Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 23, 1937
Page 5
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Jaiurday, October 23, .1937 "The More You Tell, the Quicker Vou Sell" ttATGS One time—2c tt'ofd, mlnfmum 36c Three «me»-3Wc word, win. 50o Six llmp»-6c word, minimutn 90c One motiOr (28 limps)—18c word, minimum $2.?g Rules ntc for continuous Insertions only. In making word count, disregard ciusmcntioti tmmo such ns "for Rent," "For Sole," ctc.-thls la fHsc. But cnch Inlllnl or nnme, or com- >lctc telephone number, counts da n full word. For example: FOR itENT-.Throe-room mod«rn liiriiishctl apartniunt, with gucnjc, closo In, Uargnln. J. V. Rlrtnk, plionc 9999. Total, 15 words, nt 2c word, S»c for one time; at 3&c word, 53c (or three limes, etc. NOTE: All ^rdcrs placed by iclcphonc arc due and pnjnblu upon o< bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Today'! Artiwen f« CRANIUM CftACKERS Quest Ions on I'IIRP Olie 1, Thn difference between 1111 "Id penny mid n now dime is 9 cents, 't.. "Bourgeois" is 'pronounced "boor-xliwji." ,'t. Tho standiinl luRid sixe ty)X!- \vriter shout is 8'i by 14 inchos. •t. "My unlive <".u'inlr.v, Ilico." lii?Mins (In 1 M'i'ond .slnn/ii of Arncricn. , r >. If hour iind minute hdiid.s were rcverai.'tl the clock would indirnd- iilioul 1:30. Wwnbing, Cuntrncting, Repairing Thirty ycats experience A. \\. bcgnnr 120 b'. Hervcy 1'li/jne 171W _ 5-4-tf HcinpsteiKt Cinuity Miillrosx Shop builds IH-W eotlon niaUro.ssi's and n>- lunlds uld oni\s. Work and nmtcrifil Kinirantwd. 712 VVo.si f'ourdi sli-oel. 1'hiine Paul Cnblj. "53-J. l!)-6k- We nrc In (lie mnrkcl for a found lot u! Forked Lon? While Onk, Cow Onk, OVcraup, Ilurr Onlt, mm \\eA Onk Ijngs. For IVIcot mid S|)cclflfnllons Apply tu Hope Heading COMPANY I'lionc 2.15 For Rent Fur [{cnl Two rooms furnished will, priVMti- hath and M.'iraKc. All utilities |Kiid. Profci- couple without child- II.MI. MI-N. Prank Hutfiicns. 'Phone 79 Radiant Heaters $7.45 Bath Room Heaters $2.25 Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 FOK HKNT--Two room fin-nisiiwi ripnrtrm-nl with private bnth and Farajif All utilitios paid. Prefer rouble u-ithaiit children. Mrs. Prank Hulchen.s. P-lvjiH" Til. Z2-3tc For Sale FOR SALE~Now sorghum molasses In new buckets. hi«h grnde. 55 cents per Billion. Call «it office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. Abruw.i Rye. OntH, Bnrluy, May Whent. Velcn. Winter Pens, WintoV Ryo, Grnss and Fall Bulbs. MONTS S.KV.D STORE l-2Rtc FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping machine in perfect condition. Apply nt Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. KOR SALF.-Carlciad of applet by Fi.-rri'l'.'i Bloek.sinith Shop. South Hn/e'l street. Good applet, On oent.s per liu.sliel Ixisket 21-.'itp FOR SALE- BrM grade of iinprnvfd Klondike strawberry plains. Mrs. W. C. Johnson, Blevins. Route One. See Our Silk Dresses LADIES' Specialty Shop Wanted WANTED TO BUY-I pay hiyhost rash pncf.s fur Pianos. I?. I.. Meyers. Buck'"''•. Ark. Ifl-Vlp TAKKN UP—Red and white-faT-eil hcifi-r calf. About five-weeks old. A|.])ly iH Hope Star fi.r infi.rnia- tion. 21-dt-c WANTED - AT-ONCE-TfllS-TER- R1TOHY. Man with t-ar, HI.UI! rrfer- crciu'c. In tiike over candy mute. Good pay u, riifln pnrly. Sw or call this wci-k. M. L. Allen.Texarkan.-i. Tex., Coloni;,) Apl.s, fiO-l Pine St., Phone 298. COTTON LOANS \Ve are now making Government Cotton Loans. Ili'lng us your cotton for ijuiek .sen'lce. Jett Williams & .Co. Have your winter Stilt ilry cti'niifd In our modern plant—pressed hy experts — dclivcretl linnn|iily. Cleaners & Hatters State Governor HORIZONTAL . 1 Governor of New York i State. 12 Kind of rubber. 13 Less common. 14 Dry. 16 Outfits. 17 Within. J8 Measure of area. 19 Ceremony. 