The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 3
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\. 1940. IN 5COT1S j! EDICT Parole Board's Decision Ivncls Group Action For Negroes BY WA1.THK IHISTMANN 1'nlUel 1'rcss stall Coiiespomlpiu MONTOOMEflY, Ala., Miucli 111 * U ' J) Alabiiuia'.s Si'oasboro Case has passed another milestone In iis niiie-yciu- history despite the fuel Hint ii s u V e letjiiilnlng principals Hill are behind jirison bars. The stale's new board of pardons •'"Ki parole 1ms scratched it from the records as Die Scottsboro Case, simultaneously denying parole applications, to the five: Clareiu-c Norris, Charlie Weems, Ilaywood Patterson. Andy Wright, and'. Ode Powell. "Herrrafic-r, any reference lo thest prisoners as the Svotistroro di-rendants will hr- inarcunue" Hie board ruled. "'nicy will be dealt with as individuals, each one being considered on his own merits. "A day for reconsideration. In each case will be set in nt'cord.-uice with our judgment as to the response ol iiie Individual lo insliiu- tional treatment," the board decision added. Case's Notoriety Cited Chief reason for denial of parole was (hilt (lie unusual publicity ami notoriety of the past nine years has warped hto personalities of the negroes, tlie board explained. They still are serving long terms for the rape or two white girls "board a freight train at Paint Rock, Ala,, in 1931. . In the trials at Scottsboro, near 1 Paint Rock, nine negroes originally were sentenced to die for tlie mass assault on Ihe white girls. A loth only 12 years old at the time was not tried. The case became a cause celebre after the U. S. Supreme Court twice reversed the death sentences and groups over the nation rallied to the side of the Negroes and the South stood by Alabama against what it termed -sectional interference. Finally, four of Ihe nine were freed in a compromise move in 1937. Long terms, however, were set' for (he remaining five. Norris got life imprisonment. Wright received 39 years and Patterson ami Weems, 75 years each. Rape charges against Ode Powell were dropped bill he was given 20 years for stabbing a deputy (luring an escape attempt. Each member" of the new parole board, Initialing the case for the first time, issued a lengthy statement upon the reasons fo.- r refusal of parole. Judge Alex T. Smith, Birmingham, parole board chairman, explained in a general statement Hint all three members reached the same conclusion "without, interference or suggestion" fro:;: the others. He said careful study of all phases of the case had been made since the public hearing last Feb. 15. which resulted after Dr. Allen Knight Chalmers, New York City clergyman, filed application for parole for Ihe Negroes. Chalmers, leader of the Scotts- bqro Defense Committee, had contender) thai (he five had'"suffered sufficiently." He offered them employment and strict supervision in New York if freed. Judge Smith, in another formal statement, said there was no doubt of the crime. Judge Robert Hill, associate board member, concurred in tills opinion in his special statement. Mrs. Edwina Mitchell, the other associate member of the board, pointed to the "presumption of guilt," adding that "time may jet, furnish a solution." ' During the nine-year history of the case it was often contended that the Negroes were innocent. Two years after (lie original trials, one of the white girls repudiated her testimony and denied that she bad been attacked. Judge Smith arided further In his statement, that there was no possibility of rehabilitation for Ihe prisoners "until further .service under wise and humane discipline." "We are bound by good conscience to decline to release these Sausage Ordered Up R NEWS bellcr ciiuipped Allhougli nnnies lotlny nre immcnsurabl.v UL . llcl „,„„,,„-,, w;ul „„,„. ing and obscrvnlion planes than in World War days, the captive sausage balloon is still of great value in spotting enemy activity Irani the air. 'Hie French army uses many like (liu one above, which was photographed near Hie Western Front, men nl this lime,- Judge Smith added. Judge Hill said parole was "in no manner justified or desirable." ( He pointed out that "the defend- i ants' personalities were distorted '. by notoriety and therefore they are | not lit for rehabilitation at this j time." He nlso expressed Ihe opinion that further application for parole for them should not be considered for a minimum period of four years. Mrs. Mitchell commented on Ilieir being subjected to too much "acclaim and publicity" and added that, "the conduct of some of them during incarceration indicates di prnvity." The board's woman member e.