Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1937
Page 3
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Tuesday, October 19, 1937 '-" 1 * "»•* "' " " ' Mfri - - MOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREft RS. i &NRY TELEPHONE 321' " I need wide spaces in my heart Where fnith and f can go apart And STOW serene. Life Rets so clinked by busy living, Kindness so lost hi fussy giving, Thnt lovt; slips by unseen. 1 wnnl to make n quiet place Where those I love 1:1111 sue God's face, Can stretch their hearts across the enrlh, Can understand what spring is worth, Cnn count the stars, Watch violets grow. And learn what bin Us and children know.—Selected. Tin? Gleaners Class of the First Hap- tist Suiula yschool will hold its icg- utnr monthly busincs-s and social meeting at 7:.'«) Tuesday evening at t'Ydth Hall, South Main street _o~ Kcnneth Greening of lloiiMon, Texa.s was the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Clicctung iind other relatives. and it's very good. Cartoon and News WEp.-ONLY 2 SHOWS 2:30 & 8 p. m. IRKNIi; DUNNE ROBliRT 'I 'AY LOR ^OBSESSION -' r iTSt \ & -Added- Comedy Novelty "Duck limit" —KNDfNC— JEAN HARLOW CI.ARK WALLACK GABLE BEERY "CHINA SEAS" WED.-THUR. 2 —BIG & THRILLING DAYS! Mrs. M. M. Harlosv and Mrs. Ell/ii- beth Pritcbard are spending n few days visiting with Harry Barlow and Mr. and MrsrVrank Howson in DeQucen. -O- Circle No. 2 of the W. M. U. First Baptist church held its October meeting nl the home of Mrs. W. H. Hamilton. South Grady street. 17 members including two new members were present. During the business hour, plans were made for the training school, to bo held at the church next week. A most helpful and instructive Bible study was conducted by Mrs. S. D. Cook. During the social hour, (lie hostess served delightful refreshments, _o- Chns. C. McHae of Houston, Texas, spent the week-end visiting with relatives and friends in the city. _.O- The Bay View Heading club will meet at 3 o'clock, Wednesday iifter- liooii at the home of Mrs. C. M. Agee Ivist Second street, with Mrs. D. B. Thompson as joint hostess. Mrs. Hugh Smith will lead the program. -O-Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Middlcbrooks have returned from a visit with their sun in Monroe, La., and friends will be glad to know that Otto Middlebrooks, who has been seriously ill in a Monroe hospital, is able to be removed to his home in Athens, La. _Q Miss Charlotte Agee of Arkansas Hope, Wednesday Oct. 27 Tu-« Shows Dully ill 2 and 8 p. m. OIK- Day Only, H«ln or Shine. Circus grounds on old Highway (17 Simfont I'iLsltire UK; crnet's KAKOAIN DAY Sec your iMi'irlinnl for I'rce Uucsl Tickets. SHOW f HATiT DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT l.o(s of Wild Animals, Scores of Top Stars who will thrill anil Iniii you. l.ols of pretty girls. See Ruth, Ihal vnnilciil elephant perform, who i.s over 1(10 years old and lorgcr than the famed JUMBO. Victory Tribute to Free Citizens, Declares Miller Senate Winner Denies It Was "Anii-Roosevelt" Triumph POLlTICAlTTYRANNY Citizens "Outraged" by Bailey's Seizure of Nomination LITTLE HOCK.- </!') -Congressman John E. Millc'r, winner of Monday's United States .senate race over an avowed "Now Denier" who charged Miller was an "nnli-Roosevelt," said Tuesday: "I most certainly do not consider my election a ship at President Roosevelt." Miller, an independent Democrat, defeated Governor Carl E. Bailey, certified as the IX-mocralic nominee by virtue of the stale party committee nomination. Miller will succeed the lale .senate majority leader, Joe T. Robinson, for the term expiring January 1, 19'lli. "The New Deal never was involved in this campaign, although my opponent attempted to make it an issue," Miller said. Tlic victory marked the first upsol of n Democratic nominee by an independent in a race for u major Arkansas office in 77 years. New Buick -Century Has Topnotch Performance THE BUICK SERIES 60 Century 5-passenfler 4-door Touring Sedan Is built on a 126-Inch wheelbase chassis and la powered by a 141 horsepower valve-ln-head straight eight Quick Dynaflash engine. Flashing performance and easily sustained road speeds are outstanding characteristics of this model. Roomy and completely redesigned Interiors with Buick coll springs, both front and rear, and turbulator pistons are new developments. We, the Women By Ruth Millett We're Too Eager to Please The Men of Our Dreams. No More "Nominations" LITTLE ROCK.