Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1937
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, ffOPE, ARKANSAS nded Funds of WPA Money llprted on Projects *" '111 Arkansas Works stration (WPAJ undisbursed lUments for Arkansas projects Bureau of the Budget ,-j., Cdfflplled in connection with 'president's budget report, dis- thfe undisbursed money its surpluses left after projects fflSpleted, some represent com- ittetJ projects in process of building, 'some, projects on which work has been started. jAj&ieht White House statement said which the FWA is not upon to meet must be written FHtlay, October 22, [New Legion Heads (Continued from Page One) ItOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor Smith, officers of Pat Cleburne Chapter of the U. D. C:, were also special _. , . . . . , guests, and were presented to the This a an appeal for a concerted gathering, together with the dcpnrt- effort to overcome the drop in attend-' ment auxi i inry officers bv ^ ArP , hur ance last Sunday due to the rain tf S wanke, of Hope, Twelfth District eVI £ b °$'wl Vh0 ^ S c T c ""endant president o£ the Auxiliarv- at the Tabernacle Sunday School will; „ . be present next Sunday it will carry \.!^ n * " nd "f^± n * "^A""!' the attendance mark back where it be- : . lcan were «• SUMOM. De- longs; may we depend on you? Matte' P? rtm ? nt Commander: Bert Presson, special effort to attend. Adjutants e Lee. of M. ca eor o aen. . . The pastor will speak at both the ' **• f^ts Post all of Little Rock; W. ornin worshi service and the eve- A - shu1 "- of "' h D ' S " iCt ^Arkansas commitments included: ISearCy disposal plant $1,752.54. ifStuttgart disposal plant $517.33. '""" t waterworks $205.22. s waterworks ?759.13. uttgart street improwemcnt SSO.- feMalvern courthouse 5399,72. JpltisRellville school $63.45. p ^Itilssellville gymnasium $6,726.30. fWiSigh^ presidents of the United States fcfititt&oeea members of the American * Philosophical Society, oldest learned d, Tablets „ Silve, Note Drops •i checks Malaria in 3 days Colds first day Headaches, 30 minutes. Try "Rub-My-Tism" World's Best " •• Liniment BURGESS Plug - In Batteries For battery-operated models of * PJrilco, Crcsley, and Grunow Radios—Convenient, safe, economical,- clear--reception. Equip Your Radio With a Burgess at a Saving. AUTOMOTIVE . SUPPLY CO. j- 112 S. Main Hope, Ark. morning worship service and the evening evangelistic service at 7:45. Spe- Commander; andDr. Leon Kosminsky. cial music, both vocal and instrumental ot T * xark A™' Past Department Corn- feature the night service. Some fine m » ncler - ° ut _° to ™ n . Legion . . _ . ° fflcmts mclud T ° m C1 ' ck ' quartet, have recently been organ!*- ° lcms , mcu , ° m ' c ' ed in the church and will be singing Commander at Te.xarkana; George S. regularly in the evangelistic services. Harr «. Post Cominander a Ashdown; Christ's Ambassadors and Childrens Church at 6:45. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope's full-gospel center. Gijon, North Port, Taken by Rebels General Franco "Cleans Up" Bay of Biscay Territory IRUN, Spain — (tP)— Gljon, last government stronghold on Spain's northern coast, surrendered Thursday to insurgent armies marching from the hills on its southeast.. During the morning Anarchists who hnd been ruling the city were overthrown by Asturians and Basques who were convinced that further resistance was useless with General Franco's troops less than three miles away. Insurgent authorities said this victory, virtually completing the cleanup F1RST CHRISTIAN V. A. Hammond, Pastor mander, N. E. Graham, Post Commander and W. H. Martin, Adjutant, of the Stamps Post. Department Commander R. W. Sisson, who made the principal address of the evening, presented the five point program of the American Legion in Arkansas; rehabilitation and The rainy weather was an excuse but j hospitalization for the disabled vet- not a reason for the low attendance in , ernn ; care and protection of the veteran s widow and orphan, membership, Americanism work with youth groups, and employment for veterans. Commander Sisson pointed to the Legion's new re-employment program as having far-reaching effects on the future welfare of a large group of veterans in Arkansas who are now reaching an age when it is difficult for them to secure permanent employment. The Legion's program contemplates the setting up of National and Regional veterans' employment committees, who will, through publicity- and actual contacts with employers and veterans, attempt to se- Ed Patton, Jr., vice