Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 18, 1934
Page 2
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r j g , Hope tar 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! VM ««».»-. ewry week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co.. Inc. ft pSsner & Alex. H. Washburn), irt The Star building, 212-214 South •tnet. Hope, Arkansas. C. E. FftLSIER, President AUEX. H, WASHBURN, Editor and FubUshw Cntertd *s «conri-«lass matter at the postoffico at Hope, Arkannw tinder the Act of March 3. 1S97. tMllnttien: "Tfhe newspaper is an institution developed by modern civil- trttian *o present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, gttoogh Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—CoL R. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance)-. By city wrier, per week lOcj six months., J2.75; one year $5.00. By mail, in Uempstead, Nevada, itowird, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press Is exclusively «itltled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or ,Dt fttherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published her«in. 1 . ' Nation*] Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, lean., Sterick Bldg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- ITV Prive; Oetroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hol8 to this: policy in the news columns to protect their readers frbrn a neluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility • tot tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Ytur Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygela, the Health Magazine , YOUR By Oiive Roberts Barton ' Football Team Needs Good Medical • Care ', j Superstitions Can Warp Even the Jlven more than infections,' certain i Strongest Minds injuries become more frequent dur-} BY OLIVE ROBERTS BARTON jng tfie football season. These in- j Arc you any happier for your sup- jtfries for the most part include i erstitions?. •bruises, but'also may include much . Haven't any? Well you are lucky, more serious strains of the ligaments, j j nave superstitions. When I turn my fractures of, bones, and dislocations ol j back on events and oi't expect . joints. ! bank on events and don't expect any- Wheneyer a player is Injured on J thing, my best luck seems to come the football field, he should have im- j When I concentrate too hard on wish- mediate attention by someone com-1 ; ni; : nothing seems to happen, potent to judge the extent and char-1 therefore my pet superstition is jjcter of his injury. A stretcher should j t i, at ] )y keeping busy, some unexpect-. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS A Day's Work Tuesday, September 18,1984 McLarnin Regains His Welter'Tifle Outpoints Barney RO<JS in 15 Savage Rounds si New York NEW YORK -(/TV- Jimmii? Mrl.nr- nin, greatest Irish warrior of his ilny. climbed back on his wcltorweiiihl throne Monthly night, batllinf! back tho savngo gamoiit'ss of little Barney llos;:. his ono-tinie conquorcT, in 15 fierce, controvl'i'sial rounds.. months ngo nt the close of their match, two other judges had forced the i'.imllnr decision upon Eddie Forbes anrlhrp referee. But n:i Forbes broke the deadlock in HOST.' fnvor so did Donovan Monday nifllit swing the issue the other way with a vote for the Irishman Uiat ci.ntinued I he amazing string of fail- uies of welterweight champions to first litle defense, now standing at 11 straight. No welterweight i-hr.mpinn from the time of Pete Lazo lur been able to ward off his first challenger. :The buttle was so close that Shortell gave McLarnin six rounds, Ross five and called four even; Lynch gave ' Mojor Orron Randolph Smith of North Carolina designed the Confederate tlaR, which