Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 8
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Motion Picture Star Answer to Ik '•*'/ -»( ilrf / • 6. , '•>/- in the pirture? It Railroad station. 12 Cravat-!. 14 Male child. 15 Helmsman. 17 principal ore ID] JSBOfOfK 1 HORACE tt| MANN fe: -Ha'arail Jraa las- IS Was preliminary to. i 81 Italian river. 32 Monkeys. 8$ Measure of area. Zt Distinctive theory. 87 Put back in •School. 29 Three. 30:Tiny particle. 32Rante<l. 33 At that time. 34 Nasal openings. 36 Boy. 37 Swayed. 38 Native. •10 Stringed instrument. •) I Some. VI Lying at the side. 45 Age. {"Third note. 4S Century plant fiber. 49-On the lee. 51 N'euter pronoun. 52 She \vas.born in . 53 She began her career as an VERTICAL 2 Structural unit. "3 Bronze. 4 Kern aeed. B Was victorious. G Preposition. 7 Fence stairs. 5 Lubricated. 9 Gaseous element. 10Sh« first pruned popu* larity as « IP, Later in spectacular pictnres, 15 Walked. 16 Higher. 17 Yawned. 19 Braided quirt. 20 Destined. 23 Rnndwort. 2f> Containing tin. 26 Hrlghtly colored eel. ?S Egg-shaped. ?9 A remote ?oal. "I Encountered. n:i II. 35 Code ot laws. 37 Silica. 39 Convulsive tic. 40Vnl!ey. 41 Form of "be." 13 Label. 44 Sun god. 46 Preposition. 45 3.141G. 50 And. Guernsey Studentss See Saenger Film Tuesday Forty pupils of .the-literature classes of-Guernsey High School department Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the mere you tell. OM quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. SOc 26 times, 3%c line, min. J2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will ba accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publication t : Phone 768 Groceries are getting higher—but cooked groceries are the same at the Checkered Cafe. 2 meals a day for 2—?30 a month. 7-Ct motored to Hope Tuesday night to SOP ''Treasure Island.' 'accompanied by their teacher, Hugh Bristow, as sponsor. '.•'. '. Everyone enjoyed the picture, and it well long be remembered by all. especially by the hoys and girls of the ninth grade class who have just completed the study of this wonderful story of the immortan Jim Hawkins and John Silver. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co, FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. Nicely furnished fpur-room apar- mc.nt 423 South Main. 12-3tp. FOR RENT—120 acre farm, two four room houses abundance of water, good hermuda pasture, good barn and po-. tato house, en improved highway two miles from Hope; School bus runs through farm. This farm will be rent- de cheap for money rent only. Geo. .W. Clark, Con way, Ark. 13-3t FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE—Piano, Victrola and Gun Shop, Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth Street, Hope, Ark. 10-6tp BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lev/is Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SALE—Five room furnished home. All improvements, 1018 East Second street. $1,000. 12-31 USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WANTED WANTED—A good piano cheap for church. Cash consideration. See Claude Taylor at Boswell's Grocery Store. 8-3t-p WANTED—Refined couple or two gentlemen to share home with middle aged couple. References exchanged. 505 South Walnut. 