Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 6
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\ 1 If \ > " [fig as drstrth Ilfh* will t, f , mo wfd WJ f<" yMWrdiy Ihnl , o)vln« feed, mod and fm ;. fflfiw nfoHnbJo to ell litnf In the cftunty. litfA dtrpulor nafti tho countj . r ttttt In (ha dlflla to ro(|im» i;tfl«)i M ft remit of th« droutl matitm Cmmty Anti'ieuUuro film cdmmlUeo, In n re „ HUhffll «ald thnt iiptwoei , W »er e«nl «f oil pcrmnn Jltft^ foil and iprlna pa»ttir< |i|»mm](t«», whl«h met if 111* ifttUI'dny, «|to rrpnrt oulllntf \wMmatMl SO por con I of tho livestock tarmam will Aid far fried thin win will bo nUnnit 40 day* Jf rain li tint pi-oduojU.n In 30 thnn lout yonr and ott ep|)i-(ilinul»ly M par wo w««k». rflied tho application to ui'o Dt)|>artmunt only a nnd «uld thuro wm that U will bo dndflrod Area, 8, DepnrtiTif<nt of AKi'l- Wfir map indlontP* thnt tftfl itdto IN ono of tlu> rodrt of thr nation, who wrulr Ditch *d At Horn*, 1 ' dli>d Mvmltvn In « New nhority wnrd, If tilt AlMflUtld PftM WhMt, com fcnrt o»«« w»M» » Wt lower in Dtflf trndlnu thu mornin« while nnu wt*rrj nlmul utonrty, Whol^ulft mont* w<*rp «it»ndy to $1 lower, Cnttle vmre ite»»iy in HQ fonti lowoA And hoRi were stendy Iw M t-enti lower, Cotton futufm opcnwl 20 to tn cent* a bole higher. Whoal wri* off n lltdo In cnrly) trrtdlntf on th« CMengn H«mrd Tr»d« on «cnitcrod iclllrtK Insp by fnftly Imnvy recitiptu imd news which trader* Interpreted tig more fnv«iri»f)l« d> n truce In Karen. Corn wnn e/wy on xtWnit hifhif-nr i?d by «ln« In p«rl» nf ihe m«in fofcltn, Ofttir wntp iihwil Htoiifly. g«y ho ana turned lower di>»pite report* Ihflt n cor«o of bean* h;id been *uld to Jnpan, Hera In todny'n cornmtHllly ro- fiort, furnlnhod by (h»- UHIM: Horf prlccK nrn 2.1 contu inwt-r nt Chlciifiij but about «t«-«dy at other I liir-st/ Ktiatcrn Cornbcll llvp»tock murkoU. Farm «hlprrtc>nl» of )IOK» nro lltfhtftr, Twalvp rninkct rcc«lnu Wftlt"' *«mo 00,000 hoiid MKiilnut 83,00(1 n week /IKU, Cholco 180 lo aZO pound hoa» have «old from »2Z to »22,no <>K. copt for a top of $:a,M nt Indlaiifl. poll*. Tho top wan 123 29 ot Brut St, LtMin unit $22.(SO «i Chlcotto flutch.»m up lo ;«W poundA tiro ro. ortod down 'to »2d.M 1,1 K«»t <j lf oul». Now York look* for n decline of 9/4 e«nti per pound on nil Kradois Of buttor (txcppl «3 »coro which J» oxptfolod In remnln unchnngod Homo !)U neortt sold »t 70 :M \ u f\ cents pur pound, ChU'iia * v " •* » Ike's Postwar rnm P*t« Oft* Went, WCJI f»U\>li'tm wrotf bin Ruropo," t.iiM tisoro oth((| , «<•,„•,, u and unchanged p,^,^ „„ itrnttOM of butlt-r. Home 0 MM nl 70 3/4 cwilN. Now York unrl Chlvaao took for fl »t«ndy to 3 cunt* hliihor tr«nd In, ««« prlevi with II... advance In iitu«|)«ot fwr li.p Angles nnd ' r<lu ' mt ' SHREVEPORT and Return *3.85 ' 18% F.dar-fl'l Tax CAtlr C«r torn ft, My*f. rt wa* a hist umwunlly big for n man tl In hl« • v.-rtt*. Thft Kl»< iflmwt-r hiiumrhotd. l»t>r»p«*d mtWemtiS to watch »« ih* Kf.nfTnl xnlrf proudly t<i hi* wife:) "fhirlltift. there's the entire r<«-| Suit tit .'IV your*" work son"** I' the Iiiiln out (,f Abilene.''! , the K<*wr»l'« monfy! w»re solved when he' n,cmoh-<!, "Crumido in| in 40 dny« The lw»>k > lli.-m fSOO.ItfXl roplon and i i»»ifiod iti outhor more' thnn tuoo.fxxi. j In hi* year /irul n half fin prenl- of Colornbiii Uiiiv'T"-ity, KS-j i'r fouii'l n M opportunity to; «|>i-fik Mil. rm public \»-,IH-X In- couldh't (ll.icusa .'!