Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 7
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..Thursday, September .13,1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE T!«t! MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 ,. Resolve |,Build on resolve and not upon regret, •'The structure of thy future. Do not grope Among the shadows of old sins, but let Thine own soul's light shine on the path of hope And dissipate thc darkness. Waste no ( tears upon thc blotted record of lost years, But turn the leaf, and smile, oh smile to see Thc fair white pages that remain for ^ three. . . .15.W.W. •?; Mrs. W. M. Reaves and daughter, .•Josephine, and Miss Avis Jones have •Jircturned from a visit in Vicksburg, and Monroe La. Mrs. Raymond Jones was a Wednes- ly visitor in Texarkana. Mrs. Robert Wilson and daughter, Mary and Florence Davis spent Wednesday in lexarkana guests of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hervey. : Miss Marilyn Ward left. Thursday morning for Conway where she will enter Ileiidrix collcg as a sophomore. Miss Evelyn Johnson has returned from a six weeks' stay in Chicago, where she studied in the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, later visiting her brother, Bradley Johnson and Mrs., Johnson in Washington Court House Ohio. o . Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Oos.sett and children have returned from an extended visit with relatives and friends in Chcsnutt, Lu. Mrs. H. II. Stuart is spending a few days with relatives in Texarkana. Mrs. A. F. Hanegan, Miss Louise Hancgan and Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp were Wednesday visitors in Little liock. Mi.s.s Allena Wylie is the guest of her brother, Arch Wylie, in Cleveland, Ohio. All members of the American Legion and the Legion Auxilary arc urged to be present at a joint installa- NOW Tim louder romnnrn of l,\vo lovers who looker! nl. life Him n child's eyes and found a world they never knew existed. Little nli.i.i Marker is ttcaling hearts again! VHotph 7.ukor presents Upton Sinclair Is Vote Victor A former militant Socialist running on n "left whig New Dual" platform will bo the Democratic candidate for governor of California In the November election. Upton Sinclair, noted luthor, above, rolled iiu a heavy majority over two opponents to win the nomination, receiving the largest prlimiry vote ever given a Democratic candidate In California. lion of the officers of the Legion and it the Auxilary at the city hall, on Thursday night al 8 o'clock. Hope chapter 328, O. E. S. wil have a picnic at Fair Park Thursday even. September 13 at G p.m. All members are cordially invited and arc requested to bring a picnic lunch. Miss Winnie Lee Floyd left Sunday to enter State Conway. Teachers College at Seven CCC Camps to Be Withdrawn Will Be Replaced by Companies From Dakotas LITTL EROCK -(/P)- Seven CCC camps in Arkansas wil bo abandoned temporarily next month, and eight companies wil be replaced by companies from South Dakota and North Dakota, Lieutenant Colonel William J. Connally, district comander, announed Wednesday. Camps Sheridan, Fordyce, Thornburg, Sandy Gap, Shady No. 2, Victory Taft and Plainview will be abandoned. The companies at Thornburg Sand Gap and Taft will leave for Missouri on October 5. The Sheridan company will got to Leon, Iowa. The Fordyce company, an Iowa company, will go to Missouri. Companies at Plainview and Devil's Den will leave October 31 for Nebraska, Other companies arc of Missouri orgin and will return to that state. Camp 1706 at Camp Victory will move to Conway October 5. Reform, Locke, Fair Park, Tassel Springs and Jesieville companies will leave October 31. Paragould and Buck Knob companies will leave October 15 and will be replaced by companies from South Dakota. Other replacements will come from North Dakota. Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Mrs. Nellie Turner and Miss Lorraine Whitchurst were Wednesday visitors in Tcxar- kana. (i Mrs. Frank He-ami; has returned from a visit with her daughter,' Mrs. Percy Sharp and Mr. Sharp in Mooringsport, La. A prcty parly of this week was that given on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Calvin Cassidy and Mrs. Mary Turner lit (he home of Mrs. Turner. Early fall flowers adorned the rooms that were attractively arranged for seven tables of bridge. The prizes were awarded to Mrs. A. B. Spraggins. Mrs. Cecil Weaver and Mrs. D. L. Bush. Following the game the hos- te.ss .served course. a most delightful salad Nrw.s -Cartoon THE NEWS REVIEW (Continued from Page One) en who wear jewels represented, yet they were fascinated. . . .1 think that 1 taught them a lesson, and that hence forth it wil be safe for American women to wear jewelry in Russia." In a year a change and tribulation, chalk up this one victory for human .spirit. A great victory fro freedom has been won. Hereafter, any American woman who poss-esses a million- dollar diamond can wear it lo Russia without being lorn to pieces by the angry mob! Du Fonts Grilled at Arms Hearing Huge War Profits of Munitions Concern Traced by Senators WASHINGTON —(IP)— Thc vast du Pont Corporation of Delaware was -shown before Senate munitions investigators to have done a war order business totalling ?1,245,000,000 between 19M and 1918—part of the profits from which went into General Motors stock. Pierre du Pont, member of the munitions manufacturing family, told investigators that ?