Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1952
Page 2
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!«f,f-« V' ¥flpw^''*"'''' -^ "^^^^ * '- M,, '* < ' '\ ;*•' >' I »-. locratsOne to Tactics r elevision It MAWI.OW >— Since the ,n»the flrit eo»m- W««t convonitwi thoy Top Radio Programs NEW VOflJOfl TonffM rtnyi; NBC — 7 Gordon Me!Ui»! 7;»0 Barlow Concert; « Donald Concert, ,, .;h*d ft l«m of |/ ««»d to TV i<?re»m* Jrt IJflMWK not**. _ MBit In A' tpchnlcrt) Wfly— Cftfnprn nholft of Oi» loVUInft of lh< Homo- ,>*onvoiillrm which pndfty rtiWiM tw « "f than lh«> ttupublfrnn. finlcnl w»y only, have ff»|)nwcrt for gtwrftHoiis — soj'liHis Homo boring ffMbkuK'd and n»m« full and ftint»H,v-~(ind the Who run them oWntt l" 0 htmtSiy ItlfHI ID (I Ul" CBS — 7 Itornllo Ifotnb1ow«j 7;30 Clortfrey T»l«nl IcouAtt; Hom«n<.'<? Drum*. ABC -T ?,' Monry f»yi« TfUw 7:30 Hox Maupin Music; I White* man Tficn Club. MBS ~».1 Concerto Pejllval; 7:30 Grim** »oe» IVot Pay; 8:M Crlma Fl«|hte<r«, Tu0*drty NHC — ft n.m. Trnvrtm; I p.m. J»rm CIW - 0 n.m. Godfrey Tlmit; I2:lfl PHI. Mn t'nrklnn ..ARC -* a.m. TVnnkfnfti Club; 1 p.m. Mnry Mnr- Kuru\ Mnnrlde..,MBS -10:30 fl.rn, Qiiiimi For A Dny,,.H»»ph«ll — MB8 of Dny Nctlwork I:M Bonton nt Chlcn«o. It wmil'i lie iisk- of fllllw p.irty l» (ftdloal elwtiKos Oil* ytmr ltt«« for tho first time DIP f» TV llOfc (Wit lUMl III) to into pollUcliins (n-r- nt their worst. IK « tfood UK- State's Death Toll for Week Stands at 18 1 By Tha Associated PreM don't Uilu> the »frlPU»ly wht-n ho MII " J6n Will taftsln »l 1IMO ,m, Thoy know from ,wlJl b« later. So thoy IImo tho nmnlmitlnK •'hove ljo«n roachud, the a ' f (tlrefldy hove prolty wwlt i tholr minds nbrnit UK* 9», And they've* known for r«> ' ' .Weeks thni HBM. to nominate con- iiojeiis, Ilka the hearer of 1/but *wet tldln««, r*oc- pendii 1ft mlnutoft—litiforw the name of so-and-no irl«H of otitiememtH thnt liltij "Tha rinin I nomlnttto it up bniiiH B llft« htfltary, JO the luitt oxptoftivc 1 sen- OOit choked with unthu- jta gtvoi out wllli tho nnini. 1 nd'80, Ulna tho nwnio pullu tl«,' which relo«fi«* the pont-up f iq.nn*d'Sn> wertihlppurw 'OP lc»«>, vending thorn ltiH nnd )I>KH!HU «mmd the 'whut, to 8 Roelal m'lmitlHt m'8, might'look UUo n I>V)HV ilancu or, If lu> HO! cnuufth, liku n Nuw Urluunn •i TH ternatorial lidateson Ime Stretch He Associated Pn»»» Dvc candldutofl for tho Homo lion for floveriwr of traveling down (\w r'clch this woeK In prepnra- -""• p. July all primary, will answer tho name [jO\u«»Um>8, compiled by 30 mlnulo Interviews ovor I'HtUo Hlatlon KUIA on fa ntithU thut'week, j> ; ,'cawpalttn|n« Uii^mh uuj, Urn > TncltcU bus sdwiiulotl hl» helicopter borne jir. Chancellor Francis t Jonoslidro has announced •'trf <?»rop«..„.. athontf nnd one , Qov, cftmpatan to n(J eteUvlty. AUy, dim, '' ' 5 tt-u tho will portions were known to hitvo dlod violently In Arkansas durJntf tho wwok ended inn! rnld« night Ten of tho (It'iilliu worn cntmod by Irnfflu iiccldontH Them wcro four drownliiR* lifjoHldiM to 20 tho loin! Mure May 23, whim the ulnlo's prolonged hont wnv<! t»\t) drouth beiinn Ono other ffitnllty during thnt period wax attributed lo haul prostration A 10-yonr-old boy, Jnmeii William Kilwm-rl of Muldrow, Okla, wus dhot to donth Nt Ft Smith His body won found In a Negro section Do*, lull* ot tho nhootlnft wore not known, Coroner Chnrloy Hubbarcl sidd Kl-yt'tir-old Don Holly drownod In iho Porrcmt City Municipal swim. mlfiK pool whon bis knee became muck In n plpo about four tout bflow Iho water's surface. A eompanlon, Billy Lone, sum- moms) lifi'guiu'dti, who mm OevuD 1 hf.ir Brlnklpy Kal- urd«y. Coroner Oordrm Mldklff l«ld Kilo drowned Friday while During the pant week In Ark.m«»» >0 people were klliwl In trnffii; ac- cMcntii nnd four drov.tn-fl Tht-rn wnn on<» reported noicW'-. <.m- iiotnl' clda nnd »m« rtcalh fro l«ftiwu* Eisenhower Group to Take Over in State 1 to ic.'i'l the w111 fit * kJ ' J 1/irOCfOf NO mO<J WAHIflNOTON -'Itio invni of Ooorgft rhlnUmj; of Now York City to rlirni t the- J)r>mi,cTittle prr-dlelontlnl n n <\ roiu>ip«f.ior,;il campaign* omoti« Amfr ir-.-iti-. i,f f'hlnnmj birth wnx imnnuiirril to- dny, 'ft ArknnxitB (I fln executive committee m«oilng hcr« Wedm?*- howc-r's pr«sltl(Millnl cnmpnlgn In ! the ulnto nnd to dlxcuxH a slntr of ! local candidate*. Jeff Spork of Frc'tichmnn'H Bayou, the OOP nominee for i ••tiior mild ypstcrdny that he would ",Kii«gc ! il" the names of two KUt>n- howor xupporlcr.i to Iho eornmlllro ;il « cainpaiiin in; I.. 