Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1934
Page 4
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jBrown Tones for Tile most important hosiery colors .ttm to have taken their inspiration I from the autumn woods, for warm ; Wood and nut tones predminate among ^h6 flew shades. J Four types of colors are outstanding. First come the neutral shades winch may be worn with medium and Bark browns, blues, black, bronze lhades and dark greens. Then we find - Medium brown stockings that harm- inize well with mahogany fashions, ine tones, yellow-green and vivid spoil? wear c^Io-s. V.'i.h dark bottle greens or dark brown one wears deep nut brown hosiery. This shade may also be worn j to contrast with black costumes. Gun i gray is the fourth important color, i which goes well with medium and i oxford gray fashions. j Sheer Hose in Off-Black One of the most .striking innovations is the appearance of very sheer stockings in off-black shades. Some of the smartest women of fashion have adopted these to wear with dead black costumes of Spanish inspiration. VO RI The Amusement Center of Hempstead County.' Auspices of •American Legion Scascn's first Society event! THURSDAY NIGHT ONLY Fsshirn Display by Jessa Dee Glasgow:— •'t'.'iwjn's the followm" merchants, under direction of On the Stage 8:30 Hilt Shoe Co. L. C. Burr Co. Hope Furn. Co. Goiham a::d Ccsnell Ladles Specialty Shop Geo. W. Robiscn & Co. EXTRA FEATURE Three extra rpccial dance numbers, by professionals unclor the direction of RUTH NATACHA • THOMAS. —On the Screen— SIDNEY FOX 'DOWN TO THEIR LAST YACHT" Let's Go! AU Seats 35c ' s Go! Choose The Shade That'Best? Becomes You I ' ' —~. '.! i \Vhcthcr you believe that you look I best i'l brimmed hats or berets, tlie I Fall millinery mode allows you ample choice. Both are equally s-nvuit; it remains merely to decide which IE mo.'t appropriate to ynur features and the and dresses which 'arc included in your now wardrobe. The beret is more prominent this fall than it has been for- many reasons. However, it is far removed from the flat little pancakes, beloved of school children and Paris' students, which used to be called bore's. The new types are large, soft and drapy, cleverly manipulated to prove becoming to every face, offered in' many interpretations. One of the smartes' styles took its inspiration from a man. he popular Prince of Wales, whos* change of costume 'affects the v.'orld. llic Scotch lam-o which he wears • when IP fashion .'•banter h e;stumc has been modoficd so as '.'.> create a lam with a decided for- \v:ird sweep over one c.ve. This stylr : > ro.ually rm.-irt. in velvet or gay 'olaid wools. .':•'• Fin-Is Favors Berets; i r.'oi. to bo oiitd'ine by a mere ma- feve-n ;ho=ich he is n pninv'e) .-the mil lincry designers of Paris all-pfcscntef viirintions "f the beret in their col: • lections. Mile. Marthe e'ntlc'rSes th? wide, tlat forward movement. Desca' created an octagonal pointed beret iiftccl up at one side. Paton's beret? frequently are of the , tricorne type Other versions, endorsed b,v all the lending designers, include wide flat, rcund berets (frequently stitched foi 'nteve?O and turned-xip versions that vuggest the popular Breton failor ha': "n pcneral, Ihe berets are ssft ancj •Irapy and can usually bo-'manipulate -d to please Die wearer's fanny an; her profile. Don't say you can't weai 1 -lie; os sunn ns you see the new millinery collections you will' realize I mv.V.'ls that will prove becoming.t .-c'.i . . . and certainly, nothing could K' more appropriate and comfortable c wear wi'.h the w : de. .rippling fur .•o!a r s that are lo bo found on so many ; ihe reals. • .. . .' Brins Also Important V>'i'.h all- this talk : c\bqut. bereflt: nvvcver. cio not .feel that 'the; brim; -".