<n,o6o,000 of the co»-. poralion's profits were spent lo buy one-fourth of the common stock of General Motors. Through a maze of figures some- limes running into nine digits, the committee traced activities of the corporation and its related officers. There was a stir in thc committee room as four members of thc family were called to testify. All four peered at the invcsligalion through glasses of var- uiis design. On the extreme right facing thc committee sat Irence du Pont, bespectacled, calmly puffing on a curvfc stemmed pipe. Next to him was stock Pierre S. duPont, who wore rimless spectacles and a neat gray mustache. Next, to the left, sat tall Lammot, also wearing glasses, while on the extrccm left was a cousin to the three brothers, Felix. His black hair was brushed straight back from u suii- tanncd forehead, with nose glasses lending him a scolarlly apeparance. Senator Bone, Democrat, Washington, conducted thc examination. Bone read income tax statements, which Pierre did not question, showing the company has invested capital of Scots By Helen Wtlshlmcr r PHEV say your neck was slim mid while, Your hair the wlslfiil brown Of sunlight on an nulumn leaf, And il was fulling down The dny Hint you were led lo ilealh; The one you loved too well Had lon« since gone his \ve;iry way To Iltavcn or lo Hell. p rHEV say Hint curious soldiers stared Because a queen inusl die, They thought a prclty woman should Break down, you see, and cry. I smile when wise men eall you liravc, (llowlilllo wise men Itnowl) Wilh no(!iiii(( left for which lo live, One's always glad to go' ((Copyright, 1931, by NliA Service, Int. .All reprint and .sunn rinlils rr.srrvril. > Daring Flight Over Sea to Get First Photographs of Ship Disaster Is Told Here's How NEA Photographer Achieved Pictorial Scoop By NEA Service NEW YORK.—While the liner Morro Castle, death trap of 137 persons, was still smoldering at sea, reader:of Hope Star were looking at thc first pictures graphically describing one of thc worst marine disasters on record. Yet those pictures, so coolly objective in their stark detail, gave liltlc hint of another story scarcely les.' thrilling and heroic—the story of how the pictures themselves were obtained. Here's how. By five o'clock on the morning of the disaster, the lobster tricks of New York newspapers and picture services were aware that a major tragedy was being enacted in thc pounding sea oft Asbury Park, N. J. Telephones got busy. One call went to Joe Boyle flying photographer of NEA Service international newspicture and news- feature agency of Hope Star. "Morro Castle burning . . . you'll take off from North Beach . . . weather terrible, but maybe thc pilot'll go—" And that was all Boyle heard; he already was stuffing plate-holders into his camera case. Taxi—taxi! And on the dash to the airport, with rain dashing furiously against thc windows, he finished dressing. Carl Chad- cr, crack bad-weather pilot, wasicady. ing me company nas invesieci tuuiuu • -_•• — , , . • . . c.f $50,067,000 in 1911; $51,854,000 in 19- ! T ^ i"° lor of thc Cilbm shl " , 12 and 530,106,000 in 1913, after the du | i"8 briskly, steam spouting from Pont Powder Company had been separated from the Atlas and Hercules powder companies. The 1913 return was signed by John J. Rascob, then treasurer of thc du Pont company. Ford Has Large Sale for Month of August DEARBORN, Mich. —Ford automobile sales for the month of August were thc largest in number of any August since 1930. They were more than 7,000 over thc estimates. Sales wjthin thc United States during August were greater in number than those of July—reversing the usual .seasonal trend. Ford's world total for the month was 8K.800 units, » '10 per cent increase the Augusl figures for last year. $2.95 right 100' < Leathers wear longer! (.let your tuts a pair. I "Rugged, long Avcaring shoes, Inn'lt on health lasts! . . . Popular styles and prices. All sizes. SHOE STORE hot cowling as the rain poured down. Chadcr knew that Boyle would want the door removed from the cabin, so that had been done. They taxied down the bogged field, turned and plunged into thc torrent. Celling—zero. Visibility—zero. Speed 150 miles