'I'moaii ol .Muitgftri as slate campaign manager for Eisenhower, and Mrs. Frank McGilllcuddy of, Malvcrn as head of tl-e women's j division of Ihe Arkansas campaign.! Tindall Is a member of the exr- i eutive committee and Mrs. McGil-j licuddy Ii vice chairman of the i GOP stole committee nnd C'.KIU- mnn of the Women's Hi-publiciirn Clubs of Arkansas. j I' r<x, onp (if t):« leaders of thej rihowi'r movement In the state, | n\ rumor* thnt «ome factlo-i!! ic party want to remove GOP H<; said that the into the national '•ill elerlirm.i "in a .spirit of I v/ho also Is a member of Eisenhower confer- 'd that he is nam- Hoac-h of t.lttle Rock nri'xiition director of the i -Kiscrihower" corrimit- i this Kroup will orRan-i t anrl Democratic | •vaiit lo "work with thcM IMIp.'IIHIl." will nominate 1 Verno! 75-Pound Baby of COLUMBUS, O. \f.—.\ 7.-,-poun-t; baby was born hrrc: yesles day. i The mother is doini" fine. Shi- K "Snookie"—orn' ton hippopotamus at the Columbus Zoo. Court Review for Costello Likely NEW YORK iff) Frank Coslello's attorneys nrc going to Washington today to make a preliminary move f';r po.vsihle LT.S. Supreme Court n-vifw of the Rambler's conviction for contempt of the U.S. Senate. U.J-. Atty. Mylos J. Lane's office announi.-C'd that Costello's counsel "•'•ill i)..k Supreme Court Justice Kobc'-t H. Jackson in Washington to cnnt inuo Costello's $5,000 bail p< nrlinK iippoal. Tho Azoic Islands in tho Atlantic Occ;m an.' BH8 s<|uare miles and support n'..-arly n half million people. to remove tho hoy ofttir ho'ri boon under wnlor about 10 minute*, Kitrl Covhifilon, 11, drownod In a Htoult pond near Scarcy yoMtor- tiny. WitnAuioN Hiild tho youth drowned when he jumped from n bout Into dcHip wilier. Mo could not swim n-yonr-old Uant.i Sells of wot) Injured fatally when he apparently foil asbop at tho \vh<H-l of the car ho wan driving. Thu luitornoblU* crunhed Into a bridge on llluhway VI, about nlno mltua cunt of DoQuoon. A flO-your-old man, injured fiilnl- ly In ilu> Missouri Pacific yards at Newport lato Saturday nlr.ht, W«N Idtmtlfiyd yesterday by Uoputy Undatod VfeHl Load Ark Putalilkm Ct'i'oiHM' Jim Huberts' as Luthor iluud. Tho mnimUnl body wan fmuul by n switchman, Uohcrts Nuld Hand (address unknown^ apparently was hit by u switching freight train, Thi< body of Clarence n, Kilo ot do,, wus recovered from Intervlow; on the Llttlo Hock radio Jnck Holt will unowur MuMntlv on Mwry Tlnii'MtUiy, und Tnokotl tioxt Hl|hwuy Thu candidates continue thuii viiiorotiK campaigning this week with Gov. McMuth making his tir*t appearance In PulMtkl county Hu will speak In North Little Rook The governor Is the l«»l of tho etuutldutos to bring his to the capital city area. Itineraries for tho 4 mlltlon dollars In U>o pust Cherry of ai>pt'«i tonlulU on legro ijpnity >8t Johunlu wltli will McMoth: Monduy—RUon, Puusy, Warren, VVllmar and Monti- Tuesday—-Conway and Untcs ; Wednesday — Forointm, Ash\v«y and. Kl Dtirado; l"hur»day — North Llttlo Rock; Friday—Clarks- vlllo and Morrllton, and Saturday— 1-XveUuviUo, l>"ko \Vuddli\Bton and! Huwollvllk-, I Kop, UoyU Tacketl: Monda>— CHllhum, Grunnls, Wickes, V»nUer- voorl, Cove, LiuUtalti, Bl« fork bpurd Camp Acorn «ud Mvna; down, Uiciwsbui'ii Mineral Springs, j Nashville, Murtroosboro. C»nt-| i-r Point, Dlvrks and DcQuvtm;, \Vcdn«i>day — Saratoga Columbus, j UlU, I'tttiuiw, Garland Clly,i or ISmurson, Village McNeil,; M»«nc4ia; Thursdny — WaU-r- lou Rosstw. Chliia»ter, Bluff City, Whelon Springs, Sparkman, Prinvo | ton Cttx'lhus*?, and Camden; Friday — Hovmltugo, Hamburg, Portland Kudora Lako YilUge, MeG«h«« ttnd Kl Dorado; —Heber Sjsruxt* B»t««ville, Se*rey» Atty, Q«\, Ike Murry: and W»lnut jtMiesboro, Paragould «ud ; W«dntsday — O*cw>la. tt* * I * b w r g and formi City; WVftW Wsii MwwiWs ; Friday - UrlnkW, Augu»ta, ead Saturday Kngland and In the glassware business "hand blown" is an expression meaning blown by human lungs. • CUB BARTON for Attorney General Has more experience than all his opponents combined. Endorsed 100Cr at Home by lawyers and judges! Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. Hundreds of items reduced, that have never been reduced before... Hundreds reduced further from the first markdown. Shop and Save Over 100 New Crisp Cottons added to our markdown racks. If you've shopped before we urge you to shop again, You'll Save This is the Dress Sale you've been waiting for. 