Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1937 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1937
Page 7
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Thursday, October 21, 1987 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS "The More You Tell, the Quicker Ydu Sell" RATES One lime—2e word, minimum Me Three time*—3%c word, mln. Me Six Umc.t—tJc word, minimum 90c Otic month (26 tlmes)--lge word, tnliilmuni $2.70 IfcUcs aru for continuous Insertions only. In making ward count, disregard cln.islflcntloii namo such M "For Hcnl," "1'or Sale," etc.—this Is to*. But each Inltlnl or iiittno, or com- jlete telephone number, counts ns a full word. For cxnmnlc: fOll KENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage* clo.su In. Bargain. J. V. Rltuik, phone 9999. Total, 15 word*, at 2c word, Me for one time; nt 3'Ac word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All -,rders placed by telephone arc due mid payable upon presentation. erf bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Uepairinjj Thirty years experience A. R. begnur 120 S. Hervey Phone 171VV 5-4-tf Hempstetifl County Mtitlruss Shop build.s new cotton multms.sfs lend rc- build.s old oni'.s. Work mid niittc'riiil KtuinmUM'il. 712 Wi-.st Fourth strrel. Phony I'mil Cobb, S53-J. 19-6le For Rent FOR KENT—Two unfurnished apnrt- mertts on North Main, one block north of Community Ice Co. See J. L. Cook ill GOT North Muin. l9-3tp FOl! HKNT-Wiint i« rout 7 r<«) hurne In dr'siriibli* |>:irly, on hifiliw: No. -1. Hunt! Clark. " 20-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Cnll nt office of Mope Star. 27-15-clh. Ahruw.l Rye. Oats, Bnrlarf, May Wheut, Vetch, Winter Pea.-;, "Winter Hye, Cirass nnd Fall Bulbs. MONTS SKSD STORE 1 -2(itc FOR SALE—Old nowspapcrs, 5 cents pei 1 bundle Hope Star. 27-2Cd)i F(j)K SALE— Grocery Filling Station, edge of Intuition and business. firnyt first station on Highway Number 4J " 20-3tp Store and town. Good Mrs. E. W. FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping rnni'liino in perfect condition. Apply at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. KOft SALE-Curload D! apples Fof-rel's ftjucKsmft.n SrTop;*^diitli ita/.cl struct. Good apples, 90 cents per hiishol K-isket 21-fit p FOR SALK-nesl «r;idi- of imprnvrd Klondike strnwhcrrv plants. Mrs. W. C'. .Johnson. Blevins, Houle One. 2t-:ttp ^~ Lo»t~~ STOLKN—Blnek Elgin 7>icyclpT Ro- wuril for return to 525 En.st Second street or phone 2G7. 20-IHp FOST — Bliu'k nnd white pointer puppy. . r i months old. Answers to ii.-iiiie of Jdck. Cidl Fnuik Nolen, plionc 575. 20-3tp LOST—Female bird chip, bluck with white spots under belly. Had on t-ol- lur, bill no name. Large size dog in North 20-3tp Help Wanted—Female EARN GOOD PAY"nddressing, mnII- iiig our envelops. Everything supplied including stamixi. Write postcard. Nationwide Distribution, 401 Brond- wny, N. Y. 21-Up TAKEN UP -Rod and white-faced heifer calf. About five-weeks old. Apply at Hope Star for information. 