•( ;m .Army of fleer. lle«ldo«j tliuriipiriK foi inter- nntlonnl ro-o|n.'i -iilioii, he took on UofiieMlIc pinbleio«. Too Kim h cin|>biisi'(, ho sold, WfiH belli)! pliif-ed «n |inr;ionnl ft", (jurlty ni it, I- < xpeiiic' of peuionnl! llbcrly. "If nil Atiioiloiini waul ili Ki'i'iirlly," he said, "they can |>o| to prhon," | Hit oprinfeij rlnsi warfare be- tweeri labor <;M.| eapltal, declarinK: "Wo mhrrably full to r-hallonKo Ihn Ilo that wluit l« Hood for mim- HKoitifiit |» rieeriaarlly bad for liihtifj that fin- one Bide to profit. the other inutit be dopronseil..." A» H university profilrlcnt, Ike K-ftitscd Iti lend fund>ralnlnn cam- ]Xii|tiU pei-fsoniilly, to (he dluap- prtlntrnotit of '.nrnc people at ('.»• luinbhi. Hut In- did ornani/i- an litHtitutc of War and Peace, ti nutrition center :ind the American Aduoinbly, a forum for ilhicuiislon tif world iirobu-nis. Late, one nliihl In Decnmber, JOSO, tile Kenenil had junl returneil til hli( rnllroml car after delivering » speech nnnr Flucyrurt, O. He wn« tuld WfishinHlon v.-im calliiuf. lie took the call lit n neiirby freluhl h«>imi>. It wan Pre<ildent Truman lifittlllM Ike to ciitlintiind Supreme Heiidipiiu-tcrH, Allied Powers, l-lu rope, On«'i< to or- arms, fiftiiln Iki- wnn <iff WeHtern Kuropo's llii« lime iiK.'iin-il the throat. Kliihteen day.-i nfler that jihurif mil, he wan flylnu to Parts, to iiti.'uimt! 1'iHn IDOII.I polillco-mili- ttiry chori-H in tryiiiR to turn a few Dtnall Mciilteietl unltN into a ceilH'sfvo frtrce. How well h<- surccii'dcd cannot be determliH'cl xtiiUutically, by number dlvinlons- facts which arc veiled by KOeurlly and blurred by differ inn opinion*. Hut most people i»Knti> that lu> did set up a work- iiiK, offoctivi-, unified commanil nrul did iwroiiNo Wt>iit<*rn Kurope's will to fij4ht, j( nece.ssiiry. As In World War 11, Ike once MK»in WIIH the Hi-oal unilier mid Hollywood's Bowl Begins New Season By BILL BECKKK (For Boh Thorn**) HOLLYWOOD >/?, • H<nvl, which h.-icoly thtotiKh It* 3Wh yar last tt>nftfht opens ifi 31 fit nensrin of K.vnifilKmy unrlcr tho »tnr» with I'iKh hoprit unit a sounder fiscal l'< M< y. The new mnnagpmont, In U:<- lidli-f (hot K»O'| music should foe .'in ini'x|M-iiiivf us good bimcbrill. hn« lo.vrt'-'l !h<> prk-e of the moon- llfiht I) If nc her soul,.-) lo 50 cent:-!. The wiiionlim in thtit 10.000 per- KoM'i ill four blU ii bond aro worth moi-r- lo (he li-iwI'M continued well b'-lriK Ihnu ho If flllf-rl general tt'l- fills-linn :ii-<it'i ill $1. In .ill, the crc.'it outdoor nmphi- Ihcnlrr »-:it'-: 20.000. The othi-r lO.OOf/ Iric-lurli- the regular box- holflcrs rirul mimic patrons who ciin affoul to she'll out from $1.30 to $:i,!)0 IHT tk-!<r-l. lint IIH ,'iny linpre-ixnrio can at- t< ht, If you don't lu.'ep the little money comlriK. you're dcnd--even In (i venture <io allegedly highbrow n'. cliiH«tcnl rnu.sir, The howl foiintl thnt out last yi-ar when n fliHiislroiis opening week production of "Dii- Kledermaus" drew nn iiver;ig« of II-HS thnn .1,000, persons n night. The lavish pro-- tlurtlnn lout iin esllmnli'd $50,null! nnd forced the bowl to shut dowii) unrl i-i-ornnni/c. ; Nicy Group Is Called in Steel Strike •f *s Jf- JOHN MOODY L R. Sergeant Auto Victim inGermany | IIKinr-ir.ni-IItn, Oormany l/W -j The U. S, Army Headquarter.