Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 17, 1934
Page 3
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"WX .Monday,- September 17,1934 Br uj "S^ftfer,,i:,y ,HMi..,;,; ,.,- HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS MCE cie MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 I)n\vn Memory's Lane Sometimes when cnvrs oppress mo We slip down memory's lane. And o'er a span of Happy years We seem to live again We seem to hear (ho plaintive SOUR Of wind among the trees, The sound of silvery, falling rain Corno dripping from the eaves A cottage with its wide fUnif! doors Heveals itself lo me; Our mother's <|iiaint old pardon We never fail to .see A sagging step, a bubbling spring. A fence that's broken through, A meadow .sweet with new-mown hay Appears before our view. Then suddenly the vision fades And stern reality Stands jeering at the pleasant trip We've made through memory But, oh, these joyous little jaunts— We take them frequently— They fill our soul with sweet content And youthful energy-Selected. 7'hc City P. T. A. Council will meet nt <1 p. in. Tticsrday afternoon at the city hall. A full attendance i.s urged. J. V. Hawthorne of Mansfield, La., and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hawthorne and Mr;;. J. M. Hyluii spent, the week-end with G. W. Hawthorne who i.s ill at hi;; home on North Hervey street. Mr. o Mrs. C. D. Lester Edward were Sunday quests of relatives »l Mars Hill. o Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Graves and son Albert, are spending this week at. the '., ncw | K)m( , century of prosiross exposition in Chicago. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet at 2:'.\fi Tncnday afternoon ill the home ol Mrs. Arthur Swiinke, East Third street. All members are urged It I in present n;, the new president will be introduced. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hush .announce the nrriv.il ol ,, lilllc daughter, September 12(h ;,; |he Baptist hospital in Little Hock. Mrs. Mary Winn and son Lee Uo- Vaughiin spent Sunday visiting with iilalivos and friends in Texarkuna. Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren were •A eels-end guests of Mr. aijd Mrs. W, Q. Warren, Jr., in Hot Springs, the guost of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Duck- Mr, ami Mrs. Ah Hollinsworth nnd Mrs. J. K. Williums were Monday visitors in Bearden, Ark. Mr. .in,) Mrs. J. F. Porterfield. Mrs. Tims. Kinser, Miss Margaret Kinser and Thos. Jr., have returned from a lev/ days visit in Little Hock. The W. M. S, of the First Baptist: church are observing (heir week of ra.vcr for state missions at .'! p. m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the church. Members are urged lo attend and visitors are cor- lially invited. M'r. and Mrs. Horsey McRao, l!en- I'ord McKae and Mrs. Billy Ducketl Eastand West ' Meet—to Wed Ing from the fire, Season with sweel herbs nnd serve. Mush an Gratln Mr. nnd Mrs. Gus Hornier have as /'.nest.'!, their daughter, Mrs. 13. U. Walsh and two chilciren of Hi-oclon, Mass., and Mrs. K. J. Walsh and Mrs. C. E. Monm, also of Brocton, Maw. . (j Miss Maude Wynn of Ashdown is fit. R EI.lKVKSlininiiuii'kly witliolllcirailonini: IIITVC-) or llpsrllim: Btomnch. Uam'shes nervi? Btrnin. Jlrinr* welcome rclaxution. Correctly IjIcntUtl formula. DRESS SALE Enllro Slock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Glover in Malvern. Mr. and Mr::. Glover have recently moved into -o- In celebration of his seventh birthday anniversary, Gus Knloo enlcrtain- KiplliiK was wrong, as Knsl iind West have met. and a .Septcm- bor wedding' in Shanghai, (Jillmi, will be (ho outcome. ]{o- maiK'c of Miss , Karin Hrotm- niflslok, above, of Ladiie, Mo., and Koli.'rL Jlorignchi began when Ihey alU'iuled Missouri ViiivtTHily, The bridegroom- lo-bo j.s a son of 11. former Jup- iili'.'.'.-c minister to jjra/il. They'll Jivu Iji SJmiiijliai, ed a group of his neighborhood friends at a party Saturday afternoon at hisj home on South Main street. Games' were enjoyed and the occasion was I featured by a beautiful circus day cake, with the animals marching round (lie (op, under a canopy held up with tent poles of striped stick candy, with the burning candles in the center. Following the games, delicious refreshments were served. o Mrs. K. 1C. Cook and Miss Jean Wilt rf Link' Hock, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'llieo P. Wilt". Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pa lion and son Fred have returned .from the world's fair in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Slroud nnd son. nhn Fred. Jr.. were week-end guests Prepare plain comment mush using one quart hoi I in/; water, 1 cup cornmeal and 1 'A> teaspoons tall. Mold in a loaf pan. Turn out. and cut in half- inch slices. Arrange slices in a but- tf-red baking dish, sprinkling each slice with grated cheese, paprika and dots of butter. It will take about 1 cup of cheese. Bake in n slow oven for 25 minutes. Serve with well-seasoned tomato saui.'O. . Samp and Nuls Cue-half cup ;;amp, 1 tablespoon buller. '/j teaspoon poultry seasoning, 1 cup broken nut meats, "2 cup cream, ',2 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper. Soak tamp over night in cold water. Cook in boiling salted water until tender. cream iin.il cream i.s absorbed and serve at. once. Then add butter, nuts, seasoning. Cook until Plant roots can be kept cool and moist by spreading loose straw on the garden after watering. HARRY GRAYSON »i Mi', and irkana. Mrs. E. . Etei;lo in Tex- Singer Sewing Machine company, South Main street, of this city, will give a short course in home sewing. This course will consist, of three special lessons, all to be given free. The course starts Friday, September 21.nl 10 o'clock. The next two lessons will be held September 28 and October 5 at the same hour. If you are interested in home sewing, call at the Singer Sewing Machine company and register before September 20th. Singer Sewing IMacliinc Co. James E. Allen, Mgr. If he misses this it will be r,s bad as mif.sing "HANK NIGHT" Wednesday at the— NOW don't, think of missing bai'old lloyd in onv of his bt .st ;OH! iiuist unusual pictures . . . "the cat's jiaw" wo kniiw you'll enjoy it! NTnlince Children '.pL-ci:d THUll.-NITR Auspices S.'U'jiL'fi'— IToni 1 Slut 1 FASHION DISPLAY W.'iU'h for Tuesday jKip iDnl I'imipleU' iiimomir nit'nt for - -'it'L* ami .Srrrcn Sho\v. MELLON ANGRY (Continued from Pago One) in nature, and inserted merely as an excuse to re-try the old issues and to make the public believe thai .some new mat (or is (o be considered. "It even accuses me of the sale of slock to avoid gift taxes, that law not then being in existence, and to avoid estate taxes, ignoring the fact appar- lly M A B Y. K. I) A G U F, NKA Service Stuff Writer Did you every try the family on cereal for supper as the c.oolish autumn da.vs begin lo close in'.' Combined with cheese, ham or bacon, tomatoes, onions, pt'ppers or ntil.s, (-crc-als make good eating. Besides, Ihey cost less than many less hearty dishes. Barley with che.ose provides nearly all the elements of a completely nourishing meal and so dose sausage served with cracked wheat. For the barley with cheese, you need: One-third cup pearl barley, 1-3 cup rice, .') cups boiling water, Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Pear, cereeal, cream, tomato, omelet, toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon (or supper): Barley with cheese, endive with French dressing, apple crisp, milk, tea. Dinner: Veal stew with dumplings, spinach with easy Holland- niEo sauce, cabbage and pepped salad, pumpkin pie, milk, coffee. enlly that I am still very much alive. "It seems almost unbelievable that a responsible government department ,.„„„,^ „„.„ „_ should lend itself to such a proceed- two hours'. When ready to serve add ing. 11 is quite clear that in my case dicesc, milk, papdika. fat and tabasco pound grated cheese, ',i cup milk, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1 '/•: tcaspons salt, 2 tablespoons bacon fat, V'l teaspoon la- basco sauce. Salt the boiling water and add barley and rice. Cook until very soft in louble boiler. It will tage at least the Treasury is not so much interested in collection of revenue as in attempting to discredit me." To Broadcast Saturday The Midway String Hand will broadcast over station KCMC, Texarkana. at 7::i() o'clock Saturday night, September 22, it was announced Monday. It is practically impossible for human life to exist more than (it) hours without water, although it can cnn- linuo. in certain circumstances, to exist for weeks without food. More than 5(10,0(10.0110 has been spent n dredging tin' navigable reaches of the Thames river, England, in the last quarter century. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 19 Referred lo the People by the General Assembly in regular session assembled, 1933. Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of (lie State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a majority of all members elected, to each House agreeing thereto: That the following i.s hereby proposed as an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and, upon being submitted to the electors of the. Stale for approval or rejeclion at the next general election for Senators and Hopi'i'si'iilativcs, if a majority of (he electors voting thereon, at Mich an election adopt such Amend- j incut, the .same .shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Ar. k.msas, Ui-wit: That Article Ii of Hie Constitution of the? Stale u£ Arkansas be amended by sauce. Cool long enough to melt the cheese. Serve at once. Sausage and Cereal One-half cup cracked wheat. 