Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1952
Page 9
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"St', »iWit *«*«« f A. M/ IN* 4 F* II, ^Wr*7jflltie'(! *.T ^ > , *>. xlllary of meet at ih« '» (*f p»itt< „ p«dny, July 1.1, Me. 1 *to»MfU««n<»» ' trf ._ hftvo n „ .. it|. JUty 18, al 8 o'clock 4 Hem* Ctttttch, 5 •"•"•- on Hi*bW«y Will «p««K. ttehoot imtf*y School Petiuak ..,.... ihdmiiiloflnry piv cor cent fur the eambtif "*% wto,8S the KOHU m of Chrittl. p|iolnted Mrs, W. of the Chrl«- jfrt;»a),e» this yartr. • the buRlnom with hi* pnrc JBdwM (ti tho XJJW Vn, im-nd « few », Mr. «n<t r»p»rtln« n* Wortotk, Mr. nnd Mhi. Leit*r Kont of J»«trno* nrirt Mr, «nH Mr*, Vorrla At Nurrowi I»«Hfl, Cpl. roil. Ho wtf} n\'imt\ n W d.ty lf«v« wilh him wlfo Mr. nnd ami MM ond p&r. Mm. Cecil Uulhrlo MCI,, ftoy JJprry left J<i*l to return her Serrj Toxnn, Mr*. Clyde nd homo from Outhflo nrrlvod Iran* f**t* fat of tftihtfi but not whtr* the pmelwrt unity til* command w«» wa* f«*«»d »r«md hi* ft* fr»- yhowed the c<n>r*ft af hU Although h* **i only a m«re W Pnrtt, tt»nt hp Ctteld forgive you tnr MilHn* « tallow ttff«t*r an "S.O.O/ But If you culled him a "Brltl*li ».0,B," you'd find yourself going homi 1 in a »low freight* er, uM'*fioHfitt> the record* *tiow that Bitreiv howor w«« for more than an lieutenant colonel, he atnod off the cmtorlenl bind* of Churchill In dtaftfreemenu wpr policy. Wfifctt • l»r<?«* «eetfon of thc pub- lie WAD demanding Pallor)'* nefllp for the famed «lnpplnjr incident.! DOROTHY DIX She's Asking For it! HJU.«-ll|-Jf J -'--- -1.-—• _T __r-.-„-..-II.-HT .—.__-j.v.fa _-lLJ.. Markets By the Associated Press Whont droppr-d a liltk- Imvnr In , Poor Miss DU: My husbswl and '1 hm .igri'ir! to in<• I lc:m t» >'•>« .mrl Jet , govern our (i<'clsl<>\. many letters along the same line. He Won't Change You b*ftln by saying that you and your husband will agree to any decision I make. How naive con .you get? He hasn't agreed to _ n single thing in twenty-eight ' oui [>iob! J'pars ntid you expect him to chan- ir mlvicoi?' 1 ' now! Are you going to livi* | out,your life fondly expecting a Wf-rvr married twenty-eight': ^'iraculou* metamorphosis? They happen, by the time* 1 think tny nothing bat a gpcttigtt brat, t&< 1 still love her. ,4— Ahswcr: You have fotffia you self a very ptfor rflatrtiftonl prospect, and most assuredly ill uld let your comrttoh sense ru your heart in this ease. Yoil lady's nervous condition undoubt ly is a result of her drinking, at will be difficult for any doctor 1 cure. Her other habits don't soul chntrmnn of the board, himself made mnny vital *lr«- nnd loctlirn! rtpclxlonii, ' In Tunliln, it wim Ike who Ordered the American 2nd Corp* to moved up from the Kouth to tne In hi* homo tn 0»brim ha* return- n Shrevcport pltiil wher« »hw underwent H mn- jftr operation*! Mr. and Mis, Jnmes Hn/znrd of Hhrfveport t/ore tho weok end Xuoxt* of thol' parents, Mr. and Mr*, fl, M, WtftMtA nnd Mr, nnd Mrs, Clyde M. Oubnrn of Kl Dorado ond with Mr. Arid Mr, nnd Mr* Lyman Arrrmtronc on* ewp» r line of