The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Here's a Prolly How-doc-Do! Cincinnati Reels And Boston Red Sox To Try Out Youngsters STATESVILLE. N. C.. April a (UI')-Two pitchers who hope to win regular jabs this season go to Ihe' mourn] today as tlic Cincinnati Rods and Boston Red So\ continue their exhibition scries. Gene Thompson pitches for the lieds against \Vtioriy Rich of liu- Red Sox. Six straight hits wltli two out in tlis fifth inning K ave the Sox four- runs and -.1 0-3 win over the Reds yesterday. WAYCROSS, Ga.. April 3. (UP>- Tlie Cleveland Indians were trying for their second win In five stalls ' against the New York Giants today ( Hy Vandenberg and Dill Lolirjnan throttled the Tribe with seven hits 1 yesterday lo give lhe Giimus their I third win. 10-3. Thc Giants col Iccted H hits. THE PAYOFF IIAKItV OUAYSON Kojvirc S|.oi!s jMjto, .S. C., April 3. One OKLAHOMA CITY. April 3. The New York Yankees tackle! Oklahoma City in B n exhibition game today. The Yankees wound ' imls prepared for major lc,i B m- op- up their iiiva-,1011 ol the Texas' position from the Washington Sen- League with a 3-0 win. over lhe alors at Orlando today by ljc-itlii» Dallas Steers yesterday as Alley I Rochcsler o[ tlie Internationa! uonold and Spud Chandler pitched j League 9 to I on 1C hits-only one !IVP-ml tin II nf ,.A.I_I- . . J Ugly? Sun- they're ugly, [m ,l pi oll< i of it. When French wrestler Maurice rTlie An B cl"j Tillet -left) claimed tin- title of world's ugliest mini, William J. Riloy. "ugliest man in Chicago," challenged liis claim. Aboi'o, they cmupcle. You nr( . t| lc referee. -. Ga., April 3. Eoasting livo str/ilfht wins over the Atlanta Crackers, thc Brooklyn Dodgers met the Southern Association club in thc final game of of which was an extra-base blow Bob Bwma » '""I Lou Warnckc (UP)- allowed only five hits between them SAN ANTONIO, „ ,,... (UP)—A team of St. Louis Browns managed by Trainer Doc Daumnn . * ""- *"'i'i JIUIIIL- ui i'n"i"5i.n tjy ii.unci uoc liaumun ineir series today. Lindsay Deal's defeated another sr,ua<t of Brownie? double and Johnny Hudson's single under Assistant Trainer John gave Brooklyn a lo-lmilng. 10-s Hundley. 5-4. with Pitchers Jolmm- win over the Crackers yesterday.; Whltchead and Bill -nolter S oin» flic Doduers unloaded two rookies "ie full route. Whilclu-ad was lhe sendiiiir Pitclicr sieve Rnclnmck ' winner. First Uaseinaii decree M- to MoiUreal on option wlillc hand- Quimi iclunied to the f>,imc after ing Outfielder Cul Chapman hb a week's treatment of sciatic ncrvr outright release. '.trouble. FORT WORTH. Tex., April 3 i lUP)-Conule Mack's Philadelphia Athletics left Arizona today, where they failed to win in live starts against the Pittsburgh Pirates and headed homeward through Trans. Tils A's concluded their sprirg series with the LSUCS at liisuee yesterday, losing on errors, 10-8' Tlie Muckmon play n two-game .series here nnd then move on to Dallas Today's Sport Parade •MIAMI .BEACH, Flu.. April 3 (Up)-Tho Philadelphia Phillies meet the Rochester Red Wln»s of lhe International league for the fourth time here today in their final game, ,^1, Fl (tmi:llr o p lirk . The Phils ; ddoppedVa J-3 deciston to Die Syracuse chiefs at Fort Lautierdalc yesterday. . ORLANDO, Pin., April 3. (UP)— Owner Clark Griffith of liio Wa-ih- iiiuton Senators dispatched four Players lo the