The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1940
Page 4
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_PAGE FOUR --T-n THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NKWB THE COURIER NEWS CO H. \V. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL P. MORRIS, Advertising Mnnafjer Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at Die post- office at Blythcvllle, Arkansns, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the Untied Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blytheville, )5c l>er week, or 65c per mouth. By mall, wllhin n rartlus of 50 miles, $3.00 |:cr year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by mail in postal zones two (n six Incluslm, $0.50 per year; In zones seven and cifllil, $10.00 per year, payable in advance, Congress Thinks It, Ovar When budgcl c.sliniiiles WUJT jjix>,soi)l- ecl lo Congress l>y llio I'rc.siik'iil, (inly one billion dollars \v;i.s set aside for (lit- WPA program Cor llu: ensuing list'iil year. The President admitted I lie lig- ure wits tentative: ;iiul that a lot <!<!- pcndcd un the way things "shiiped up." 'J'lierc JN liltle <|tio.stion lion- tluit they haven't shaped up as well as it was hoped they would. And Roosevelt lias indicated that from here on he will let Congress handle the ulVair—with his best wishes. If the one billion dollar appropriation is allowed (u .stand, work relief rolls will either have to lie clipped by 25 per cent, culling WA rolls from 2,000,000 workers to 1,500,000, in July, or Congress will have lo pass • a deficiency bill early next session. While Congress might decree I hat WPA rolls he reduced by one-iinar- (er and get away with il, the difficulty is that someone else will have to kick in to lake care of the people thus displaced. It is a discomforting fact that business conditions have not improved so considerably that the UTA program can be chipped down with impunity. Foremost in the hordes clamoring for retention of current WPA levels are the mayors. If people are thrown oil' WPA, they will fall right in the laps of local taxpayers. The principal source of revenue J'or most nimntipalilies lias been the properly tax. In many instances, local relief expenditures could be. provided for only by levying special assessments against taxpayers who were already carrying I11(wt oC tnc | jm .,| cn fur their communities. For that matter, neither do congressmen relish the idea of fattening (lie federal budget by another half billion dollars. Already their promises of economy have gone haywire. Hut the more they spend, the more explaining they W in i, ave to do ]Vum (hc ^^ when their constituents ask embarrassing questions. H's a choice Congress will have to make. It will have to decide whether the costs of sustaining 500,000 persons are to be borne by the nation as a whole or by the separate communities affected. Populace Spreads Out Depression-scarred families, forced | () huddle up with rn 0m i R am! r( ,,. llivej . during the early part of the Terrifying _IJurlics,ircii|| (unu-iug out of hi- OUTOURWA bernation and finding brand-new homes for themselves. More than 250,000 families are going lo move into their own homes this spring, according to estimates of the United States .Savings and Loan League. Last year the number of families (haf forsook rented dwellings was I'tO.Otm and in !<);!