Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 2
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'fyw iV^ - 7 *ffi f > > * iiD For font NEWLY lihed Phone * room Wfurn- ill W, 4W», . 15.00 3IFIED DISPLAY » 7«o par Inch Me par inch ...>»-,„„ 600 par Inch ?ve afe tof toiv* rrtftulor or ikio. h* j ent^toy toft. ittt » p.m. ntf lh» r . iflhf to f))* of. flttofi ond lo r*f«ct - »0>»tllilf»9 eh o« count « on* I ROOM unfurnliihed t Private entrance*. AHIc fan, Pnc*n Grove Apadm«ntf. Dial 7-M71, 1J4I 8 ROOM furnl»hcd apaHmtnt with bath. Kloctrle rofrl««f*U>r *nd ws*hlnjr machine, Utlllllei p*ld, 7-aiM, M." -.., Wll CWt b# fWWUTf* Jr< Wont Adi unlm W «o our otiwxiofi Fnwftlpn tn GO OfNj rih» ONI wt Nl Incorrect 7-3431 FOUR room unfurnlshwJ - - mpnt. Attic tun. Bulll-Ini. 1315 South Main street. fl7.M, THHKI5 room unfurnished apwrt- ment», Upstair* and downstair*. |20 and $20. 203 Wnit I3lh street THREE room unfurnlihed apart- mont*. Attic fan*. 1316 South Mnln street and BOI Kant Third (drool. |35.00 to 140.00. FOSTBR -~ ELLI8 RKALTY COMPANY 108 K. 2nd Tel. 7-4fl9l JTRONT .„ „ of Barlow Hoiol. Kitchen prlvl" It de«lrcd. Phono 7-JH3. 15-61 ^!£W^ *f »»/*»; Court Docket 6«y t> « H. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JONES I STAR , Ratal (payable In «d- and ntiflhbor- 4HIMHHUM t*B .,'.,„„„„„ IS.UU « :ifi n»mirt»iw, Nwooa, Htaprili em* Mtllw 8 KOOM duplex with bnck porch 88" window fan. Nowly redeeor- filed, 410 North Elm, Phono 7-4324. i 8 , 3t T.AKGI8 fiiinliihod 3 room apart" mont, Upitfllm. Prlvalo bnth. Dial 7-3174. 15.3 w PAUL HALEY For Aldarmim Ward I B. L. bond, """* ""taxed liquor. Forfeited MO cain bond. Marvlfi Warren. Foneninn over 3 gallon* of beer. Forfeited 950 vatn bond. «.?i!l* f 2 1 ' n °w« n «' Elmer Lnuder. ml*. Running atop ifgn. Forfeited bond. •tint 8anat« 5PM, J, 8ILVEY on. r, c. enow Chancellor 'i'n . P, 8TBEL » HOOM __ _ r ,.. Pild. Wl South Furton"""pnon'e M203. i S .3t 6 HOOM furnlihad houne. Apply Mlddlebrook* Grocery, Phono -J:l!!i_™ lfl - 81 APARTMENT, $39 per month. Ni«ht Phono 7-3003, Day Phone 7-3178, Wado Warren, 15.flt W^t«d*SjMy~J" nuHEST pHco*~pald foTTvoivm tfrown produce. Turner'! Grocery &t Market. Went Third. 15-01 Strayed |f>9 «***^»n>MM.HMW j I W1.MHI>.II,..,.U.,M,I. " ,, ..... 4* J'60 .M, , 3,1Q -...*..„„.„.,„„„ ii5o «mikm,»*, m t,,t, 13,00 FROM the Migration farmrfiigh"- . way 07, white fnco bull about 9 yunrs old, Ring In nonu, Please notify L. F. Hlggaion, Phone 7-31548. I4.3t Uranium Boom • Port Hadlum, on Great Bear jako, in Cnnndn's Northwest Tor* ul '* ° f'pldly booming nroa of high-grado uranium ore mining, One hundrod million ton* of bl- umlnou* con! wero used for coko Jn 1000. _„„, license. Forfeited ' cash,bond* . q^^^u^^ Bobby Leggctt. DUturblngpSiS forfeited $10 cash bond. «. L. White, Napolwan Strickland. H. B.* Marcum. Drunk whil* driving, forfeited #2» ca*h bond and 1 day in jail. Murvln JUud«rmlik. Carrying a <un o* a weapon. Tried, fined $50. Viola Simpson, Soiling Intoxlcat- ng liquor; Tried, fined flOO. Notice of appeal, Bond fixed at $200. Lonnle Williams. Possessing un- axed Intoxicating liquor. Plea i guilty, fined |50. Vcrtha Ray, Maggie Thompson, Oracle Lee Young, Willie Young, MolnUlnlng open toilet. Dismisscd. State Docket John Bullock. Petit larceny. For oiled |25 cosh bond and 1 day In nil, The following forfeited S2» cash oond on a charge of overload: P. M. Bryant. Jnmos Bach, R. S. Fnlrchlld* v J. w. McPhcrson, jlvcdgc. Driver liopson, Neighbors, Charlie B.dwards, Reckless driving, Forfeited $25 Cash bond. J. B. Wllllo, Following too closo to another vehicle. Forfeited $25 cash bond. John Davis, Failure to yield right-of-way, Forfeited $5 cash bond. J. W. McPhcrson,"„ Failure to stop at senU.-», Forfeited $25 cash bond. • f»if e 7« Ca ' hoim - Speeding. For- felted $5 cash bond. Lee Helton, Carrying n pistol ns League Leaders fly Th* Antedated Putt INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Montreal 9 Rochester 4 Ottawa 6 Toronto 4 Syrnc'iso 1.1 Baltimore 2 Huffalo 10 Springfield 3 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Mllwnukco 14 Columbus 3 St. Paul 1.1 Indianapolis 7 Kansas City 7 Charleston 1 Minneapolis at Louisville, postponed rain PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE No games scheduled TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 5 San Antonio 1 Houston 0 ft. Worth 2 Shrnvrport 7-11 Oklahoma City 0-8 Tulsa 10 Beaumont 7 ' *, ' . rt 1 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL By The Associated Preea AMERICAN LEAGUE 45 31 .013 40 35 .508 3<i 4? 38 .553 4!, « 37 .543 5' 8 42 38 .525 7 34 40 .450 12 33 49 .410 10"4 26 52 .325 23 Sports in Brief By The AttocUted Preat TENNIS PARIS Belgium upset Franco t-2, to qualify to meet Italy in the European Zone Davis Cup f inn Is Inter this month. PHILADELPHIA — Vic t>uix Philadelphia, the nation's No , player, won his first round match In UK- Pennsylvania Stole cham plfinship. INDIANAPOLIS -Don Candy Australia, top-secdod foreign en trnnl, took an easy first-round triumph in the Western Tournament RACING NEW YORK _ Real Brothel (J20.GO) won the Wakefleld Stakes nt Jamaica by running six fur- loriK.s in 1:13, OCEANPORT. N. J. - W if fcn . poof ($27.00) won the mile and a a weapon, Plea guilty, fined $5 « n kiu HC r° n ' , Assualt w "h Intent to kill. Examination walved-held - Grand Jury -Bond fixed at Wallace Hubbard, Disposing of and removing property on which paS^f 10 ''- Dismisscd » Acld I '" u| . Overload. Dismissed. BALDWIN' rf Fro»h*wator claim arc purnnUci of fluh Jn tho early part of thoJr liven, Legal Notict M-tt f, to irtop B» WB, «» ^ No. 740fl In tho phancery Court 61 Itompitead County, Ark< Olin F Byor*. and naohol Cllb»on Byors „.„.„,• ,', Plaintiff* . ' v *Mr*, M, E. Robert*, Et Al .„ .....,..„„., ,„.,.,„.