was adopted by Iho Congr'cw; of the Confcdorau 1 Stales In 1861. Long-Used Laxative To b« bought and used BB needed for many, many years, speaks well for the reliability of Thedford'a Black-Draught, purely vegetable family laxative. Mr. o. E. Ralllff writes from Hinton, W. Va.: "My wife and I have used Thedford's Black-Draught thirty-five years for constipation, —tired feeling mul o:-,s seven, ' _______ __. McLm-nin six and called I headache. I Use it when I foci my 'iercp. controvl-rsial rounds.. , w ;; pv( , n nmuwm navc McLnrnin I system needs clennslnff. After all He ciimn back us he had lost the u) ' m( | s aiul I(ass fiw> _ t ) lege yenrs, i haven't found nny- itlo throe month!,- iigo-by a split de- , ' -«»..-»- thing better than Black-Dmticnt." (Jreen Laseter I cision of two judges nnd a refoi'i-r—j av.'id a f t:>i :>i of boon of protests. I It seoin'V to a majority of the experts around Iho ringside, and cer- liiinly to the scant crowd of about ij.OOO sitting under a dark and fore- bcdint, but rainless sky, that Kile Barney, first man ever to hold both the lightweight and welterweight li- llci:, had at least earnctl a draw in the dn/./.liiu; duel that shifted first in one direction and then in the other, then back and forth again through the cn- lire 15 rounds. 'I hero were no knockdowns, though MvLarnin. his luft eye closed, his nose trickling blood, his lips split, slipped twice in the 15th from sheer weariness though he never went all the way dcwn either time. Ross, taking more cf the Irishman's right hand smashes than any other boxer over did and .survive, was equally battered with hit: left eye half closed, his rteht cut. and his lips as badly cut as were Mc- Larnin'i;. At the close, as they hung on to each other, punch sodden and all but helpless. Tommy f.horloll, one of the judges, cast his vote for McLarnin Charlie Lynch, the other 'judfie. balloted for Ucss. U'Hviiu; the issue up tc Author Donovan the referee. Three when and where they pleased, usually in overwhelming numbers. Then he explodes another pet belief. le Sioux did not torture their pris- OEGIIS HERE DOOT.1 H A B II U H X t». . SVI.V'1.4 B I V 11 {I » ttaot* ucew »•»» nttrn»l»n« »t II 1. 8* I.U.M). l|inm«i.»i* always be available to carry the in-j ^u blessing wil pop up. When I play; cner; . j n isolated cases, jured player to medical attention. ! Lritlat; 1 have an idea that the min- SO(11 J' | JraVe might get ma A man whose legs are injured. i;tc , i ^ excited and "demand" tho, _ ______,.—. should never he permitted to hobble ; (|i;o |. le hantl oul act , s> l get spots. off the field. 'Use of a stretcher^ ( ,.j t j^vn with an "I don't care' niay look bad to tho audience, but fre-j .,(,j tlK ) Cj .the ^evk seems to put me ^uently it makes the difference be-; iu potsossion oC a dozen honors. tyeen a successful and prompt reliei'- j have'others, superstitions I could of r the injury and a Ions delay in,; lict i; hake oil' any mere than I could: healing. ! Ei-.ake off an ear. I may ns well ac- j Because the school or the team takes' UEa pretending. I don't like broken, much of the responsibility for the; n , in . nr , ; . Unconsciously there creeps football player, it should control the : &vel . mc an od j feeling of apprehen- kind of medical attention that he re-; Li(;n t know Better. I astound niyself, ceives The men should not be per- > '|hcre are also one or two other mittedI to consult the first charlatan at 'hangovers from childhood. A white hand, but should be directed to prop- hcrso ,, oing a]on g a t the same time a er medical care by those in charge: Titan blond turns the corner causes of the team. , a pleasant glow of expectancy. No- Football players do not need any; RCJM} cver