The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO STITE •flf-MURELT New Home For I; -For Atlantic Air Liners BLMggyiLLB'CAftK.). COURIER NEWS p Executive Yuan Advises Government To Operate From Central Agency HONO KONG, April 4. (UP)— The China tea Industry lias been the subject of considerable discussion In government circle* and (he Executive Yuan now has approved certain recommendations for the control of Hie industry which has been affected more thnn any oilier by the Soviet barter agreement. ' The Executive Yuan's recommendations fall under two headings, the first of which deals with "certain difficulties" that have arisen through the fulfillment 01 ' the barter system's requirements —the difficulty of satisfying the recognized lea exporters' requirements and those of tlie Soviet government. Under the agreement with Ihe Soviet, China .undertook to supply various commodities In return for which It would receive military supplies. The agreement was reached hi 1938, prior to the oul- bresk of hostilities In Europe. .The Chinese government, while being oMIgaled to the Soviet gov- errim'cnt to fulfill the terms of Ihe .agreement, at the same time realized the necessity of retaining normal foreign markets which usually are supplied by British firms and to a lesser extent by French concerns. Central Agency Urged With this object In view (he recommendations approved provide lhat the administration of the tea Industry in the future will be in the hands of one central agency. Since the China National Tea Corporation has been the distributing company for china, it is recommended that this corporation ho given exclusive control of the 19*) tea protiuclion in its entirely — purchase, manufacture, transportation and all other sales and barter arrangements. To effect this the corporation has been reorganized and will be controlled by the Central government. Apart [rest the capital Invested by ministries of economic affairs and finance, any other capital invested- by various provincial governments' and merchant firms will be, refunded and replaced by Ihe Centra! government. The capital will, moreover, be increased from S5,000,030 to 510,000,000 and the corporation wilt be placed under the direction of the foreign trade commission of the ministry of finance. ' Shortage in fiong Hong Under the second recommendation the Central sovcnunpnc neeks to minimize the difficulty cf r-itts- fying both foreign exporters and i the -reeds of th» "oviei government-under the barter agreement.] It has been announced that the main difficulty in (he past has been due to lack of stocks in Hong Kong and that no question of administration has been Involved Orders have bee» issued that the China National Tea Corporation shall deliver to the Central Trust of China 280,000 packages of tea and that the balance of stock- held by Ihe corporate shall be handed over lo the foreign trade commission. The manager of the Fua llua Company, which previously handled tha bulk of tea exporte from Hong Kong, will be transferred and his place will be taken bv Ihe manager of the China National Tea Corporation. The tea stocks in the hands of the Central Trust will be disposed of by tho foreign Irade commission which flrsl of all, will satisfy the terms of the Soviet barter agreement and niter- ward sell the surplus ou the public market. Tea held by the Central Trait wiU be sow lo countries other than Russia. Also it has been ordered