Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 17, 1934
Page 2
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HOPE STA^ HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope O Static*, Deliver Thy Herald From False ReportI Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. ^ E. PWaer & Alex. H. Washburu). «t The StaV building, 213-214 South KfaJntrt street, Hope, Arkansas. BEACH CLUB C. R PktMEK, President . P. WASHBURN, Editor and PuhBabe* '. Catt*«d tt second-das* matte* at the postoffice at Hope, Arkanmi Urvfcr th« Act of March 3, 1897. ^^^^^^ t Definition: "The newspaper Is «n Institution developed by naodern civil- tsation to present the pews of the d»y, to foster commerce and Industry, , idtoujih widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon «aoverntnettt wokh no constitution has ever beeft abla to provide.'VCol. R. Howard, , Sabseriptlon Rota (Always Payable to Advanced By city carrier, per e; sis months J2.73; one year S5.00. By mail, in Uejmpstead, Nevada. er opd laFayette counties, $3,50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Member of The- Associated Press: The 'Associated Press" is exclusively •ntltlpd to the use fpr republicntion of all news dispatches credited to It or it otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published her>in. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis. s., Sterick PWfc.; New York City, Oraybar Bldg-.; .Chicago, 111., T5 E. Wack- Dative; Detroifc Mich,,. 7338 Woodward Ave.[ S*. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. , . -^. . .. ...... , . .-. r - — Charges oh Tributes, Etc.: Charges'- vrtlj be made for all tributes. card* ^of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed Commercial newspapers hold to thlr policy in the news columns to protect then- readers from a dejuge "of spacertaking memorials. The Star disclaims resp.nnstbilitv ffflfvthe safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBHN Editor, Jouraal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygela, the Health Mdgariiw . YOUR CHILDREN Football May Sflrsad Infections of th* Skin With opening of the foojlba.ll sea-. Son, boys will begin in increasing numbers to suffer- from the common types of injury that are associated With football training and football practice. There are all-sorts, of .funny super-, stitvtions connected with training. f<X a while it was believed that soaking the skhvin salt water or in other solutions would harden it and pre- vent'rubbing and similar injuries. Actually these methods have not been found to be of any value. In- By. QJive Roberts Barton Almost every school teacher has notes from, parents, about night-work or home work as it is called at the moment. Not all these communications are protests. Many beg -the teacher to give Jack rnore lessons to o ot homo "lo keep him off the streets." The teacher usually takes the view that it is out of her province to keep somebody's boy or girl off the streets. And she is right. Her authority ends in the school room. nKcii* MRI»E TODAY ROOTS n A R n » B .v is" nreuy. «« «nnhlir«t Hy np •iVI.viA n I V !•: It S. Hunt* ru'00|it« lit' ss ui:. Inxirm-tnr. %>llb him. the nHrnllon» nnd lmp«l!ilv*l» ol«i>*» Hum pn»« K«t*» lit nnd I Ihc morrlntte I" " mlsinhe. (><•«» n loM In MlttfliJ nnd It l>ronit»li<K to "end tot her. ilnra no! wrltr. Month" then r«mi-» word Itini tirtn killed in n miuorliuitt dent. Boat* ffpt» n 1°** ' n n i* mom ««ore. !"•«? U. 'Vn*' t the m»rU pKSt? **U>>' roans author. H« Introduce brnntlful KAl One SHindnj he dppi-nr* ""«*• (KM-ledl? nnd inkf* I'""" 1 '» "•'• rnuftlu* ol hi" nt Ennihnropion Hoot* .. reeclTtd eordlnllj n»d lirin n cor»:eon« "" lo «ntll K»f nnix-n" ana inke« no»s"»Mlon n« OirnlK Hurl Btnl Iraloun. Knnlf lit»l«t« on returulim to «o«vn nlftnc. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOOl CHAPTER XXXIV T was a mirntpg morning. During the night tbe water carts bad sprinkled the dusty streets and for a brief space during the early Hours freshness persisted. By halt past nine the heat was unendurable The sky seemed a copper bowl Inverted over the face of the earth. Nothing, however, could keep the crowds from the sale counters at L.acy'3. They pressed in—women in thin silks: women in cheap cottons, the seams straining under their bulging arms; women with expensive handbags and clean gloves: women with neither and with parcels wrapped In sleazy paper, tied with thin, unreliable strings. Boots hated them all to day with a deadly hatred. It was agony to be courteous, to force .Interest Into one's dying tones. Would the morning never end? went on. "You're to see Masterson this afternoon—about four. Cafi you get oti?" Miss Hotighton was within hearing- Goota must not give herself away. "I—I don't know. Not unless It's most awfully Important." "The thing Is practically sewed ip. He lust wants to see you and cool la the burning heut of tfie afternoon. Everywhere was order. Big desks with neat piles of papers clipped and weighted with clear He's in the Mardell Building. Fitly- seventh street. Got that?" "Yes. I've got It." "Well, be there like a good Bin. Let me know What happens." She stopd starlns at the Instrument In her hand like a dazed creature. You understand this Is not creating a precedent. Mrs. Lund." Miss Hougbtpn purred. "It'a most liTcgu.lar. ..." "1 know, aud thanks so much,' Boots drifted away. She would have to get out — somehow — at four o'clock. The early afternoon hours Tiass squares; shining typewriters; wheeled by. "If I go,' Boots thought, "and nothing comes of It I'll lose my lob here; I'll be done . She was fatalistic about that It had been a life-saver to for." .lob. her. On the . other bafld Mastersoo s book shop would open up a new life. Usnls naturally was optimistic but It was absurd to say It was "all sewed up" when Mastcrsoti hadn't even talked to her. At half past three Boots walked over' to Mr Bliss who was signing a salesbook with a nourish. Her heart was thudding painfully. He.looked wilted; even his white carnation drooped. "I'm feeling 111. Mr. Bliss." It was true. Nervousness had given her a feeling of nausea and her head ached. Everything swam tie- young women with shining waved hair, crisp blouses, oowdered noses. Boots had a dazed impression of almost superhuman tidiness. She was to learn later that Burton Masterson's passion was order and cleanliness and that hg transmitted, this to his staff. Meantime the effect .was to make her conscious of her own slightly crumpled dark frock. The collar hud been fresh that morning but hours In the confusion and heat of Lncy's had stolen Its • virgin crispness. If only she had had time to go home and change. ... She knocked nt 421. Burtou Masterson. Vice President. T HIS big man at tho mammoth desk wns dark-browed, frowning. Me swung his chair about to faco her. speaking rapidly Into tho telephone the while. "Me was to deliver on tho first. We're getting protty fed up. The advertising department Is on my neck and you can tell httn I'm of two minds about tha whole thing. If we can get Bay-field I'll let him go. His contract's up. ..." tie motioned to n chair nnd Boots sat down. Tho rapid fire conversation went on. Evidently the person at the other end of the wire was attempting to conciliate the big publisher with very little success. "Ca.u't ba done," he barked finally Into the mouthpiece. "You tell him it's my uitlmjitum. Delivered copy on Thursday or we are nil washed "Well. well. they help to spread infections. T ^ can ^ d| . ld re sL . the skin, wlucli are particularly eeviou* for football players' and fre- ble for study to be done aut school hours, but if this were quently are the bone of training quar- teat ^ the pQ i nt ol - a rea i 3£ta« of the same clothin, by.dif- j^^^^^-JS ichool hoards anil courts anil all manner of tilings. So far it has been accepted as a matter of course, cources being arranged in such a manner that they could not possibly be covered in the term without study of school. The fca^nt . . the .mixing of headgear, will result in carrying infections of the skin from one player to another. Leather foot- Ball helmets.rnay be sterilized by sulphur fumes. s Infections of the skin with pus- forming organisms should be treated forming organisms snouia oe u™ an instrument in by doctor?, who usually apply anti- coveri the £ nd aligned to her. septic substances that bring these in- vvr 5 •*• fections under control. Most prevalent type of skin infection among football players is ringworm, of the . type, that causes so- caJleA a)hlete's fopt. This, however, •will affect not only the feet, but also the grout and'oj.ji.er parts of the body, when cjothing is interchanged or improperly cleaned. The feet may be bathed regularly in solutions containing