The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 31, 1963 · Page 21
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 21

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1963
Page 21
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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1963- -THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR TV Friday (All Program! Listed on Eastern Standard Time) N B C 6 :8 sl3 4 7 :O0 :45 C Nem; WuHief Ctiifl Dm Car It tut e: WHir. 8 .00 :30 (ngir Kingiri KinfirM Htritlje Heritage iMkini imni Utkinf Around 9 :43 Muit Parry Msvic rirti MoTit Nrtj Hoi Pirty Cirtotni Debbie Drit June for June Fara Kinaiifiu linderjirtei Hirwercjrtei 10 .00 MS -.:io :43 Mie Pirtj Hcfie Parry Id Play Hunci Id Pla; Hunch Calendar Calendar I Live Luce I Lore lacy lis aflernn Id Price Is Right Real McCoys Id Price Is Right Real McCoys Concentration Edge of Night Concentratioa Edge ol Night Father Knows Father Knows Action Theater Jktion Theater General Hospital General Keipital Seven Keys Seen Keys Daily Word Cartoons Jack LiLenne Jack lalanne TolieTwith Carter CCA Rfport Indiana Unit. Indiana Unit. ufCM-l Ul WISH l (I) 12 farm Report; Newt Lave at Lite Farm Report; News '.ore of life Truth Or Search Tmrw. Truth Or Guiding It. :00 MS :30 :4S :00 Peter Gunn : 1 .? Peter Gunn :3 First Impression :43 First Impression Id ten Jerrod Id ten Jerrod The Doctors The Doctors World at One Farm Home World lurm World " us WLW-I 1131 Id ST50 Club" Id 50-50 Club Id SO SO Club Jd 5O-50 Club Id SO-SO Club' Id SO-SO Club Tenn. Emit Tenn. Ernie Lunchtime Lunchtimc Lsnctilime lunchtime Girl Talk Girl Talk Milady i Matinee Hilarys Matinee MS :30 :4S Password Passwrd House Part House Party Day In Court Day In Court Jane Wyman Jane Wyman Milady's Matinee Milady Matinee Milady's Matinee Milady's Matlnet TV PREVIEWS Victory Dinner, Golf In Spotlight 3 :00 MS :30 :4S 4 :0( :15 :30 :45 laretta Taung To Tell Truth Laretta Young To Tell Truth Id You Don't Say Millionaire Id Yon Don't Say Millionaire ' Match Game iecret Storm Match Game Secret Storm '500' Golf Early Show '500 Golf Early Show Queen tor Day Queen tor Day Who Irusl Who Trust Divorce Court Divorce Court Divorce Court Divorce Court Handstand Bandstand Discovery Discovery People Art Funny People Are Funny Dick Tracy Dick Tracy 5 :00 : 1 s :30 :45 ' F. Farmer F. Farmer F. Farmer F. Farmer tail) Show Early Show Early Show Early Show Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Popeye Pope ye Popeye Popeye Night WFBM-ll Ul WISH IV lit WLW-I 1131 WTTV 141 6 :00 .15 :30 :4!i f. Farmer f. Farmer Sports Hot. News Maverick Maverick Maverick Maverick News '500' Golf Yogi Bear Yogi Bear Rocky Show Popeye Sea Hun! Sea Hunt 7 : MS :30 :!. 8 :)0 MS :3rt :4S J:30 :4S 10 :l0 :15 :30 :4. News; Wthr. News; Wthr. Int'l Showtime Int'l Showtime Int'l Showtime Int'l Showtime Victory Sinner Victory Dinner Victory Dinner Victory Dinner Victory Dinner Victory Dinner Id Jack Paar Id Jack Paar (c) Jack Paar Id Jack Paar News, Wthr. CBS News Rawhide Rawhide Id Ripcord (c) Ripcord Cheyenne Cheyenne Rawhide Rawhide Route it Route to Route (A Route it Hitchcock Hitchcock Cheyenne Cheyenne Id Flintstonet Id Flintstones Wild Cargo Wild Cargo Family Movie Family Movie Family Movie Family Movie Family Movie Family Movie Dickens, Fenster Dickens, Fenster Sunset Strip Sunset Strip Family Movie Family Movie Broadway Broadway T n d a y tp Mrritimi hoir a previewed and selected f,y TV K'cy stall nf r.iprrt.t who attend rehear' sals, irntch screenings and analyze script in Xfic York mid Holluiinod : 7:30 P.M. O Rawhide. "Abilene." Onp series regulars should catch it marks the end of the cattle drive to Ahilene. Just as the droves are about to tear the town apart, sickness strikes and the men are quarantined. It's a good ironic touch. Incidentally, a surprise face in town is that of actress Audrey Totter. 