Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1937
Page 5
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Tuesday, October 19,1687 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PACffi THE Star Dust By LEONARD ELLIS Dcnr (Sir: Our Bobcats showed power In rolling over Joneshuro. with the "Touchdown Twins." Height inul Musters in notion. Tliis Masters hoy has improved Hip Ciits' offense SO per cent. Nashville's Smippers should ho the next victim hy iilxnit 45 to 0. 1 am sure nil Bobcut fnns enjoyH the nrlirlo in Sunday's duetto iilxiul our goo<l conch, f'oy Mammons. One Ihiiift was Uickintf, however. Mr. Epstein did not mention the fuct (hot Ml'. Ifiimrnons is also u public official. The city of Rocky Mo\md is for- lunnte in hiivinK such ;i vporl-smnn :it the heml of its civic nffnirs. A Bobcat Booster. , Dear Sir: Will you pleii.M' mention the football Home between 1're.scutt and (iurdon Iliph SclKHil.s to IK.- played at Present! this Tuesdny nitfht. Oclober HI, 1937. This game.- i; a feature of the Nevada county fair. All things point to a very evenly- imitehed tfanic. Coach Storey, Prescott, Ark. They tell me that the Nashville fc'frapper.s are coiiiinn to Hope Friday night with the t'X|«Ttiitii'ii.s of upsetting the Bobcats. The Scrappers have not won a game from Mope since the season of 1934, having been defeated by a score of HI to G in 1935 and 31 (o (i in 19»1. 'Coach Lester Bradley and his men have not forgotten last year's sting of defeat—and a victory for them would considerably add to their prestige. The Bobcats are due for a slight letdown after romping over the big Jonesboro team last week. At this lime it is extremely doubtful whether Vasco Bright will see action. Bright suffered an ankle injury in the Jonesboro game, forcing him to use a walkmi: cane. With Bright out of the game, the Bobcat offen.se will be considerably weakened. J, B. (Ears) Whitworth, Louisiana State's chief scout, i.s getting his flying togs out of the moth balls again. Wbitworlh, formerly a star guard at Alabama, flew more than 15.000 miles while scouting the Tigers' foes in the la.si two seasons. He is piloted by Dean ,1. P. Frame of the School of Aeronautics, who flies the University of Louisiana-owned monoplane. Members of the 18'.l. r > football team of Mississippi Slate—first team to represent that college and loser of all its games—'have been invited to attend tbe home-coming game at Stale College Octol>er 2!i with the University of Florida. American football is just GO years old this season. Although the game was born with ibe adoption of a cixle known at the time as the concessionary rules. November 23. 1870. it was not until tbe following season that the code was put into effect. The original members of the American Inlercollegiale Football associa- tiun were Columbia. Harvard! Prince- Ion and Yale. All 'Southeastern conference football coaches—1H of them-survived the 193G season and now are directing their .squads peacefully during Ihe 1937 campaign. A glance at the Arkansas High School Conference schedule shows thai Pine Bluff, with four wins, has only to meel El Dorado. Hot Springs, North Little Rock and Little Rock. After Little Rock lakes on Fort Smith Ibis week, Tiger conference foes arc Jone.sboro, Pine Bluff, Kordyce and North Little Rock. Little Rock's Tigers do not play Blytheville. Rlylheville's remaining conference names are will) Hope, Jonesboro und Kin-rest City. N O T I C K ! To My Customers ami Friends: 1 have changed from Nelson- Uuckius to Hope Steam Laundry, uiul iiivile you to continue your business with me. We offer you service of (he highest quality. IIAKHV I'HIITS Orville W, Erringer Hope, Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. • COTTON LOANS • m QUICK SERVICE A T IMMEDIATE PAYMENT A J TOM KINSER J W Hope, Arkansas ^f **•••••••••5 INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON und Company Eire, Tornado, Accidcut Insurance Nashville Scrappers Next Opponents of Bobca Razzle-Dazzle Merely Is Side Issue Says Bernie Bierman, Gopher Coach Lalc'rul Pass Stays, But in Its Proper Place—Linemen Neglect Blocking in Hope of Taking a Pass, Bierman Asserts By BERNIE BIERMAN Minnesota's llnul Coach MINNEAPOLIS. - I disagree with those who contend that the 1937 season ill see the passing of the so-called riir.y.lo-dnzzle stuff from fuotbnll. I renllzn that every one has u different iden ns to what is mi'tint by ni7.