Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1937
Page 3
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Thursday,..October 21. 1937 rfL.jeyi.JP•*»Mfc-a^I »t»m*iii*Mfi** .. ^. ^..-.-^. -—j m^vt--jir-iiL-] HOPE ITAR, HOPB, ARKANSAS PAGE Kroger Opening In (Continued from Page One) Including n special offer of free cofflcc to customers Saturday, according to the management. Kroger 1* nn important user of Arkansas farm products, according to the management. Their purchases so fur in 1937 include: 65,000 four-quart baskets of Concord grapes. 25,000 bushels of Arkansas peaches. 10,000 bushels of Arkansas apples. G.1,000 100-pound bugs of extra fancy SONJA HEN IE— the million dollar smile mid personality Rlrl comes Sunday In "TllIN JCK" hi the— N o w JOE PENNFR GENE RAYMOND PARKVAKARKUS VICTOR MOORE HARRIET MILLIARD HELEN BROOERICK wiW BILLY GILBERT MILLER mil tie »ntt romance f Short Units s A T CMMM Double Show "Where Trails Divide" —and— "PARTNERS IN CRIME" S A T ==== Kcimirkuhly good is MARTIN JOHNSON'S Latest and greatest animal picture DON'T confuse it with any other! BORNEO FRI.--SAT. . and best Double Show Tim McCoy "GHOST PATROL" —mill— PETER LORRE "THINK FAST, MR. MOTO" Hope, Wednesday Oct. 27 Two Shows Daily at 2 and 8 p. in. One Day Only, ICaiu or Shine, Circus grounds nn old Highway G7 Snnford Pasture IMG CIKCUS UAKfiAIN DAY See your Merchant for Froi- Guest Tlclu-ts. $HOW DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT Lots of Wild Animals, Stores of Big Tup Stars who will thrill and entertain you. Lots of pretty girls. See Uutli, (hut comical elephant perform, who to over 100 years old m>4 than the famed JUMBO. MBS, BID JHKNRY TELEPHONE 821T Uplifted 1 climbed a rugged mountain, I stood on ancient clod, And with both firms uplifted, So clow vast skies of God; I gathered things otcrnnl, Hid them « pines apart ... And when my dream was over, I had ft lifted heart. —Selected. The concluding program of the Mission Study of tho Womnns Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will )M> held at 3 o'clock Friday afttr- noon in the main auditorium of the church, wUh Mrs. R. M. Brianl lead- in?. -O- All members of the Brookwood P. T. A. unit arc requested to attend the annual School of Instruction, held on Saturday at the high school. Luncheon will be complimentary. There is always a feeling of pleasure thnt the changing limes have loft untouched tho Bay View Reading club, one of the oldest and most pleasant clubs in the city. The personnel of the membership hns changed, but the spirit nnd purpose of the group remain the same, and it certainly must be very pk-a.sring to'the founders to "know how well they built In their early efforts, and how faithfully their ideals have been carried on. On Wednesday afternoon the second meeting of the rlub year was Held at the home of Mrs. C. M. Ageo on East Second street, with Mrs. D. B. Thompson as co- Arkansas rice. 50,000 Arkansas watermelons. 'W. C. Smashey is Kroger branch manager at Little Rock, with H. C. Grain district superintendent and F. E. Albright district advertising: manager. R. N. Brown is district produce buyer and C. D. Garrett <lustrict meat operator. Hope store manager is AlvSn Pitt, nnd K. J. Caplinger is local market manager. See Our $5.00 Silk Dresses L A D I E S' Specialty Shop Thursday Only First Time In Hope EDMUND LOWE ELISSA LANDI 'MAD HOLIDAY" M-G-M Picture with 2ASU PUTS EDGAK KENNEDY -Also- ••IIOTEL A LA SWING" A Grand Musical "Technicolor Novelty" hostess, and Mrs. Hugh Smith lending the very interesting program on Contemporary American Women, Including discussions of the First, Second nnd a very close Third Lady of the Land, Mrs. John S. Gihson gave interesting data of the First Lndy of the Land nnd the most active woman in the world, Mrs. Frnnklin Delano Roosevelt. The quiet life of Mrs. John Nance Garner, the second lady was discussed by Mlfls Maggie Bell, nnd Mrs. Hugh Smith, club president, pinch hitting for Mrs. Henry, gave the high spots and chief characteristics of the Lady Cabinet member, Frances Perkins. Beautiful fall flowers adorned tho attractive Agee home, and 23 members responded