The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 3, 1940
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THK DOMINANT Blylheville Daily Hews Blythcville Courier VOLU.MH XX.XVI1-NO. 15, Roosevelt, Dewey Support Strong In Choosing Delegates Mississippi Valley Leader Blytiteviiie Hcraid OT NTC8WHI w KOJmllJAaT AKKANSAS AN1J f , 0!J . n . RAW l:mK ~ •*• ^ "^ * * "l^WjyiLLK, AKKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, APRIL By United I'wss Primary voters in New York anil Wisconsin lotlav oiled "P support for it Uoo.suvull Uiii'ti term ami indicated" a Kc>- IHibliC'im presidential preference for District Alto r n t- v Ihomas K. Dewey. Returns were neither conthisive nor complete bill early trends favoring u third term and supporting Dewey's Republican- candidacy were being maintained. Anti-third term candidates for* election to the Democratic national convention apparently were defeated in six New York stale congressional dtslrlcls. They were pledged lo Vice President John N. earner in the single district. Wliere the ihird term issue was wholly clear cut third term candidates won by a margin of two to one. Secret Answers To Census H appeared that Dewey would have n first ballot support of 77 of New York's 92 delegates lo Die Republican national convention although the slate's delegation will not be Instructed, Prank Gannett, publisher candidate for lhe Republican presidential nomination, obtained two or more up state delegates. Tammany favors a third term and outside New York City the delegates' slate were friendly to Poslmasier General James A. Parley but. New York dispatches re- Jjorled the state's Democratic dele- gates probably would go along with ft third term movement if Uoosevelt ran again. | Wisconsin's complicated primary ' poll jarred the presidential aspira-1 tions of Senator Arthur H. Van-! denberg (Rep., Mich.), who was en- j tered against Dewey. Dewey ap- FOuiutlfll Cokcr, Dillman, Nelson, Canlrell Succ e s s f;ti I; Record Vote Casl CVU?tmiM<.SV!l.U.;. Mo., April 3 —The biggest vou- In the history of CamtUersville for clly drdioit;; was milled here yesterday when •>.WJ residents voted. The previous high mm!: here, where voting Is free, wns 23'J!) whlrli w:i;, thc nimi- ber cast In IU:IK. Albert ,"Spn-.t" Walker defeated I" I the incumbent, Lullier While for "I j Die office of chief of polk-e with .Ujthe voting, ma to K,;,. oilu-i-; in DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE BUREAU OF THE CENSUS Sixteenth Oeeoiihiivl Census of (ho United Slides; 19-10 CONFIDENTIAL KKl'OHT ON WACK OH SALARY INCOMK, 1333 Ta be uttJ ly l/.osf u-lio ate imu'i«i«0 to „,« („ Hie ctnsuj tills race were W. A. Mvdlh, ilml D. L. Iluekleba. For the office of cily pullet' Jiwgf, O. E. Hooker was it-elected by defeating J. D. Huff,,,,,,, tm lo 891. fl., Ii. Tinsley was reflected clly ST. LOUIS, April 3 (UP)-Clr- f 0 "?™ 01 ' OVCr Pmnk 15 «"' (1 . W cult Judge Thomas J. Rowe today I , ;, • - - -- '"«<>, tn tlic nnconteslcd cily races were Sharon J. Hate, cily attorney Houss Johnson, tax assessor, and i, city treasurer, all of St. Louis Post Dispatch, , Employes Will Appeal From Judge's Ruling . found the Pulitzer Publishing Com- puny, publisher of (he St. Loui Past-Dispatch, writer, Ralpl tconist Danie of contempt A lis chief editorial and Car- tuuuicraiar Ike aatittrt la i/untions Jto at H. Reese, managing ' . Post-Dispatch. "l* . I „ u. _ ,.. ., editor of tha dismissed because the judge ruled that Hcesc was not responsible for editorial comment. The publishing company was auiermanic races with all but one winning reelection. In Ward One, O. u. Coker was rcclecled over V W. McCoy, 247-100. Wyman Dill- . man was reflected over I owell . ^ „ , v b 1..US* L JJ Poster in Ward Two with the vote 307-250. lu Ward Three. John Ncl- sol . . - parently won 23 of "the state's 24 I S20 ° and P!1 «Pnl'-Ick lo Republican convention delegates a! ja " nlul n " c<! $10 °tally pcrilous'ly near a shutout! editorials on Mar aains ' thc Post - Dis l)alcli co March 5 and ti Post-Dispatch commented on remaining contest was close but iii dismissal of extortion charges • • against John P. Nick, former head any event the young; man from Manhattan is off to a big start in tiie presidential sweepstakes. He will pick up 58 additional delegates 298 received by J 10 davs in I f'' - Wl L ' Clmlrc " tiefealed uick lu da;s in r ,<Hvis. incumbent, 303 lo 158 in Ward Four. primary of the Motion Picture Operators Union in St. Louis, and stale Representative Edward M. Brady. They had been charged with accepting a $10,000 bribe from owners of motion picture theaters in oil for next week in Illinois where lie is unopposed. Dewey and Vandenbcrg will fight ,„„„ . it out again April 9 in Nebraska 3G '" reU "' n f01 ' Beading for that state's u convention dele-1 m!lcni " e operators' demands gates and neither the Illinois nor a vage '""'ease. Nebraska prljnary Is binding but Wisconsin's vote makes it mandatory upon elected delegates to support lhe man lo whom they were pledged. •> , - • - • Garner's anti-third term thrust Cooler lilccls COOTER. Mo.. April 3.-Cooter residents elecletl a board of aldermen and school directors in the annual election held yesterday. The five aldermen who nil reelecled were: Floyd Wagstcr who received 74 votes; Jack Hushing, 07; James Cassidy. CO; Joe Russell ' Will Appeal Case „. „. „ JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April 3.! Hopper. 50, and T. N. Uriggancc, 55. They were opposed by II I, Casey, T. 13. Perry, I.Yank Brooks D. B. Barber, Jack Wimp and Tom (UP)—Attorneys for Ih.e. St. Louis j In a meeting of the aldermen Post/Dispalcl)- prepare^'today"tonie!d'"!asi v nlgh£, ^frrCa'ssitlv %is tile' an anneal in thfirxiiyrrtiiH *it- rrnmvitnin,i ,^^., n ~ „..., . . . . file'an appeal in ther^jjssouri in Wisconsin fell short of its objcc- i |)reme courl frotn lhe tive. His backers hurt »vrw>»* r»,, r I tat Ion against the I ' Post- tive. His backers had expccTert"four ! tal ' 011 "Sainst the Pulitzer Pii'b- and claimed six ol the state's '4 i !lshin K Company Democratic national convention! Dkpatch employes, delegates but despite the handicap ' The attorneys will a$ tpe ffiml of division among third" termers' fqr a wrlt of "abeax.i-covpte' 'for which put two Roosevelt delegates [ '' eleiase of Unl l' h Cojighjaii - and slates in the field Mr. Roosevelt' Dl " lfel R ' Fitzpatrick •'from jail apparently .has won 21 ofjhe state's I sentcnces - ,.--••-• slate, leaving three for'Sanier.' New j-.; '• ^~~ 7 ~- — ~ Dealers expect,to do as well if not D. W. Goodrich 61 : " ' : ••''• better in nest week's Illinois pri- nc c, i c i mary, where Mr. Roosevelt will "I oteele OUCCtimbS oppose the vice president again and in Nebraska the president Is unopposed so that state's 14 delegates are tn the bag. rcnppointcd mayor and J. A Asii- craftj-reappointed cityjimrsha): v.(,T<«j;scljqol elcctionifur the Cooler consolidated district' No. Five re- jsiijjed in all of .tljc directors bsiii^ ;ree_ltclcil without -opposition These •members ••are: Blaii li. Williamson T.-B. Perry, Roy Gilliain and i) j' Lawler. Voijr SicHiiiiiH! Is'Nol Kci|ulrcJ 32. What »Js (he total aniotiiit uf commissions) you rwlvcil in vasli (or by clicck or clrnfl), us nn emplojco, durlnj; the entire year IWJT .... $ II fMf MAtm Or ralary for tlie WK,, r, L IS.OOO. urilu- "ov.r IS.OOO." IncloJ, ,,nl» ,,"„,, !" ""'. k "," "!