21-Gl-c H5USE "wftfi" Wanted WANTED TO BUY--I p»y highest cnsb prirc'.s for I'innos. [{. L. Meyers. Buck* nei', Ark. 19-7lp ~\VAN7ED"•- AT^NCE-THIS-TEK- IilTOKY. Mini with cur, good rcfer- Krnnci; to Inki? over c:imly route. Good piiy to rlflht pnrly. See or cnll this week. M. L. Alli-n.Texnrkunn, Tex., f'olonii.l Aptfl. fiOl I-'mc St., Phone 2!I8. 21-3tj) Today'* Answer* to CRANIUM CRACKERS on Piige One 1. The nurse kissed 27 soldiers. 'i. The employer read ".sewed" and knew the crop would be "weeds," '.\. "Nape" of the neck rhymes with tape. •I. Thy female of all four animals —deer, unlvlope, rabbit, and hare --•is called a doe. 5. The car cost $1000. With the number of paid passengers in June reaching a new high for the year. p.iJi.-cngcr.s using scheduled air- liuc.s operating in continental U. S. totaled -104.088 for the first six months of 19:17. exceeding by 42,822 I ho number carried during a .similar period in 1'JHG, FOR SALE 5 room Kcslilence- Shover street. 0 5 room Kcsiilciicc—322 South c A HO acre farm, CO iicrcs cultlvn- 1 lion. 80 iicrcs thnticr and pa-sc tuw. •! room house, new ham. 4 Good wnlcr, 7'-i tulles south of 1 ]1()|H*. Cash or rcnsoiuihlu Icnu.s. JFoster & Borden I 123 W. Division St. 9 IJconscd Real Estate Brokers good shape. D. J. Howe, Main or call 700. Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our modern plant—pressed by experts'—'delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters N O T ICE! To My Customers and Friends: I have chaUKcd from Nelson- HucUins to Hope Steam Laundry, and invite you to continue your business with me. We offer you service of the highest quality. HARRY I'Hiri'S Composer of Jazz HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Pictured composer. 12 Regretted. 13 To divert. 10 To relieve. 17 Person opposed. 18 Switchboard compartment. 19 Flexible. 20 Blew a horn. 22 Perfumes. 25 Transposed. 26 And. 28 To ascend. 3 i Cleft. 34,Wand. 35 Measure of area. 36 O^rd game. 37 Percolates. 39 Fat of sheep. 41 Musical note. 42 Chaos. 43 One who deposes. 48 Foes. 53 Genus of honeybees. Answer to Previous Puzzle BH iM'AtTiEiS QllAGJAlRr BiAFMblMri (f DIEIR 5-1 Act of besieging. 56 Unoccupied. 57 Rodents. 5B He has written and composed many popular . 59 Snout. CO Red. 01 Made hard. VERTICAL, 1 God of war. 2 Undersized catilc. 3 Interdiction. 4 Simpletons. 5 To yawn. 6 Play on words 7 Girdle. 8 To narrate. 9 Lion's homo. 10 Distinctive theories. 11 Fiber Knots. H Insane. 15 Ocean. 21 Ringlets. 23 Geological formation. 24 He .served in the World (pl.). 27 Ue writes for musiccl s. 29 Egss of fishes. 30 Fish 31 Flying mammal 32 Every 33 Dove's cry 38 Writer of prose. 40 To illumine. 43 Stream obstructions. 44 Narrative poem. 45 Size of type, 4(3 Existence. 47 Public disturbance. 18 Qvums. 49 l*irds' home. 50 Heathen god 51 Otherwise 52 Ovule. 