wor ked any charm that i special kind of diets, nctwithstand-; tan remem ber, but, you see, when 1 ing' the fact that the old-time tram- wa2 1Utlo all t h e children said it was ing table used to load' them -with ^^y. So I grew up with a pleasant steak and potatoes. If the player i e3 ™ ctntion associated with white "••will eat a wide variety of food and; horses as t he creeps were associated plenty of it, that is all the,-diet be, vvUU ^fli^ sa lt. needs I ' Often Begun in Fun The game makes tremendous demands | N0f l dcil ' t believe any of it. put on trfe.Jnuscles of the body. There-1 lhe rcact ion sensation is something. fore,the" weight of the player should i j v , QlVt ho ab j e lo shake it off until be watched regularly and, if he seems ;.j ceaKC Lo breathe. , to be losing weight, his diet should Theyo are Thev are rather terrible, these idiotic ideaa that children begin in fun to be sure, .id and take it out on a captive, but the Sioux did not have the custom of some eastern tribes, of reserving their captives for Kiev,, methodical torture. Now for another upset: Sitlini', Bull was not a medicine man, a.s most his- try books insist. He was a warrior chieftain, pure antl simple, and nevt-r uice filled the medicine MIUII'S role. He wu! 1 , incidentally, a grout inan. by any standartl. Mr. Vestal has gone to the Indiiifi". themselves for his information, aiu his book is the result of jialient (;uc!; tionint', of more.' than a hundred olo tribesmen. It i." an informative ma/ingly inlfrciilini'. bit of WKI Fublishetl by the Uulvui'.vily of ahoma Pre::s, it :,ells at ?3.r,0. Mr, and Mrs. Rnliprl Byers of Hope. /Suited with Mr. and Mrs. Riley Lew- illen Sunday tvcning. Mrs. Alien Moss spent Friday with \fi-K. J. T. Cumbie. Mr. J.-unos Butler of Liberty Hill \vr: the week-end guest of Mr. Rus- 11 LeWHllon. Mr. and Mrs. Eric ROBS of Shover fpriiiRs visited with Mr. and Mrs. Earl HC.I.S and family Sunday afternoon. Miss Ruth'Ann Cumbie .spent the l-.ast week-end with Miss Dorothy Hobcrtson of Sprinji Hill. Mr. antl Mrs. Joe Tiuilbec of Spring Mill iire visiting, with Mr. and Mrs. V C. Johnston this week. Mr. r.ntl Mrs. Dati Buwden attended anniversary at Anlioch Sunday. Mij.;,'js Mnrion Wilson and Fern Bi.v.'drn wcro Sunday dinner guest.' el' Miss Bertha /immerly of Mulrose Mr. Fete Rotors of Mflrose Was the dinner Buesl of Mr. Leroy Maish last Sunday. ,. Mr. Kmmi'ti Lewalk-n left last Monday for Magnolia where he will attend .school. ,htne Sold In 20-cent packmres. .„__.„ Thcdford's BLACK-DRAUGHT USE THE SYBUJP" Singer Sewing Machine company, South Main .street, of this city, will give a short course in home saving. This course will consist i.f three special lessons, all to be given free. The course start:; Friday, September 21 at 10 o'clock. The next two lessons will be held September 28 and October 5 at the same hour. If you are interested in homo sewing, call at the Singer SewiiiR Machine company and register before September 2()th. Singer Sewing Machine Co. James E. Allen, Mgr._ and ii" »n>ti»cain|f«y «U» rta\tr.e» (be mnrrlattr •• « iul«»(iUe. «u»» Ret. a Iflb lo MlnflU n«.rt '<?»»«•; nroiiil»H.B 10 Mtim «flf- her «!* iine> ncH'wrlir, Mo?»th» i>n»» nnti • Ilicn C<I»IH-» «pr«« ««»ni »«•» f<>» l/peH fc'lllrd in M molorhonf *«Vl- "To'oi. srel, n loh In a deporl- ' . supplemented with frequent feedings of milk, eggnog, malted milks, and similar high caloric substances. The football player is likely to lose and live -in-fight. If our children make hoodoo signs great .deal of water from his body | aml uUer pagan v/O rds when they , jj KlCfcXn **wu* v»- .-— i(li*.i i.*v- p -» jw*»e*~"' r * during practice and during the game. | ^^ g(J undcl . lhe l add er, open an •I In this way also a considerable j breUa in lhe house, see a blaclf *•* _ * .1 ^ ,i.,Vnr v\t*at;_ **• . ._..