Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1934
Page 4
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its m fotm HUWS 8TAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS m Mane Eyre' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN 0 UT OUR WAY Tuesday, September 11,19.34 By WILLIAMS '$&•• 503 AW- |iJ:i:;Who was the ||.-"Writer in (lie ISI-pIcluru? Answer to 1'revlous thread. _ of fishes. SfffiJiS Freshwater '£Pv«h»elld. |?ir place ot ; -. ?•'?••' ingress. SiiS To boast.' ;^20 Either. '» a! Carbonated «•': tlrtnk. |; 23 Within. v 24 Therefore. * 25 Faces o£ r - timepieces. '• 27 Thoughts. 30 To come out Into view. 32 Native metal, 3S Smooth. 35 Decorative meshes. 36 Writ ing lit! id <SrTjpe of clam. 38 To press. «9 To grow fat in ease. 40 Affirmative. •). K u liber trees, •).'! Toward. 45 Second note. •16 Like. VKKTK.U, 2 A'enerjihle. -17 Blade of grass. '' Scarlet. 5 Hri.cht ycllo\v 50 Slackenhii; luirs on looms. bird. S3 Silk worm. fi Looks after. 51 Iteverenliiil feiir. 55 She wiis • l>y birth. 5l> Her fir 1 -'! hook ".lane Kvrc" 7 A tissue. S Ni.elit lie fore. !) To befall. 10 Kyr. 11 Neither, nil install- 11" Aftpnimw -His • . meals. I 1 .: She t> chiefly famous ai u -- U'>.) !:> Like her hero /HO. she was ;v • Cl Sinks. .,'. N'oithiMst. :•:> ArtiJicMl fowl used a? ;> lure "tl (i(>ddPiss of peace. -7 To annoy. ~S Having wings. Brians. ,';i Itlomish. !!-' I'pon. ;'. I Horn. 37 Helmet- Nhapetl [wrt. .'!!) ("best of drawers. II llrst house in Hip ICast. •! I To undone. Hi God of war. Is I'nit of work, til To be sick. SI .Membranous INI jr. Til' Female sheoj). HARRY GRAYSQN CmCAGO.—What did Bill Terry think of the eDtroit Tigers? "They ought to build bleacher seats er the left and center field fences ', at Navin Field, and out into the streets beyond," replied the commercial-minded manager of the New York Giants. "The place seats only 29,000 and .that's no place to play a world ^series in a city as hot for baseball as Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy 111 ic the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you ten. Ow quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o Tor consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 80c 26 tunes, 3V4c line, min. $2.7t (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTB-Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publi- catioob Phone 768 Groceries arc genius liislier—l>u( cooked groceries are Die uame at the Checkered Cafe. 2 mcuLs a day for 2~|30 a month. 7-Gt Screen doors^—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SALE—Piano, Victrola and Gun Shop. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth Street, Hope, Ark. 10-Gtp BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WANTED WANTED—A good piano cheap for church. Cash consideration. Sec- Claude Taylor at Boswell'i Grocery store. jj.st-p WANTED—Re-fined couple or two gentlemen .to share home with middle aged couple. References exchanged. 505 South Walnut. 8-,'jt WANTED—Responsible party del sires to rent automobile trailer for several days. Call 763 or '10.W. 10-61 WANTED—Furnished two or three room apartment. Write Fostoffice Box 98. lO-.'itp NOTICE NOTICE— have moved my hat .-Jiop to "Cotton Row" between the Pojt- o/ficc and railroad. Men's hala cleaned auc! blocked 75c. Extra good grade refalocJied hai for sale i).'ic ,-,iid $1.50. Look for the big": Stack's Hat Shop, South Walnut street. 5-Gt N O 1 I C K We- have rnovc-d out studio to 21-I South Walnut street, next door to the Hope Star. The Shipley S'udio. 11 -'.'A. Detroit, and especially when the opposition is the Giants. "The Navins can't make a county fair out of a world scries, you know. They wouldn't have stood people in the outfield during the regular season had they been playing the Giants. I wouldn't have stood for it. "They tell me that there was no excuse for .it, anyway—that there were plenty of seats in the stands as New York Yankee and Cleveland outfielders chased fly balls among spectators. Why, I heard that on one occasion, Babe Ruth actually stood autographing a ball while one ho should have had his eye on sailed in his direction." Can Be Pitched To The question was repeated. What di dTerry think of the Tigers? 'Oh. they can be pitched to," said VIemphis Bill, "all except Charley Gehringer, who is just plain tough. And, on second thought, I haven't such a godo picture of Greenberg, who certainly has come on. I thought 3ucky Harris should, have used 3reenberg a year ago last spring, and ;old him so. 