The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1940 r iY. r I'L R _ (ARK ->' COURIER NEWS See Ring Eclipse Until '94 Colonial I'oops Repulse 'Invaclino' Force. In Maneuvers SAIGON, |.',en,;h Indo - chiiin. April .i. ,ui>,. -France's coloniiil army in Indo-chlna, reptese:itin« the .strangest military torw of any W the Wcsicrn ixnvers in tilt! far has iKilwl its .sirciigili, repulsing in maneuvers au "hivasioi" ol "nif-niy" forces in .the jiia«le ami between Cambodia and CoeV in-C'lifna. The invasion constituted Uii 5 year's \vai- game, during which about 12,01)0 men, 800 horses- iii quantities ol ihe latest type uf •/equipment were pui 10 a tcsi. Although the French army In IiKlo-C'liinn is said 10 numa>:i more Ihan so.U'M men al pre.sen only a comparatively small part of this force tool; part in the exercises, singed in the aveii bomulln" the Ciulf of Siam, . As many of the troops participating in the maneuvers were reservists called to the colors since the outbreak of war in Europe, special importance was attached to the test by the French goncml staff. .Japanese Observer Present A Japanese military observer, Col. Niluilra. was present al ilia exercises for the first, time in history. Two high oilicers of Die British Malaya command, stationed in Singapore, Brigadier A. C. M. Paris, who commands the Indian troops, nnd Lleul.-Col. J. Dallas- Edye of Ihe Jloya! Artillery, represented Ihe British army, Cien ^ Pou Kiai-jen represented tilt Chi- y.nose army, Major van Veen ihc Netherlands army and Major Tchni prnlhib Sena Ihe Thai (Siamese) army. North forces under Ihc command of Gen. de BoLsbossel went on the defensive when Ihe South, commanded by Gen. Gouachon] swept in from the .sea near Halian, Kampot and lie-am toivara Phron-I'cnh, capital of the Khmer country, seeking to break communications between Camoortia ana Cochin-china. Kampot is nearly 100 miles from the capital, on the Gulf of Siam nnd is used generally only bv native shipping, since il U not accessible lo ordinary ocean-going vessels. The attacking force was presumed to have established <i base at. a nearby island. French aircraft carried oul reconnaissance liights, located troop dispositions and bombarded two dis- iricts held by (he "enemy." By the end ol the maneuvers, (he North had established a decisive advantage and after a fierce "battle" in difficult country Ihe North drove, the "enemy" in headlong retreat back to the sea. Admiral Also Walcltes During Die final stages, Gen. Catroux, Governor - General o French Imto-China in the absence of M. Jules Brevie, Gen. Marlin commander of the Imlo-chlna forces, and Admiral Decoux, the . French naval coimniiiirler-ui-chief in the Par East, watched the maneuvers from general headquarters. Gen. Catroux inspected the troops on two fronts and commented favorably on (heir training. Both attacking and defensive forces found the terrain extremely difficult. There are few proper roads nnd normal facilities for feeding and .supplying munitions to a considerable force of trooas. The army health corps carried out- experiments with a new ty;i2 of filter in an effort lo solve the problem of water supply. jp. The maneuvers proved die value ' ol automatic weapons in this type territory. Small detachments of North troops, equipped with m.i- chine guitf. were able to hold positions for u comparatively tony lime against compact superior "enemy" formations, and were able, eventually, to rcpuke the invasion. Natural Camouflage Used Gen. de Boisboisscl told a correspondent of [./Opinion iSaigonl Hint