Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE! STAR, HOPE, - "ffee More You Tell, the Quicket K , You Sell" RA*ES tin* time—Jc wprtf, minimum Me Thrte, times—3Wc word, nUn. SOe Six times—€c word, minimum !Kte One month (26 ttraes)*-i8c word, minimum ?2.7* ate foe continuous ituet- only. making word count, disregard tlasriflcntton name such as "For Sent," "For Sale," etc.-thls fat tote, Biit each Initial or name, or com- 'fkJe telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR BENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage* ilose in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, IS words, at 2e word, We tot one tune; at 3Hc word, S3e for three times, etc. NOTE: All -rders placed by telephone ore due and payable upon presentation oft bllL PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience £. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Hempstead Coiuity Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street Phone Paul Cobb, 853-J. 19-6tc For Rent FOR RENT—Two unfurnished apartments on North Main, one block north of Community Ice Co. See J. L. Cook at 607 North Main. 19-3tp FOR RENT—Want to rent 7 room home to desirable party, on highway No. 4. Hugh Clark. 20-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses In new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call tst office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. Abruzzi Rye, Oats, Barlay, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Klnter Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MONTS SF-KD STORE 1-ZSte FOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents per bundle- Hope Star. 27-26dh FOR SALE—Fine Poland China PJgs. two months old. E. H. Angall, 4% miles on Columbus Road. 18-3tp FOR SALE—Grocery Store and Filling Station, edge of town. Good location and business. Mrs. E. W. Gray, first station on Highway Number 4. 20-3tp FOR SALE—Used Burroughs book- 'keeping machine in perfect condition. Apply at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. Lost ^^WVWJWfc^W^SW Post y THS PIANO CHY, scholarly, already an' artist ^ of the keyboard at 20, Frederic Chopin was invited to play at the Imperial Theater of Vienna in 1829, He accepted and then nt the last moment he found that the great orchestra had been unable to decipher his "Variations." Young Chopin rose to the occasion. He improvised an entire program! The artists and fhe critics and the public were amazed. Such strange, stirring music had never been heard before in Vienna. And when the young musician left the city he was escorted by thousands to his coach. On that event he launched his meteoric career. His first concert in Warsaw swept his audience oft their feel. He journeyed to Paris; triumph greeted him again. Fast the worn spread that here was the greatest composer in Poland's history hopin spent his greatest years in Paris. Here he found the love of the novelist "George Sand." And "lore he found disappointment in that same love. But his genius continued to lower, productive of such masterpieces as the "Barcarolle," "Fnn- :asies" and his "Cradle Song." Aiwa ys physically weak, however, the compose i' broke down under the strain of his duties and died at the age of 40. Chopin is pictured on a 19271 issue. (Popyriffhi. [037. \K.