- /.lc-dnzzlc. My conception of it is u lot jf littoral pusses, more forward pusses, ;>nrtieulnrly deep in u loam's own lerri- lory, and mnny tricks that .once didn't come under the heading of orthodox und sound footbnll. The lutcrnl pass i.s one of the most effective offensive weapons that hns dime into the garni- on u largo .scale in econt years, it carries a touchdown threat anytime that it is used in the open field—with perfect ball-handling, of course. I feel positive that most conches will lot handle it. However. I believe that t will bo used more intelligently than ever before and that coaches will spend nuch more time improving the timing mil accuracy of the passes. If a lateral pass is tried at the |wy- chological moment, which means when a ball carrier is ubout to be tackled and his forward progress slopped, it frequently i.s good for many additional yards and quite often a touchdown. Passing Deep in Own Territory Had Business If throwing forward passes deep in one's own territory i.s considered part of Ihe mxzlc-tlii/zle, then I say that we won't see much of that form of it. Such dangerous tactics are attempted only in the southwest. Elsewhere certain beaten squads will in the late stages throw passes recklessly, but they arc the exceptions. I don't give Minnesota players any specific instruction as to where or when not to throw laterals. I merely tell them to be on the alert for opportunities afforded by perfect setups for laterals. We overdid the use of this play when we were edged by Northwestern last fall, but it was because the boys tried so hard lo comedown behind in the last quarter and took many chances. H's tbe same old way to success in football. First a team must have a sound running attack, which i.s UK- backbone of the offense. A learn must be proficient at handling forward passes, and must possess defensive qualities. The ra7.7.1c-dnz7.le is just a side issue that must be handled intelligently. As a mailer of fact this great college game hasn't changed much throughout a long period of years. Look back through history and you'll find that champions of every conference were soundly schooled in the same rudiments. Lateral passing has made officiating Legal Notice NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 11, and its Annex No. 1, and also the Board of Assessors of Curb & Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1. in the City of Hope, Arkansas, (South Main Street Districts) will meet at tbe City Hall in the City of Hope, Arkansas, al one- o'clock P. M.. on Saturday, the 13th day of November, 1937. for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessment of benefits against the real property in said districts and annexes. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of assessment, or change in value whatsoever, may appear before the said Board and make application therefor, and the same will bo considered; but said Boards may also consider revisions on their own motion. DATED Tliis 12th day of October, 1937. C. F. ROUTON R. R. CORNELIUS T. M. Kinser Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. U and Its Annex No. 1; and also of Curb & Gutter District No. 1 and Its Annex No. 1. October 12, 19 NOTICE OF REVISION OP ASSESSMENTS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 9, and also the Board of Assessors of Curb & Gutter District No. 5, in the City of Hope, Arkansas, (North Side Districts) will nK'el at the City Hall in the City 'of Hope, Arkansas, at ten o'clock A. M., on Saturday, the 13lh day of November, 1937, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessment of benefits against the real property in said districts. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of assessment, or change in value whatsoever, may appear before the said Boards and make application therefor, anil the same will be considered; but said Boards may also consider revisions on their own motion. DATED This 12th day of October, 1937. LEX WOLFF C. E. TAYLOR L. B. BREED Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. S) and also of Curb & Gutter District No. 5. October 12, li vastly tougher than formerly. Officials have to make many more hair-line decisions and frequently are under fire. They must decide whether the forward progress- of the carrier was slopped when he passed the ball backward. They must watch closely that n lateral docs nol develop into a forward us is often charged when a touchdown in a close game results from such a play. But the lateral mnkc.s the game more thrilling for spectators and rewards players who not only are alert for opportunities, but who become proficient at handling the pigskin. The lateral isn't new. It was used when I was in high school, but it did not become popular until its employment was made a deal safer by tbe rule change that made the ball dead al the point where it was fumbled. It was only when laterals are used too promiscuously that teams get into barrels of trouble. Lliu'niiMi Neglect lilncking in Hope of Taking a f'ass There are three types of laterals, down field, and those employed after receiving a kickoff, punt, or pass. Linemen often are loo anxious to hang around ba'ck of the carrier in hope of taking a lateral instead of being ahead of him to do effective blocking. Players who bungle lateral passes frequently are those who dislike to be tackled and who do not think very much on the field. Hence, I believe that you'll see as much lateral pawing as ever, but with HE PRACTICES WHAT HE PREACHES California Gets {Bobcats Prepai 1 ! Top Grid Ranking f or Game FriAjfJ M. T. Clinton, Australian trainer, so he takes the jumps with them Royal Show tl "? s "\ bt>li <- i ve i" making his chnrgcs do nnything he can't do and Hero ho is dying O vor a hurdle with Bell Metal, an entry in the at Christmas Hulls m-ur Melbourne. .