Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 25, 1937
Page 3
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jQctofaf.2&J937... HOPE STAR, H0!% \ABKAK8A8 MRS. HID HENRY Pausing a moment ere the day was .gone, While yet the world was twinkling with light. I backward glanced; from valley, plain and height, At intervals where my life's path had run, Rose en MS on cross, and nailed upon each one. Was my dead self. And yet the gruesome .sight Lent sudden splendor to the closing night, Showing tho victories lluil my soul had 1 won. Up to the rising stars I looked and cried; "There is no death. For year on year, reborn, I wake to larger life, to joy more grca I, Bo many limes have I been crucified, So often .seen the resurrection morn, I go triumphant, though new Cal- varies wait.—Selected. Mr. and Mrs. Kliiu-r Drown and Mr. Monday afternoon for n visit with friends in the city. Rev. Rogers will assist in (he Sunday School Training School in session at the First Baptist church this week. Mrs. R. M. LaGione, third vice president, Arkansas Federation of Music clubs attended a district board meeting Saturday in Magnolia, where she wa.« the luncheon guest of Miss Maudt Crutnplcr. -O- On Monday evening at 7 o'clock nt the Educational building on South Main street, the officers and teachers and church workers of the First Baptist church will o|x?n a fi-night training course. The faculty will consist f the Rev. Wallace U. Rogers of Vicksburg, beloved former pastor of the local church. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Gulp of Barney Circus to Faulty Medicine Show Wednesday Spreading Death the Qucensboro Baptist church, .Shrevcporl, La. Miss Doris Riley, educational director, First Baptist church, Pine Bluff. Hev. and Mrs. Ralph VV. Davi.s of the First Baptist church. Ashdown, Hev. Frank W. Pat- and Mrs. Hob Jones were Sunday vis- i terson, pastor of the First Baptist ilnrs in Khreveport. seeing the Louisi- church, ana State Fair. -O~ Miss Evelyn Griffith is spending this week visiting with relatives am friends in Idabe! Okla. Mr. and Mrs Chas. O. Thomas and little .son, Bill, spent the week-cm: with relatives in Little Hock. Mrs. VV. Y. Foster, Fred White and Edward T. Wavte left Monday fo. Camden where they will .-ittend a three days N. Y. A. conference. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain and Miss Genie Chamberlain hud as week-end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roberts and son Bill Jr., of Hugo Okla. , >~s Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Handley were Sunday guest;; of Mrs. Sid Henry, en route to their home in Omaha. Neb., from ,-i visit in Jacksonville, Texas. — -S*\— — Misses Frances Irwin and June Hurst of U1e McDowell Junior club, sponsored Ijy the Friday Mimic club were Saturday visitors in Magnolia, where they were luncheon guests of Miss Mutide Crumpler of the Music Department of Magnolia A. & M. college. Hev. and Mrs. Wallare H. Rogers and children of Vicksbiirg, Miss., arrived P ?HEATRI> LAST TIMES MONDAY Call it Spring! Call it Youth! Call II Love! Call il a Hit: Olivia De HavHIand, Inn Hunter, Aiiila Louise, IColaml Young, Alice Brady, Frieda Incseorl. A Cosmopolitan Production Directed by Archie Mayo I'n-si'nled by Warner Bros. CO1.OU CARTOON Tues-Wecl—2 Features No. 1 Adventure IMyslery "TIIK UTII MAN" No. 2 Tin-mine Wi-.vlern JOHN WAVNK— in "WINDS ()K TIIK WASTELAND" Hope, Wednesday Oct. 27 Two Shows Daily at 'i ami K p. m. One Day Only, Jlain or Shine. Circus grounds mi old Highway 67 Sanfurd Pasltiru HKJ CIHCl'S KAIttiAIN DAY See your Merchant for Free CJuest Tickets. Nashville, Ark. The children of the Ogburn School of Dancing will entertain at a Halloween parly from 7 to 1) on Thursday evening at (he dance studio on South Main street. 114leet*DeaI on the Highways Many of 15,000 Pedestrians to Blame for Their 0\vn Deaths I5y Hie Associated Press At least U4 persons lost their lives in automobile accidents on United Suites streets and highways during the week-end. Fifteen thousand of the persons killed annually arc pedestrians and the blame for their deaths may be placed largely upon the victims, themselves, the Greater New York Safety Council declared last week. The council's report showed 07 per- rent of fatal motor vehicle accidents in cities were collisions with dedes- Iri.ms and that .13 per cent of tliost occur at intersections. Its rules of safety for pedestrians include these: Don't eross two streets diagonally at the .same time. Don't cross in the middle of a block. Don't I Mi-p out from between parked cars. ' Don't leave a parked car by the left side. Deathe.s by end Guest Tickets Are to Be Available at Many of Local Stores The psychology of the circus is really simple. Our appeal is to the elemental instincts, to the child that is in every man, Whnt they call "the lure of the circus" is merely the great, unexpressed yearning of every human being to be young again. 