The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
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V01.UXJR XXXVH-NO. 10. — .. ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORT.IKAST AHKANRAB A*n «,„ Ilu . M 4z,Z: ^ ^ ^ * * O Blyllievllle Dally News Blythcvlllo Courier (Mississippi valley Leader Blythcville Herald Communist Witness Forcibly Ejected At Dies' Request \\AS1INGTON, April 4. (UP)-PliH Frankfcl.l, cxcett- iivc xiicrelary of New Kngland Oomimmi.sts .today \vts liPl.l summarily in eoiilimipl of the Dies committee- mul ( Cjr!cic(l Irom tho cominiUon room ;w spetiiilors shoud-d throw him out." * 'Hie action was taken when h tried lo rend a resolution donmine i»g the committee before im woiik listen to any Qiicslionx. "Walt a second; Frnnkfeld toll committee attorneys. "I'll not answer a single question mull 1 reac nils." "You are held in contempt of this committee." Chairman Martin i'Jies shouted. "Stand aside!" arc liolding yourself in contempt of the American people Frsnfeld retorted. "I'll answer no questions nntii Oils committee liears the voices of ten thousand Massachusetts. . ." His remars were cut short by the sledge hammer blows of Dies' gavel and by shouts from spectators of "throw him out—the dirty rat-" As an officer led Frunkfcld outside Hie committee room he leaned over to the press table and threw newspapermen a copy of the resolution lie attempted to read. "All right, boys, this shows yon I'm not bluffing," lie shouted. The resolution was adopted last Sunday In Boston by Communists. Frankfcld said it was signed by ten thousand Massachusetts citizens. It assailed the Dies committee investigators' raid on Boston Communist headquarters. The resolution snid the raid on the Boston Communist office was a "sensational action intended to create In the public mind the Insinuation ami filthy slander that' Communists and criminals are identical." Kills Three Children, Suicides LOB ANOELE3, Apr. 4. (UI>>-~ Mrs. l/)liln l>nvis. ^0, today 'beat her three -small children to' death with a hammer nnd then coiniiiitled suicide by setting "her clothes afire. Police said Mrs. Davis also injured a fourth child. While she was suffering the agony of (Inflames she handed the hammer to the injured child, a daughter 11 years old, and pleaded with her to use it to hasten her death. According lo police the ulrl did. beating her mother with the hammer so violently that her features were unrecognizable. Re, Jl^vm;viu,i,;, AKKANSAB, TIIUKSDAY, )!aco "Big Benin, TfUflF TR FIFTY Mrs - Little in '^^ NinUL IIILfill WhPnr^H.f SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS to:Senate Votes Down Proposals For Supervisory Control To Assist In Filing WASHINGTON, Apr. 4. (UP)— ! The senate today rejected nn • amendment to the reciprocal trade extension bill which would have required both houses of congress to LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 4. (UP>— ! approve all pacts signed with for- The income tux division of the eign governments under the pro- Ci i T r> . I nmetidme otate lax Reports!extension stale revenue department announced grain. today that auditors would be sent The senate then rejected 34 to ' AU i™ r 5'cd persons earning $2500 ~or" more annually aiid single person earning $1500 annually will be expected to file returns, officials said. New York Cotton open high low close close Oct. . Dec. . Jan. . Mar. . 1064 1039 989 972 971 960 106D 1043 092 970 971 3SI 982 969 969 955 prev. 10S3 1004 1010 1038 S86 9S7 9G9 970 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jon. Mnr. open . 1079 . 1050 . 994 . 077 . 971 . 