(> it was 100,000. But, despite the increasing number of home owners, apartment house owners and landlords of Hals needn't fear a dearth of tenants-. The nation is still letting out its belt. Kxperls have said that it will lake many years of persistent effort to bring about adequate housing for everybody. Will) Ihc increasing trend toward home ownership,^ it appears ivo are slowly heading toward (hat goal. View* o/ QttteM. Publication In Uilt column of editorial* fron other ntu'sj>a)«ra does not u«e«ssart)y lann endorsement but li »n tebnawledviMot trf t«rest hi the aubJccU Senator Tol>cy's Census Hokum Srjialor Tobey is retorting to the cheapest hind of political bunk In his fi K ht on (he census, lie sot non-licrc in his lif-ht in C'oi where it was well known that, his hysterical charts had no foundation, so Monday niyhl, on Ihe eve ol the count, Tobey look lo Die radio 10 repent his stale and baseless accusations, and uclually to nrtvlse resistance to Ihc census. It llurc wus ever Irresponsible hokum, this is it. Thousands of listeners, incompletely informed on what the census means, arc disturbed and confused by the New l!:imp K liirc Seimlor's warnings. 'I lie huge lasl; of compiling Ihis valuable data is made more ditticnll for the In a time of ecnoinic uncertainly in many homes, plcnly of citizens lire ready to believe Ihc worsl, and their fears mount, when so seemingly responsible a fiijiirc as a United states Senator deliberately rouses (hem, frightens people hull out of iheir wits, lends bn»us authority to tiic disturbing ruiiiors in circulation ubout liie census. The census is nol a plot against (he people; 11 has been taken every to years since the Republic mis founded. The information nivcu is strictly cnnfidenlial; (Mere are drastic penalties for census takers who violate that confidence. Most of these questions have been asked before, anil without dcstroyiuy anybody's liberty. The new iiiic-alions are asked because Ihis coiiu- Iry lias bigger problems than ever before-, and tlie Government needs lull information in its efforts to solve them. The New Deal did nol think up these ([Ue.stions; Ihey were suggested by business men, economists, social workers and others. All these fuels should be known to everyone: by Uiis lime, but Senator Tobey, to make political capital, deliberately preys on Ihe fears of those who do not possess Ihe. inforniiition. He advises people to go to jail rather than answer the income micstion, yd there is no chance Hint he himself will suffer any penalty. All the dntii about Totiey is already a .matter of public record, a census expert pointed out, the other day, except for the minor detail of how many hours he worked lust ivcek. and it would be Hie height of absurdity to make an Issue of lluil. Blatherskite politics hits u new high in Tobey's ijcmsli at lack upon the census. —St. Louis I'ost-Dispalcll. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS up «)ur nerve lo c ; ,ll 011 Mieni-lhc Moorinan scures us- IQ death." WKDNKSDAY, AP15JL III n;.li.m.s living in denial pence manhood dries up. and nil Hie virtues that m:ike men lovable lo women deBenerate.—Ur. Kolicrl Lev, liciul ol tick-h's Labor Front. Uveryonc knows lhal (here is plenty of propaganda, .unl I Lose Issuing it have a perfect 113)11 to attempt, to win this country.-; friendship j 0 r Ilieir side. Bui we have an oiual ri«ht !<> keep Ihc public infnrrncd as to Ihp sunrn.- ol this propaganda, uo that it can diUcri-miulc for il- *clf.—Senator Dennett CUamp Clark mem, SERIAL STORY K. 0, CAVALIER BY JERRY BRONDFIELD THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson ///c.. LEAVES OP EVERGREENS DO NOT LAST FOR THE L(PE OP THE TREE, BUT' ONLV F=ROA<\ AT HIALEAH RACE Tf?ACK, AMAMI, FLORIDA, A FLOCK OF PLAAAIN&OE-S PARADES PAST THE STANDS BEPORE. THE RUNMINCb OF THE ANNIUAL- "FLAMINC30 STAKES" HORSE RACE. ANSWER: Yes. .,1 , - -.