a machine gun well located and nilcquntcly camouflaged constituted a defense weapon of exceptional efficiency \vilh considerable range He pointed out that in the Cambodian country, tropical vegetation provides a perfect screen ard three battalions of Iroops can hold territory which, situated less favorably, would make necessary' the use of • many more Iroops. ', Exercises were necessarily severe because of lack of facilities usually available in peacetime. The forces "lived on the country" nnd displayed willingness and ability lo adjust themselves to difficult cir- , aimstauccs, it was said. i Oeii. Martin emphasized the necessity of improving trnnspovta- tion facilities lo permit swift mobilization and concentration of troops, "because It Is not sufficient merely to have a large number of • well-trained troops." Lack of roads i and mobile equipment forced Ihe i army lo use buffalo carls in many i areas, while mosl of Ihc Iroops ) were forced to hike. [ Despite this handicap, Gen. j Martin pointed out that it was j proved possible to move to the i ^,scene of operations within 48 K/hours all forces needed to protect (he country. Not a single serious accident occurred, he added. Rend Courier News want ads. Uing blackout of the sun cm April 7. m , will be bt-si .seen by ihe u. S. Ill iiamw boll Indicated shaded area on map. shadowed discs show how .solar phenomenon will nppi'nr in heluhl O f .-clips,, various sections of Ihe country, with moon moving from right lo leli acius.s fnee of .sun P.-KCIIM inclieale portion of sun's diameter covered bv moon's shadow. By lilKiH J. I'RliETT 1'aeilie Dlrcelor, Aiurriean Mrfror Society Rare spectacle in the daylime sky will be seen April 7 throughout mosl of N 7 orth America when the sun stages a blackout known to science as the annular eclipse. This solar phenomenon will lx- best seen in a strip of land about 100 miles wide extending entirely across the continent. Here the maximum phase will present a narrow ring of light around the moon's shadow. The term "annular" comes from the Latin "nnimlus," meaning; "ring." A year a»o there was an annular eclipse observed in Arctic regions, but there will not be another blackout of this kind in the U. S. until 1.19-1. At the lime of the eclipse the. moon will be at about its greatest distance from the earth. Its shadow will appear too small lo entirely cover the sun's disk, so totality will occur nowhere. GUI,I' STATICS TO SKI-: KING KCIJVSE BUST Central line of the /one where the annular phase may be scon comes very near the following localities: Chihuahua, M«c., a spot midway between Austin and Houston, Tex.. New Orleans, Biloxi. Miss., /NKULA.R SCLIPSE TOTAL ECLIPSE Uccause moon's ilisl.ince from earili varies by 30,000 miles during a mouth, total eclipses of the sun do not always occur \vlicn moon gels between sun and earth. Man al X will see rhi£ around SIHI ilurinjr annular cclijisc. but wnulii sec fnlal if moon were closer lo earth. Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Fin. Along this line the ring phase will last from C to 7'i minutes. varying with the locality. At the middle of Ihis interval Ihe ,|ng will be of equal width all aiiumd. From places within upproxi- mnU-ljf 80 mlle.s luith north ami south- of this centrnI line the eclipse will appear annular, but ihe ring will al no lime Ije perfectly symmetrical, u win become more lopsided Ihe farther tin- observer is located from Hie line. Immediately outside the annular zone the maximum phase ivlll show n thin crescent of light. A.s the distance