District Com- of the Bay of Biscay coast, would re- the Sunday school last Sunday morning. We'll all have to prove our loyalty by being present this week. The Business Men's Class set us all an example by securing two new members last week. They also ranked highest in percentage of attendance last week. The Young People ranked second and the Loyal Women third. Because of tthe religious census the morning service Sunday will be a brief one. The pastor will speak briefly on the subject "The Effective Church and the Kingdom of God." The sermon presents the church of today as surrounded by a rapidly changing civilization and emphasizes cure justice for the veteran in the the need of making the church a more' adequate force in the life of our day. Our forefathers placed the church matter of employment and security for th fture of himself and his family. In commenting on the Legion Anier- at the very center of their civilization. I icanism program Mr. Sisson said that Where do we place it? The service will be dismissed at 11:40 to permit those who are to work in many of the one hundred fifty posts of the state would organize junior baseball teams in their communities, and the religious census to secure an early he P°mteA out the benefits accruing dinner and be able to return to thej l °-* e community through this phase church for a brief period of instruc- ° rf the Legion Americanism program, tion at 12:45. The teams will go out He stated tnat a ' r eady the Legion has from the church at 1 p. m. to their assigned territory, and will report back so interested itself in the boys of America that last year one out of ev- to the church where their cards will erv seven Boy Scout troops in America be checked by the pastor, as soon as they have completed the visitations assigned to them. Cur people are urged to assist the census takers by remaining in their homes until the workers can call upon them. All calls are txpected to be made before 2 o'clock, and should be completed even earlier than that. • The evening sermon, in the service beginning at 7:30 is on the theme, "Tide of Revival." Every member of the church is urged to attend this service and to invite others to come. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Thomas Brewster, Minister was spnosored and financed by an lease large forces for the rebel offensive in Eastern Spain, where Franco has been massing his armies for a drive against either Barcelona or Valencia. The insurgent command appeared hopeful of dealing a decisive blow before any material number of foreign volunteers could be withdrawn. Franco hopes to end the war before winter makes operations difficult. Copies Italians Franco took the first step toward establishment of a new civil government under his rule Thursday by creation of a National Council of Phalange or state party. Members of the council, modeled on the Fascist Grand Council of Italy, included Pilar Primo de Rivera, daughter of the former Spanish dictator, Manuel Falconde, former chief of the the disbanded Carlist party, and Generals Gonzales Quelpo de Llano, Fidel Davila and Jose Monasterio. Insurgent dispatches said that Dc- larmino Tomas, Anarchist governor of Gijon, had been captured hy rebel warships lying in wait outside the American Legion Post. ' ' Rev. V. A. Hammond. Commander' of Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12,'presided at Thursday night's meeting, and at the close of the program announced that the American Legion and the Auxiliary were asking all other local veterans' organizations to join with them in a Memorial Service at the Methodist church in Hope on the night of November 7. Details of this service will be announced later. harbor when he attempted to escape to tYcmce with hundreds of other officials and military lenders. All were said to have been token to Snntander and imprisoned. Bnsqes and Asturlnns were reported to have battled In the streets of Gljon before emissaries of the military commander were sent out to offer surrender. One of the contributing factors of the collapse was said to have been the lack of anti-craft shells and planes to drive off insurgent bombers. Join Troops at Gljott Insurgent headquarters at Salamanca reported that Rightist troops at Oviedo, 20 miles- southwest of Gijon had joined the conquering units before the fallen city. The announcement was interpreted as meaning the government troops, whoch have bc- selgcd Oviedo since the start of the war, had abandoned the aaige on learning of Gijon's surrender. Squads of AsturUin miners were reported