- j-.-i Will, regard to yt -, vire ,,l ,„„•,!„ MiXT: A slurk liiispi Val lirEcx ll.-i,,_ III.- (Ill- itllllllulllll 'I'll lurn I,lick ulll brlni; >-. Sin- nriixi-s I.) him t'uwilli-r In- iilll train V fur IK Unlit. "Wlm( kill- |>rojNiM-K. "IVIiul ;, C'flAPTKR V QAPTA1N IlANSKN'S jaw a full inch. "Val," he said softly, "how in thunder is thai Koin' to train on hoard (ho 'Belle'?" Duffy Kolsn looked sick. Eddie Cavalier looked at her will) eyes dial said ho longed to get his hands wound her throat. "Miss Douglas." It was Pop Crimes, pleading; wilh her. "Honest, lady, Ihis is cis funny as a i-rulcli. Your admiral there, is I'ifiM. Kven if you don't put around and lake us lisick to ITrisc how can Kiidie get in shape here? Slit< was quile cool ;md informn tivc in her answer. "Simple stuff Rents. In llio first place 1 knov Cavalier is just about in shape al ready. 7Ic hnd :< slrenuous inclooi season. Three (if/his, if I remember correctly. Me doesn't nccc much training for this one. I ];nov he hnppcns lo be all fliraugh will Iris heavy worlr. Just last week you, Pop Grimes, gave out ,1 storj to the elVecl lhal Eddie looket over-trained . . . that you weren't Koing lo have him do much Iban road work, some lighl work n the bags and a little spa Right?" ^ 1'op Grimes lifted his lips. '•Right," he ivhispn-eu. "lint . . ." "But nothins," she flashed.' '"it so happens that Mike Kelly, who you probably rememlx-r as a h'rclty fair heavyv.-ci s H a f cw yc-r.vs back, is a seaman aboard tin's ship. Fortunately for us he lias a couple sets of gloves and a lifilil bag which he mid some of •lie boys use in (heir spare lime. Mike'll bo as good a sparring partner .-is you'd want. And Cavalier r;m do all Hie road work lie wants lo around the deck." Duffy Kclso just sat Micro and fii'omicil. She looked at him and lau.<!hcd. "'More i get ihrougli, DufVy >'«u're going to (hank n ,e." 'Shoot you, you mcas." COPYRIGHT. I1MO. "EA SERVICE. INC. term and "senior" are applied fr<im Ihe tame state. Gold Believed to Lie j Mouniain Goal Joins Beneath Toivn Dump! Lov/ly Flock on Range lltl.KNA. Mnul. ilJI'i Ciol,l is! Rolil wherever you find city dump-acconiiir don fiiceden. riftU-ei asked the lii'ii- council for pcrmiv.ion i,, ,. j holes on a|)pro\im»l<-ly 'J.! icily propcity. I The im-alion is ilic h. << iriwni-c- Ciulch where ii!;-.,.their pokes with IHIK-P-I. «l»sf in one of the ' , u ,-,, of the last .cenlurv. even in to Hhc-t- M\AH.' OH, MA! NO, I'M MOT. 1 \ THIS IS SERIOUS.... \ M-XKIM' A MUMBEC t- EIGHT OUT OF A I NUMBER. FWE O F / AMVTHIW& 15 \ PAMofTROi IS TO JS« J WHY MOTHERS GET K. Wiir,a,,, 8 OUR JiOAKDINC jIoiJSE O K A N OCA N. Wash. ( Ul'l — Mountain noals — usually among Hie vvarii'M of animals ,- are be- n,tnin^ lam-' in this region. Parly tlij., winter one left the crrnce- and cra^s of tlie upprr C'iin-adi- mimninin ransr HIM! ramr drwn io ':u ra - with a fleck of sheep bi-lim-Jn;! | (1 R O KS smith ol fine Cr'.<•;:. Several person-; were able to -,'!•( <tec caoiftli to the sji'ii! tu >: r i j. 00 ,i pjdmc.s of it. "Go nhead," Cavalier sai fii-nnly. "This is the most fanlasl Hung I've come across since Juk Verne." "We can pitch a r-'nig on Hi ;ifter deck." Fop Grimes clapped a h;md t iu's cheek and groaned again. "Bi "is limiiiK—his liming. Il'jl b, ruined. This tub probably pitehc like a bucking bronco. It'll lhn>\ liim so far oft balance he'll fa fliil on his faeo." "Wrong again. This vessel is th -smoothest floaling freighter on th Pacific. And a guy who piinchc as sharp as Cavalier doesn't Junto worry about losing his tiinin in a few days." Eddie Cavalier presented lie with a mock