963 high 1083 1054 991 980 971 954 prev. losv close close 1074 1075 1079 1047 1049 1048 9B8 389 97?, 973 B6U 906 955 955 Stock Prices prova'l by a majority vote of the senale. The 44 to 38 defeat of Ihe amendment sponsored by Senator Joseph c. O'Mahoney tDem Wyo) removed one of the last major obstacles to passage of the bill adding three years lo the life of Ihe program. O'Mahoney, who vigorously pleaded for passage of his proposal, widened its scope before the final vote was taken. As originally drafted it would have permitted congress to approve or reject future trade pacts by majority vote As expanded it also would have authorized congress to abrogate existing pacts. Passage of the trade program in a form acceptable to President Roosevelt has been foreshadowed since last week when its opponents failed. 41 to 44. to append to the measure a. provision rcquiriii" sen- 002 ale ratification of the pads bv iwo 977 i thirds majority 570 ' 002 John Burnette New When Car Hits House Fflilitre of the brakes lo hold caused Mrs. C, J. Little |o receive slighL injuries nnd her car to be damaged to some extent when it careened across Highway 01 at the Chickasawba n venue corner and struck the Wolf Allan residence yesterday afternoon. Seek Alcalraz fr CS As Pair Who Sliol Taxi.nan By JA.ttCS .1. flOWNING TJultcil 1' CorrcsiioiUoiit TULSA. Okln., April -I— Federal agents ai>cl stale police swarmed over the highways loday tn pur- Mrs. Little, who was driving to'?,"" of Uvo b " ntl »s. Ulenltricd by (own from her country residence ,,, , " 1 "! 1 " ley s ' 101 '" tlic >»'<*, "* north of Blvthcvllte. told Invest!- I C c "'"' IInl l'' 1 Ilol> - ll 'c only sating stale police that she applied C °, .; W| J U CV1 ''' bn)kc oul - of the brakes as she was turning west '• Mcli "' a7 - Pi'-'on. at the corner but that they did . Tne wounded man, George Cal- not liold nnd the machine bounded across the highway and through Ihe Arian yard and struck house. Treated nt Walls Hospital for a laceration on her lip and baity (axl driver who protested when the bandits ordered him from- liie i hL<i C!U ' n i |(l was shot, apparently had established what G-men had been trying to do for more than years—thai Cole and Roc bruises. Mrs. Little ivus able to be '' eache(1 the mainland without removed home later in the nfter- noon. 972 989 .A. T. ft T , Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth, Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola .... 174 1-2 Rotary Club Member John Buniette became a new 83 1-4 member of the Rotary club nt the ... 30 1-2 weekly luncheon im>ct!n« of that ... 80 1-4 : group at the Hotel Noble today ... 89 3-4 | James V. Oalcs, chairman of "the 5 3-8 i Rotary Boys' committee in riis- - 130 1-2 ' cnssinb "Boys' Work" emphasized GenM Elect 39 1-8 ; the part adults should play in the Gen'I Motors 55 5-s; lives and activities of bovs flit. Han-ester 573-4: Guests at the meetfti gwere Earl Moiil. Ward 54 5-8 Bolton of Memphis A J Jowhn N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Sttidebakcr Std. of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Steel *'••••'. t\. t/. fJUtltitll 11 7-8 and Noble Cutsinger, both of Stcele 25 1-4 ' R. V. Madden of Osceola and Hnr- 3 5-a ry Hutson of Pine Bluir 39 3-4' Johnson Blackwell attended his 7 first meeting n. s Junior Rotary 22 1-2 ; member from the high school for 12 1-8 Ihe month of April 11 3-1 drowning after their break froo, the "Hock" in San Francisco Bay on R tojgy afternoon -in December, HI37. Calvin unhesitatingly identified of cole and Hoe as his Killer of Afflicted SiV Icr Is Given Life Sentence AU.KNTOWN, I'll.. Apr, -I. (Ijp) — AluiKueitlc K, U Cowan, 17- year-old retired nurse, tnd'.iy wns onviclcd of first dcji-cu murder in the "mercy killing" of her hopelessly Insane sister, which the el- , doily di'tVndiiiu said was dliTt-ted by "our hrnvruly I'liihw." I She. was limiiedlntely seiitunced to life Imprisonment. Miss Coivau. showing nn eimnlon, listened In-' li'iilly us ihr verdict ivjis rend. •She had testified in her own defense, dial she killed her sister Mrs. I.ouella Saeuer, (17. last Auir! Id ill thc direction ot "our heavenly Churchill Forges To Front; Allies Tighten Blockade Ky Hulled IVess' Gi-piil lU'iluiiraml Vr.wcc conlidnnllv c ' ' o ol "I knew It was wrong according Census Takers I'op Qncslions 'I 1 /> T» •! I o (TOY. nancy l.l'I'T!,!.: HOCK. A]ir. 4 <UI>j ~ iov. curl K. iinilcy loday submtt- !cd lo Hie ri'iistts taker. Following |ik press conference' lo the Ten Commandments and ' thi ce' "alley received hvo nwkr-rs, from. — imimviii^ :MIU '"^ viiuu, uj IM nncmmh r j n "ccoi-cllng- t,, (h, l, uv . s or mn ,,-_| nl( llaskl county census dim KM who muiii ln»- ilu,...; not. ( . olmt vvhl , u ft ,i s |( ( .