Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1934
Page 6
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JLiterary Genius KOIHEON'TAI, 2, 7 Who was the Front fomlninc author in the picture? 12 Strong smelling vegetable. 14 Very nigh mountain. IGCoiiC'.'tlon of tiior.r.sUo cells. 15 Blows on Iho bead. 19 More s;a garions. 21 Trappings. 2- To emulato. £3 Renovated. 25 t 'ateehood. 26 Corpse. 27 Myself. 28 Above. •30 Southeast. 31 Stair post. 2" Wife's iiitc-rost Jn deceased husband's estate. 35 Si 11;worm. S'6 Vvophot. :!" Platform. ,".SI,oiis live! •JO Bunk on a ship. Answer to TProvlons Puzzle H Her brought her fame and fortune (pi.). 13 Uproar. 15 Church bench. 17 To lift tip. 19 You and I. 20 Second ixo.te. 23 Likes the flavor of. '-M Her renl name .& '»iii ifMo-'. was- -il Sharp a nil harsh. 4" Like, •t I Harden!*. 470;!. •I!* To depart, no Title "f courtesy. ."2 To observe.. ">:; To devour. r.4 Distant. r,f> Ireland. C7 Translucent 'resin. ,"f> Pigmentary naevus. CO Her -writing, shows against the social conventions of.her time. Gl She was born In in 1S04. jf 27 Mai-ka of approbation, 23 Officers-of the law. "2 To have on. 34 To take.a wife, covet. YERTH'Al* 1 She- was eclu- <_ rated In a •. 2 Sarcastic jpst. I! Aurora. 4 Upon. 5 Front. .ti Otherwise. S Moriiulin dye. !) To scold. 10 Com hut between two persons. 39Ayild sheep. •10 Meaner. 42 Perforates. 45 Wild duck. 46 Half. 47 Form of "be." 48 Rowing device 51 Che.st hone. fi4 }iecau4e. : fit! Northeast. fiS Exclamation used to startle r,9 Mother. IE 13 !& 30 33 50 3.S 51 Z7 3T 5<b ^ 15 1 ^b 5S ^a 3(5^ 41 34- Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chandler were supper guest* of Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilgert Jr., was shopping in Hooe Saturday. Mr. W. L. Cornelius, Raymond and Christine Cornelius were in Hope "Your Home Should Come Fme' Better Furniture, Bet- tfc Homes,'.Better Citi- ze s . Furnish your now. H °P Furniture Co. ''hone Five Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chandler, William and Clennon Chandler were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. Coote Clayton, was in Fulton Saturday with a load of watermelons. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boaz of Broken Bow, Okla., spent the week-end with Walter Cornelius and family. Raymond Cornelius spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harden near Hope. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert and children and Miss Ophelia Cunningham spent a while with Mrs. Frank Chandler Saturday night. Miss Lucille Cornelius called on Miss Ophelia Cunningham Saturday. Miss Lela Mae White of Guernsey spent last Saturday night with Miss Christeen Cornelius. It! in thv Rent III Buy 111 Star Marketpla Remcmter. the m.* , e quicker yor.. I time, lOc lineT ce mini- ad. fot consecutive mum of 3 lines ii^,' 3 times, Gc line, rfi G times, Sc line, m 2G times, S'/ic line, rr (Avera^e 5'/4 words to t&t'J NCrt'K— Want ads will bo ^<}. tec j with the understanding bill is payable on prese statement, before tha first Phone 768 Positive Relief Sure End to Chills and Fever! Here's real relief for Malaria- Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! Quickly it stops the chills and fever and restores your body to comfort. Many remedies will merely alleviate the symptoms of Malaria temporarily,, but Grove's Tameless Chill Tonic goes all the way and completely rids your sys*em of the infection. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a real corrective of Malaria because it contains two things. First, tasteless quinine which kills the Malarial infection in the blood. Second, tonic iron which helps overcome the ravages of the chills and fever and fortifies against further attack. Play safe!! Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It now comes in two sizes—SOc and $1. The SI size contains 2 1 ,!; times as much as the SOc size and gives you 25% more for your money. Get liottlc today at any store. HOPE STAB, HOflfi, ARKANSAS Screen doors—Hope Eldg. Mat. FOR RENT "" FOR HENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOF: RENT—120 acre farm, two four room houses abundance- of water, goud bermuda pasture, good barn and potato hoi:::e, on improved highway two mile:; from Hope; School bus runs through farm. This farm will he rent- de cheap for money rent only. Geo. W. Clark, Conway, Ark. 13-3t FOR RENT: Furnished house, vacant October 1. Call li.i.'i or apply 1201 South Elm street. 