Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1937
Page 4
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toach Says Grid ** ~ if .." . .T-' j^v* Talks Serttje Moore Declares '- Method of Playing on Emotion Is SATOtf ROUGE, La.— (XPJ— B'errtle Moore said Wednesday the method of ptsyinj, on football player's emotions is passed. "That's the bunk these days," Bertile declared through cigarette smoke in his modern, aify' office at Louisiana • ' *•'•' . , Me gat,b*& IM his swivel chair surrounded 1 By electric buttons and volumes of biography. "If ybur team is better grounded fundamentally you'll win ball games," he said. "If it isn't, you're going to get beat." But stuT the thought persisted that itttore must inspire his men. Back in 1933. he first gained fame as coach of the LSU track team. The national intercollegiate track and field championship went to his handful of en- : ««*• wfc- 266 Gro. & Market Free Delivery BANANAS, lb Sc CARROTS, Bunch... 5c LETTUCE, Head Sc $c CELERY, Stalk iir-1 • '• _j.. Green Beans, 2 Ibs...l5c YAMS, 5 Ibs. 14c LEMONS, Doz.. 29c PECANS, lb „ 20c BUNCH TURNIPS and GREENS—Bunch 5c BULK COCOANUT Long Thread—Pound 25c GILT £1 A BID JO EDGE rLUUii 40 Pound Bag FANCY ; CREAM MEAL 24 p Z?55e BRIGHT & EARLY OOFFEE Pound 23c MONARCH CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER—Jar 25c 3 LARGE or 6 SMALL 5 Cans BJ StllTS All You Do Is Bake 'Em 10 Biscuits FANCY K. C. BABY BEEF CHUCKROAST or STEAK, Lb. E 100% Pure Pork ftftJ Pound &9C 0H!tl MEXICAN STYLE Pound ISc OLEO MODERN TALLKORN, lb 32c IOWANA,lb 43c Tennessee Adopts County Unit Plan Boss Oitmp's Shelby County (Memphis) Machine Is Clipped .NASHVILLE, Tenn.— {/Pi— A county unit system of nominating candidates for governor, United States senator and public utilities commissioner will replace the present direct vote plan in Tennessee, effective with' next year's state-wide primaries. The house completed legislative action Wednesday on Governor Gordon Browning's program that will have the effect of clipping the power of Shelby county (Memphis). Senate approval was given last week. Browning and E. H. Crump, leader of the dominant Shelby political organization, recently severed their alliance and engaged intan exchange of bitter statements. United States Senator K. D. McKeller said the governor sponsored the unit plan in an effort to beat him for the senate in 1940. Under the unit plan, a county is entitled to one vote for each 100 votes or •raction thereof it cast in the previovis year's election for governor, but the unit votes cannot exceed one-eighth of one per cent of its population. HOPS STAR, Kresge Heiress Denies Romance trants. including the great Jack Tor- ranee and Glen Hardin. But a little fellow named Matt Gordy really won the title by jumping 14 feet in the pole- vault—six inches higher than he ever vaulted before. Then, the LSU griclders played a game against Texas two weeks ago that seemed surely inspired. "No," said Moore, "that's not inspiration, at least not from any effort on my part. The boys remembered Texas tied us last year and probably kept LSU from an unqualified invita- lion to the Rose Bowl. Nothing I could have done would have caused the team to come up as high as they did for Texas." Moore said he could "only point out what mistakes we're making and suggest remedies." He recommended good material and hard work. "We fought to the pride of our boys at all times," he said. Moore fought as a non-commissioned officer in the Argonnc and St. Mihiel engagements of the World war. His football doctrine includes lessons in precision he learned in the army. He is trying now for a third straight Southwestern Conference championship with a team unbeaten, untied and unscored upon so far this season. Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. 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GAS iiwmi*^!• vmrawwiwi^ivvMr CO* IS YOUR, QUICK, CLEAN, ECONOMICAL SERVANT Heiress to .the dime store for- }unc, blond Ann Kresgc, top photo, denied being engaged to Marshal] Duffield, below, movie director and former All-America football star, as these pictures were taken of them in Chicago, They were en route from Hollywood to Detroit, .Friends expect their betrothal to be announced after a visit with Miss Kresge's parents in Detroit. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. When is it permissible for . two plates to be cleared from the . table at a time? 2. Is it correct to serve a desr , sort with the silver on the plate? 3. When a maid is exchanging a fresh plate for a used one, with which hand should the plate containing the food be placed? 4.' If a salad is served with the meat course ifl it placed at the rgiht or left? 5. Is it correct to fold napkins in a cone shape so that they can stand up? What would you do if— You are setting a table for a meal where the first course is to be an oyster cocktail? Place the oyster fork— (a) At left of other forks? (b) At right of knives and spoons? (c) On plate beside cocktail? Answers 1. When a .hostess is serving without a maid. 2. Yes. 3. Left, and right hand used for empty plate. 4. Right, unless a second drink unbalances the cover. 5. No, Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(b) or possibly (c). (Copyright 1937, NEA Service, Inc.) Duke and Duchess Comin^to U. S. Society in Washington Preparing for Visit in November By SfGiUD ARKE AP Feature Set-vice Wrllcr WASttlttGTtiN—Behind closed doors here there's some very vehement fingernail biting going on because 15 years ago Ihe finger-nail-biters were ignoring two ladles they very much wish they had«n't. One is the Duchess of Windsor, nntl the other is her aunt, Mrs. Buchanan Aunt Bessie" Merryman. Fifteen years ago the Duchess was iust part of Washington's social fringe; a pretty, brownluured, young woman whose husband, a naval officer, had left her. Sha was invited around some on the gold-const but mostly because her second-cousin was the wealthy Mrs. George Burnett, wife of the one-time commandant of the marine cdrps. The Duchess's mint, Mrs. Merryman, has always "lived a very quite ife." She still keeps a small five- room apartment on a side street. And so now the Duke and the 3ui'hcss of ^Windsor arc coming to America: to Baltimore, Washington •md Virginia where once the Duchess u»d some hard social sledding. Embassy I'lans Watched The really big question of the dny s, "What will the British Embassy do?" In Washington lingo that means, 'Will the British Ambassador Sir lonald Linclsey, and his wife. Lady Lindsay (one of the Oyster Bay Hoyts) nvite the Windsors to the embassy. It s understood the embassy must wait or a "Go ahead," signal from London. 5ut if the signal comes, the affair will >e as royal as ^anything at Bucking- lam. The ambassy is a huge and lustere building, and Lady Lindsay can take her royalty or leave it. If the Embassy entertains, the social load-gates will swing wide-open. Other embassies will dust off their footman and light up like birthday cakes. Here and there a hosttss with a large enough house and gilt-edged social standing will turn up in the line of people sending out engraved invita- ions to meet "Their Royal Highnesses, he Duke and Duchess of Windsor." And. of course, there will be the of- 'icial entertaining by government leads, and the parlies by members of the Duchess's family. Her family is led off socially by Without using the upper one-third or the branches, a single Sequoia tree yielded 3000 posts, 650,000 shingles, and 100 cords of firewood. 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Ciet Uoan's INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Ins man co TRUSSES We carry 4 complete stock of Trusses. We are careful to correctly fit these trusses, and our prices arc the lowest that can be made. Nr charge made for fitting. JOHN S. QIBSON Prug Company The Rexall Store 63 Delivery — W^B^->^— IBW^V^HMMaMMIWM^BMH^HtaMM^Mi Little Fellows in the Market Anew oh Bank Savings to Protect Margins and Grab Bargains NEW ¥ORK-(«P)— The stock market swung Inlo another brisk rally Thursday* active slmrcs rising as much as ?2, but liberal rushing- of profit!) pjiml the gains, and turned some Into losses. The "Little Fellow" NEW YORK.