i. with nn«<th»r corjwi vlolnlcd mill- in ry prBrecU'tit hut It paid off. It Hindi) lhi» fll/crlf tnmh ixmnlblo. Hit wasn't nfrttld to nerttp the blueprint at tlie la*l mlnuto to exploit a * Hun lion, After the SahvLo brvukUmiuKh In July, 1044, he •Itik'kly dropped plan* tnr immediate capture of the Breton ports. That would have glvun him hotter •upply linen but Ike ehoHi* to re- ittfow Gt'tirito I'nton n» he be«an to roll through Normandy, In the HprlriK of 104,1, Allied foi-eei* enelrclf-d the ttuhr, bagged 317.0M) prisoner!! and broke the back of effective German re- K-.TIA •ssrsr.js! Kjrffl'sJa 7irti£ »»«"" • '«•'" -= - «»- ax,-* *** -1 •« *-* *-• Dtibllc Wa* very grateful later. But the groateit, loneliest cUlon had to! Eldenhower ever rnnkit was the timing of Normandy Invasion In 1944. D-D«y had (wen net for June 3. moats'wore generally steady •>»»*"«*•'. «"it »ny husband object! to slightly lower. Cattle was Menrty l ' d s " ' <?av " !n my flrsl as far beyond redemption as he But hnd weather forced a 24-hour ,. .to strong, HOJJS wen- stnfidy to 73i. with him '- thc cents lower. ' '"''•'"' Cotton futures opened 2 cents n bale higher to 20 cents lower. postponement and only a slight! Here Is today's Commodity re- improvement WM predicted for'; p "$J™!*' ihed 1>y , 1h< ; V S ^ : June 8. Were wos the problem and! ,„""?£'££? nro su ';"l-; ° 23 ccn * - i'v-f«.i- t>« r-hi^™,,,. aru | ^5 j () 7/5 Ct . n i 9 major Ka-stcrn cornbc-lt markets. Choice 180 to 250 pound ho«s have sold from S2I.L'.') up to top of S22.-10 al Kast St. I.ouis. and S22.!l,j .-.t tops wore generally limited to ;i few loads- can reasonably go! Even now ht'j Dear Miss Dix: We live in admits to no fault, sees no rea-1 small house and It Is very difflcu son why he should be sorry for: for me to entertain riiy friend h<> was tii rule the house with a tho past> yet - vou are w i"'ng tujlf my parents go out, It Is muc hand of iron. He wanted me t<v u'' 10 , 1 ^!". b! J c ' t an ^ a 8 ait > become I easier for me to have compan ' but they won't permit me to ha\ Hl '.* a r 25: '• 21 - " : inirnodiatcly evident thai* 1 collt ' 1A " rkiri '* 1 whlel \ ' did nl ' r , mr " ' was his footstool You say you still love him. boys in unless they arc horn UI«M«; 'I. »»«..HT WW/» WH3 Uf*tltH;lf1 MIM»t , . . «. , t-nly Ike could settle It: Wnftlngl I . OW ' !I Bt fhlcago a undther duy would mean he'd hflvej r^'. r ..,/' 1 .^ °. V to wait two weeks more for tho light rnoon, sun and tide conditions. And that would mean that hun-i- „„ , .- dredx of thousand* of men, plane* * W ' 75 nt Indianapolis an and ship* would hnve to be un- c: "' cf 'R"- However, th.'s- yet any feeling you have for this j Most parents around here perml despot is a descratlon on thc word \ the practice, and I don't see will "love" according to all of Web-j my folks don't. : \ ster's definitions. He has never [ JOYCE •Id Kol^r^n' n ° r WS Ch11drun , onc bit j Answer: Many of these carol« I ^,of .iffecton. care or cons.deration parent , who pc ' mU their daughtc I.'