—Senator-elect Join) E. Miller said Monday night Dial committee nominations for high public office are a thing of the past in Arkansas. "I attribute the overwhelming victory to the feeling of outrage on the part of Arkansas'.-; citizens at the nomination made by the Democratic Slate Committee and at Governor Bailey's refusal to join in the request for a Democratic primary election," said Mr. Miller. 'His prepared statement, released at 9:30 p. in. just ns Governor Bailey was conceding the election, said: "The, returns of this election show conclusively that the people of Arkansas treasure a democratic form of government find that they will not surrender to any man or set of men their rights as citizens to freely choose their public officials. The action of the people in this election will not soon be forgotten. Democracy and representative government in its truest seii.se has' been re-established in Arkansas. "I shall approach the discharge of my duties as a senator from Arkansas with humility and a deep sense of responsibility, and shall at all times strive to advance the general welfare of Arkansas and her splendid citizenship. "I shall always be grateful for the splendid majority given me in this race and wish to express my heartmell j thanks to my friends throughout the I state for their untiring and unselfish efforts to re-establish the true principles of democracy." To Resign Mr. Miller said he will resign "just as soon as I get the Second District affairs in order and not later than No- vlmber 15, when the special session of Congress called by President Roosevelt convenes." "I expect to qualify as senator and take the oath of office on that date," he said. Asked if he would take any part in quclte up-to-date. Only recently he gave a garden parly for the princes and princesses of the Royal Family, and introduced Farida to them all. In Fund's day there would have teen separate parties—one for men, the other for the women. "She is willing to throw overboard her own likes to become the kind nf perse.n she thinks the imm she loves wants her to be." Women can tr.v too hard to please (•) College, Balesvillc, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Agee and other home folks. -O- Mrs. Hugh Jones and daughter, Betty, have returned from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Gladewater, Texas. _Q- Mrs. Clyde Hill and Mrs. Ross R. Gillespie arc spending a few days visiting with friends in Shreveport, La. -O- Rev. and Mrs. Bert Webb have returned from a visit in Little Rock. TUES. & WED. 2—BIG—2 Corning Sunday 10—Stars—10 (l-'irsl Time in Hope) "CALL IT A DAY" Mill) OUV1A DKUAVH<AM> Ian Hunter, Anita Loui.se, Uolaml Voting—(i ftloie ^£* ^f ^ ^ • ^ ^ FRIDAY ROAD SHOW DAY ONLY—1 men. A man says "That blue is Ihe color of your eyes." From then on the woman who adores him wears blue until man wonders why her clothes are s<> uninteresting. Or perhaps he .says. "That perfume s m ells; nice." so .she buys' bottle after bottle of it. i He likes to pla\ | g o t f. Whereupon i .she lakes up golf.i | even thoiiMh sin secretly hates the thought of hilling a n undcpemlablc I little ball. He .say.s "Gosh, she'.s a knock-out'" a f t e r walching ) Myrna L<i.v on the .screen- and for ihe , lu(h Milled next week she tilts her head to one side whenever makes a whimsical remark. He eritici'/es her and she tries to de- lend herself or else lake refuse in tears. All lhat i.s true of one type of woman. Whelher she is fifteen or forty, she- i.s willing hi throw her own like.