-) here 1 announced todny that Sgt. John H.j KuHHell, (I7IJO I'ike avenuei North' I.lltle thick, was killed in an auto-! mobile accident at Contend,! deal (bluntly with threats to harmony. Ike's popularity In Europe Is almost legendary. They tell about the time Margaret Truman, visiting the continent, won polite applause when she entered a Paris theiiler. Then, the President of France walked in nnd received a slightly warmer ovation. Then .Ike entered and the audience ?os« spontaneously mid tore the • roof off. v&. ' But French audiences don't'vote in American elections, Tht> extent of Ike's popularity at home re- mnin.s to be decided—on Nov."-I. PITTSBURGH l*-Tho 170-mpm- l,i-r Wnge-Pollcy Commlttoo of the CIO United Stcclwnrkcrs meets In fiti'ihiirah Monday to tlocidu the rni'/n's future course in tho 4.V<i.-iy- '.l-l Miilerynlcd strike thai lias irllwl !' .. million American wnge i-nrnprs I/SVV President Philip Murriiv (•-illi-d the Policy Committee mnei- iriK iiftt-r n brk-f noKotintlnj? s<-s- s.-.n with Iht- Industry <'rul<-el in » rlrjifllwk yesterday. Murray arid Jos'-nh M. Lnrkln. vi t " iiicsklcnt of Ucthlchem' Steel Oir|)., Issued a Joint statomr-nt x;iy- mjf both sides a«rec they can find , CD summon iner-tlnR ground on the; rrnlroverslal union shop issue. Thi-it- WIIB no indication when mi- olhi'i irioutfnK would be held. j Sumo observers said the next ivuve in the crlppljriK slviku Is] likely to come from the White' lli.use. Presidential Assistant John! II. Steelman spent u lone time on | the telephone talkiriK to both union' mid industry to set up yesterday's Ml ':Si(lll. At (lie conclusion of the meeting. Mui-ray and I,nrkin were told to .-itiiwl by for further word from the While House — hut it didn't i.-nine immediately. The industry said tho roadblock to ;i settlement "continues to be union insistence upon compulsory unionism " The Industry said its latest offer incro.-i.sf.-d benefits which would total approximately Z r > cents an liniir for men now avera^in^ about $1.0!i an hour. The proposal as defined by the industry calls for WIIRC Increases :iVtM-;ijfin.K 10 cents an hour, six paid holidays, improved vacations Mild increased shift differentials The Industry said the union Is low inslstiiiK upon elimination fnim barfiainiiiK an agreement to pei mil new employes to withdraw fi-fim the union after a specified time. The- union originally demandi«d a union shop, making it compul- Fi-anrp, last Friday. Hu.s.sell was on« of five soldiers lulled in (he accident. Four others were injured. tart tor »tl emptojw to joi n the union. However, contracts have b**n signed with several smaller com- paniet celling for a modified union shop. Thi» 0ormit* new employes t to withdraw from the union be* iHwoen ll-o 20th nnd 30lh dny of < mploymf-nt. Murray blamed the breakdown in n<"i>otinti"n* on the industry. In n statement that di«.-!o;.'d the Waife-Polity Committee meeting. he HO id: "1 reRrel tn state that the Ions pending stei ! dispute still remain; . "The strike was forced upon the union by tl •• industry. It continues because nn unholy alliance within the industry remains unwilling to permit a fair si.-ttlcrneiil of the various issues In dispute. "In accordance with the mandates ol the union's International convention, I and rny fellow officers have rejected the industry's falsely publicized lust offer as In- i:(lo(|uate." "On the basis of the facts, the Waiie-Poli'-y Committee will do- tide the union's future course of fiction." Phil Loh Named Highway Counsel Urrf.K HOCK I/PI — Phi] Loh of Morrilton is the new Highway Depjirtmonl attorney, succeeding Murray (). Hood of Little Rock. Arkansas Highway Director Olen Fullc-rton announced Loh's appointment