lha< all demands for lea from the Soviet government will be deal! win, by Ihe foreign Irade comml^lon of Ihe centra"! government. To Use cheers of 60.COO spectators, La Guardla Field, New York's new municipal airport at, North , a. Bciicli, L. I., was inaugurated us nil international seaplane base when Ihc Yankee Clipper left for Lisbon, Portugal, after Imnrcsslvc dedication ceremonies. The nir view of the Marine Baso abov<* shows (he giant ying boat, wilh nine pa.ven«crs and n record load o! 6093 pounds of mall taking oil Pnll' OF 11 STYLE Time Is Mid-Morning; Squadron Meets German "M. K.Y' LONDON (UP)-From the terse entries In (lie diary kept by a British aircraftsman who took purl In a rcccmnnlsssance night over Qcr- man waters, a vivid picture of patrol work in llik- war income available. The first enlry read: "09.20 hours: On watch." Forty-eight minutes later, the jilane ivas heading out to sea. nnd lliis was the report: "10.08 hours: All quiet, visibility about a miles crossing the British coast at 1,200 feet." One hour later tlie riiarv recorded that all was quiet, but the altitude now was 11,000 feet and oxygen was being used. The en- Iries continued "All quiet." visibility has Improved lo about 10 miles and the outline of the German coast can be seen. II is "all To Form Junior Bicycle Safety Patrol In This City Formation of Ihe first. Junior Highway Bicycle Safely Palrol in Troop 2 Dlslricl of 19 Northeast Arkansas coimtk'SvvHI be In Dlyllic- vllle, it was announced today. The patrol, which will be similar lo numerous others lo be orBfm- hfd throughout Arkansas and which hnvc already swept the country, is to bo- sponsored by the stale police with the Lions club probably lo serve as official .sponsors in cooperation with tho public schools and slalc nnd ciiv iio- lice. Realizing lhal a uniform program must be inaugurated al once because of Ihe danger of bicycle Tiding under present conditions, slate police in all parts of live country tire organizing Ihese patrols ivhicli arc in Hie form of n self-ruling council. Twelve rules must be observed by nil members at nil timrs or (hey arc fined In n "court" by dc. merits which, when ncraimilnted. restrict them from honors. Orfiani- zatfon of such a club in Los Angeles. Cnlif., reduced accidents greatly and raised idcnUficntion ol stolen bicycles from 15 per cent to 91 per cent in one year because p.Il members have their bicycles legistered, it is said. Realizing that bicycllii" is a ereal sport but Dial "it Is also a very dangerous one in Blyllicvllle, Ihe movement has been inaugurated here with Blythcvlllc's organization lo be used ns a model for ether clubs lo be formed in Joars- toro. Paragculd and numerous olh- er cities of this section. Formation of thn nvo froiiiis— one for older rider sand Ihe oilier for younger children—is expected to be completed Monday. Members of the Lions club have expressed Individual cooperation in sponsoring the project which will br; voted upon in next week's meeting. Amen? the rules which must be adhered lo at all tlnies arc these: always ride on right side of road ns can, operate nnd ns close lo curb ns possible; always ride sin- Rle file and nol abreast; never miry a pnssenger; observe till stop signs; never cut across streets but lurn only aflcr giving warning with arm ami then make full are in crossing nfirr looking in botli directions. To be ntniialcd wilh the National Safely Council, the local group