* •""''""•;" l"i»«'. !"J»'H> "r (o! lUl k, auli. I'C<1|-1» flPlll ,...v -. . I', inryin.i from (jo, Llidjniv ollitr UbA[\ 11r Iti 33. Did you have Income araoiinlin« to fSO or (Ciuvt more frota soatccs other than «ayes or onc> 6 , ,X " c . civc>l . '" «sh (or hy check or YesD ilrjfl) during the year 19397 ,v,, Q Do NOT wrllc lli^ «niount you received. o,,f)i "V*-*" If you .e«iv,,l (SO or no,< Jarlnn llu Wr iDli ,„„, ? " (orniycomUn.llonlc!.the rellmvliw: llu.i """"-• lal fc« r ,-l,:rr., , nlni t«k-ol turn I.IC.L T" I-.'"."- 1 .-"-'-•••. Itnl*. lllvUenJl. illUTi-Jt. Irlll-f. Ilicnrti,. lr> Uml. or »iiy pllur >i><irc« «l»r.lh>n U> ( M oiulAVy In caili (or by checV'or'd rO"m, Uuir.l. or siii-iil Chctk "No" II you rfc than w&x*t or ulary t ill). Intoinu in Unit I, ,„ va ,u,. «] l l.cthcJ In HB>iiirnt (or »•[>•!«•. vnl lui th»n TiO ftura wurcva Mtr ^ tatc - Shod No _,. E - D ' l.lnc No • -I, W< [!«»!.I ltutl K «a,licc l!9li-<J.2IT)a4 Prcdicls Dt-cisivc Aclioii On Wostcru Fronl Like. Polish RND CUTuHN TO •census MSKi.i you can answer lhe census man's nucsllons about your Here's how salary In secret. He will ylvc you, giving your answers to tlic ((iiestlons. velope he provides and return on request, a blank to nil may seal this In an out en- It lo him for mi.m m! , unopened, u, census headquarters in Washington. Coroner's Jury Decides Death Of lYlissourian Was Accidental FflG[ 1RII1L THEfT I1KH1.IN. Apr, 3. i UP i- Marshal HiTiiimi (locrlnif declared today (hut when Adolf Illllci- «| V c.s lhi> word (h'miany's armed force;! will "strike ll, t . Wow" n, rt( wl) | wl|( ,| lt . »'<ii' In (he west as tlt'dslvely us lhi> Nn/ls Irliunpheil over Poland In Hie east. Cit'iumny's war machine Simula like a "dusei! Iron block" InctiiK Hrllnlii anil Prance 111 (he west "wlili ihelr lOormnny's) buck nnd flunks free" from danger. Tin; number two NaKl told Herman youths, "Here (In (he west) die decisive blow must fall," Oncrlng said, "|.\, r Ihis decision the fuehrer tins inoWI- tzt'tl all powers." "And us we- struck a blow tn the east so shall we strike u blow-It Is my sncrod cativk i lloit--a|;iil!ist (he others when the time comes lo show thnl Germany is determined to put an end to'the war. "The German people wen; once IJii: greatest people on earth and they -will ' again . . "When the fuehrer united lhe German people into a community his enemies whose hale nnd envy SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Henderson, Nelson, Whitworth Elected In Tuesday Voting le HMKlc-raon wns re-elected mnnicipnl judge bv a <lcmivu mo i-Kin, Frank Wliilworth won the city clerk'., nice will) east- iuxl Koy Nelson was r.i-electcdcity atlonicy I»y « narrow 12-vole ma^iM over Percy A. \Vrigl)t In (he nu^ in yralcniuy'.s nninidpul election here. JticlKi; Henderson won re-election (<> u second four-year term over (ii-orgc W. lliii Imni. The incumbent, received nil votes compared to 322 lur his opponent. ' Nt.lson barely eked mil a victory fiver Wright, lo win a third two- year (linn. y)i<> unofficial tabulation at (In; Courier News, based on re- Kansas (,'ily Fusionists De- fcal Remnants Of ,Pon• Macliiuc , KANSAS CITY. Mo., rtpni ;i . i iUI')_The remnants of lhe Dem- '"-•piitlf Pfiidfi-unst nuichlne which luts controlled Kansas Citv since IBM were swept from oflicc'ln yes- ti'idaj's clly elcclion by ri fusion ticket of Independent Democrats be (he, once knew no boimils broke- their loiix prepared war unalnst us. When nil and Ucpubllcans, returns showed today. John II. Gage, u Itanocrallc Imvyer anil candidate for mayor who headed the fusion ticket, ile- featt'cl Rilvel Hobeitson, tin; llem- ccrallc candidate, UH.'