!!,,'.jJho girls i, vcs arc completely | ?o entertain so indiscriminatel heartless; nla y rlle j n sorrow t heir docii>t nnd children Derived of Aln,, for n visit wltii ;• AnndlHonu'n pnrentR, Mr, nnd MI'»I Thomp«o( it ICvanH Ndtei Hospital Notes M. Minor, of Ch«it* Admltlod; C M, w, «4iB, j»i. ft, iiimun, uiuvintli , CJoutlln KJtohiinii, Ilopa, Mr« ISlhtttboUt Cr|d»r, Hope, Mm, O, M. Qr««nOH, Hope, J. M, Kcs*npr< Jlopp, Mrs. Gcai'Ke Burns W«ldo, Klilri Qulllln, Pat- Jo««phlne A(lir.lU t »d; M Hope, o Programs Tuemluy: Top Rod NKW VOJlK NBC — 7 8erirJi»t I'linpornH; 7:HU IJorrlo Ccnl«; 8:80 Truth or Konton Concnr CBS 7,'SJO Mr. nnd Nrrs Tutio. MUS 7 J NBC 10:30 A 10;30 n, MD8 ClUenpo e o( ONUf --^ B, Your Match; Consequences;, 0;05 Are Funny; I) ' ' Btaa Steve Allen; 8:80 Police Drnmn 0:05 Slrawluif Muiilc, ABC — 7 |M«yor of Sqwure, 7)80 Kitht Norrlnj «:48 win Cunhnm Comment; 8i35 from their jump-off points, It could (lino ini-nri thc loss of »ur- prlne rmiilnst thc Qermonn. But If IK.- attacked now ond thc wenlhcr turned very bod, lie whole huge operation could end in complete (llsaHtor rlKht on the French benches. With hcnvy windH and rain 1,-mli- Ing hid own hendqunrters In South| (.TCI Knglnnd, Elsenhower made *,'ns boj-n, thoiiK all thronuh Uit \Vhf-n th'- hriby was ten months ul";..!: f ;r^J,hT, :;;;];r- ;H ^ n -^' - r his *™™™w\ s'h"-e r f ,™my n™l"™\»™n"^ entertain so indiscriminatel was f.p:- the bahy -•- then the Iron- neglect and " l.iIe ri-.-illy bcH:m. My hii.-.bri'ul became ;-o stin»y h<; would' ijive rno of the best ll«hlwfi.ijhl under 22.") j ""'hini;. Nor woukl hc do unytbin« j to he libation to me pounds. Butchers up to .'tOO pounds wcie reported down to $20. New York looks for unchanged i to one cent per dozen higher priccn i on i'HK» with the advance in pros- i lhir "!« hl ' lli(l do for pact tin current receipts and lowei -'• lwo ( ' lliirl|1| ' n . were grades. Chicago expects an advance of one cent on the extra grader,, two cents on standards. !• /mrrlitr.4 n 1 i 4* f*'*".7 *vi«_ 4(1 OV»liV7W H1C(L ^JWVJtfKl - tion I, «hi townrl * ht explolta- in loaving thc younK peoplc alon 10 Vidn'r MW K ".""• y ° U can °° n " at homf '- Your mother and falhe .°l Y,,,r Int' 8 " It0 yOU1 ' UfUV nl ' C f; "' «»«. a ' lcl y» lt «h«'«W t ».-! i»ur letter was written with n .,.._i_ f ..i .•„.,....i .... .^ .„ : since ( desire to got some; grlt-vancos off pfcnsc in*'. Hi! (:l;iirrli'<l W ,,,k.-.tl l,,r ihn , n , iaoy it bo-i your chost. That ym, will"lunoro t,, h.n. anrt he hncl no o |,-l my ()bviwts ndvis( f t(J kcfip "^nt "Thi*," unld Gen. Bedell Smith,|hlj> ducldlon at 4:15 a.m., June tl.j New York and Chicago look for "WHS Uio liirKent double envelop- Thc urenl Inviision bc^nn. The' unchun«ed prices on butter. Some «-.. , : •-' '- HJ »»1_\^^/ VVIKtl 1110 »-'W! little independence and self-res- o lor me or our j p( . c t you have manuKcd to acquire /or.- for th,.