10:00 P.M. O Jack Paar Show. Jonathon Winters is top kick tonight with his baseball pitcher pantomine and his wacky chatter. Jose Melis fans get to hear him at the piano playing "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"; Wally Cox tries to sing: Paar has sime interesting films to show on a post-World War II "cult," and one on Lion Cubs; and Earl Wrightson closes the hour with a group of songs, "They Call the Wind Maria," among them. 10:30 P.M. O Eyewitness. Barring possible last minute breaks in the weekly news picture, tonight's report is a study of West New Guinea, renamed "West Irian" by Indonesian President Sukarno when he took it over. The highlight of the show is correspondent Bernard Kalb's venture into the interior where Stone Age culture has never been replaced. 11:30 P.M. O Tonight. Quentin Reynolds, Rosemary Clooney, John Bubbles and Milt Kamen, make up 1 I f ' W .- Wr- " " ' s t JONATHAN WINTERS will be Jack Poor's guest at 10 tonight on WFBM-TV (6). i 9:30 P. M. O Alfred Hitchcock. Robert Sterling, MacDonald Carey and Peggy McCav star in "Houseguest." Man who saved life of little hoy becomes involved in murder at home of parents. 11:30 P.M. CD Steve Allen Show. Tim Conway and Louis Nye guests. Tarzan endorses cottage cheese and an odd group, The Dictators, sing folk songs. TV Sports 500" COI F TOL RNEY WI-BMTV O will cover first round at 4:30 p m. WLW-I (13) will carry highlights at 6:15 p m. and WISH-TV (S) at 11:15 p m. 31 OVICX Johnny Carson's for tonight. guest list Oilier I'Valurrs 7:30 P.M. O Interna-national Showtime. From Copenhagen, the Circus Schumann with horses, clowns, acrobats and brown bears that rids bicycles. 7:30 P.M. CD Cheyenne. Hunt is on for sly trapper who sells guns to Indians. 8:30 P.M. O Victory Dinner. From Murat Temple, anticipated purse of $500,-000 will be distributed to J!)f3 drivers of "500" race. 8:30 P.M. O Route KB. Chester Morris and Tom Bnsley star in "Soda Pop and Paper Flags." Com-munity panics when epidemic nf sleeping sickness breaks out. 9:00 A.M. O Movie Party. "You for Me" (1952). with Peter Lawford and Gu Young. Pretty nurse becomes romantically involved with millionaire benefactor and young doctor. 1:30 P.M. O Milady's Matinee. "Silver Streak" (1934). with Arthur Lake and Edgar Kennedy. 4:30 P.M. O Early Show. "The Command" (1943), with Guy Madison and James Whitmore. 5:00 P.M. O Frances Farmer. "It's A Big Country" ( 1 952), with Gary Cooper and Janet Leigh. 7:30 P.M. O Family Night at the Movies. "Jungle Book" (1942), with Rosemary DeCamp, Sabu and Joseph Calleia. Kipling's tale of hoy's life amid animals in India. 10:00 P.M. O Big 11 :() :I5 :30 :4.-. 2:0(1 1:00 ' Final Report Wthr.: Sports Id Tonight Id Tonight Id Tonight Id Tonight News Hitchcock Sunset Strip Big Show Hitchcock Sunset Strip Big Show Eyewitness Death Valley Days Big Show Eyewitness Death Yalley Days Big Show News; Wthr. Big Show Wthr.; Sports Big Show Steve nllen Big Show Steve Allen Big Show TV SCE!E News '500' Golf Late Show late Show Video Still Outsider For '500' Lite Show Show late Late Show Steve Allen Steve Allen Radio Friday WXLW ISO Nbwi en ma Hour and Hotf Hour Music and News-4 a.m. to 6 p m. WIBC 1070 Newt on nu Hour Music and News-24 Hour. WFBM 1260 LNtwt on Hit Hour Music end News-6 a.m. to 1 fl m, WISH 1310 (CBS) Newt an the Hour one) Holt Hour Music and Klows-6 a.m. to 1 a m. WIRE 1430 (NBC) Nwt on tho hour Wusic and News-5 a.m. to 1 a m. WGEE 1590 (ABC) News It tor ttii Hour Music and News-o a.m. to 7 p.m. WIGO 810 New an Hour antf Half Hour Music from 6 am. to 15 em. FM TODAY WFMS-FM 95.5 Me. (Control Dsvliaht Tims) Music and Nws-o a.m. to 1 a m. WAJC-FM 104.5 Mc. Music and Nws-1:10 p.m. to 11:10 p.m. (Bufitr univtrtityj WIBC-FM 93.1 Mc. Music and News-I a.m. to Midnight WFBM-FM 94.7 Mc. Music and News-24 Hours WISH-FM 107.9 Mc. (Programming duplienV Music and News-7 p.m. WISH-AM) to I a.m. WAIV-FM 105.7 Me. Music ond Nws-3 p.m. to 12 Midnight. WSMJ-FM 99.5 Mc. Ornnl(i, fnri. Pufl-ttmf .Sirfftv7 a.m. 1 am. UNCLE RAY; How Did Four Seasons Receive