-: hrl is beinr nested ed.' This too; i rppears in many fascinating nev ' -i:[- •". There r.re many'sport'.'hats o- ihc fedora types, "undoubtedly tracin heir origin tn a mfin's-fcdora"wlth it!, -••crscd ci-O'vn. However, these arv ! f-,M- removed from 'ha mannish, fedor;. ! f ''ir I',-: mo us "Camel r>d" and'.arc do- i eidedly feminine in their soft brim i -"i<-i uievpvly turned f-r.jwns." Anothei borrowed masculine fashion..is the hr i that resembles a derby..With a. shallov LAY THE FOUNDATI'CN WITH GOOD RUGS find follwl brlrrt; Little wing- td feather trims are <jft«n used, ele- -•jtroying completely ani' suggestion of the masculine. ,T1ies«'d«Tbiey are s:iid tot >>5 iiispjfed fey the ''Second Empire fashions ^dch . also influtnco maiii' dress desvitns. - .• • ' Tb* "JPfoflte" 'Hat YcJu'll himr m\»ch 'talk of what is known 'as., the ^"profile" hat, which Tneati3 a hat clevarly dfsisncd to show one's', curls at the back and side. In order to do this'it is usually necessary for th*' back of the hat to Iwt lifted on a baudaau which hugs tha head. By lifting the side and back line the rrilHners succeed in thru?linj? the front of the 'brim" forward in a dsish- ing manner, During the past few seasons crown' 'iav« liiccm* shallower and r-hal'.ower. until finally, ssom* _darinsj souls decided to dispense 'With. "them altogether. as in Die "coolie" hats .which appeared V,7t spring. , Many of the new half jcliitve' this crownles; effect with >T-im's .that., ore -.'lifted- up in ba-.-k nnd 'orward 'in front. They may bo slur•ed, draped, twisted, -curved up or ullod down, but they nianuge to ream -tHfi smoolh.' \inbrf ken line on Up 'f the head. Oft*n th* • brims are -Jouble, giving VilmOst Ihe effect of an extremely wide l«ret. • • Feathers 'A te Back Feothsfti are-. back atfaih, no doubt -.bout that! We don't -mean drooping •ilun'.esi arid - t'lafcontte feather trims. We. refer v.instead to- dashing trim- t-l>e form 'bf to'hgs and birds' Leather Jackets Now Serve Many Purposes The separate leather jacket is nn indispensable item in the life of the active inflonuo— the perfect companion to R wool frock or tailored tweed skirt. Tills year's smartest versions of (lie lefithe rjncket are in pi.it Brain, ftieile or capcrkin. They come in delectable woodsy tones such as chestnut, penny brown or Hunter green or naUiral. Hip-length models are very popular, many with the "action back" that sportsmen lernned to love last vuiiimcr. One may choose between models with leather or composition buttons and slylcs with convenient slide fasteners. Miislcnlr nt Shovcr A musicnl projiram will be hetd al Shovcr Springs Thursday night, proceeds to be donated to the Bnv»lisl churrh there. Tlio program starts at 8 o'clock. Ca<l<Us worms obtain food by erecting nets in the water to catch small organisms. The Home of Today Correctly Furnished in Modern, Period or a Blend of Styles According to Individual Taste Never before has the homo tlccorii- .ion lint! such scope for sok'etion-- never has personal taste hncl so wide a field for choice ns is presenlril by • ho modern furniture nuinuf.iet\irer You may ho us wildly or eonscrv.i- 'ively modern ns you choose. Yon itiny create a homo true in every detail lo the standards of Early America, or you may roam far afield and iclueve interiors truly Spanish. F.ng- !i;; hor French. It's all a question of individual preference. Kor, while styles in furniture arc '•low to evolve, today, designers provide so many types, that given tus'.; and a moderate purse almost any effect miiy be attained, Never have there been such fine reproductions of traditional pieces, never has the "modern" type provided such exq'.'i- «ito craftsmanship, siicli variety mid wealth of de.-,if;n us toclny. A Distinctive Modern Room The V'l'oto.ur.'ipli nhiivc. while il .hn\\'s 11 room furnished—not in inod- •MII Myle--but in n type of furnilutf evented on the best of traditional in- .