minors toaay. First Bnseraan Jimmy Vernori was sent Quick and p'itimeY BUI S Holland M' MoLKMOU NEW YORK, April 3. (UP)-l have never attempted to assume the t'lamor of a war correspondent but I certainly don't need u whipcord tunic or leather puttees to tell you that thc European conflict will .slowly strangle the competitive (lair which is .1 necessary (|«al- iiicatibn of every truly jjrcat alh- lt!tc. I say thnt because It is obvious (o me as lo, any uncultimsed observer Hint the great athlete no longer has all his incentive. The war has taken it away. hostilities have influenced every sport. Track ami cnnis, gait ami polo have Uoxlng and racing The utmost- field, t been s blows. - ..W..L, IJ1M riuuuiKl "'""•'• uu.Miig unit rilCLIlg ll!lVC> were sent-to tlie Springfield club, been aliected. too. but less directly" a Washington farm, and Pitcher E™" ire-hockey nnd two or three fnrm'r) s .'™,, to , llle Nf "s' ChnrloiU- u™m!s of Inlmiiittonnl football larii. Griffith deniwi that the dis- lllu ' 1 ' been atfcclcd. The war's part paten of Vernon to tin- Giai.ts' '" "'I this is simple It lias vc- 'arm had anything | 0 do with ni- " 10 ™l Ihe ink-rnalton:il contest mors that the Nats would get 2cke tr<M » - s l )0! 'ls Bonura in a Irade. Take Hack and r,cl ( , for llMnlm riiL- other night 1 wutchixl Gnu- i Uoyed a and Don Lash in nnw normal circumstances Blo/ls would be .sniliJig off lo Holslnki to carry Hie Stars and Stripes against the world. Instead, he can do nothing l)iil go back io Georgetown. Anything bin thc Olympics is an anticlimax. H Ls the same everywhere. No tennis player can hope for more limn the singles title at Forrest Hills. Wimbledon is mile.? ami yciirs away and there will be no coronation ceremony for 1040 because (here won't be an International lourmimciil. worthy of the name Nor will there be n challenge for the Wightmau cup, Golt has lost the Walker cup nnd the Ryder cup. A do/.en ambitious young men have been grooming Ihelr strokes ;or months hoping .tint the untoward will happen so :hal they may get 11 chance al lhe HriUsh on thc links. They still can try for what the phrascinaker.s -all the gold and glory of home IMmes, but they will miss tlie special tin K ic (hat comes only when they know the hopes of their countrymen arc riding on their putts. Foreign boxers arc at thc trout I-orcign horses art- being shipped across the Atlantic. Thc ice-hockey leagues may collapse whenever Canada calls her players to the colors. The International F'olo scr- ies will not be held next year mm it is doubtful If Britain will challenge for fne America cup for another decade. The effect of these cancel la I ions won't be felt this year. Nor-innybe next 'year. But by |g« you will notice it." You will notice It. iu times nnd distances and 'volleys and putts. The war will alfccl sports much as a blight aflccts a iomalo patch, and you know the sort o! lomalop.s you get after Ihe blight And spenklng of blights, I'm off totay lo descend on Augiistn for lhe-masters. The Chicnso Field Museum ex- Idbits n fossil elepliiml. tooth ivelglilng. .seven pounds. f . "•• JIIMII o.— UJ1C of the rinist .stories In bnscball is lie leiormalion of the veteran Ralston Ilemsk-y under the In- /llieuce of young Hob. Feller H was m Feller's suggestion that lhe Cleveland club marc a deal for llnlley Ilemsley two years ago the loivii farm boy having found'n n pleasure lo pitch to him on a barn- MormlnB trip the previous fall. I nc kid made Ilemsley complcu-- y over by the s i m p! e p ,- ocess ,' )f ni!