\ Si-rvie-i- Inc < Out of 11,004 persons arrested in the Jnited States for automobile theft in 1935. nearly half were under 21 years of age. No less than 35 American race horses mve won $150,000 or more each in purses for their owners. Wanted LOST—Irish setter about 14 months old. One hip dislocated. S5.00 reward. Call Phil Dulin, Phone 68 or 913. 18-3tp STOLEN—Black Elgin bicycle. Reward for return to 525 East Second street or phone 267. 20-3tp FOST — Black and white pointer puppy, 5 months old. Answers to name of Jack. Call Frank Nolen, phone 575. 20-3tp LOST—Female bird dog, black with white spots under belly. Had on collar, but no name. Large size dog in good shape. D. J. Rowe, 320 North Main or call 700. 20-3tp WANTED TO BUY—I pay highest cash prices for Pianos. R. L. Meyers, Buckner, Ark. 19-7tp Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One .1. Echmeling won on a technical knockout in the 12th round. £. In 1870 a three-cent stamp cost three cents. 3. Thomas Gray wrote "Elegy Writen in a Country Churchyard." 4. It woul dtake 68 minutes for the minute hand to make a complete revolution. 5. California is famous for its old redwood trees. Zoo Animal HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured animal. * 6 |t belongs to the genus 12 Accomplishes 13 Also, 14 Seaweed. 15 Postponement 16 To pillage. 48 To leave out. 20 Branch. gl One who raises animals 23 Nominal value 24 Every. 26 Female sheep. 29 Rumanian coin. 2? Distant. 30 Measure of Answer to Previous Puzzle g? Violent Whirlwind, 33 You and me. 34fv?nn of "a." £5 Race track . circuit. 37 Beer. 38 Struck. 40 Apportioned medicine. 42 Talisman. 44 Reluctant. 46 Measure of cloth. 47 Grain. 49 To perish. 51 Sanskrit dialect, 53 Stranger, 55 Verbal. 57 It lives in forests, 58 It has a disposition, VERTICAL 2 Smell. 3 Average. 4 Parrot. 5 Electrical unit. 8 Tiny skin opening, 7 Avenue. 8 Parent. . 9 Since. 10 To meddle. 11 Assam silkworm. 13 Pedal digit. 15 It belongs to the highest order of —— 16 French. 17 You. 19 It is for theatrical purposes. 2>Bell-shaped blue flower. 22 Paid back. 25 Lion. 27 Existed. 31 Incarnation of Vishnu, 34 On the lee, 36 Grapefruit. 37 To maintain. 39 Bulb flower, 41 Constellation, 43 Weight. 44 Devoured. 45 Liable. 48 To be sick. 50 Rubber tree. 52 Measure. 53'Army corps, 54 No good. 56 Morindin dye. OUR BOARDING H'QUSE'. . ..<. . Major I'M NOT F100STIWG TO BILL AWt3 COO WITH MV BROTHER, BUT TO <5ET SOME BACKIK4C5 FOR MV SKI / MY MOUUTED OKI SKI is EKIABLES A ^K)EP* TO OUMP AS TAK, SLIPIWO OFF A HOT-HOUSe , AS HE* COULO &V £RAWLIW<5 UF* A MOUMTAlM MAYBE VOU BOVS HAVE A LITTLE CASH THAT MEEDS ABOUT IP 1 TN ' POOF*, , THAT'S WHAT TH' KMOCKS AMt? OFFERSt> ME A THOUSAMTP IROU MEM TWO T.'P HAVE TO TUP4M HER POWK1 AS COLD AS OWE OF MRS. MOOPLES PAKJCAKES I VVAlTIW<3 "FOF* «-*— SKIS WITH YOU OLkSHT TO SOAP THAT IDEA/ SO MO OWE CAM GRAB IT/ COPB. H37 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. 