Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1934
Page 4
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Statesman BOPS fltfAR, see f OUR BOARDING HOUSE AftKANSAS to PtfoYlous JSS 8HEL EIIflEJ, K.IHI/ id. IttMV fetiefc, onotm. 47 Admonition. 49 Unit. 50 War flyer. 81 Blehiish. 53 Reverence. 55 What ia Ms triiUtaty title! 56 He i^ noli -•*»«• ' of Japan. '- VERTICAn 1 Voting goat. 2 tlnrtle. a. Exists. nebUnlereiJ. 3 Cognizance. CTo emancipate. 7 Howing tools. >S Morindin tlye. 9 Dowei 4 , property. 10 To query. 11 It is hi* job to •train the of the 1.1 Nay. 15 It'iifssfit is al odds with Japan over — rights. 17 Mnttgre!. IS Ifisane. 20 House oat. 22 Clolf device. '2i Part of a. circle 2S Cravat. i(J Writing itnplentent. 27 tiny. 29 Northwest. ;!0 .Southeast. M So I lor. •Tl To attempt. :!t) Drone bee. •""•Mesh of inciJ. .'!.<) To rectify. •10 Clan symbol, •11 Small, mean 4iouse. 42 (lovcrnment sea!. 44 Rodent. •15 Heavenly hotly. •IGKntito bird. 4 7 Auto. •IS l!y. ri2 Si'i.'oml iioto, fi.'! Three-toi'il sloth. 51 Vim and I. 17 •4-4 £fa 4.1 FIB Find'It! Rent Itl Buy itl &thVJioiJeSfat •*" irket Place the"mor$ jro'm teQ. Ow , quicker you hML I time, lOc line, iqin. Mo insertions, mioi- , of 3 lines in one acL tf<$ times, ;6c line, mtn, 50c ,. ';;'C^times, 5c line, mho. 90c ,'"' tjwtbnea, 3&e line, nun. $2.11 ; : .'\CAyerage 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted understanding that the ^ r ___ on. presentation of a'5uW,"because5« *&• >fl »* PuhU- has given, a lar| to relieve colick Appendicitis fi&e 768 'bies soon after b. °^ df 8 *** 0 * 3bj: "g higher-bu the first three years .c, . , the rate . appel a day for aT Bldg. Hat Co. "RENT *;. South bed room, with bath; phone 321. furnished four-room apar- "423 South: Main. 12-3tp. JiR HENT—120 acre farm, two four tjouses'abundance of water, good uda pasture, good barn and po- Hbuse, on improved highway two Hope; School bus runs h ftirm.,-This farm will be rent- leap fotv money rent only. Geo. ark, Comyay, Ark. 13-3t FOR SALE t Paint Sold—Hoi>e Bldg. Mat. (Co. I SAtE—Piano, Vieti-ola and Oun Mrs, ,R. L. Taylor, 815 West L Street, Hope, Ark. 10-6tp 3ARGAINS IN USED CARS. . A. Lewis Motor Co. Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. 3R SALE—Five room furnished AH improvements, 1018 East I street. $1,000. 12-3t Bride Exposes Weeding Hoax •*4x PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WANTED RMITED-- A' good piano cheap for ircn/S Cash consideration. s atjde Taylor t at Boswell's See Grocery ^p— Refined couple or two Itlemea' to share home with mid[ aged couple. References exehang- 505 South Walnut. 