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Right And Rewrite j Today's Quotation Nature paints the best part of he picture, carves the best part |f the statue, builds the best part the house, and speaks the best art of the oration. —Emerson j " f * l " Hope ' - 1 " J *t> < «A i ' P *^ I *•*•*« '£' ' 9 .» , "V '« d»y, tortlght, scattered thund«rihloW«ris south Wednesday. Not SO, north today 1 , . „ *# Mondays high lOIj low * J ^ 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 233 . Jan. tl. t»lf HOPI, ARKANSAS, TUISDAY, JULY 15, 19S2 Mtmbws Th» Anodattd l>r*» A Av. Ni» P«W Clrtl. 3 M«l. •»»•*» •» »'• — M*l PftiCE ic Melon Fete Program and Committees The tentative program and com' mlttee organization for the Hempstead County Watermelon Festival in Hope's Fair park August 6 was announced as follows today by Dewey Babcr and Teddy Jones, C. C. Spragins who has a faith- ul ear for a good story, brings ils one back from some meeting le attended recently. The speaker (aid: "Stalin, Truman and Churchill vcrc in the court of the Magic en and she asked them to make iny request they wished — no joint chairmen of the executive flatter how impossible, she would krant it. "Stalin asked for a tornado that vould sweep all Americans into Ihe sea. The queen said that would lake a little time, but she'd figure pow to do the job. "Truman called for a sliper- btom-bomb that would destroy all >f Russia. The queen replied this, |oo, was a tough job, and therc'd a slight delay before she ac- Complished it. Then she turned to Churchill and asked what he wanted. " 'Bring me,' said Winnie, 'the biggest drink in the world, a dozen black 'cigars, and a comfortable |chair. That's all.' 'Why, Winnie,' said the queen, J'that's a cinch. I'll get you those (things rtght away.' •' 'Oh, no,' said Churchill, 'I jlon't want them right away. I irant you to wait on the other guyu first.' " Ike 'No Glory-Hopper' in War, and Humility Stands Him in Good Stead in Peace committee: Program August 6 Parade — 10 a.m. Speakers — H a.m. Band Music — Local and Dist. Candidates. Swimming Contest — 1 p.m. Model Plane Show Band Concert — 1:30 p.m. Junior Legion Baseball Game State Candidates. — 2 p.m. National Figure — 3:15 p.m. Eat Watermelon — 4:15 p.m. Queens Contest — 5:30 p.m. Band Baseball Games, square Dance, Aquatic Show, 8 p.m. Community and Quartet Singing. Executive Committee: Dewey Baber and Teddy Jones, Executive Chairmen. Finance: Lyle Brown, Robert LaGrone, Lloyd Spencer. Watermelon Purchasing and Icing: Paul McClellan, W. M. Stephenson, Lawrence Martin, Key club. Parade: Arch Wylic, Horace Fuller, Roundup club (Everything goes) By SAUL PETT Associated Press Writer Long before Lodge or Dewey backed him. long before Mlnne sola made its crucial switch the first and greatest campaigners in DwiglU Eisenhower's rise to the Republican presidential nomination were three million anonymous men called G.I.'s. Thoy made him a winner. They gave him victory in Europe and (TiBde him a symbol of free men in triumph. It is a debt he has frequently acknowledged with | general asked. was based upon the best Information available. The troops, the air, pnd the Navy did all that bravery nnd devotion to duty could do. If ony blnmc or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone." Although a million light years separated their ranks, tho G.I. frequently felt he had a real friend in his supreme commander. Just before the big push across the Rhine, the five-star general fell in step with a young Infantryman. "How are you feeling, son?" the Holt Cites Monthly Age Aid Payment By The A*sootated Press Jack Holt says that if he's elected governor, hc'1,1 see to It that "our old folks have moro than $3 Steel Strike Has Reached Point Where Main Victims Are Innocent Bystanders characteristic humility. And just what did Ike do for the j G.I.'s! and other nameless men of | the international army which defeated Hitler and Mussolini? His- monthly to live on," By SAM DAWSON steels. . , . It's the shortage In one partlou NEW YORK (m — Stoel labor- lftr klnd O f S t 0 el or another (not management feuding Is starting j,, n ovm .. n u stool shortage) which now to fell tho Innocent bystanders ls ,,| C i { | nR off stool-uslnR compa in drovos. nios one by one, That's why tlmos Thnt is why tho pressure to end I seem certain to be tougher for the strike Is at last so strong — | workers atad' management In other with Washington reportedly looking; industries — even for a time after kindly on a price increase if the The Little Rock attorney opened , c O ' m 'p", m U;s " and"~the VmTons can A good yarn — but the speaker Charley Spragins was listening to was doing a classic rewrite. What Bands: Mrs. A. A. Halbert, Mrs. he was rewriting was an old say-1 Cline Franks. ing in France. The French say: "England will fight to the last