bow. "Sue)) llallerj must come from Ihe heart," In murmured, "To think you migh have u good word lo say abou me." "Make ihe mnsl of if," .she retorted. "Ii might be the lasl one. * * * DUFFY KELSO shook i,j s heai mournfully. "Eddie, it look; like Ihis dsif.K> is going throng! with it. Maybe we oiightn wire bam Golden and tell him lo cancel." Tiicn turning once again lo Val I-ook, lady. Sain Golden is one promoter we wiml lo do right by. Ho had to work on Mike Jacob' Plenty hard to get this fight in Insco. We owe Sam u lot. He gave us our sfart three years ai'o Whal'll we lell him?" Thai's exactly why you can't cancel, DulTy. You see, I know what ground I'm treading on. You I'l let Golden down now. And you also know darn well that if you don't gel a crack at the champ now he'll stall you off lor unolhc year." 'y Kelso spread his hands eloquently. "This dame, Pop . e, o she knows all the anslcs." "Hight again, Kclso. I was Val Douglas Jleading. "Dtilly, it'll be terrific. Can't YOU see it? Ali you've got to cto wire Sam Golden that cvery- liink is okay. Tliat this was a •urprise move on your part )idn't u-iint io tell anyone, 'not even him. You can explain thai -on wanted to get Eddie away rom the usual hurly-burly o'f And then who was lie training grind. . . . That Eddie iceded Ihe rest as much as the irivalc training rjuarlers. "Duffy, it's Krcalpublieily. Tev- ific, Duffy. H'U pack lhal ball 'art: so Ihat nn undernourished "at won't be able- lo get in. It's lie natural of Ihe crhlwy, Kelso "d if you can't see it you're not s bright as 1 think you are." RIGHT OR WRONG ABOUT PEOPLE When- Have ihc ()|,| Maids Couo? E AtUST 6S c MlM A COUPLE OF LEFT BOY I IMPARTED MONJV F1M POitslTS OF THE BOSINJ& ' TO GEMTLEMfxu uv i)o,v,m> A, I.AIKII I'll". !>., Sri. II. The U. s. is Halting lo l;c one ol tlu: uuirryiii!:cst countries in Ihc world. Steadily, ever since 1890, ilierc has been a lower irerccmagc of ohi maids in Die popi.-ialiou. in other words pirls liave luni mciKi.s- niHly betler chances of i^cUim; i uiariied. Leap yca r,s have had I nothing to do witti this. ; I'eoplc are also i;ctiin;; married j joiiiisci- than Iliry did only a imv ! years ago. but even at, liial. nol young us i hey used tu in grantl- j lallicr's luuc. " | One reason for notli lewcr old j iiil:ls and lor inarrying yoini(;cr J tlie fact. I hat more mailed women arc workine now lliun ever i before in hi.-.lor'y. Tliis year ilicve [ -re a nullinu ur so more woL-inni; I wives than Ihere wcie :'U years I :>S<>. ' I Around 1!!;5. there will lie n ' pi'sik in niiiniarcs in this country,' fiuc .to ihe large numbers of youn'i; pi-dple who «-j|! be of (ho ' rigli't : iifjes I hen. These are ihe cbil- , dren who were horn us llic result I "t llic Hoi-el ot marriages alter (he | I XVorld War. in litai, whim j -luhimie ramc nuircliing home , ! 11 GUI overseas mid ciinlonmcnl. Ayain, some as years after 1045. Ihere should be a corresponding peak in marriage rates. Ministers mill justices of the peace can look forward to better business in 1945 and again around 1!)70. A disturbing sir!c of this pic- lure is thin tlie divorce rate is oii u-cyci -ddie Cavalier .stared at her won- ennsly. Steve H im£e n was awed. And over Dully Kclso's face kn -- wishl i wasn't you because I lnk maybe you got .something." "Sure I got somclhing. HufTv " •she purred "For awl.ilS tho ,]', I thouslit you were K oing (o I e Hard to Immlle w K,( wih T" l j ">-i-' SU |... 0 rl you . e>»n<l you." s l, 0 conchuic<i, eyeing Cavahei- deliberately bhc turned lo Hanson. 