Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1934
Page 5
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.14. 1034 fibffi stfAft, ftora, lighway Board Will Offer Bids Small Construction Projects Will Finish tiU.tti.i8tt.tfl LITTLE. HOCK ~-(/P)-- The stale highway I'ortimi.'-.sion will moot liero Wednesday, September 2G to open l)fds_ on four, small construction projects that, will virltinlly complete last year's NRH program. 1 Wo of the projects nre on U. S. Highway 71; Hie first Wlwoeri B6'fnn Gap and Boles in Scott county, and .'.fennel the Gilliam underpass in Sc- vFfT cr/iinly. The two oilier projects are grading lind drainage liotwcen Crystal Springs and Silver. Yell county, and earthwork and paving for Donaldson underpasK on Highway fi7, Hot Springs county. the recenly drafter $3,500,000 highway program will not be subject to action by (ho commission until it is approved by Ilie U. S. Bureau of Public Hoards. Action of this bureau is expected within the next two Weeks. Construction of a viaduct at Van Bureh, Crawford county, on highways 71 and M, which was halted several weeks ago by an injunction obtained by a property owner, is slated to receive attention of the commission at the session. HOBOES-two FEDERAL ED£N; FREE BOARD,'LlftLE WORt Typical of hobo "ISilons" n'ow eatftblfshfid in several sections of ih'6. cbtm'lry tinder federal' rcHet •Ureclioii is the one shown above, a 1934 mortM "jiint'lo" at Frflr/ield, O,, its neat street liriod. with tents. At left i;i a now arrival, just after ho had received li/s bed foil. inHtdart of a tin Can. camp alonK a railroad track, the hoboes who tarry here find all (h(s comforts of a hdme-^felfectrfc. liglitn, tihowor haths, harbei 1 shop. ftiEarots arc fron nmt so Is tiotliihfif. TIi6 offfy drawlya'clc is* that rn.sidenls must work J'ou'r .sl.x-liour days a week ,ln• j-rsturn f(/r food/ J0df?i22 aiid IncidontalK, l)«t the labor is light. When the itlnnrandi an- reudy to movo oni they are transported ia fei/vfcrn- ni'fiiit truclis to tficir iiHXt port or call. M(|iild, Tnblcs, Kiilvc, NOHO Drops Clietlis Mnlnrla in .1 days, Colds First dny. Headaches or Neuralgia in 30 minutes. F?NK LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Slicedv Kemi-dics Known. Our advise on insiir- (jriibli-ms is as pmfi-.ssional as the' advice of a Doctor or Lawyer. New Coats Just received complete line of new winter Sport Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Exctislve But Not Expensive" Wade Kitchens Files Campaign Expenses LI'l I'LE ROCK —OP)— With one more remaining of the 30 days al- lowde for filing campaign expense accounts for the democratic primaries, the office of the secretary of state received :i larg mniiber of stn"tem&nts Thursday night. J. Oscar Humphrey, incumbent, de- rented for renomoniilion as state auditor by Charlie Parker, filed a statement showing expenditures amounting to $1747.08. Glen t'. Kennedy, candidate for s(:i(e serinfoi- in' th'6 27(h district, filed expenditures of $!)9.02, and additional "lost weight" bf 17 pounds. Other expense accounts wre filed by 'loin Poc. fcr prosecutor, sixth district $-1.391.57.,' I-Yed Donhnr/i fro prosecutor, sixth district S3,95C.«a. Horace E. l^uff for Congress, first district S«.2'J. E. C. Bl.in'sctt, fbr Congress, third district S162G.31. H. 13. Hardy, for state senator, 27th district, S18B. Elmo Carl Lee for Stale senator .