•;;:iialii>M, never-th:'-lciw reveals Ihe mr.rl'.'m Ic.-vc i.'f comfort and color harmony. There is a fine effect of unity in the combination of the viiriou.' ,:ieej:- and in the selection of colors mid aecessoi'ie.s. The two lar-fje brocaded chairs bc- Tore the fircpi»ce would be equally at home in a \'ery modern interior, vet. they blond perfectly with the 1-ound l!Uli Century table of English naple with dir.wers in eboni/cd fin- i:-h. 'Die Sheraton table near the fire- hie:', also i'f tlnnlish maple burl, the -.•l-ioniA-d Ri-;.:.jr.c.y chair with its fiold Tim and mulberry satin cushion all fall into whole. Perfectly Blended CofoitJ _.,..„_ This room Is carpeted in pliMh/mtjl- bci-ry, the large chairs ore upholstered in tones of mulberry qnd. irckl. Beige curtains, a beige w}f» Uphfll- steml in corded velours Trianon iichiuvc n re.Uful effect. .''-.• . •V Morte< of 1890 and !»#• M.'iny nf 111' 1 new fflshloris ilat« clearly from the 1S90 and 1900 rwiod.i . . . showing clcsrly the desire of wo- •nen to bo feminine in their return to these periods of richness and 1 fern- '. inlnily in fashion. " • • • " Accent Your Profile Many of the smartest new mllUn»ry modes are known ns "profile fots." '• beeaute the yrnvcnl one profile"'and are pulled down rakishly on the other side. Hats of the "buccaneer" type are also proudly wort) by those ,wlth beautiful profiles. A system of pumps so powerful that water forced from them will 'crush stones has been perfected.by a Russian engineer. ' Something Picas Every Room — to Carrj Out Your Newly Conceiv eel Ideas As to What < Home Should Be STLYE SHOW Thuis'iay, September -U iVi.-wf.st F;i:-!ii<'iis in I'livinti t,n 1)i play. (ioir,!; Lhr;)i-g:i our inU'resting- floor cov- eiintf c-xhibus, i;s poi'haps the best way to (!(ic-i rniru.- ju-.:t exactly what any par- '• tieului- ;o;:-rn in vour home needs on the' fiuo;' as a ba.-ls foi' your furnishing' You \','i!l encounter hundreds and suggestions. It is al- • L') try to determine before. il's ;'o ca^y— when you see ' ubitf.; Unusually low prices pre- • Won^t you come as our guest, aiiy 'obligation on your part? plan-. of new idea most u r:l(,-ss hanM. And oui vail Our Special Budget Plan Makes irj Unusually Convenient Co. PHONE FIVE ';eads cr Uriy ostrich, tips; sometimes iUde;!,-. \vhich add jtjst the right trim- ,-ning. touch to toque:*' and derbies and "HnilSY styles. -' • '" ' •'•' Just 1 as {hc'irtlllinery'.shlliouettc of- Oera varie»y. FT 'do the-' fabrics which interpret it.' TTie'brimnied hats, pir- ticiilarly Ihuso of mannish inspiration. are'soft felt (m plain or scratched effocts>, hairi'- felts, s'olail', chain i felts. • velours. Many velvet and satin types nr* alao E«en to harmo;".i?.e v/lth dress '-fabric". .The bsrets appear in •ivcry conceivable ; 'fabric, including Telts and '-sMails, • softly- '.Chirred- or -tftchad velveis and. wtins, many lightweight woolens and Tj?lting tib- !?on. -Tho^e-tiny li'ltle millinery wivich -are' \vorn -syith dinner or eve ling gowns riiay.be of such intriguinc fabrics as' sheer bee or. net. c!?bor : itelj' tuck»d and sliirrftd, or of v?lve 2ombined with lace,, net or S'S', metallic fabrics. Some : hats appe'ir i • supple, ligl-it\ve:ght • -furs tucli a broadtail or .stenciled kid. Rosston Th? Home Demonstration club lad- 35 met wHh Mrs. Iv L. Middlebrooks ^hurt-day With the .demonstrator, Miss f eath, prerent. After the roll waa • ailed and business matters attended I • Miss Heath, gave ,a .demonstration ' n peanut butter bread and a talk n preparin'v! school lunches with dif- | .'crent kinds of sandwiches. Reports .-ere- made on'the trip',,to the state ee ire at. Camp : ?ik'e by Miss 'Heath . md. Mrs. "Prescott; We| had two new j ne.TiBer.', Mrs. On-jll?. O'Keefc and MI-K. 35arl- McCain.