an hour. Thc morning light was a dreary haze. Rain began coming in fierce squalls. Flying at only a couple of hundred feet, the pilot picked up occasional landmarks as they came lo the New Jersey shoreline and followed it. Suddenly he banked sharply left. out over the waves. Would they hit il? They did. An off-shore wind horught a trace of heavy smoke, which thickened into a stifling cloud. Soon they sa wboals. They encountered no other planes. In the water were a few bodies. And there loom, ed the blax.ing hulk of the liner. B.i.ylc made his way lo the plane's gaping doorway, sat on the floor, braced his knees, gripped his camera and was ready for action. As they circled the .ship, the photographer signaled for his "shots." Chadcr would cut his motor and stall the plane in a steep bank to the right. For a breathless instant Boyle would take another picture. "Close as you can!" howled the cameraman, and Chadcr dove so elo.se that wet wing-tips almost scraped molten hull-plates. "Lifeboat!" yelled Boyle, and the pilot dipped the wheels of the landplane in whitccaps' spray while :i picture was made <>( a loaded boat leaving the liner. In little more than an hour they were hack in North Beach Airport, near Manhattan, with sixteen pie- lures. Thc first pictures. GLORIFYING _YOURSEL_F_ _j^ByAliciaHart|^ Balance Yourself For Beaal.v! Balance and poise—how fortunate are the women who possess the.-e Uvo valuable assets! Yet many girls KO on. year utter year, earing lor their .-km and hair, but neglecting the very tilings that are the fundamentals ot real beauty. Think of a do/.en women \\hoin >"" know. Which are the mast charming, the nicest guests and most gracious 1 hoste.sse.sV The ones with poise and i balance, of course. Then let that b;: , the keynote to your own resolutions j in the name of beauty. Make up your mind to improve your carriage, to acquire physical balance, and poise will come more easily. If you stand awkwardly, or appear Shirley Temple at Saeiiger Thursday Stars With Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard in "Now and Forever" A new starring romantic team is presented to film audiences in "Now and Forever," now showing at the Saenger. It is Gnry Cooper and Carole Lombard, and the picture marks the first time that these two popular players have appeared together as leads. In addition, five-year-old Shirley Temple, who was seen in "Little Miss Marker," plays a starring role. Together, these three' compose one of the most perfect combinations seen in films. The characters they play arc sympathetic, human and entirely believable, and they enact a story that is sincere, with loads of heart-tugs and tear salong with the smiles and laughs. Plainly a born adventurer, Gary Cooper is seen as a carefree chap, who lives by his wits, and hoodwinks every man he meets. Madly in love with Carole Lombard lie even permits his cheating methods to cheat her away from him. His little daughter, Pcnnie, played by Shirley Temple, has been brought up by a guardian. Desperate for money, he even consents to accept cash for his right to his own daughter. That is, until he sees her. Then he carries her away. Together with Carole Lombard they lead a happy, carefree life, until Cooper is again tempted to stray from the straight and narrow. At this point the child's love and faith in him is vindicated, when, by a noble deed of self-sacrifice, he removes himself from her life and makes happiness possible for her. Order Warburton to Sit on Bench 145-Pound Signal Shouter Will Be Troy's Ace I in the Hole j IJY PAUL ZIMMERMANN j (Associated Press Sports Writer) ! LOS ANGELES, —(/P)— Grid strategy as evolved by Howard Jones, the football mentor of Southern California, will keep an all-American, Irvin Warburton. off the starting lineup this season. As of last year and most of his sophomore season, the 145-pound signal shouter will be Troy's ace in the hole, lo be turned up in the game at the psychological moment. ' About the time all-Amcrican selections were in the formative stages last season it was whisptrcd about that the dazzling blond haired speedster couldn't stand sixty minutes of pound ing. Can He Pass? So Coach Jones, who usually thinks moor of his dual quarterback system and his methods of gridiron tactics than thc words of the scoffers, turned Warburton loose from scratch against Oregon. The mighty atom turned thc game into a route early, handing thc Webfooters their frist defeat of the year, 26 to 0. Some of the writing gentry wanted to know if the great little, runner cculd throw and catch passes. He did both with abandon that day. But it isn't likely that Scooter will start any games this year. His presence will likely be felt quite keenly in each game, however, during the eleven-game Trojan season, just as in the past two years. During his