«Kll«g him as a .somebody" says one uf Die aklcr Indians who pn-fers not to be imoted "In St. Louis mill 'elsewhere, Ilemsley was regarded as a bum «i«l lron.,,1 like one. He <i , care, "Now he has been made to «>al- |i!c he's a pail ol hta club and'an In'i'rind'i 1 ,""' 1 : U " U UK ' '° am np( ' lls wouldn'l know' iVelmley ",Ty more' Die faith which Bob Fclhi has siiown In Holly did what aim-- • and neglect couldn't do," Uollicklni; Roily Hcmslcy str;i|"lu cncd up because he couldn't" In I'cller down, He- Is proud of being the batii-ry- mntc of ami the ,„„„ tu whnm baseballs greatest pitc)icr IISK--DS for pllfhlng advice I.AMIIS l)il» NOT ['IX I'l.AVKIlS' SALAKV Larry MncPhnil says the slorv that Judge Landls tixcd HID nmomu of salary to be paid Lindsay Deal holdout Brooklyn recruit outfielder' is erroneous. . . . The commissioner only made certain suggestions, according to tthe Dod«er director, which easily could amount lo tlie same thing. The Giants liavm'i even fitted out a new uniform for 2eke lio- nura, rather definite proof Dili ;_COURIER_NET70^ " Keiser News !l:>s Cluli I'jifiy Members of the if ( .L SPr •)>,„ -mine nj-dj-c citii, ,„„, s[x 8Ucsts entertained Thursday afternoon wlir-n Mrs. W. c. Wnlls Dad n party at Her home, Jonquils and other "Wins flowers decorated the eiiter- ilnJng j-oonis. Ml.w liuth Bradford. Miss Katli- Jle..Miss Charlie Mne Wrl'dil/Mlss Kobe oowan and Miss Mary Ami l-iiulkncr were guest* At the conclusion of tbi- (j.-unc-.s, tlie hostess served a. salud t-- with iced tea. Mrs. W. M. Tuyloi lirc'si-nlt'd the . . ., for hlfh score „ ' ' Ii among the club member* ami 'MBS Hnth Dradlord ainoii.' Hi at Methodist Hospital in Memphis Thursday. Miss Hull is recovering from an operation. Mis:; Mary Cecilia Cohen was Die jjiiftst of her fiarenl^, Dr. and Mrs. o. T. cohcii, ol Jaaeslmo over the week end, Mrs. R. H, Hutnnson and Mrs. P' M. Mays spent WHni-adiiy in Memphis. -Mrs. M. c. Prcvole Ls ylslUnjj ht-r daughter, Mrs. W. M. Rogers wlio Is ill at St. Joseph's Hospital h> Memphis. Miss Mary Alice Stnttle .spent thc wt'ek end ni |'oo:ilionln.s :is tlie Sliest of her paieiits, Mr. and Mrs C. K. Stnttlc. lr. and Mrs. Jim Uargniic, Mrs. iulh-r and diuixhtcr. Ila/.i-J, PUt it up! dfler dinner, ml then you '-mi have e jilcw 1 ? AllMIITS J- Aunt Mary. '!•• No. TlmiiKh it is all right to let liitn have tlie sin KC for n few minutes. 3. Y<". 1. No. 5. No. For (ho mother mav <•••' want him to.him- li.. Host "Whni, Woi,j,| yon J)o" sn$ aio,-,!,,. you need,.',, ,-lsk a ;..cne.« X 1 * a **-" lm f0r ""' Firsi Kcserve District N,,. 8 Kfport of Coiuliliott of Bank in Blyihcvillc the close of Miss Irene Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j. n. Johnson of Crews Lateral, celebrated her nth ay Saturday by having -\ for 29 of her friends. IJiicsLs played games In whlo-li winners were awarded [Hires. After tlie-(.amcs, a dessert course »" lemonade was SCI - VC( | Miss Katherln end guest Ixifttss .,..-.,. of her parents, w. and Mrs. J. I, i/iftiss. «f poca- hontns. Charles Lester of McCJfhw has Men lhe guest of Mr. and Mrs. E;l Watson and family for UK- past few weeks. Miss Ada Mae Iliirton Krisr-r home economics instructor, attjnd- «l the state home ec meeting which was held in LJUIC Rock Saturday i-iii'sK i McOeiicc and Mr. and Mrs. w h ' • • I L. Aiichclln and daughter, l.'rances' of Manila, were UK; .Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. !•» Walson. Miss Umnell Ingrain, who went 1" Forrest City Friday as Reiser's representative in UK- contest for queen of the music festival tied for first place with Miss Jem Ihompson of Helena. Judges drew straws to make- the final decision which went lo Miss Thompson' Miss fiifram and tin.- bund members were accompanied to Forrest City by Johnnie Keiser, band i,',. the Terry lie sny.s about , WAKN1NO OltDKJt • IN THK CHANCERY COURT OP CII1CKASAW13A D I S TU ICT .MISSISSIPPI COUNTY All- lueir new sparring partners." the Chcago While Sox for a series ol eight exhicition games cnroulecast The Pirates downed Hie Philadelphia Athletics al Bisliee, Ari-/. yesterday, 10-8. Big johnny niMo clouted ,1 prodigious blow in the OH 'ri •" 10 baSt ' S f "" ttlltl Uv ° out. The win EOVO thc iMrntcs 1C triumphs out of u; gwn!;s wilh b league opposition. WAYCROSS. oZ April 3. ,UP> -Al Milnar and Bill Znter were . o take the mound for the Cleveland Jndians today iu the fifth game of the current .scries with tin wants. The New York team look inree of the first tour contests Cscar vitt, thc Tribe's inarms-.-,- said Oscar Grimes may see service will rest at least another week' 0 "'' LAKELAND, Fla.. April 3. (U P> -The Detroit Tigers broke ,-im, today and headed nortl, win, . record of 12 wi, 15 and slx ^ * In their Florida exhibition 5 » r iS with major league clubs Tl^ir latcst victory was a 4-2 de-islon (erd lhC Washln S l °n Senators' yes- Belore the Tigers broke „„,„ they announced the sale of Jo>m ™c. righthanded pitcher to Yh IIice's performance was an excellent one. I cheered it and the other 10.000 persons in Madison ^qiiare Gncdcn cheered it tint now so what? The normal foal al which Rice should point. i s t i, c Olympiad. 13m this yenr tiierc will i-'e no Olympic Games. Russia look care of that. What c;m Hire expect.? The mast lie cnn hope to attain is perhaps -a return engaisui.ient with lhe newest flying Finn on an out door track. Surely a second victory nils one under the stars, would mean htlle more to Rite t] lnn tne triumph he has already scored miner the lights of the "Garden l He same applies to A] lilovis lclu '«l the 16 the 1" -imi ti,n pom,d .shot.s fa H,erti™ a, v had^inn them bJore. Under NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Freshes! Slock Guaranteed ticsl I'riccs Kirby Drug Stores Gasnlil11 ' . JOYNKH Oil. CO. ' v «'Kliwa.v f,l, North At Kwl TO? liin vs. No. 7115 Eddie Miller, npfondant. The defendant.. Eddie Miller, is warned lo appear within thirty days in the- raurt named iu the caption hereof n iui answer the complaint of llu- plaintiff. Ruby 19 of March. Dated this 19-10. HARVEY MOHIUS. Clerk By ElizabrHi lllythe, o. C. Claude I-'. Cooper. Ally', for pltf. Percy A. Wright. Ally, lul LUem. 20-27-3-10 FOR SALE We have rarlo.ii! IVdigrrrd 1). I'l. anil - SliincvilUi Seed. Also large iimnnnl »r same kind that lias iccn planted here ouc year See or Call Us For Price! Very literal price .illmvanrc for y»ur old seed. L, R. Matthews Gin Go. I'hniic .