• superior judgment by the players and with coaches setting up specific setups under which lateral passes can be used. Personally, 1 consider the title raz- xle-daz/le a little far fetched. 1 be- lieve that it originated in Texas, but the name means little. One of the seven kings of Rome was an ex-slave. Servius Tullius. who ruled in 578 B. C. Record for Fouls NEW YORK—Aqueduct set a record of some sort during the past New York racing season. There were 37 claims of foul. 25 of which resulted in disqualification. Sports Writers List Ten First College Teams in U. S. NEW YORK. - (IP) - California's Bears, unranked nationally a year ago when the Associated Press started its annual poll, stand today at the head of the collegiate football class for 1937. Newspaper observers, casting their first batch of ballots, gave California a surprisingly strong endorsement for the number one spot, occupied by Minnesota a year ago. 'Picked by 24 out of 54 sports writers for top ranking, California polled a total of 432 points against a possible maximum of 540. Alabama nosed out Pittsburgh, the Rose Bowl champion, for second place in the first week's consensus, with Minnesota fourth in spite of its early season setback at Nebraska's hands. Here's the tabulation, scoring each list on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-2-1 basis and with first place votes indicated in brackets: Points First Ten. California (24) 432 Alabama (7) 355 Pittsburgh (8) 347 Minnesota (5) 291 Yale (6) Louisiana State Northwestern ... Nebraska Fordham Duke ...J (2) 256 244 165 153 103 94 Stone and Ramsey Ex ed to See Action Backfield Coach Foy Hammons said that he would try a new combination in the game here night against Nashville High Sefe provided his regular starting Hfl could obtain a safe margin Ifa! first two quarters of play. Ramsey and Stone, regular 1 will be sent to the backfield \ last half. s * The coach said he did not warn misunderstood. He is notx"e3j experimenting" with Stone and." 1 sey. Both are capable ball carriers!? to lack of reserve backfield , Coach Hammons is desirous of!£ (aining the best possible offei in case of injury to his regular he wants to have an ace in theL That is, he wants Ramsey arltyj to have some experience in field—and hi any emergency the be called upon to function boj linesmen and backfield players. vr> Coach Hammons is not expecting. fOE Second ten: 11. Southern California, 84; 12. Ohio States, 63; 13. Texas A. and M., 51; 14. Santa Clara, 45; 15. Baylor, 41; 16. Wisconsin, 36; 17. Syracuse, 35; 18. Dartmouth, 34; 19. Cornell, 17; 20. tie among Auburn, Holy Cross and Vanderbill, 13 each. Baylor and Auburn each received one nomination for first place. All Roads Lead to Hope COUNTY C LAPK COUNTY COUNTY OZ.AN COLUMBUS COUNTY MILLE.Z COUNTY LAFAYETE COUNT) COLUM/BI COUN/TY T~W^*3jJF^ Gravel toads P&eti toads &at/ Roads Nashville team to be Bobcats. "Nashville has run up somfi scores this season—and they mv ^ a pretty good offense to do5 against any team," Hammons A pass defense was planne Tuesday afternoon's drill. The Nashville team has seve erans from last year's squad,* Inc ing Rufus Tollett and Captain" on, and others. Porkers to Meet? S. M. No One Hurt in T 6' Game — Jack Robbing Reports to Squad r .| FAYETTEVILLE, Ark— (IP} University of Arkansas _ >n ^ brushed up on tackling for a short*tS Monday, starting preparation forf Southern Methodist University .4' at Fort Smith Saturday. All the players came out Texas game in good physical condft _ Jack Robbins, who saw no action I st week, reported for practice Monti y but End Nathan Gordon did not^J it on a uniform. " "Our reserves came through ag the Longhorns," Coach Fred C. ' sen said. "They all played wel! Guard Wilfred Thorpe, Halfback" Eakin and Fullback Ray Cole o\ t- standing. The score (21-10) indicat ts how the starters performed but serves helped a lot." .•*** LOCAL MEN SAY-%J "MILDEST 'MAKIN'S' TOBACCO YET!! AND PRINCE ALBERT IS NOT ONLY BOH* BUT ITS CRIMP TO ROLL. RIGHT AND SMOKE 0»tP Merchants and Farmers Fair October 21-22-23: Trade Week October 18-23-Plan to be Here PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Radiant Heaters $7,45 Bath Room Heaters | $2,25 \ Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our j modem plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 38$ HALL BRO Cleaners & Hatter*;

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