<| hlin questions dom the Innl human soul Is being lorlured," .she " thut nil dll/ens «-i)| fill oul.. and Asiatic water.' .- Hio British i iiiiii greater power in direction of the 'war, l '._. Novillc Cli»mbevlfiin declared today that' - * he was len llmr s as conriclcnt that (he allied blockade would drain Germany's life blood and assure'a victory. Chamberlain then announced UitU Iho House of Commons would men April 11. for a sccrol session lo dflwti! ihe allied program for economic warfare, neaiiisi Germany. From other world capitals, bol- <cTC'iit nnd neutral, came weird of iici'voiisiirss over the allied plans nf (hi'cols and preparations for coimler action. • in Herlln ihe high . command announced that German airplanes had severely damaged n British olflce of Krncst Hodman'PU" ' Lists Delegates To Democratic Meeting CAHUTIIERSVILLK, Mo., AprlM. "o.v W. Harper, chairman O f Iho I'cmiscot County Democratic Central Committee, has announced election of 'M delegates from this county to the state Democratic meeting nl St. Louis, April 15 IJur- per acted as chairman during u, c .„ „„.. „ ,„„ Btlt , lvoll| , , L . „ election meelh, B . ,uul Mrs. Thelm,, , Miss rjcwan s«UI. "My shte, d'l'd lrillnpr """ " "*»ry- The noml-,.,01 sen, to nollce It, She w.ilkcd (he Jury decided it did count. The wrdlcl left the mutter of sentence to the court which had the choice of di'iith in tho deckle, clmlv or life Imprisonment. Shiirn Killed and ii.s unrullled <IK anyone in ii) ( . court i-ixini Miss Cowan showed no reticence In ml- inlltliiK Hint she shot, her sister tn n reception room of the liospltnl I where she lind been confined since ' November. IM7. "A hlslicr power guided me to remove tin- from this terrible con- dllloii." die defcndunt said. In a firm voice. "II WHS our Hcnveii miner told me to do II." "We both believed In euthcnn- nslii," she continued. She defined lliiit us n mi'iclfiil reinoviil or n Person In suIIcrlUB and for whom there Is no hope. "1 fired one shot, into the floor lo sec If "1 don 'I some "alley snld. "but iherp' nljntit iui- question^ 1 . of rny know (he alrondy answers f'm g 0 |,, K to destroyer in' n North Sea ..„„„*, that len oilier nnval or nierchanl ships luul been destroyed or clam- "Bcd nnd Hint n ijnt| s |, ,,| an e hud l>ccn shot down. Nazi authorities refused, however, to discuss rumors Uiat'Ger- luimy Imd wiirneil (he Scandlnn- Andrew Beasley, 68, c i l >lcl "' cs °f dole mul Hoe as hi , OUCCUmbs j assailants. His identification cli niaxed a week of rumors that th lwo I"8iUves were this LUXORA, Ark.. April <!,— Andrew [ lwo I"8iUves were Beasley, who spent most of his life ' nc! 8hbornood, (lie s=enc of their back enc — ^t.jitj, i,,nj .ijj^-lll, IIH^L U| lug l|]e, "-"•"'"* >""*J>i, nil: ^^LILL [Jl [IUJ1I on a Mississippi River houseboat i omlt> w days bclore Limy were put in following the fishing business,] l"_ A 'calra/. as desperate felons (lied last night nt the home of a i No~'iiian"l)efore or since llfcTu daughter, Mrs. Willie Ingram. He j has bioken Irom Alratnr/.. lw was G8 - ) ft 'd*s inter the break it had teen In ill health for several years, lie ' cxpecicd lhal sooner or Inter the. became confined to his bed six uoul <!s of two would be washed months ago at the home of his " sll orc. because the waters between daughter. the prison Island and the mainland Born in Southeast Missouri, Mr. i sce "i« l beyond the cni'.urancc ol Eeasley grew up on thc