\A£>trHhe business iour,Mr.<<. Middiebroolis Served sand- .ii-hek', devils food calre'iind iced teaa. vHw mer'UnS adjourn*:!' t'o.mect with ? l .ijtr ^re's^'--Gotten ;(thO-.first week in October,..,, WJ , ..., "^ '.!-'.,.>«,!«'.. . -., - , ; ', •^Bsh'/bji Kecigfnl*W' Russia • • wtth c-peni.^inna."Weiu* .that r-ovniry gave .us. Ih* ti<nic bloures which arc p-> "papular''this' year; £om? of ti-.i narrc-.i'•'ur collar. 1 } 'v.'hich ' bul!"n it l!v; !-ido ai'ft MM decidedly RuFsiun in feeling. -..'';'• lemonade wa- a favorite hcvorago of th"> Monj;.-"! emperors, 'vho •- p^oi 11 '.ed a special hi?h rank efficial to prc- r.arc U)R drink which was be! love-I to liave curative powera. COMMISSIONER'S SALK NOTICE IS IIER.FBY GHTCN. Tint in pursuance of ,tlie authority anrl di- I -fs'iions contained in the decretal order of Ihe Chancery Court of Hemp- vtsad County, made and enlered on | '.he Srd day of September, A. D., 1931,' ! .n a certain caus* '(No. 2801) tlv.-n \ panding tharein, between Tlie First N&tionr.l Banlc of Hope, a corporation, complainant, and M. K. Porterfiel.l «l al, defendant;, the vuiderdg.iod, n'i Cc-mmiaiionsr of ."aid Court, will of("er [or sa\f: at public vendue to the high- c. c t bidder, at the front door or on• ranee of the United States Post Office, in the City of Hope, County of . Hcmpslead, und. State of Arkansas. \vithin Uiu hour.; prescribed by IHW for judi r ial Kulej, en Saturday, October ?7. 1934, the following dtsrrilxv] j-ei'l c-ctale. to-wit: Tlie North-.', ei'. Qujr'.e;- of the Ko-.-Ur.vell Quuri'.r; Soulli u'lc-ha'f cf 1hr 'Jfoi-'hwcst Quat-lor: the South oiie-hiilf cf the Northuait Quart T; all in Sect'ou Tliirry-si::, To-.vi:^hip Thirte-sn S<jutli, Tlan.'j': Tv.-enty-i'ix, Weil; and the West o-ic-half of the Ni.rth\ysst Quartc.r cf Seotioii Thirty-i-ne. TownEhip Thirteen Soutli, TtengoTwenty-five V/usl. all in Hempstcac! County, Arl:uiv:as. conlaininy t'.vo hundred ciflity (2£0) aori'j. more or lc-ja. TFJlilS OF 6ALF,: On a n-cdit. oT tlu-e-i monthc;, the pu r cha.-^r Vy-'iny required to execute a bond as ruquii-cJ by Ib'.v and tlie order ajid <J r -crei,- 01' .'.aid Court in said raiut-,' with approved .'Xicurily, bcafing inlci-e'-t at iJv rate ( .f ten per t'.Mt yc ainiujn fcoJ)' date of ;;iile until jjiiicl, and a lieu br;- iji^ retained on tlie pi-orni iej soliJ t» secure the payment of the pu/clr-'.v!; nioney. Given under rny hand Uiis IC'.h day of September, 1904. DALE JONES ConunUbioncr ui Chancery. Sept. 18-2S. -•V ' RWs.-'.-.- -.'. .KEPAUE to be guy and ylam- oroua this season. . . .('or you cannot help feeling' that way in the ;»now fashions. We have viewed all 7 thc new .styles and .selected the smartest of them for your approval. . '. .modes that will lend >;est and sparkle to the dullest day. Evening 1 yowns are particularly beautiful, ranging- from the daring tothe demure. . . .from the pastel satins that are the debutante's delight to regal gowns of velvet or lame. Daytime costumes are equally effective. There are luxurious fur .coats and richly trimmed models of cloth. . . .trim crepe or wool frocks. . . .jaunty tweed swagger suits, together with new blouses and scarfs to wear with them. We also have assembled a con\)>le.lc group of corrrH, gioves, bags, hosiery and jewelry that wil leom- plele .smart'ensembles. / J, We. in vite you to view our exhi- \' " "• bition so you may l\no\v wliat's what in I 1 all fashions. CLASSY JEAN DRKSSES NELLY DON FROCKS SPORT COATS fH tfKN f / t »**? S& to « / PRINTZESS COATS I',-.: TWEED SUITS 5 ass to a & O fiwjj 9 V^9nfJ\ FALL STYLE SHOW Saengcr Theatre THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 See the above Apparel on Living Models Ladies pecialty '$\ »***t'u

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