to have marched from Oviedo to Gijon where they threw themselves on the Insurgent's mercy. Franco's officers here said they expected a mass surrender of the remaining government forces in the North within a few days. Insurgent control of Gijon left government troops holding only a small bit of coastline from west of Gijon to just beyond Avilcs. Training School At (Continued from Page One) personally and organizing ability. Miss Doris Riley, educational director :bf the First Baptist church, Pine Bluff, and a specialist in Young People's work, comes to participate in this school in return for a recent engagement which the Rev. Hamilton filled I nthe Pine Bluff church. The Rev. nnd Mrs, Ralph W. Davis of the First Baptist church, Ashdown, Ark. Will leach courses for which they nre especially qualified. Large classes have already enrolled to take their work. The Rev. Prank W. Patterson, successful pastor of the First Baptist church in Nashville, Ark., and Instructor in Bible at the Nashville High School, will give a course of general nature on "The Book." • The schedule provides two class periods ench night with a feature and inspirational period between them (except Monday). The schedule will be as follows: 7-7:45 first class period. 7:45-8:10 feature In inspiration. 8:10-8:55 second class period. A general assembly for introduction of faculty and enrollment of classes will open the school promptly at 7 p, m. Monday. Twelve American Airlines' lermilals are being equipped with a new type of nir conditioner sepcially built for transport airplanes. New York City has enough telephone wires to reach to the moon and back 35 times. Prescription 200, 000 Kills Parasitic Itch (Scabies) In 30 Minutes Price Of|C JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxnll Store Phone 63 Delivery 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans nre here, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful considera- . tion that, we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those who-anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can be assured Of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find • H to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, i E. C. BROWN & CO. CotCon Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas An airship can fly greater distances tiimi any airplane and at a speed much higher than any steamship. And It can furnish a much greater degree of comfort. Mass production has been held out as the panacea which will tower the cost of airplanes nnd automatically remove all obstacles to universal flying. HEADACHE due to constipation Relieve the cause of the trouble! Take purely vegetable Black-Draught. That's the sensible way to treat any of the disagreeable effects of constipation. The relief men and women get from taking Black- Draught is truly refreshing. Try it! No mineral drugs, no synthetic chemicals — just purely vegetable leaves and roots, finely ground. BLACK-DRAUGHT A GOOD LAXATIVE In captivity the purple finch lu yellow. CALL NELSON HUCKINS ROBERTS GROCERY & MA West Third Street Home of Belt BABY BEEF ROAST— Pound HOME MADE HOG HEAD CHEESE RKFT ImCl er Meats 15c Ib, 15c CREAM CHEESE— Pound .. 2Sc PURE PORK SAUSAGE— Pound „ . PORK CHOPS— Pound FRESH COUNTRY EGGS— Dozen . . MIXED SAUSAGE— Pound HOME BAKED HAM— Pound . .. TENDER BABY BEEF STEAKS— Lb. SIRLOIN STEAKS— 2 Pounds A Complete Line of Groceries .. 25c 30c 30c 15c 70c . 15c| 45c| 1 I I m I I 1 *f. CLEARANCE SALE VALUES ,N USED CARS :<i 4, K&» Sunday school for all age groups at 9:45 a. m. Morning worship at 10:55. Evening service at 7:30. No mid-week service in view of annual meeting of Synod of Arkansas Tueseday through Thursday of next week in Batesville. Meeting and supper of Deacons next Tuesday night at the Capital Hotel at 6:30 as announced by the chairman of the board of deacons. Week of prayer and self denial for home missions next week under auspices of our Woman's Auxiliary. All are urged to attend each afternoon Monday to Thursday. BUY NOW- and drive a .BARGAIN'. St. Mark's Episcopal Church [lev. Chas. C. Jones, Priest in Charge Services Sunday October 24 will be: holy Communion at 7:30 a.m. and morning prayer and sermon at 11 a.m. PAGE'S .CASH ONLY Phone i4»—We Deliver BEEFROAST 10 ° P er cent Pure Pork Saus. Ib. ShouIder Roast Ib. 19c, Chops, 25c DAD If F Vlm ROUND ° ndui " STEAKS Ib BEEFTEHDERS NolF — UCIgQ Dressed, Ib. 19'/ 2 c flM A IlErilW Fryers, Ib 23c FISH i?2V N OTHING has been withheld from this sale. 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