'Die circus is a drop of water from Poncede Lou's spring. It takes people back to childhood for two hours and makes them boys and girls again, makes them forget as nothing else will. This fact accounts for many seemingly contradictory features of the circus. A mnn or a woman enjoys a' circus because the child enjoys it. Their great pleasure i.s in giving pleasure to others. This year Barney Bros. Circus is three times its former size and the performance of a high order especially interesting because of the speedy action. It is said in the Bible that the lion and lamb shall lie down to'(ether. In tho enclosed arena Capt. states over the week- John Hoffman brings to the .audience --.id included. JILSI Kll( . h ., scc , 1Ci ,„ fnct u , |rd •^"*"™.}'* rk J? n * it!i , r> ' C*' 1 '/" 1 '."'" V tlo K. goal, sheep and bear all'five 1, -perform in the same arena. Connecticut ,'i, Georgia 1. Idaho Illinois 4, Indiana 12, Iowa 1, Kentucky 2, Louisiana 1, Maryland 3, Massachusetts 4, Michigan 13, Minnesota 2. Missouri -I, Montana 1, New Jersey 2, New Mexico 2, New York 8, Ohio M, Oklahoma 2, Oregon 1, Pennsylvania 25, South Dakota 1, Tennessee 2, Texas 4, Utah 2, Virginia 3, Washington 2, Wisconsin 8, Wyoming Folks (hat's here' By special arrangement with the Barney Bros. Circus, and through the co-oporalion of the merchants of Hope, it has been made possible for you to attend this circus for 15c for children and 25e for adults, instead of 25c for children and 40c for adults which is the regular price of the tickets if you buy them at the circus wagon. If you will go to any of the merchants listed below they will be glad to qive you a Merchants Guest ticket, which you present at ticket wagon on circus day with a Ific service charge | for a child and 20c service for an adult 'ticket. Tlie.se tickets will admit you WS a program to see the main circus performance and « £T^ n with "" 1 "»>' *"•««»• <™'< «"!«* yu WARNER OLANO "CHAS"CHAN ON BROADWAY" Kxlra Added Paramount Pictorial — and — "High, Wiilu & Dashing" should desire a center section grandstand reserved scat, which can be purchased O n the circus grounds for 15c extra. Many merchants will have special bargains to offer you on circus clay to come to Hope on Wednesday, October 27 and patronize the merchants who have made this circus bargain possible and see a real circus at a nominal cost. Merchants who arc co-operating and who now have the guest tickets for immediate distribution are: Joe Hiders Grocery. Scott Stores. Rephan's Dept. Store Burr Dept. Store- Ward & Son John P. Cox Drug Co. Hilt Shoe Store Duggar's Geo. W. Hobison & Co. Huberts Grocery and Market. «The SHOW THATiT 0I$TINCUY DIFFERENT JLots of Wild Animals, Scores of Big Tup Stars who uili thrill and entertain you. Lots of ui-clly girls. See Ruth, tiut( comical clcpliunt iicifonn, who is over 100 years old and lorgcr than the f allied JUMBO. Marvelous Knlci'talnmfiil! SONJA HENIE TYRONE POWER THIN ICE" PHILADELPHIA. - LaSalle College of this city and Catholic University of Washington, D. C., were waging a terrific battle on a local gridiron when the excitement got tho better of u LaSalle substitute. In the heat of the fray, the lad leaped from the bench, rushed out un the field, and tackled Frank Cairo of C. U. dead in his tracks. DETROIT.—A wave of injuries was striking down player after player on the University of Detroit squad until I Coach Gus Duruis discovered that the boys' clc-cits were too lung and gave j them the effect of walking on stills. , Titan cleats have been shaved three- eights of an inch. The ankles are feeling much better. See Our Silk Dresses LADIES' Specialty Shop Frenchman Tirst PARIS—D. McNab Robertson, British marathon champion, finished sixth in the race held in connection with the international meet here. Leriche of France won the race of uppruximululy 2«'.a miles in 2:41:52.5. COTTON LOANS * QUICK SKUVICE A IMMEDIATE PAYMENT 2 TOM KWSER 2 Hope, Arkansas i? SEE us or Painting and Hotly Work— J* Jj Special Car Paint Job-?17.50 »J $ O. K. Body Shop j! «J1015 S, Elm (Old Hgh. SliopJ,' 5 M. M. MORGAN ' Elixir of Sulfanilamide Quickly Recalled by Doctors CHICAGO.