„.. 4Vm inttnntf too. It wouldn't be bard, getting nro- ken In. The prices were Just as narked on the Jackets; no cut rates at the Bay Tree. And the china was plainly labelled, too. Oh, Jf anyone should Happen to Inquire about the secretary—people always \yere although nothing seemed to come of it—U was S23B. And a bargain, too. Pure Chippendale. Now she was going to flop on the couch and Boots could call uer U anything vital happened. U was simple as that. In 15 line S«nUny nod Bi>o<» hnn n eortteouM lime umll '' to iiitvu nl»ue. . . Oonl» l*lfl»l»"> p » 1 lo P I"" 1 " '"'» '" r •"'* ov. «lic (S0c« ««• •'» of salt is lost from the body by pres- piration. . rat u. spy the moon over the wrong ,^uu „ . . , shculdcr, tho kindest thing we moth- Players, therefore, should be in-i- etl . c:m at.- it to try to get the notion structed to add small amounts of salt | cu • • to their drinking water to prevent, cramping of their legs and other mus- j cles resulting from a lack of salt in, >" W ater recommended forj cagey if possibly ^ ^ j „.„> —-Id. I always notice that rything is the same no matter how tell IKMI'I*' in a liiiol* till) UlUK'f. JSOW CO OS WITH THE STORK CHAPTEU XXXV HE neat wave broUo pext morn- Gul ' [, •*• ine In a torrept of of their hcads . shnmin g them or by scold' gufill tacljc Eet lde p S . to be tnem etu=h to be tasted. There is no reason why young men J in "Black Why that every m who play football should indulge in Tlcohohc liquors. In fact the m 3 - noticed a iority of coaches forbid such practice during the football training season any cats cross my path. Black, or white or mixed, why I suppose I have This is particularly important since such indulgence has been, found to interfere with the beautiful .timing necessary for good co-ordination. OLORIFYING YOURSELF ,^^. - thousand cats in front of me, and they wei-e-well, just cats. Something to thai effect anyway. Superstition is so dangerous. It can and dees lead to nerve crack-ups. Some people grow up with a saving i balance of reason and comon sense, j but others do net. Obsessions ride and l ruin thorn. *s : 'X- , fcffe f ~ y Alicia Hart ters ran copper rivers and torrents sluiced In the streets. Along Slxtb avenue under the elevated atruc- mro pedestrians were bent double in the effort of holding umbrellas over their beads. The steady sUeeis slanted and fell. Jn the Square where the fountain gushed muddy nlagaras trees were bowed under tho onslaught, Boots, rushing along toward the "Bay Tree Shoppe," felt the tUlo of excitement rlsjnfj within ber. At eight o'clock a telegram «84 been delivered to her. It bad read: "Re minutes Boots Lund was In charge of the Day Tree. She was a little dazed by the suddenness of it, Tbla pleasant, book-lined room, smelling of wood emolte from the deep old fireplace, would surely melt away and she would tlnd Herself in Lacy's, frantically running from one task lo another ou burning aching feel. , . , Meantime the big door opened and closet! once or twice and an elderly man and two serious, be-spectacled women wen" away with neat packages undo their arms, anr) Frances Gawtry slumbered In the little back room with the gas ring. At noon sho emerged with one cneeii rosier than the other and. bright, blrcllllto eyes half-open, like a. child who has slept long and well. "Now you run out am) have a bite." she Instructed. "The tearooms around here are passable, Sho told him about the new Job ntl Edward was a satisfactory udlenco. 