|03-\\'-2 Varl.rn. Ark. , . ' , *- "l»J--> ttUULU not keeping the big first baseman ','. • Yo " n f Kob Kennedy of the White Sox scoops up the- ball on swinging bunts with hLs bare hand and makes throws from third has- !!mt remind Jimmy Dykes of Joe Diujan, the old Yankee. The Giants will not, tvnin at Winter Haven next spring. . coral Gobies may get them. . Several Reds became ill on the trip to Havana and were a week slmkin-. off the effects of the voyage Paul Dean, now a Giant, appears loose and strong. YANKS 1'HK!' CUAKTAK FOH I-TKST HAS!) JOB Mike Chnrtak. a converted ont- Icldcr. will play first base for N'ewark. . . . Chances are he will be first in line for thnt. position with thc Yankees. . . . H c is the type they like. Back with (he pi,]|li c -, but • in Sliibe Park, Chuck Klein will miss the short ri'jht field fence of old Baker Howl, . . . Connie, Muck hncOi loti^lj tlijie! jv'itij thej n'a:iiV4; mers in Long Beacli with "We're Jliul. to be in 1,011,5- Branch" nnd still' refers to Anaheim'.'"the trnimng base, as Annenheim Because he Is plagued bv excess poundage. Hugh Casey i-"thc o'lv Dodger with a clause in his contract prohibiting beer drliikin-' Another Yankee farm lian-l'Iris been sold to a National ni • -lub -(he Phillies, but plai'n Yie-,- nian Sclitiltc. a second basi-man isn't jiroiniiieiil pnoii,,!, to .-otise those who squawk about the Yankees disposing of their s'.l-ultis material oulside or the Auicrican Burton also visited relatives and friends in North Lilllc Ri Jiul Conway over the week end Miss Charlie Mae Wright was lhe week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ton, Wright at D.-mlaiicJIe, Miss Mary Ann Faulkner visited ici (grandmother, Mrs. T. McGary, , structor, and Mr. and Mrs Wcslcrfield. J F ' Mind Your Manners Loans a,id tooimls (includin ds, notes, debentures!. .'..... tnd^l?•» *"'' • ° t "'''' J ' '™'^' ^""''ms" re^en'rbS-e' ,'!!, ,™!! ! ..! ms '" . ]W ^ K ot "Uli'clion ' "" furniture and fixtures 22.500.00 150.01) 3,000,00 TOTAL ASSETS T-. ''*.-»iii(.rni-;s Drmaml deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corpora- $ 730.7H.52 and corporations. iso.3SO.43 "'icliKlIng postal 'M ^ Other •••-51,077,923,50 Test your knowledge of correct •social usage by answering the ( O i- 'owliig .((iiestlons. then checking . isl thc aiilhorilative answers below: 1. Should n small child be taught to call an a, ull -- Alm i Mnry' or allowed lo call her Mary? 2. Should parents permit a "id to be the center of attrac- - on for any length of time when inn spent the past | grown-ups stop by to call? 3. When a boy'of 12 or'14 goes to a picture show with his mother, should she let him go up to he ticket window and buy the tickets? •1. When Killing on friends who nave a child is it necessary- always to bring a gift to the child? 5 - It is a good idea to take candy to n small child? What would you do if— You arc a mother and a guest brings candy io your child; give him thc box and yet you do not want him to have it (a) Feel that you can do nothing? (b) Say. "Isn't that nice. Let's t iliyL ^...n,, .ijjtui mu jjii;>L i week end at Morrillon us Hit- »uest ! of her parents. Mr. and Mrs T, H Qulnn. Mr. mid Mrs. Charles Howard of Jonesboro. were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. F M Mays Mrs. M. c. Brooks and" ' Mrs" Brock „,, ,„ Bt Ulcll . 