yoMorrlay. The 38-year-old attorney has practiced law at Morrilton since 1939. Reed resigned tho. post to run for chancellor of the First District, First Division. One Million Budget for Stole Boptists LITTLE UOCK 1*1 - Tho Executive Board of the Arkansas Baptist: Slate convention will recommend a 1953 budget of $l,Q71.;i86.67 to the convention meeting in November. [ Dr. B. L. Bridges, convention executive secretary, announced the ii'commcnded budget figure following a board meeting here yesterday. The board also: 1. Voted to donate $28.000 to Ar- ki.nsaa Baptist churches dumagod by the March 21 tornadoes. 2. Voted to contribute $10,002 toward construction of a $25.(;i)0 Baptist Student Union building on ^ SpitiOl State Weather Spce1.il Arkansas Farm cast: Northwest — Widely se.nltere| showers. Northeast — Risk of showers. Soulhwi t —General showei'S.'"1 Southeast —Showers. ^ Winds will be light, except rrt« t rule during thundershowers. rnidity will continue high. A noon temperatures will be lowti than nn Tuesday. Mornihg ten peratures will change little. She Arkansas Stato College campu) at Joiu.-sboro. 3. Elected Dr. L. B. Golden, tor of the First Baptist ChurcJ of Corning, as state missionary. 4. Voted to allocate $916,566.0| of th<; budget to 1953 operating ori penses; $331.-126.07 of which wr po to support of the Southern Bof list Convention. Gold was ia in llljl nnd 20 vuluable tin strike discovered in Tasman- years later a was made. HOLT FOR GOVERNOR Qualified by HONESTY * MATURITY ABILITY* EXPERIENCE (Political ad paid (or by Jack Holt. Jr.. Little Rock) CLEAN SWE OR ifr- n£t?~ t &»\ -\i i HUDSON HORNETS 2 50-Mile Test of Stock-Car Stamina, Safety and Power! 3rd lit Dttroit Mtit Dromttic Proof Evtr Sitn In a b*«t a Hudson for lately nnd poworl • i- i T * provtd »|«in whon Huclion uriketid « fiold of 4? crack |> ifcon4 annual aSO-miln June 39 to win fir«, p)iic«i mid Mt • new mor* than « t«»t of j are actually th« a car'a tru* worth. aftor tlm«, that it* engln* and s dMign, wUh An w- you unmatched, wi« u»- r *Uhout oblivion Hudson Hornet 91, with Tim Flock «t Ut* wheel, nets tha winntr** Hat nt Michigan Stato F«tr track, June 29. Bud 8humm» in Hudson Hornet 89, pUc»d t»c«nd; *nd Herb Thoma^ tn Hudion Hwn«t 93, won third pine* in thU '• STARTS UKt f ^^^je^^^^ffjf HUDSON DURABLE CAR VOUt MQNIY CAN 8UY YOU CAN IUY A WO, HUDSON PACEMAKER SHAN ^Mfrtv'* •TEX COMPANY Mjjl. * ,'* •"'. *4*t*7*«*«' t ' . .»; lewis-McLarty SEMI ANNUAL SHO! CLEARAN Entire Stock of Ladies Summer Shoes Goes on Sale for Final Clearance THURSDAY JULY 17 RHYTHM STEP, JOLENE and Ofher Makes. Smart Dress Shoes, Casuals, and Sandals. You'll find all sizes and widths. ON TABLES FOR EASY SELECTION. RHYTHM STEP RHYTHM STEP, JOLENE AND DRESS SHOES . JOLENE OTHER MAKES Many of these shoes can be worn in late foil. Be here early for best selections. ALL CHILDREN'S SUMMER SHOES REDUCED Please — No Phone Orclers No Refunds No Exchanges _*, <s SOCIETY 744*1 ittwMft I A. M. and 4 P, M. Calendar ftuestlay, July 15 JVIFW Au-xiltary will meet Tues- l«y, 'July 15, at 7:30. Mrs. Olin lurtell and Mrs. James Miller will le hpstesses. Bcncon Sunday Schobt Class of he First Baptist Church will have monthly business and social neeting at the home of Mrs. Hor- Jce Hubbard, 212 E 16th al 7:30 Tuesday, July 15. 