sophomore year Warbur- tcm gained most of his fame for running back punts. Thc opposition learned to kick them where he wasn't last year and his yardage in that department fell off. t Had Great Year ' Warburton ran 885 yards against 11 opponnls last season, an average of fl.9 yards a try. And he raced to a dox.cn touchdowns as thc Pacific coast's leading scorer. He had his greatest day against Washington Stale n the bayy earring department, sc- loting 214 yards, an average of 1G.3 a ihot. , Most opponents fell they have Warburton catalogued Ibis year. Some labored under that impression last sea son. They can prevent him from returning punts by kicking them to someone else. But the problem of keeping him rom squeezing through slender gaps in thc line and sifting through thc •••ocomlary might become doubly dif- ficull should he starl throwing or receiving passes—laleral and forward —as Oregon and Washington found him doing late last season. i The red color of the water in the famous "fountain of blood" of the Honduras is caused by a microscope organism that, after death, not only colors the water, but causes it to coagulate like blood. ill at ease with strangers and walk as though you had lead in your shoes, promise yourself to do something about these defects before they become too deep-seated to correct. Remember to breathe deeply when you t'ecl slightly embarrassed. Try to forget yourself when you're with a group. And then learn to do cxcr- i •ises that improve posture, loosen up tense muscles and make you walk in i light, graceful manner. j Exercises are most pleasant when done to music. Turn on the radio or ..he vielrola and do your clozcn-for- ooise to some gay tune you like to Him. Smile all the while you're doing them. j Stand with ankles together, arms outstretched, shoulder level, at the yoi'r right fool and. swinging the right arm forward in front of you ' and the Itft one back and slightly | downward, lunge forward, bending thc right knee. The left knee should he only one inch from the floor. Keel | the waistline muscles stretch and pull and you go down. | Hold the position five seconds and then, swinging the arms back to the I original position, draw thc left leg ! up tu the right and stand erect again. | Repeat at least ten times. Incidentally, this exercise, in addition to giving I your body more poise und balance, tends to reduce the legs. SCHOOL SUPPLIES We have carried a complete line of School Supplies and School Books, for 49 years. Fountain Pens, Book Satchels, Inks, Tablets, Pencils ,ctc. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Senator Robinson Gives Entertainment for Rogers VIENNA.—(/}>)—Home folk got together Thursday as Senator Joe T. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson entertained Will 'Rogers, Oklahoma humorist. After the celebration, Senator Robinson left for Athens, Traces of a forgotten snake religion/^! evidently practiced by ancient innate ' itents of the island of Crete in tii(S» Mediterranean, have been discoveredi'.»'J in excavations near the ancient Ct& tan city of Knossos. Burr-Nem-Up Specials AT BURR'S DEPARTMENT STORE 250 Blue Chambray WORK SHIRTS Here's a real Burri-'cm Special. These work shirts are extra good quality. Every one cut full and roomy, Full range of siezs but only a limited quantity. Children's School Oxfords and Straps Just when they need Afc them most — 98c and W § $1.19 values for only %f f pf. Children's Kick-A-Way BLOOMERS 21c They're nationally advertis* cd at 25e. We have a limited quantity to sell at only 21c. Stock up and save. QUILT BUNDLES 23c each Hurry! Only a limited quantity of these 2 Ib. pundlcs of extra quality Broadcloth Prints. Every piece is guaranteed fast color. 123 West Second Street Phone Si START YOUR FALL SHOPPING NOW Our assortment of merchandise makes it possible for you to do most of your shopping at one place. We have a complete assortment of Groceries. Dry Goods, Shoes and 5 and lOc merchandise.. A FEW OF OUR MANY VALUES FOR FALL Ladies Full Fashioned PURE SILK HOSIERY New Fall Colors Only CHILDRENS RIBBED HOSE Pair Tor 25c LADIES RAYON HOSE New Colors—A Real Value Only Ladies and Misses SUEDE JACKETS See These At Only $1.98 ASK ABOUT OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN Just Received—New Assortment RAYON UNDERWEAR 15c, 25c, 49c MEN'S WORK PANTS For Fall 98c BOYS' SHIRTS For Work and Dress 49c, 59c, 69c CHILDREN'S SWEATERS Just the Right Sweater to Wear to School 50c A New Item BOYS' OVERALLS For School See These 95c MEN'S SHIRTS For Work Or Dress 49c, 59c, 69c, 98c A small assortment of Summer Merchandise left. Let us show you this Mearchandise at big reduction. ALWAYS WELCOME—WH ETHER TO LOOK OR BUY Compton Next to Postoffice GENERAL MERCHANDISE Hope, Ark.

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