— (IP)— A nationwide race with death, its object recovery of more than 700 bottles, mostly pints, of a new liquid medicine, named elixir of sul- fanilnm'de which has caused 36 verified d. illis, was described over the week-end at the headquarters here of the American Medical Association, Every agent of the United Stales Pood and Drug Administration, said Dr. Morris Fishbein, spokesman of the Medical Association, is scouring the country to recover the bottles. By Monday, said J. O. Clarke of the Food and Drug Administration, it Is hoped that all of the "outstanding" shipments will bo recovered. Telegrams and long distance calls have been pouring into tho American Medical association office hero at the rale of one every five minutes from all over the United States. They come from rfightcned citizens and physicians and officials seeking advice. Several men In college laboratories have been spending nights on cols beside animals which have received some of the lethal substance, and which are watched in hope of a quick analysis of its deadly action. Nothing like the present situation , has happened in American medicine in many years, Dr. Fishbein said. It has never happened before in such magnitude. The trouble is that the lethal bottles are a form of the most sensational and valuable new medicine discovered in many years. In other forms this medicine has performed near miracles in treatment of streptococci t diseases and gonorrhea. The "elixir" alone has brought reported deaths. One ounce of it killed a baby, said Dr. Paul Nicholas Leech of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the A. M. A. There are 1G ounces in each pint. How many adults a pint can kill is unknown. An adult who look six ounces recovered. Danger lies in the fact that large dos- sagcs arc customary with sulfanila- mido preparations. • Facing Deportation and Nazi Ax PTA Study Course at Yerger School Open to All Parents and Teachers, Beginning 7 p. m. Monday A P.-T. A. study course will open at Yerger High School at 7 p. in. Mon- clny and will continue through Friday night. A general program and installation of officers will conclude the course Friday. The study course is open to all negro parents and teachers. Mrs. Edwin Dossett, president of the Hope P: T. A. city council, will aid members of the Yerger faculty in the study course. Talking tinimnlodly with his beautiful wife Margaret If) crisn mnustndicd Baron Egon Karl Von Mouchcnheim smiled in'Detroit us this picture was mode, despite his fears of being returned to Germany to face n Nazi executioner's ax. A U. S. consul at Windsor, Ont., had just refused the couple's plea for visas to permit them to stay in the United Slates. The baron fled Germany with his wife in 1936 to escape compulsory army service. Unless C the U. S. government intervenes they will be deported.^ Farm Program to Cost One Billion Federal Treasury Determined to Balance Outgo With Income WASHINGTON—(f)—The new farm program, p:.rt of which Congress must finance from new taxes, may cost a billion dollars in its first year. Agriculture Department experts and others have estimated a probable cost of $700,000.000 for surplus crop control. President Roosevelt said in his revised budget estimate that 1937 cotton loans would cost 5130,000,000. Some believe that proposed loans (if granted) easily could cost 5170,000,000 considering that this year's crop forecast runs 1,000,000,000 bushels above the 193G yield and that approximately $150,000,000 was lent on the 1934 corn loan program. The cotton loans have been should- erfed by the Treasury buf Mr. Roosevelt has made it plain that congress must find a way to pay for the new 'arm act to be asked of the special session convening Novemoer 15. If there is to be a corn loan program, lome believe it may have to be a mandatory action of congress and probably '• financed from new sources of Chestnut season is here again. Whole question is, whose will we bo pulling out of the fire this year? One person in three million made a million dollars in the U. S. in 1935. StiU the land of opportunity. What the nine-power treaty seems to lack is power. Reflecting mounting: living costs, panhandlers have changed their plea to "Buddy can you spare a quarter?" World peace will remain an Utopian myth until the munitions factories are torn down. Several near-sighted movie actresses wear lenses to fit over their eyes, enabling them to see without the aid of glasses. revenue. Administration leaders want crop control legislation. President Roosevelt has expressed a desire to balance the budget in the fiscal year 1939. FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with