.HI voles to The l>iii(i«)'iits won only one will In lhe clly council. The fu.slanl.sts won control of other treachery'fulled llicy brouiiht I ""' l ' mlm ' 11 "'"I a' 1 appointive of- thc horror of war (o mankind for! l}cf!i ; "' wlllcl1 cil V manager Is the second time. Timt is tlielr ' eternal (. U 1H. They will be chnrijed with It In the future anil because they committed this horror i will give them the answer. , port:! or the JmlycM and clerks, showed Nolson, tin: winner, to volc.s lo Ml. Wright succeeded in carrying tl le i wo largest, wards In 1 1 10 i;ity, Ward Two anil Ward One, only lo linvo Nelson pull out' in fiont In die smaller Third Ward. A live-role ninrt'ln for Nelson in tin; wnrtl boxes was Increased to 12 with ihe absentee vote count. Wlillivoiih received more votes tli/in his two opponents In winning (lie clerk's race/ His lolal of TO 112 move Uian the total coi'n- lilncil vote received by Jolin Foster nnit Charles Short. Three aldermen were re-elected without opposition. They arc: Sam C. Owens, first, ward; Loy Welch, scrand want, nnd E, n, Jackson, The Democratic defeat was the , -. , :. latest of a scries since tho vole ":. fraud trials that tollou'eil (tie lD3li Tlic county election comml.wion will meet here Friday afternoon to certify lhe results of the election. The re-elccled officials and Mr. Whllwiirlh will be sworn Into office nl the regular monthly mcet- Ini? of the clly council Tuesday night at the city hall. _ aiV Accused In Alleged $480 Theft From Man Near Mere COOTER, Mo.. April 3. — Willie Harry, :i5-.vear-old farmer, mis HiiflU'V, charged found dead in his automobile about stolen properly and Trial of Rube Elliott and Marvin receiving wory lifter icy commuted this horror fate '""'" umls ull ' v lonoweu tne will! | 111 give them the answer. elecllmw. The- iniprlsonniciit of w . "FMle will give this answer. Tn'T . 1>(:u(lc '.' alls V" 111 ' SDVC1 ' nl , Ward T"VO lii'oufjli us DOW tliov \vill U'nrti ii i^\ ll cull ' l ^ s " u " ' C[ ' ^° '' H! \vanJ TJirec iml It " to attack C'.eiinnny." { ^ ^ whlch^'blielcd 1 Illc i Absenl ™ , Nn i\n rHruddi- iMr>ltn....i „ >n, . . ... .Ml!llicl|i;il Judge Henderson Darlinm No particular political or inlllliiry .succi'Ssful cnndldiites. significance was attached to Ooer- •100 •110 121 22 Ing's speech, it out had been made on previous occasions. H wns not considered In dlplo- Fifteen Physicians Hear Dr. C. S. Paddock Fifteen physicians of Mississippi ^r'tsstrx sv£pS:iSH! Totals City 113 CO ID 332 Ward One Ward Two Ward Three Absentee 071 Attorney Nelson Wright 23S 21L 124 19 New York Cotton D. W. Goorlrich. we) _.... farmer of Steele and for 12 years a j resident of Blythcville, died at. Hospital last a month. ;>.lr. prev. Memphis Hfethodist night. He was 61. In ill health for , . Goodrich was admitted to the hospital Sunday. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high low close close I Born in Geniiiiiitown, a suburb lOIBJof Memphis. Mr. Goodrich lived 1023] there until he came to Blythcville 1049 10B6 1023 1039 <>73 988 fleo 874 B54 ggg on ass 1048 1022 073 959 954 049 10C-! 1033 087 972 012 958 058 918 New Orleans in 1007 where lie resided for years. Prom here he, moved •Steele where he had extensive land interests. Funeral services will be hmsday afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, t '.he Steele Baptist church with thc Rev. Mr. Cunningham, pastor. Slccle's "Ins" Win STEELE, Mo., April 3.—All officers of Steele were reelected in the city election yesterday at Hie •mine lime the school eleotion wns " - Lcnchyiltff, fanners;', was Well sheriff's oilicc" is investiuating clly meeting .^ Medlcal.JvxsocinKon at the :hnij." fjl.