Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1937
Page 3
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October 22,193? HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGES THREB if. Mt*S, SID HENRY crcleiy. 5NRY " ~ TELEPHONED! CX "* Nolilllly Not whnt the world with nil its Whimsies, AH Its vnrying stnndnrds mny expect of mo, But wlint, deep in the kuiet of my soul 1 find myself demanding of myself, Makes up the depth and breath of whnt I tun— The measurement of my nobility. -K.M.S. "To know whnt to do is wisdom; to know how to do it is skill; to do the thing as it should be done is service." _O- "Fctir is the chasm between our prayer nnd its nnswor, and faith is the bridge across it." -O- Mrs. Thomas Hughes of Texarknnn was the Thursday night Kuest of her sister, Mrs. R. M. LaGronc and Mr. LaGronc. _O- Mr. nnd Mrs. E. L. Wnllcr of Emerson, Ark., announce the ninrrlngc of I their daughter, Gcnildine to Etmnett I J. Lwnllcn, son of Mr. nnd Mrs, Hiley | Lewallen of Hojx?, The miirriajfe was solemnized on July 21st nt Tex- nrkuna, Ark., with the Rev. Oscar Wnde, pastor of Dccch Street Baptist church officiating. The bride is n graduate of the Emerson High School nnd of the Education Department of the A. & M. college, Magnolia, and has been connected with the Lounnn ARTHRITIS? ft May Be Weak Arches! Arthritic or rheumatic-like pains in the feet or legs; tired, aching feet, fatigue, «orc heels and callouses—are »ign» of weak arches. Let us show you how you can obtain relict with Dr. Scholl's Arch Supports, individually fitted to your feet. Get a Free Foot Test. HITT'S BROWNbllt Shoe- Store Sonjc Ilenic . . . "Thin Ire" . . Sun. 21 Short Units K a.m. to 11 p.m. — OUR VERY BKST Double Show TIM McCOY "Ghost Patrol" — Serial Ciirtoon — PETER LORRE "Think Fast, Mr. Motto" Hope, Wednesday Oct. 27 Two Shows Daily at 2 and 8 p, in, One Day Only, Hain or Shine. Circus grounds on old Highway G7 Sanford Pasture* BICi CIRCUS BAKGAItt DAY See your Merchant for Free Guest Tickets. public school for the post two terms. Mr. LeWnllon is n gnuluntc of the Hope high school, nlso of the Arts nnd Science deportment of (he Mngnolin A. <Sc M. nnd has had four months service In the flying school fit Rnn- dolpli field, San Antonio, Tex, Ho wns vice president of the high school senior clnss, nlso a member of the footbnll tcnm. He is now with the construction depnrtmenl of the South Western Bell Telephone company of Lenchville, Ark. _O~ Mrs. Johnny McCitbc left Friday for n visit with her mother, Mrs. Alice McMnth anil brother, Sam McMath in Del Rio, Tex. Enroute she will visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom McMnth in Dallas, Tex. ~O— Mrs. J. R. Henry, Mrs. K. M. Mc- Willinms, Mrs. J. F. Gorin, Mrs. J. M. Gnthric and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer were Thursday visitors in Little Hock. * **, The annual School of Instruction of the Hope P.T.A. units, sponsored by the Hope P.T.A. city council will be held in the Hope high school library Saturday. Mrs. Fred Gantt of Kore- mim. Ark., director of district 13, will be- the guest speaker. Luncheon will be served with Ihe afternoon program beginning at 1 p. in. -O- Mrs. Leonard Ellis, Mrs. Maury Wil- iver and Mrs. Mildred Bolts were visitors in Little Hock Wednesday. ~0- Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Mullens announce the marriage of their daughter Elsie Lee to Clifford Yount. The mnrringc was snlenmued October 17, by the Rev. Mr. Ray of Pine Bluf. __Q The P. T. A. School of Instruction will be hold in the Hope High School library on Saturday, October 23. All members arc urged (o nttcnd. Dietitian »t a Maryland college is going to have slow walt7.es played in the dinirvg room at meal lime to keep the students from cnting too fast. When the bread pudding is served, the blind will doubtless be instructed to swing it. The microphone broke while General Purshing was addressing n meeting of touring American Legion men in France. The general had just spotted three ex-buck privates who hadn't sinned their shoes. Japan, it is reported, will denounce th(' nine-power treaty, the other eight signers having already denounced Japan. Dogs arc'now accepted for air express, providing the length of the trip will not require that they be fed or watered en route. TODAY RQAD SHOW (Friday Only) '.!, 1, 7,!) and It P.M. Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. 8. OtLROY, 0. D. Editor of Advance At the New THE CHRISTIAN REVIVAL ... BY WILLIAM E, GILROY, D. D Editor of Advance No lesson could strike more vitally into Die Immediate and most acute uroblerrwi facing large numbers Chrisl- uns In the world today than this lesson :>nsed upon the letter of Paul to Tituo, Paul tells Titus to put his people in mind to lx> subjection to rulers, to lulhorltles, to be obedient, and to be I ready unto every good work. I Suppose there is a conflict between his subjection and obedience and the ' readiness unto every good work. In icrmnny today lenders of the church ire in conflict with the government jecau.se they believe Hint Hitler is demanding whnt the slate has no right to nsk. In Italy there is no liberty of the individual against Die lictnte.s of Mussolini, but can one say that the will of Mussolini is the will of God? Men are being put to death in 'ssin because they are unwilling to submit to the dictates of Stalin. Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini are "ru- crs". They represent authority and .hey demand obedience. Does what Paul is asserting here demand that Christians must, ns a matter of right, give obedience to such rulers, or is here a higher law of right affecting man's relation to rulers and state? Fortunately the New Testament itself answers these questions, and re- ninds us that Paul's injunctions to obey rulers is (o be taken subject to considerations of conscience and reason. Thcr care times when these early Lhristians said "We ought to obey God rather than men.'" when they chose to defy the law or the decree of he state, accepting imprisonment or ;>crsecution rather than going against their consciences. There ought to be no mistake about this. Everyone who teaches this lesson in a Christian crurch ought to ivoid very clearly the attitude that las too often been taken of approving jf rule and authority, regardless of its justice and right. Nor are these matters settled simply by reference to dictatorships in Europe. There are times when even the government of a democracy may demand of the individual what he cannot conscientiously do. The individual ought not to hastily set his judbcmcnt against the judgment of society. Cardinnl Newman look the view that "private judgment, where it is not a duty, is a sin." That was an extreme view, but there is some truth in it. The individual man must not be a .slavish yes-man. But when he stands upon his independency and upon his rights of conscience, he ought to be very sure that he is standing on solid ground, that he is, in fact, reasonable .iiul conscientious and not just a crank or cantankerous person. The balance of the lesson offers no difficulty, or need of qualification. To speak evil of no man should not mean that we are not to denounce tlie evil courses of men where they are evil, and where good is to come through the denunciation. Bui even lo ward sin and sinners we ought lo show the attitude of graciousncss and love.. We cannot go too far in avoiding conscientiousness and in cultivating gentleness. When Christ comes into a man's life old things pass away, and all things become new. His outlook is one of love toward his fellow man and his purpose is to be righteous in all his Ixiis Lindsay as the pleasure seeking rich Rlrl In "The Pace That Kills" words, nets and relationships. Equally wise is the advice to shun foolish questionings rind contentions. A great Scottish church leader once said that a great need of our nge is good controversy. It is a means of establishing better mutual understandings and larger conceptions of true spirit; but controversy defeats its purpose whore it is blind and bigoted and contentious. The peaceful quiet of truth represents far more truly the part of the Christian. Man Flocks To (Continued from Page One) Indian, as the "physical vehicle for the expressions of the World Teacher." By 1929, however, he himself asked dissolution of his following. Since Mrs. Bosant's death in 1933 Thcsophy has had a less definite leadership, at least three organizations being concerned with the propagating of the doctrines, all drawing an increasing following. Mrs. Besnnt, however, set the lone with her "We must hnve a happier society." "Free Your Inner Self" Another ancient fraternity, the Rosi- crucinn.s, which specifically denies that it is a religion, advertises, "Are the world's benefits just beyond your roach? Lenrn the truth of your possibilities as soon ns you free your inner self from Its prison." This particular branch of Roftcrucians is at San Jose, Calif. There is another and separate R-wiicrucinn Fellowship at Oceanside, Calif.. Beside Philosoplicnl speculation, this order "deals" with the practical sciences nnd arts necessary to enable men anrl women to live more useful lives here and now". Dozens of Them Spiritualism seems lo have slumped olf somewhat, but is still active. New Thought is still going strong. veiKinji over toward Social Credit as n form of concrete social action. And r»i one need lack for h guide while Miiveying the claims of The Latent Lij'ht Culture, The College of Universal Truth. Inc., The Church of Light, <L<«? Angeles, Calif.,) the Christ In- Mifuto. Inc., the Institute of Directive Thought iPsycho-Menlology) The Live-a-Ccntury Club, Church of the lllumanati, the Lcmuriiin fellowship, and dozens of others. r \ huusancls seek happiness in still another channel, through the .stars. AJH! one of the dozen or so Astrology magazines that flood every newsstand recently issued a call for 10,000 consulting astrologers as n well-paying profession, and one which offers un- I milled opportunities for aiding hu- V.V.V.W.V.V.V.V.V.V.'