one-half per cent -of sodium hypossulphite, new widely used in locker rooms of gymnasiums and golf clubs. The ringworm of the groin may be controlled by seeing to it that the supporters are washed every day. White: underclothing may be worn under the supporter and amoniated mercury oinments may be put on the skin to control the infection. Special care - should be given to towels us5ed in locker rooms. Towels should never be put on the floor while the athlete bathes and then used on the body. Towels put on the floor in this way will pick up'ringworm infection and then transfer it to various parts of the body. Ringworm infection spreads mostly in the presence of moisture. Athletes, 1 and others as well, should make sure that their feet and socks are dry before the socks and shoes are put on. The humid air was. like a.ta.ng.lble j fore.her. thins, pressing against tier chest, ' stifling her. Once a girl fainted, down a crowded aisle, and the other clerks peered at each other with harried eyes ,as a space was cleared for the sufferer's passing Boots saw the hands ot her watch crawl around to her lunch period with a passionate sensation of gratitude. She would have Iced tea she would bathe her face and •lands. . . .. As she went to her locker the " He paused Impatiently, .tapping his pointed pencil against the counter. "You STANDINGS Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New Orleans Chattanooga Memphis .Nashville Atlanta Knoxville Little Rock Birmingham Clubs- New York St. Louis Chicago Huston Brooklyn ..... Philadelphia Cincinnati .. American I.pngiic Clubs— Won Lost Detroit !I2 87 flli 7« OH 70 71 i;:: 7V (il 7fi New York .. Cleveland ... Uostnit St. Louis . .. Washington l-'hiladelphia Chicago up. Heavens, what a dragon. Boots thought; glancing sldewlse Into the deep .well of the court, framed by the plate glass window. The receiver went down with a bang and may go than but you'll be docked ; the swinging chair revolved until for this. It's been a terrible day. ! Its occupant faced her squarely. ' He heaJ of the department beckoned to tier from the doorway of a glassed and partitioned cubicle. Mits Girls dropping like files, turned, bis back upon her and for ^ got her and after a hurried word to i Miss Apfel she Hod. TT had been so easy; her bend * still swam with the surprise or It. She round herself out on the torrid pavem»nt among the jostling crowds, U was n pity she batln't time to refresh herself Dut she "You're Fenway's trlendV" Her color rose. "Yes." f, "He'tell you about tho job?" "Her—be said It wns selling. I've had experience, although not with books.'"' She hated herself, hated him, for making her fnlter and stammer this way. "Why was It she always felt such n fool lu these business Interviews? would have to nurry now to make poiso? on time, How like i frownln GLORIFYING YOURSELF y Alicia Hart plete course in the grade book is gone over in a given time by all her pupils, and understood. If -the work is top lengthly or top hard to be .assimilated in six school hours, she has no recourse but to assign certain studies for home. This is governed, too, by the number of pupils in a class and the number of grades in a room. Sometimes; it happenes that there is plenty ot time for study anrj written recitations, but no time for preparation in the class room. She has, of course, the power to assign "repeats" for the child who has failed to grasp certain memory work, or the child who requires much repetition tp grasp an idea. This also includes the child who missed time in school. I believe all teachers would be happy if it were possible to get away j from home work. Happy is thoj teacher who does not have a "key", grade to teach and who therefore can go more lightly on the extra problems or map drawing. When we hear a child say, "Missj Smith is nice, she never gives any night work," it very 1 often happens! that Miss Smith herself is fortunate in having conditions in her room and the grade arrangement favorable to more hcme freedom. But what pleases one parent may incense another. It would be impossible to suit everybody. Certainly if n child is to be kept off.the street it is not the lecher's responsibility but the parents. It appears to me that eight hours a day (counting going and coming) is enough study for a child until he gew into higher grades or high school, cannot clarnp attention on Be- Boots was