'No kidding?" Edward marveled. That's great. You'll be a knock- ut In the shop. Suits you." His praise, his enthusiasm warmed her. She hadn't half-appreciated Edward before. She was always expecting him lo live up to ome impossible Ideal; to be clever and gay and exciting, all ai once. Now she found bis obvious admiration very soothing. Something In ier wounded pride rose to meet It. "Look, why don't we dine together tonight?" Edward wanted to know. "And do a show—something like that?" She had avoided him before be- he had shown signs of a deeper interest. Now she welcomed this. Anything to make her cause rorset that mocking gaze of Denis Fenway. Liquid, Tnblt-s, Salve, Nose Drops Clu-flis Malaria In .1 ilnys, Colds First 1 ! day. Headaches '" Ncuralijlu In 39 i miniiics. - ' KINK LAXATIVE AND TONIC ! Most Rpt-i'dy Remedies Known. , COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200.000 will cure il. H kills the parasites in the sKi.i. JOHNS. GIBSON Drug Company "The REX ALL Stora" llopo, Arlc. Kytablishe.il 1SB5 I'll that for them. Try Helen B UnT MASTERSON came Into the shoo lust alter she returned from luncheon and spoke to her briefly. Would S30 a week be all right, ho wanted to know? It was what the other girl had got. Thirty dollars was all right. Boots told him demurely, with her eyes veiled to bide the involuntary sparkle of delight. He went away and Frances Gawtrye said to her, "Ho likes you. Not many people Burt likes. He's rather a bear, 1 know him BO well; he went to col- illouyumi.i'Jt 1 -"^"" •••' . nni 1 Dupuy's. two doors up. Tueeclay's lego with my older brother. Bill. * » .. ... _ .1 .,,,.« »iTr~«n ..n..i, nl^fl" tlnntf* «nln. Ull delivered t° uui, »i "» u «>.•»>•• ••- rj ul -t luasterson port Bay Tree for Work at Nine. | Jn a ,. ol|nd 1:30 , Job Is Yours. Hooray, Dcuis." ,, lamb curry. You'll adore that. j\ !asle rson said bo would be lie's very nice," Boots said. But it wtis not of Burt Mastcrson sho Keep ready for emergencies with . . . MAGNOLIA SPECIALIZED back and It had remained only to telephone Lacy's, to explain to a somewhat affronted personnel manager tliat she would not return. Uer bridges now were definitely burned. She turned in at the swinging sign. "Bay Tree Ulioppe. Books. Art Objects." A neat, 'dark young woman with brate today. a green smack over Uer in-iiited sills frock turned lier head inquiringly. She was arranging delphinium io a He'll want to see j was thinking. Ho had said, "Fenway says you have the goods. I Coots obediently went to Helen Dupuy's, liking it instantly with Ha scrubbed deal tables and white- coated Japanese waiters hurrying hopo lie's right." He hart-smiled, and so the words hadn't sounded liarsh. So the day wont by on winscd forth with smoking feet. Hoots flew back to her room Good Health Is Basis of Beauty. At a party the other happened to hear two you..-; cusin a girl who ,-ilw:.ys cussing a evenng, ! mi:P. 'i-'- j Mil'- | Indians Outfought Plonosrs, He Says —Stanley Vestal Sheds New '"' I.iaht on Sioux Warfare ::K CATION nilcat notions about By r.f your rounded by people, both men an-.i .'•'•'•- j i|,e i-xturniinatiun of the noble red men. "I tell you she is not b.>autifiil. | ,,,.,,, not 'even pretty." ont: of them v,:. , saying. "I know it." the- o'hor asn- 'cl. """'but she's so vivacious aii'l ^KivoaU : tliat her looks don't setrn I" ir::.v,er very much." > The second speaker, had. it «r::m.-.l to me, his directly upon the fundamental thing that msikes for por.uk.r- ; ity. With one sentence he hr.'I tx- ' plained why some girl--. ros/.-..-.'<l!<-:-.:; " the shape of their faces o,._ cr.v -' « their eyes, are loved by ti'.'.;.- ln:;nf.; and sought after by newly me!. .''"- quaintances. After all, there's not mucn (••) be said in favor of the beuutitul -.vxuivi, who never has energy to do :,n.vli,i;!-.: except sit in a corner and ::bov/ .,n her beauty. But much can .,.