- pur-, is certain. Hubby can apparently outsulers with j twist you around his little finger and, since he is in need of sup- job will come in very merit in military annuls. Of till I hnve known thlo one linn followed mom exactly the pattern r,f the commander who pltinnod II. With but one small exception, il proceeded exactly as wenther held up. ' :'>2 score sokl at 71'^ 1( It hadn't, Robert A. Tnfl might, pound at New York, be the Republican nominee today. cents per The hornod loud of the Amor lean Southwest in a llznrd. nimy Carroll Show: 7;30 Or, Klldiru; 0:05 Detective Uriunti}' 11:30 Hyperion* Traveler, /m. Bob and Bny... OBS 11:18 o. n, Aunt Jenny,,, ABC the Hi»nk..MB8 10 a m. ,Lndte» s Fuir..,Biujob»ii Day Network ,. Sd'x at Boston. „. SPf.VWlf! forbidden ADVENTURE! Lit th» gttl«4 WMrlYwInloo ^^p PRESCOTT NEWS New York looked for unchanged | ""<• to one cent per do/en higher prices on i'HBS with llif itdvnnce in prospect on current receipts and lower graded. Chicago expects an puse of itnprc Ills .i!rr.i--ro"ily. Hr niacli; the older girl leave'port, your school wlien she wns 15 to no to handy work. 'Constant nagging brought on .i nervous lircakdown for the youiii.rr iiirl, and her futher would i grateful indeed for their care i guarding your reputation. Dear Dorothy Dtx: Would you! even pay for rnedicnl care i ntlvisc mc t() marry this girl? l' By that linio, of course, 1 was 1 '"" 11 39> sno is 20 anci a divorcee. working. Then came the war, and- l nm mtlc ">' In love with her, but the two giils married, earn'at 17 | WOIT i<-'d thinking Ihat was the best way to: dri '? kor - Also because she is a heavy she is very nervous ndvunce of one cent on tho extra ' «"t away from home. Neither mar-! ; " ul li: ' lls me sho is b "'»g medical• ly treated for this ailment. Some- Prank Gilbert H«adi Rasorbaok Boqiter Club A Rnnorback Booster Club was orgnulned In Provoott Thursday night at tho Lnwson Motel. Frank Gilbert waa numed president and John Qann was elected secretary troAKur;; *>f tho new club. About 80 persons ntu-ndtid the dlniHH 1 inoelluK und hoard talks by Allan Berry, manager of War Memorial Stadium In Little Rock, I.H- Mar McHnn, All-Southwest , back for the RaitorbackK, and Davlo Campbell, reprosenlotlvo of the Peoples Kational Bank, ol Rock. McHnn, who set the Southwest Conference on firo last season with hid brilllout quarterbackinK. provided tfl» commentary tw tho film shown to tho group, thc Toxus A. &. M, *~ Arkansas Homecoming Kam«> in iWl which the iiugs won aS^Ml, Mcllun'x pussiim, runninK. nntl general diipctlnu drew plwu- dlu fixwn the crowd us did the runninK of Buddy Suttuu of Hope who wus 0119 of tho games' iciui inn «mund Mr*, Coy Dewaody, Mrs. Balt»s, Mr*. Tlttlrmnn lluynlo. Mr. ftttd Mrs* Uoyd H«ynie inotoiM to Ittttto ttimk lliuu'Kday Cur U>o day, Mr. and Mrs. John i 1 . Cnx ot were tho Thursday «uest$ Of Mr, und Mrs, John A. Davis. Mr, and Mr*> Bluke Crow mwrwsd «> tfe«tr homtt to Rock after a visit with their «ttt«» Mr. and lire, tu M. Cum. Crow. J. V, McMnhcn spent n part of Inut wiH'k in Ft. Worth, Tex MS on busings. Mrs. D, K. Bomls spont sovcrnl days Inst woiik In Toxnrknna as the Kuost of hi.