conscious ot a lift ol apprehension in her heart. "Someone Is calling you on the telephone. Mrs. Lund." said th<r j older woman In a perfectly ex i pressionless voice which, nowever Denis', arrogance to rnake a four p'clock appointment for her, know- Ing perfectly well bow difficult It would be for h,sr to keep It. The lobby of the iile office oulld ployes nre not. supposed calls within hours, but an exception. '. . '. W 1 7 HKN Boots heard Danis' voice she realized why the exception nad been made. Not even ' prim Miss Haughton. eyeglassed, 00 A blond girl with sculptured curls and mnscaraed lashes took licr name Indolently and plugged in two Dlack rubber knobs at the switchboard. "Mrs. Luud, to see Mr. Majtcrsou. and plump, could resist Denis at j All rigluy." his most charmin.s. She said, I She swept the lashes in Coots "Yes." in a tone deliberately restrained and Impersonal. "You were going to call me," Denis accused. "I forgot." She h&dn't. Of course, she hadn't. Cut after yesterday —hart lie really thought she would telephone ntm this morning? What did tbe man Would she never learn IJ;it this bis. handsome, ; man ot -10 had a rapier glance that stabbed one, stripped one ot all small devices and pretenses. "Takes intelligence," Burt Mas- tcrsop said, knitting those heavy was cool, almost empty. She | brpws of his in a manner truly ter- oa Into 9 car with Intrlcste rifying. "We've got several other Guess I'd better look ct you know," niuybe nc- j g UQ stood up. recognizing dis- would not see her, after all. . . ! missal. But a!ic had one last word ' tor him. "I'm at Lucy's." she said briefly, "I've been there for almost a year." "That so?" His eyes raked her sniall pointed face with its frame of gilt hair. "Well, let you know, \ji caaivuicco -w.^*. ......... - StCppCQ ImO 9 Cur WILII IU,l* JS^V ' * L 1 lu t>- " managed to convey .the imnrcssion j br(jnw gri || eg . i, er ncart Dealing |applic(in.ta. of displeasure. "You know <MUj doub|e Um& Maybe Mr. Master \ cm over. L ployes nre not. supposed to navf gQu WOU ]d ne gone niuybe nc- S UQ £ tood _ n ii_ n .i»Vi*i* tuitit'c Kut I \vi 11 milkft .. . .»» _ii . . ••«.. SUNDAY'S RKSlir.TS Southern Assocatloii Little Hock .1-7, Knoxville S-4. UirmiiiKluim fi-5. New Orleans 2-1. Allantn II, Niishvillo II. Memphis 7-.'i, Chutnmotfii ;iine. five innings, ilurk.) National League Brooklyn lt-. r >. Chicago G - CiniMiuuili 2-!i. Hoiilon 1-2. St.'Louis fl-S, New York '.'.-\ (second 11 Innings,) ruin. Charles Bracken's malicious little novel, "Entirely Surrounded," is n gloried poop show. Open it, and yovi tan discover how the better advertised intelligentsia live—and if the net result is to make you thank Heaven that you're just one of the boys, that may be what Mr. Bracket! intended. the book tells of tho doings of a Bang of writing folk at n Vermont summer camp. The chief character seems to ho modeled on Alexander Wnolcotl, nnd the gang's favorite diversions .seem to he exchanging insults and playing croquet. If that sort of fun doesn't appeal to you, you'll find tho !x>ok pretty thin. Tr. change the subject rather violently—parents of small children ought to get n good deal out of Monday, September 17, 19B| Your Child Is Normal," by Dr. Gracd Adams. Here is a sensible book on children, explaining that they ore normally rather cantankerous little monkeys, and that most of them will probably make out all right even If they do givo mother gray hairs. There is comforting stuff here for harassed lathers and mothers. Current literary gossip — James Rorty (Our Master's Voice) and Louis Adairilc (The Native's Return) are going on separate tours of the nited States to injuire deeply into the r.tato of the nation—James Gould Coz7.ens will havo a new novel out in tho spring, and if it's us good ;\s "Tho Last Adam." his earlier book, it'll b" worth watching for—You are warned lo expect some frnnk disclosures in H. G. Well.-.' autobiography, soo, lo bo printed-Albert Halper is off for London on a Guggenheim Fellowship.— Novelist Hanns He in/ Ewers wns n war-time Gorman agent in the . S., and wound up in an internment, camp. American League Chjraeo 2-12, Boston I-ID. Philadelphia 2-2. St. L'>ui: Octroi,!. 