'Wednesday, July 16 Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's Spiscopal Church will meet at the Jome of Mrs. F. R. Johnson, on Vednesday, July'16. at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 17 Chapter AE of PEO will have Civil Service Censures NPA Hiring Method WASHINGTON Mt — The Civil Service .Odmmission today took I ing room where punch, cookies, . .. r —-"-i... t » . iv v , \^x>( tin i I^.T mil k\.'\««» s * i\-i\_>rv and mints were served. Mrs. inva y f,- 0 m the National Production Jesse McCorkle served the punch, j Authority the right to hire its own assisted by Mrs. Wes! workers because of irregularities * DOROTHY DiX and was Ninemire, Mrs. J. Si. Hockett. unit Mrs. R. C. -Sparks. Summer flowers were placed throughout the entertaining rooms of the Patterson home. in selecting employes last year. H c.Uled for "corrective action" | snou i d — meaning dismissal or new as-' signments —' for possibly more than 100 NI'A employes. In some cases the commission said vet- Wrong t acticsf Dear Miss Dix: How can 1 win the man 1 love? 1 met him just recently and we've been out a few times. However, I'm the one who must do all the telephoning and inviting. I'll call to ask him over ~ s ««' but he doesn't come again unless j,. r ls T 1 '., 1 Invite him. He's 25. 1 am 21. If he does come over, or call me, chaperoned dances or afternoon movies. htm now: ft you etoittmte 4 ttn out togethett you ml«ht b«eom« emotionally Involved to the extent that hta inconstancy would bo heart breaking. Don't take that chance. near Miss Dix: I am n girl of 15, and hftve been writing to n friend of my brother who Is In the Wc hnvp GOP Sought in Arkansas UTTLE ROCK (ft The Arkansas fit-publican Executive Committee erans' preference in hiring was ig- noretl. The commission ruled that all Wetleyan Service Guild Elects Delegates Mrs. Elmer Brown and Mrs. Sam Andrews were hostesses in: fcrrcd for ..,,^ the home of the former to a j Departm.-nt of Com'iiicrce the pat- meeting of the Wesleyan Service lent orgnni/.ation of the emergency Guild of the First Methodist 'Churl product! acc t his invi , nt(on or trj to forget him? L. P. . ch on July 14 at 7 p.m. A picnic! Commerce Department and NPA officials inieslioniHl on the charges Answer: If he docs ask you out. by all means go, since you are so fond of him. but I floubt very much if an invitation will be forthcom- future NPA luring must be r«-l ing. You have driven him away tiridi- approval *o the I by the surest means possible —• running after him so obviously. Men like to do the pursuing themselves and are apt to resent it if ion agency. supper was served to twelve mem bers. said they will carry out the corn- Dear Miss llix: Is there n chance, m<vy thls boy ,„ , 9 a successful marriage here? i bccn wrlUn g each other for six I met In n sccrot session lodny with -»6. They HIO bothi niomhs He )g con ,| ng nome , hls j the pa^ty Finance Committee to mnp plans for rnislnR an $8,000 prcsldonllAl cnmpnlgn fund. ». , . . 11 n't nii^, »i\. tci v\'i i MI tf% ttvmi. iiim divorced thrm.Kh no fault of th.-ir, month nnd> n i t hou«h I con write own She Iws had a protected lite; L, as uy enough. I am sure when he has iml to shift for himself' wo nu , fnep ,„ face , won -, ,, nV| alnve phildluHH), but has turned out- „ , n ,, 1R u , sny , (lon - t ulu lerstnnc we I. I hey have the same likes a,ul| or c .,,. c for spoHs , Shoulri j lrj dislikes ,u«l K ,-t along well toilet-. lo stut1y tlu , thcory ot bnsobn ,, her. I he matter of »Ke seems to! l , nsk ,, tbn , l nnd such? r< | ,, ho , ( be the only drawbnck. A THIRD PARTY Answer: Certainly no one to be able to hold an