1)omcs lhjs Mrs. Swan Bro^k and son. Uoljbv returned Saturday from Haze'-' Ark., where they were thc guests' of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Roimsavall Miss Louncttc Bwlford spent tlie week end in Osceola as the »ii»st of Miss Irene Johnson. Mrs. O. D. Cox will be the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. s. L. Dunava-l of Sarah. Miss., for the next week Among the Keiser people who attended the show. "Gone With the Wind" in BIydicville were Mrs J W. Amos. Miss Ruth Biiid'hcr Mr and Mrs. O. K. Cox, Mr. mid'.Mrs' J. A. Watts. Mrs. w. E. Bruce Mis" Eva Woodard, Harry Hall and Frank Tissue. i W ','.'HliWj¥F r of lifttfpl!. 'Mlra. was temwdqf M^'M Mrs. ji m MnKiip^lalulp!^-. ai)d'.\Mis. ,o.. rj. Cox, for tlu-'ii'ast two weeks M- Feimer returned to his home Mon(i: >>'. , . , •, R. II. Robinson retiirnc.d Mon-lay from Hot Springs where he has been for the past (wo weeks Miss nntli Bradford «->s the w-">|- end guest of her sister, Mrs. Roscoe Craft on. and family. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hall. Mn C. R. Fergerscjn and daughter' Nell visited willi Miss Parma L»e Ha' Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 TOTAL LIABILITIES Capita! Stock: TA:ACCOUNTS SICO ' MO - 1)0 Undivided profits ....'....'." TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 8,954.07 1111,314.00 22,294.83 13,225.71 28.40 •...$I.077,951.SG ..... $ 100.000.00 ..... . 30.000.00 ..... 770.BU ..... $ 130,770.80 S. H. WILLIAMS, Cashier Correct—Altest: Roland Green H. Highnil to and subscribed before me this My commission expires 9-1-41. Mi "' J ' °' ° ay ' Notal '- v rublic - DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids do not and ! cannot correct themselves Rcllei ar^oS K ^d Oci ! ii>ornry ' N ^" ^ ™ ••j muii, ntiiuu:> iinci Ciftn"6roiis conditioii 1 ! ^urt't u 1 " cancer fistnla, fissure, cryptitis, thrombotic piles etc From ine.SG develop tlie Followini? rcnevp^* pr ' i 'i A»" S t™« i0 ^'r d f ' I0 "* nc >'' '"-'adaclie; back and^ieg "ach^""^. JA^^J&FZ^^ DRS. NIES & NIES •:«fel tPiipxniiF iVWioned Air Most all merchants hinidle our REELFOOT BRAND SAUSAGE. Call for that Brand and lake no other. Made by— REYNOLDS PACKING COMPANY UNION CITY, TENNESSEE STONEVILLE 2B st j RED TOP GIN North 01 Highway Blythevlllc, A rk. W. Ash. Phone 1121 g5g--T3'.;'K'»¥-'i"W5';"W ••« PRICES ARE LOWEST IN G-E HISTORY Controlled Temperature, Humidity, Constant Circulation of Freshened Air Keeps Food Fresh Longer. 1. New G-E Cold Storage Compartment. Automatically controls humidity /or keeping meats (letter longer. 2. New G-E Air Filter freshens air and practically eliminates transfer of food odors. You taste thc difference. 3. New G-E Humi-Dial provides proper humidity for keeping varying quantities of vegetables "garden fresh". EVERY CONVENIENCE YOU WANT —every feature you need—for dependable refrigeration and better food preservation at low cost. V Read This Statement by General Electric: "\Vc believe the new 19(0 G-I; Rdrigcr.iior to he die finest product of its kiad ever offered lo die American public—one will cose you less (o own any utlicr refrigerator you could buy at any price." GENERAL ® ELECTRIC HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. G-E MODEL IBBB 6.2 cu. ft. storage space • 11.7 so. ft. shelf area • 8 Ibs, of ice—80 cubes, HERE'S A BEAUTY AND A BARGAIN! Wiihoul doubt the biggest buy of 1940 in low-priced ic- frigctators. 114 .75

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