-- iinil dislikes, her own beliefs and ideals overboard in order to become slu With the Hempstead Home Agent By MELVA BULL1NGTON Livestock Prices Informal ion received from the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. United Stoics Department of Agriculture, indicates that prices for well-finished cattle and for lambs arc likely to continue near present levels for the next few months. Prices farmers receive for hogs, however, are expected to go down some at they usually do during the late fall and winter months, Mr, Smith See Our Silk Dresses L A D I E S' Specialty Shop the kind of person she thinks tho man she loves wants her to be. And what of the man in the meantime? He is in love. too. In the beginning, at least. Does he wear yellow neckties because the likes yellow? Does he smoke a certain brand of tobacco because she thinks il .smells nice? Dues he take up golf because she spends her afternoons trying to cut down her score? Has he ever changed Ihe part in his hair in the hope of looking a little like Robert Taylor, who she thinks i.s wonderful? When she criticises, does he tr.v to justify himself, or does he go out and slam the door behind him? It must be a pretty disappointing experience for a man lo fall in love with a girl because she seems different Irom anyone else in the world only lo find lhat she is, after all, willing and eager lo become any kind of person .she imagines he wants her to be. It must be rather disappointing to be lhat girl, and as Ihe years go by find yourself a shadow of a stronger, more unchangeable jx-r.son. A shadow lhat even in your own eyes seems dull and uninteresting betide the women who have stayed themselves—in .spile of love and passing years. (Copyright 1937, NBA Service. Inc.) FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with all conveniences, $50 and up. Also homes> on easy payments. See A. C. ERWIN Phone 15S or 194-AV. At the Rlalto Cerlnin that there will never be another picture like it, Osa Johnsdn resents Martin Johnson's greatest adventure, the pictorial climas of his career in "Borneo," at the Rialto Wed- icsday and Thursday. Termed by Lowell Thomas, the picture's narrator, as (lie isle of the incredible, of the inconceivable, and of the impossible, "Borneo" is a ^larlling piclure record of sights seldom or never seen before by civilized nan. A land where lall stories come true, Borneo is the place where fish climb trees, where snakes fly and oysters grow on trees. Deep in the jungle monkeys have "schnozzolas," nead-huntcrs lurk, Murut men brow death, and the raging "devil-beast" iolds the land in A reign of terror, Truman Talley supervised editing of the film, with continuity by Lew hi- and Russell Shields. "Borneo" was produced by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson. pointed out. But even with this usual decline, hog prices are expected to average at least as high as a year ago. The Bureau's reasons for this expectation include the prospects for a smaller tonnage of hogs for market than a year ago and continued good consumer demand for meats. About an average corn crop is fairly certain for Ihis year. Therefore, with prospects for lower corn prices and a relatively high level of hog prices the bog-corn price ratio will be very favorable for hog feeding and hog production during the fall and winter seasons. The improved feed- grain situation also points to an increase in tho number of cattle and lambs fed this ylar, particularly in the corn belt, Mr. Smith stated. In mid-September cattle prices reached the highest level in about 17 years largely because of the marked shortage of grain-fed cattle in the slaughter supply. Prices of well-finished cattle are expected to continue relatively high, County Agent Smith said, at least until increased supplies of grain-fed cattle become available next winter and spring. The outlook for sheep and lambs • •• -•'""• ' '•' '---•- -^ - —r-, .--I has changed but liltle ftnd ihdifia* lions are for a favorable price oft next spring's lamb crop. Sunday in London virtually starts at 1 p. m. Saturday. Most of the stores and offices close then and the City takes on a funeral air. Mothers! Treat Children's Colds This Proved Way More mothers use VapoBub than any other medication of its kind—they have proved it by use in their own /-^ s->i homes. It was Juri^a / 1 ^ er voved in the JJiMC j'-t world's largest colds(?'' YY/'Yl clinic. No ^'dosing"— (L - J 11 I i I JustmassageVapoRub 11 il r---11 on throat, chest, and back at bedtime. Almost at once, its poultice-and-vapor action starts tp loosen phlegm, relieve irritation and coughing, help