Interesting conservation. AMY predict the success or failure ol j Answer: . n , c be8l tO p| c ot con- any marri.ige. Most have the elc rsatiou Is tho thing In which a menls of happiness, provided the j l)(W js m( , st | ntercs i e ,l. In your ' parties ciinccrnett arc willing t During a brief business session, I mission's orders completely and! all right, but persistent calling up Mrs. Charles Taylor, president, | W . S1 ! l -' lJ ' 0 P ol ' !lltv fully in matters of and writing without encourage- n girl takes the initiative Into her ™ ke '! '"»«»''. <^>;t ot Co,,,.™, own hands. Of course, an occasion- tion ' lho »>«'•'•«««" «» whu-h you al invitation from a Rirl is quite special called meeting at 4' and Mrs. Brown were elected as) hiring f'clock at the home of Mrs. E. P. TNeal, South Hcrvcy. I'Friday, July 18 THa Sweet Home • Demonstra- |lon Club will have a plate su'pper Triday night, July 18, at 8 o'clock it the Swuct Home Church, 5 Iniles East of Blevins on Highway County candidates will speak. pie public is invited. Woman's Society of Christian Service Has Meeting Monday .The Woman's Society of Chris- Ian Service of the Methodist Church met Monday, July 14, at p.m., at the church. delegates to the weekend meeting of the Guilds of the Little Rock Conference at Aldcrsgalc Camp, Little Rock, August 26-27. Mrs. Taylor, who presided over the meeting, announced that the Guild K'ould have charge of the program at the August meeting of the WSCS at the church. They did not deny that abuses had occurred but said they were in lU.'il when NPA was striving to build a staff quickly to deal with a mushrooming load of work in administering priority and allocation controls. Many oT the improper appoinl- Cbming and Going Mrs. Kenneth Holland of Memphis, Tenn., is the guest of her mother, Mrs. K. L. Dildy. Cpl. Harold Higgason of Ft. In the absence of the presi- Campbell, Kentucky, spent the ent, Mrs. R. L. Broach presld-'weekend with his wife and par- Jed. She presented a devotional on eiits, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Higga- •Love One Another." Mrs. Edwin son. Cpl. Higgason will leave July Ward presented liie program us-1 22 for Germany where he will be ling "That the Kingdom of God stationed. •May Be Realized" as her subject. |This is the theme of the new quad- remum. Those presenting the goals vere Mrs. Pansy Plumley, Mrs. menls they said were of day-today consultants or commodity specialists in the "WAE" category — meaning paid only "when actually employed." In many of tho latter cases the one-year term of appointment has expired officials said and the appointees have left the agency. The unusual announcement by the Civil Service Commission said thai 11 por cent of NPA's appointees above the salary level of $3,410 a year were ineligible foi their jobs at the time they were hired. Inspection of NPA's personnel showed lhal the defense agency took on workers who were not on ment is not wise. marringo interosti'd might be Chairman Osvo Cobb rtf Little Rock said plans for an extensive Arkansas C a m p a I H n for Gen, Owighl D. Elsenhower would bo discussed at tho meeting. An Arkansas campaign director also Is expected lo bo named, He snld thnt Jeff Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, the Republican nominee for governor and nn original Elsenhower supporter, hud case, that gives such a wide lattt- j bl ' ci > Invited to attend. Hide that von should have no dlffi- Speck hn» announced that he - THI41 .