from this cnue In-, the percentage of Ihe suns eclipsed diameter will decrease. Al Minneapolis il will be SB per cenl; al Jiuieau, Alaska, only six per c-eiil. Amateurs phologi'aphing this eclipse wllh ordinary cameras will lincl very slow Him, small slojjs. and the shortest possible exposures will brins; best results. II Ihe camera is allowed to sland undisturbed, and the sun Is "shot" every five or 10 minutes, n series of images on one picture niny he obtained. Simplest, method for viewing the phenomenon is the use of smoked glass or photographic negatives. Excellent views may be obtained through field glasses, the front tenses of which should be properly darkened. '"*Scout News Boys • Girls Uomplrfc Plans Knr Skating Party. Plans for a skating party lo be given Friday night on Holly Hill were completed yesterday afternoon when members of the Girl Scout Troop Five, sponsoring organisa- tion, met at Ihe school. Tickets for Ihe benefit affair have already been placed on sale and may be secured Iroin any ol Ihe members. Two Negroes Osceola Jail's Only Occupants OSCEOLA, Ark., April 3. -The county jail at Osceola is now empty except for two negroes, one of whom is being held there temporarily pending a sanity hearing, and another who was arrested Saturday night on n charge of pclit larceny. About 40 pounds consumed by a sea in milestone, England, nn empty airplane hanger Is used 'ns n church. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT To effectively relieve the itching, miming discomfort of athlete's foot, and to kill the fungi upon contact, use famous parasilicidal Black and ! White Ointment ns dressing to ex- D II Wii , r"L posed surfaces. Soothing; coolinu DUlDS Without Lharge relief begins at once. Use with lilaclt and While Skin Soap loday. May Obtain Iris Anyone wanllng Iris bulbs may obtain them free at Walker Park, it was announced loday by J. iVfell Brooks, secretary of the Mississippi County Fair Association which operates Ihe park. A large number of ihe bulbs placed there by the Blylhcville Gartlen Club, will have lo be moved immediately because of Hie lake bank caving in where many are planted, and so they will be given I away. Mr. Brooks said. Persons wanting them should contact Cecil Pruitl, caretaker, al the house at ihe Kentucky ave'nue entrance, who will distribute them WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wlliout Calomel-Ami You'll Jump Out of Bed in iho Morning Rarin' (o Co The liver shoviM pour out Wo Hint f Hjimit bile InCo your Ixwelj <I[\'ily if t(J- kllc is not freely. >•„„,. ,<*,,, ™' not iliijcsl, U mnyjiisl demy in the txracls TERMiNIX TERMINATES TERMITES 'BRUCE-MEMPHIS of fish are lion dally. PAGE THREE Italy Sees Abundant Egg Supply In 'JVsts lo Reduce Koosk-r Hatch into ROME .«)>) _ Antonio Kalian biologist, bc'lievcs llml he run make ens* halcli Into linis or roosters n,s desired. Exiierluii'nls eiurli'd mil by l>jol Moiusini uiiilrr (he nuspli-is'iif the mlnlslry of uui-lcultine and forests have indlraled (hut if hens are Put upon ,',pech)l dlei.s Uini the ''UBS laid iluriUB Ihis (H'lliv.! will llalc'h lull) mall, or female elili-ks uiToidiiiK to the food eaten. Afd'i completing his experiments in his own liiboi-iilurlcfi, which convinced him 1)1,11 )„, j m ,| ,„ ln , s , partly solved Ihe sravl ,>| sex deteiiuiuaiioii In ebh-keiis I'uit Moroslni prosenlwl the Center of Kxpeiimeinal I'tailtry Culture In HOIIH' with (10 Vlllll/.l'd ,.,,,;,; W |,| ( ,|, hud bern luld mi<|cr conditions rnl- !nl('il lo lialeli female chirks. Ul Government Aids