to the roll call. Following the program the hostesses served u most templing salad course with coffee. _O- Mrs. Billy Bob Hcfndon and Mrs. Alston Foster wen; Wednesday visitors in Little Rock, The Mission Study Classes nt tho First Methodist church on Tuesday afternoon opened with the hymn, "Wonderful Words Of Life." Mrs. T. R. Billlngsley conducted a most helpful devotional, which had been prepared by Mrs. Rachel Jordon, "The Roynl Mile" was the subject, with the emphasles on "must" in the line of duty. Mrs. O. A. Graves is u most interesting way using n map carried her hearers on an nlr journey through the vast extent of country occupied by the Moslems. She made numerous stops, points of historical and geographical importance that wo might sec and know these people. Chapters five and six of "What Is the Moslem World" were presented by Mrs. Fred R. Harrison. She pictured the ferment and revolution of the present period, showing causes and results in the different spheres of life. The Islam's contact with Christianity was covered from its past under Mohammed through the periods of the Conquest nnd the Crusades to the present. The peculiar problems nnd opportunities of Christianity toward the Moslem world were impressively portrayed. The closing study period will be hold Friday afternoon at H o'clock in the church auditorium, with Mrs. R. M. Brian! leading. You are urged to be present. -O- Miss Maggie Bell spent Thursday as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Marshall in Texarkana. Bqrn to Mr. and Mrs. Janies Lewis October 19, an 8',£ pound son. Named James Randall. Mrs. Lewis will be remembered, as' Miss Monn Clare Hinton. At the Snongor He couldn't marry until he was thirty without losing three million dollars. She didn't want to marry because it would hall her singing career. But a few hours later, she claimed to be n bride—he announced himself as the happy husband and then comes the riotous climax of the sparkling now comedy musical, "The Life of the Party," now showing at the Saenger. Gene Raymond and Harriet Milliard comprise the romantic team of this tuneful riot, with Joe Pcmier, Parkyaknrkus, Billy Gilbert, Franklin Pangborn, Helen Broderick and Victor Moore as a sextette of funsters who keep the hilarity of the offering at the boiling point, Weaving half n dozen catchy songs and three dance presentations into the complications of its plot and offering picture patrons a steady flow of laughs and suspense as the romance spins from one obstacle to the next, "The Life of the Party" brings entertaining film noveltie.4 galore. JOc ROAP SHOW FHiPAY ONLY Adults Only Will Thrill Crowd Thrill tiny nt the Louisiana State Fair at Shrcveport has been set for Friday, October 29, and featured on this dny will be Frakes and DC Lucca, with Captain Prtikes doing nn alrplnnc crush at full speed into a house. Captain Pntkvs Is the only living pilot who successfully crashed an air- plrne Into the side of a house*' and lived to tell about It. Coue Greeted By (Continued from Page One) died, in 192G, ho hud been almost forgotten. But psychology advanced rather lhan retreated. Hundreds of students of Freud, Adlcr and Jung began practising their teachings, setting up havens for the unhappy and maladjusted. Freud's "unconscious," Ad- Jor's "inferiority complex," and Jung's "introvert und extrovert" became part of the language, used all too often, it is true, by people with only very shadowy ideas of what they meant. Freud himself was displeased by the two-rapid spread of his doctrines, warning repeatedly against the quack imulyst because an analysis is "a major surgical operation without an anaesthetic." Will React to Pattern Perhaps the next popular sensation among the happiness-seekers was Dr. John B. Watson and "Behavorism." Watson, ;i scientist connected with Chicago nnd Johns Hopkins universities, conducted experiments that led him to believe that "man is born n .squirming mass without instincts." Thnt if you catch this mass young enough, you can "condition" it so that it will react later according to any pattern you wish. Talents, tastes, fears and phobias are not native to children, Watson