-.evenlh districf $112.50. D'avi'cl t). Terry for Cbrigr&ss fifth district, S2d79.99. John L. McClellan for Congress sixth district. $3,256.17. Wude Kitchens for Congress seventh district $1G92.SG. ' • Tom J. Cbwnn for state senator 2Gth district, $19G. FARM PRICES ADVANGE TOWARD PARITY, 1933-'34 §tacKed coins show additional Returns per crop unit- to cooperation producers in benefit payments on domestic allotment or other portion of crop designated in contract . M»'roi is. 13 Wk P'RICE, July i, ' ' BENEFIT PAYMENTS The real price (farm price plus benefit payments) that farmers are receiving for their allotted production of major farm products in terms of parity shows marked improvement. The figures along the parity price line of the above graph represent the amounts per unit farmers must receive, n6'\#eve>', 6'efo're their products will have as great exchange value as they did in the parity years, 1910-14. The increase in real prices since March 15, 1933, and the proportion of the real price farmers are receiving oh designated portion's 6'f th'elr 6rop' in the form of benefit or rental payments under agricultural adjustment contracts are shown. Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each PHONE 8 SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR ADDED Sl'ECIALS SNOW DRIFT (i Lhs. G8c. 3 Lhs. GOLD MEDAL 2-1 Llis. Lnrge Fancy Kedliidl. Do/. We Fancy 21G si/.e. licilbtill—Do/. 25c Fresh Yard FOI.CJEU'S, Fresh Shipment—l,l>. 3Sc O. K Yellow. 8 «/.. Bars—7 for Dressing Jity Salad Dressing Sandwich Spread Quart Jar 25c Kclloggs nr Post Toaslit's— 'i i)kgs. 15c Pure Cane—10 I.b. Cloth Sack 54c No. 2 Sieve. Delic- No , Cil| , ions and lender. Air. England's i'sh Country—Lb, 34c on's We Deliver Court Refuses to Cot Piquett Bail Petition. Denied After Establishment of Dillinger as Gangster CHICAGO —(/P)— The government won its contention that John Dillih- ger was a gangster. The average citizen probably more than suspected Dillinger, Homer Van Meter, et al, of the Hoosier hoodlum gang were robbers and killers but the government wanted to get it on judicial record through testimony. Its reason was to prevent reduction of bail for Louis Piquette, Dillinger lawyer, acused of harboring the late desperado and Van Meter, also deceased. Fiquctt's attorneys argued the $50,000 bail on which Piquett was jailed WB'S absurd, because, after all, Dillin- pcrcoukln'l have been so bad since the government had only one charge against him—transportation of a stolen automobile—owned by Sheriff Lillian Holley and taken by Dillinger in, his "wooden gun" escape from the Lake county jail at Crown Point, Ind. Ho was charged with driving it a'cross tiie state line into Illinois. Status Established Federal Judge John P. Barnes, bc- fcre the habeas corpus hearing in Pi- quelt's behalf wa scheludcd, told the government once and for all to settle the status of the late Dillinger through . it;, witnesses. After hearing the pudge decline to reduce the bail, dismissed habeas cor pus proceedings and sent Piquett to his cell again. His lawyer announced he would appeal. The federal witnesses gave the judge a firs! hand version of the gang's activities. <;irl Teslifli* Marie Confurli, girl friend of Van Meter's who has pleaded guilty I" harboring the gangster, a.-iid she was with the gang at the Little Bohemia resort in Northern Wisconsin when' the outlaws escaped a federal police trap in which Agent W. Carter Baum and a CCC worker were killed. She identified as among those present. Dilliuger, Van Meter, George iBaby Face) Nelson, Tommy Carroll, John Hamilton and F-Jt Riley. Riley is under arrest at St. Paul. Nelson is a large, Hamilton alternately reported dead or at large and the rest the victims of peace officer's bullets. U. S, May Escape Additional Taxes Chairman Harrison Tells President New Levies Are Unlikely HYDE PARK, N. Y. -(/Pi—After a general interview with President Kouieveli of the prospective legislative/ program next session, Chairman Harrison. Democrat, Mississippi, uf the Senate Finance Committee said he believed a new tax bill would not be Held as Aide Of Van Meter Suspected of harboring Homo'r Van Meter, slain Dillinger gangster. Opal Melica, also known as Mulligan, above, was arrested by St. Paul, Minn., police. A waitress, she is said to bo a onetime sweetheart of Albert Reilly, a minor member of the outlaw's shattered gang. necessnry. Harrison, called to the summer White House by the president, expressed confidence over the business and agricultural outlook and said that il piosenet