2, Wasliini'.ton 1. Cleveland "'. New York 2. THt WISE OLD OWl DONT BE AN OSTRICH FACE THE FACTS A FU.EIS NO OETTER THAN IT ACTS.' SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. £ A. Tracks Phone US Write your name and address here, direction. "Room 421." s»e „,. i Telephone number, too." "Ills name is on the door.' j This was tie way. sho reminded I reeled.' i Coots pushed the swinging ma- j | hoguny gate loward and looked | about her Interestedly. A dozen— ' two dox.en girls lifted curious eyes i from typewriter aud billhead ns ; she passed. This big. orderly room with Us shaded windows, its dark think she was made of? ! sreen composition floor on which "Well, here's the lay-out." Deula footsteps fell softly, seemed dim herself, they lot you down easily. They said. "Vi'e'li let you know," and of course they did nothing of. the kind. Well, she could go baci to Lacy's and the sales counters and bargain days. This had been a mirage, a chjmcra. She hadn't really believed in It. ... (To LU 1 Continued) Giants Lose Twice to Dean Brothers 3t. Louis Only 3'/> Behind, With 14 More to Play NEW YORK.—(VP)—Before the larg- brothers their over . But the Giant, Sunday U, win both games i probably "a bit of time in the early of a doublnlieader. 5 to 3 and 3 to 1. „ i morning or right after dinner won't The second game went 1 innings '» ' ' much. It's always been a s-ttuggle between 1 aul Stolidity Called Uninteresting ,O»V»IMIIJ ^«»» »_ ,, i mornmtf or riuiu unci uumci ww*. - ---- - ~ - , "A girl can have too much poise, j thtm much u , s a i wavs been a s-ttuggle between Paul Dean and soys Leo Aarons,'famous camera art- | But lhen SQ have a ]ot of Carl Hubboll before Pepper Martina 1st,'Whose specialty is making photo- j • Jhat aro j^. change <j j n t ne homer broke- the spell and sent the graphs that really tell a .story. A"''| new light of things. | Cards off to victory. A four-run ral- tliat, to women who have been slrug- when a boy or girl is never at home ly in the seventh won the; opener for gttng to gain poi^*. ' s a P'^tty revo-, _ t seems yjceiy that heavier lessons Dizzy Deau although, he went out tor W0 uld only add to the distaste of u pinch hitter in that inning. ' -laying in Home life, if made nor-I The Card.-; thus reduced New Yovk s iiiaI and happy, would be a greater [ lead u, U'.i tames in the pennant drawing power than more night work.! cha^c- with V> more yuiiu.-:; lo play £o»' the Oiuiits ajid M 1'vi' St. Louiu. In per.-:ou:,l ft-iut with lutioiutry piece of news. However, the man upon whom advertisers call to mate pictures that express various human eanotions (Mr. Aarons doesn't go in for photographs of pretty girls, seated in automobiles, doing nothing') was willing to clarify his ideas. "Girl's have a great tendr-ney thf-E* days to control thfcir t-motion.s and hersfcll' that, all&wiiig the face to re coid what goea OA within certainly isn't going to put lifle.-; around the mouth ar.iU eyen. facial expressions," Mr. Aavons con-: Heiaernber, thou&li, the- chart has tinucd. "It mukes them sioreotypeu. \ cnly to do with piuv tmc.lioiw. Noth- CJoodness knows, expressions of pure in^ has Ix-en said about the expres- emotion arc fleeting enough anyway sions of a sour Disposition. Certam- and unless a woman allows herself to ly those will leave a mark. make the most of what little her facej When Leo Aarons has to make a can register, she is losing an opportun-; special photograph of a face to tellj jty to be a definite personality." !:ome specific story, he selects a mod- ^ Register for FractiWJs of Secon ( /, ; tl whom he thinks understands that Mr. Aarons, to prove what he means emotion. Then he sets about getting when he asserts across a face, has, Axnerteive with v - -- -, - ~ x:p wlMt *>s cc »• \:- •*. accurate ; If the picture is to illustrate an ad , th Uh Hfan Li-others' p leajcuc- Itadc'is, t-ai'h now ha.-J a rei.-u»'d ol' ::ix vii-turies out t>( seven. The- twin tiiumph savi.- I lit-- t.'ard.-; the !,<-rie- : , .'! to i. Tlie (iiaiils led for fix innings of the opener behind Hoy ParmeU-.e'.s pileli- ing. building up :i o to U lead whun Gu.s Manca-.o &ol a homer in the second and Mel Ctt his his 31th circuit year in the fourth. DeLancey, Orsattit and Davis started the Cards, vinniijg rally. Al Sjwth wont of the year and Paul his 17th, the latter allowing only six hits over the long route. Before the game, Medwick, St. Louis outfielder, was presented with a diamond ring by admirers from Cartaret, N. J., his home town. Diamond mines now use an X-ray device to detect gems stolen by workers. The ray makes the diamond glow green in the stomach if it is swallowed. Vampire bats aro rampunt in Trinidad tliis year. Their victims died of creeping paralysis. Chinese Turkestan contains a 300.000 square milr.