„ Defendant* WARNING ORDBn The defendant*, Bertha Hamlter, V«rna Lown. Howard NlchoU, Oer« oldlnti NlchoU, Ward NlchoU, Elite NtcholB, Gordon NlehoU, DorU Nichols, Duncan W. Nichols and Catherine Nloholi, are hereby wurnod to appear In thl* Court within thirty day* and answer the complaint ot the pUlntltt*, Olln F. Dyers and Rachel Olbaon Byora. WITNESS my hind M Clerk, and thu leal of aald Court, thU 83 day, of June, 1038. Omera Evans Clerk (8EAW Wolaonborser & Wilion, Attorney* (or blal Claud V. Nunn, Jr., Attorney ad Utem Juno a* July 1-8.15 CHAPTER StXTEBN "? dtty hl » «. «» tot whom more uittJoull, tht visitors or tho vulted, none could aay. _P*UJ laid proBently, -YOU wouldn't have undertaken a trip in - fm R««lng on all wouldn't deeolv« me A. - acouitomcd tnmqulllty but, (enow, omtched It about acr »t 0l 2f, k ', Su * °° uld not h » d « «^ ln ', a ' led » oo»>P«Mi8lonate eye*. Ana he thought, How old they both bru<quflly ' Wou-w not certainly do trot," hU aald vlgorouily, "«u of ui, tt'a our right.'- He aat relaxed. He W not ted relaxed, VRhoda aenl g her not to come with u»." » !fl" oul of hw ml «"lT" aaked Paul. "Jon would have something to aay about that, She'd be tnaane ^? H* **? now » or b «»« Paul, i wish ahe'd remain you Ltgal Notic* NOTIOK TO POWKR PUNT IMPHOVIMKNT THE CITY OPHoWt ARKAH§A» Sealed propoial* will bo received at tho ottloe ot tho City Clark, City H*U, How. ArkaiwaiK unUl 7iOO P. M, o'clock Centra) Standard Time, on Tuonday, M»y IS. IMS, at which Umo propoi*U will be OuUUoly opened and mad aioud, lo?* Contract No. i — Turbine "Jon'a oonaldorlnjy that, Tra to talk with Dr. Matthew* when we MWm, Whlch-remlndi m«, Beaa la coming to q«« you a* aoon aa ah« «an," ."Out ah* WBJ* platmlnv a trip In thd autumn, T«ll her to wait," ,-.;.„ Uvea for mo." w W«'r« your family," Kliaabeth aaia. ^ to amile, hla eyea Intenaely blue tn the pallor of hta face. The (teah had (alien away, the bone structure waa plain. m ," p *«JJ; W* «P to you to help Tim," hla father said, * Paul looked anxious, "What'a happened r Oont toil me that UiU Hla rather closed the book, hold- Ing it tn hla thin hand. Ho aald firmly, "NoUMng-lii loat to you but the function of aorae muaclea. You rcUIn everything Important; your Ma and tho purpose to which it la pledged. "1 can't asaume the last," Paul aald unevenly, «M lying hero i am aware) Qf how much ot, my uacful- n *f? J , w " 4 du * *° l he fact that I could, cover a, lot ot apaco in a ahpr? Um(B--wrjlUi the help ot those •UlajilMJUi aald aoftly, -I think you werej juat *ui useful alttlng in your »,tudy or bmco talking with troubled people; and apeaking to wem from the pulpit, More useful, pttrhaps. 1 * JPaui aald. "Weli, thanks, Mother. Everyone la kind, everyone encour- ajrea m« ,,, . t have many letters. I can itad them now , . . they mi aay much the aame.", .. He eioaed nta eyes and they waited, each experiencing a heavy aorrow, and then CUaabeth roused heraelf to ask, "Tou hear from Connie, ot court* T" "tea, ab« writes often." Everyone write*, he thought wearily, aenda letters, cards, flow- era, even food from their kitch- ena , ;••. ... yhen la aha coming to see you I" not?* 1-n ' t '" < " Ud P * UL <Td rtUier "Paul, ahe'a written me and talked with jpn. She aald he told her that you dldnt car* to aee her. even when It would be permitted! It waant eaay for him to tell her U And aet him back." "No, indeed. I don't othSr 70U '" ta Iov * wlth each "We'va newr aald .ao,» he told ner. "Perhapa not to each other. But you know; and we do, too," HJ^thar asked. "Now that you do aomethmf"rtouf Contract Ho, I - C«vd*n«r AU equlpmiBt, ma,t«rlal, and Ubor muit ba In accoHanco with the «pe«lfto»Uoni on Hie^wlth the iSipWiwg P*ul Mid he*vUy, "I ant too, I wont mftkt bWftiwa « youT W taww w* too w«U, I try W » trout, but dont suc rufffrt. I dr«tm a mTttwunt, on a tootb*ji «r Utck oa a ship', dtck. t »*d * charmed Ufa once; ma- a wtUtt tap t WM a a plane v&ich thmt. mlnutt, to bunt into - J2rtS^S»-iw»' t ' «««>«««d *»*>,f»*»»t» •»« I waJlwd away *ww JV tt"W»% i 4mm ot that toot at walking away. Then • •"^^ - — v v w w W • *«lBMWftt<3t &II But It baa worked out." He them, Ma fao* drawn. w» war* engaged, sup. W« had already marrtedT" "I wtth you had," aald Elizabeth atmply, !? t >..^' a ^ to.thtak of that I now, M „, W», Wt lot U) iwn. « P»ul, tit* word >Vbw MM w«* about to , be a»ld, -«top »ad t* Ik to the wont yout Son* n*v« taouth .hook but 4 «»Wly, -N *».«!»* •»* I* Rwttwnbwr He'aar«« •' about . a tot I hop* you'll m «t WBtW WW Mlffil j Wtl* Wda, * WAQAMJU* parttwlarty do's up, In tl>e solarium, Jon says, others may come. Jon's been run ragged oy everyone on the staff and Mrs. Eagle is counting the days. Jon will let you know when you can come. Don't pay any attention to Paul. Juat come, for he needs you. He takes this badly, he feels his usefulness ended. Jon explained tills to us, he Bald Paul hasn't accepted the situation nor himself as ho now Is. But, Connie, look Into your heart. Don't como out ot pity or loyalty, but only It you want to more than anything else In the world." The days went by; dropped Into eternity and wero lost. It la like that for us all. A child la born, and from the moment he draws hla astonished or outraged breath, begins to die. It may take Ovo years or nrty. twenty or eighty, to accomplish his dying. No matter. Each day falls from him like dust and is gone. In the third week Bess and her husband came to see Paul. Twice during her stay she saw him alone. She was a nandsome girl, with her father's quiet humor, her mother's giving heart. She had energy and enthusiasm. On her final visit she talked ot the things she wanted to accomplish. "Someday I'll find tune to write a book." "You always had a flair," he agreed, "but what about?" "Oh, just us. The wonderful times we had, the wonderful life. 1 think we were four of the luckiest klda on earth and our luck'a held." "Are you determinedly cheerful, BesaT It so. skip it, I am aur- rounded by it, day in, day out," "You make me tired, I'm merely truthful. We grew up with so much love—and not the smothering, sticky variety. Mother and Dad always let us work things out. When Jon married, you blew a gaslcet. Mother and Dad didn't They knew how unhappy Jon was because he couldn't get actively into the war. It wasn't his fault that he was In medical school, and when it ended, Interning, so all he managed was a stint in an army hospital, it it hadn't been for Rhoda, I dont know what he would hava done. You boya an alike, have a tendency to fly off at a tangent . . . even Jon. even you, no matter how steady you seem." •AU right, Beaa, Jon'a lucky. You too ,. you had a Job you liked, found a husband you liked even batter. 