Frenchman." Democrats Redecorate Chicago Hall By HOLLEN HYNDMAN CHICAGO I/P) —The Democrats outshine their, .GQP*_|oes. in •"decorations at their convention opening next Monday if plans an nounced today are any indication The International Amphitheatre will undergo a complete decoratinj I change during the week that wil i add more color signs plain and flags than the Republicans dis played. All Republican buntings of hori-i I zontal red white and blue muslin •strips will be replaced by vertical bunting of the same colors. And the material will be pleated nylon satin. The GOP blue ceiling bunting will be taken down. A dozen 12 by iU feet American flags will replace it. Democratic party slogans such as "16 million unemployed in 1932 but practically none today" will hang in placards on balcony rails. Huge portraits of President Tru>man and Franklin D. Roosevelt will replace Republican eagle emblems in the hall. The background portrait of Abraham Lincoln wil give way to a stairway providing easier access to the main platform The gold seal of the Unitec States will replace the GOP shield on the front of the podium. The front of the press galleries will be decorated with 5-foot photo graphs of Presidents Jeffersot Jackson Wilson Roosevelt anc l*Truman. And the raw lumbe galleries will be painted gray. Outside the sprawling building the trolley poles and guy wire; along Halsted Street will bi adorned with. the red white am blue bunting. The Republicans le these bare. At the main entrance will be sign "Welcome Delegates." GO; decorators left out the word "we come." The greatest alteration in th convention site possibly will be th relocation ot. television camera positions. Frank E. McKinney Democratic National Committee chair man said a television platform will be erected in the center aisle to give viewers a hej4-QA picture of the speaker. Platforms at the GOP convenion allowed only side Exhibits: Bob Turner Queen's Contest: B&PW club Program: John Wilson, Herbert Griffin, Ben Owen, Teddy Jones. Publicity and Advertising: W. S. Oliver, Paul Jones, L. 3". Tooiey. Information, Grounds: Bob Shivers, Ray .Lawrence, Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Kinard Young. Sound System Announcer: Rotary Club Traffic: City, State and County Officers Clean Up: City, County and Farm Bureau truck Serving Melons: Lions Club and Kiwanis Club Concessions: Harry' Hawthorne, Dewey-Baber, Cecil DolaneyY W. H. Groom. toriniis and military experts differ on many points but on this much they seem to agree. Ike was the great organizer, the great welder of unity in the most polyglot force ever assembled. He worked out much of the crucial strategy. He made many of the agonizingly important decisions. And he did this with a smiling grace and humility that won many grateful friends at the front and at home. , He proved, as Winston Churchill said, he was ''no glory-hopper." It was never "Eisenhower's Headquarters" in the datelines of tho despatches only "(Allied Headquarters." He took little credit in victory but stood ready to take the raps in defeat. While Allied troops were storming Omaha Beach, he dictated this statement, which he never had to use: "Our landings in the Cherbourg- Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place "Sir, I'm awful nervous," the boy said. "I was wounded two months ago and Just got back from the hospital yesterday, I don't feel so good!" "Well" said Ike, "you and I are R good pair then, because I'm nervous, too. But we've planned this attack for a long time and we've got all the planes the guns, and airborne troops we can use to smash the Germans. Maybe if we Just walk along together to the river we'll be good for each other." And they were, This, of course, was the common touch so Important to good generals and political candidates. But more important in the liberation of Europe was Eisenhower's talent for making Americans, British, French, Poles Greeks Canadians Norwegians, Zealanders, Australians, Italians and New South his campaign address at Paris Ark last night by reading a letter he said was written by the State Welfare Department advising a Lognn county resident of Its approval for $3 monthly in old age assistance. Holt then promised that as governor he'd remedy such situations. He also outlined an eight-point program for the Highway Depart- m.ent to "remove It from extravagance, waste and Inefficiency." The points Included: adoption of the Mack — Blackwell amendment giving Highway Commissioners staggered terms: an annual audit of department relations; give state purchases full publicity; preventing