Their Names? By RAMON COFFMAN A reader named Suzanne St. Pierre asks: Where did people get the names for the four seasons?" The name "spring" came ' from the Anglo-Saxon language, and the early meanings included "a rising," "a springing" and "a source of water." In due course, this term was applied to the season in which plants rise, or spring up, from the ground. THE ORIGIN of "summer" goes back to Sanskrit (SAN-skrit), an ancient language spoken by Indo-Iranian people At first, the word was "sama," and meant "half year." To this day there are people who divide the year into two long seasons, one of them "ooen" and the other "closed." The Indo-Iranian people reached various parts of Eu rope and, southern Asia Among those in Europe were the Anglo-Saxons and the Norsemen. They used "sama" to describe only a quarter of the year, the season between spring and fall. The spelling was changed to "sumar," "su-mor," "sommer" and, finally, to "summer." THE SEASON known as "fall" is marked by the falling of millions of leaves. It was called "feallen" by Anglo-Saxons, and "falla" by Norsemen. Later it was shortened to -fall." The name "winter" goes back to an ancient Indo-European word meaning "wet" or "wet season." This word seem j i jwq : if Many kinds of plants spring up in the springtime. Dandelions are among them, but are far from popular with gardeners. to have been used where there was heavy rainfall between fall and spring. Later it was applied to the coldest season bv people of northern and western Europe. FOR HISTORY section of your scrapbook. ''Province ar Conado" I a free Illus trated leaflet Uncle Ray is affenna te his readers. Just send a stamped, self- addressed envelope te Unci Ray in cart Of Tnt Indianapolis sror. With the rlnsr nf thr. srhnnl trrm clnn" at hand, Vnrlr Ray ah nchnnl rlaxsrx tint to sr nrl further srf.t of qurxt ion to him. He thank nil classes which scut entries, and wishes he could have mad many more awards. (Capynoht Will Harness Rivers Teheran (AP) Iran and the Soviet Union will launch a joint project next fall to harness the Aras ar.d Atrak rivers along their border and deliver electricity to northern Iran and Soviet Turkman, the Soviet embassy reporu. By JULIA INMAN WHEN WILL THE "500" Mile Race be televised like a baseball game, "live"? Prob ably never although Speed way officials won't be com mitted on the point. But the question comes up every year. Not since WFBM-TV went on the air in 1949 has a "live" camera seen the light of the race. Last night's wrap-ups proved several reasons why other than Speedway policy. AFTER TELEVISING the preliminaries down to practically the last hair on the heads of the pit crews, three stations who got their films on the air last night contented themselves with a modest half-hour apiece. For a five-hour race, it was a drop in the j bucket. Television still covers the hole and leaves the doughnut to radio. WFBM-TV came off best using 1.1 cameramen at strategic points. They managed to follow the cars well and catch much of the action. What's more the show was smoothly edited. But it took 13 cameras to do that much. WLW-Is FILMS were mur ky and poorly put together. WISH-TVs we didn't see because of deadline difficulties. Obviously the race pre sents mammoth difficulties to television for proper coverage. It would take the full facilities of a major TV network to do the job "live." No local station could muster 13 live cam eras without resorting to a pool coverage. If the rare is ever covered live," it undoubtedly will be on a major networK oecause of the cost involved. there have been nibbles, no chain has come forward with an acceptible proposition. ABC-TV had an option to broadcast a film wrap-up the night of the race this year. Apparently it couldn't sell the show; so plans were dropped. As far as local coverage is concerned, we wonder why the stations haven't resorted to some sort of pool like radio has used to advantage. Better films and more complete