all conveniences, ?50 and up. Also homes on easy payments. See A. C. ERWIN Phone 158 or 194-W. Cultivates Poise as No. One Asset Women fn These Modern Days Must Have More Than Glitter By JOAN DURHAM At* Feature Service Writer It's the woman with poise who holds the world's attention today. Poise is to the 1937 woman what glitter was to the belle of the 90's and vitality was to the post-war flapper. Three Characteristics Women in these troublesome days realize they must have more than glit- er. The Duchess of Windsor is only one of them. A well-poised woman appears always o be at ease with herself and the resl of the World. She has at least three outward charicteristics: good posture, no waste movement, controlled speech. She doesn't fidget—with her fingers, icr dress, or the pearls about her neck. She doesn't have to resort to a cig- rette or a occktail to haVe something o do with her hands—as her grandmother had to resort to her knitling when the conversation died down. She had learned just what to say and when to say it—either through an innate feminine sensitiveness to people or through careful practice. For poise is both born and made. Ten Candidates Who are the American women with the most poise? Here's a list of ten to start on: Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mrs. Herbert Hoover. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge. Mrs. Thomas J. Preston, Jr., the former Mrs. Grover Cleveland. Mnr. frank A»y«Jd<!fHf>. , Mrs. Charles A, Lindbfcrgh, Lena Madesin Willftps, ptesideni; w the International Federation of fitrfl* ness and Professional Women. Maude Adams. Josephine Roche, assistant to ffie Secretary of the treasury and Colo« fado mine operatof. Mrs. Vincent Aston Independent stores compromise $9 per cent of the retail distributing out* iets in the United Suites. The ihde* pendents do about 87 per cent of the total business. BUSINESS GIRLS CLASS in Tap Dancing REDUCING AND BODY* BUILDING EXERCISES 1 Hour Each Week Per Month ._ ..• <.. $1.50 Ogburn Dance School Phone 855 Prescription 200, 000 Kills Parasitic Itch (Scabies) In 30 Minutes 50c Price JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company Phone; 63 The Rexall Store Delivery Beware The Cough From a common cold That Hangs On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Creomulslon not only contains the soothing dements common to many cough remedies, such as Syrup of White Pine Compound with Tar, and fluid extract of Licorice Root, but it also has fluid extract df Ipecac for its powerful phlegm loosening effect, fluid extract of Cascara for" its effect, and, most mild laxative Important of all, Beechwood Creosote, perfectly blended with all of these so that it will reach the source of the trouble from the inside. Creomulsion can be taken frequently and continuously by both adults and children. with remarkable results. Thousands of people, who really know their drugs, use Creomulsion in their own families, realizing that this excellent preparation aids nature to soothe the inflamed mucous membranes, to heal the Irritated tissues, and to loosen and expel the germ-laden phlegm. Druggists also know the effectiveness or Beechwood Creosote and they rank Creo- mulsion "tops" for coughs because you get a real dose of Creosote in Creomulsion, emulsified so that it Is palatable, digestible, and active in going to the very seat of the trouble. Creomulsion is generally found satisfactory in the treatment of coughs, chest 'colds and bronchial irritation, especially those stubborn ones that .start as just a common cold and hang on for dreadful days and nights thereafter. Even If other remedies have failed, your druggist is authorized to refund every cent of your money if you are not satisfied with the relief obtained from the very first bottle of Creomulsion. Don't worry through another sleepless night—use Creomulsion. * Creomulsion is one word—not two, and it has no hyphen in "it. Ask for it plainly, see that .the name on the bottle is Creomulsfbn, and you'll get * the genuine product, and the relief, that you want. (Adv.) Whats your pick for theALl-STAR..Eddie ats a cn Get your last minute football predictions and scores from EDDIE DOOLEY with PAUL DOUGLAS Thursdays and Saturdays Columbia Network With smokers in every part of the country Chesterfields stand ace high. It's a cinch they've got what smokers like, You'll find them milder, ,, you'll enjoy that Chesterfield taste. esterfieL f ,, J{ce of them a forMJlDN£SS and TASTM ijihc 1937, LICCETT * Mvm TOBACCO Co,

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