.V'c > SEE us :; tjFor Painting and Body.Work— ** J. Special Car Paint Job—?t7.5fl »J O. K. Body Shop % (Old iigh. shop;" JlOlSS. Elm „ "- M. M. MORGAN •* ,W. V.V.W.W.V.V.V.N FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with nil conveniences, $50 and up. Also homes on easy payments. See A. C. ERWIN Phone 15S or 19MV. manity" to persons who "are fitted for such positions because of the planetary influences under which they live." "You are fitted by nature to achieve success!" shrills one such magazine. "Discover your inherent powers with astrology!" And BO to astrology have gone thousands and thousands of Americans seeking happiness. This rush to extra-human sources for contentment, peace, nnd power, ranging from orthodox religion to astrology, shows how widespread is the discontent and unhappincss which the people of today are striving so desperately to conquer. Protection of sensitive instruments and communication equipment from harmful vibratory and shock disturbances is obtained by the use of Lord mountins. The Lord Mfg, Co. manufacturers bonded rubber joints and mountings. NEXT: Books, lectures, radio programs by the thousand all aimed at extending a helping hand to the happiness seekers. IT'S THE DOBBS Introducing a new and youthful version of the Di« rectpire bonnet brim. Fine fur felt, in the season's new colors. Dobbs accurate heaclsizes $750 x—^ The Gift Shop ^ ^-^S Long exposure to oxygen frequently causes teeth fillings to fall out. Too Late to Classify FOR RENT—Two room furnished apartment with private bath and garage. AH utilities paid. Prefer couple without children. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, Phone 79, 22-3tc The silver sword plant is fourth only in the crater of Haleakala, Hawaii, H^MlVENf COLDS Specially designed for the nose ana upper throat, where 3 out bf 4 colds start. Use it at the first sneeze. Vieits VA-TRO-NOL t T T T T t f t T T T T t T f t T T T T T WE ARE READY and COMPLETELY EQUIPPED To take care of your laundry business Hope. We are asking you for a trial. Trade at Home and Give Home People Employment STEAM LAUNDRY in T T iR CALL 148 South Washington St. I I f T T T t t T f T t t Y Harry Phipps, Joe Lasiter, Salesmen 1 \ j& *;* TOMORROW CHEVROLET PRESENTS THE MODERN-MODE fSTYtlNG Styling as different as it is beautiful, for this bigger« looking, better-looking low« priced car. Adults Only .... Colored Balcony lOc SATURDAY A Story of Action in the West Lauds. Johnny Mack Brown "Boot Hill Brigade" No. ;i "Piiintfd Stallion" Parity Cartoon Cab ('allnuay'.s Orchestra SUN. and MON. First Showing in Hope Call It Sprlngl Call II Vputh), Call It lovel Coll It a Hltl "CALL IT I OLIVIADEHAVILIAND-IAN HUNTER -ANITA tOUISE ROLANP roUNO-AUC6 BRADY*FRIEDA INESCORT ACOSMOrOUtAN HOOUC1IQH Pussy Wood-Wollor Waolf King &9niro Grenvillo ' 8or)rl M9f<9r —Usual Prices- Lots of Wild Animals. Scores of Big Top Stars \vlio will thrill and entertain you. Lots of pretty girls. Sec li, tltut comical clcpliuut perform, is over 100 years old and lorgcr tba» the famed JUMBO. OAK LOGS We are in the market for a round lot of Forked Leaf White Oak, Cow Oak, Ovcrcup, Burr Oak, uim ivcd Oak l<ogs. For Prices and Specifications Ai>i>Jy to Hope Heading COMPANY I'lione 245 INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON nnd Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Pcnn., at - 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt....._ 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hoix -Cp c n Day & Kite Call Harry Phone 148 Cull Harry I'll pick up your laundry. HARRY PHIPPS See Our $5.00 Silk Dresses L A D I E S' Specialty Shop NEW CHEVROLET THE CAR OF LOW PRICE THAT BRINGS YOU THE NEWEST, MOST MODERN, MOST UP-TO-DATE MOTORING ADVANTAGES Chevrolet cordially invites you to visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer and inspect the finest motor car Chevrolet has ever produced—the new Chevrolet for 1938— the car that is complete. To see and drive this smart, dashing car is to know you'll be ahead with a Chevrolet ... to own it is to save money all ways . . . because, again in 1938 as for 27 years, the Chevrolet trade-mark is the symbol of savings. CHEVROLET MOTOH DIVISION, Gcnrrnl Afoiort Salt! Corporation DETROIT, MICHIGAN Genera/ Aforors Installment Wan — monthly payments to 3Ut( your punt. A General Motors Valuv PiRflCTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES Smooth—powerful—positive ... the safe brakes for modern travel . . . giving jjiaxijtvyrn rnotojirig ,pro» tection. ENlJIN (WITH SHOCKPROOF STEERING) So safe—so comfortable —so different . . . "the world's finest ride." (WITH SAFETY GLASS All AROUND) Larger interiors — lighter, brighter colors—and Uni- steel construction, making each body a fortress of- safety. Giving the most efficient combination of power, economy and dependability. Giving protection againsl drafts, smoke, windshield clouding, and assuring each passenger individually controlled ventilation. *ON MASTER DE tl/XE MODELS ONir COTTON LOANS We me now making Government Cotton Jvoans. 'Bring us your cotton for quick service. Jett Williams & Co, A\^ , E VROLET Radiant Heaters $7.45 Bath Room Heaters $2-25 Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 819 Young Chevrolet Co. Hope, Arkansas

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