coverage would result. OLD PROS Sid Collins and company have the radio coverage down to a fine system after 18 years of smoothing it. As usual, they were in top form. However, the delay in get- J ting a microphone to the scene of the action still hasn't been licked. SPACEMAN Cooper's flight drew a whopping TV and radio rating, as expected. The Sindlinger people who usually limit themselves lo rating commercials, estimate that 122,000,000 people 12 years age or older watched or listened to some part of Cooper's flight on radio or TV. The watching peak was for splashdown with an estimated audience of 78, 410, 000 for TV alone. Of note is the fact that approximately 20,088,000 people watched during the wee small hours from midnight to 6 a.m. Thursday. ENROLL NOW For our Summer Classes "BATON TWIRLING" sll Teacher have Music Degree (No Aa Limit) MEADOWS MUSIC SCHOOL MEADOWS SHOPPING CENTER 3958 Meadows Dr. LI 7-9384 HOWEVER, in terms of net work coverage, the length of the race is a distinct draw back. At any rate, although s. jnB5t REST EASY without pain . . . get Penetrate! deep down for soothing temporary relief of minor aches and pains of ftHCUMATISM, tUMBAGO, ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS, NEURAtGIA Try fast settnf Braska Tablet . . . doth available at your druf otoro. 0UGMSTtl. INC. $1 Irion 15, Mo. African Leader Names His Cabinet Nairobi, Kenya (AP) Jomo Kenyatta, victorious leader of the Kenya African Union, yesterday named his cabinet to bring internal self-rule to the nation June 1. His choice still is subject to approval by the British gov ernor, Sir Malcom MacDonald. Left-leaning Oginga Odinga was named home minister and African nationalist Tom Mboya was named minister of justice and constitutional affairs. No sooner seen than sold! Try want ads for proof. Harris Sanitarium, Inc. LICENSED NURSING HOME Reotonabli Uattt Registered Nurse Supervision City Bu$ fo Doer 4S01 N. KEYSTONE AVE. CL 3-3271 "500 Festival" $55,000 GOLF TOURNEY 4:30-5:00 Don't miss the nction ot thp Speedwnv Golf Course os WFBM-TV follows the professional; down the foirwovs onr) onto the greens Sponsored hy Continental Baking Co. and RCA Victor Dealers l T!ME-Uf 8iODCAST INC. '"Cvl HOOSitR PAINT 1 LINOLEUM CO. SHOP 4 FLOORS tor CARPET TILE LINOLEUM Hill 1ST I MATES 211 f. Washington Si. MC 5 831 5 Channel (IhueUr By RIL KEANE fnV-M STAR md NEWS Quick-Action WANT ADS Get Fist Results PAGE 21 (OVeTIJIMeNT do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FA3TFKTH. an Improved powrW io he sprinkled on upper nr invmf plates, hold fulfte teerti mure Mrnitf . in plnre Do not tide, slip or ro k. No nummv coopv pam v fHMe r feeilnj? FAS TI- K I H ixaikiihne . n-m- rtft t Does not smtr ('Itprm "pit ixlor breath". et FAttTGfcTH at tp rminTrril t 'T'ht Show. 'Trash Dive" (104,1), with Tyrone Power and Anne Baxter. 11:15 P.M. O I Show. "A Haunting W Will Go" (1342), with Laurel and Hardy. Couple of chaps run into magician and coffin. 1:00 A.M. O Late Late Show. "A Lady Mislaid" (1959), with Phyllis Calvert and Alan White. Police looking for corpse invade peaceful home of two sisters. CHARLIE BROCKMAN COVERS THE y TOURNAMENT TONIGHT 6:15 STAR md NEWS Quick-Action WANT AOS Get fast Results Shop Fri: Downtown 9 8:30, Glendaie rind Lafayette 1 0 9 Phone Orders ME 1 2511 1 S A - In.dia.rLa. cc. 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The t it Heil St a lea Xa 17 llatul "The U.S. Navy Band and the Sea Chantcs" . . . includes Anchors A weigh, Washington Post March, The National Cultural Center March. Order by mail or phone Mf 1-2S11 Music Center, Eighth Floor; also Glendaie, Upper Level, and Lafayetit L. S. Ayres & Co. of Indiana It's almost time for summer theater. Opening on June 12. the Theater in the Woods with 6 performances of "Send Me No Flowers." For tickets call the Jewish Community Center. i Awi.r.4--iiiiwhiwi 1ftiiiii4irtfiiifrri.r-iri tit tf-ti Uiitiiii" f '

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