members of state board and commissions from doing bust ness with the stale; discharging of "purely political appointees" i stop campaign contributions from state employes; building roads "on the basis of need," and the set ting up of car pools to stop the use of state-owned cars for private i' Ms us agree on wnge hikes and union working conditions. Jobs, pay checks, the goods you want to buy and the military need to use — nil arc casualties now. Even it the steel strike — start- Ing Its seventh week todny —• should be settled nl once, the toll among the users of stool may continue to climb for a time. Each week It Isn't settled will be tougher than the last. Already around one nnd n half million workers nrc Idle — with Africans fight together. Added to this were the jealousies of individual air forces ground forces, naval forces. Somehow Ike pulled them all together and, as Churchill said, made "great nations march together more truly united than they ever had been before." Eisenhower could joke about a Continued on Page Two some 000,000 of them In Industries that don't make steel, but must have It to keep their factory doors open. Many other workers nvo on reduced work weeks. The total Is due to increase rnp idly if industry's steel stockpiles continue lo melt. Some 300,000 auto workers will be pnyless this wcok Some say that almost nil In UK the mills start up. The hoop-la In Chicago has dulled the picture ot what la happening in steel, But last week the tempo of tho Hssnult on tho nation's o«nv oiny by tho long strike changed from slow time to on-thu-doublo. It's strangling first the factories .that miike n long list of the things vou use — auto.s, tin cans, home ippllancos, farm machinery, rai equipment. Later It could hit you. Supplies of consumer goods may be now, but they can't last forovor And factories using stool may no get back on balance- again untl Into In tho year, For six weeks Wall Street took tho strike quietly and stock price hclcj up. Tha street figured si woeks as tho doedllnc for fcellni the real pinch. Many In the stroo held thnt tho strike was just reducing any throats ot fusplus In Russell Hints Concession Civil Rights NEW YORK (/n Soto, _, Russell ot Georgia say's hei i the Democratic party to \ civil rights plonk which ( ,., plcaxo some of tho folks' m '^i port of tho country." < ",'Ms But tho Georgia aspirant to* use. LITTLE ROCK Stands: Swimming Pool opened all day, Mrs. Hammons. Band Mothers Booth: Band Mothers Coliseum. Booth: Home Demonstration Clubs Sno-Cone: W.O.W. Pop Corn: 1, V.F.W. op Corn 2: Mike Snyker and couts. Eat and Drink Stand 3: Garden Clubs. Watermelon Stand: Bob Turner and Lawrence Martin and Key lub Bulls Eye Booth: Lions club Chunck the Bottles Booth: Bound Up Club Bingo Stand: Kiwanis Junior American Legion Baseball: Edsil Nix Night Baseball Game: American <egion Barn Dance: V.F.W. or angle . |he gjatform. S. S. U. S. Is the World's Fastest Ship By The Associated Press New York City has given a rousing welcome to the new queen ot the seas, the S. S. United States. The new breaker of 'speed records for the eastward and westward Atlantic crossing tied up at a pier on the Hudson river a few hours ago. Planes zoomed overhead, ships in the harbor tooted their whistles, fireboats sent out plumes of water and bands played. It was a noisy hello for the ship which had made the east-to-west Atlantic run nine hours 'and 36 minutes aster than ever before. Now that the speed runs are iver the S. S. United States is going to take things easy. The president of United States Lines, owner qf, the ship, says future ichedules call for five day cross- Failing Korea Truce Bombing to Increase By JIM BECKER, TOKYO Iff) — Gen. J. Lawton Collins U.S. Army chief of staff said today even tougher bombing ot North Korean military targets is in store for the Communists it they "insist on prolonging the war." United Nations warplancs within the past three weeks have hurled some of the mightiest air attacks of the war at Red power plant facilities in North Korea and at military targets in and near the North Korean capital of Pyong- j n "whiTe" yans. the law He told a news conference on his return from a two-day tour of the front that the U.N. Command Is ^prepared "to use anything — except germ warfare — to protect its forces in Korea from being driven out," Collins said the controversial decision to bomb the Yalu River power plants was a routine one made as part of a "shifting bombing pattern." He said also that "within a few years we will use atomic artillery or, the battlefield." "We are