Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 20, 1937
Page 5
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^Wednesday, October 20, 1987 faaK^^as^^l.^f;i.-f.i:>''f~: ^n^t-rr- *+J..-.~- -, l1r HOWS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS £A0fi FiVI Star Dust 8y LEONARD ELLtS There is nothing so fractious us a high school athlete who thinks he is "good." We are not pointing this statement at any member of the Bobcat sqvuul. We have no right to do so. But- Several members of the team would do well to forget about that Cnmdon- Nashville score of 52 to 6. We can't see the Bobcats scoring thai many points against the Scrappers who come to town Friday night. fii fact, the gnmc is not in the well- known bag. Nashville is no pushover. Against Ho|>e, the Scrappers will probably exert more fight and determination than against any team on their schedule. They want to win. Any thing can happen in football. The Bobcats saw that last year. And we don't want to witness any more of lho.se nmnmig and heart-breaking sommersnults. A defeat now would spoil every thing The Bobcats are capable of downing the Scrappers. We expect them lo do so. Our personal opinion is thut if the Bobcats got by Nashville without injuries to any of the players, the Hope team will then go on and defeat Camden in what promises to be a bitterly fought battle. If the Bobcat.'; are successful against Camden and come out of the game in good shape—then Blytheville had bel- Icr look out! The Bobcats will lake the starch out of that big team which has a lino average of 193 pounds. Hope's victory over Jonesboro last week has already started northeast Arkansas fans speculating over the outcome of the Hope-Blylhevillc game to be played at Blytheville the night of November 5. Handolph Gregson, sports editor of the Jonesboro Evening Sun. comments: "On November 5 the Hope Bobcats will invade Blytheville for a game with the Chicks. Following the showing made by the Hope High in game with the Hurricane much speculation has developed as to the winner of this eon test. A scout of Blytheville when asked what he thought of the chances of the- Chicks expressed the opinion that the breaks would probably decide (he gnme but he thought the Chicks would win the game but by a close score. On the otherhand the Hope Bobcats are confident that they will )x> able to upset the Chicks. "The scout from Blytheville said that tlie Chicks would present a much stronger line than the Hurricane had in the game and that he considered that the Chicks had as good n blocking team as Hope if not better. The ends of the Chicks are much stronger than the Hurricane according to his vision. Admitting that Bright, quarterback of the Bobcats, was about the best runner he had seen in action on a high school gridiron this year, the Blytheville booster stated that he thought Blytheville had a bettor balanced backfield. 'The team that bottles up Bright will beat Hope, was the way he summed up the chances of Hope having a state championship team." Vasco Bright, the gem of Arkansas hiph school gridirons, came in for much praise by Gregson, as di^l Joe Kason, the Bobcat fullback. Gregson said of the two Hope players: "Hope High School displayed two versatile and brilliant backs in Vasco Bright and Joe Eason. The speedy end skirts of Bright and the line plunges of Eason were the main factors in the defeat of the Jonesboro team." Gregson did not forget the Bobcat's hard-charging line. He said: "Hope's forward wall was one of the most aggressive ever to face a Jonesboro High School football team. "Hope's line punched big holes in the Black and Gold line, allowing Hope backs to dash through for substantial There is only one statue of Queen Elizabeth in London. It is located i utside a church in Fleet street. : : SEE US .•For Painting and Body Work— •! Special Car Paint Job— $11.50 J O. K, Body Shop •*I015 S. Elm (Old Ugh. ShopJ. 1 V M. M. MORGAN FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with all conveniences. ?50 and up. Also homes on easy payments. See A. C, ERWIN Phone 158 or 191-\V. The Best In Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, <jt. Me ToUE'Te* Oil Co, fcast 3rd, Koj*~-Cpsn Pay & Nite OAK LOGS We ore 1« we market far a round lot of Forked Leui White Ouk, Cow Ouk, Overcup, Burr Oak, uuo Hcd Oak Logs. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY ACTION With the Ball Carriers FtYINO HIGH AGAINST NOTKK OAMK—An adagio dancer could ifet some tips Irom Condi! of Cnrnrgie Tech. tvlio is head over heels trying to crack Hit- N'otrc Uamc line lit I'lllshurgh. Ci:rncgio Tech was a !) lo 7 wlniiiT. AS MINNESOTA IMG-SKINNIU) MICHIGAN—Minnesota's Ktitly Cimllni had his eye on this touchdown—and so did the cameraman during the traditional battle with Michigan at Ann Arbor. A crowd of 70,000 saw Minnesota win, 39 to C. STltAItiHT-rilOM-TIIK-SHOULDKlt FOOTBALL—Viillnnova's Stopper lived up to his name and revealed the grid thrill that dimes when a good >:lralKht-iirm halfback tries to gt't a lu-ad. Manhattan was (he loser, 20-0, at Brooklyn. THREE'S NO CROWN ON THIS UAIN-Thrce I'm tacklt-rs wm- hanging to McMahon cif Columbia (No. iO) but he thundered on for a gain in Columbia's 26 to 6 victory at Baker Field. New York. TULANE SCORES WITH AIR ATTACK-BmuMM of Tulwtt (No. 24) was til uu in the air over a goal-line i»as$ in thp thick of ijjic Tulane- Cojtgate struggle. But Iw (lAdu't lose l«s head. TUe pass sewed, Tulaue VVUM, 7-U- May Play Dallas Here November 25 St. Joseph High School May Fill Thanksgiving Date Conch Foy Hommons said Wednesday that ho was negotiating with Si. Joseph High School of Dallas, Texas, one of the largest schools in the Lone Star state, for a Thanksgiving Day football game at Hope. Mammons said he received n telegram Wednesday morning from the Dallas school as to terms for a game to be pltiyed here. The coach said ho answered the wire, and that he expected the Dallas school to accept. Hainrnons also announced that Goodland, Okla., would come here for n gome November 19, replacing Wnlnut Ridge which WHS only tentatively scheduled. The Goodland team is composed of Indian players, and is reported lo be a strong eleven. The Goodland game has been definitely carded. Prepare For Nashville A pass and running defense drill was planned for the Bobcat team Wednesday afternoon as the squad prepared j for the Nashville game lo be played in Hope this Friday night. Coach Hammons announced that Fullback Joe Eason sprained an ankle in scrimmage Tuesday afternoon, and would probably see no action against the Scrappers. Freeman Stone, 205-pound all-state tackle, has been shifted to the fullback post and will start the game in that position Friday night. Vasco Bright, quarterback, who was injured in the Jonesboro game, is improved and is expected lo be ready lo .slart Friday night. Bright suffered an ankle injury. Swelling In the ankle has subsided. Bright went through drill Tuesday afternoon, participating in a light .scrimmage. Winning Plays of 1937 Pass By Fullback From Short Punt Formation Wins for Texas Aggie* Prescott Loses to Gurdon, 12-0 Miss Marguerite Dickinson Reigns as Queen Over Game PRESCOTT—The Gurdon Go-devils defeated Prescott Curly Wolves 12 to 0. Tuesday night in the annual homecoming game. Gurdon scored early in the first quarter, when Haynic intercepted a pass and ran 50 yards for touchdown. The second touchdown was made in the second quarter on a long pass. Prescott did not threaten to score at any time. Before the game Mi.ss Marguerite Dickinson was crowned queen. fO-YAf^D PASS FT&M. MILL'S MO FAKED GIVING- IT ~K> TbDO, BACK, AND PASSED To T& AG6/£S SCORED WINNING TOUCHDOWN IN LAST FEW MINUT&S OF G/ltflE WITH THIS PASS PL Ay.. Defense Stressed' in Porker Driljs Coach Fred T-ho'rtsfffl Hopes to Show Strongdl- Line Against S. M. U, :•• FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.- (#) -ftfe University of Arkansas Razotbaitil hope to show a stronger defense agairist Southern Methodist University at P|rt Smith Saturday than they have against their first three Southwest Confer' ~" opponents. Coach Fred Thomsen has deV? lengthy practice sessions to def sive tactics, stressing tackling. A$t- ansas^ which has won one, lost t/tis and tied one with conference teai'ps, has scored 42 points in the th'/e^ games, but has let opponents TftsStS-jfl, The Arkansas line, growing stronger each game and featuring the playobf Center Lloyd Woodell, Guard B.'iSJlL Owen and Tackles Ed Lalman and Randall Stallings, is Thomsen's cffifif hope in the defensive drive. &' Aggie to Coast In 1938 £ COLLEGE STATION. Texas.