20 Running away. !22 Irony. 'i\ Toward. ^5 Angry. Ii9 Pertaining to vincK'ir. 33 Sand hill. :!4 Young siilnio .'15 To come in. :!7 English gokl Answer to Previous Pu/.zle ^ 50 39 Liku. ^U Showing better taste. >10 Sleds. IiOLion. 58 , r >9 Hast Rowing tool. One that sues Strict. Mohammedan religious Icaclu'r. Mis slate is tailed the -- State. H>; works in tin! city of VKHTICAL 1 To jiri'L't, 2 MrncLv 3.Kind of lilt' -1 Ireland. 5 Pealed. (i Transposed. 7 Meadows. H Mistakes. !) Refuse from pressed grapes 10 Melody. I i Iiiicets' egjis. 12 He .sureeedeil Rciosevelt ;is governor. 15 He is a in politics (pl.). 21 Frozen \v;iter. 23 Fabulous bird. 2(i To hasten. 27 Social insect. 28 Golf device, 30 rtoof point covering. .'11 l.itfht brown. Wrath 80 Coin. 37 Native lead, 88 Custom. 41 Astringent. •II! Tu percolate, •)!! Moldings. •!•) Gaelic. 15 Rodent. •Ifi Courtesy title 47 Tongue of land between rivers. 41! Festival. 4i) IrelaiKi. 52 Encounlcs.od. 54 Southea.sl. 57 Korni of "me. 1 OPE STAft. HOPE, MOW ft) A£K 1 TfeUL -THE-Y ARE ftESAL, HS'Ui. HOCK HI3 HALt= TH& MOMEY W WHY, TWAt SUV WHAT? W1TW OUR NAfefi&W BLACKSMITH AM' HOLLOW oue. SOCIAL WHV DO THEY CHESTS, SKIMMV ARMS. AM' THIKJ ACTOR TO GIT A WECKS? DOW't HM-M MV .' 1 HAVE BY PBVIOLH3 WAYS THAT LIZZIE US WITH A LITTL8 <5IPT OP A HAL-P JUTBHSjd'v 1 AM TO ARE TH6 BE PZIDICULOUS. 1 J AD? WMV DON'T THEY use ONE OF 1 US GUYS? , WHAT PO U' SAW A PITCME& OF A BLACK* f SMITH LIKE Ml YOU fHJMK «? t>it? KfJOVV A WOOPLS TO HAWt? OUT A THAT WOULDM'T Y0UJ2, HIDE UTTLG WORTH/' e CAW KEEP FJGMT OKJ THE. TWO-MIML)T£ EGG. By MARTIN ', 1 . I'M 60\M6 TO POT ME ? ow i TO U\C« OUEte /MOO OQ£^M OPA O? SVOttT K»OTm»06S ' '. COPE. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. \HC _T_Mpcr. U e, PA?OFF? \ r^r; I•••'////,aK,<'^y/////i xmmmX ,,!,,,yj,>,,//. A WORD YOO «o>9 7 PLOP VK VJOT 10 ..... OH , 1'U. «Et VOO OVi \M MV ALLEY OOP What Kind of Talk Is This? By HAMLIN WW~-W : - : C&fctv w -; '.'«ffiw». /»•«-. r _> ? <;. HOB GLOB POOGLEV WUG. 1 .' ZIMGLE NOV 2OB BLOOV? GALOOP' COPR. 1937 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U ' WASH TUBBS Trouble Brewing By CRANE ,, —. ,,,w,<^,) IT'S THE RUM,) LI55EM/VOU PINK-FACED VOUV6 GONE/JESSE/ ITS /50PTIES, ARE WE SONN/V ANO SHOT/ SOME TO /GET THAT KEUTON DAME, H!M! / ^XVC4JK HEARXA |NT WE? A5H WAIT5TC>HEARNOMOKE.rt6 RUNS AS FACTA9 H£ CAM gftCKTO CiWlP. COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVtcffiNe. T. '' 1EO. U. S. PAT. OFF. J h; WATT PUCK? PON CARLOS' 'KNIFE,..L FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dark Days WHY Do. You WISH YOU'D NEVER MET ME, FRECXLES ? DOM'T YOU LIKE ME? MUCH,JUNE) I'VE kIWDA BEEN PUT [1 ON THE SPOT SINCE J I'VE KNOWN YOU j y\ •tt j. IM rr's COMMON *" KNOWLEDGE THAT WHAT ) ^L" 3 fAD WAY / COACHES KING- 'S7DN,AND THAT THIS IS HIS FIRST YEAR, AND HE HAS TO MAKE GOOD,OR ELSE,' Ti^2(c&* ,iPlw MYKA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE By BLOSSEFt DOES ©UP-.,._ POSED TO BE COMPL|-/ SHADYSIC)E ' S CATE I MAIW HOPE 1° THIMGS- BEAT KINGSTON... AND IF I DON'T PLAY MY BEST, PEOPLE WILL BLAME IT ON MY KNOWINCn You; wVv-c* ,^^^ S /I HOPED YOU'D ^T2 U I SAY THAT, ^ Pl - A ^ ft JUNE .'BUT- VERY UrTH MY BAD B§S?» HEG^'MNOT LBEST.^ ^ so HOTJ V ' IT 'fr rt> WDWriHAB LEG,I'M AFRAID THAT'S GOING TO MAKE THE SCORE "76 TO Oj IN FAVOR OF THE RUMORS!.' 'A. •W &•/>) i>>?? .A WELL, PICbEOM, DID VOU SHOW THE PAROLE OFFICER OU/T SAFELV? VEP.' WE 60T A Pigeon Picks si Pocket THAT REMIMDS M6. I 5AW HER SUIP THIS IMTO S TOCICET AT THE TABLE - By THOMPSON AND ITS JUST A BLAWK. SPLEMDID WOCK PIGEOW •-- JU5T ' LOOK UMDEC THE LI<3H1 AN OH, MISS NORTH.. IT'S PE. VOM BODENJ, A\AV I ^ YOU f=OE A MOMEMT? ITS veey LJEOEWT '

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