8. PAT. OFF. Wednesday, Octobe BFWILEI Y-y*YQU SAY THEY BROUGHT A PIANO DOWN HERE FOR THE INDIAN AGENT'S WIFE ?// f *>7 N0«~ TERRIBLE! ! /THEY CANT 6ITA COME DOWN HERE, ' W\"l -PR. 1937 ttl Nf« SfflVICf T. M. SEC. U. 5. P*T. OFF M-«U !l Ml -TA.M M,W '" W * aVwaUA^| TAIN MUSIC ,0-10 «ffl . . . . . . _ _ ._ _ T,*^* MOUNTAIN MUSIC BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES All Bothered TO SO HlVb ALLEY OOP A Mystery to Oop _ v c^ls' "•> 7V 8V 6UM, I KMEW I NEVEIZ. SHOULDA LET OL' FOOZV GO INTO THIS PLACE ALONE-KJOW LOOWT HIM .- COLDEe'N A FISH.' '5 MO TELLJN 1 WHAT'S HAPPENED TO 'IM.' Ww^i fi-r-y^ , .';-.,'•••'•"i? /../""' , HMM-I'D BETTEe KICK UP . HE.S ALIVEj "v -n-^T FIRE 'FOSE IT GOES BUT WHAT TH' I CLEAR. OUT- MEBBS HECK-THERE ] TH' HEAT OF IT MIGHT A1MT A MAR* Ji BRIWG 'IM AROUWD/ f THIS IS THE RESULT OF FOOZVlS EXPERIMENTAL BUSMIMQ OF THE MVS7EEIOUS PLANTS THE GRAND WIZER SEWT HIM < , TO GET- THERE'S WOTHIW' CLO5E AT HAWD TBLieM BUT x^OH,WELL- THIS BUNCH OF OLD/ I 6UESS THEY'LL WEEDS.' , ) DO TILL I CAM SCRAPE UP SOME WOOD - NOW WE'LL ' \ nAVGET SOME < ^o; ."^ >(", \ ACTION, I ) , '•••>>.'••>•>•'/- V &ETCHA// */* cR*-AcKJ WASH TUBBS A Hunch i .^ f), ' /,^;-r^ '^••~-lK CQPR. 1937 BY NEA"SERVICE. INC. T*.M. BEC. U. ij. PAT. OFF. ^^ By CRANE I THOUGHT X ^ (X PIDM'T HEAR HBARP VOICES, j -i- x ANYTHINCp. . A err AGO, CJOWN \—p THE RIVER . MAVBE ) V I BETTER. " INVESTIGATE. \ SAV, WHAT THE BLINKING BLAZES!) I TELL. ARE VOL) TRYING TO SlT OUT O'^/VOU I , 1 WORK? /DID HEAR yK- '• ' /s^L VOICES.' BLASTER LAZV; TI2IFLIM&,LOP- EAC.EP POSSOM! LET 'IM GO. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Still At It IASH H\K.ES OOWN A.LONG THE ravER.,ANC3 * HEARS VOICES AG/MN. THEN, SUPDEN'Jrf HE COMES ACROSS JESSE WATT W^ID HIS THUGg. By BLOSSER 5UKE WE FIWALLY BEAT MILFORD, BUT fT WASWT FEECKLES' FAULT/ IF YOU ASK ME, HE'S SELLHOCb OUT,' HE'S WUTS A&OUT THAT WAYMAVJ ©IEL,.,. AND HEC OLP MAM COACHES KIU&STOSJ •' AWT IT BARELY POSSIBLE THAT FRECK LOOKS BAD TWIS VEAFl OKI PURPOSE ? SUPPOSE HE QETTS isno THAT KIWGSTDW GAME } WELL AWD CX5ESWT- PO A THIWG MYRA NORTH, 'SPECIAL NURSE PEOPLE WILL SAY PT JUST WASMT FRECK'S YEAR J BUT IF HE LOOKED GOOP HOW.AWD LOOKEP BAD AOAIWST XIWCSSTDW.TWEY'D TWIWK HE WAS POIWC3 IT FDR THE GIRL'S OLD MAW* IW OTHEFJ WORDS, HE'S GONNA LOOK BAD ALL SEASOM^TD PAVE THE WAY FOR LOOKIWG BAD AGAINST KINGSTON, WrTHOUT AROUSING SUSPICION IT OVER j BOYS,... IT MAKES SEMSE: .'.' Meets the Parole Officer By THOMPiSON AND COLL LET US CO INTO THE DIM/NJG HALL, MISS NORTH ...I ALWAYS SERVE TEA AKID CX)OHIES WHEM MR. GRIFFIN,THE PAROLE OFFICER. VISITS US. MYPA AMD VON BODEM EMTEE THE- HA14, THE COMVICTS RISE IM GGEETIM6. f I MUST GET WORD / TO THIS OFFICER,SOME ' HOW, ABOUT THIS WEIRD SET-UF?wnH- OUT AROUSINO VON BODEN'S SUSPICIONS? (3LAD TO VOU sie,... MISS MOR1H AMD DC. JASOW,WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH ME, LATELV. VOU ARE AT LIBERTV TO QUESTION THEM " MV CRIME

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