8-3t ^AIfTBl>-Responsible party de- to rent automobile trailer for eral days. Call 768 or 405-J. 10-6t NOTICE ICE— have moved my hat shop hCotton Row" between the Post- and railroad. Men's hats clean- blocked 75c. Extra good grade hat for sale 98c and $1.50. sign: Stack's Hat Shop, t street. 5-6t NOTICE fire moved out studio to 214 out street, next door to the The Shipley Studio. ll-3t. ICE—See Mra.'Ralph Routon for Jessons. Phone 174-W. 12-3tp Chiropodist using mod- removing corns, bun- and ingrowing toe- Specialty Shop. - •' ^jff^ledsoe, expert Chiropo- tK specialist is at Patter, nent Store. , 14, 3tp ' Everybody present at tlio wedding of Helena Fortcacue (above) and John Marshall, Jr., in the Rockridge ' theater at Carmel, N. Y., believed they were married; but when their families asked 1'or details, the hride admitted the ceremony was a hoax on her friends, the minister haviug been an in- S" r ance man. Miiis f'ortescue, an actress, ia a sister of Mrs. Thalia ftlassie, central figure of Honolulu's famous rpv/»ni»p slawtni* Drowsiness, excitability, quarrelsomeness, or other symptoms tuaat'st- ing intoxication can be canned iiy Hying at exceptional altitudes. No rust or bnrnacics appeared t,n a plate of stainless y.li-ul, unijuinted. which had been submi.-rfiecl iu SIM water continuously for niiu- weeks, in a recent test. In the Arctic reyio.:..., conversation has been, carried un over water by persons separated by a distance of 6C96 feet. Modern cars, modern dress — why not modern furniture Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five JAKE IS LEVELING ON \m I. CHEWED THAT LAWSUIT AGAINST Hi ^^147^^,^ I V.ET HIM YOU /—SAlti H& WAS A LAWYER,AN'THfcYhG \: CIRCLING \OU WITH TOMAHAWKS, ift5R^lO&jQOO ^«»>LJlrNC3 SEUUNQ YOU A r-ot? * Arv^o RI IT WHAT —N ^^OLD MIKJ& ; A T=OR^SOOO, BUT WHAT > W , TL , OIJT tv t N 1 ANt) tatM NEIGVABOU CAV^ YOU BO^^OW ) T VA^& OF / THE <v/OK.v • AM^^° HS J^ GOLBENF- 4 IN IT/ A^ERN ^UTlOtJR WAY " ; ^''V;/> : '/ WHv; ANVBOD 1 / " Vi*t'.i^W WOULD ' -flfc-' ,"7! *T UJ A f/e Bv WILLIAMS ME <O > cf COLONS.//' ytj. t . j,*^"^ • K -<-^- 1 -^; ;-;J/ »• . THAT'S A WEED/ WHUT'RE VOU FEELIN'; ARbUND, AM 1 LOOKlM' SO , CLOSE AT | Ty J£^ PfeR7> / ^jpll 1 WAS JUS' MAKIN' SURfe It WAS'M VOU, blSGUlSBD A^ A HOMEVSUCKLE, TRVNA GET A CLOSE-UP LOOK AT A ^Ktsisasu t3 VETERAN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ^«"iilii /. W^wP y 'r-^^V'^v'^v' IF THEVV.\; ONW USS A CHAWCE T'tXP\_A\ HAC. AC"\tO Trt' WAV HV V-AUUV "•-WOT It Looks Bad! THE WORRY WART .;".'•' VIU.'.UV-IT T M Ktt. U '. I'M f-' ' O-H-I fiy MARTIN B ;v.;/ ^v^T'T. . -•-'. •":..-"• ••••'.•:.-,y i -~--' •"-:• T". XjiiJBalBHBBiTMi-tafeiiai;; . •-" ' • '• • ..