director at the Brussels . 13 Needier. 16 To vex. 19 Measure of area. 21 Form of "me." 24 Ana. 26 X. 27 Venomous snake. 28 To pant, violently. 30 Gender, 32 Heavy string. 34 Note in scale. 36 A gasp. 35 Ego. 39 To pass. 41 Godly person. 42 Badger. 43 Haunt. •45 Golf device. 46 Affray. 48 Ferryboat. 50 Auto. 51 Southeast. 53 Babylonian god. The African katykid escapes its enemies by resembling the thorny vegetation on which it lives. "7oar Home Should Come First" Better Furniture, Better Homes, Better Citizens. Furnish your home now. Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five STx^NDINGS Clubs- New York St. Louis Chicago Boston Pittsburgh Brooklyn Philadelphia National League Won Lost Pet. 89 54 84 5fi 81 .622 .600 59 .579 71 68 .511 68 62 68 .500 77 .446 ... 51 86 .372 SeU Iti Find It! Rent Itl Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, tb* quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o Kor consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, S'/^c line, min. ?2.TI (Average 5Vi words to the line* NOTE—"Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, befors tha first publi- catioo. Phone 768 Cincinnati 51 8D .364 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 94 49 .657 New York 87 57 .604 Cleveland 78 66 .542 Boston 72 ™ -503 St. Louis 63 79 .414 Philadelphia 62 78 .443 Washington 62 80 .437 Chicago 51 89 .364 j TUESDAY'S RESULTS National League Cincinnati 2-2, New York 0-4. Chicago 7-1, Philadelphia 3-8. Brooklyn 9. Pittsburgh 4. St. Louis-Boston, postponed, rain. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT American League Detroit 2, New York 0. Philadelphia 6, Chicago 0. Boston 2, St. Louis 1. Cleveland 5-9, Washington 4-6. FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished three- room apartment, private entrance, bath and garage. Call 284 or 66. 193tc. "i FOR RENT—120 acre farm, two four room houses abundance- of water, good bcrmuda pasture, good burn and potato house, on improved highway two miles from Hope; School bus runs •through farm. This farm will be rent- de cheap for money rent only. Geo. W. Clark, Conway, Ark. 13-3t FOR RENT: Furnished house, vacant October 1. Call 653 or apply 1201 South Elm street. 3tc. COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "TVie REXALL Siore" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 S FOR SALE Best Paint Sold-Hope Bldg. Mat^Co " FOR SALE— Piano, Viclrolu and Gun Shop. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 Won Sixth Street, Hope^Ark. ____ 10-6tp FOR SALE: 200 bushels of fine pears. See Vincent Foster. 18-3tc. _ BARGAINS IN USED CAHS. P. A. Lewis MrHor Co. Wall Paiper^-Hope Bidg-JVIat. Co. UsiI)~PARTS FOR ALL CARS. p. A. Lewis Motor Co. NOTICE " NOTICE --S.-..0'. 1 K'.-.' tion that v/ill I-->.'1 f victioi. of if.r... v.1,0 ilig l>b?uii;<^' Hope, Ai'kv.1. 1'J-ltp ENLARGE YOUR FIRE INSURANCE As your home increases in value, increase your_ insurance proportionately. We take a PKR- SONAL interest in every policy. ROYANffiWON t CO. K COMPUTE \mmami >*&, Phone 810 J^ Hope, Arkansas HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Wed n egda^SeEtgmb'er 19, 1934 By WILLIAMS ;|f STORY SHORT, M&JOR ^ || HOOPLE, fvVY CLIENT W> HA\<£> EXPRESSED THE GENEROUS DESIRE TO OFFER VOU THE CHANCE OF SETTLING OUT COLTR,T/-— HE WILL ACCEPT # "25,000, AN VLLGWt TO CEASE *— I f^.