Sharecroppers (Continued From Page 1) to turn iiiejr nnmed n m food, better hoiislng and .snb.s ,„,. nSi'lniliure. .still unoihei' pli-isi- Is the expansion of the stiiiidiird n>- liublliiaiiun program which provides for liraiis lo fanners for iMuilp- nieni. livd-iork nml olhei necessl- lli's ol opernllun and living. The ihn-p p| u ns to .sliibllli-i' the labor supply will Include I lie tolIciwlug: ill "t.aljor rehabilitation" on sub- slslence Irncl.s- stipplled by lund- owners. Under Ihls plan simcll giants and loans are now being imule lo 115B fiiiullles. mllllcd by Ihe Sotial Security as on or eligible, for relief, to garden, preserve food nnd nitilninln n cow on small iract.s sujiplli'd by )iiiii!o«'ii«j-«. '1'he j^ lnil Security Aduilnl.slrntlon has announced tlml they have had ICO per cenl cooperation from landowners In the plan, and from Hodul Sccurlly. which tnadi: the retom- meiidalions in a short lime. (ii) "Scattered labor homes" under which it Is Loiilemp'mted fum- Illes will be given loans lo build houses and start subsistence running on small duels, part of their cash income coming from (heir Iract.s and parl from duy labor. U) "Group labor homes." or groups of 50 lo mo labor homes, each ivitli 3 to 5 acres for subsistence agriculture. These homes, if developed, would be built on government-owned laud; Ihe homes would be renled lo the laborers and the Parm Security Adm'lnlstiatlon would supervise them. The inbnr supply, onto located under such a sel-up, mlghl, be .slnblllml Ihroiiish Ihe use of Mb- sonri stiilu L'mployineul seivlce ul these ill) e«ss, 7-1 were surce.s.sjully hatched lull) IVmales. nnd tlu> remnhilin: Hi hiKi mail':;, the ex- peilnu'in liehiK «;!'.. p,-i cent .suc- n'.vtlul. As a result ul thhi Mia-ess, tlui mlnisiry of Hi;rlciilint ( ' pl,ms to liu'ronse lls nldni; Ihe lines "I 1'iof. Morosini's Ihcurles, and will euiuliiel la'.ioniloiy lesls cm 11 luii-e w-cile ut Us ehlcken and l(ovi|io i>nd dlseovoilcs sound Ijnsls, I' proporlhm luiluhlnit e:in enabllnu inly Hie hen iJOjiiiliiikui ;if luily. K-lili-h will ineiiii inori' mul i-heapei- CKUS. niluni i-liopplnu nnd pli'tilnn lime. '1'he ciiipluyiuiMit seivlce. by offer- iui! work lirst m .Scmiheast Mls- wnirl day lubuifrs, could inlnbiil/e "-•if «l mliirat<iry svmki'is and a roiisliinl niisi.-illnn ol :iu nililllhniul iirnreded jinpulallou inlo Ihe mm. Cdiiununlllcs wuuld beni'lU llii'Duuh an (ippoilunlly lo Improve ihelr laiuslns, heiillh niul living condl- I IIMI.S. Foreign Money of Immigrants Vilal lo Italy STATK COI.l.l'XlH. i>a. (Ul 1 )-.- filioi'liiues of capiiHl and impov- Imit raw nialerluis hiive forceil Italy lo count men mul women rmlKraiils as n lemtlnir Hem of c.\- Piu-l. lU'Cdidlui; in Dr. Puul H, Wneller, associate professor ol cranimilcs al I'ennsyh'anla Blatc nllcfje. Dr. Wiieller lins compli'led n sillily of |hi> llallan ccmicuny on u inl from the C'olmnblu Unlvei'- slly Council for liesi-nieh In the Sodit! Seieiices. His llntlln|i« were published In the I'olllicnl yclnecc Qiunleily. "Diirlng the pie-win- yeiirs," he declared, "reiniliance.s lo llnly by llnllan emigrants auiounUxl lo up- liro.ximalely •JO.UOD.OOI) |) ci u n d s fltcrlhuj annually. There lire .some who believe llml. It, was only by Ihe fiace of Ihcse icmltltances thin (he wheels o flhe Ihillun lu- duslriiil economy ciinltiua'il to spin." Kwenlly, he added, cminniiil. re- mlllnnces huvc declined, bill ut- Cull for IIISKI.TOOT IlltAND Pure 1'otk SIIIISHKC. 