-.'y'yfojefct was "The 280 290 59 12 0-Sl . -- C. P. Howard won over Shirley Smith, M-l to 205. Marshal 1 W. Weaver, with 1C!) votes, ile- case in which;there.arc salil to be. , Cases .of-Mary qua, '.erto'uV-tangles., i ; ! '[Gib. c sveifii Mr. bso,,, Harry was 'last seen Insl night al nbm;l 11 o'clock Odcll Clark left him in front ol Shelton's garage where lhe cat- was discovered afire, according lo testimony brought out al the in- tiucsl. The man's body, which wns lying on ttie floor of the rear scat, was feated Henry Lovelace, who iv'-cived ' t;acily l)U|1|lctl about the lace aim 105,_and W. H. Howell. with "54. j ncnk ' Thc fire, which was seen by sev- . - —•-—•- ».«i.i<.- nuu . erfil Coltomvoood Point residents nefcatctl H. Ballentine, 318 to w> : about (lie same time when they In the aldJi-mani ' ... The uiiice of police judge was returned to Fayetle Frame who •-- Jo races, Aubrey wcr ' awakened by the early morn- blielton was reelected with 201 in E thuiuier storm, was exiimnHsh- yotej to_DB polled for j. if. Brown, i ed b " !m " "'<•• body was discovered, was no ! Thl! rnl '- n 1D 34 inoiJcl scdnn, Is . in Ward Two while there Linuyi'-ii will) Si'an(i!;'miv ! ! Potrlc (.'oiinectlott wllli' llib ' thefi' of ui cnny ,,,,, of lhe money from Snm' , and Finis Keeling, involved thi: siiine affair. The Cllllls woman has already entered a pica of 'guilty and lhe ease of Miiry Gibson originally set for Monday, is on call. These companion cases were Cllnlcal'Ma.hifcstaljtoiis of Prnstalle Disease 1 ', : KJ . Out of town _p)lsylclans present were: Dr. N.^R'. .'Hosey of Joiner, •. li. I/. Johnson' of HnsscU and '. '!'. I'. Hudson .'of I.tixora. MiiKsnchnsctls Ytmn 3 communists League, refused today lo I tell the Dies committee thc name of lhe state party .secretary but said thai -f,t) O r CO CoiiiiniiniMs" attend Harvard University. Kiflough, Fiefz Tajk To Kiwanians Circuit jiKiji! Nell Klllotlgh of Wyinu- and Marcus Kiel/., Jones- bora attorney awl cinirl reporter. rt£ r UM.UI jii: y iiiiu LDllJ I rL'IJOJ IrC is defiance of thc committee, spoke briefly ,,t todays hulehcmi' - Kllltl. Wnti [In 1 Mr' tMYiim.I L t li,,i • ,,r n. „ ,n ... ^-, . 'otals fiS3 City Clerk Whilworlh'Foster Short Wind Quo -' Ward 'IV-o Ward Three Absentee 2S8' ! 371 01 13 103 IDS- 03103 ' 91 . 5C ; 3Q 8 U 360 231 , ' " S , '"I." 10 8lc !". mh tlml : at lllc started this morning after a jury ' 1Llil:I °- sllrc o! Communist (J art}- Noble. had nconllted Raymond Muntaiig of n charge of grand larceny in thc alleged Ilicft of cigarettes from Club al. the Hotel . Judge Kllloitgh «nd Mr A. Q. Shlbley's truck in members would subjuc-t them lo «. "s? ro!",, ^rr;;;^' s^ "" or " u " s ™ imonm - : cu£ 3 I ^°'^;?TZ ^ ^-irton 1 ^r:,' 0 r lMullng_a 3 aln 5 i tiie other three, lion nieiicy. iviw Mo agues" . v ""-'i- «na iiu i - • •• ••"'• -KU.-I.I ^naui, ut ui IILS men 01 110L Clllltv In thnl nl ^'. B S',^^ *™*™ ! S'±,!f C ™* M "- « >«"- ^ «"»* »*'SS 'Sal op- May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high . 10S3 1080 . 103G 1050 . 980 994 . 965 971 . 958 970 . 950 962 . , prcv. officialing and with burial in low close close Mount Zion Cemetery, 10G2 Pallbearers will be:' Charles Hos- 1035 ! kins and Walter Hoskins of st-ofc IOCS 1035 979 9GG 958 950 1079 1048 B92 977 970 9G2 having been reelected without held ^position. •'"'"~ l - A board of aldermen's meeting held last night resulted It, Henry Lovelace being reappointed niglit Ed Martin, Hatch 079 JR. S. Han-Is. , 904 ; Doan and W. H. Minyanl of Blytlre- 957 ville. 950 Stock Prices A. T. & T. Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth, steel Chrysler Cities Sen-ice Ccca Cola Gen'l Eicct Gen'l Motors Int. Harvester Monl, Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Studebaker Sid. of N. J Texas Corp O. S. Steel 113 !