\ \ X|^—^ f * ^"^ * ^ I \ ^^ ^^ ' ** •»!-—•G-RAND /-BETTER K THAT NAME/ TAKE ADVAMTAdt U tre.£CX \T, ' OF rv\E WHILE l'iv\ ] >NVAEW= DVD THIS SOBSY fAOOD, A t HENR 1 V £ IXL HAVE fAY TH\S / UP TO TVA' SUPREME- / GOOD SUFFEP.IN 1 GOSH.' I COT ANOTHER SISTER STARTIM 1 TO SCHOOL THIS VEAR--THAT'S THREE! 'D YOU LIKE TO HAVE WHV, I 60T \TpON'T VOU THINK HE ONE SISTER V ^' N ' T ' BISTER TO TH' IN, AN' SHE CAN SEE AS MUCH AM 1 TELL AS MUCH AS I l>« ill / ^-S^ |^(l_l^ri r-\ WITH A THREE.', SO YOU AlNT N WORSE. OFF THAN M&. RIGHT OF VOU,SIST6R TO TH' LEFT OF YOU. SISTER BEHIND VOU— ALL EVES AH 1 GARS/ DON'T TELL METH' LIGHT BRIGADE WOULDN' OF HAD BETTER LUCK AGAINST ONLY. ONE CANNOM! mm. fc^ j; f?. >M i U. i «\ M £, 1.M. nta. u.s. oi.orr. BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON. 1 . Hard Knox! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES KlOT. . UtART ' U WA^ AVV, .'SOT Xvit VVNiNVW CONi^VKSCEO WM "XVAT O^F UNMC-i't.V'r HOW CWvi I Vr VOO 34 tlY NEA 'JfnVICC INC _L_M FICC. U 5 PAT O_r_r\ ALLEY OOP All Pepped Up! By HAMLIN YEAH, I KNOW,YA PUM& GALOOT/" THEY'LL MAKE YA MARRY .-—~' •, PRINCESS WOOTIETOOT/ / UH-HUH- ~~Njfl , ou'PELICAN, i GOTTA ' fpoozY, YOU sime AWE A ^ il^^'^KilSfl SWELL PLAN.' WHEN WE OET TO SMART GUY/ THAT'S .. ^ _ ^^^''viMJ^ . MOO, HERE'S WMATCHA PO LOCATE DINWY, QUIET, LIKE A CLAM-THEN) SLIP OUT AN' SCRAM/ ; JES WHAT WE'LL PO / / OKAY- , I CAN HARDLY WAIT I LE'S BE QN )V.; ; ', , UNTIL WE 6ET ,-.. ^\ OUC WAY/ A'^.-^IWBKtfar^ ^ THER i--^ j/ v-^WJII^i' ' /X^>f" ,a|': :^?«f^ ^<fl*,T" •— :.-~ » ,.'. -^ .- / '••Krt'y /*,/-... fWHAT'S THIS? YOU'VE LOST j WEUL.YA KNOW YOUR LOV/E FOP MOO? WHATLU HAPP#4 HOYKAWOW/ OVER YOU?/ TH' DOPE.' ,-v // ,.• L^ x .4 > \ 934 BY NEA SERVICE. INC T. M RtO. U. S.PAT. OFT. _' By CRANE Back Off Again! .' WHERE'S WE. CAM'T LEWE__OLP BOftRPHAM BEHlSJD, YOU SAP.' STILL TftV fi STARS, MO' I OWW THIS\ ON, PAL. V WHAT/ ME RIDE IM TO IMPRESS THE HOBOF.S - , - lV A FREIGHT./WE'LL SHOW YOU J COMMON BOX CAR 7 LIKE,/ ,/,> ' 1 ^ cifiGS^V D' ROPES, A A COW, OR A PlG ? S'•• ') I —«-., M 3 BI?^-.^--^ ^/ X^ ' ^S I >\ RAILROAD. tVE RIDDEM IN HECK, NO! WE'LL WAIT DA BY WAlTlM 1 FOR TH' , MEKT \ TRAIM./1 WITH THAT Ri6 SHOT STUFF WOTHIM6 BUT PRIVATE CARS IgVEARS, AMP— - N^V-WjO, TSr \ v V»^i=-~|/ ,r-,'''J i ^***7"J^ ^^^^ ^ L ~ 103'iViY IJKA r.crwir.r. INC i. M IIEO us PAT. OFF. By BLOSSER Au Revoir! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YEAH,CHAP-LIE... 'N| YOU DOM'T kNOV/ J MOVIMG .'! API°S/ MOW LUCKY yf AMD THE 60SH JUST At ' ID THINK,, UP ) -3 ET BACK TO HERE WF /CIVILIZATION,V/E1L HERb M- PEDESTRIANS? WELL,THAT '\ X'LLSAY-.XM FIRE CERTAIN- ) STA^-IDI^'G LY TOOK CARE ( w -j^E M , DDLE OF MY TRUNK, RIGHT NOW. 1 HERE IT'S BEEN GREAT, COMES (HAVINS YOU WITH THE ) US, CHARLIE.... TRAIN, /V/E'LL BE SEEING BOYS j YOU ASAIN NEXT YEAR, I HOPE .' GOOD-3YE , BOYS...GOOD- *,E RULERS j BpL r?'^? OF ALL V,t / AGA|H SURVEY J ,, 'OF OUR LUGGAGE... V/E'LL BE TRAVELING LIGHT GOING AUTOMOBILES AND THINGS CHARLIE.' By COWAN A Dream Come True! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) •/HE'S GOHE; HCS / GPAB f,' /^•/•Pv-W ; a Jabi-^ ^^v^^ \ f-^.-.-''\>%v/ V 7^^;i^^^|:.,'>;^ fi:''.'-:^. , v .. • PYT-- • • •./ l -^v-.-. u.ny^M? NfiA scnviccTHC. T M, fee, u. S. PAT, orf

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