^ t, Mtln A CoxnW> Cfl TflVLOR TURNFn cubty whatever In holding up you. j «"" (i end of a conversation. As a sailor '" "» dn » 13 Is Too Young Dear Miss Dix: Saturday night there is going to be a party at the park ( for young people. I would like to go but my mother says that 13 is too young. All the other kids from 13 to IB arc going. How old do you think 1 should be to go on group dates? M. J. Answer: Your mother is right to disapprove of the sort of party' you have in mind. The park is no place for youngsters at night, and any kind of party especially one not chaperoned, should be for bidden in such a place. Fourteen is yovlng enough to go on group dates such" as daytime picnics, successful one. though the (lifter-; ,,. |S lmdollb , od , y donc considerable once m ages is quite great. \Vorso . lnlvt . H ng and would love to discuss obstacos than that have been over, l)u> vaHous p , HCCS lu , hns „,,„„, conn- by two people with faith m Thnl ls vom . opon | nR mu |, once cnch ollu>r - . ! started, he'll probably keep the _ ,1 conversational ball rolling. Sudden Dear Miss Dix: I am going ,.,, namos ° r Vern " S '" URn ! t nsc '" l> " «" . . , , director and Mrs, Frank McQIIII- I'utUly of Mnlvcrn as chairman of the women's division f n r iho Klsenhowcr campaign in Arkansas, iii ' * up on sports Is not rocom-' About 12S,000 beaver pulls were in tho U. S. I: ARNOLD HF,n.lN bake better tor ^1 v >l steady with the same boy for tho ' m ,, mlcu -. Y ou might suggest thnt second limo in eighteen months. I , u , Uvk( , U) „' bnacbnU Kllme , Last summer he was going steady \ [wv . vvcri nnd you cnn lenvn lhc with itnother (jirl, and going out. with me at the same time. Now he iu going steady with both of us again. Should 1 make him settle for one of us, or let him go'.' JANE R. Answer: Sincu yoftr beau has proven himself rather inconstant on several occasions, your only recourse is to act-opt him as a can learn the You'll probably find it most Cacinntlng, too. Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc. Unlucky Omen Spilling of salt always hns been an unlucky omen among the superstitious. In Da Vinci's "Lust friend, knowing that he is going' Supper," the unfortunate Judas with other girls, or forget him altogether. I recommend tho latter. You aren't seriously inleresU-d in Iscarlot Is pictured with an overturned salt sellar beside his right nrm. Benny Grove v and Gene Holdridge of Albuquerque, New Mcx-1 the civil service registers while ico, are visiting Mr. Grove's mo- Utaude Agee, Mrs. E. D. Gallo- tner Mrs Gladys Duffle, •way, Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs. F. C. j _._ .. _ |Crow, and Mrs. 'ward-. After a business session the • meeting closed with prayer. In Ithc circle count Circle -No.. 1, Mrs. IR. L. Broach, chairman, was high lest with fourteen members pres- Icnt. Mrs. Horace Hubbard Hostess to 3 Beacon Sunday School Class The Beacon Sunctay School Class I Of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday riight, July 15, for its I monthly business and social meet- ring at the home of Mrs. Horace I Hubbard with Mrs. G. E. Urrcy is co-hostess. Mrs. P. L. Perkins gave an in- I spiring devotional from a pastor's I viewpoint on the subject "If I a Layman." ]!,', A brief business session follow- after which a social pbrlod was I'held. The hosessses served a dessert | plate and cold drinks to those present. The meeting was adjourned un- I 'til next month. Me I rose Club Has Tea Melrose Club honored members of. the Rocky Mound H. D. Club vith a tea Tuesday from 2:30 to ^3:30 at the home of Mrs. H. E. Pe'tterson. Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Otha Rob| ^ crts, and Mrs. J. F. Mangrum formed the receiving line. r Guests were invited into the din- Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Patterson and Laury have returned home after a visit with friends and relatives in Memphis. Mrs. T. M. Purvis of Guntown, Miss., will arrive today' for a visit with her son, Thomas M. Purvis, Mrs. Purvis and family, at the same time rejecting all names on the official lists of civil service cligiblcs. The commission studied 1,761 ap- poinlmenls nearly half of them in the class of commodity-industry analyst and found 200 not qualified | under civil service rules at the time of appointment. "Ninety-iiino of the 200 still arc not eligible for the positions they now occupy" it was charged. Notice "Stag Night'' which was scheduled lor Thursday night, July 17, at the Hope Country Club has bucn postponed. Hospital Notes Brapch Discharged: Mrs. Frances Jones Rt. 4,- Hope; ' Mrs. Ruby Osburn, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. A. D. Gloss, o£ Hope, Mrs. Morris Joindexter of Patmos. Discharged: Mrs. Moss Rowc and baby, Washington, Mrs. Laura Braden, Hope. 66 Casualties on New Korea List WASHINGTON Itfi — A Defense Department- list (No. 607) today identified CO more Korean war casualties. Ol the total, 14 are dead, 40 wounded, four missing in action and eight injured in battle zono accidents. 'much more filing cabinet Julia Chester Admitted:. Miss Velma Goss, of Hope. Discharged: Joe Beaty, Hope, Ed Jackson, McNab, Mrs. R. E. Dillard, Prescott, Mrs. Robbie McIntosh, McNab, Wm. R. Cisscll, Rt. 1, Hope. ^•^^aiL 4^^ ^f Sgtae starring LEX BARKER DOROTHY HART • ciuutus KNVIN • MIIIC KNOWIIS 5AENGER (•STARTS TODAY* PLUS • "Lighter Than Air" & "Big Sister Blues" HERRING • HALL* MARVIN f STAtTS WAY RI ALTO ADDED SHORT SUBJECTS F/LE Each drawer an individual fire-resistive, burglar-resistive O A J^C* Ordinary filing cabinets don't provide proper protection for valuable records. Here's the modern solution — a safe and » filing cabinet aR in one — each drawer as effectively insulated as a. standard office safe. Three-drawer and four* drawer cabinets — letter and legal sizes — key or combination locks. Caster base at small extra cost. Choice of gray, walnut, oak and mahogany finishes. ' CERTIFIED PROTECTION The Class "C" (one-hour) label of the final authority— the fa-. raous Underwriters' Laboratories — is your assurance of sure fixe protection. Com* la and >•• lUt moJtrn «9V<p- mwf, or f*l«pA<M* aed ftivft* awr rfpr«>«ato*/v« (o call. CONNELLY OFFICISUPPIY 42$ Ogachito — Phpne 2987 Hot Sin^», Ark. NOTICE Effective Friday, July 18th • ALL BOTTLE DRINKS OUTSIDE lOc <7 KING'S DRIVE IN WHITE'S DRIVE IN AIR- CONDITIONED "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" FOSTERS SEMI ANNUAL i SALE ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES SUMMER SHOES STARTS THURSDAY JULY 17-8:30 A. OVER 700 PAIRS SHOES Ladies here is tho greatest money saving sale wo havo over had . , J starting Thursday Morning at 8:30. Make your plans now to be here when the doors open and buy several pairs. Wc aro offering COBBLERS, FORTUNE!", WESTPORT, P01LY DEBS, JACQUELINE, CONNIES, PARIS FASHION, TRIM-TRED and BUSKENS. Tho seasons smartest stylet and colors for summer. 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