taught, they are created by surrounding conditions. Thus, people implied, by. properly "conditioning" a child, there was no reason why he should not grow to a happy, fearless, tale n dn'eadly Vt 'happy, JeVrless, -talented -and- altogether admirable individual. But Watson offered hope for the adult, also. "To try to uncondition yourself." he f.nid, "is us impossible as trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. But if we could establish largo reconditioning plants where all the stimuli were determined for a person by the psychologists in charge, we could start the reconditioning with the simple unconditional reflex. "In a place where it would be determined for n person not only how his thoughts and emotions would be stimulated, but whether he was to have food or not to have it, to have sex or not to have it, there might be some hope for rebuilding the adult in the same manner as we have shown we can take the new-born child and practically determine what manner of man he .shall be." Because he classed psycholoannlysis as "vootlooism," and the Freudian teachings as "elaborate junk," and also because he accepted a chance to apply his psychological knowledge to advertising, Watson was roundly condemned by most of the other happiness purveyors. His concepts are almost directly a contrad/tion of Freud. Left Its Influence The Behaviorist wave had largely subsided by 1930, but like all the rest of the guideposts on the road to happiness, it still exerts a definite influence on the direction of the route by which men seek it today. From these pioneer psychologists are derived the standard psychological and aptitude tests which are generally accepted in schools and industry, and which are aimed at making* people happier by finding out their abilities and characteristics and giving them work or surroundings which will be in harmony with them. Such tests and examinations, constantly modified in the light of experience, have occupied a constantly- increasing place in daily life ever since the World war, when for the first lime great masses of nfen were subjected lo elementary tests. He Attracted Attention The ultimate effect of these succes- CALL . . NELSON HDCKINS WASH sive schools of psychology, these successive signposts on the road to happiness was once well summed up by T)r. Morris Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, in a comment on Freud in which he said: "The great contribution of Freud, ns admitted by all the critics has been to attract greater attention to the processes of the human mind, to stimulate the acceptance of the mind as such in its relation to disturbances of personality. . . . Psychoanalysis can not be said to be in any sense of the word an established science. But the time may come when it will be recognized as a significant portion of the science of the human mind." And Freud himself, stark and bitter ns some of his doctrines have been found, once wrote "... the problem of what the behavior of men themselves reveals us the purpose und object of their lives, what they demand of life and wish to attain in it. The answer to this can hardly be in doubt: they seek happiness, they want to become happy and to remain so." Attendance Held (Continued from Page One) neainSl possible poss of packages by checking tbefn at the scout cnbin—t and then to be relieved of carrying them while visiting the fair, Parade Friday A parade of decorated floats, followed by professional racing cars, the rodeo animals and other livestock will be held Friday. The parade will be through the business section of the city, ending up again at the fair grounds. Events scheduled for Friday ore published in a two-column box on this page, So They Say International anarchy destroys every foundation for peace. — President Roosevelt. Certainly, they're cool, comfortable and—shall we say—interesting—Mary McCormic, opera diva, wearing shorts in downtown Chicago. Law schools should be required to prepare students who will keep legal work a profession through which justice is done rather than a business or trade.