Mississippi • "" y Dimmer, and every concciv- River. earning his livelihood by! " ble satcguard has -pecn laKcn catching and .selling fish rammer- ', "Sainst tonu going near the prison. n number of -.... v ,..,v. iui .1 m:iiiui.'j- 01 vcnr.': i iu' itriruii }Jiir^.Tii of Invest!has been assisted by his two "sons.' gallon assigned agents to hunt me Chfiord and Willie Beasley. Hc two fi^mves and never recalled knew many stories of life on the them trum tne jo. river and exporter - - • with whom he cai... ... ___ f Funeral services were held this they were alive, and It had scenru afterroon at the Assembly of Go;I that tnc u-mc-n were huntin* tv.o nllllrr.}. In, tl\r* T^-.. rr ^- . ° '"" (itspcittuoes wno didn't exist. Cnlvin was dying from Ins wound. Hc inaiiL' tiiu luL-iuiiiCiaioas just before he lapsed Into uncansclmi-i- ^•-•-•j. * MI, 1J-JH1I natliiij committee consisted of Luther Gunner, Braggadocio; Houston Buckley, Ilaytl, M,- S . Mary Olllarcl, Wardell; and' II V Lit TCl/clncr nnd Ally. Elmer Pea both of Cnriithcrsvllle. I Uelcgatcs named, with cni;h to have one-half vole at I lie slate convention, were: Sterling n M(; . Cnrlhy, Iliirrison Bminc lilmer Peal. Abie Hushlni;, un),'er ctirt- ncr, Fred Henley, A. li. lirlnkmnn trnnk Harper, O. II. Acorn, w I)' Dyrd, O. l>. TllBhnion, shnroii ,1 ! ate. Ciideon Crews, S. Crews Reynolds, ,j. n. Severn, It. w. Hawkins C.COI-KC Merrill Jr.. Ed Ituff u N' Brasher. Ralph Hushing Houston' Buckley. Everett Reeves Sr Mr^ H. P. Tluvcait, ;;. v. uixcifeliicr,' Clyde Maloncy. W. N. Holly A O Sunders, Roy W. Harper. i,ce Vi'a- ger, Mrs. o. T. Martin, Chas W Reed and M. R. Rowland. Dogwood Ridge Bureau Will Meet April 10 , to (hc other side of (he room. "I followed nnd j] re ,| ilt llor She fell lo llm noor. I foil her inilse. ami could fed nothing 1 fired one more shot inlo her botly to make ,s«re s|ie was d,cad." British Conduct Lectures On Aircraft Identification LONDON <UP>—identification ol filendly nnd hostile aircraft, Important, enough now, would become even more Important if large scale raids on |h! s country were lo tiike place, olllclnls pointed out. Intelligence otflccrs at Fighter Coininiiiid stations arc busily preparing those most concerned In i Identification — searchlight an'J j antl-nlrcinfl crews and members tit Ihe Observer Corps—by giving 'hem lectures. Al one station the Intelligence oillcers. who holds dully lectures, ins made nn Intensive study ot ::i'nndii nnd aircraft pccu- vlans Umt a German expeditionary force wns ready to embark for northern Europe If necessary 'to Ihwnrt British Inlcrfcrence with Iron ore shipments to the Reich. In Tokyo where n nnval spokesman commented unfavorably on American naval maneuvers In Ihe 1'Mlfic ns n "big sword" brandished al Japan, it wns stated thai Japan has Ihe greatest objections lo any Allied attempt to blockade Russian shipping through Ihe Japanese .sen. Japan may be compelled lo "hike measures" In event of any Illegal activity of Allied' nnval ships. It \vns slated officially. A criminal coiirl Jury cnrlv' this 1 , ' n ' e ™. lms bec " " mch ms'taltoii •J y s lmb .roi- a stronger and French naval control in the Pacific, in order lo Inlercciil shlpmcnU to isslan port of Vladivostok, might be shipped across :iia and eventually to Gerany. h, this connccllon n Brlt- Hin)liey Wins Freedom Oi liislruclccl Verdict Thi -. i.. MiLiiiui cum i jury emiy tills nftemoon wns considering (h c case ' of llubc Elliott, ' charged with re-1 cellvnj; stolen properly and'as im •,,,,, accessory to Brand larceny In the j wl , ; --j -••••• u ..... M mi>,viij' in my i \iil.lf. heft O f j,|8n nt a lourlst camp i S ' from n funnel-. bll)L Clrciiil Jiidifc N6II Kllloiigh earlier lodny 'Instructed -n verdict of ncqiilttnl In the rase of Mnrvln Hiighcy who wfts being tried Jointly wiiii union. - ish spokesman in London said that Britain-will exercise its -full belligerent rights In the Sou o! Japan although making every effort, lo keep .on good icrms with the .