'Th'ov'ro your playmates for the lime being, Slevie— have fun." * * * YA7, leaned against n lifeboat, lei mg a soft spring wind blow tlnough her hair when she heard foolsleps <„, Ihe deck, she t , "i* -li'ound quickly. U was E, n7 valici'. ( " 01 ' • - - il's you." i--nrt n i'ii'ii' ' " 10 - AronTt J'" u i. ml 111 throw you overboard?" e looked up al Ihe dark, overcast I „ ,i ! , " i{!ht fw *«melhina iKc that and no one's around " "You're positively gruesome ts a wonder (hey never lagged' you Killer Cavalier," "Of coin-so you know there youldnt be a jury in the world Iial ivoiild convict me." She laiighed mockingly "Of -ourse not." And then changing lie subject "How gocs u with i lends Kelso and Grimes? Are hey .settled for the night? They're uch sweet people." "i-asl I paw of fliem," he reined, nol without a trace of minor, "they were trying l o figure ut how a human being goes about looping in those i,. on double-deck 'Unks." "You're praclically on a hixunV incr. What would you do if w* mo hiimmocks?" For the lirsl time that nigbi hi- milecl, and she' figured it must jive hurt him t en -ibly fov llic ITort. 'You weren't serious about liming us work?" he asked. "Quilc," she said icily. "That -as the purpose of the thing in 10 first place, you know." "And it we refuse . . .?" "You simply don't eat," she said landls-. ' : I never \v,is one to shirk a lit- c labor," he said quietly, "but on't you think you ought lo make little concession in my case -e slill got a lot nl stake, you now." "I'll have lo think about llial " ic said. "We'll see if Captain arisen can spare you entirely, or t least part of (lie time." (To Be Continued) we may well pimdcr over the sir., niticaiice of the climbin;; riivora r.-ile ivhich may indicate a wr-:.'i spot in our nioi-ai fi|) C1 - fa-evii^l stales liave jiasscd- laws aimed | ( lirevcnt hasty marriages whicj uiigllt, result in divorce, but Ihi underlying- cause may b = mon serious than merely marrying n haste and repcntint; in leisure. 1 it that we need, not better laws but better characters? NEXT: Off Old Wlial l-'ooils H'ill \Van Aagc? tnnvuu: even faster tlian the mar- i-iiiue ialc. Today (here are nearly lil divorces for every 100 marriages, "ill the rale of increase ol divorces slowing down at last. Hundreds Walk Past SIOOBiliinGuUej 51CO bill lay in a Mam street gut • I Icr here for seven hours the olhe'i' day, overlooked by (he hundred I who walked by. ;.Accidentally dropped by V.'illiaj '< F. Kaiser as he entered 'his aulo'j mobile lale in Ihe afleiroon. i'.j iva.s near luidnight before lie disH covered the loss. He relumed iji tlie spot wlicrc he had parked Vrf' marriugc rate is ;» car. searched tlie gutter lor a L •- .lnc country, Ini: ] momenis and found the I e HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewi's Ainioiiuceinenls: 'I'lic Courier KL-IVS Jins b<-'-ii Icr- | tnnUy lo iinnouucc ilir i ii]; candidacies lor otlit-c sub- jeci to (lie aciiun of llic UCIIKKT.UU, pritn.-iry in ;Vu.:ust. j ii Counly -*uilj;c • in CiHKt"-! Shn-itl aiirt (.'iilli-clnr HALE JACKSON Ii. L. (BIL.LVI OAlNiiS ri'or .Scijouci Tcrni' JACK r!NLEY ItOlitNKOX (.nunly ami PnilnHc Clcik T. W. PO'lTKi: 1 For ^cr.oiin fcrao f.'ourt ("Irrk HAUVFJY MOIiRI.S <I-'or .Second 'i'cr:n> Kc;»] i-srnt;itivi- tla 1 M';il now held by W'i>->'.imw Hutfoni i:u..t i.r,-,v nclii bv I-'r.inii Wiiii.mi, FDANK WILLIAMS <l-'or Second Term) K'-r post no«- hclti by L. H. Autry) L. H. AUTRY (For .Sec.or.ri Tfriui I'HAXi-c n. UiM)i-;i;wi.;ou .\SSCSM 1 !' W. W. iKUDDY) WA'l'oO.V (For Second Tcimi i-tisli jMviiy! 1 o;ui loll you lols of i|i|p|-rslm" s jiboiil llic i!cii'l\bors lo p.til in your census!"-

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