8-3t WilBsville Mr. W. T. Simpson made a business trip to Prpsc.Qtyyionday. j LoyA. Wite«S*<J^ Russellville spent the wlek-eh'd with horrie: folks. Our school • starts Thursday at Willisville. We are expecting a very fine school this term. Paul Franks and Reivell Marlar have returned home after spending three year sin the army at Honolulu. We are proud to have them home again. Mrs: Beulah Simpson and son, Glendale are visiting her parents at Hope. Crops will soon all be gathered in in this community as there was not very much made this year. Mr. J. B. Silvey made a business trip to Hope Monday. Mr. Charlie Young has returned home after spending a few clays in the Cora Donnel hospital at Prcscott. Mr. and Mrs. George Martin called to see Paul Franks at the home of his mother Mrs. Warren Cross Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Waters spent the night with her mother Mrs. Frances Marlar Monday night. WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back Pep ... Vigor . . . VitalitJ Medical authorities agree that yonr kid- ntya contain 15 MILES of tiny tubes 01 filters which help to purify the blood and kevp you healthy. If you have trouble with too frequent blf.ddcr paaiaeo with scanty amount caus. ini; burning and discomfort, the 15 MILKS of kidney tubes need washing out This danger signal may be the beginning of nagging backache, leg pains, loss of pep and vitality, getting up nights, lumbago, swollen feel and ankles, rheumatic pains and dizziness. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints every da) and get rid of 4 pounds of waste matter, your body will take up these poisons causing serious trouble. It may knock you out and lay you up for many montbs. Don't wait. Ask your druggist for DOAJS'3 PILLS . ., a doctor's prescription . . . which has been used successfully by millions of kidney auf. teeern tor over 40 years. They give quicli relief and will help to wash out the U MILES of kidney tubes. hut don't take chances with strong drug! or Bo-called "kidney cures" that claim to til you up in 1C minutes, for they may seriousl) Injure and irritate delicate tissues. Insist on DOAN'S PILLS ... the old reliable relief that contain no "dope" or habit-forznini drugs. Be sure you get DOAN'S PILLS at youz dxumdst. C 1934. Foster-Uilbuza Co WANTED—Responsible party desires to rent automobile trailer for several days. Call 768 or 405-J. 10-6; WANTED—Furnished tv/o or three room apartment. Write Fostoffice Box 93. 10-3tp NOTICE NOTICE— have moved my hat shop to "Cotton Row" between the Postoffice and railroad. Men's hats cleaned and blocked 75c. Extra good grade reblocked hat for sale 98c and $1.50. Ixsok for the sign: Stack's Hat Shop, South Walnut street. 5-6t K O T I C K We have moved out studio to 214 South, Walnut street, next door to the Hope Star. The Shipley Studio. 11-31. NOTICE—See Mra.'Ralph Routon for piano lemons. Phone 174-W. 12-3tp Modem cars, modern dress — why not modern furniture Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five HOPE Sim HOPE, ARKANSAS ' •' • • Thursday, September IS; 19H4 --•- " J ni i i i r---'---*- •••'*•—•• * ' ••.•—^••-•••i*. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THEY'LL T06S SURE, I/A <SOINO THRU - ~p|* ^^ ONW jf BWWN ^% WITH (V\Y LAYV&LHT AsGAvlNSfT ffM ^in^ooo' '^ -• — ' -'*" ?