break local congestion. Of- & m»****£* ten, by morning m m I *~ mf Vfe the worst of the \f 9\*W\^ cold is over. W VAPORUB COTTON LOANS We arc now making Government Cotton Loans. Bring us your cotton for quick service. Jett Williams & Co. 1937—The Penney Year Dress Well in Penney's Clothes For Less. Compare. Moslem Customs Due for a Change i Marriage of Kin.u; Farouk and Farida /uli'ikarto j He Different CAIKO. -i.l'! Kim.' Faroiik of Kg\p' just up and popped Ihe <|iieslion. An Fanda Xulfikar, Hi-ycai -old daughtci i of an Egyptian nobleman, said, "Ye^ 1 Sounds natural enough. Hut hi A oh boy. in F.gypl that's news. And n only ihe beginning. i What will Farida do about Ihe \.il for instance. Will .she wear it in public? i Look Out, Old fuslmns '. This betrothal bids fan to up.-i i Moslem customs Ihal are centuries ol.;. ' 'For example: In Kgypt. until n : centiy. a bridegroom necer .saw I:,i fiancee until their wedding night if a young man wanted lo mai r.\ l.> approached a "khaiubeh." a worn..-. whose business it was to help me > [ seeking brides. She visited families with d.iughli i .., r t/\\ ADULTS ONLY Colored JJalcony lOc *** *** *»* *** *»* *t* *»* *** *** *t* *** j the special primary election which '. ! said would be held tu :-eleel 111., ;i: i censor as Second DiMiict ivpie-,eiii live. Mr. Miller >aid: "1 shall not take ,,nv part .u 11 'selection of my Miccessoi m il,, hi , I ond District. The people of that di- ( triel are plenty capable of srU.vii: ; their own congressman." j He said he expected lo letmii to b , Soarcy home Unla\. iesl a leu ila\ rJ • : and "go fishing if I have ihe lime 'Jvt'" 'spare" Then he will \uinl up Ins ;. 4.UCJ fairs as a representative, and m.il preparations tu attend Ihe special si' sion in hi': m-\v rule of I'liili-,* Sl.it' of a marriageable age, accompanied by the man's female relatives. Together they made their choice, and if the approved—and he made his decision entirely on their description of his future wife—arrangements were made with the girl's parents for payments j of Ihe dowry. ' This was money or property given 1 to the girl's parenls by the bride! groom in exchange for their daughter. 1 This custom is being dropped grad- upally among educated classes in Kgypl, but it never was observed bet- ) ter than at the court of ihe late King Fuad, Farouk's father. Kuad Was a Stickler Fuad was a stickler in such matters. Queen Naxli. his widow, spent most of her life in Ihe royal harem until Fuad died. On Ihe rale occasions when .she I drove ibrouijh ihe streets of Cairo she \vas heavily veiled. And now Kgypt is wondering what Farida will do about the veil. Farouk is known to have discussed Ihe matter with Shekih Moustapha el Maraghy, rector of A/.har University and heaed of all Moslems in Kgypt Sheikh Maraghy i.s progressive recently he introduced ionises in Kng- lish and Japanese inlo his Uunisand- vcar-old un,sersd> but lie is allach- cd to ct rtain traditions. Changes Cimie Fu.il Farida. accustomed to sliorl->ku ted sport.s dresses and hciets. will find a veil irksome if she has to wear one Farouk is in love with Farida He takes her swimming and horseback iiding. and together they play leiiois and go on moonlii^ht auto drives AH this would have been impo.-Mhlc not so many months ago. But Farouk, as well as Farida. \v.is educated on western lines. The \oiing monarch had an English goviriKs-- and European tutors. Farida went lo a Catholic convent when she was eight - and remained there unul shoilly before her engagement. , Faruuk inleiuls lo briny court eti- vr Don't Miss Modern Story of a Girl Who Nearly Lost Love Chasing It Begins«... Thursday* October 21 in Star nope - i I I Ladies Selected Values in Fall Coats 100 New SPORT COATS 12 to 20 A New Group FUB Trimmed or Plain . SPORT COATS 1Z to 42 $17.50 34 to 46 Men Dress Better For Less at Penney's. New Fall SPORT SUITS a 46 1.75 Townclad mm of Quality Compare 34 to 42 $24.75 Alteration Free Yes! It's Here! Tho Dress You Want. ISO new Fall Street DRESSES 14 tu 50 Glen-Row DRESSES 12 to 38 $2.98 Mirra-Line DRESSES 12 to 40 L N N C V. C O M t Aei-css Stieet From Postofflce Where Uupc Shops and Saves

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