1 note you havent mentioned me." "Oh, you," she said, her pretty mouth curving. "Do I have to? Y9« nave ouch a lot, dear, you be- fan with more than th* reat of ua in natural endowment," "Of which little is now left" 8h* aald sharply, "Honestly, Paul, i could slap you, you mako toe so mad. Perhaps if Mother had. more often? But, no. I dare aay yw wero a little spoiled . ,, tha oWeat, biggest. besWooWng, and amarteat ... the one people fell over to do things for .., AU right ao you'r« aide, so you'U wear -^T***** waom«tbtttgT 80 ---»** ,*oii hav* wend*, love, everything you always toad. In-- J '~ j^y, Wln4 Aad ^.^ "Tea. ao the doctora UU me. faal New YYoYrk Cleveland Chicago Boston Washington Philadelphia St. Louis Detroit ._ MONDAY'S RESULTS Dctroita, New York 2 Wnshinglon IS Cleveland 4 St. Louis 7 Boston 5 Philadelphia 2 Chicago 1, 10 innings NATIONAL LEAGUE _ , , W L Pet. GB Brooklyn 54 22 711 New York 50 29 .033 5,., St. Louis 48 38 .571 10 Chicago 43 39 .524 14 Philadelphia 38 42 .475 18 Cincinnati 35 43 .42222 1 ', Boston 34 47 '4^0 221"' Pittsburgh 23 02 .271 351; MONDAY'S RESULTS New York 6 Cincinnati 2 Brooklyn 6 St. Louis 0 Philadelphia at Chicago, postponed rain Only games scheduled Hope Beats Hot Springs Here 5 to 2 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION... t . W L Pet Atlanta 51 40 560 New Orleans 52 42 .553 Chattanooga 50 41 Mobile Nashville Birmingham Memphis Little Rock 38 51 Last Night's Results: New Orleans 5 Birmingham 3 Little Rock 4 Memphis 2 (only games scheduled) Tonight's Games: Atlanta at Birmingham Nashville at Chattanooga Little Rock at Memphis Mobile at New Orleans .549 50 46 .521 46 47 .495 42 49 ,402 40 53 .430 .427 COTTON STATES LEAGUE Last Night's Results: All Star Game. Arkansas-Louisiana 10, Mississippi Tonight's Games: El Dorado at Pine Bluff Monroe nt Hot Springs Meridian at Greenville Natchez at Greenwood The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home The popularity contest will close Sunday night, July 20, at BeMel AME church with a talent program The representatives are Little Joyce Linn Jamison, Aurther Jean Jackson, Jacqueline Hicks, Bobby Jean Thomas, Vida Marie Williams. The sponsors are: Mrs. Mary Watkins. E. L. Hicks, Fannie Alexander, Josie Frierson, Minnie S. Jamison. Hope Regulars to Entertain Springhill, La., Giants Tomorrow night at City park at 8:30 the Hope Regulars, Negro baseball team will meet the strong Springhill (La) Giants, for a try sixteenth feature at Monmouth Park in 1:45 1-5. PAWTUCKET, R. I. - Pineketle ($5.20) triumphed in 1:12 fur the G-furlong Bristol Purse at Narragansett. CHICAGO — High Scud ($15.00) captured the Tazewell Purse at Arlington Park, covering the seven furlongs in 1:22 3-5. By Donald Hobb* The Hope Legionnaires handily defeated the Hot Springs Eagles. 5 to 2 la»t night at Legion park. Billy Hearn making his final appearance, gave up 5 hit*. Hot Springs scored tint got- tmg a single run in the tirst on 1 singles combined with an error Hope threatened in the first, but didn t score. They loaded the bases with no outs but couldn't score. Hope broke loose In the 3rd. site u &«isrmo run :i n i nddcr him home. White was safe on a fielders choice, Beasley singled to bring home Filagaroo, with White taking third. Then on the next pitch, Bob White stole home Hot Springs scored their se-cond and final run In the 4th on a double, single and an error Hope picked up one in the 5lh on an error, a double by Gunter and a single by Ross. Hope again scored a single run in the 7th a triple by Bob White and Bob stealing home for the second time that night. Hot Springs protested the game in the 7th and the rest of the game was played under protest. Billy Hearn, winning pitcher, gave up 2 runs on 5 hits, walked 2 and struck out 10. Hope made 3 miscues. Irvin Christersin, loser, gave tip a runs on 7 hits, walked 3, and struck out 10. The Eagles made 5 errors. Wednesday night the Barksdale Bombers will play the Legionnaires at Legion park. Hope pos. Hopson, rC Anderson, ss Filagamo, cf White, 2b Beasley, Ib Gunter, 3b Ross, B, If Martin, c Hearn p Totals Hot Springs, pos. Arnold, 3b Bursh, ss-2b Scogins, rf-lf Miller, c Horrigan, cf Kaber, Ib Mobley, lf. r f McConncll, rf (5) Fisher, 2b Graves, ss (2) Christersin, p Totals Hhythmte fchlmpa , * < * ( « Chimpanzees have a sense ot rhythm and they drum on trees or the ground, producing a prlml*- live music according to the Eh* cyclopedia Britannioa. Lego I Notice AB R H 500 41.1 312 4 3 1 3 0 1 4 0 1 401 • 300 400 34 5 7 AB R 4 1 400 3 0 1 400 4 1 1 401 200 200 100 100 200 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That In pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the de- cretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the 27 day of June, A. D, 1952 in a certain cause (No. 7388) then pending therein between Corine Delbney complainant, and David Deloney defendant, the undersigned, as Special Commissioner of said Court, will offer 1 tor i sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the East door or entrance of the County Courthouse, In which said Court is held, In the County of Hcmpatead within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Tuesday the 5 day of August A. D. 1952. the following described real estate, tc-wit: Lots Five (5) and Six (G) in Block One (1), Oaklawn Addition Number Three (3); in Hempstead County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On" a credit o( three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on tho premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 14 day of July, A. D. 1952. F. Y. TRIMBLE Special Commissioner in Chancery. July 15, 22 31 2 5 Hot Springs 100 100 000 H °P° 003 010 lOx Hope Juniors were handed their fourth straight defeat yesterday t>y Stephens. The score being 4 to 1. Thursday night Hope plays, lexarkana here. Texarkana has beaten Hope twice this year. at their 18th victory. The Regulars nave a won loss record of 17 wins against 3 losses two of them go to the Springhill Giants. All local fans are asked to come out and bdck their team, as this promises to be the game of the year. Admission is pegged at 25 and 50 cents. • GLIB BARTON for Attorney General . all his opponents combined. • Endorsed 100% at Home by lawyers and judges! Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY FRESH DRESSED FRYERS 53c Fresh Purple Hull PEAS 3 Ibs. 29c mmmmmm Flat Size PINEAPPLE 3 Lb. CAN CRISCO SNOW PRIFT SPRY 83c can PET MILK Large Size 7 for 1.0Q &r*^ h—*^ • ••I UMTIl YOU GET THE FACTS Qll CARVAIUE TM PEACHES 21 Con Sue "SHOWMWN' W*W B, R, Hamm Motor Co, V ur Daily Bread j;«d Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Washburfl fhy Give Official sssing to Sending jlope Money to Dallas? ay's Quotation |re is no man out speakcthj honestly than he can do or | I —Bacon . Hope Arkah&i — I»afW *e altered tmindetshwerfl toni«ht and thtlrM«y. m\\. ant temperature changes'. Tuesday'* high 08; low Ti ..... 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 234 Star «» H«M HIT J«H. II, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 1932 M«mbtn Th« Av. Nt» MM frit* ft AttMt ••*••• »* ClnnMttM Clrtl. J MM. IMIftfl Mattd II, 1*11 — 1,<4I PRICE 5c ere's humor in the fact that it this ne.wspaper which pro- and promoted the introauc- Jo£ parking meters for Hope, [now the report of last night's ; council meeting informs me ICity of Hope is going to sell Irtising on those meters. |ch advertising as the out-of promoters of this venture! succeed in brially affect jfrtising is a private business,] Federal Aid to Pick Up Home Building By CHARLES MATLOY WASHINGTON Wl If you have p. dream house in mind but not much cash in the bank, you may able to swing the deal in Sop- Ike's Postwar Dream Was a Home; Bought Farm But Hasn't Had Any Time to Live on It By SAUL PETT i rights of others—n Londoner will Associated Press Writer j fight'. So will a citizen of Abilene. Like the G.I.'s who served under! "When we consider these things, him, Dwight Eisenhower \vns nnx-• then the valley of the Thames to set home after victory in. draws closer to the (arms of Kan Europe. ! sas and the plains of,, Texas. To He spoke wistfully of relaxing.! my mind it is clear that when two after the greatest military com-j peoples will face the traKedies of '" history, of getting out of i war to defend the same spiritual sellina won't,' tcmber. or possibly August. Gov- uniform and official life, of fishing.! values, the same treasured rights. The Mar But; eminent requirements for stiff, I lla - vin 8 R olt .- paintln« and finding, then in the deepest sense those payments may be eased byl for Mamie and himself the per-(two arc truly related. Adkins Quits Office, May take Stump ( . By The Associated Press Former Gov. Homer M. Adkins, one of the most formidable com- paigncrs In the state, quit his stale job yesterday nnd hinted that he L . . . .. _ Enemy Subs Could Cut Ocea n Pipelines But Canadian Oil Is U. S. Bulwark in Wartime By SAM DAW8ON [by extracting the oil through under NEW YOHK Ifl Knemy sub- gnmnci combustion, marines could snip this nation's j TWO American firms — Socony- oil lines from Vener.ueln nnd thcj Vacuum nnd Sun Oil—have leased Middle East. And nil-out wnr could between then 180,000 acres In Al .. f _, »iu* vumu LIU iiinti un \\\. \- 11 1 \-\\\ lh ° Stump for G ° Vl hole - from 100 to 300 billion bnr '^vernment officials j's business today .it can strike nothur's tomorrow, tiatever objection is made to council's proposed action this belief privately today, following announcement by two agehcies administering housing credit controls that curbs fixing minimum any of those postwar aid "come from Hope business- • cash payments on houses will.be as a class. It's unreason- and ungracious to expect a enterprise to argue its own lie Star's position on any ex- ftsion of the tax-exempt munici- operation has been clear and Iquivocal down through the Srs. Our readers will recall It in the past different pro- Stcrs have sought to drag the fy of Hope into first one thing another. One time it was a hnicipal ice-plant proposal. An- tter lime it was a municipal gas- felributing system. We opposed em all. The city wisely discard- them. a matter of sound business |je Star feels the City of Hope a tremendously good thing in municipal water & light plant. i will do well to manage that Idertaking efficiently, without dreams In the six years between SHAEF and SHAPE, "crusades in between Europe," his Ike two had eased' "not later than Oct. 1." The Federal Reserve Board and the Housing and Home Finance Agency said yesterday if the num;. ber of houses started under construction In June, July and August holds below the rate of 1,200,000 n year, the required down payment will be cut to 5 per cent "not later than Oct. 1" under terms of an act of Congress. But officials told a reporter later that the agencies, acting on their own, probably will drop the controls in September — and possibly August — if they see the drastic easing way. is inevitable any- In either event, the benefits will go chiefly to buyers of houses in the upper-cost brackets — particularly those in the $25,000-up class. At present, the controls already barking on socialistic invasions Permit houses costing under $7,000 f fields where local taxpayers arc iployed. The out-of-state promoter behind jje parking meter advertising deal the Park-Ad company of East Puxas, which is owned by M. A. *agberb & Co., of Dallas, Texas, hey put a similar proposition to |ie city council of Denison, Texas, couple of years ago ,but it was tjected after a strong protest 1 ' the Retail Merchants associ- tion. The idea is, the promoter luys a franchise from the city government, sells advertising on [le meters, pockets his commis [ion and takes it back to Dallas. Of course there are" a few dol- irs in this for the City of Hope. the City of Hope already .owjis. to be bought by veterans for noth- ina down and by the general public for only a 5 per cent down payment — if they can swing a deal on that little cash. It's only on the more expensive houses that buyers get pinchcc hard by the controls. Down payment requirements graduate up with cost. They amount to 40 pei cent for the public and 35 per ccn' for vets for th e$25,000 pr more house. Even if the government eases controls and approves 5 per cen down payments, most banks may balk at lending more than 