making tremendous progress" he said but tested atomic artillery Is not yet ready for action for "two or three technical reasons." The Army chief repeated a state nqent he made in Korea yesterday that the Allies have "other means", than those already being used in Korea and that we could use them "|n a pinch." He said he did not consider the present Korean stalemate a pinch." The new means would be used Equalizing School Facilities Might Cut White Budget Industry could be by the end of net week. It will take weeks —even with providential iv" ....... that tho plnttk . won't plonso what you might < tho extreme liberals," "I think we're going t<* 1 platform at Chicago that V _ all stand on," Russell sftld | yesterday at a news confero'hT Ho nlso reiterated pravloua^ ments that ho expected no," revolt similar to that ot ar Russell commented on,t o c r a 11 c presidential ft battle at his news meet! _ later last night on the C61J Broadcasting System's scope" television «how. Those wore, some of hljf ments on tho various can Himself Ho will eratlo nomination ballot and bo et thoi )y the strike ended to «et — A Federal Judge says that facilities for white pupils in Arkansas public schools •might face reductions in some cafe* es to insure better facilities for Negro students. Judge Harry J. Lemley said it might not always be possible to better Negro facilities without reducing white facilities. The judge was discussing the possiblity of working out amicable settlements of several pending suits which challenge segregation in Arkansas schools. He said that although reduction Ally. Gen. Ike Murry nnd Chancellor Francis Cherry also hll nt the highway depnrttnenl last night in their campaigns for the Democratic nomination for governor. Murry said at Searcy thnt until his office ruled it unlawful for a state highway commissioner to sell to the state, Commissioner Truman Baker of Scnrcy had sold more cars to the stale than all other companies combined, He said that "political Influence cun and will be eliminated from state purchasing," and thai ho would ask Ihe leglslalure to pass a 1 bill to reorganize Ihe Fiscal Control Board. Judge Cherry said in a radio Interview at Little Rock thnt if elected governor he would work for n long range highway construction nfeogra.m to insure that money ear- 5?Kt r~'l.. t: _'J " *^*J" T V.twt*».»n »•«' '^itnff 1*1'* VwJ furnaces going full tilt ognln, nnd to fill nil the pipelines ot specialty schools requires sounds harsh approximately equal facilities and its a just law." One such suit, involving tho Hughes school dist. of St. Francis county, was settled yesterday when Negro school patrons accepted an offer for improvement of facilities for their children. rked for*' highways' "Would' be spent for state roads. The Jonesboro chancellor answered a series of questions sen in to Station KLRA, The same set of questions will be asked each candidate on successive nights this week. .Rep. Boyd Tackett, announcec the probable location of a fcdera land Reclamation Bureau office in Arkansas. Gov. McMath visited th< $279,000 Cleveland County Mem orial Hospital at Rison. He said that "building hospitals like this i. the way to defeat socialized medi cine." Oregon has the fifth largest per centage increase in population in the nation during the 1940-50 per iod, according to Department o Commerce figures. Out in the Country You Get Away From It All, But Can't Get Away From Each Other Truman Signs 'Fair Trade' Pricing Bill WASHINGTON — From now on, retail prlcc-rulllng on trndo- narked or brand name merchandise Is Illegal In any ot 45 stales if .some kinds ot stoel. They argued that tho cost of tho strike In loss of steel output and close-down expenses was coming In large part out of steel earnings that would otherwise bo tapped by tho Treasury us "excess profits." No Break in Sight for U. S. Wrapped Up in Humid Heat By The Associated Proa* Another day of hot, muggy weather appeared In prospect for areas In tho Eastern third ot tho notion today. Pleasant summer weather was tho outlook for most other purls of the country. Tho Midwest got refreshing breezes and rain to break the boat Qen. Eisenhowoy.U . :« Sen. Bates Kofnuver of Te boo — Ho will lead on ballot but will tftlter af.tpi vr , Vlco President Albch'flW* his age (74) is against hlmfl ho wore 10 or 12' years ' h» undoubtedly would to natod. j <<; Mutual Security Dlreow Hnrrlman — Ho is the pu,, B dldato tar tho full civil rlghfsi gram and wants "a doufojti >J ot tho Now Deal and "Fair RuRsell said he would ha.V voles on the first balloti; 1 '" only to