{ TH X MA-SOR TOR SELLING N\Y * ^ ** ' f\ cSOLD fvMNE /—tVE C5OT ^ SWELL LAWYER WORKtt^ ON TV-T CASE NOW,—-AN ^ WHEN J f FANHA NDL\N&n W& GET ALL GET, WE'LL WAVE \\ -^<BUE HIM TOR TH' MA£OR CORNERED LIKE {X ^ COUPLA / THAT BROOM/-SUING HIM TOR ^S MILLION,— ^ H/WE AsNY -t-i i' »Ax-\K.ir-.\j' LJC. /-^LiTr Tr/~ST> TU\ < , _. . ^~s x^-^M Tx. IK» TH' MONEY HE GOT MINE,-— 4t 30,000 HE > TV-\EN YOU HAVE TO,YOU CAN WHACT TH'M\NE < '•j^L AN' HIS NEW ' 5US.PENDER THE HOOPLES o _ 'A, SO YOU GOT IN THE \o HOUSE — T FORGOT TO L6AVS 1 rue key/ HPV/ piD vou C-/E.T IN? DID t LEAVE AMV i WINDOWS OPEN? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME / WMY t)ON'T VOU AMSWER ME,? SAY, 'WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH I\ !J,-.?.0=-r. ARE MADE-NOT 8ORM. " ^^' U "A '' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES No Harm in Trying! MARTIN YOON& IMPORTANT ,TO GET ; OV O^ — ...... J '/S&SI Uff' r , \Xi/W IM/M^M^ -^ ^^Ski ^-..,,;S\ 4^'dl&s:^~\ t I.: A.J IT ALLEY OOP Teamwork! By HAMLIN HAW/ OL' FOOZV SURE CWILLHD 'EM WITH THAT SHRIEK/' NOW, HERE'S WHERE' WADE .... .. .„ .... ' WUMPUS/ WHAT WAS THAT? HEY, ANK AN' UD, \ J WHAT?? TH' LAST TWO MEN \( TWO / THAT'S IN TH' COLUMN,ARE ]> MEN ./ALLEY OOP5 AN'FOOZV'S WORK, . i BercHA WASH TUBES oBoy/ 'AT'S A eooP OKIE/ OLD BOARDMAM\ YA LITTLE RASCAL! \WA<3 TREED BV A BABVCUB, MOT LOOK, HE WANTSJ BIG ENOUGH TO SCRATCH pLAV. Boardman Has His Turn! SAY.' WOULDM'T HE j~ By CRANE MAKE A SWELL PET VAH, VAN, VAH.' DOM'TBE fl f JSSVA MAVBE IT'S OMLV A PORCUPINE. WHO'S AFRAID OP A BEA«?WHV DIDW'T V'PULL HIS TAIL? VAH, *"' FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Chunks of Gold! (O 1934 BY HEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S By BLOSSER BLAST, AM' RECKONED MIGHT BE AMEEDIW LET US TAKE CARE OF THIS, MR. BARROWS V/E RE YOUHGER THAN You! THE STREAM'S AGETTIM' SMALLER AH' SMALLER... SOOW SHE'LL ONLY BE A TRICKLE, AM' WE CAN GET _, TO WORK/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) /* THE WATER'S RECEDIM'.' ( SHE'S ACOMIN' INTO VIE'//, '"V XT f ALL RIGHT. 1 SEE THET V/OODEW J i~ J . ( DOOR? V/ELL, MG'M LAPE ^/ , .; X BUILT THET, TO kEEP .-^ r-V \ PEOPLE OUT!.' / ' .f'7 '• l V', rj \ •' ^V ; •• \\' v ^ft^^iw^i4i ;; ;'J l:i \l RIGHT INSIDE THET DOOR^feNDERJS A GOLD VEIM VHICKER'SJ YORE FOREARM IT WON'T HAVE TO BE SMELT- t:REO...Yo CAM DICS IT OUT V/.JH YORE KNIFE... CHUNKS "^9;-^^, OF IT !/ f^^' |1» ^ ..o m 'W AM' WHEN WE GET IT, I WANT To JIST RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH IT, LIKE I WOULD WITH SUGAR .' GOLD, BOYS.,.THE KINP THET MOVES NATIONS AN' MEM.' The Constable Makes Good! By COWAN IT'S AWHEEL l^ LOOK 1 , THERE'S THE AMD THE V' MIC HBJE.'S JEDGE HE CHOOUS OF | WITHIN A WHEEL, \ tlONEY FROM THE / FIRE.-CHIEF'S \QO^RTOH'S GfWEL RED FLKNMELS J THE KEYS TO THE ^-rrJI~^rZ\ f r' //.y,-^ S.'.'-/'s',\. TO GKSPS P?r^6^^ ^^^S:-:'.S^:^?'^~-±S;\ MOJWtY, ^ MRS. ••-LETTING A> H\CK BEKT VOU PCV YOUO OW1J GAME— VOO, A DETECTIVE — WHY YOU COOLDN'T CAsTCH K _ A BOKV »F IT WAS TIED TO -AUD YOU DKfE 10 SHOW YOUQ FACE AROUUD HERE MCf. MULVANEY-- BUNGLING HA^ MADE ME THE LAUGH\NG-STOCK OF OF WHEN THE CCmSTrXBUE PRODUCED THE. EVIDENCE TO HE HrVD SOLVED THE MYSTERiOOS IS THE THIEF

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