00 o: 65 per cent of the cost of a house especially one costing over $20,000 The Federal Housing Administra only a year and a half as a private citizen, and they weren't very private. He did manage to buy a home, a 160-acrc farm near Gettysburg, Pa., but has yet to live on it. And he won't, Republicans insist, in the next four years. The first few months after V-E Day were crowded with receptions and honors in Europe and at home. In all, he was awarded 50 U.S. and fcreign decorations, 19 honorary degrees and 20 assorted medals, swords and awards of cities, private groups and nations. He was given part of a castle in Scotland, and a mountain peak in Canada A r as named after him. He took almost every opportuni- y to plead for international understanding. Probably his most mov ing effort in that direction was made in his famous Guildhall spe cell in London. He said: "To preserve his freedom oi worship, his equality before law nis liberty to speak and act as he sees fit, subject only to provisions, that he trespass not upon similai terhaps the largest ~ and* ; ' most I l i ° nfln " s * lf couldn't go more than ^•ofitable business in town — the Municipal water & light plant. Is |ere to be nothing left for private usiness men? [I'll close, just as I opened, on I humorous note. Who, in his right liind, would want an on a parking maneiit home they had never had! » So cvcn ns j proclaim my un- tlyinq Americanism, I am bold enough and exceedingly proud to clr.im the basis of kinship to you of London." In that bright, hopeful summer of 1945, Eisenhower went to Moscow for high honors of the Kremlin. He praised the Russian people nnd said he thought Stalin sincerely wanted peace with the United States. But before the year was out, he gave this as n formula for dealing with the Russians: "Firmness, patience, a sense of humor—and keep your powder dry." Ike came home that year, but not to relax. He accepted appointment as chief of staff oul of a sense of duty, not personal desire, according to some biographers. For the next three years, he was continually on the move, testifying before congressional committees on demobilization or unification, or touring defenses in four continents In 1948, he retired from the Army to find that his prestige far outweighed his bank account. According to Kevin McCann' an aide and author of "Man from Abi lene." Ike had only a "few thousand" saved up. Iko had bought a car before Continued on Page Two rig to make a sale at the cus- Ehmcr'.s point of greatest irritation? I'm still for the parking meters. But isn't the council, with all |he additional money which the parking meters contribute to city Direct maintenance, grabbing for lore than just the customer's nickel? $16,000 on a house costing $20,OOC or more. But a buyer will, however hav one big advantage he doesn't havi now: He can try to get extr; mcncy on a second mortgage, to down hie own cash outlay; the controls are rigid about :he amount of cash he must put up out o£ his own pocket. [Irrigation Possibility fin Arkansas LITTLE ROCK Wl The Bureau bf Reclamation, which by law jstricts its operation to 17 Western Btqtes, is going to study irrigation possibilities in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mssouri. The bureau will establish an |office here to carry out the pro- ecl, D. D. Terry, Arkansas Co ardinator of the Arkansas, White and Red River Basins Inter-Agency i Committee, said yesterday. He said the study is being undertaken by special authority in connection with the Inter-Agency Committee. The Inter-Agency Committee was organized to survey the problem of [.developing the three river basins in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Urges Caution Against Fire in Outdoors The Arkansas Division of Forestry urges special precaution to be taken by everyone to prevent use less, destruction of our forest, pastures and meadows. Due to the extreme drouth anc high wind, serious damage coulc and will be experienced by many farmers and timberland owners i: proper precaution isn't taken. Re member, there is no water in the branches and creeks and even roads won't stop a fire at this season of the year, unless properly handled. Points to remember: 1. Use the ash tray on your car for the purpose it was made An area between and along the, ..i s i. for. 2. People in rural sections who use wash-pots, please remember the grass around is dry and many destructive fires are started in this way. 3. Please don't try to burn a wa.sp or yellow jacket nest in your meadow, it's just too much of a Cherry Says Others Steal His Program Chancellor Francis Cherry said here today he was "shocked by the lack of incentive of the part of my opponents" in not offering constructive programs of their own to solve the state's problems. The Jonesboro gubernatorial candidate lashed out at former Attorney General Jack Holt's announcement of an eight-point program to improve Arkansas' highway sy stem, and claimed Holt had "trfk- en it verbatim" from his platform. "Ike Murry did the same thing several weeks ago," Cherry quip ped during the fifth radio talkathon nomination. "Maybe I'll be able of his race for the Democratic to convert the other candidates too." Cherry, in the midst of a 10-hour radio question and answer pro gram over four stations here anc in Texarkana, said he would: 1. Advocate revamping of Ar kansas' tax structure to bring i up to date and insure 'collection o taxes due the state; 2. Purge the Welfare Deparl ment rolls of "political leache and deadbeats," thus incrcasin_ allotments to the state's needy; 3. Fire Homer Adkins immediately and "break up his vote-stealing machine," and 4. Support a minimum salary law for Arkansas school teachers. Cherry was to leave Hope for Texarkana at 2 p.m., where he was to continue his talkathon until 10 tonight. Tomorrow he broadcasts over radio stations at Hot Springs, Malvern and Aijkadelphia, where he will answer political questions brought to him in person or called, into the broadcast site. The judge says he will base his entire 'campaign on the talkathon idea .which already has reached Shreveport Votes Down Prohibition SHREVEPORT, La. Iff) ShrevO- lort voters rejected prohibition by a slim margin according to