Kefnuver. Tho F , soclatod PrtoBH tabulation hft$ tauvor on top with 2f~" Russell not With 117^. Tho Georgia senator wm Chicago today, first stoppt ut Washington. RSI nnd ,tho Gulf states northeast- wnrd to the Eastern Great Lakes nnd New England. . manufacturers first fix prices by warm and humid wcnthor ot ngreemonts wilh one or more ro- past several days. tollers, within' u state's boundaries. \ The hot b«,H exlundeo; from "President Tru.mnn ^ yoster duy signed n federal fair trade | law, ratifying such agreements In states having fair trade Inws, The federal measure requires nil merchant In a state with fair trnde Inws to charge the retail pi-Ice sot by the manufacturer, whether or not they sign the agreement, If at least one retailer hns signed such an agreement.' In this respect, it supersedes n 1051 Supremo Court decision that merchants who did not sign the agreements could not bo required lo observe the fixed price. Enforcement will be up to the 45 stales — nil except Missouri, Texas and Vermont — having fair trudo laws. Signing the controversial bill, President Truman said It will eliminate "certain unfair competitive practices and thereby will help T,' 4 Hurt When Howitzer at Camp Bursts small businessmen business." to stay In ohly U the Beds launched a drive tjiat seriously threatened U.N. forces the general indicated. He said "new weapons are never as effective the second time around." Th general added however that By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK 1/fV-The first thing a couple does after buying a place in the country is to start having weekend guests. This is because they make a surprising discovery. They find that In the snug retreat they yearned for V'to get away from it all" they have a new problem— they can't get away from each other either. So they start inviting weekend guests. And that serves a double purpose: 1, It gives their rural Eden the thorns that every paradise needs. FT. SMITH, Ark,: One oskai Hotel Goei a tire raced, through the > cor Hotel hero early yu*t.| ollng the three-story str two hours and. leaving d ;; person (Jd»d,', ' • „„* Police afclet Floyd .Clowl five persons as missing,r eight wel'fl 1 hoipltallzed'.w.lj Clawer unjijl'tho toll mays t up flrom,eri'Start probing^ of the wowen building " " .He,RlWhtpi'-out " the i 290 pet-Ions regl§.v. hotel Wd tWbdrted, In' The telepronipter ' a paper roll- ..ng dev^e fallowing speakers to ^ead thejr te^t\wj^|ut ap to do so will be eliminated. A Democratic spokesman sale the prompter would not, be. usec because of the different platform set up for TV. He sajd the com mittee expected, no hardship on speakers and would cause no difficulty. The Democratic presidential as pirants will have their public head quarters in the Conrad Hilton Hotel as did the Republicans. Sen. Estes Kefauver will havi Sen. Taft's layout Sen. Robert S |^rr of Oklahoma will- take ove Qgp. Eisenhower's headquarter area and Sen. Briejn McMahon o| inherit* Stwsej> U.S. Eighth Army would not be 2 It prov ides them with some • •-•• «- ---» —•*,-. — pushed out of Korea without an outside power throwing considerable weight into the struggle." He said he U.N. could even push the Reds out of North Korea "U ye thought it was worth the cost," ings — the same as the big British ships, the Queen Elizabeth and Mary. Mrs. Clarence Ross, 48, Dies in Hot Springs Mrs. Clarence Ross, 48, formerly of Shover Springs died at 3 o'clock yesterday alternoon in Hot Springs. She was the former Krroa Verger. The funeral will be held at Shover Spring* Wednesday afternoon i Pullman Car Strike Due on July 29 CHICAGO (41 — The Order of Railway Conductors has threatened to strike against the Pullman Company July W unless the firm increases itsjjjourly wage offer by a little more than 1 cent. The walkout would a«ect most at 1:30. Rev. in *~ Roberts is Burial ofjteerl, meeting yester OR strike unless tbe com one to talk to—and criticize — besides each other. Nothing brings a host and hostess closer together than their mutual disapproval of their house guests. The relationship between 8 weekend guest and his host and hostess is one of the most complicated rituals of American civilisation. What is the problem of the guest? He has a double duty. He must be neither a complete bore nor an utter boor. And yet he must make himself at least slightly ri diculous, or those who entertain him will feel cheated. People who own country places love to trade tales of the strange antics of their house guests. So, ii you behave yourself with perfec propriety, you frustrate your hos and hostess. They have nothing to brag about themselves when their neighbor says on Tuesday: "Well, we certainly bad an od< one over thi* weekend. After he left we found h« had been paying himself tick-tack-toe with » blu pencil on the bajrootn w»ll." handy to a guest who wants to achieve this goal: 1. If the phone rings just as you have tossed one of the host's children high in the air, don't run and pick up the receiver. Wait and catch the child first. 