**>=-: i"' 'I S^r, ^ J>V^)' ^ : b )E ^i-iilia- ii^ii i*^ ^»^^ ^Mxj X' 1 <>Vr .- J 'N ALLEY OOP f ••--, i^—,.- .• — .,.....i i.i.ia * «^_ " Foozy Does His Bit! By HAMLIJN HOAKAWU^'A I « TOLDJA THEY'P COME IT'S THE GUV" J \ BACK.' G'BYE, CM AWAY' S • i-vV R'^HT NOW /_/" "'xflfii "T rw^ \35.K^ ^ i ^ 7" ; pOOiY/ GIT DOCTSY BO6O/ HE'S COMIN 1 RIOHT ATCHA / r r-W^-i- *^'«c*n^/A r ^-?«•-•-; *^/Ov^ /*>?V? ^K^i4kT4^ l5)^ ; 4>$>r -J-r^s.-^.O C:-,?. WASH TUBBS Almost a Win! By CRANE = ^.H SISSIES, AFRAID OF A BHAR; SOLDIERS or- SWASH-6UCKLIM6 MEN OF ACTIOM! '>; <w ^ \ ».% '#&* weT TA COUPLE \ LOOk, EASY.' OF SOFTIES VOU TORKIED OUT BE, HAW' UMAJ'- yye WINTHE LAU6HC-I 1 . HE'S HAVIN' A|o,OOO*FOR 5HOWIW6 E\ 6 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Q \f\ (L/'"*' O 1034 bf NCA EEMVICE, IKC. T. MO, SIREC ? IT'S COMTORT- IM6 TO KWOW THAT SOMEBODY ELSE IS AS- ILIATED AS I l THAT'S ALL. HUMILIATED AS I AM, /' ^ _^X ^ /x ~—^ (?" w j. PUT up Yope HANDS... ALL OF YO .' THIS is YORE RIFLE, CHARLIE, AN' IT AWT LOADED WITH SOFT PILLOWS/ STRETCH/ Double-Crossed! '/ • ^,1/fe THE NEWFANGLES : 4 SO Yo THOUGHT YOU'D TAKE MY ) BUT WE GOLD MINE AWAY, \ V/ERE JUST EH? HAHA...I'M OLD, ) TRYIMG BUT I HAVE A J TO HELP HEAD ON THESE U YOU.' /J SHOULDERS / //' *^-c r^T , y y ^^•-^^••r / ...... /• y/ i'n Pop) AH' I WAS SMART EWOUGH TO L£T Yo .' /\LL TH' HARD WORK IS DOKIE...TH' RIVER'S BEEM DEPLECT- ED, ASJ 1 TV) CANYON IS DRY! KIOW 1 kIKJ GIT AT MY MINE !.' r By BLOSSES. WE DIDN'T WANT YOUR ) NOT A'GOIN' T' GIT GOLD. 1 , VE.C? MY GOLD,EnHER .' \ WHAT Yo ARE GONNA GIT IS LEAD ,'/ Hurray for the Home Talent! IF THE OLD SW/^fvBGUT' PEOPLE IN ..W3S "Houses' SHOULD MEVED TH&OY/ RKT-1SOHS Op SO-HCTHttlG'--EVER WOVED JE IT WAS WHEM THE COHSTABLE FOUND \- THf- STOLEtl SWAG IN MCS.VAtl .CELLAR i rf. C25i ,'»p SHE MUST HKVE FELT AO CHEKP \ f\ND WA.'a AS A BK5eMEV«T B^GAlH, AFTER '- \Hcie FM:E RED PWSING SUCH ^ SQUAWK-AND N_--?rTr-—- THEM FINDIMS THE LIGHT-FINGERED/ r^^^L^ ARTIST,WAS A MEMBER OF HER J& : m$$&$ r\**iki T—A KXII v/ —— "^ \ -v*/S^J \ OWKi ^ X ^ ^§^ ^r« .& <9 ...ByjCQWAN r \T OUST GOe? TO PROVE I WELL PEOPLe ^ THAT THE MAJORITY IS ^ I WHO LOOK FOR VMttONG. WHAT A X-CQOUBte USUALLY SAP THE CONSTABLE MADe\ COKiE. OUT OUT OF MP-S.VAH SWAHKTON'SJ l.OOKIUO LIKE TR.ICV*. •OETEC-A-TIVE*. 7-VV«.Y'tl FOUi It) ^ —v VJOWl! - XV ,««. ISN'T THE: FIRST TIME \THE THING THAT S0!«v& WfSENHEIMER V<AS POKED GOT HE WAS THKT HIS NOSE INTO PLACES AMD SO FEW PEOPLE GOT IT KNOCKED OUT OF /HAD ANY FAITH IN THE CONSTABLE'S ^f|«H!^ »--_i* > ' BY »IA StBVICC. INC.g T M HEG ^ A ^/ -^r r •i i

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