Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 6
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, WO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS i t ..s frKurs'day,'September 18, Hope S Star O Jttstice, Deliver Thy Herald, From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Stnr Publishing Co., Inc. (C, K. Palaer & Alex. H. Washbuni), at The Star building, 212-314 South ffthiut rtmt. Hope. Arkansas. " ..... ' . . ' ~ C. E, PALMER, President ~~ • _ ALEC, n. WASIIBURN, Editor nnd Publisher Knt*t«d As stccind-claas matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkantw ~~~ Under the Act of March 3, 1897. Locked Out newspaper is an institution developed by modern civU- Itttfcn to p*«sent the news of the <tey, to foster commerce and Industry, ttutnjsh widely circulated advertisement}, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide."— Col. R. R. McCorrolck. --- ii — ^rn — -" — • ------ i-n — — i- ...... 1 1 i - ...... _ ___ __ , Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week lOc; six inpnth%$2.?5; one year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Latayette counfle«, $3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively »atitkrl to the use for republkstlon of all news dispatches credited to it or at otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. «q - hi i*l ----- 1 - f - r^mWauJluiiUJU^rnJr— 1-J ______ i. i ---------- _____ ______ .--..-.. .....-.-. r _ National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas DaUies, Inc., Memphis, Tfettn., StericfcBldg,; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- «r, Priye; Oetfoit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on .Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, Cards of thanks, resolutions^ or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for too sale-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBELN Editor, Journal of the American Medical 'Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magazine YOUR CHILDREN Proper Diet Can Keep Hearing in.Old Age By Olive Roberts Barton „ . ,'•'.: I Hcme-School Gap Must Be Bridged- Hardness of-hearing has long been I Pni'ent-Teachcn/ Associations Can Aid by ''Parties for Pupils" recognized as almost inevitable in old | age, but you can ; forestall it consid- j erably by eating properly and keep- | It would bc llnnatural incleed jf , ing your system in good condition. j and girls in public school fe , t com . Hardness of hearing in old age ap- ! p\ e t e lv at home pears in two varieties. The distinc- 7here is little in the educational tion depends on whether the changes system ,,.. we know u to , io u lo ))ome that have taken place in the tissues i;j e affect the middle ear or the internal j This is . m :it . vantage in somo wavSi **£; , , . i but a disadvantage in others. It is The ear and the organs associated , good fo ,. cnil ,,,-ea to meet life on :. with hearing actually include three I b ., si[! uther lhan (U . i( of lh( , f ., mi|y • parts: the external ear, which is ev-1 group, yet if school conlimies .us erything outside the eardrum: the j the ^ to , je .; U)in middle ear, .which includes certain little bongs associated with transmitting vibrations from - the eardrum to the internal ear; and the internal ear, which .includes the very fine organ- arid nerve endings associated with the sense of hearing. Hardness of hearing associated with old age usually comes on between 55 and 65. One ear specialist says it is characterized by a lowering of the upper tone'Iimit of hearing. g upa) . t for young children, there wilj continue in the child's heart a fee-ling of divided allegiance—not in favor of the schools. Perhaps few children go as far as to say to the teacher. "You're not my boss." but if the truth were known this is the tenet of many and always has been. Work, Not Child, That Counts I They may be unaware cf it; they ! even may- be fond of the teacher in a Apparently-the human being makes i way and acc t schoo , with a ' whole . hide-use of his sense of hearing for , cmc attitude toward d i seipline and the :.very high tones of sound, and that" wor jj perhaps explains, '.why ' the sense of j g u j ; n hearing for 7 these-very high tones isj tities a nd',tneV"knowV.'"They ' are 4l«d^.T!.