3tc. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SAL£—Piano, Victroia and Gun Shop. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth .Street, Hope, Ark. 10-6!p ~~FOP. SALE: 200 bushels of fine re. if.-.: 3':'- Viricciit Foster. 18-,'itc. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. i-rofc.-oional Chiropodist using modern methods of removing corns, bun- ior..-,, callouses and ingrowing toe- fii-il.j. Ladies Specialty Shop. 14-3tp. Wall Pa PIT—Hope Bid?. Mat. Co. Tj.SED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Le'.vi.'J Mutor Co. &LARGE YC, R FIRE INSTANCE As yoiuj-jome increases lvalue, increase yov i nsur . ance propoijonate- ly. We take PERSONAL intfc s t in every policy. OUR BOARDING HOUSE HP3 O COMPUTE ^ Phone 8h 'jjr Hope, LE6NNK/I? AE N/*sME I IS VAGUELY « NNV LAWYER TEANA \N"TO COURT, VS/E TO VOU TELL H\N\ VOLJ THE OT- OF ARBITRATION, THE CA<SE TELL. LET rV\E GUESS HOOPLE- WVT AHM- mm Itfffn^w Bv AHERN OUT OURJWAY By WILLIAMS rST GOING TO :EOUEST $£-2S,OOC THANK VO ALL, \ / WHV,ICK/ I MIST 1 CURLY, / CAIM'TSAVVV THATf YO'RG. ALLER'J GLAD TO HAVE SOME" BODV RELIEVE VOU FROM ANY KINP O 1 WORK. DIFFICULT F-E BUT AH'LL DO DIS FO MB DO IT .— ^-» x'-j^-- -A-r.3%- K'\ '.>vKrW-*s -—- I tmM- -">:s A STlCkER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES^ Boots Is Doing Her Best! MARTIN , ' VOO OVi\_Y A.CTO'S. ONi (i YOU \V\W.\00 Cjii.-O'r^ '- ^ ''i-"i : Jffi^^ /^/^fex'' COKt AWO & AViV D\o vxt VOO \\t'& "XVWLi '. V\t OOA' .\K> ^VXt WvOOVE: OV AW ' i wr /-, ^ 'N ,M/ / G- ' >. ALLEY OOP Discouraged! By HAMLIN THERE.' I CLAIM THAT'S TH' WAY T'OIT CiD Of- DON'T BBVA.'L. BUT. WMAT TRAIL ? , BEFORE (T Oc'TS COLD/ /' WASH TUBES' WELL, PER //' THAT BIG- i BAO O' BONES SUCE MADE A ' WEECii OP DCQTSY BOBO'5 TRAIL' FWOOSH .'NOW / VVE'LL NEVER PI\ 1 D' 'IM / O" '•-'.-:-,• '•'•"•'':• '-.i'-'--r::: •" j WAaH i utsja^ : ,_____, E_^_^ /14EEP THAT MOMEV IN YOUR POCk'ETT, VOU IDIOT ^ /GREflT CAESAfZte eoAT/)jiHt*\HE's A MILI.IOSIAIRE A^P STOPTRVIMGTO IMPRESS VHtSE HORDE'S./ DID VOU SEE- tf ROLL /,; "h .•*;.- . ^- •„ THAT VOU'RE A £!/G SHOT. . -'\ ME FLASHED? v(RiCH.V ? / A MEAL_ ?/ _J^ ' ^^—^^J ' TICkEfj' wr. --JLL, ;'i.L MEET \ YEAH, so ,^ UP WITH THAT CLUCK / HE'S GOT US SOMEDAY AN' VBEAT/FORGET WHEN I DO HIM.AN'LEiS EAT NOW THAT TH' EXCITEMENT ; Y'KNOW, r^wx.,, IS ALL 0^/ER AN' THROUOM, / IP IT WASN'T PER I GUESS WE'D BETTER >"' DINNY. I IVOULDN'T BE ON OUR WAY y &IVE A WHOOP IF BACK TO MOO / ^ . I NHVE-E SAW MOO Pals! /^^fVp^y^^; _0(^' ~^^y^'^fyi4 ^^^-^-Jif^'jL V' f FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS lit Would Be a Heap Safer! r Q 1934 BY NCA C-F.nVICE. IN <T. M. REG U.S. PAT. OFF. \ By CRANE THIWK WE AIN'T \SURF. WE'RE PERSOMAL> , ,-,==,^nr,/i o^.wEMEU, PAL6V r-REMDSOF TH£ PAL. HAVE /WAL^V. DIS IS ONLV ) PRESIDEMTJ P A_CI6AR A A VACATION LARK./~-^—V^^ : ( f BELONG TO | ALL D'SwELI. <! pN ^^ILy. -V CLUBS. OWAJACK,Y PL-EASED 0cv-:>-, LET'S ^WD/J '(6ET FRJEWDLS'.J £Er' i^» - -XV > «^P<%,J L/^W S; i*£*i+?L/i z THE BOYS HIKED INTO A NEARBY OUTPOST TO GET SUPPLIES... HEY.IJlir,Y...GI^ A <'f I GUESS IT LOOK.' IT'S p,wr TMS ) V ' ENT ™ E SAME Mll>Pl.t OF StPrEMSiCp! •SI'-niS" T .-'1 ™° *•' DO YOU ') SURG...v'.'F'LL g A'.'E TO l-lop . IE FIRST PATTLER OUT Ol- HER!:-; At-JD By BLOSSER '^THAT MAY LOOK GOOD oW PAPER, BUT WHEN SOMEBODY CUTS LOOSE AT YOU. WITH A SHOTGUN, OR SoMETHINcj, YOU CAM HAVE ' STRAIGHT LINES ...I|LL . .y.E A GOOD OLD ZIGZAG,ANY PAY." OHi-JA BC '\ L:.-,--I i._,.,..,-., xjril (SfTTIL'r )^ GVE SEEM, IT'S PAC'V TO ' < GOItJG T ° BE r/ncoL BOOKS ) H APD T ° Glr -Cj /V/OP?KED OP G^ME-TRY J^ A I AS1 ^ GHT LIME IS THE SHORTEST PISTANCS / OVL;R GEOMETRY. SKVS HE-'S GOT OViCLE.KUO HE. 1 3* OUU< HDR TO HIS MILUQNS. FOR T TE.H AM LOMO'S A.SKEO FER \1A|L BUT 111 ^LL. THE.T TIME, W GOT «=.O MUCH it 1 -;^ '> ?

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