Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS (ED '*S%e More You Tell, th* Quicker ^ You Sell" ~" ' BAtlSS Oft* ttae»te word, minimum Me •Jhft* times—3 ^ic word, rain. 50c SI* times—Sc word, minimum 90c OH* month (26 times)—18e word, minimum $2.79 fittte ate fof continuous Inter* ttohS only. la making word count, disregard tlasstflcatlon name such M "Pot ," "Fot Sale," etc.—this Is free. each initial or name, or corn- telephone number, counts as ft full word. For example: ' r jPOR MNT—Three^room modem -furnished apartment, with garage, dose In. Bargain, J. V, Blank, phone 9993. total, IS words, at 2c word, Me Hit one tune; at 3&c word, »1c for three times, etc. NOTE: All w rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon at bllL PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience fit ft. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Hempstead Comity Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street. Phone Paul Cobb, S53-J. 19-6tc For Rent FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, with private bath Mrs. W. R. Chandler. Phone 906. 16-3tc FOR RENT—Close in, furnished or unfurnished two room apartment, private bath, utilities paid. 413 South Main. 15-3tp. FOR RENT—Two unfurnished apartments on North Main, one block north of Community Ice Co. See J. L. Cook at 607 North Main. 19-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—New House trailer, all built-in fixtures, completely equipped. Mrs. J. G. Williams, 820 South Elm Street, Hope, Ark. 15-4tp 'FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. Abruzzi Rye, Oats. Bartay, May Wheat, Vetch. Winter Peas, "Winter Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. , MONTS SPED STORE l-2Gtc ; E*OR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents • per bundle- Hope Star. 27-26dh FOR SALE—Jersey cow, heifer calf. Auction sale Friday, October 22 at 10 a. m. Llge Bishop, 4% miles northwest of Blevins. 16-3tp. FOR SALE—Residence and lots at 509 East Third. Reasonable. Those interested write W. A. Forbes, Washington-Youree Hntel, Shreveport. 13-6tc FOR SALE—Fine Poland China Pigs, two months old, E. H. Angall, 4% miles on Columbus Road. 18-3tp Davis Delegate to Pact Parley The appointment of Norman H. Davis, above, the United States' canny, experienced, roving ambassador to Europe, t6 bead the U. S. delegation to the conference of nine-power treaty signatories on the Chinese-Japanese conflict, was believed certain as the State Department made ready to participate in the discussions. Out of 11.004 persons arrested in the United States for automdbile theft in 1935, nearly half were under 21 years of age. No less than 35 American race horses have won $150,000 or more each in purses for their owners. Wanted WANTED TO BUY—I pay highest cash prices for Pianos. R. L. Meyers. Buckner. Ark. 19-7tp Notice NOTICE—Ginning days after thi.= will at Sutton, pre Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. AConday, Wednesday and Saturday will ,trind feed. Friday, October 29 is mattress day. Fuller's in. 13-6tp Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Lost LOST—A Brown Wallet with driveway bills and 20 dollars. If found liberal reward to return to Archer Motor Co. 16-3tp LOST—Irish setter about 14 months old. One hip dislocated. S5.00 reward. Call-Phil Dulin, Phone 68 or 913. 18-3tp Questions on Page One 1. (a) True. Quentln Roosevelt was the only sun of a president killed in the World war. (h) True. Jefferson and John Adams died July 4. 1826. (c) False. The ex-Kaiser abdicated November 9, 1918. two days before the Armistice. (d> True. Field Marshal John French was the first British commander of the World war. (e) False. United States declared war on Germany April 6, 1917. (f) False. John Jay. of New York was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 2. Oberammergau is famous for its passion play. 3. Correct spelling: besiege, molasses, kerosene, niche, desiccate, succor, vein, peony, gauge, effete, personnel, and strychnine. 4. One-tenth of a piece of floating ice shows above the surface. 5. There are 27 two-inch cubes in a six-inch cube. Young King HORIZONTAL « Newly crowned king of Egypt 6 Cost. , 11 Tiny particles 12 He is also Answer to Previous Puzzle of - . 13 To bt- i:> • debteci 15 Noise, 16 Growls. 18 Common Jaborers. -20 Writing tool. 21. Above. ?2 Spigot. •23 Pevices for ' securing peace. 27 He has four 30 Stopped. 33 Specks. 34 Distant. ?6 Big. ?7 Heavenly body. 88 The divine I CIYBGIUMHAL LHTOO A ! L!AIRBV E L A BBS H O an wprd. 40 Fence rails. 