«;4. •».» JipnvinM*,*. : „' '.''M . , ., - , one : otj a Jirijup. Individually they count,? but nof{ for themselves. tt^ is their work that counts. Eeach child The Treamirer may execute- n "surety bond" to cover the first Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) of liability for and on account of his or her official acts with somo qualified surely or bonding company n» surety thereon and, in. that evenl, said Treasurer may file claim for premiums pnld on such bond and the same shall ho allowed and pnld as an expense of said office. Section 11. Sections 12. 13. 14, and IS of this act have no reference to the Sheriff nnd ex-offieio Tax Collector, since this act docs not plnco him on n .'-.alary, Section 12. All salnrle.t provided for in this Act, unless otherwise provided, are annual salaries and shall • he paid in monthly Installment by county warrants, issued to mid in ] the name of the officer or deputy entitled hi same, and based upon a verified rbim filed with the County j Clerk, but no such i-laim shall be i allowed or warrant issued until silf- I ficicnt fees (or such office have ber-n I earned and collected and paid to the , county treasurer to pay the same; and j I thereupon warrants shall be ijvuied j i for any months in arrears in mild ' fiscal year, to be paid out of .;uid fees' 1 so earned, collected and paid to the i county treasurer. If the fees and compensation earned and collected i during any fiscal year by any officer who, by law, is required to charge j :,nd collect fees or other com|X-nsu- ' lion for services rendered, shall be insufficient to pay in full the compensation and salary provided by this net, then and in that event the :;alary of such officer and deputy shall be reduced ratnbly and alike In proportion lo the earned and collected revenues of said office. I Section 13. All county officers' J whoso salaries arc fixed by this Act, i except those receiving no fees, shall charge und collect, for the use arid I benefit of the County, the same fees. 1 costs, commissions, perquisites! and compensation as are now or here- ftcr required or permitted by law to SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "So you are ft nephew of mine, eh? Well, state your busi ness. I'm verv busy." l-J£<2§i.e&t^- be charged by such officer for .such j unconstitutional by u court of last services. All sums so earned shall bo ire-sort, the same shall not invalidate public funds, the property of the'or affect the remainder of the Act. .County, and the collecting officer] Section 19. All laws und parts of r=: r.hall receive sumo as trustee for the laws in conflict herewith shell be j.ncl N O T I C E Proposed Initiative Act Submitted lo tht! People of Hemusteud County, Arkansas, by Initiative Petitions. Petitions have been filed in the office of Ihe County Clerk, propoxini; Initiative Act No. I of Hc-inp.sloud -cunty. Arkansas, as follow;;: INITIATIVE ACT NO. I OP HEMP- STEAB COUNTY, ARKANSAS they aro not rcal cn . thfrfirsfto disappear. 'Ci many, icas.es', "sftys this expert, onset of hardness" of hearing in the aged_is associated with a ^disturbance j is measurQd< not by love as at hcniC| person but by his'deeds. 'He is. more or less, a producing'machine. Again this \s a good thing, although it does not bridge the gap, nor overcome the feeling that cach day he has to cross the Rubicon into alien coun- ebncertied feels particularly that more careful" attention to the food taken arid-to regular elimination of the bowels would prevent "onset of these dif iculties of hearing. There are also technical methods which can be used by the specialists in diseases of the ear and which are helpful to such patients. These include regular clearing of the entire- hearing tract and use of mechanical try. Pre-chum Age Difficult Later, it won't matter so much— when Bill and Chuck and Pete are just a bit more important to his immediate interests than his parents, or — , , . . f I llltv-iiian. tini^i^aio mini in.j i/u* 1.1. *~j, "« devices for-stimulating the organs of] when SaUy is nearby £or Janc to heraing. I share her secrets. many instances proper attention , j t . g ih(j ^. chum or pl . e . gang to the diet and hygiene of rather eld- j „ c . hik |,. en are likel to fcel erly people who have lost part of their sense of hearing, and proper scientilb medical attention have resulted in (hey leave something precious at home every lima they pick up their books. There i^ n way to give such c.-hil- 'An Act to Fix Ihe Compensations and Expenses of County Officers and to Fix the Manner in Which Such Compensations und Salaries Shall be Paid and to Reduce thc Cost of County Government, and for Other Purposes." 