-•! 89 He is survived by his wife. Mrs Ethel Goodrich; seven daughters Mrs. D. M. Martin of Tyler. Tex ' Mrs. Charles Kcnnon of Memphis Mrs. Lillie Wright and Mrs. Frances Fullerlon of Deering. Mrs. Noia McDaniels, and Edna on i < """' """ ^"^ r.una Mae 30 1-4 and Miss Ruth Ellen Goodrich of m i 4i S - l f le: , ""'f S01) -'' Roberl c ' oocl 89 1-1 rich of Detroit. David Goodrich of New York City, and Billic Goodrich 5 I-! 1.31 1-2 39 1-1 55 3-8 58 1-2 54 17 1-4 23 7-8) 3 3-11 38 3-8 7 I--! occasion;;. Mr. Harry, who has lived on a farm between Cooter and Cotlon- wo«i Point for a number of years, whicli started yesterday afternoon. Claude F. Cooper-was Murdaugh's altoiney. •lack Pierce, of Lenchvllle chaiiR- I /~< ' o I ri-i n • hk ptea or noi guilty to that or: bo verii men L becks I. o .Lasft Pied Kcllcy of Steele anil W E i (ll( '" : Taylor of Gibson were unopposed Allc " as directors of thc Slcele ' district. school survived by his wife. Mrs! Gladys Huffman Harry; five rhil- arents. Mr. and Mrs. of CoLtonwooil. ami Iwo sisters. Mrs. W. H. Forbiis of . . . Tyler and Mrs. Louise Fnrris ol j Memplits. | Funeral services will be held [tins iiftcruoDon with burial in Lit- MICO'L.!'' M 1 ''"'? •i 0 "™™ I'msunenionon with Wh U w. I' MOM" , Al r " 3 - Monl ' c ' »c Prairie Cemetery. unite was elected director of the'- - _ Micola school district in tlie school election held yesterday by defeating "Bud" Alfred and Fred Bracfciii Mr. White received 132 votes wlille Mr. Alfred received 87 and Mr. nrnckin, 95 Blvlheville, Manila Alcct Li OILS Together Members of the Manila Lions j. ....v, u.nit VJVUUilLU cUrichVi rmn r:r *• a Claim Wom ™ Kiiied Hoit nmeraijiomc uji. charge. After Mistreatment Damage Slight In HOLLYWOOD. APHI 3 <UP>- Ior " in " er n »u .-> program lasi p;_ I , T J ! 1>ollcc announced today (hat Miss 'i':! 1 ' 1 at the Hotel,Noble in order » «e L3te i UCSday Pearl Wessel. ye,, attractive visi- lhal thc two group., m i c ht become lor hm; from St. Uuis, had been '"""er acquainted and on that basis ! club were guests of the local club HOLLYWOOD. April 3. (UP)— f » r dinner and a program tnst afternoon on a charge of assault after the charge was reduced. The change of plea came after his victim, an eight year old Uaclwlllc Ktrl, and two young friends li»d testified tor ihe Troubles Of' ...e stale. The charge was reduced'lo that, of assault and battery for which he was fined $250 ,,,,,,,,,,, t , l lu lm . , i( , with a 3150 nne siisjieiKled on good thc South's 70-year-old si ueliavior. Tlic court ruled Ihnl evi- per jjioblcm K By MAX STl/ltM Special Corrrsiionricnt HAYTI. Mo.. April 3.-A scientific approach to the solution oi dence oilercci ficient serious to substantiate the had " h 1 -"- » ••- ilill.1 UIL UJHiy been in Jail for livf months awaiting trial. Claude P. Cooper was attorney. Tile case of Lcc Powell, charncd will , r ' B , „ tnude as thc not legally stil- : cotton belt, of Soulheasl Missouri ""'~ "'e more becomes n "lataralory" for sotio- alrcndy logical experiments hi Icnnnl fann- . Ing and rchabllllatlim. Tlmt this section of Ihe slntc Is !an ideal field for experimentation is denied by no one. Sharecroppers U|lt>11 and landowners alike arc anxious to see Hie outcome ot the experiments which Is to property c sale of collon, was nol Coo'ncr re 1 ' 1 ' ".'"T'' "^ ^ ^^"W^oblcm nu^be'^ImJ. t:«i ,^J . s "ted Die defendant. In addition, inanv In each protin W S "F *.<(,"'?' '? S "' e ™ SC ° f tlcclllr < ; Ibat the at'tempts now bel.-g with Intent'io kill in con- utk? KM™ a° solmion''..