41 Affirmative vote. 42 Abandons a person on island. 44 Myself. 45 Bone. 46 To yield. 47 Golf devices. 49 Transposed. 51 Horse's neck hairs. 52 To eject. 54 His father left him 55 The —— have an interest in his country. VERTICAL 1 Musical note. 2 To make amends. 3 Tree. 4 Sheaf. 5 You and me. 6 Postscript. 7 Uncouth, 8 Blockhead. 9 Plant. ,10 Half an em. 14 Spiritus aspev 16 Paroxysms. 17 Entices. 18 Punitive, 19 Shovels. 23 Passage. 24 Adult insect 25 Exclamation, 26 Thick slice % 28 Particles. 29 To remain, 31 Street car-, 32'Heron. 34 Warning cry' 'in golf. 35 Part of plant. 38 Loaded. 39 To jeer. 42 Bill of fare.' 43 Half. 45 Simpleton. 46Pussy. 48 To perch. 50 Hurrahf 51 Mister. 53 Note in scale, TOITflOARDING HOUSE •ii'rrfT-±uiifttlTii'i"r with V , '„ •• Mftjw Hoopla OUT OUR WSY THE PA^T IM- HAVS B&'f=M PIVOTED TO THE LATEST IKJVEWTICKJ PMDS US OP A MDISAWCe THAT HAe THE TEMPER OF HUMANITY SQO YEARS -^-IPUFp -FuF / BY APPIWQ MY WEW <3RlPPIW<3 IWafteC?IEWT-^-*-^ KWOWKJ AS HOOPLEKLIMQ -^TO SOAFJ A WETCAKS BECOMES UOM-5KIP AMD WILL MOT SLIP FROM THE HAMD/ MY WOKJ-SKlPABLE SOAP WILL SWEEP THE COU/vJTRY-^-~ &6AD/ I'LL CLEANJ UP A COOL MILLIOKJ/ ^ST MILLION aOlM<3 TO MAK6- If WAS THS T/M& VOU (WVeWTEt? A PlTcH/Mi3 WHO SL6PT ALARM <CLO(CK^ "— IT WOT ONLY PITC.HE-D ^ "FATHER OUT ON HIS EAR, BUT IT TO'SSEP TH£- B^P OSJ TOP OP HIM AKJP WH6kl THEY CLEARED AWAY "THIS t>EBFMS,HE WA-5 SO FULL OF SPLINTERS v THEY CALLED HIM / PORCUPINE HOOPLE/ T SQUIRREL-S STILL HAVE THEIP, EY'= OS4 HIAV— BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Out of a Clear Sky X / . (ftr^'k- <? ^tZ^^exn^ < , ALLEY OOP It'll Be a Cold Lunch—If Any S^ TRACKS/GIT GOIM'DIWMS'-THIS'LL £ AM' EASY TRAIL T'FOLLOW Tuesday, October 1 OONT .ED TO MAKE SC6N6 OP IT, vou OUGHTA PUT OUT HAND E& SUMPlKi 1 WHEN YOU'RE GONNA STOP! VOL) CHARGE AN 1 , CHARGE AN' STOP- MV BRAKES ARE WORE OUT, WHY MOTHERS GET GI?AV. corn. 1937 BY NC» stnvict. INC. T. M. RCC. U. 3. PAT. OFF By MARTIN CCOPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. WASH TUBBS Secondhand! COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC/ T. M. REG. U "V PAT. ^FF. ,».__, By CRANE WERE BEHIHD BY TWO TOUCHDOWWS. 1 MOW I WAWT YOU "TO GET IM THERE AWD FIGHT WHERE'S YOUR SPIRIT? YOU ACT LIKE A LOT OF OLD LADIES AT A BRIDGE TEA J I WAW FIGHTS YOU FELLOWS ! £V£~fSY MAN OA/ HIS "TOES ! IT-IB GAME ISN'T OV£& UNTIL "THAT F1HAL. GUN POPS / PONT MAKE: A S/NGLE: M/STA/<£..~AHC> CASH IN OH EVERY Efi&OfZ 7WE" OTHER TEAM IT'S COACH DAWLEY OF MILFDRD...HE'S | HE MEXT ROOM TALKIMG TO HIS TEAM J HE'S QIVIMQ THEM HECK.' THEN I'LL BET QUIET..,. AND YOU FELLOWS CAW LISTEW TO HIM ! HE'S DO/MG A BETTER. JOB "TWAW I WAS .' .,. f\\ y-i_*_ JL IT REALIY-HAPPENED IN TOOTBALi ^_ Ss FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Watt Gets Some News B ACK in tlio oavly days of football, when Alabama Poly was playing Gi-oi'giii Tech, tho Alabama fullback punted, and thu ball wei)t> almost straight up into the air, breaking all altitude records. While th,e 21 men stood in a mass, waiting for it to descend, a smajl boy on the sidelines added to the confusion by tossing his own football into tho air. There was a wild scramble for both footballs. A Tech man finally got ono, a J'oly player the oilier but Tech bad the real ball ^ By~"BLOSSER, LOAPi!-iG VTQKTO CARS....RE-LAVINGIT AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE, TOWAK.O 1 THERlVER.. ORA.W&EK. WA^H/EASV ANP BREEZE WOEK LIKE BPAVESS. TEARING UP TRACK AT ONE EMP cTF THE RAHROAR. MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE OBOY, ANOTHER. TWOl BLAiefi, WATCH US) W£'LL SHOW V s*+r~f *T-I ir-ir—t— r^A V rf A A irt /. ^-" y-% I ./ s~\i O t IT tl^£ I WATT A THING ) OR. TWO. J • it ' A Good Reason for Hiding Trusty MEANWHILE'. / HOUV >J JESSE,! SEEN 'EM WITH MVOWN EVES. 1 THEY'RE BUILPIMG THE RAILROAP POWM TO THE RIVER. THEY'LL BE , RUNNING LO&S IK NOTIV\£! ) "(WHWp \ J ^i ±. By THOMPSON AND C SO "THESE CELLS ARE WHERE you KEEP MEMTAL CASE5, POCTOR.? YES, IMDEER..VOU SEE WE CAM SHUT THIS CORRIDOR- OFF FEOM THE REST OF THE HOUSE... . &CIMG/MO TEUSry P'HARA IM HEKE.' WHV, HE SHOULD BE IKi ~ HOSPITAL.' POM'T WOI2I2V, A1I5S NORTH - } / HEV, TOG... THE HE'LL BE ALL RIGHT I I PACOLE OFFICER TOMOe.EOW--ITS JUST / \ IS POWM ONE OF HIS SPELLS. / \^ STAIRS.' ;" "V THAMVC YOU, LARRV-^ / AH.' MOW SHALL WE GO POWM AMD MEET THE GEKITLEMAM. AMS5 NORTH-7 WHY HE'S C.ETTIM6 .&

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