\- plsmcil that, the new board is trying to improve Ihe morale of the state's penal Institutions through (lie grunting of paroles on merit nlone. and added "I see no reason to make an exception in these cases." The new hoard, created by the 1033 legislature as Hie first" foil- time penal board in Alabama history, began work last, Ocl. 1, after appointment of its three members by Gov. Frank M. Dixon. Tin Vlate Once Secret At one time tin plate was a secret product, so closely pnnrded | that in 1620 Hie Duke of Saxony •sent a spy into Bohemia to discover how it was made. poll K'cclions To Be Held In All Plants of General Motors Corpoi-Aliori DETROIT (Ul'i-Tlif rival CIO mid AKL (Heltons ol Uic Unllcd Ailtoiuobil-.' Workej.s union |,,ci> Un-lr IIKJ.SI c-onipri-lu'iisive und ! protiably most, ,:riid u | U-M In Iho ! Cirneiiil Moior.s l).-]|-fiiini, 1( ; ,.(,.<:- 1 lion In be lieHi /\|),j| 17 In nil ihv milumulive elcctloiui IK Id Ilnis I nr. [iiehutina c:hi-y,slcr, llriRBs, 1'iiekiird uiul several .siimll- i-r toinpunle.s, UK- UAW-C10 ims won, Tlin Cif-nernl Motors election will be Hie Ini'Kost ever iindoriakcn by Hie Niillonnl I.nUin Ueliilions tonrd. An estliimied 125.000 Cii-n- enit Motors workers, poxsil>lv |f,c,- COO. will be eligible to vote 'in ili« S9 plums in n slntes whluli (he elcelloii »-!ll <m-oji)))a.vs. (ircen, t,cwls to Spcj Iinportiince aitachcd to by the unions themselve in :iiiiioiuiccnii'iit.s- Unit Wlllliun Ureen, president of tlie Al-'l, rmd .lolm L. Lewis of the CIO me ( 0 luldKVB muss inc'rtlnyii in kcv cilica. Two AKlj emit unions— ihe 1'iU- ternmakers l.cngue of North Aniericn nncl the Iiitri-nutloiuil Assoelntlon of Machinists — also nre to vote in certain designated plnnU. llie i-orpoi-jitlon. first of the miijor nutomoblle . (Irms to sign n contract with the UAW, nsreed with tlk' unions before the election dale wns set to bnrijnln on a piunt basis, except on issues common 10 nil piiints in which cnc-h luctlou won n miijorUy. such issues would l» considered collectively. Tenliillve 1'riiKiain j-'onnc-d Spokesmen for (lie UAW-C1O, which already has formed n proposed 10-poinl program of contract changes, snid they considered this provision would permit btirgnlnlng for their entire yraiii) on such questions as wnges, grievance procedure and lln> slio|i stew- J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only GRiiluatc Optometrist In BlytiieviUe. Glasses Fitted Correctly aid .system. They said lliey would iisk for- a general wngc increase, Improved Mmiorily provisions. \wu- tions with p;<v. Joint sluily of any of i.,>,',lun. ami rmimil- llon Di iht> shop .steward M-ttip., Ultinuili'ly, nicy Mild, llicy would j for u live-day. :i7-hn!n- week' vvllli IKI reduction In pay. Kinplcnrs vvlll ,. ;)M ij,p|]- builds' din-inn um-kinu hours al plums In '.'A ritli-.s of Michigan. Ohio. Wisconsin, fjinv Vork, IiHlluiitt, Mis-! suiiri. (imrela. Maryland. Count'!:- j tli-us, California, ami Nr\v Jersey.! Hullo!,-,- ulll In. tabulated IM > April! 1U mid tin. Iliuil i-i'siilis will be! iiiiiioiinral in Detroit, Quarreling Schoolmates Meet 20 Years Later IMTI'.SUUUCSII <l)l'|..-Ttt-n llol- Imidor.s wlni ••finikin nil th,- Umv" iis M'lxjblmnlt'v in Amslcndim lutvc bi-i-ii u-uiiitfil idler 21) years liobi-rl c. Vcrsc-huor and Jiilui Wilim.s r-'ta<'{, both barn ;<7 years ago hi Amsterdam, luivo brt-onn 1 hold men, anil have settled down j In l'itlsbiii(',li after separately clr- ' i-lliiM ihi- niobe. ivorXiiDj in holds I Iliroughout the \vorhl. i A .siipcrsenslllve photo-elect rk-; cell, iLsnl in I'omii'tllon wllh In- Ira-red light, scon will be u>sled. Thr dcvii-i? i.s reported lo enable l pllol.s lo :•!•(• ihroiixh tog. Was Old at 52 NOW PEPPY, FEELS NEW, YOUNGER Then Oilrfx latiVti tavf tuoix-ii. L'rrl yimtu-tT "— II. II. Million. 1'ldlaili-lnM.v OSTIIl'x rwilnliu JonlcA, •tliuiil.tulavlli'ii n.v,ltil nUrMll—hy IKHIIV* IfCk UK Iron, oil-linn. i,!,mi,li,.,iu, !,»|n,,. Vitamin *riw? r "'l"t'l! """"'"• A "-><•»> "''I IKH.'roil mtrl f^Ung vrl'l>iir mi'a ci'iiiiKi-V llili "viTj^ilny! ,_.__-.,.., i ortlial » fHtr w M<tgwn at all iclrby stores. KCfPI IHI$ INZIHC GVIUNTE'E OH rclum u,ms,J pw ,| OI1 ,,, ori,ln,U«nu[nS,' an. i« Mil rtplac. 11 1'KF.K with my oihtr bciiul w« rceitdldt cf orlcr. NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Wllliuiil Inij-liifr .i I1UTANK OAX 1'i.ANT. Enjoy jili-asure for <.'i>ok- iiiK, [iiMtinc. Hot \ValIT anil Cus Itc-rrlccrull.iii. for full Informal'mii inilt user make Inquiry n( our oiiii'i'. WE1S BUTANE GAS COMPANY Wlic:illc)---Wrs( Memphis Illrllici-llle Rich Mellow Fr»gr»rtt Kentucky Straight Bourbon UNITED J.IQL'OR, Wlioles.lers l.illl« Rotk, Fort Smilh Hundreds of Items, reduced for immediate clearance. Not cheap merchandise bought to sell at a low price but quality furniture. $79.95 Bedroom Suite Massive solid willow beach lone suite. Bed. cliKt and vanity. 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