trends continued it might }A: possible even to moderate some of fhe heavy federal relief expenditures ultlu.UMli increased building funds probably would be needed. More money for building projects was urged upon the president in an earlier conference by Senator King, Democrat. Utah, who favored a partial' revival of civil works to get a- \vay from outright grants to the unl employed this winter, a stepping up cf federal purchases of silver and a mere libeml credit policy on the part of the RFC. Harrison, chairman of the Finance Committee, which handles all tax and land' legislation said: "Treasury receipts are coining in nicely and are showing an enormous increase. With the general pickup, especially in agriculture, we arc hope tul that the receipts will continue to incic.se." Harrison would not say whether the special excise taxes now bringing in around S.'iOO.OOO.OOO would be continued after they expire, some next January and others at the cud of the current fiscal year. These {axes include gas< line, bank checks and a score nf c.ilicr exicse levicu.. * *«* The inu;ic for "Silent Nr;hl" was written in a few hours' tinit 1 by Franz Gniliri. Father ,Mulir brui'vlu the words to Oruber on Christmas Eve and wanted the song :;i;ii,'. at imti- nijiht. Tlie melody was ready on time. for Schoolboy ftowe Celebrates, the Arrival 'til His Fiance DETROIT -(/!>)- With "the girl Iro'm back homo" looking oh, Lynwbbd ISchbolb-by) Rowe, set th6 WaShing- '(bn Senators down with seven scattered hils. enabling the Tigers to take the .'iries opener 2.to 0. .The. girl was Edna Mac Skinner, Howe's fiancee from El Dorado, ,Ark. In hcnor of her arrival Kowe eliidk- tji' his 2"3rti viefo'i'-y of'the season. Both the Tiger runs were scored in the eighth inning during a rally which blasted Wally Stewart from Ike mound. White beat out a punt. Howe sacrificed him to second. After Foxx poped to Kerr, Cochrane rapped cut a double to score White and Char Ity Gch'ririger camfe thfbugh with! a sngle to score Cochrane. A special battin'g practice -which Manager . Cochrah'e ordered for this 'morning apparently bore fruit in Thursday's game, every player but Gcslin getting hits. Gehrihger got three hitst in four trips to the plate while White got two hits in throe tHps up. Re we weakened momentarily in the ninth when he allowed Sewell to tri- .ple with two out, but rallied quickly and fanned Bleuge to end the game. Painted in white letters 20 feet high, direction signs and place names for guidance of ariplanes are visible frbrrt an altitude of 5000 feel on clear days. Limit On Appropriations by State legislature Sought in Amendment There isrto scientific'6a*Ui{ popular belief that, jj baking sodn will r cut flowers Flowers do fairly well if ihe wafer;!i|'t and the steWts <iu<' Figure of $2,500,000 for Each Biennium Is Sought nt rrErniY N. Downs (Associated Press Staff Writer) LITTLE ROCK -(/P)—Designed by its sponsor to "prevent ; the state ever ddstroying itself" proposed amend- rrierit No. 19 would limit legislative apprbprialicns and state expenditures tot governmental expenses to $2,500,000 for caeh bicnnium. One of th two measures sponsored by Governor Futrlell, proposed am- chdfnoht No. 19 would supplement.the language of article 5 of the constitution of 1874 so as to prevent.the legislature, except by rt three-fourth's vote of its elected membership;. t ob!i- gating th6 state fr6m ore than ?2,500,- OOtf fbr-any given two-year period. The limit pr&posed to be fixed would hot Include appropriations for schools, highways, Confederate pensions and debt service. Sine et'he revenues for these purposes exceed by $10,000,000 the max'imum ambu'nt allowable under the amendment for regular governmental expenditures. The- propb'sfed amendment seeks another limiiafiph an the legislature closely akiri to. the first, it provides (hat the gen'eral assembly shull make no apprbpriafibri's until after the gen-: oral appropriations bill—containing ihb allowances