—Robert M. Mutchins, president, University of Chicago. If we are ever called upon again to strike against General Motors, we will be so strongly organized the men will be able to do their striking while fish* ing along a river bank.—'Homer Martin, head of the UAWA. This is a big country and it needs ALL HEROINE With the football season In full swing you want to wear your hair the way the hoys like it. Call one of our expert operators, Herloise Miller Alice Harrington Carmen Cooper Cathrine Brown Sibyl's Beauty Shop Phone 86 Bal. Cox Drug Co. HERLOISE MILLER, Mgr. NEXT: To religion, not only the established religions, but to new inul strange concepts, men turn today to seek power to cope with an unruly world, and to find happiness. Scholar-Athlete PITTSBURGH.—Dick Cassiano, University of Pittsburgh's sophomore bac vefsity of Pittsburgh's sophomore backfield sensation, won the C. D. Wettach award for being the outstanding freshman scholar-athlete last season. a leader with whom to ^Jftrffe out Itt destiny.—Potmaatef General James A. Farley. LOUISIANA STATE FAIR SHREVEPORT, Oct. 23-Nov. 1, Inclusive Agriculture—Live Stock—Poultry Horse Racing DAILY Except Sundays (Haiti or Shine) Post Time First Race 2:15 Par! Mutucls Seven Races Daily Good Horses State Fair Jockey Club "STAR BRIGADE" Musical Extravaganza Nightly Thrilling Airplane Crash Friday, Oct. 29 AUTO RACES SUNDAYS FIREWORKS EVERY NIGHT Sat., Oct. 23 Ln. Tech vs. Normal FOOTBALL Sat., Oct. 30 Centenary vs. Miss. State Mon., Nov. 1 Wiley-Southern (Colored) It's Your Fair, So Be There" V ACKETS Are Now in Order On a crisp and frosty morning before the day is very old there's nothing like a good jacket for comfort. Rainbeau Sportwear Genuine leather jackets in suedes, pig grains, and horse hides and tailored in all the popular models including a regular dress coat model and the gaucho type. All sport backs. Button and zipper fasteners. Monarch Sportcoats A popular line of leatherette jackets in both black and brown with zipper fastener and with « sport backs. Mens sizes. $2.98 The same type of pig grain leatherette jackets heavily lined and ideal for a crisp morning. Little boys and youths sizes. $7.50 to $12,50 $1.95 and $2.48 FOR THE YOUNG MAN 6 to 12 The Happ-Y-Kid line of boyswear offers a most pleasing combination suit consisting of jacket and pants made of genuine H o c k m e y e r Tweedoroy that is Cravanette Processed to make tlidm shower proof. In Gray or Brown, Knickers .. $2.95 Longies,. $3.50 Jackets.. $3.50 Skipper Sportswear By WILSON BROTHERS In a class by themselves are these knitted sport coats by Wilson Brothers. 'Both zipper and button styles are offered in a great variety of styles and patterns in both plain and fancy backs. For the young man soft wooly models in high colors are tops, but there are models in more subdued shades for the more conservative. $1,95 to $4.95 Crew Necks, V Necks, and sleeveless slip over models in high colors and original patterns are plentiful in our line of Wilson Brothers Skipper knit goods. ISport backs and plain backs with rings at the sides for making a more sung fit at the waist. Few lines of sportswear can invite the close inspection that these will bear. 98c to $1.95 HAVE YOU SEEN OUR TOPCOATS Only by placing out order extremely early are we able to offer such values in topcoats. All models, shades and sizes are available now. See them before they are picked over. $18,50 - $19,50 - $22,50 HAYNES BROS. "There fe No Pro/UaJMe Substitute For Quality" For Your Winter Medicine Chest Keller's Analgesic Balm relieves neural* gla almst Immediately. Large Tube— Cnmphlyptus Nose DROPS Large bo 111 e with dropper top. 29c McKesson's Citrated Carbonates. Big 8 oz. bottle alka- llzes the system completely. 100 Walgreen Pure 5 Grain ASPIRIN 37c Walgreen Milk ^Magnesia—Qt. Walgreen Malted MILK Chocolate or plain Pound 57c Keller's Laxative Cold TABLETS Tin box of 20 tables Bring us your next prescription. We have filled over 248,000. Orlis Antiseptic MOUTH WASH Prevents Colds-Pt Benzedrine Inhaler Opens congested nasal passages 60c A U B G CAPSULES Builds up resistance to of 25 98c John P. Cox Drug Co, We Give Eagle Phone 84

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