Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 25, 1937
Page 4
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;• * <;.,V" ^ 'i&i'r* 1 ' * Mriit '*' ( v \ •> '', ^ ' '" '%' ' -" - ' •*r$Pt1^5 v : A V ' >'" 1 »/ s ».'- : -pf4W>; < '.f>''" - \^-? } ' ' > -"'ViW '>>VMr«*!--''. • *^'^V*fiFktv? I'.V • ' , ' k *,;vw\ 4 ' , *- v ' i ' '->,-'' ','"". l> * J- l ' ' . , " ' • ' - ', v Ten, th* Qulcke* ftfti Sell" W'" I" ilf '«'* 0B« ttse-Jc wwd, minimum 36* «tf«;ttae»-3#c word, mltn Ste Sfat ilBtt*-fie word, minimum 90c 0B6 aafitii (X Hffl«s)-We word, minimum *2.J» SttM ttc tot continuous Inset- thtttt aaly. tfi making word count, disregard classification name such as "Pot Heat,* "Tot Sate," *te.-thts Is tee. B« each initial or name, or com- ffete telephone number, counts as ft full word. For example: FOB ftfiNT— Three-room modem Mnlshed apartment, with garage* tk*e In. Bargain, }. V. Blank, total, IS words, at 2c word, 3fc tot one time; at 3%« word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE; \ All «rden placed by telephone are due and payable upon tten at UlL PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience & ft Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Today'! Aitiwt ri f* CRANIUM Questions on Pnjte One 1. Formosa ia controlled by Japan. 2. Six combinations of coins will make 15 cents: a dime and a nickel; three nickels; two nickels and five pennies; a dime and five pennies; a nickel and 10 pennies; 15 pennies. 3. If your wnteh is an hour slow you have traveled enst. •I. All of the words nre names of rugs. 5. She paid 50 cents for the two pairs of Inces, 25 cents a pair, and $5.25 for the shoes. North China experiences the coldest Winters in the world for its latitude. The activities of missionaries in China were sanctioned by the Tientsin treaties of 1858. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Hempstead County Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street, Phone Paul Cobb, 553-J. 19-6tc For Rent For Bent—Two rooms furnished with private bath and garage. All utilities paid. Prefer couple without ehild- ren. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, Phone T9. 22-3tc. FOR RENT—Two room furnished apartment with private bath and garage. All utilities paid. Prefer couple without children. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, Phone 79. 22-3tc For Sale ~" FOR SALE—New sorghum molafees in-new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call «t office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. To Women: If you suffer every month you owe it to yourself to take note of Cardui and find out whether it will benefit you. Functional pains of menstruation have, in many, many cases, been eased by Cardui. And where malnutrition (poor nourishment) had taken away women's strength, Cardui has beeh found to increase the appetite,- improve digestion and in that way help to build up a natural resistance to certain useless suffering. (Where Cardui fails to benefit, consult a physician.) Ask your druggist for Cardui-^ (jjronounced "Card-u-i"). FOR SALE—I have eleven houses thai -I can sell for 5100 down and the balance on the Building & Loan Plan of, small monthly payments. R. O. Bridewell, AgL 25-3tp ' Abruzzi Rye, Oats, Barlay, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter Rye, 'Grass and -Fall Bulbs. , -:• MONTS SHH3 STORE l-26te FOR SALE—Used Burroughs book- ieeping machine in perfect condition. Apply at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. Wanted WANTED TO BUY—1 pay highest cash prices lor .Pianos. R. L. Meyers, BUck- ner. Afk/ ^ 19-7tp .TAKEN UP—Red and white-faced heifer calf. About five-weeks old. Apply at Hope Star for information- ' 21-6t-c Notice Whitfield Lodge No. 239 will have degree work Tuesday night, October 26. Refreshments Male Help Wanted WANTED—Fry cook, sandwich man. Apply at Dad's Beer Parlor. 25-3tp OAK LOGS We arc in the market for a round lot of Forked Leaf White Oak, Cow Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, aim ivefl Oak Logs. For Prices'and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY Phone 2-15 Radiant Heaters $7.45 Bath Room Heaters $2.25 Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our I modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters European President ! HORIZONTAL 11, 7 Pictured president. 