Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1937
Page 4
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Wanted ^ gO|f Sf AH, HOP®, ARKANSAS RATES word, minimum 30c ',ttaie»-3Uc word, tain. 50c ttfr-to word, minimum We mobth (26 ttiaes)-18c word. minimum $2.7* ate fot continuous Imer- M*mAklflg< wort! count, disregard iflcation name such as "Pot "For Sale," etc.-thls is tee. . each initial or name, or com* fiite telephone number, counts as a MD wot d. For example: \FOR fifif^f— Three-room modern fcumfahed apartment, with garage, in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, IS words, at 2c word, Me .one time; at 3V4c word, 53c for times, etc. All ,,rdcrs placed by are due and payable upon Tn{ation ot bill PHONE 768 WANTED fQ BUV—I pay highest cash prices for Pianos. R. L. Meyers. Buck, her. Afk. _ 19-7tp TAKEN UP—Red and white-faced heifer calf. About five-weeks old. Apply at Hope Star for information. 21-6t-c "WANTED — AT-ONCE-THIS-TER- R1TORY. Man with car, good refer- erence. to take over candy route. Good pay to right party. See or cnll this week. M. L. Allen.Texarkana. Tex., Colonial Apts. 604 Pine St., Phone 298. 2t-3tp Today's Answers fo CRANIUM CRACKERS ^Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing years experience 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf 1. Auburn: reddish brown: flaxon. light golden; titian, reddish yellow. 2. Clingstone, fruit with pulp adherent to stone or seed. Brimstone: Sulphur. Gallstone: Solid substances formed in gall biaeir'pr. Moonstone: Feldspar, valued as a gem. 3. The letter 'E' is the part of RomE in Eiglanci. . The sentence means: "I have had enough to eat.' 5. Sixteen eggs would cost 20 cents. 1 Hie'njpstead County Mattress Shop ^Builds new cotton mattresses and re- l 'biil]ds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street. Pfibne Paul Cobb, 853-J. 19-6tc For Rent FOR RENT—Want to rent 7 room home to desirable party, on highway .. Hugh Clark. 20-3tp Ifor Rent—Two rooms furnished iWith private bath and garage. All utilities paid. Prefer couple without children. Mrs. Frank Hutchens. Phone 79. „ -, 22-3tc. For Sale te "F.OR SALE—New sorghum molasses !)».< ' Jn new buckets, high grade. 55 cents *'* per -gallon. Call st office of Hope *_ Star. • 27-15-dh. I J' Abruzri Rye, Oats, Barley, May f ..Wheat, Vetch, Winte.r Peas, Winter * Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MONTS SRED STORE l-26tc FOR SALE—Grocery Store and Filling Station, edge of town. Good location and business. Mrs. E. W. Gray, first station on Highway Number 4. 20-3tp FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping machine in perfect condition. Apply, at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. FOR SALE—Carload of apples by FerreVs Blacksmith Shop. South Hazel street Good applet, 90 cents per bushel . basket 21-3tp FOR SALE—Best grade of improved , , Klondike strawberry plants. Mrs. W. «* C. Johnson, Blevins, Route One. 21-3tp Lost STOLEN—Black Elgin bicycle. Reward for return to 525 East Second street or phone 207. 20-3tp ~, -. FOST — Black and white pointer < puppy, 5 months old. Answers to « name of Jack. Call Frank Nolen. i phone 575. 20-3tp LOST—Female bird dog, black with *" white spots under belly. Had on col- ' K lar, but no name. Large size dog in , f good shape. D. J. Rowe, 320 North Main or call 700. 20-3tp FOR SALE 5 room Residence—322 South Shover street. 140 acre farm, 60 acres cultivation. 80 acres timber and pns- tur3. 4 room house, new barn, Good water. 7'i miles soutli of Hope. Cash or reasonable terms, iFoster & Bordeni 123 W. Division St. , Licensed Real Estate Brokers Have your whiter Suit dry cleaned in our i modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 , HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Warning Order IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT STATE OF ARKANSAS....Plaintiff, v. No. 3078 DELINQUENT LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND SOLD TO THE STATE OF ARKANSAS .... Defendents The defendant Anna R. Scudamore is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the cross-complaint of Price Jones, In- tervenor herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 25th day of October, 1937. RALPH BAILEY Clerk Oct 15, 22, 29 and Nov. 5. Relief Worker HORIZONTAL 1 Prominent settlement house worker 12 Sandalwood tree. 13 Opposed to verse 14 Affirmative vote. J6 According to. 17 Form of "be." 18 Clan symbol 20 Fishing bag. 21 Do not. 22 Meadows. 