3e it enacted by the people of Hempstead County, Arkansas: Section 1. From and after January 1, 1935, the officers of Hempstead County, Arkansas, hereinafter named, shall receive and be paid out of the revenues of the County as hereinafter provided, the. compensations and salaries herein provided, iirjd nothing more. ' < • i • Section 2. The county and probate- judge, for his services and expenses as such judge and as ex-officio road commiseioner, shall receive a salary of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year, and nothing more, payable out of 'the County General Fund, provided, however, that the Levying Court may authorize a part cf said salary to be paid out of the Highway or Road Funcl as now ] or hereafter allowed by lav/. j Section 3. The county judge shall i do and perform all the duties now or j considerable improvement. Many of : d ,. en a lor m|; . t jn schrol and to the elderly people who come for such ! h conform rnorc huppUv help are satisfied if they are helped | { H k , re lirements . enough so that they can hear the bid- j Both * chool ' and homc . should co - 1 operate in this plan, because it pre : eludes the visits of too many mothers to schoolrooms. Of course every mother would be wise to contact the teacher in some way, with the child j ding at bridge. It is rather well known that the health and vitality of the tissues depends on a good blood supply and on adequate use. An organ or a tissue that is not used sufficiently tends to wear out its ability. Hence, any method of treatment that will improve the nutrition of the tissues and stimulate them to activity is likely to bring about general improvement in their functioning. hereafter imposed upon the county judge as ex-officio road commissioner. Ejection 4. The Clerk of thc Circuit Court shall receive as compensation and salary the sum of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year for performing all the duties of said office, either as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Chancery Court, Ex-Officio Recorder or Commissioner in Chancery, as well as all other acts and duties, and shall receive, no other or further compensation, perquisites, emoluments or fees, either directly or indirectly, for services rendered by reason of or 2.00 .50 .25 .25 1.00 7.50 present, and become friends with her. I as the result of holding the office. Not to discuss the child in any way £nid clerk may employ one dor before him, however. Melding School and Home Parent-teachers' associations are on • the right track, but I suggest they i have children present at some meetings. Let's call them "parties" instead | of "meetings." If children could see humo und school meld into u common group once in a while they v/ould lose the idea they belong in two i worlds—worlds too often opposed, 1 They would submit less resentfully to ,! regimentation and discipline and if Says Mata Han Was A Poor Sort of , t)ey felt lne . ir r , arc . nls morc interested may employ one deputy at a salary of no morc than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month, Spy—British Officer Writes of War-Time Espionage By BRUCE CATTON Mata Hari was a verv inferior kind of spy. As a matter of fact, she was almost harmless. The really import- ; mcsl of t (, e overtures toward truce- ant spying jobs of the war went-not , j-.avo been made by the teaching body. to glamorous sirens in slinky evening gowns, but to shabby me-n who sat in upstairs rooms and counted r.iil- way cars! So says Captain Henry Landau in "All's Fair," an engaging book in which he tells how he directed the British behind-the-lines espionage- service from a point of vantage- in Holland. He tells why this job of counting railway cars was important. When the troops were at full war- strength, it took 50 trains to move- as herein provided. If the work increases, the clerk may, with the approval of the Circuit Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no'100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more- than sixteen weeks a year; provided such extra de-puty may not be worked more than four weeks on any one approval; and, provided further, that thc approval of said Judge and a majority of the members of the- Le-vying Court may be obtained by mail or petition without the expense of assembling the Levying Court. Sen-lion 5. The County Clerk shall receive- as compensation and salary the .sum of Twe-nty-se-ven Hundred . ,:,,,.