- desert ;:o dry that no hu- man being, bird, animal, or plant l ' aa live within its borders. COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Inscription No. 200,000 will cure it. H kills the parasites in the skin. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Tax Notice Tax delinquent lands must be redeemed before October 1st in order to take advantage of the law providing for redemption of two years' taxes by payment of one, and without the 10 per cent penalty. Taxes for 1931,1932 and 1933 may be settled by payment of two years' taxes only, without penalty. The two-f or-one law does not apply to 1933's taxes, on which only the 10 per cent penalty may be saved. But 1931 and 1932 taxes may be settled by paying one year only. Arthur C. Anderson County and Probate Cleric THINGS YOU MAY NOT K NO W... about your Telephone ^what £e mean, 'emotion. Then he sets about getting, en their winning ral y. At bmnn^n 'emotions only fit the mode, into a frame of miiid which! « and ^«^^^s, after long years of w.ll enable her to show t.ue feel mac. forcing in u second ^ rl ous models m.d, ing ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^ ^^ ai: chart that lelU just how emotion -.a rogistowd For inscanc*, there's frnr ter how sci -cd > au ar-e, you II look n.-- men. tually w»wd for only a t«tt!> i-f 6 second. Sorrow, regsuiess of how deeply vo. and the Cards were ahead. Dol Luquc v.rtisernent for a food product, he a chooses a model who can get excited; finished for th* G.ants and wld- ith the final ; t.'JiOU3CS U iHUU,<-t rtujrf V-M»« O~" < tin' II No mat-! about food, gives her some pf it and j pitched Rotnrock home w during the fleeting moment run in the ninth. ,vhen her face shows delight, he snaps Tho second game a gam saw the I Gia.nU; take the lead when Joe Moora picture of a train | tripled and .scored on Hugh CrlU's e cainera . If he is doing a faco no longer i wreck, he poses people v/ho know the i fly in th I meaning cf stark terror and who can' yoiinxcr it before the camera. ! and third. They couldn't hit the Deun ulfectivL-ly after that Ji;u CoJlin.s tied the score Of course, aa the smiling, dark- j Hubbeli iu the than on* second. 'Jus sanw- ii « anger, real affecti/jn and euro?ity and Ua-ro* shew tip plainly for a twen i Of c ty-fifth of .-. secon 1, while f' ry in-'. | hantd fright w* evideat owe two-wind-redM ; arc ,,e secj'id. *are. I they'd be more charming and interest- | Me-d'.yU'k':; out-badger. seventh with his 33rd photographer pointed out, there j hoirer of the year. Martin's homer .eople who feel deeply but are broke the tie in the eleventh and the unable to show it. They probably j Cards added on tx.tra run on Roth- show just how fleet-; could learn, though, he says, and; roc's single, Inch's sacrifice f . ttw.r/'/l hr. »w^ and sincere facial expressions them anyone ca» figure out for ing if they did. Dean gained his 26th victory ^ h ^^±^ pi, m»°dc"with his o,vn hands the fi«e were as varied in appearance and c^iicy Western Electric Company which for Ltrunicms. Hut the demand grew wo big as the women's Fashion, for ihai year, more than 50 yc». > ho* - td a the for Watson to handle, so licenses w«c Lack of uniform quality hindered the manufactunng and P u.chas,n D a 0 cnt given to four other manufacturers, development of good telephone serv.cc. the Bell System. W ithout the aid of (he Western Hleuric Company, the men and women who furnish your telephone service here could riot serve you so well. Today, as a proven fact, this company buys from Western Electric at a cost lower •han it would be forced to pay in the competitive market. Because the telephone service is planned for the long pull, these savings have for many years been devoted, not to swelling profits, but to holding the cost of good telephone service low. This is a policy adopted in the feeling that from your standpoint as much as from our own, il is sound and workable. It is based upon the belief th»t what is best for the telephone user is in the end the policy that will bring us the surer, more enduring success. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

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