complete but unofficial returns today. "Wets" outvoted v drys" on all take McMath. Adkins, who has. boon attacked by McMnth's four opponents for Iho Democratic gubernatorial nomination us the man behind the stale administration, resigned as administrator of the state Employment Security Division. He was appointed to the job In 1048 when McMnlh first took office. When asked if he would com- palRti for McMath, Adkins replied: "Well a fellow doesn't usually sit idly by when others are throwing rocks at him, docs he?" Meanwhile, two Little Rock labor leaders denied a report by a notional railroad union weekly that 19 rail unions were supporting McMath's third term bid. John M. McQueen of Little Rock, representative of the Railway Clerks, said the Clerks and some of the operating brotherhoods (firemen, trainmen nnd engineers) had not endorsed nny of tho five candidates. And Jack Wilson of Little Rock, representative of the Railway Conductors Union, said his organization would support Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro. Cherry's late father was n railway ccnductor. Jack Holt, the Little Rock lawyer making his second race for the governor's office, said in a radio Intel-view in Little Rock that he favored a centralized purchasing agency for the state government. Among other things, Holt also said ho favored a 5-man Highway Commission appointed 'by the governor to staggered terms; a tegular audit of the Highway Department; no increase In taxes and minimum salaries for teachers Atty. Gen. Ike Murry last night •took his campaign to Paragould where ho charged that Amendtncn strain our oil resources — big nnd growing ns they nre. But Cnnadn reminds us today &ho could furnish nn nee In tin- twin. Another, Shell Oil, hns geol- oRists looking tho smuls over. Ton Cnnadlnn oil companies Ivnve loused 250,000 ucros. This summer tho oilmen nro core-drilling to find rcls of tho wnr necessity, lying out for sure how much nil Is there close to the surface In tho tin- snnds ot northeastern Alberta. That Is a potential three to nine times as great as the 32 billion barrels of proved oil reserves which the American Petroleum Institute .says this nation has. No Russian sub could roneh that Canadian life lino of oil. But] there's n hitch: no oil flows from there yet, because of the high cost of production under present methods. Three American, 10 Canadian and one Swedish company arc starting work this summer to seek a way to produce gasoline and fuel oil economically from this vast deposit and to bring It to the Amer icon market at a cost competitive with oil products from convcn tlonal oil wells. A Toronto engineer, S, M, Blair, in a report to the Alberta government says that removing the earth overhang ot 50 to 500 feet and petting the tar sands to tho processing plant would cost 55 cents a orrel. Extracting the valunbk ilphur and processing the crude. II would cost another $1.53. Pip iK the crude oil to Lake Superloi ould ndd $1.02 to the cost — toi lotnl of $3.10 a barrel. Slmila il brings $,1.a& n barrel on tin \mcrionn market now. Undo Blair's estimates this . would be i rotit margin of 40 cents. The Swedish Shale Oil Co. I casing part of tho Alberta gov rmnent's pilot plant at Ullumon o see if it can't reduce these cost nnd how much overhand of enrth ami rock must bo removed to got at i\w rich snnds. Tho mixture of oil and snnd Is nboui as thick nnd heavy as l.nr. It stretches for 100 miles along Ihe Athabnska River and Its trlb Council Vote! Advertisings M Meters three questions in yosterday's local .t£)K.t,s.;each year." 19 to the state Constitution hac "balked" McMath in the latter' efforts to "saddle the public wit! 12 million dollars oC add it ion a option election which drew a near record of 28,072 voters in Louisiana's second largest city. Returns from the 51 precincts showed the vote on the three issues on the ballot: 1. On continued sale of beverages of low alcohol content: For 15,590; against 13,374. 2. On continued sale of alcoholic beverages in bars: For 14,671; against 14,057. 3. On continued sale of alcoholic beverages in package stores: For 15,470; against 13,318. By state law, another election on the same issues cannot be held for two years. •Rep. Boyd Tackctt said last nigh in DeQueen that he had made mor speeches than any other candidate and added: "/The people, not handful of governor-makers, wii elect me gqvernor." The hclicopto borne congressman said he hai made 219 campaign speeches. Tackett also took issue with th report that the rail unions wer supporting McMath. He exhibite a photostat of a letter in which h said his record in Congress ha boon endorsed by the Railwa Laborers Political League. McMath spoke in Batesvllle, an claimed that his highway prograr had more than doubled the state' tourist industry since 1948. an estimated eners. 400,000 radio list- _31ack and Cache Rivers in *Arkan- fsas south of the Missouri bordei | probably will be surveyed first, [said Paul Berg of Tulsa, planning [engineer for the .Arkansas, White Sand Red River Basins. He said ; irrigation from waters in these ] rivers may be used in the Jackson. (Independence County area and [possbily in the rice growing areas [ of Poinsett and Craigbead Counties The Little Rock office will' be ^staffed by eight persons and will under the direction ot Kenneth P. McCall, Reclamation. Bureau engineer from Oklahoma City. 4. Stop to smoke in a safe place better watch that cigarette while working in hay and in the woods, •crush the stub out. Be sure your camp fire is watered out. Just to be safe, better check your incinerator. Remember, one tree will make a million matches, but one match carelessly used can destroy a million trees or a house, barn etc. Byrd Given 4th Term as U.S. Senator RICHMOND, va. — tfl — Sena- "tor Harry Flood Byrd won renom- tion for his fourth sixryeor term the United States. Senate in giais's Democratic primary yesterday, piling up an 82.000-vote nargla over Franeis pickens Jii}- ler w the basis of returns from MM of VirguuaTi J,m c New John Deere Tractor Here Saturday Two new heavy-duty John Deere two and three plow tractors, successors to Models "A" and "B" will be announced Saturday, July Not Local Man The John Bullock who