• -..i-f about an energetic, pleasant •,i,l_v.i,, actually contributes .soinetbin- ". i,' . charm and graciousnc-ss to «-vc-. v ••••,< -• ering. , ,. \ltyH, then, are some v.-i)ni..-n _y.-• to be interesting at all lirne:;:'.' hap* heaven endowed them w;'"i ".-i- iible dispositions. Maybe they ti::v "'trained themselves to be amu:.:!.!;. But, v/hatever else they hav&^ tt'-r.'-. the chances ar ten to one thai in';y vi- Jtept themselves in excellent |,f.v:-!'-.'j. condition. You can't be charming it you .lit"••tired and nervous. And you CM'. J-- , ..... westi-rn plain.'; will ,,,,...., .f yuu it-ad Stanley Vestal's "I'li-v/ Hi.urw;; oi Indian History." Mr Vi-:tal. j,,'fi:t.ntina a wealth of no v,m:.wrial .,n lhe hi ;1 lovy_ of the '-it-it tribes rtiiiai'lc;, to begin v/itb, iha' \hi- Indian did not bite the dust i f.-Vily ';s ofun i.;: did the conquering /v'bit- ni'.n. Duriny all the clashes h.-.-I ox- ! v.ith the Sioux, from the 185U's to the f'.n^U; f<f Indir-ri warfare-, he asserts, ilif Sioux killed approximaVely five v.bit..- :-!rli'.". for every Indian the . ol'liera killed. •li.i... he adaj, was. Eimply becau:^ '.ho Sioux wore- better, fithter:;. UHun t*Jl l * *w* v»* •• ••••• —'-'- «-• _ ,H=hes Sho couldn't, she rcmiiuled at six o'clock lo dress. Iho Luy liPi-elf afford a uO-cent luncheon Tree stayed open until nine o clock every dav. But it was fun to cele- only on Saturtlays. Edward was ! ' comlns for her at seven. But llrst sho must write to Denis. HE had tuUcn "Antliony Ad- i However she might feel about his verso" with her and now, with j treatment of Her. there were tho the blue bowl of lo consider. Uenis bad bi m tercd among the liooks, Faience, pelft. Copejiliagen ware. There were gray-bluo iiunguina. There were swans of Bohemian glass. And every wlicre—In the recesses, on U'e lilsl) shelves, gleamliiH behind the leaded panes of the old, high-shoul dered secretary—there were pooks, bookij. ••Good morning," eald tlie woman in the smock. be and as H had eluded her through the years; books and work thai suited one and pleasant people to know. . . - I'leatnnt people! Through thr. typo, with dark, brooding face its Blaming eyes, looked ai her. She bad lo be grateful to Denis for giving her this opportunity. Grudgingly she admitted II. , Uut never, never, would she for"I am Barbara Lund. Did Mr. j give him for the slight he hatl put Masterson sentl word, ..." | upon her on Sunday. Tncy ,.., ,-i, /i ofr'iconr'iestimony, the •'•'i'ii';i.--.i iif-'bt crwalry in', .the-world." other smiled. "Ob, yes. Sorry, 1 thought you were an curly customer. Will you put your ililngs hereV" She led lhe way io a UacU room. "This 13 where we come and brood, Carbarn, wliea business is bad or we wani a goou cry. it you're "Hello!" Edward Van Solver, bis brown. _uiride thfc- whiter, al- ( O be one ol us ygu might as well 'it,variably, :.o they-fought only Eel uget j to it. Hang your coal here. Horrid day, isu'i M I came lii from Summit on whai was prac- (.'j'l.-r.tiim if y>u are VM" dawn (jcally a dawn train antl I'm <lead bvs.cally exhausted. Hemember alreatly. Alter I've tola you a Jew vj.i tnu't burn tin.- candle at c j ]O ice bils about the shoppe I'm going to drop down on this couco ..,, ,,„!.;. IT yua are up laU- one ' ai. ' ou iiiu.'.l. i-.luep u l'f:VV extra 'i.--- iliv ;!•.•:•;L to bi; in condition the .ad i:ii j ,bt. Vf'ii can't go for duya 'i,i;i,'i'. proper tioi.u'i.'-hriieut and tx- .'::. v.^'jr eye-;: to be iliiny, akin dfcor. , ,-•;','.-.• v/ord;;, il" you expect to have , ,,.iii,i.i, :.li:iniiiiig pfcr.-.ijii'jlity whitli !.:<,,'• i-.-.i'iiti'-inl'ii'. ;iie I(JIIL' run lluL u !'.-.•'••.