*'' To'll ncction lhe alleged critical found wounding of c. A. Cunningham, |)a vc ihe (his phn .should at least formei • — n--...... ' |j.l*u lllL" \\,t> mnniclp,il conn judge. In i Poltowtng u,e roatlslde demon yea'r ^o aUCrCnUOn "^ mo " n , sl ""°" "' Jnnuary of iast year. , ,_, Fire from an oil .stove caused 22 1-2P"'" 0 ;' < lnI ™Kes to (he residence nl 12 'l-3l West- Ash slmnl !„!„ ,_.. 11 S-a'''' 15 afler "oon. 43 5-8 •17 62 Chicago Wheat May July May July open high low close IW1-2 1051-4 1033-8 1047-5 103 104 1-8 1021-2 1035-8 Chicago Corn open high low close . 565-8 567-8 565-8 M5-8 . 675-8 ,53 575-8 58 City firemen quickly extinguished thc Raines which had spread 3 .,, over a small area of the kitchen. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Apr. 3 (UP)-Hogs 8oOO-8flOO on sale Top 5.15 170-230 Ibs.. 5.05-5.15 HO -160 Ibs., 4.60-4.65 Bulk sows 4.00-160 Cattle 2100-2000 on sale Steers 7.55-9,25 Slaughter steers G.SO-I1.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.50-9,10 Slaughter heifers 6.25-1000 Beef cows 5.00-G.OO Cullers & low cutlers 3.50-4.75 lakrn into the Hollywood hills by build for cooperation and good will two men .ravished, and then Judge Neill Killougl, of Wvnnc. hro«n to her death over a 125-: Marcus Fictz of Jonesboro and 01 "• | "nice Ivy ol Osccola were also Footprints near the edre of the'guests of Ihe club of which W. J. jrr ; n _ _ . i . . 11-,,,I }„ „. i _. , I'lilT indicated the woman fought with her assailants hati I'ollard is president. who' W. W. f-vjwler, secretary of the r ..™,,.,, tlll ,i ,^,,'j >>. „. i-uuitu, .secretary 01 ine ushcd her to within six feet of Manila Lions club, gave a history lhe cliffs bunk then picked her of that organization after which up and threw her to death on the Jesse Taylor reviewed briefly the concrete pavement below. j history of both thc Manila and Lesley Al Williams, 33, bartend- < Blytlievillc chapters, er, anci Albcrni Roggers. 30, wait-! As a means of introducing the Sc cr. were airested after police guests, names were exchanged with j «tC-£5'«iSs^: : =S=s ^r^ls^js'SMlSfSrMKS case of C. A. Goolsby, cliargcd with s- :^^r -" - *-. «*r*£ ^ ^ Su-; it i.norce. thrnl cycr 1)Cforc |uul lws starlc(1 To Try Cotton Stamp U program to discover a solution which will stand years. throughout the Program In IWpmnhis r . AI< ? l " B ln lhe program, the State rrogram in raempniS | Employment Service, acting on In- . . [-,.,,..,„.__,. --3 (up) ~ lhls jstructtons of Governor Stark, early survey of the un: r e n" cnty . A-! employed In the ranks of thc farm «."v> i/,j.,n- ^ii^.ii^, ii,iint:& were excjiaiiEeo w'lin f ur it t j — — ! — —./-*. ••• v..., i<.,,no ^i INC IHIJH traced them Ihroiigh an nutomo- each man telling all'hc could llnd TV today designated Memphis.'tenants and day laborers which re- bile license number supplied by a'out about the person who e name &:, as ."'« . lrst cl , t5 ' ' or el *<"- '"««=<« '» »« «=tirale listing of , ,. ...,„ . ° .,..„...„ L ,, vll ,,,„,, ILIIIUE ;ui ne coiiiu nun bile license number supplied by a out about the person whose name I ,„„ , , ., - ••—•=, «. youth who witnessed (hc fatal! he had drawn ' T'" °P C ™'">" °t 'He cotton around 900 unemployed farm fnm- 1 .... ', ! stamp program to provide relief ilics bcimr made Musical numbers were given by families with surplus cotton goods. x of the Federal go its program. ., ., • i , „ i .»i"-^'«i IIUUIIJVIA were given ny Police said Miss Wessel met two 1 a mixed chorus under the direction men while drinking in a cafe, of Miss Nannie Clarke Smith. Miss . rhc three left the establishment, Evelyn Smart at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday. chorus. . accompanied the In the Himalayan range there named. nr onrTnnV'T'"'"; •--••-•- The Farm Security Admtnlstra- arc 20.000-foot peaks BS yet un- lion then took over thc Job of llnm '" 1 'helping