—(tffc- Head Football Coach Homer Norton of Texas A. and M. said Tuesday tfie Cadets had booked a game With Sarita I Clara University, Pacific Coast 'grid j power, for October 8, 1938. •« ' ,' The teams will play in Kezar StiU dium at San Francisco. '•>, I Coach Byck Shaw's Broncs, which defeated Louisiana State in the Sujjar Bowl game this year, won eighl'.of nine games in '36, losing only to Texas Christian. * The trip will mark the Aggies' third invasion of the coast. They defea%d San Francisco's Dons, 38-14, last ydar and will play them again DecembehM. (TftANKS To ftOMEZ , 7£MS A.&M. By ART KRENZ NEA Service Sports Writer Texas A. & M. scored two touchdowns in the last eight minutes to beal Manhattan. M-7, at the Polo Grounds. The winning touchdown was made on the pass diagrammed here. Texas A. & M. went into short punt formation on the Manhattan 35-yard line. What made the play unusual was thai the passer was in the fullback posilion. The ball went to Mills, who faded back and faked giving it to Dick Todd. who blocked oul the left end. Duncan headed downfield and to the right. Nestrasa. righl halfback, went down for Ihe middle distance, and cut to the right. Schroeder, left end, went | down 20 yards, and cut to the safety man. Rogers went down 10 yards to the spot from which the defensive right halfback had been pulled, and Mills hit him with a perfect pass. Rogers had to quicken his step just a bit to catch the ball in stride, and had a clear path to the goal line. California Bears Are Yankees of the Pacific Coast Conference This Year Schindler of Trojans May Be Newest in Long Line of All-America Quarters Coached by Howard Jones El Dorado Works for Zebra Game Wildcats Are Determined to Make Good Showing, Coach Says EL DORAD.—After having been defeated, 7 to 0, by the Smackover Bucks last Friday night, El Dorado Wildcats arc rated far behind Pine Bluff Zebras, whom they meet at Pine Bluff Friday night. However, Skipper Guy B. Hays, assistant coach, predicted Tuesday that the Cats will surprise the dopesters. "El Dorado is rated in the cellar but we have n chance," he said. "For the first time in three weeks, if nothing happens, we will have the first team in action Friday night." The coach said all Cat squudmen arc in first rate condition with the exception of Cotton Sims, stellar end who is out of practice with a knue injury. Vett Is Manager of Cleveland Club Pilot of Minor League Newark Club Succeeds Steve O'Neal By TINY THORNH1LL Head Coach, Stanford University PALO ALTO; Cal.—California Bears are the Now York Yankees of the Pacific Coa.st Conference this season. To dale, Stub Allison's men have been in a class by themselves, with competition between the other teams fairly even. Of course, we all have hope of moving in on Ihe Golden Bear, who will have a lough bailie every Saturday beginning with the Southern California scrap al Berkeley, October 23. There is every indication thai California is going lo be hard lo stop, however. Stub Allison has been vising three full teams in every start His athleles have compiled large scores againsl all opponents. All hands seem to hold ' up. Changes do not appear lo weaken i his club's offense. i California's best combination seems to be one which has Vic Bottari and Sam Chapman at the halfback positions and John Meek at quarter. All of these players have proved themselves, and no doubt will show to advantage in the remaining and harder games on the schedule. Washington made n good start against Southern California, but fell by the j wayside against Oregon State and was tied by Washington State. Washington was weakened in the Oregon State battle without its great fullback, Al Cruver, who was out with a leg injury. An untried boy in his place seemed lo break up Ihe backfield combination thai includes Jimmy Johnston at right half and Fritz Was- kowilz. Mighty Schindler Treats Oregon as He Did Ohio State Oregon Slale, after a disastrous, four-touchdown licking by California, came back to repulse Washington in Hardly a Clean Sport CLEVELAND, Ohio—i/Pi—President Alva Bradley of the Cleveland baseball club announced Wednesday the appointment of Oscar Veil, manager ut the Newark club of the International league, as new manager of the Indians, replacing Steve O'Neill, who becomes Iribe coach. Just when we were wondering what had become of Al £mith. he pops up as one of the New York Giants' substitute pitchers. Bernard Shaw says he is now \w. old to make a speech. We knew In. was geeting on, bul we had no idea he was as old as all that. Before we get too wrapped up in this new international co-operation idea, will somebody please make it clear that this time we won't be having