- - I Dollar.-; ($2700.00) pe-r year for par- bears little that is uiicoin- ] forining aU (lutits of !;aid office , ( . uhoi . us Clerk of the County Court, Clerk of the Probate- Court, Kx-Officio Clerk of the Juvenile. Court, us well us other acts and duties, and shall receive no other or further compensations, perquisites, emoluments or fees, either directly or indirectly, for Ke-rvie-c-:; rendered by reason of or as the re-suit they would be more interested themselves. Teachers :.cnse instinctively this "alien" position. They are- keenly aware, of the disinterested and often hostile attitude- of the- family. So far hi Id of his home- at school, but u great di-ul against .'•chool at More (-fi'ori toward co-ripera- > needed. McCaskill i The nice ruins we- are- having prc an' preciate-d very much. i School will begin here Monday, tho ITlli. of holding the office. Said Clerk may employ one deputy at a salary of no morc than One one German division. A spy watching the important junction points behind the German front in Belgium had only to check on train movements to discover when and where a new ; German offensive was conte-rnplated. ' A big drive was invariably piece-d- ! ed by heavy railway traffic. Coum ' the trains, and you knew in advance- When the enemy wag going ot .strike-. Getting the news back v/ss a ticklish matter. Couriers had to cro:, Belgium, evade the frontier guardi, , and shin over the electric wiress alon; 4 : the border. AJore than a hundred of "them were caught and shot; many more were imprisoned. Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month Mr. and Mrs. Charley Thomas and j as herein provided. MM. Y. E. Gentry visited Houston, I If the work increases, the clerk may, Texas, the past week end. Mrs. Chc-t McCorkle in Hope last week. was shopping Mi. and Mrs. II. B. Eley were Pres- with the approval .of the County Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Coiut, employ un extra deputy at u i/alury of Eighteen rott visitors Monday. a «<- ! rio'lDO Dollars ($18.1)0) per week MI-H. Klots Davis of Be-iton was the! for not more- than sixteen weeks a :.'tie;,t of Mrs. H. P. Daniels Sunday, j *<••'•<"• I'rovidc-d :,ue-h extra deputy may Mi.-:-r; Winona Gentry i:; home again | not be worked more- than four weeks after a visit with her .sister, Mrs.: an any one- approval; :.-nd. provided Granville Darwin in Houston, Texas. I further, that the approval of .said Balph Scott left Monday for Con-i Judge- und a majority of the member:; way whore he will enter Hendnx I of the Levying Court may b- obLame-d book, revealing the- spy's job i Court. mail or pe-liUon without the ex- pen:;e of £•_• .-e-inblin;.; the Le-vying of plain, uneventful drudg- 8l4t the Job went ahead, and the I e-ry, made- exciting only by the con- Ailies W*r» forewarned Pf every Gc-r- j .slant lhre-at of death. man offensive on the western front, j Published by Putnam, "All's Fair" Captain LandaUT has written an in- J i.s priced at $3. Section 6. The- Sheriff of Hempstead County, Arkansas, shall be e;e- cffie-io Tax Collector us now provided bv l^w. and suid Sheriff arid ex- offieio Tax Collector i:; not pluce-d on p. salary, but shall continue lo render .-.ervices ami. pertorm duties on a fee basis us hereinafter fixed. Tlie fees for services: to be performed by said Sheriff and ex-ufficio Tax Collector shall be only those hereinafter mentioned und set forth, an3 shall not, in any instance or in any wise. exceed the- fee;; hereinafter mentioned and .set forth. Suction 7. Tlie Sheriff shall be allowed fees as follows: For serving every capias, sum- $ mons, sciro facias, or attachment, for each defendant and garnishes 50 For taking and entering every bail or delivery bond .50 For ccrving every writ of garnishment on every garnishee .50 For serving a writ of injunction on each defendant 1.00 For attending each Circuit or Chancery Court, per day 3.00 For attending each County, Probate, Municipal, or Justice of the Peace Court, per day il.OO For calling each aclion at each i time 10 For calling cach party at each time 10 For calling each jury .