-r p,'in;nls, Mr. und Mrs. l' J ii|)o Biiilcy. Mrs. CharluH Archer Jr. nnd chll drt'n have returned to their hojiui In C'onway aftci a vlislt wilh her mother, Mrs. O. J. SU-pheiiHOn. Mi'H. Sciihi'iisoii nccnmptinlcd hn- dauuhtor honu' and will be IHT house Tueadny, July IP , t Th» Order of tho En(.torn Stnr mln « 8 an(1 Mr ' nnd Mr8 ' J<>S(10 will meet on Tiu«*day evuniriK nl " 7:30 nt the MnHonic Moll for n xcut- <H| ni(*«tln(t. Wddneiday, July 16 Tht»r«j will bt* M<:rvlc*«» nl tho As« noinbly of God Church Wednesday evening nt It p.m. • Prayer mcK'tltiK will begin nt I) p.m. Wcdneiidny evenin« at the Church of Niunrene. Community Choir To Maet Tuaiday Night The Preseutt Community Choir Will meet ttmiKht (Tuemliiy) for practice at tht) First Methodist Church under the direction of MI-B, Florence Ambrose ami of Mm. Lern Johnxnn, organist. The choir will present n prnurnm •on. Sunday evening July 27th. Mr«. Oun McCatklll HoitBii to Brldoo Club Mra. GUSH McCavklll W«R hostess to members <jf the Wednesday Brld- «e Club at her home on Thursday afternoon. Thu parly rooms wore deeorn'od with a. variety of summer flowers ulneod nt vnntnue polnU. Mrs. Snxton Regan was awarded the high »c0re prize nnd Mrs. J. V, MeMahon the bingo award. Club Clients Mr*. Krank Tuber- vlllo, Mrs. Jtiek Koboy, Mm. Bob BcyiloldS. Mrs. W. C«. ncnnber«. Mrs. Charlie Dews? and Mrs. Me- Mahon. Members Included Mrs. Oatli*'Atkins, Mrs. Allen Qeo. Mrs. H, H. MoKciule, Mrs. Basil Munn. Mrs. Dvtdloy Gordon and Mrs. He- *nn, A delk'lous sulnd course wns served. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bmim of Uib- bock, Texas, hove been the quests of her father. W. A. Hannah, and other relatives. .-Fred Poaey of Valiant, Okln. is spendini! the summer with his ^8- t>-r, Mrs. O. H. Peachey and Mr, Pen they. 1 Mr. and Mrs. R. H, Newth ind children. Rosemary nnd Hubert, have returned to their home in Poniea City, Okla. after with his mother, Newth. Mrs. a visit Fannie Mr, nnd Mrs. Thol! Manning ijnd son, David, hnve returned from' n visit with relatives In Browmvobd, Texas. Friends of Mrs. Howard Hnynio will regret that she is ill at'her home, Krade.s, two cents on standards and unchanged prices on other I-RRS. New York •— The New York stock market headed hinder with steels and motors taking the lead. .Shares on the curb market were generally hinher. The Associated Press 00 stock nat;e was happy. Finally i left my hiisljiind, and went into dressmaking. Now he hns come back, and want;, to bej;in all over, prom ising to change. However, he won't admit he .was ever wrong in anything. I love to do for others, and per- avernme of shares on the bit! board | haps that has been why I've been wns 107 .2, up .n. New York Noon July cotton 40.00. | Conservation / of Soil Vital Issue of Day LITTLE HOCK I.T) Waters Davis Jr., of Lea«ue City, T told delegates to a soil conserv; 1 .-: lion district area meetinn here ye^-l tirday that they must chanue thi'i tlilnkinj! of peoplc toward land. j Davis, president of the National- Association of Soil Conservation 1 Districts, said: "We've not only not to educate: people — we've got to tell them 1 soil conservation." | Ho nlso told representatives from! Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma attending the two-d a y mcetiiu! that the organization is i r.ot a "pressure group." : The Soil Conservation group is ai non-governmental agency, composed of farmers who are members! iwd supervisors of soil conservation districts throughout the United States. The president of the Arkansas group, H. S. Rainwater, yesterday sold his county members protested n request by state Furm Bure.m! Federation leaders that Congress j cut appropriations for soil cruiser-i vation work. | so quick to jjivu in to everything. L. R. j Answer: Your very long letter, which 1 have had to abridge conj sideraljly, presents the most consummate pwttire of a selfish, dom ineerint;, tyrannical and greedy man that 1 hnve read in a • long time — and, believe me, I get HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Main & Country Club rd. TJIPS. TRVLOR TURNER Edward Van ARNOLD • HEFLIN 'BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" We Will Be Closed SDAY AFTERNOON In order rhaf we may be ready Thursday Morning for our ANNUAL SHOE SALE Starting Thursday Morning 8:30 FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoei are Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 MORE POWER FOR YOUR DOLLAR MORE MOTOR FOR YOUR MORE PE FOR THE PRICE! wwrt Luy«r k»k» far ta * nwtoc WMt to try it So Uiwy "nuke « i)«U tlWiUtef l«WJW«»«po»^"K,Kt«|- $U{MriM«* ow, »alur«lly t»i»y 0»e WJ" , , . with ii« with Hydra -Ma tic "ROCKET" OLDSMOBILE 911 NIAIIST OLPtMOflll GIB LEWIS 1 AUTO SALES r 1 ® Released by The Bell Syndlcnt Inc. You've Heard about ir . . . . You've Read about it .... Now You Can Hare a Part In It. JUDGE FRANCIS TALKATHON The 10 continuous hour question and answer foru/n that is upsetting the Political Apple Cart all over. Now comes to HOPE One Day Only Wednesday, July 16 On the Radio You'll be thrilled You'll be excited . . . You'll be informed .. You'll be amazed ... You'll be entertained Only FRANCIS CHERRY of all the candidates dares to answer any and all questions from any and all individuals, Fearlessly and emphatically. TUNE IN THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULES KXAR (Hope) (BARLOW HOTEL) PHONE YOUR QUESTIONS IN HOPE TO PHONE NUMBERS 7-467V i 7-4672 7-4673 11:00 A, M. HI- 2:00 P.M. 4:00 P, M. HI 6:00 P.M. 7:00 P, M. HI 7:15 P. M. 7:30 P, M. HI 10:00 P.M. KCMC (Texarkana) riaoKM^Hi *OOP!M; J-00£M.HI 7:30 P, ft 7:45 P. M. til 8:00 P. M f ! JO P. M, til 8:45 !», M, 9:15 P. M. til 9:30 fc M, KOSY (Texarkano)! ! : ?9£M,tii J'JO'E-A 1 3:45 P. M. 5:30 P.M. 3:15 P. M. til 5:00 P. M, HI 5:45 P, M. til 6; 15 P, M. H 6:30 p, w - - ^ , , ^TT> .»«,J W*WW lTt I VI* 8:00 P, M. Hi 840 P. M 8;45P.M. HI 9:15 ^ M 9:30 f, M, til 10:00 P, Z I 1 " TW^? • , Noon tU 12:45 4:4SP. M. 5:30 P.M. til 6:OOP. M, HI P.M. •^'?