any money to lend? Latest figures show that 1,300,00!! people have been killed in the Spanish civil war, and we can't help thinking that inefficient old democracy does have its points, after all. West coast astronomer says sun spots prove we shall have a severe winter. And just when the President is- urging us all to travel more, too! It was a rather dirty match, the one that Sender Szabo of Hungary and Prince Bhu Finder o£ India staged in San Francisco recently. They wrestled lor H minutes in 12 tons of gooey mud for the World "Hindu, style championship" with Szabo, underneath in the above pieiye, emerging victorious. , .. I, ..,_ _„. ... the last minute. That game showec coast fans that Joe Gray, the Beavers corking running and passing back was in good form. The Beavers' line showed to fine advantage against Washington and in the 7-7 draw with U. C. L. A. after being ineffective against the Bears. Poor line play and many fumbles enabled California to run up the score against tlie Corvallis combination. Oregon, after nosing out Stanford, 7-6, kept up its momentum to swamp Gonzaga, 40-6, and I suspected that the Lemon-Yellow would give Southern California something to worry about. "But Oregon encountered the same trouble that Ohio State did in Los Angeles. Again it was a case of there being altogether too much Ambrose Schindler. Howard Jones has coached a number of All-Ajnerica quarterbacks, and may have another in Schindler. Washington State Clicks at Last Washington State showed something for the first time in tying Washington, 7-7. The Cougars haven't had time to develop. They have been handicapped by injuries and have spent many valuable hours in Pullman cars. I expected Washington to hand Babe Hollingbery's lads another setback. The Seatlle school would rather take the Cougars into camp than most any other aggregation, and I expected the Huskies to come back strongly after their rather unexpected reverse at the hands of Oregon State. Stanford, after a mediocre start, came to life in the Oregon game, and but for a few mechanical mistakes, had a good chance to repulse the Webfoots. A change in the backfield combination brought the Indians into a fighting chance to hold their own. An exceptionally strong line charge gave the backs a chance to ramble against U. C. L. A. Southern California to Put California to Acid Test Bill Spaulding must have had a tough job in getting the U. C. L. A. morale up again after the Bruins' defeat by Stanford. But Spaulding, with an unusually good array of backs at his command, struck back strongly enough to hold Oregon State to a 7-7 deadlock. Washington, U, C. L. A.'s outstanding negro back, was hampered in the Stanford skirmish by a slight injury. Southern California, after a slow start, showed a flash against Ohio State and carried on against Oregon. Jones has hit upon the right backfield combination, and with Schindler leading the parade his team is likely to give al) opposition plenty of worry Blytheville and Walnut ; Ridge to Meet Friday ' ,& BLYTHEVILLE.—Two perfect rec- crds will be at stake when the BlytKe- ville High School Chicks and the Walnut Ridge Bobcats clash here Friday night. It will be the Chicks' fifth game and the Bobcats' sixth. : The Chicks will seek their 33rd victory in four years. Among the victories was the memorable 7-0 decision earned in semi-darkness in the \39- minute game in 1934. The Chicks' only loss in four years was to Columbus, Miss., last year, 7-0. Although a non-conference game, the Friday contest will affect the northeast Arkansas championship. Wabiut Ridge defeated the Searcy Lions' 43-0 last week. throughout the remainder of the Right now, Southern California has advanced to a place where it most certainly will be a major hurdle for California, October 23. But, as related in the foregoing, while we all have hope of moving in on the Golden Bear, at the moment'it must be said that the outlook on the Pacific coast is California by a wide margin. COTTON LOANS ( We are now making Government! Cotton Loans. Bring us your, cotton for quick service. I Jett Williams & Co. RE AD AND WANT-ADS 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can be assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will fiud it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our finn. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas *S l "BS*i3^llt^

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