2 cups boiling water, c teaspoon salt, 1 cup saasago, 2 sweet, green peppers. 2 onions, 1 tablespoon fat, ',:j teaspoon powdered sweet, herbs. Cook wheat in boiling salted water until tender. Mince peppers and onions and combine with sausage. Melt fat in frying pan, add meat mixture and brown quickly. Add this to the cooked wheat an hour before remov- DETROIT —Eldon Auker, the most pronounced underhand pitcher since Carl Mays, was warming up, "Fresh from a Softball lot?" someone asked. "Nopc,| football injury," replied Del Baker, veteran catcher ami coach of the Tigers. Played for Bo McMillin. Hurt his shoulder. Couldn't throw a ball overhanded to save his life. Ho is lucky though. Hitters see one like him so seldom that he is effective. Got a lot of stuff too." Football is baseball's scourge. There ought to be a law against kids with baseball talent dying for dear old Backwash." Baker is the old professor of the Tigers. He managed Beaumont, the Detroit club's Texas league farm, in 1931 and 1932, and prior to that he handled the Fort Worth team, and before that the Oakland Coaster's subsidiary in the Utah-Idaho league. The Oregon hop grower is one of the finest, developers of young players in the business. He might now bo the manager of the Tigers had not. Frank J. Navin borrowed that $100,000 and purchased Mickey Cochrane. At Beaumont Baker tinned out the phenomenal Schoolboy Rowe and the lessor-known right-hander Hanilin; outfielder;; Pete Fox. and Jo-Jo White and the extra infieldcrs Heine! Scuble and Flea Clifton. It was Bakers knowledge of these youngsters and his influence over them, especially Rowe, that last season prompted the Detroit front office to bring Baker back to the club for which he formerly caught. "Yes the football is baseball's scourge," repatecl Baker. "In my last four years in the minors, I had 50 football players, n number of them all-Americans, and not one of them amounted to anything. "Football leaves itsm arks in the, shoulders, hips and knees. Those who.. • play for glory in college, find, themselves muscle-bound when they gel out in a game in which they could earn a fine living. If their should- adding thereto the following: SECTION 1. Not less than a majority of the memoers of each House of the General Assembly may enact a law. SECTION II. None of Ihe rates for properly, excise, privilege or personal taxes, now levied shall be increased by the General Assembly except afler the approval of the qualified electors voting thereon at an election, or in case of an emergency, by the votes of three-fourths of the members elected to each House of the General Assembly. SECTION HI. Excepting monies raised or collected for educational: purposes, highway purposes, to pay Confederate pensions and the just debts of the Slale, the General Assembly is hereby prohibiled from appropriating or expending more lhan Ihe sum of Two and One-half! Million Dollars for all purposes, for any biennial period; provided the limit herein fixed may be exceeded by Ihei votes of three-fourths of the memLui... elected lo each House ut the General i Assembly. SKCT1ON IV. In malting appropria- and Other Effects of Malarial Don't put up with the suffering of Milaria—the teeth-chattering chills and the burning fever. Get rid of Malaria by getting the infection out of your system. That's what Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic does—destroys and drives out the infection. At the same time, it builds up your system against further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinine which kills the infection in the blood. It also contains iron which builds up the blood and helps it overcome the effects of Malai as well as fortify against re- infection. These are the effects you want for COMPLETE relief. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is pleasant to take and absolutely safe, even for children. No bitter taste of quinine. Get a bottle today and bo forearmed against Malaria. For sale at all stores, Now two sixes—50c and 51. The SI si/o contains 2',2 times as much as the HOc si/e and gives you 25'n more for your money. ers nren't tied up in swinging a bat, they can't throw. If it isn't (hat it's hip injuries or trick Itncos that are continually flying out of place. "At Beaumont, I had an nll-Amerj- cnn man from Georgia. He did almost everything well, but I couldn't get him to run with his head up for love or money. He sloughed off one ex Ira base hit after another. He just rammed that head down there ant,t kept on running until someone tagged him." i Baiter named one case after another—players who would have become renowned in baseball, but who were hopelessly handicapped as the result cf being belted around in football; There was Ken Strong, the great New York University back, who went to Detroit and who hit so well for Toronto. He was driven oul of baseball by a wrist that was broken in pro fessional football. Ernie Novers might have stood out as a pitcher had not so many line plunges, depriycd him of the freedom of motion of his shoulders. Four Exceptions to the Rule Footbal Iplayers have failed in baseball for other reasons loo. Jim Thorp could not hit a curve ball with a flag pole. Mohler went along splendidly In the Pacific coash league until the pitchers found a blind spot. Bruce Calclwcll of Yale, simply couldn't mnke hte grade. Football has .contributed baseball brilliants too. Christy Mathewson was best known as a football player when he first reported to John J. McGraw. Cocky Eddie Collins was a Columbia cpjarterback. Frankle Frisch was the Fordham flash over chalk marks. Riggs Stephenson was one of the best forward passers in the history of Alabama. But they are few. Ther is little question that Baker i? right. The two games don't mix in any kind of-a cocktail shaker. /V new plastic material which may be used in making fountain pens, buttons and novelties is mad,e b£ dissolving chickt.n fi.atiici'j in caustic acid and hardi.'imv; th" resulting material wrth formaldehyde. 66 Liquid,, Tables, Salve, Nos,e Drop? Checks Malaria In 3 days, Colds First day, Headaches or Neurplgla In 30 minutes.. FINE LAXATIVE AND T0NK! Most Speedy Remedies Known. Guaranteed Repair Service 0, W. MILLS 2T8 So. Walnut Phone 36 Great Britain a;nd Ireland only enough meat to supply population wjtb 32 punces of 2 9 ounces of mutton and lamb, 2.6 ounces of pork per' week. New Coats Just received line of new winter Spoufr Coals. Popular pricey Ladies Specially Shop "Exciislve But Not Expensive*- Let Chevrolet tell its,own:story of riding and driving comfort best way to get at the trwth behind JL the fine tilings you hear and read about the new Chevrolet, is to get in the car and drive. Take this car, drive it over the same routes, in the same way you drive your present automobile, and let the results you can see and fed tell their own story. You have heard that Knee-Action makes bad roads good, and good roads belter. A ride will prove it. You have heard that Chevrolet provides shockproof steering, Syncro-Mesh gear-shifting, a remarkably flexible 80-horsepower engine, and csble-controlled brakes. A few minutes at One Ride Is worth a thousand words the whefl will show you what a difference these advancements make in safety and driving ease. And when the ride is over, and you step, out refreshed and ready for more, you will know why so many thousands have found it impossible tp return to ordinary, driving after an experience like this. That is tht Ownership Test—easy, enjoyai>H, sad tb» l most ^Bciicai way t® e&ooes a ciw. CtTEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MJG& Compare Chpvrplefs low delivered ;. rices and easy G. M- A. C. terms. A Gcnerc.1 Motors Value KneeAction CHEVROLET DEALER AD Young Chevrolet Co. tions fur any biennial , the Cioiu Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each PHONE 8 ural Assembly -shall first pass Ihe General Appropriation Bill provided for in Section 30 of Article 5 of the Cou- stilnlion, and no oilier appropriation bill may be enacted before Ihut shall have been done. SECTION V. No expense shall be incurred or authorized for either House except by a bill duly passed by both Houses and approved by the Governor. The provisions of the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas in conflict with this Amendment are hereby repealed insofar as llicy are in conflict | herewith, and ibis Amendment shall bu self-executing and shall take and have full effect immediately upon its adoption by the electors of the State. The above resolution was filed In: (he office of the Secretary of Slale of; Ihe State of Arkansas oil the 30th day of January, 1933. Each elector may vote for, or against, the above proposed Amendment. WITNESS MY HAND and Official seal of this office this the 28th day of March, 19.'M. ED F. MCDONALD, Secretary of Slate. Fall Fashion Edition Tuesday, September 18th

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