'iherc Is none.' teller. Made by— ItKVNOt.US I'ACICINCI COMPANY UNION CITY, TKNNESSKK Washer Keed Tuning Up? JUST 01VB US A CAM, FOlt KXPBUT WASHING MACHINE SKHVICK —All Makes— mm 233 \Vc have secured the services of Mr. Phillip Frie. a faclory trained Maying Service Man HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service On All Makes Kadtos—Refrigerators 2DC W. Main Z33 SHfiBBY Be proud of your ear and gain the added respect of others. Our expert repair men will be happy (o give you an tstimatr.. Body Dented? Fenders Kent? Class Kroken? THEN SEE US TODAY! WU,MAKK YOUR CAN LOOK L J K K NEW AT VICKY UTTLB COST TO YOU. PHILIPS MOTOR CO. .'ith ,t Walnut / Pliono 810 tempts nro being mndo to stem tho decline, Dr, Wiicllw- drew n contiTist bc- U'con Italy's privalu economy, which \ tt! cliiirncicrlzFil I1B " vcrj , miRnl,"' iiiui |t s pu'oiie reotiomy "'hie i he wiui has spenl "with n h'Vlsh hand" for Imperlallfi ven- liiiys. As ii resiill, I,,, .s,,li|, ()i ( . tux .system hns .seldom succci'iled dur- ll-'cH- l>ilM S "" S '" bnll "" ;ill| S lhi; Lester Gill Named Postmaster Al Dell •'- H. CUM of D,,n, |' llls ' | '^ l" ; med poslma:,,,,. |(l ,„,„ \ 0 •iiii((.«[ Ati-s, Alexander Ciilcllll. nil- Jonner Alh.s- Wnn-cinu' Ihciwn- Lcmon Juice Recipe Checks Rlieumalic Pain Quickly If you sutler fiom nj,.,,,,,,,,)^ „,.. (in His or iiemiiis ,,.,!„ ,,. y (ll( ,. J "iple Inesjii iwlvi- home rccliii'tluii ..m,s,,,,,l,s ,,re usi,,,, Oo i „',,.,,„. Y i """'' !i t'«iii|iiiiiiiii today Jlie lull*'' 1 "' " ''""" "' " I " 1 "''' '"''' Noirnuble al nil ai'id'plnisanl.'vmi »«l only 2 liibh'spoonsfu] f.vo mill's n duy. oil<'ii within .||| |, ou , s — sonii-times uveiiilifhi—.spieiidfd iv-inll-s nrc obUilned. If uic pulns 10 mil. ipilekly leave nnd II you do not feel belter, Rn-Kx will cost you nolliliiK to | ly lls |, ls SUU| >.v your drnujjlsl mu |e,- ,„, ttt>so . lule nioney-biiiik (•imrnni,.,., nil-fix Compound Is for sale and recommended by Klrby m-os. Umg Co ""« Kood diiij. stou..s everywhere loo, It was announced today. The appointment, made upon the resignation of Mrs. Cutcllft who Is moving to Amory, Miss,, following Iw recent marriage, j s as of April The position had been held by the former Miss Urownlce daughter of M, p. nrownlce Sr., for three. ywu-s. H pays $7ri monlhly. «wid Courier Mnw* -*aiit ada TIREO WIVES" I'ui h Ii u tti'si t'o;n[Kmntl lU'l pa •ft calm wmry uristruriK /U.-TVW <]uf.. to [rmak< dinc- Ktiiinjus /or DVI-I- CO yt'flVs la lnlyiiiK women. Try itl E. PINKHAM'S ilJclropolitiin FARM LOANS Jus. B. Chirk Aullnirlml iKorlgnec f.o;,,, Snlli'lhirs for Hie itlelrotia)}. inn Life lusiirantc Cn. LOW HATES 1'HOMf'T INSPECTIONS I.ONO TI-KMS KKI'AVMliNT I'KIVII.KGES C'lark-Wlliion Agency, Insiir. .las. «. Clark 'hone 3GG Coca-Cola has a clean, tingling taste that speaks of quality. It never fails to please. And a refreshed feeling follows that is delightfully satisfying. Thirst asks nothing more. PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO. BY COCA-COLA. BOTTLING COMPANY ,j, y i he vi.i e , Ark . THANKS! A ', y M,' 11 "! 1 ^ A .l u ! SinctTL ' ^'"•'-''••'"lioti Are Kxtciid- -|l lo lie Votor.s (if Hlytliovillc Kor Um Vote .ivcn Mi- 1 (.sli-rda.v Wliicli Knaldcd Alo To Ho I'-lri'li'.l As Oily (Jim-It. FKANK. WIIITWORTH. SALE PRICED! INSIDE PAINTS GLOSS Brilliant finish for »ood«o*. COVERAU LAST 3 DAYS ...1.1« Curtain SUetcher '/.'....«»c It MOIVTGOAIERY WAUD Cololog Order Seryico icwti you noncy on Ihouiondi of athor il«mil Ute VVorJi Monthly Pafmenl Plan on any pc/rcham of $10 or morel '10(5 W. Main Phone b'76

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