- j. „„ ..- _-. 0 , ,.,.„ n,.^, luutiiuu u.iiiiie.s. ne i hrstrntcx hk t * of life on the them tromtne. Jon, aiiaou|!h until Dogwood Ridge Farm lUneau vllh scale models of 11,ll.h me t,f™^ I'"'" -nm.^i V'T' lad OC ? "° in '"'' C In" meCt Wci " lcS(I »y '"«»<- April Cicrman nailers ,,nd bombers. me in contact. , UiowtaUc of any cviocnse tnal 10. according to announcement i were held this they were alive, and It hurl socm.vl made, tndtw ...... _. . Church by the Rev. H. 6 Harrison, pastor, with burial in calhoun Cemetery. Besides Mrs, made today. Officers are m-glns all members (o attend Ihe inccllng. nnd the other daughters. Mrs. ham of Marie, and Mrs. j" o " mi Looney of Memphis. Servant House Is Damaged By Fire Firemen nnswerrd a call of 1127 West Ash street this morning. 8:05 o'clock, when a blaze broke out In (he servant house in the rear of the Jack Parker residence The lire was quickly extinguished with only minor damages. 6i 7-a I Chicaao Wheat National Cotton Picking Conlesl Receives Much Favorable Commeni open high low close '. No action has vet b=pn til.™ m> May 105 1-8 100 1-8 104 5-8 105 1-2 (hc proposal of M c Jli! 104 1-4 105 1035-8 104 1-2 stale publicity director. I Chicago Corn May Jill. open 56 1-2 58 high low 57 56 1-2 58 1-4 57 3-4 close 57 53 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III, Apr. 4.' Black mart, ,. -, — "••-^-•-"i. that 17 state prelmhmy contests be held prior lo the National Cotton Picking con, test in Blytheviile next Fal], it was announced today by Harrv W ] Hauvcs. publicity chairman, follow- i ing a public nniouiiccmcal bv Mr Blackman of h k .suggestion ' Cooperation of the state of Ar- kansns in the first annual Nalional " (UP)—Hogs; 0,000—8.000 Top, 5.10 170-230 Ibs., 5.00-5.05 140-160 Ibs., 4.00-4.60 Cattle, 2,100 Steers, 7.25-9.25 Slaughter steers, G.50-11.50 Butcher's yearlings, 7,50-8,90 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-10.00 Beef cows, 5,00-6.00 .h"" th 5 letter to w>«W -..v «i LUIS iy«e xvoutcl bring considerable favorable pub' through the , „.", ""«o uirmign tne - mefitum of newspapers, newsrcels, radio and magazines. "There should | be even more 'color' material in a i cpttoii picking contest than In the | already popular corn husking conj tests in the Middle West," ll.c latter That the first National Cotton Picking Cor.tcst will be of wide merest throughout the United Stales, as well as In the 17 cotton states, is evidenced by the publicity ccived. I IIP event ha.s already Ueiclwr, 3/, of Paintsvihc, Ky.. nnd Li-.~i:T Urnvffura. la, ol oprini- lieid Mo., both intch-hiKers had rejiortcd Unit two men resembling pictures ol Hoc ar.d Cole had ol- Icrcd them a ricie and remarked Hint they had "escaped from liic KoL't." The hitth-niKors said liie two men o]feted lo let them help roo a bank. Ml .vents snid that the report of lli'lrhcr ami Crawford mis me tney had nad on Roe iniu Coll- "in a month," but indicated iliat they had cnccked many such iciMils. Aiilhorltles in Sun Frau- tisai .still scolted at Ihe idea lhal Koe and Cole could have crossed the treacherous currents ol Ihe oay lu freedom. More than (,o state and city police and icdcral agents Joined Imme- itiately in the manhunt. Calvin snid three men were in the parly which accosted him. At their order he drove them to a hill on the edge ol thc Os.igc County line, inside the cily proper. Wiicu they ordered him to'slop, he ' t him In Ohio Highway Excluding icipalities, there million driver;; In Percy A. Wright Is attorney for I Jupnncse, Klllotl nnd also for Hughcy. Possibillly of other Important dc- l roscciilor Bruce Ivy presented ! velopmenls In this connection was (he stale's case assisted by Deputy '. reported by a Danish newspaper 1 rosr-cmm- If. o. I'nrtlow. which said the Russian Pacific fleet . had been ordered lo convoy Rus| stan shipping in the Pacific in event the Allies mnke