«au«..v 'iMl^fc •y Chick Yau«| AW, SEE-NOW t DOMf KNOW 'M 10 so OV€R THERE cs? SUPPOSED TO OOMfi WER HERE By J, R. William! OUT OUR WAY WELL , HE DIPN'T GET , \ IT t?ONE LAST WIGHT LOU* (M LBTT»H»Oy/ AT VtR *OMC» Answer to Previous Puzila PUINT, Wft LAUOW OP On the Air Waves AMD I'M AFRAID TO EVEN LOOK AT IT PCJR FEAR I'LL THINJK 1 CAM ^\AK:6 OWE GOOP FLASHLIGHT OUT OF FOUR . WAMT PUKIYV WHW* it Mftf TO I»B APVI5 RBSOICM AVAtsl. • HORIZONTAL VERTICAL i 1,7 Wireless ^ '; > 1 Lobate [ ' actress 2 Moth genus) '13 Speaker 3 Raver 14 Assault 4 Greek letter \ 15 Fruit < 5 Not any : 18 Having a v G Rwbbings out) j keel-like ridge 7Unde* , 17 Entomology * cpmrnitment > 8 Employer '9 African fly. 27 Lampreys 37 Doctrine i ^ (var.) / ^ I 29 Most showery 38 Antiquated J • f 10 Claws V . if 32 Oil from ' ^2J 40 Poverty- 1 '! 20 IndivlduDl stricken 42 Bamboolike \ grass ^ 43Eskers 46 Station (ab.) (48 South by east ) (ab.) -, orange , flowers v 33 Poisonous 1 23 Footed vase< ^Seruor SlSSJSS^StuS 1 * ^, gumresm yssszs 24 °f ^ eatest g ^ sed 97Othprwi<!P ' a £6 35 Diners 28 Exist i 26 Mineral rocks 36 Ma 'e bees 1 29 She portrays WASH TUBES NOW SEE HERB. KOONT2...I PMNTBO McXEE, YOU'RE VOU'UE OFTEN VOU Dl<3 UP N \TH05El THEV'UP B6BM PRWf ED BV , \coNsrwjr SOURCE or BLIMP P?yCHOPATH\EXPERT6! OMBCCJLLBCTOR TRI6P PMMTIftrtOr HISTOM WITH THB P^LSy, | TO 6TBM. '6W WHEN I WHO PWNT* WITH roes? PERSONALITY IN HIS HOW DO you VOU CAN DESCRIBE THE GEWIU5 WHO PMMTEPTHO^El ; mother on / /*•' the radio 30 Legal point] 31 Malt drink I 32 Burmese ' • - wood sprites 34 Failed to hit A/HY MOTHERS (SET GRAV Wltn Major Heopta OUR BOARDING SOUSE 37 Number (pi.) 38 Cooking J utensil '• 6ALLOOMS TH6 VJHOue TOW/M UPSET /-«*- t'LL HAME O TELL THE OLD vvJlNDBAG HIM66LP TO ODIT S rtlS 6ALLOOM POPPED ME IM THE MOSe 'AROUND' CORNER, 6CARED fW6 A.T FIRST—THOUGHT I BETTER LAV OFF THE 3OKE 39 Mountain pool ' 41 Urge (Scot.) ' 42 She is a 1 ' actress 44 Pedal digit 45 Clamors 47 Hebrew ascetic 49 Puffs ur> BRESiDENT/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VOO VO'V \S <KYV \ COViVO NR'fe CPKCVMV .50 Armed wi.th a sword *• : 51 Screed * -;52 Abounding ' with locks of CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY WHOOPS COMING FRO/A THE LWl =•"£&,„. „ .„ T ., ,,A, PIVB IN AN' RACE T' TH' BAPT/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hertfiberger ALLEY OOP TH 1 CXO BOY HIM0BUFI FOR A PLACE WHSR6 THBV CONSIDER yVQMBN Tp BE'r <hi SUB-HUMAN»He IS CERTA1NLV BEING NICE TO THAT ON6? LOCKED IN! HNVW FINE ME90 ON THE WINDOWS, BUT I MU&T 6AY KADOOKUT OU'O NEVEfJ W-4OW THI9 WAS A ..... WEUL, WELL? PROVIDES HIS PRISONBR6 WITH UUXUR1OU5 QUARTERS. ; *J tell you that lipstick doesn't mean a thing — you know • - 10 w cr w ceesu ' ;)wal ' e ry / ' to ^^ ' By Golbrolth SIDE GLANCES And now let me tell you what's wrong with this country, Mr. Politician!" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND-HIS FRIENDS BOY.VOU SUPE CAM POTHe ) SHE'S., \ 1'W TAKING THE 13071 ^ THE . /RUNNIN 1 1 THE PAY Of P AND LEAVING VOU 114 vy^H/ — * u ^-' WELL, HOW DOES IT FtEL. TG BE IM _S Wy;WA ' t CHARSE? /SUCC6SS/* DONT WHAT /^OUT MY ' TOOIS / IKISIDE«f» ITtL BE SAFf THERE/

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