was in yesterday's court docket publication is not the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bullock of this city. Texan Presidents As a republic, Texas had thre presidents: Sam Houston, Mira beau B. Lamar, and Anson Jonc with one city and two counties being named after them. tnrio.s In buds hick. Tho totnl sllmated from A propoanl to sell tho street meters waa vot< Hope City Council lB»t;niah The aldermen acooplc'd flttlon from tho Pnrk-Ad i to Install advertising dlsp tho meter*, but stipulated .»,, contract must bo approved I city attorney nnd must »p that tho city receive hot les* t 910 per meter per ye Tho council approved , ly n contribution ot $100 per j to Hope Chamber of' CO quart? in lies, Thu oil content is jstlmnted nt from 100 to 300 bil- lon biirrels. And the sulphur con< enl tit one to throe billion long ons (compared to n 19!U world ck'innnd for 12 million tons of sul- 100 to 200 feet lo bo U8C d oxclunlvoljrJIor nren hns been rla i promotion work. B.OOO to 30,000 • Most oilmen ngroc tho oil is there. But many ot them doubt seriously tho commercial value nnw because of the high costs. Mining tho sands would require a large Investment, Tho high sulphur content calls for an expansive plant to cxtrnct the oil. A pipeline some 20(1 miles from the snnd deposit to Edmonton would bo expensive, Pipe line transportation from Edmonton to' Lake Superior would ndd r>!i cents n bnrrol to the costs. Thu sulphur extracted Is estimated to be enough to handle oil western Canada's needs, nnd might l?ay for Itself, The companies experimenting summer think costs cnn bo brought down .so as to be commercially competitive. But It wnr comes, thu outaldu oil .sources woro cut off, the Atbn- bn.sku tur sandu would look cheap — and perhaps bo a life savor. rial I^LUIIIUVIVII wwtiv. Aiivi*«y would be kept in n special ace Inblod "Hope Chamber «"* mcrcc Industrial PfothOt count," and would bo admirilt by a committee or two flr» council and three from the bor, ', It was also voted to forbu thcr, hiring of city employ** their quaUtlcntlona arc first-., upon by ino aldermen. Ho* tho council agreed that thcfi or a department head migft| a temporary appointment', 1 " of emergency, subject to ntlon later by tho alderme Mayor John L. Wilson; mcndod to tho council city nnd tho 'Frisco rail* Louisiana street, West Dlvt! , Third street, each paying ha cost. But tho proposal was-)»« oh a 4-to-3-vote," " A reo.u08t'that th the community rostroom,ipft,\| vldcd with nn electric tan Was- Price That Civilized Man Pays for All His Leisure Is Disease Named Boredom No General Relief From Heat Seen ' By The Associated. Press Sonic relief from a mid-July heat wave was in sight for some Eastern areas today but hot tine humid weather continued ovei wide areas 'in the Eastern third of the nation. Record • breaking temperatures for the date wore reported In sev oral Eastern and Southern cities again yesterday -as thermometers climbed Into the OOs und above 100. But the cooler air which sprenc over most of the Great Lakes re gion and Uppcj 1 Mississippi Vulle; moved eastward into New Eng land, ending at least temporarily the hot spell, Showers hit parts o the Northeastern states curly to day. The hot belt extended over the Southern states from Texas eastward and us far north as the Ohio River Valley and Middle Atlantic states. . > Hope got some relief from a local shower this morning, with lowering clouds over the city giving promise ot more moisture. Tuesday's high temperature was 08, with a low of 72 curly Wednesday morning, City Proposes Industrial Aid for Hope C.C. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK OP) What is the Ghost Writer for Presidents Quits WASHINGTON (Jf> The "ghost writer" who handled the cor respondence of the late Presiden Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Truman resigned yesterday. William D .(BUM) Hassett, 71, quit his post as White House secretary after 17 years and more than 300.000 presidential letters. He has been in poor health. Truiwan accepted- the resignation regretfully, saying he. felt he was losing his right arm. Hassett is one of the last of the 19th. According to Frank Walters, these new tractors feature a host of engineering advancements which make them the greatest values most widespread disease in the modern world? A good case might be made for that death in life, that ennui of the spirit, called boredom. It is the high price modern man pays for having so much leisure he doesn't know what to do, with him' self. It is peculiarly virulent in civilized nations. Savages aren't so susceptible to the ravages of bore dom. They are too bus,y trying to stay alive. Many physicians, if pressed, will admit that perhaps one third of the patients who crowd their waiting rooms are suffering basically from nothing but boredom. They go there hoping the doctor will find something wrong with them, something to give them the excitement of a real worry. But the medical profession so far hasn't been able to concoct a really effective anti-boredom pill. "You are too tense — you need to relax," such patients often are told. This only encourages them to feel more bored with it all. My e*rly N*w figures, having joined Roosevelt, jp 1933 altar a long newspaper career, ever offered by John Deere. Mr. I theory is it would be better if the Walters states that one of the new • doctor said to them: models will be on display Saturday' "You have a bad heart — you July 18, at Frank Walter's show-i may die at any moment." rooms, Third and Louisiana, in! There is nothing that gets rid of Hope, arid he extends an invitation,) boredom faster than the fear you to everyone to stop by and see 1 won't live to enjoy it. More people, j ghetti. human nature doesn't readily change. Boredom strikes the very poor as well as the very wealthy. Psychologists have found the Bowery bum isn't happy because he has ducked the responsibilities in life. Me is even more bored and frustrated than an idle rich man, who at least has one thing left to fret over: He can't take his money with him when he goes. Most boredom seems to spring from a feeling of lack* of accomplishment. A man isn't depressed so much by the fact that he is only a cog in a big