£) For calling cach witness 05 For committing u criminal or other person to jail 50 For furnishing a prisoner, per day, when paid by the prisoner, For serving habere facias pos- scsEioncm, or attachment For serving every writ of execution For making, executing nnd subscribing a sheriff's de-ed, to be pc-.id by tho purchaser For executing a certificate of purchase for real estate- under execution For every return of non est on a writ, original or judicial For return of nulla bona For executing n writ of inquiry For summoning a grand jury For summoning a petit jury, regular panel, selected by jury commissioners For summoning a special jury to assess damages on special venire For summoning each witness For each non est on subpoena ... For serving each notice or rule of court, notice to take depositions, or citations to executors, administrators or guardians For every trial of u civil or criminal case, or confession in open court For every trial in a capital case For executing each death warrant For mileage in serving each writ, process, notice, subpoena or rule, except county matters, for each mile circular For advertising good;; or lund for sale- For returning each execution or attachment For advertising elections for each township For delivering poll books for each township For serving each order or mle of county court (but no rntlL- | age) ' For collecting and paying over ull fines, penalties and forfeitures, 3 per cent. For commission for receiving und paying money on execution or process when lands or goods have- been taken in custody, advertised, or sold 2 pe-r cent. For posting each notice required by order of county court of letting of all public contracts to build bridges 25 For services in atte-nding upon the grand jury each day it i:; attended by sheriff or deputy 2.00 For attending on Circuit Court for ouch day the- court i;; attended by a deputy sheriff 2.00 For any and all othe-r Korvices where the- fee- for such service is not fixed by this act, the Sheriff shall receive the- fees for such services as fixed and found in Crawford & Mo.se-!.' Digest of the Laws of Arkansas published in 1921, but without any amendment thereto. Provided, In criminal cast:; where the cosUi are paid by the county, no sheriff, curoi-ner, constable or other person serving subpoenas for witnesses shall be- allowed to receive from the County. 'Hie said fee-s and other com- ! they are hereby repealed nnd this ncnsation shall be collected in cucli' Act shall be and become- effective on .instance in advance of the rendition | January 1, 1935. services, and each officer! Said petition.-! appear to !><• m form county pay for making more than two returns on subpoenas in any given case, and in no case shall either ofj , , pi . , said officers or other persons charge. 0 , i, ""V*" or receive pay or, mileage in serving! ^ '„ - d , _ any writ, process or subpoena m B, mli . lg (£> ,, l|? offjce wht , ln( .,. ,, 0 i 1(nUl -d j HeHors. [or not; provided, however, that when charged in his settlements J required by law and :iiv signed by .,,..„. ,,,„„,„,. ol - , |llali n,.d b , cos|; . tt . nderccl ., ml criminal cu:'.e for moi-c than Ui number of miles traveled. Tlie Sheriff shall huvr the county jailor who deputy sheriff nnd for whose conduct | ^ n e tho Sheriff shall lie responsible as, accruing costs as uncollccted fees un- tiow provided by law. | \\\ the matter or action, is concluded The County shall furnjsh the jail but, in no event longer than sixty and equipment nnd keep the p.-uno in I days after final conclusion of said repair und shall also furnish all I matter or action. Each such office-r bedding, clothing, medicine and mod-1 shall, between the first und fifth of 'I her.-fore, nolii'e is hereby that Hie (|iic->itioii (/f iff shall have chnrce of, co p U , d or sufficient cash deposit is j r .,'.|j n(? Si iid "proposed Initiative Act jail arid may appoint a MUK |,. ;„ ii cu o f ) )O nd for costs in any - wj || ^, n .(v nvi | lo ( | H . people in the _ shall _ also be ex-officio conlt , stci i matter or aclion, in any of | ,„.„„„.,. p,,, vi< i L . t | by law, ul llu- next 's, the clerk may carry tho| rit , I1(]1 .. ll i,,i,. ct ion to be held on Nov( , |nl)l;1 . ( ; |)( . fJL . ia| ^ im ,l will appear on the - n U|(% fol , ()win ,, l( . nii: "INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OP HEMI-STEAD COUNTY L>CUU]U£, UlULIHliy, IlJUUlUlJiU til 111 JIlL't.1- ' ^IlUil, UV \. >V f U11 tin.iii.ii.«tn.**i»i.»