2. Never go Into the kitchen unless the hostess first hands you an engraved invitation. 3. Don't merely chuckle at your host's jokes, or say, "I've heard that one." Roll on the floor In laughter. 4. Get badly sunburned. Suburbanites never really forgive a week end guest who refuses to get sunburned. . S, Bring your own towels. Hostesses secretly hate guests who, actually use those dinky overgrown napkins they drape around the bathroom and which carry such cute embroidered messages as Put your paw tracks Iwsre." 6. If they get out the cards for little game of canasta, be sen The ides to your host MR jaMUHW* TfW viff-v m c depart But, ho said It also will "remove some competitive force which otherwise would operate' lo help keep prices down." . Ho asked Congress to study the question further next year in the hope of finding a butler solution. Production of Oil Declines Fractionally TULSA, Okla. W — Only six states showed lower output during the week ended July 12 but the weight of their declines caused the dolly average crude oil and condensate production to fall to 27,900 barrels, the Oil and Gas Journal reported today. Total dally average production compiled by the Journal for the week was 6,081,540 barrels, Texas more than accounted for the net loss, dropping 32.B7& bar- rells to 2,502,675 barrels. The other big losers were Kansas down 6,400 barrels to 325,000; Illlinols, off 2,100 to 16,400 and Indiana down: ,80- flrq h*ad.died 4owti delD radio and newspaper pi The one listed vtctti titted as Bill yi * Freight Wne|_.., .. in a hospital of ourfiR Clowev said the flrey'j Ible and lose. Don't win. Do you think the host expect to pay out f his own pocket for all the hot weekend. veekendu 7. Hand your hostess a "gues nsurance" policy on your arrival This will cover the damages if you su down on her antique sofa and break it. 8. Bring a gift they can use to lake their country home more liveable. A small station wagon is always acceptable. 9. Do something zany, such 98 standing on your head after every meal end explaining: "It's the only way I've found to confuse my ulcer," That'll give them tb4«g to t*u the you have gone. - IS** horna soldier was Injured serloudly and three others hurt In the explosion of an artillery piece on a Camp Chaffee, Ark, firing range near hero yesterday. First Lt. John H. Mawn, camp public Information officer, said Pvt Melvln R. Kolly of Anadarco, Oklw, who received shell fragment wounds of the loft arm and chest, was Hiitud as seriously injured, Invcstlgotlng Army offlor ors (whose names wore not re- Clower saw leaned) sold tha soldler» were -fir. Started 'on the Ing high expjoijtve,' shells from a 105 millimeter* Howltfeer from' point blank range at.movU\g t/irgets.^ Tho Army-i'roport «ald on' appa7» ent malfunction of a fuse caused. the shell to explod Howitzer barrel. % The Injured soldier* were mom- bers of the'35th * Field Artillery Bin., u unit of tho 05th Organized Reserve Corps which Is participating in a 2-week summer training program. Mawn identified the Ictm seriously hurt as: Pfc, Tony Tayler» Anadftrco, Okla Pfc. Max 0, Sims, Eakiy, Okla., and Pfc. Orble G. WUPurn Hudro, Okla. 'Another spokesman said u»e of the particular type of »hells that landing of this city's cat — and <?We»t •**' b< joomed • rapidly rc-i^ tinder-dry wooden stair! ing tho third-floor apparently caused the explosion had been suspended until the In query is completed. 1,300 to 31,900. Oklahoma was the bi«ge»t gain." er, up 8,300 barrels to '8*8,600 barrels. Louisiana wasso 3,125 b.arr.«l advance to 870,950. '•' - ; .» Arkansas and North Dakota each were up 600 barrels to 81,100 and barrels Nominator of FulbrighH* Undetermined If J.1IWT' —^» — —•«— - -*-Tf _,-..-._ -,_ - r ..,. . K .. s _- .- it gains of 500 barrels eacfi were fejf-1 ocratlc cow * ?. . i ji.i J~ «_.£ 1ir...«._J_~4l Mnf *4a«UfMl i istered by Colorado and Wyoming to 84,00 and 188,000 respectively iy Tbt .„ . New steel talks have ftarted. in) after Pittsburgh to try to ftod n way? I Coy, to end toe month and & tifllf cjM "-- npt name ol tor the ' Fred Pickun* each

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