machine as by the realization that even as a cog he isn't really essential to the machine. It s easy to get another cog. The further men get from nature the more they suffer from boredom. They weary their mind by fretting indoors when they should be tiring their muscles with nor mal, healthy exerpise outdoors. A man who chops wood for two hours will not only relieve himself of boredom—he will have something to burn in his fireplace. That is the best cure for bore dom—to use your energy doinj something worthwhile. I know of one city dweller who solved his boredom by buying a parrot and teaching it to eat spa the new tractor. Gen, Collins on 16th Corps Visit TOKYO WV- Gen. J. Lawton Collins, U. S. Army chief of stall, visited 1Mb Corps headquarters at St-ndai today on his inspection tour of Korea. . < iweary of living, commit suicide inj "Everybody said I couldn't do Votel bedrooms in peacetime than! it," he said. "But I did, I neve destroy themselves on the battlefields of war. We do our children wrong in edu heard of anybody in the world be fore ever teaching a parrot to ea spaghetti." eating them to believe freedom 1 Today be is a happy man. Th from worry will bring them happiness.' A man with nothing to worry i about can do only two things— jbecarae bored or fsli wtieesh 'fbs 1 the nature of tb» critter, and Boyd Tackett on Helicopter Flight Here Boyd Tackett, candidate for «ov rnor, was to enter Hompstead county by helicopter this morning, ariding at Patmos for a speech here at 11:45. Radio Station KXAF1 was to record it on tape and broac cast U at 3:30 p.m. today, with Haskell Jones as master of ceremonies, Spts BARKSDALE CANCELS The Barksdale Bombers of Shreveport have cancelled tonight's scheduled baseball game against the Legionnaires in Hope's Fair ?ark, Harry Hawthorne announced at noon today. The game will be rescheduled here possibly' for the Watermelon Festival August 0. The only other game for the locals this week is with the Red River Prides at Red River Arsenal Friday night. The Hope Juniors will play here Thursday night. ^ M, , the following statement today: "A- delegation from Hope Cham ber of Commerce headed by Riiy Lawrence, Ben Owen, Guy' Basye, Bill White, Mike Kelly, C. C. Lewis und others have made an appeal to the mayor and tho city council of Hope requesting that the City of Hope join the Chamber ot Commerce. / "It Is common knowledge that many ot our citizens are, leaving Hope looking for a more fertile field In which to earn their livelihood. Several alert citizens h.8VO expressed their alarm, to mo con- 'corning this situation. Many of our citizens are compelled to drive back and forth over a hundred miles a day to their employment simply because they do' not wish to leave our town. "There is no argument with the proposition that tho life blood of our community la fed by the Industries that go to make up our pay rolls together with our outlying farming area. Money from these pay rolls finds its-way into every vein of our economic life, This, of course, Includes the 'coffers of our City Government, "We are experiencing at the rejected. The council granted ,l|QWat Houston $25 compensation foi ago when the city cut off *( city to thu Houston hotel at}d ' nlture store. '> i Solurlos of the two men h>u trash for tho pity In tho bus! district wero raised from $178 $197 a month, providing, thcy^r tlriuo to work hlno hours a day, Approval also was ftlven a| tlbn to donate the pfocoeds"! the municipal swimming , poo]: tho Watermelon/Festival oyj lion on, the, dft^ ,f>t,\ the r«j( Bualncik, : :tij^thV»Sc. containers for storihg tras dally picjtajp ' made.?| present time a very dramatic change In so far as industry is concerned. As you know, atomic weapons has moved the President of the United States to call for a dispersal of Industry from the more populated North, the East centers in the and the West Claims He Is the Father RUSSELLV1LLE, Ark. .„. Iff Jim M*bry,»>y8 8n,oldeVl p^ylously 0hMBc« wttn!?- ! ln| an la-mohths-dld'bo'y :,_ parents, cldlms that. ho', child's father. The , sheriff X s8irt J.ohn'. about 80,f.Wh,P provloUslyiwi 1 tHIed as the boy'* paternal father, retarned' f w^ ville yesterday with the bo; gome tWo Week*, tn hldWg,; Geren .disappeared when, i Circuit Court order directed, return the' child 'to h|a "-'Geren and Elvis' wife, He Bubsefjuently with hiding tho boy ents. But Mabry auoted Guren der a* saying he'w.a* the f f tho child and that the 1 " his son's wife. ; Mabry *Mld that sine appearance, Qeron, sp bten llvinif VfUh, frli shoreline of Flagg wooded area near Coast. It also seem* that Industry Itself has not required very much urging in view of the fact that industry is moving out of these area* to the extent that the people of these areas are becoming alarmed. It is for this reason that I believe with proper promotion we hero in Hope stand a great chance to get a few of these Industrie*, How? ever, if we do not make an active attempt to obtain them and tot them know that we are interested we will lose out to cities who do contact such industries. "I, therefore, recommend to toe council that the City of Hope pay to the Chamber of Commerce the sum of $100 a month; that said sum of money be- used for purpose*; of promotion only; that Ji not heifer, used for payment of personnel oi<U* routine bills; that ...r»i.*» The care ot tho month* an'd Ui ago the ElvU, od of child year jail | levied Ogjaj] ed when' 1 ' and vare- «aid the! Co JAC privat '' only bored member of bis house bold i# the parrot. Unless there is » crowd around watching'him eat spaghetti be fccUi restless and Preibyterion Men to Hold Fish Fry The Men of the First Presbyterian Church will bold their annual Fish fry at Fair park; ffeursday night, :• July. IT, «t 7:15 p.ip, and Will Ed Waller from the council* compotity) p{ two aldermen be appointed tO'Wryf With three members oi tha chan>l ber of commerce in dicfc>MnJpf of I tbi» money given by the cUy fj?rj the purpose of tadjwtrial proBW»t}«l)il only; that said uwwy be Jtefit iftf an accojwt i«b«l«d ^'|h>B b*r of Comnwrs*" teduft Accouaf* ax)4 t the hosts. No pf«#ram baa been Tb* »«P»r it*ett will b* committee »UPW - ^*^id^*

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