fdt the constitutional and other necessary state government expenses—has' bebn. passed. This wo'u'ld .prevent a legislature opposed to 1 the eprfstituti&nal 6fficefs, from using up,the $2,50fj,00f), biennial 6xpensb allotm'ent before providing for (he prime governmental purposes, s,iich as the fexecutive branch, supreme and circuit courts. A third purpose is that bf prohibiting either npu'se' bf the legislature from incurring ah expense without frist appropriating fbr it by act. This ob- vibusly aims at th'6 practice of legislatures prior ftf I9'33 of- cf eating''legis- lativc jobs and incurring "gift" expenses by resolution. The amendment, if adopted, iff self- executing and would become effective the moment the Vofe is certified, Cattle Buying Is Placed On Budget Will Operate on Resti;ict- ed Basis Until September 19 Invention of the 'lTdirljJ i til netted a picfit of ten million' to its inventor. At Colunbia, Mo, in 190l, if.. ... fcraluro icgi'terod ff/0 d&JsriscJH^: higher every day fot 34 CSrfsw d.iys ' ' I , it, -t-^lM.j . .. , — (/P)— Farm Acf- minisffcitiori's drouth' /eJief division j said it had ordered gdvefhmfenf rAif- ch'sse of Cattle in' the druoth areas plated tipbfi a b'udgef basis between now an'd Septe'rnbef 19'. Heretofore, buying has been unrestricted. It was expldine'd that a neto policy had been placed in effect by Colonel Phillip Murphy, druoth relie'f head, to pave 1 the way. : for edfinife' accounting September 19 Of just where the program stands as • to available funds. Plans for purchases beyond -Sep"- lember 19 have not yet. been cdhf- pleted, but it was made cleai tha 1 ! there was no present intention of am'arrdbftirlg the'program Each state a'ffec(e J d' Will h'aVe" a, Sp'eeiffed <fu6ta' tc- be bought between'now and September 19. Texas qubta'is 105,000 head, or rodghly, 10,000 -head; a day. 'svlitp\vde ' : Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 232 W2SE ©iEJ OWL . by fiSSO USEPG&fe FOEL YOUR ONLY COME WHEW YOU GET YOUR ESSO SERVICE STATION ; Third and L; & A. TracTcs . Phoii'e 68 WATCH FOR it[:;j 3c Grandmother's Breadj 16 pz loaf. PAN iCOLLSrOoi-TZ^r 5t RAISIN LOAF 9c EIGMt O'CLOCK 1 Qo CO^ffi, Lb. • W Bbkar Coffee, Lb. ..... .;.27c Rfed'Circle Coffee, Lb>i..23lc LETTUCE Large Head Be Tokay Grapes "9* Fresh, Lb. ...............'..y. ORANGES OC|* California, Doz... C "' JW Jonothan Apples New Crop Size ISO's, Doz... FLOUR "VerigoocT 24 Lb. 87c 48 Lb $1.65 98 Lb $3.29 Fresh Stock SUGAR Pure Cane Pounds SHORTENING "Mrs. Tuckers" 4 Lb. Carton ............ 37c 8 Lb. Carton ............ 70c Baking Powder K r II. L/, 25 02. Can ................ 17c 5 Lb. Can ................ 57c 10 Lb. Can ............ $1.09 Watch Our Window For Added Specials California Dried Primes-2 Ib I5c Clmffi Salmon-tall can 106 Ann Page Preserves Pure Fruit 17** 16, QZ Jar... ' •** Calumet Baking Powder-1 Ib 23c MINUTE TAPIOCA—Package 12fe POST BRAN FLAKElS^—Package 10c JELLO, Assorted Flavcirs—-^Package 1 6t LOG CABIN SYkUF*, Medium Can 27c POST TQASTIES—Sntal) Pkg. 8c—Large ,Jlc SPLNACH-Del Monte-No. 2 can 12c •MAMM^BWHVW^^^MBM^M^HHBMMHM^^^MHMMi^HMHM^^^niiM^^^^^^^^^i^M^MMi^HH^^^Micvi^t GRANDMOTHER:? LAVE"R3 CAKES—Ea..j3e Old Munich MALT, can 57c WHITE HOUSE MILK $ Lge. or 0 Sm, can, ; 17c Rajah Salad Dressing, Qj, HEINZ SPECIALS Ketchup, 14 diz 19c T.S. Beans, 3 eahs..t.25c Spaghetti, 3 cans 25c Vinegar—pint 12c Cucumber Pickles....24c —MARKET SPECIALS— PLAY SAFE—pAT GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEATS Cut From Jiilndqua.rter.JLb. 17C Fore-Quarter Round and Seven' Tender 1 Of* Juicy, Ib ' &** & DRY SALT MEAT K± 17c Fancy K. C. Rolled Boneless, lb,....14c BABY BEEF—Forequarter, Ib 9c FANCY LAMB French Style 4 "9* Legs, Ib. .. . • • *» CHOPS, Fancy -tQ~ Rib, Ib. I.P.** Boneless Rolled 4 Shoulder, Ib • CHEESE Wisconsin CREAM, Ib Swift's AMERICAN Brick and Pimento, Ib....... Edition to be published soon by the HOPE STAR ifosMS

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