55 Half an em. OBSERVATION, SISTER MARTHA, 1 CAW SEE THAT vou DUMPED IWTO THE MATRIMONIAL. SEA WITH 5OMEONJE WHO COULDN'T SVV!M-*-~ AUP YOU'VE HAt> HIM HANSIKJG OW VOUR WECK EVER siwce-*- T. BOUC3HT TMIS BELATED WEPPIMC3 PRESENT VVITH THAT HUWKOPA BROTHER OF MIME iw MIND''-*-^ I HOPE HE EWJOYS IT/ LIZZlfe / A AMD BRACE L6TS TO MATCH f WHY, HOVV CAM 1 THAWK* YOU 2 I'VE BEEM O£ MAVIWd A OF THESE IT= 1 HAD WAITED 1=OR THE AAAtJOR TO GET EMOUGH POU6H 'TO BUY ME A SET, &9n ft fJ ® _3 A '( 1 R",'\9)7 BY Ht* 81B UMP B3 AD, THF LOOK LIKE C3BMUIME JEWELS / I SHALL OF UMCLE ABE A-S TO THEIR •REAL- WORTH ' OUT OP THE "PICTURE SO HE COULD USE MY LIPE E'LL BE HOCKlMG HIS HALF SHORTLY- HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WE WAS JUS 1 TRYIN' OUR OUT TO SEE HOW MUCH POWER we WHAt'&E VOU TG2VIM' TO DO, PLOW? LAMDLUBBER5 OOCK VOO r^ Understand By MARTIN" IT ALLEY OOP \T of Two Strikes on Oop ACCtPTtO U^rt As<b WE \T , A>ViO OtCAOEO TO MO'bT 0<r VT y." U ' MV HE'S DO\WM.' WHAT'S GOIM' OM AROUND PLACET WELL.FEC-: WHASSA MATTER WITH DINNV ?? * HE HAVIM' A PIT? By HAML1N WASH TUBBS Wash Gets a Real Earful By CRANE VOU'KE CRAW.' \ ANP SHE WONT' ANOTHER COUPLA ) BE BANKKUFT/5ME WEEKS AMP THEY'LL"! EITHER, jr -^ /< =- HE'LL PAV HAVE $50,000 bsr-rr-ssT OFF THE MORTGAGE ANP BE THE ONLV WAV TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THE BONITO COMPANV EES TO GO TO COURT ANP PECLAR.E SENOR SITTING PRETTY FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHERE YOU GOING, FpECK TMEM.W^T ARi Wt TO DO? I'LL TELL VOU WHAT! WE'LL SNEAK UPON THE CAMP IN THE MIPPLE OF THE NIGHT ANP WIPE THAT KELTON PAME ANP HER-. BUTTIN5KV BOV FRIENDS Porr Freck! AH, SK3NOR, EOT EET \TO HECK WfTH YOU EES NOT LEGAL.X HAP/DEPUTATION,... REPUTATION TO AINT A COP WITHIN MILES. UP TO ROOM 109 TO AM ELECTIOM I WAS WOMIMATED FOR THE: OFF-ICE OF" PRESIDEKT IN THE SKULL. AMD DAGGER FRATERNITY! ITS QUITE: AW HONOR, KIUTTY ! MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE YOUR NAME HAS BEEN STRICKEW FROM TWE LIST OP NOMINEES, FRECK SORRY, BUT YOU CAN'T COME IN .' THIS MEETING IS f=OR MEMBERS ONLY ' BUT, EDDIE, I AM A MEMBER ! ' IF I WERENT A MEMBER, HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED? THAT WAS" YESTERDAY, FRECK .... AND THIS i IS TODAY J j. SORRY .' By BLOSSER i CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT, NUTTY ! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MAKE THEM BLACKBALL ME? YEAH....fT MUST BE.' WCW I KNOW HOW IT GOT ITS NAME f S.THEY TOOK M3UR SKULL, ANP )TWAT'S- WHERE THEY BURIED THE DAGGER '-' A Secret Message By THOMPSON AND COLL SOME WAV TO INFORM M(2. GEIFFIM. THE PAROLE pppicee, OF HER SUSPICIONS MV8A SNATCHES THE OPPORTUNITy TO SIT BESIDE HJM AT THE UNUSUAL TEA PARTV I TRUST ALL VOUC BOYS ARE PRESENT AMP ACCOUNTED FOR., PC VOM BODEN VOU KNOW THERE'VE BE.E.M QUITE A FEW BOLD HOLD-UP-^ —, LATELV.... r MOS7 UMFOE7UMATE, MC. (3CIFFIM, BUT i CAN ASSUPE VOU ALL MV PATIENTS HAVE BEEM &EHAVIMC- AS WELL AS EVEC . DC .3AC.OM CAN VOUCH F^OE 1HAT1 —vAEMT, BUT A SIGN. - , - '.MCE FEOM MVEA GIVES H/M THE CUE FOE HI5 EESFOWSE / EP...VES IMDEED, ME, /GRIFFlM. IT'3 REALLY \A/OW/ DEGFUL THE WORK THE DOC\ TOE IS DOV^^ Vs. ^ MEANWHILE. MVRA,UW, I OOT.'CED, WAS A MESSAGE OW HEE PAPEB fvAP^IW, END OF A SOBBV PIN) /

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