any further attempts to seize such vessels. Three already Imve been Intercepted. , The Allies also were facing the possibility of new difficulties in the Adriatic sen which Italy re- enrds ns a "Fascist lake." In Uclgrncie nn official source revealed today that the British government has warned Jugoslavia held this i blll|)s " lnt lllcy ma y Dc halted if of ,i w ll!C ' cr Douglas Wilson Dies Of Throat Ailment Douglas Wilson, 21-year-old farmer of Promised Land, died last nlBlit nl Wnlls Hospital, He was removed lo the hospital nlnu days ago aflcr Imvlnij bci-omc seriously 111 of a throal ailment. Funeral services were afternoon al. the home . u , „ „ McOiiughcy by the licv. A, W. Harris, pastor of the Promised Land Methodist Church, with burial In I f.'lmwood Cemetery. Germany. to Trieste (or PITTSBURGH (UP)-Fven the hall pahs ni so came Slovakia. from Ozecho- nIK) tw( 5ls . lr-rs, Mrs. Dorothy Navi; and Mrs. 'rone Cnrtcr, both of Brnyg City, Mo. Home was In Childish Anns Welcome Soldier-Fa 1:1 le protested. One of them i'"^"--"-- 1 '- v^j.v vi muni Anuc lutti in A check-up has revealed lint the the back and another kicked him competition has already been publicized in practically all of the leading i-cwspapers of the country n number of which have also carried iditoiial comments. That Blytheviile the log - — ••' mv Lu^icai location for such a contest because of It being the 'capital 1 of the largest cotton producing countv in the world and because of Ihe'un- usual fertility of its soil, has been expressed by many '"«, e ii withers" of the contest. S|>onsorcd by an association recently formed, even more active preparations will get underway this month for Ihe conicst which is tentatively set for the first week In October. • . . Horn the c.ib. after taking $3 from Ins pocket. He lay in th c str eet while tin- assailants drove away in his car. Two deputy sheriffs sped Calvin to a hospital. On thc way, he said: "Those guys whose pictures was In thc paper (Cole and Roe) shot me." He was unable to Identify the Ihird bandit, but said all three had guns. 1'oltcc Lieut, J. D. Bills doubted Unit thc bandits were Cole and Roc. "It jusl doesn't sound like them," he said. "Tho&s boys don't stoop to small time hijacking." - uries — tobacco and tea — because ihty cnn't be bought due to hljh Imposed since start of the war. Dummy Troul Holds Cigar YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL. PAIiK, Mont, (UP)-Forest Ranger Jimmy Dent nearly fell oft Ihe bridge hc was crossing when lie saw a Iroul with a cigar lu its i.'ioiith. However, when the trout iailcd to do any puffing, Dent Investigated. Some one had taken « trout skin, stuffed It with cotton, put the clgar-iilhjats mouth and left It just .uWaiaXht « 0 uU be sure lo ^e lf*$$mffr^ EnteTpTis^^^^K'r mie King, aged -''?, 'rented parking ;:p.icc on his parents' lawn during an Intercollegiate fight. When tht; :-.HVH was full, he permitted. his parking to overflow onto tha sidewalk. Two of his patrons jot tags for Illegal parking, which he was •called upon to pay. At (he enct or his night Into higher finance, his ledger read: "Assets $2; liabilities 32." j The new Empire Air Scheme, i under which Canada is to spend I nbout $3,000,000.000 for Ihree' years and turn out nbout 25.000 I trained pilots, is reported to be underway. Thc only difference, from the original plan is that Canada will not be the training cen- ier for the whole British Empire. „..„.,.,, vm^m;n,in;u nl'JHS tO \VCl~ meeting, slmu-i, nbovo, took place Just after James arrived on a furlough from ihe English fighting forces In ftance. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, colder tonight and Friday, frost probable in extreme north portion tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Partly cloudy and colder tonight, lowest temperature about : 48.- Friday /air and continued cooU-•' ""'-

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