23 Within. 24 Sound of disapproval. 25 Cistern. 26 Senior. 27 She is Jane •tM* Successor 29 T<? carry, 30 Toupee. 31 Pitchers. 32 Fern seeds, 33 Auction. 34 Slipped. 35 Act of sowing 37 Point. 38 Foot. Answer to Previous Puzzle iRlVil iNiGL-fPUE 3D Wood demon. 4U Upon. 41 Tavo paste 42 Measure of cirea. 43 Form of "rnc" 44 Speech defect. 45 Toward. 46 To pass. 48 Gossips. 51 Shtj is a trained service worker 52 She is head of Hull Settlement VERTICAL 1 Substance from m;iri- gokls. 2 Sword handle. 3 Constellation. 4 Musical note. 5 Uncloses. 6 Weight allowance 7 2000 pounds. 8 Electrical unit. 0 Oily chemical 10 Rodents. 11 Grain. 12 Frenzy. 15 She formerly was with the Relief Bureau. 17 Manager. 19 Tree. 21 Darkens. 22 Ancient language. 24 Manus. 25 Moldings 26 Fodder vat,' 28 To leak 29 Male cat. 30 To stay for 32 Southeast. 33 Heavenly body 34 Rocks. 35 Stipule. 36 Aider of anarchy 38 Cavity 41 Astringent pori 43 Witticisms. • 44 Varnish ingredient. 45 Greek letter; 47 Behold. 49 Stop! 50 Compass Major Hoopl Ot/R BOARDING HOUSE, OUT OUR WAY By WILL WHY, THIS DEAL WILL MAKE A HALF MILLION IN TWO MONTHS; NO/BUT It WILL TEN YEARS• FfeOM MOW! AN 1 WE'LL STILL BE HUNTIN M6STLY JOBS. WELL, <3iT A HAVE RJN AGO/ BUT YOU PASSEN'T, NOW- YOUR FUTURE MIGHT SUFFER. MUCH COM PETITION! VOU GOT TO TA EAT AN' THAT STUFF. our CHAM6E. TO" SACK MV PAtEWf SPRIMQ SKI/ HOW ABOUT RATTL.DOG THE SOME'S CHAW6E? t CAM TELL BY THE BAO IM VOUP, KMEES "THAT HARLEM POLO IS GAMS / MOMfeV f. MUST WAV TO TME TRUTH ME SEE I'LL ASK MALTHA IP TH£ LIZZIE <3AV6 HER AT=.E OF 5TERLIW6 QUALnV—THAT MEAMS >T TOOK OMEV TO BUY ow HR SKULL, SHE'D P.ATTLS LIKE AM OLD SHUTTER WHEW TH' HOT t?)CS FELL OUT OF HER SUE EVES/ AMP SHE'P sevew BEFORE HER EYES > THE .* R TWO FISH = V*THE JOY OF COPR. 1M7 BY NE* SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. * BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By MARTIN Still Bothered STUFF'S P\C\oRt ALLEY OOP Strike Three Called on Oop THAT MUST HAVE BE.EM WHAT KMOCKED OUT ~" v ''' "" '' __X / 2Z.V*OPR-1«'BYNEASEP\C!CE WASH TUBBS Dissension in the Enemy Ranks ^ 5AY.' WOTTA VOU KNOW I WANT NO STICKING UP PART IN A MURPERjMOSE AT? VOUVE ' 1 PONE PL£NTVOF PIRT IN YOUR. \ TIME. VOU BET \ VOU HAVE! WHY, YOU LOW DOWN, CHICKEN POODLE J SO VOU'RE CaONNA, LOSE OUT ON THE SWEET1 MAHOSANV IN ALL THE AMA1ON BBCAUSS OP- A HEADEP PAME . _ . IO4OW WHAT'S EWINS VDU, YOU'RE STUCK KELTON DAME WELL,THAT'S VOU ARE, A VELLA BLOSSER With Illustrations FKECKLES AND HIS WHATS THE IDEA IM CIRCULATIUG RUMORS THAT (S PURPOSELY LETTING THE TSTAM DOWW ~ MY DEAR FRIEWD,, THAT AIH'T A RUMOR.... IT'S A FACT .'•' AIMT HE QOIWQ HOV/V 'W/7H WIB WAYMAW'S DO \ DAUGHTEPi? AMD YOU ^ AIMT WIBS THE FIGUREV COACH AT "2 /KlWQSTOIsl? AMD WOULDM'T IT HELP WIBS IF KIWGSTOW BEAT SHAPY- MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE rrs EASY TO FIGURE.WHEkl .•YEAH... THERE'S A CLIPPED PRETTY GIRL I, m M OM IM THE CASE ' AMD PO YOU REMEMBETR WHAT DELILAH ....LIKE THIS/ PID TO SAM BOW '. REALLY-HA?P£NED SN TOOTBAU! mm I T couldn't happen now, but when they used the flying wedge and mass power plays in football, rules were few, It was in one of those old-time contests that, when the game started, only 10 men of the "Reds" trotted onto the field. The absence of one man was.not noticed, and the "Reds" received the kicked". On the first play, the fullback threw u pass, not to one of liis ends, scampering down (he Held, but across th? gridiron toward the stands. Nonchalantly, a tall man, in brown derby and raincoat, and smoking a pipe, jumped from his sidelines seat, caught the ball, and started running down the field. As he van, he discarded raincoat, hat and pipe, and stood revealed in football togs . the eleventh player, lie made the touchdown! Von Boden Covers Up J UST BEFORE THE PAPOLE OFFICER PJSES FEOM THE TABLE. MVRA CAUTIOUSLY SUPS THE PAPER. NAPKIM, WITH THE IMPRESSED , 1MTO HIS POCKET WELL, GENTUEMEN, IT HAS BE&K) PLEASAWT MEETING VOU ALL, A&AIKJ, AMP I HOPE YOU CDM- TIMUE TO STICK. TO THE STRAIGHT, AND By THOMPSON &V THE WAY, DOCTOR...! \ ^ MISSED TRUSTV O'HARA'S / ( I .^ 45 A ,v\ATTER OF FACT, HE HAS MAD \ RELAPSE TO HIS OLD AAESJTAL TROUBLE. KEEPS SO8&IMG FOR HIS POOR, OLD DE- CEASEP MOTHER.... A SAP $>• .'te-- •' ifS\&

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