will have a free motion picture show monthly, with cooperation of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn. theater owners, and will have (ho monthly courts. , .. Realizing lhal today's 'bicycle riders are Ihe automobile drivers of tomorrow, Ihcy must be taught to obey and respect, traffic laws, state police on duly here said today In commenting upon the proposed organization. rjulct" to within a 'quarter mile of' the coast. I" Anll-Airrnifl Fire "13.24 hours; The leaders of the formation gives Ihe attack signal to nil his aircraft. Within one minute we were fired on by A A 'anti-aircraft) guns, but Ihe aim WHS very poor. This fire came from a nailery of four guns on nr Island." "13.30 hours; Attacked by fl-jhl- ers, twins and singles-. One .wi-Tlt. one double shot down. Twin lighter failing from 10.030 feel liittfii'j water." •"13,40 hour.-,; sr.igle fightd glided down to water from 10.000 feet—appeared to alight o. K." Bailie On; No iVofes For the next five minutes there was no enlry. The battle wns ou Then; ! " 13.45 hours; .'jeeojuJ ] fighter dropped In flames." i A minute later the diary that tlie formatioa iia.j down to 10.000 feet. The report added; "Visibility good. Re a v gunner reports one more M. E. 110 (Mcsscrschmldl pursuit type) shot down." "13.53 hours: Another M. E. 110 seen falling - out of control." "13.51 hours; Baltic over. Rations consumed. All quicl." noUd come Nature, requires between 400 to 1000 years to replace one inch of topsoll. Read Ccuricr News want- ads. Mexico Sells Gasoline At 12 Cents a Gallon MEXICO, D. F. (UD-qasoline in Mexico is now (he cheapest In the world. in most parts of Ihe rcnuollc it rclnlls for 19 cenlavos n liter, which Is equivalent lo 72 ccntavos a gallon—or 12 cents of Unlleil Stales currency. This includes the lax. Before taking In n fresh supply of air, (ireparalory lo diving, whale's must expel all the- used nlr in their lungs. This wnnu-ulr, striking the cold almosphere, condenses into a vapor, cuusins tli« phenomenon known as "spouting." GIVKS CAKES AND " BISCUITS NEW LIGHTNESS FREE OEL1VEI1Y !•» W. Mr.ln St, Phnnc- 15 EXI'EUT BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 App r trn ,em- Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE" SENSITJLY Swciltsh Blassajc, Vap. Itall.s Sirs. Itlilh Lawhon OR MORE IN CASH Strong tubing, rim along recently was Installed on „ clan's car to lirotcct the car damage caused bj- side bii For a Mrs. Tucker's Shortening Kmply Carton Mrs. Tucker's Money Mint Representative will call ononeBlytheville home Monday, April 8 'S'S^.^' imns Pull tlie Trigger on Constipation, and Pepsin-jzeAcidStomachTco iloraadi i s prohaWy Imdnl im wiih^l' S^^^!v4^™ Ihc trie If the Blylhevillc housewife called on at This lime is at home and has a carton of Mrs. Tucker's Shortening in her home, she will be given at least $5 cash for the empty carton. Forr/eI to Include MRS. TUCKER'S u list tomorrow —-•—'^. *ib mi; hume unic this inw'ifin** jrakcsuplazyncn-tsantlmusclesi'n'vr, r J»we!sWrclfe*cyoiircons(iBatOT S^ S- Ra(1 '° S{ati ° n XEAW-I020 on the Dial - 7:30 p. „. Daily ill & 113 1-asl .Main In "\Vhcrc You Of More I'or I.css" Sec & Use Exclusive CilWcr liaskcls—Complete Shopping Ccnlcr I'lione 23-l-WK DKMVKK. TOWN OH COUNTRY SPECIALS Fni., SAT., & MON. April 5, (i & 81 b COUSTBYPOMSfiUSAGEIUic 3 ONIONS, Yclhw Globe, Kancy, .'i His ........... Hie COI'FEE, Canovii, Kolgcr's, Maxwell House, Ih. 2<!'