at least part of lhe un- employed families and at thc same Mine broadened nnd enlarged its projjiwn already i.! effect to aid additional established fnmillw; In findim; .security on the land. As one part of thc program to remove stranded farm tenant families from Die precarious slums of thc unemployed, two cooperative farms were established, one in Oitnklln and lhe other In Pemiscot county, which will permit nearly 100 families to produce crops and find farm security by conducting their opeialiens on a cooperative plan through the awistance of thc Farm Security .Administration. Already, the La Forge Cooperative farm near New Madrid. Mo., has proven thai large groups . of stranded farm families can be re.- hnbllllaiHl and transformed into tax-paying citizens without financial loss to (lie government, indicating that, such farms, conducted intelligently nnd on a souiKl financial basis, could easily become one piiasc or a large-scale program lo solve the sharecropper problem. The Farm 'Security Administration tuts- yenr has a five-point program which it hopes will aid in Watson, Whicmore Win In Osceola Contest OSCEOLA, Ark., April 2.—Ben Under. Implement denier and member of Die city council from Iho third district, was today elected mayor without opposition. He sue-: cceds A. S. Rogers, who did not .seek re-election. Dave Young, city marshal, was rc-elcctctl without opposition, as were Leo Shricck, treasurer, and .1. W. Rhodes, city attorney. Herbert Bryant was renamed city recorder over opposition of Mrs. Atlcie Williams, 348 to 83. Ill only the Third Ward was,, there a contest for councilman, .viih C. W. Watson and Yott E. Whltinore being elected. E. L, Tnl- llafcrro lost. Tlic vote was Whitmore 115. Watson 111, Talliaferro li!). To Serve Lunch To ' Good Will Tourists Members of the Good Will com-" ir.ltice of lhe Memphis Cotton Carnival who will visit tin's clly Monday will have lunch at lhe American Legion Hut on that day. acecrding lo announcement made by Don Edwards, commander ol Iho Bud Cason post, today. Under the advisement of J. Melt Brooks, the group voted to allow the use of lhe Hut for lunch without cost. Mr. Brooks also told the f.'oup that thc committee in charge of arrangements for the visit would' sell tickets for the lt:nch. In addition to the 48 Legionnaires present, there were also present 55 Sons of Ihe American Legion who had been invited by. Commander Edwards for the pur-' pa<;e of observing the manner in which lhe |x>st meetings are conducted. Joe Whitley stated that 138 members had now been enrolled in the local squadron of the Sous of the Legion. fanning conditions for ! pla ns were completed for the op laborers and tenants In this area \ cnm S of thc Old Cnr Derby race nnd thus contribute to the solu- Sl " u1a - v ' Aprtl R Tlie >' wm co » tion of the whole problem. This' " nuc llirol 'S 1 >°iit the summer. program includes additional setting up of cooperative farms similar to | those already established. There are two plans to stabilize farm tenure to stop an apparent tendency of farmers to slip down the ladder of agriculture from small WEATHER Cioudy with local showers In" extreme cast portion this afternoon or tonight; fair in west portion. landowner lo tenant farmer to cooler tonight; Thursday generally sharecropper to day laborer. Three;fair, cooler in east portion, plans are proposed (o stablii/e thc ' Memphis and -vicinity — partly labor supply needed in lhe area at cloudy with local Ihundershowers cotton chopping nnd picking time tonight, cooler tonight, lowest while giving laborers an opportunity temperature about CO^ Thursday Continued on page 3 'fair and colder,

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