*v.j . ical attention necessary for the proper 1 each month, render In duplicate a "An Act lo fix the Compensations ami duly verified report of all sums Kxpeiuei: of County Oflicer;; and to earned' by the office during the pro-1 fix the manner in which such Com- cedinc month, showing in detail the! pensaticns and Salaries shall be paid sources and amounts of said earnings, I and to rcdifce the cost of County one copy of which shall be filed with ! Government, and for other purposes." care of prisoners, but nothing more. For feeding und keeping prisoners confined in the jail, said Sheriff shall receive seventy-five cents each per day, payable as now provided by law. Section 8. The Sheriff as ex-officio Tax Collector shall receive commission (or collecting the revenue as follows:,, For the first ten thousand dollars. County Treasurer all sums'so earned, collected, five per cent, in kind; for, and reported. the County Treasurer and the other with the County Clerk, and the reporting officer shall then pay to the all sums over ten thousand dollars and under twenty thousand dollars, three per cent, in kind; for all sums over twenty thousand dollars collected, two per cent, in kind. For any and all other services as ex-olficio Tax Collector, where thc fee;: for such services are not fixed .75 I by this act, he shull receive the fees ' for such services us fixed and found 1.00 I in Crawford & Hoses' Digest of the j laws of Arkansas published in 1921, .75 but without any amendment thereto. 1 Section 9. The Tax Assessor shall receive us: compensation and salary and for all traveling expenses the sum of Twenty-seven hundred and no/100 Dollars (§2700.00) per year, and nothing more, for performing the duties of said office, in lieu of the fees, commissions, anel other compensations allowed by lav/, and shall receive no other fees, commissions, FOH INITIATIVE ACT NO 1 AGAINST INITIATIVE ACT NO'. 1 Each elector of the County may vote uguin.st adopting said propos- 10.00 2.50 .511 .10 .50 .30 2.00 25.00 .05 .75 .75 2.00 2.00 .751 emoluments, expenses or perquisites, either directly or indirectly, for service:; rendered i:s such assessor or as the result of holding said office. Said As.-5es.sor may employ one deputy at u salary of not more, than no.'100 Dollars as herein pro- requiring One Hundred and (SlOO.OO.i per month vided. Should the present the County Clerk to make the tax books, be changed so UK lo put this work on the Tax Assessor, then the Tux Assessor may, with the approval cf the County Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen und no/100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more than sixteen Section 14. Tlie County Treasurer shall keep a separate and correct account of funds received from each 1 WITNESS our hands and Ihe seal officer he-rein named und no part of O f _ sa jd County, in the- Town of Wash- such funds shull be transferred to j n{ ,( oll| He-mpste:id County, Arkansas, any other fund or account until and on th j,. 5^, ( ]., v ( ,f September. I'JIM. unless the sums credited thereto -hall in the aggregate exceed the an-' H. M. STEPHENS County Judge, nual salary of said officer and his) A. C. ANDERSON, County Cleric, deputy or deputies and such expenses | (Seal of County Court) us are herein fixed and authorized ( for the current fiscal year. In the! event any officer whose duty it is to| file such report nnd pay into the, treasury the receipts and revenues of | his office for the preceding month us defined in this act shall fall or refuse __ to do so, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer, within five days, to report such fact in writing to the County Judge, Circuit Judge and Prosecuting Attorney. Section 15. Each county officer , whose- salary is fixed by this Act, j except those receiving no fee-s, shall keep in u well-bound book an itemi'/cd daily statement of nil sums earned by the- office for services rendered, sbow- inr> therein thc nature ot the respective services rendered und the j sum;; accruing therefor. At the end of each month said officer shall make and add to .said statement the totals of each page and of the whole sums so earned during said month, and, shall attach to the- said statement his certificate under oath that the said totals represent the full, true and correct amounts of nil fee-:;, casts, commissions, perquisites und compensation or other revenues earned by his office from all sources what- during the said month. Ihe Oak Grove Mr. and Mrs. Louie Fran/, of Green La.seHer spent Sunday v;ith her mother Mrs. Dora Jackson. Mi*. Charlie Williams and Mrs. Mary Putmmi called on Mr. and Mrs. Kuyinond Ro.-w and family Sunday. Mi, and Mrs-. Burl Koss and litlle daughter Barbara Ann spenl. Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Uiinner and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Moss and little son, Dinell. called on Mr. and Mrs. Lee England Sunday afternoon. Miss Azleen Wilson spent Sunday with Miss Hat ie Jackson. Miss Catherine Ross spent the week end with Miss Darleen Santifer of Hope. Mis;; Gcruldine Collier and Jewell Ros.s called on Misses Evelyn and Jusline Ross Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Sunders of Centerville .spent Sunday with their daughter, Mr. and Mr,;. Lester Mullins. ' ' '•'• Misses Jpustinc and Silvie Koss spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones. T-,B, Wise spent Sunday night with Ernest ROBS aiid family. A few of the young people aUen-/)jt ded the purly at the Oscar Phillips^, home Saturday night. All reporttil a nice time. Mrs. Mary Hl.ikcr of Chertsey. Surrey. Eng., is Great Britain's only woman town ci'ier. Shr look over duties when her husband went to the World war. soever week:; u year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked morc than, ajj ^... — ..—,—„ four weeks on any ono approval; and, | books to bc kept and the form 01 provided further, that the approval j statements to be ^nade, shall nritJJ'-' <:f said Judge und a majority of the 1 members of the- Levying Court may be obtained by mail or petition without the expense- of assembling the Le-vying Court; provided further that if this CHlra deputy is allowed to the Tax Ai!.-ie.«soi' by the County Judge und ;i mujority of the members of law Levying Court on account of the system ot keeping such books, the) 1 ' 3 ks to bc kept and the form of' temcnts to be made-, shall first be unproved by the State Auditorial Department or officer whose duty it will be to audit the books und reports of such officers. Said statements shull be- open ut all times to public , inspection. The said officers .shall, at the expiration of their terms of office, | de-liver the said books to the County j Clerk, who shall preserve the same as a public record. Section 1C. Any und all pure-buses or contracts for supplies or equipment necessary for the- conduct ot the several county offices and insti- aiut deputy's salary and expense as lutions shall hereafter be made by | may be due- from the State- and other the- County Court, in the open martlet, i state ui'erie-ie:; .shall bo paid into the upon invited bids und in each instance ; County Treasury, to the credit of: from the lowest responsible bicmer. the County General Fund, and shall I In case of: emergency or immecliaie bo used only for the purpose intended; need, supplies or equipment may i». and if such portion ever be paid di-! purchased or contracted for in amount r deputy, the | not exceeding 525.00 in the aggregate i . i . _.. it, ..,".*l-i^ii14- Tit-cr in." the fhanged referred the County Clerk in;iy riot have- ;.u extra deputy us provided in Section 5 of this act. Such portion of the Assessor's salary and deputy's sa acid inciVcm Crxi.tu.me. not in any eve-nt exceed m.-;nth. per l! stationery, books, records, s i- furniture and equipment, and ~~-- , m.-iiun. Mipplits and facilities requisite for Section 10. The County Treasurer! the proper conduct of the respective shall receive us compensation and' offices and institutions, except J- •iulary the sum of twenty-seven otherwise he-rein provided. Hundred Dolluis ($2700.00) pe-r year; Section 17. After ull salaries ana for performing all dutio;; of suid office,] ci.xpen.se claims have been paid, a und out of said sum said Treasurer provided in this Act, the surpiu:;, u shall pay ull deputies and assistants, any, at the- end of the fiscal year, snail Said Treasurer shall receive- no other be- transferred to the County Geiwi-" i>r furthei' comuensalion, perquisites, Fund. . . emoluments, fee-:; or commissions.' Section 18. The various provisions either directly or indirectly, for ser-' and parti; of this Act are hereby ue- yices rendered by reason of. or us the dared to be severaWe, and it any result of, holding the office. j provision or part should be declureu JULIA 1)0YD, m PARK AVENUE, NEW YOUK Enclosed is 15 cents in coin for I'af-'.'i -No size Nawc '••• Address [ City State. Nume or this newspaper ,,,. iJuVi'" 1 !' 1 '- l> - V1 ' T10U -y U001C - w'tt -a complete.selection of,! u Hoyd designs, now lu.r^dy. It's 15 cent* wlieu artUuly. pv. it you want to ovdor it with tha Pattern j

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