-(/P)~The Now York Post said Wednesday that the "little fellows" who buy securities in odd- lots withdrew substantial amounts of their savings yesterday and today to protect margin accounts, and also to pick up "what they believe to be bargains in securities." The Post said it was informed by savings banks throughout the city that declines in deposits, ranging from 25 to 50 per cent above normal, were directly traceable to the break in stocks culminating in drastic declines Monday and Tuesday of this week. Total withdrawals of the past few flays were estimated at "considerably above ?250,000,000." The major portion of the cash went into Wall Street, said the Post, adding: "Several banks reported they had made out checks directly to stock exchange firms; others declared the demand for csnh in large denominations indicated that stock operations were the cause for withdrawals." Mrs. Barnett who gave the Young Wullis Warfield, of .Baltimore, her coming-out parly. And it, is at her Virginia estate, Wakeficld Manor. 40 miles south of Washington, that the Windsors are expected to visit. The White House is expected to load off the official entertaining— if any. Mrs. Cordell Hull, wife of the Secretary of State, is expected to follow. While next in line would be Mrs. Sumner Welles, wife of the assistant secretary of stale. And could it be that the modest, onetime school teacher who is now wife of John L. Lewis, the labor leader, may play hostess to the pair? Her while Colonial home filled with fine antiques should certainly bo .•idcqunte setting for the meeting of Windsor and Lewis. And Windsor has announced he wanls lo meel Lewis. One other qucslion lhal is keeping Washington hostesses chilly is: Will Ihe Duke, who says ho is coming here to sludy housing and labor conditions, turn "thumbs down" on nil parlies'.' Doesn't Joggle Pnsscs PITTSBURGH.-G c o r g e Plotukis, brilliant pass-catching Duqucsne end, is nn amateur juggling enthusiast. Tnblo Tennis Puns PITTSBURGH. — Boyd Brumbaugh and George Matsik, Duquc.sne's touch- own twins, spend their leisure hours playing table tennis together. Although il is n rickcly affair txt Thursday October best, the thrifty blue herons will 1 and use the old nest year after ! *••••••*••< • COTTON LOAN A QUICK SERVICE 2 IMMEDIATE FAVMEJi i TOM KINSER ™ Hope, ArkansiU « » £*•«•*••••»€ It's done for keeps when you do it CONCRETE It pays to fix up your farm with concrete. Concrete is sanitary and fireproof, termite-proof, makes your work easier, lasts a lifetime, increases returns. What do you need on your farm? New steps, sidewalks, a cellar floor... a sanitary milk house . . . new approac floorsnnd mangers in the ba You can clo it yourself- ask a local concrete buiio for 1 an estimate. Let us h Check list for free plans suggestions, paste on card and mail. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1412 Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. N-tmt StrcelorR. P. D. No City Stale [3 floors H Foundations n Basement Wall* O PavcJ Yards m'anks O Tro Cl Sidewalks I! Permanent Repairs D Milk Houses n Milk Cooling Tanks Q Fe FJoors CJ Poultry Mouses [!-Sct»t(cT«nks r"! Making Concrete. ove ion REMOVES CAR ADDS POWER GREATER 1. SAVES CARBON CLEANING (A) Pi-Inn *»illi hrjny r.irlimt drpn-it. I uliri- rntvtt Hit It milionnllv ltnu*n. pr« ininm (I)) 1'i-Um luliririttfil with Niiiiirnhili*'. Muni rnrlmt) drpoHls rrmot nl by Niiluriilulit'. 2. SAVES WEAR AND REPAIRS (A) ]li'iirin# uml cup b.nib ttam.tjjri), l,ubri mini li> naiinniilt) ItmiHii, premium quality mnlor nil. Oil film <|< *lrm» <1 v.ilh 2, (00 |Hiunil» pr i'!*MI re a I 120 <| t j:n-< (It) Bearing anil ru|> Iul)rir;iir<J wtih Yi lulir. Oil film urni.uiia^',1 v.ilh Ui ill* pr insure .HI limit 120 ili-Kirr* I-', nml -100 <K'prrrt F. (Itt'nill* of hilmralory fiiitrhinr !r-t.») (()rnuri from actual photttgnipli*) 3. SAVES GASOLINE JJ> rrmming Ji;ird curium from ring*, pi»(«»*, i' milc.iRi' U imrriiMil n* n n-Milt uf 4. SAVES IN OIL ADDITIONS Nulurolulif -a>.-. nil II.V.IUM- >a|inriziiliiiii uml lir.-.ikd,,Hn. 5. SAVES ON OIL PURCHASES—PREMIUM QUALITY FOR 2Sc A QUART Nulurululx- liilirir.il.» lirlli-r anil »iili a grcaliT IlliirKMI nf Mifrli ih.ui miter lirrliiiuiil i|u:ilil) inttlor oiJc. ri/»l« l*>*. Nnliinilnlir ^ivcr, live w«yi* IXMMIISI* it I'lircks llip nhirf ciiu.-c.i of needless H:I.-,|<>—[i(M»/T-<lcslr(iy- in?; curium tind c\c<'».»ivc wear. iViilnrahiho is n purr, dUlillcil niotor oil nnif conlains vulunlilr. propiTlic-, not found in otlun- type oils. Il is refined from n ran-, basically different crude by LionV iieu >perial process. Nothing is added lo f^irv Naliinilulic its plieiKiinciiul film hlrcn^lli mid iu iiliilily lo reinr,V(> carbon. 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