• bi-auty, i-.t-fp liealtliy. aud havo a S HE went on, her soft, unaccented voice rippling lightly over the words. Sbe was Frances Gawtrye. Sbe had Ijeen here for simply ages —six years really: straight out of college. She loved it Boots would, prosperous nnd handsome in well- tilling darlt tweeds, smiled down at her. Sbe moved aside on the oaken bench, closing lhe book. "Hel-lo!" "I rang you up Sunitiiy night nut you weren't in. Nobody was," Kd- ward said, taking the clialr opposite. "Where you been keeping yourselt anyway? Haven't seen you since 1 gol back from the cruise? 1 ' She had been avoiding Edward and she had been siuplU to tlo H. He was a friend to cling to, tionesl and good and dependable. Not thrilling, maybe. Bui Iben you couldn't expect thrills always. You couldn't expect Uiat painful con- strlction or Hie heart and cliest— you tlltla'l viuui la experience |l, every lime a wan spoke lo you. "Thank yon ever so much for speaking to .Mr. Masterson about me. I started at Hie Bay Tree today. 1 like it." She signed her name. What a stiff little noin! fiho stared al U in dissatisfaction, beginning another. "Dear Denis: P. S. I got the job, Tlianks a lot." No. that wouldn't tlo. That was too flippant. penis hated flippancy. His perceptions were so delicate. Ho would frown over Uiat one. This was the letter she might not write, might never sand to him: j "My dearest: Everylhlng 1 did | today was colored with thoughts of you. Every time a man approached me on the street my heart leaped because 1 thought II was you. 1 was angry al you Sunday. Vou Imrt mo very deeply. Bui 1 know U wasn't you, really. It was some- tlilug outside yourself. I am working at the shop and liking it. Thank you and bless you for that. ..." She tore the sheel In liltle strips, tore them across once more. What uiler madness! Mrs. Mooney pul her head In the door, "Your young man's here." Boots starlcd lo her feet. Poor Edward! She bad completely for- W EAR goes on hut you Magnolia Stations and Dealers don't sec it. Fast driving offer you safe, accurate and on the highway . . . repeated ,| e ]iendahlc lubrication. The stopping and slarling in iraffie Magnolia Man who lubricates . . , all take their toll in wear. y()ur caj . wor k a f rom a churl Yital pans worn dangerously sllowin ,, evi;ry g n;ase (Ulingon thin through lack of Jubriea- |r ])arl i cu | arnio del and ap- ,• . i . , i J * plies tlie right amount of the special Moliiigrease as reeom- A ear that is liihrieated prop- nH:m led Ly your automobile «rly will last longer. When lilt: nla | iu facliirev. Your ear ib lu- hangs in balance it will repay j jril . atl;J M j, b j lou |d \ w . you a thousand limes with IMuning aeeelera.ion . . .Why take needless chance, brakes that bold . . . instant when it is so easy to be safe^ response in an einergeney. Drive in today'. lion are apt to fail ai lhe crucial moment. Be Sure You Get ALL liihrli-u. I-P3OPER TRAINING . . . M:ifn,,ii . M uf« iWmiulily Ml""'''"' l" •"' blllly un.l u|i|illi-alluu of ,.. lluu. The)' l.«u'V ll»-'ir Liiblii 2-ACCURATE CHARTS.. u.td In MuvuulU Sulluub lu i-uO|jcrullun >,llli ll"J t bulll yuvn- uuloniubllc:. a-CORRECT EQUIPMENT tluu hub ioiuljltio mi,!,.. - .clu-liiil afl«r c.lt r.cry Sia. .Uc tar.h Ly 4 — RIGHT GREASES . . , Severa Mvbllereaixtil ar« n.eil Hi n-.l wa ,,. r — jircaiure. Mobll((rea»3 lhe Job I and "Stay with Magnolia and you stay ahead/ D-l.l.iU-29 gotten him! (To Be Continued) Ask for Magnolia Products at the following: !!;;0!)U'AY 111 J. W. HAUI'EK Mopu UOJUCKT MAGNOLIA WHOnSHALK AGKNT Phone 278 or 1,11 STATION IIOFK HASKKT CO'ilPANV Hope I,. H. CAUDLB Uotlcuw , A. P. uj Wiislunistoii S. DUDNEV Cross Roads HOMER'S SERVICE STATION Saratoga V. A. UXH-'OUR McNab f

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