12 Raccoon. 13 Notched. 16 Red flower. . 17 Amphibian, r 18 Energy. 19 To instigate. 20 Very dull of rnind. 22 Soft-finned fishes. 24 Southeast. 25 Wand. 27 South , America, 28 To marry.' '29 Pronoun. 31 Part of eye. 93 Hitching pillars. SSFibet knots. • 38 Walters. 138 All- 1 40 Native metal. >4J Within. ''42 Scarlet, f 43 Scabies. Answer to Previous Puzzle 47 One who runs away. 50 Assemblies.' 52 Smooth. 53 Bearded. 54 Mongolian monk, 55 He is president of the —T- people. 56 He succeeded VERTICAL 1 To perform. 2 Slack. 3 Vessel. 4 Lasts. 5 Lukewarm.' 6 To plant. 7 Sweet secretions. 8Short nail,. 9 Garment. 10 Employs. 11 Fishing bag.^ 14 Wand.« 15 Ocean. 21 Seed bag. 23 Grain. 24 Important river in his cquntry. 26 Villain, 28 To rub. 29 Good name, 1 30 Horse. 32 One who reviles. 33 Father. 34 Senior. 36 Unit of force, 37 To hoist. 39 To mature. 44 Balsam. 45 To stuff. 46 Harness part. 47 Sprite. 48 Unit. 49 Hurrah! 50 To total. 51 Organ of hearing. SAlt? THAT H£ WAS ', MAP \% •tHE ONLY WAY ,t COUL15> set HIM SP^WT SO /| <DUf flip THfe TIME? <i| ^ Ok) THE \| WAS ;,THAT M THE OWLV E-xce-Kcise HE't> GOTTEN) WAS WMEW HE WALKED IM MIS SLEEP/ '^ TO BE-D WITH A LUMCH BASKEtT UKJPER HIS .^'.i ' ^±^ ¥«J« Mooiil* OUT OUR WAY '\ •'. '' " <I ', * ~'f \S ' '"V "f\ <- v > • i . '••> ' ' »* ; "V . • v '^' '" • • j Holiday, October CfEWELS, THeV'VE BEEW AB CHUM/AY A-E AT A 'F > '!CSJlc:>-*-*^^iF: TMAT STUt^lS HAO BEEM. DUNK, MALTHA WOULDXJ'T HAVE ft I SKIPPED A CHAMCE TO SMfeAR AWP SMITE AMY- ONE- BE-AWIMG THE WOBLE MAME OP HOOPLE^ 0^3. PAT, OFF.. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Babe Seems to Know H'lO .CORA 1 . I QEUEUE 6>V\E WEMT TO SPXVVEO 'XVX' O09E ASOO\ S.XO'FF f iOf DO SOU IVMWWl feV\ OOO<3\ \<tOOW SOT \' T OF ONE ALLEY OOP POOZy. "''HE FIRST TO BECOVEEJ FROM THE EFFECTS^ ' Of "Vie. SMOKE CAUSED By BUSMIN6 THE 5TEAU6E PL4MTS, GOES TD WORK OM HIS PAL y OOP -- MOV GOOGLE ZOMG GLIM&? C£; \M"// WASH TUBES MOyKAWOW.' IT HAS. 1 HEARP EM, X SAW 'EM.JESSE' WATT SHOT DON CARLOS, AND THEVKE COMIMe HE^E TO KILL —i US. Easy's Idea Will Ring the Bell j,lDN\6HT COMES AND GOBS. TWO OCLOCK AND * STILL NO SISN OF JESSE. AMP HIS MUg.cggQUS O?EW. By WtLLIA THAT'S TOO MUCH COAL' TOO MUCW FI^UIT? CQPB. 1937 OY Nt» SERVICE. [N J!!. T. M_")EC.U,S P«r. OFt. ~ /o- By MARTIN SOT,SEE- SHB GO OW UV<E A CVA\9 0V ROMAMCt HER TO \ c => OOT OW VOU 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S..PAT. By HAML1N DIM6 FOOZLE DE DIMO VIKJG 1 DON6.' VAN6.' By CRANE Linguistic Difficulties FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I HAVE IT. WE'LL STRING SOME WIRE AROUND THE HOTEL AND ATTACH IT TO THE PINNEI2. &EU-! . THEN WHENEVER ANVOME COMES 5NOOPINS) OBOVJA ^ROUNP THE CA^APANP STUMBLES OVER. / A SWELL. THE WlfiE, THE B£LL WILL WAKE US UP. /_ IPEA! JUNE,PLEASE SAV AWYTHIWQ ABOUT MY BAD LEG! I DOW'T KWOW WWT I TOLD YOU » WO? HE JUST THINKS X'M HAVING A BAD YEAR ! IF I TOLD HIM,HE'D BENCH ME: .' HE WON'T PLAY CRIPPLES f YOUR COACH KNOW 1 ABOUT IT? Thicker Than Water By BLOSSER FT SEEMS TO ME. HE ALREADY HAS BEWCMED YOU.' WHAT DOES IT MAKE WHAT P2EASOW HE HAS x DOKJ'T wAKfr YOUR DAD TO KWOW ABOUT ME, EITHER .'AFTER ALL, HE COACHES KlWSSTDM OUR BITTER RIVAL? MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE J WMAT IS IT, Da. NOK) BODGW ? WAS ABOUT TO f OPEM THE DOOR MV DEAe ... ITS ABOUT TEUSTY O'HAEA- Myra Walks Into a Trap AMD IT'S MOT GOOD STRATEGY 1 TO SPOT YOUR OWN AW EWEMY GENERAL .' DON'T woRRVj FRECKLES! YOU MAY BE SHADYSIDE'S WEAKWESS.,., BUT BUT YOU ALSO HAPPEN TD BE MY WEAKNESS/ VES, MV C£AE... COME WITH ME TD THE MENTAL WARD I fr\V, &UT IT'S PAIStC UP HERE. CAN'T WE HAVE SOME- LIGHT .' By THOMPSON AND IM A MOMEXJ7, MISS WOETM-- JUST GO R.IOHT OM IMTO i— HIS CELL- BUT THIS ISk) HIS CELL-HE'S NOT HERE WHV,... nj /HERE'S SOMETHING*! / TO oey youc. TEAIJS I OM, AFTEE. yOU DISCOVEE. youR. \ PLIGHT MV PEAK" V A PAPEK. \ COfiH 1931 DyJtiEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. P.

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