/ 2 c SPINACH, Clean— No Grit. 3 Cans .. 25c TEA^fiokt Star, 8 cix. 22c; Lipton's 8 oz ......... 42c Si'ACIUOTTI, Macaroni, Tomato Paste, Matches Zy,i- Pel or Carnal icn, 3 Tall 20c; ,'i Small for lOc Pure C.'tne 5 Pounds II) Pounds . 24 Ibs. 39c "illyllrcviHc Canhetl G/KKEN- iJgANS, -2 Cans I'ICKLKS, Sinn- or Dill, Quarts . . APPLE BUTTKR, Pure Farm Brand 2 Qts PEANUT BUTTBK, Crunch, Full Pint . . ' CRACKERS, Liberfy Hell, 2 1,1). nnxes .... CORN FF.AKBS, Kcllogg's Itegular, 3 for ... -15i' 2ftc 25c 'life JL' C ... l!)c ft. 2jc BgF POT •ROAST lb.10c LIVKR, Tender I'ig, Sliced, M, ........... 7 i/, c SLICED HACON, Hlackhawk or CuriaJiy's Ib ' 15c SALT MEAT, I5oilin K ||,. s c; Slreak-o-'Lcan Ih. 7^c HhNS, Fresh Dressed Daily N. Y. Style Ib Uc LIVER CHEESE, lilack Hawk Sliced Ib " 1<)c ARMOUR'S or SWIFT'S BEEF SIRLOIN, 'll)'.'27'/,c Bunch 3c UETTUCE, Large Head . Each 7c POTATOES. Red Triumph, in Ihs. l<)c- Sack SI 7f> ?- l »?,»M ( ?, OMS ' Kresh Rall «««l. a real (Veal, Ib.' Hk ftRAPKI-KUIT. Extra Larjrrj Scedluw, .| for 15c ORANGES, Thin Skin, Life., Juicy, Do/. 15c ' EGGS, Strictly Country . OLE©, Sweet 16 Ife.lOc THURSDAY, APRIL .4, 1940 .„ Liberty Cash Grocers PRICES FOH FIUJMY AND SATUKDAV MISS UJ1ERTY h'uvc 50',; ; lOc Loaf 5c CHOWPTOT BUTTER "£_n PINEAPPLE JUICE Dole 46 oz. Cuu Salad Dressing Ql. 32c Table Size 17' 1 Ih. Crl. 10 ! c -1 Lb. Crf. 40 Chiisc & San born 1 Lb. I'kgr. 19!c CSAB MEAT Geisha Can 24 G Kox Crl. SEARCHLIGHT MATCHES Pnde of Illinois s 7'c CALUMET BAK. POWDER,,, L19' CROSS & BLACKWELL £S£, 11' 12JC Rose-Dale No. 21/ 2 Can • LI). Can . U 11). Can COCKTAH, No. 2!/2 «lOc Can 23 C Pet or ;{ Lge. Cans or Carnation (i Small Cans CATSUP Large | Ac Bottle 14 & HAMME8 SOPA , te 3*' BEB PEHNAHT COFFEE GRAPEFRUIT ',£. 15 C Texas Each ca 3 Bohs. 10 SPINACH , 5 OR ANGUS -JCc Texas, Diw 13 ShreddedWheat lOc GRAPE NUTS .RAPE NUTS iOc I TOMATO .1UICK jH'hage itf | -16 m . Can Gulfpridc 24 u Sack 64 Pure C'anc 10 Lb. Sack 47c T:.^" 01 ' 1 Ocam Ulcnivimd or Cliivcrliloom II) 3Ic &MV. Kraft's As.sorfcd. 8 or.. I He f'hillv nkir 8c >/, KAKKl) HHAMvS. 12 ,«. Cans for Viiv'7Ji<' MONTH (JRBKN UMAK. 20 ,:/ {'•„,„ Oiilv Ifii- ARCH HKl) SALMON, I'ull ||,. (' alls onlV 2-ic !V 'S COUNKQ KttlW. ^ mre Cans'onlv l!)c 1 II). 1\',C-. S His. ii.H' •5(1 His $3,25 1 I,b. I CH. 8 Si. 79" H''KD, All Kir.tls Stock & Poultry-Sliirh-r 10 II) -i r >t ro\!C, Ih. [{ess Complete Line for Hprirur Tune-up HAHV CHICKS, Rarrccl or \Vhi( c Rocks, ion S7.1» SPUAVS F»r Inserts, Buffalo f,nals, Vlies, lite. i!iV^!? S S;inif;lr >- Kounlaiiis & Feeder for Poultry ROOMNt; I'Al'ER, Roll Sy t -. »uililin K I'apcr -t!)c CA.MWW, 18 His. ... .5I.G.1 SlflRLKY'S, 21 His. S(k (UI1.K PRmV, 21 Ihs. . .69c O.MKCA. 20 His S9c KU'XiANT, Hi |t w 5k- 'YplI'RIi AIAVAYa-PLBASIil) — \\K KNOW HOW .VH Ciuar.intccd Diilii (.r .s. If, POTTKJ) Can . . 2*' I MAT CTWS Rox COM FLAKES Miller Uo\ 5' Half or Whole, Ib, 18c SALT MKAT Cc For jioilini; ||, 3 ' ,1'18' PICNIC HAM 1O1 t- Lb. ........ . 14-1 SALT MKAT 7 l_c Hcsl liradc, Ib. .. « 2 Sunligbt 1 Ib. 2 Ib. Hox t!) l!,, x 25c I'OKK. Sausage Kl>. ...; PORK Hrains"" I,b SI'AUK Ul'lJS 1fl'- Lb. IU POKK KOAST Cc Lb Cudnhy's Rindless Very liesl, Ib. K. C. RIB ROAST Poinul !,?"'."(•".. Vacuum lack Shibley's Ci)f- 21 Ih. Suek of ' . i' low,. Kofi, (,•„,, STKAM HO AT SYRUP Sc 'i\'t U). Can ....... Hi- 5 Lb. Can ........ 21 c HI Lb. Can ..... ..-. i:k

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