'But the rest of them can be pitch- c dto, including Goslin and Mickey -ochranc. I don't mean to say that Goslin and Cochrane aren't exceptionally fine hitters. "Goslin is a remarkable 'money' player. Clark Griffin got mad at me last winter when, after he swapped Goslin for John Stone, I told an interviewer in Washington that the Seantors had traded themselves out of the Amearican League championship. "Pitchers can't be wobbly and gc Goslin and Cochrane out, but they can be pitched to nevertheless. "You will recall that, we played exhibition games with the Tigers returning from (he coa-st in the sprint of lit.'!.'!. That, serins gave us a gnor. line o lithe Detroit, club a si whole. "I have an idea that the Yankees would give the Giants a harder battle in a world series than Detroit. In my opinion, the Cardinals are a bet- ler club than the Tigers." How about Schoolboy Rowe? "A corking pitcher," asserted Terry, "but when Cochrane gives us Rowe. we'll give him Carl Hubbcll, and I don't believe we'll get much the worst of it there." The Old College Try • What struck Terry as the principal reason for the Tigers' phenominal rise from a poor fifth in '3.1 to a pennant pursuing outfit? "Spirit and speed," said Memphis Bill. "The stolen base column makes the Tigers appear much faster than the Giants, but we hit and run a lot. "A splendid esprit de corps has had most to do wtih putting the Detroit team across. The Tigers are riding the wave we rode a year ago—the one we are still riding to a great extent. "The difference in my club is that it now gos about its business with the assurance of a champion. My team of 1933 was the greatest 1 ever saw in one respect. It believed it could do anything—and went out and did it. "The Tigers believe in Cochrane and themselves. Talk of Mickey guessing right all season is ridiculous. The Tigers just go out and do things because he has them ribbed up before they start. "There is nothing quite like the good old college try in baseball. The ;uccessful manager is the one who instills it in his men. and keeps it there for six months and 15-1 games." A billiard marker in Lancashire. England, has made a set o f fabe .-(.-th out of mi old billiard ball. Caves arid subterranean dwellings provide homes for more than 100,000 persons throughout northern Africa. Budapest. Hungary, is said to contain more mineral springs and health baths than any othtr'city in the world, there being more than 40 famous flows of therapeutic, value located there. PAT SHADE AM GOIN' TER BE RIGHT HERE 'BOUT OE TIMS AH PEEL. DE LEAST LAK MOVIN'. MONEY BY "RIGHTS TMAT -&ELONCJ&TO ME-,—-ANT ME WITHOUT ENOUGH JACK TO BUY NVSEI.F A "BOX OF PENCILS AN" A P/XIT* OP BLACK —THINK HE'D SAY,"WE'RE 3A,Kt, IS A COUPLA C5RAND, GO "BUY Y;SELP A, SUMPMN/'^-NO, NOT H\Mr v -THATST\FF WOULDNT "BID A T)\ME ON ME: UNCLE AUNT N\EANT tfWjJ&ty "RUG WENT WITH W-i^ \ \/t'- 1 f • ' I I-.' - , "• ) ^^^^^^^2^ 'if. WOULD &NVY YOU YOUR '// APPETITE, .. nt«. a •. »»t.<w. *( BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Talking Things Over! OE 6MAVVT u\_ SCAMP 1 . SHE WM'T V.ETT\N' OU OAT AV\-'BOUT HOW ' v CA.MT TEU. voo uovj VOEYX , MUCH XOU MEAM TO | WE TVViVYK. VOO'KE - .BOOTS' MO OVi't PRETTV ' HE ttUWNEO AVOAV - I"" WKVJt \M Mr. , r*- • *- —-J -.,-! i : EXCEPT VOU AND VO\\A.\E , TETCHtO '\VA <arSCY4 W< TO BOTHER | ALLEY OOP This Affair Isn't Over Yet! By HAMLIN — WELL, ANYWAY, , } T'HECK WITH TH' AXE ' \ GOT US AN AXEffC WE tfOTTA MAKE FOOZY, YOU'RE A SWELL CrUY, AN' I OWE MY LIFE TO YA, BUT I'M NOT OOIN' ANYWHERE UNTIL I SETTLE /-—-' | KNEW WITH DOOTSY */\l! I KNEW IT/ I KNOW, 6-. LE'S 00 / WE'LL LOSE OOfc SKIN IP THEY FIND AO/N BUT, BOY, OH BOY, YOU'RE GONNA RUE Wfttoawppi .qp-v.-?V'-i- ^ ' .• >}• a • '^~:L^d- >i-s/-.. • - \ -Ir^Tt *'»Mi \ v v y ' 1.** r i ' &mm^>^ WASITTUBBS - •—- . .... S ^ •—*-•• 1 Troubles From Little Acorns Grow! By CRANE HERE UPON, NOT IN6 ACORNS, THE BEflR SHAKES HIS HEAD AND GROW! , IN PAM1C, CLIMBS A TREE. HIS VELLS,THAT WASH AMD AGQlM GO TO HIS RESCUE, TM06RUP6IM6LV f 1 > V- .&- ' . T WELP/HELP.' •~ APTERME! HAVE BE EM O.K. HAD WOT ACORNS AT THE BEAR FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 334 BY NCAhtnVK.K.INI. I M Charley Gets Busy! By 3LOSSER SOUND ASLEEP! I FEEL SORRY I GUESS HE'S ( THE OLD FELLOW WAS UP ABOVE THERE THIS MORN/NG...I FOUWO WHERE BARROWS HAD CACHED HIS DYWAMITE... CAKI BLOW THE SIDE OUT OP THE CANYON WALL AKIO DAM THE RIVER •' SURE...AHD A COUPLE ° F ° F WONT IN THIS CANYON X ANP THE WORST THAT'LL THE AT TWS T IT CHARLIE CHARLIE PRETTY WELL / HIS LUST FOR 6OLC -OUHD3 Like pop DROPPING HIS SHOES HE GOES To BED!) WHOLE LIFE ! SHALL WE DO ABOUT THE SHINING LIGHT MINE? COURSE OF THE RIVER ! LET'S GO»» fcTTT'"" ifc i >* rr THjENEWFANGLES A Big Help'! By CO WAN SEC^THEPE'S THE WITH A -SEAQCH , THE. is OUT TO HIS SUSPICIOUS HEPe.S'HEP. IF YOU STILL TH>MV< THC -rmeF"3 IM THERE, T.HET'3 KUL IWMIT T'KHOW 1EQED,/ eT / B/-f.K V V/E'L.L >, OF --<T>J, \ (IA.B GOlll'TO/ COtiSTA.BLE/ ^^-A HE'S TUPMIMG STPEE.T WITH

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