The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT heir Disposition Trouble Spot Reds Meet Boston Rcc Sox; Gianls, Indians To Play Ey Unital Vim COLUMBIA. S. C., April 2. (UP) —Bucky Walters for the cinclnnnli Reds and Rookie Herb Hash for .tlic Uosion IIP:) Sox will lie DIP , opposing pitchers today wlicn Du' .two learns meet in an exhibition game. The Hcd Sox ran up a 9-0 oil Johnny Vanrter Mm- find Jolin Hutchins yesterday anil then coasted to a 9-(i victory over HIP Reds. JACKSONVILLE, Fill., April 2. (UP)--Tin- New York Claws (mil Cleveland Indians played the fourth game of their exhibition .••.cries today. The Chims marked up their second v.iii in three starts over the Tribe. 8-C. yesterday uc- hlr.d the effective pitching ol cliff Melton and Jim Lynn. ATLANTA. April 2. <UP)—The Brooklyn Dodgers meet the Atlanta Crackers of the .Southern Association today In the second game of their three-game exhloiticji set. The Dodgers walloped three pitchers for 20 hits and a 19-2 victory yesterday. (MX.)' COURIER NEWS i'onncr Manager Says Ace IA * I .-, ... Pitcher Cash Peclcliec [•or DALLAS, Tex., April 2. |UP)-The New York Yankees meet tiio Dallas Steers in an exhibition name today. A six-run splurge by the Yanks In the seventh Inning yesterday downed the 03.1 AHIUJIIU Missions, 9-3. FORT LAUDEROALE, Fla., April 2. (OP)—Tlie heavy hitting aid fancy fieiatng of Herman Schulle, rookie second baseman purchased from Newark last Saturday on a condition basis, led Manager Hoc Prothro of the Philadelphia Phillies to hope today that lie had plugged the weakest gap in his infield. Schulte got four for five ns the Phillies downed the Miami Beach ail-stars 18 to 0 yesterday. Today they came here to moot Syracuse. BBBEE. Ariz.. April 2. (UP) — The Philadelphia Athletics are glad the Pittsburgh Pirates arc In the National League. Connie Mack's American League club dropped a doubleheader ' to the Pirates tit Phoenix yesterday, 8 to 7 and 8 lo 5. They meet here in the finnl game of their spring series lodny willi the standing nine victories for the Pirate.? and only three for Hie A's. B1SBEE, Arlv... April 2. (UP)— Ri|) Scwetl today was to hurl for the Pittsburgh Pirates who meet tlie Philadelphia Athletics here alter winning both ends of n double header 'from the A's ysctsrday at Phoenix, 8-7 and 8-5. "Both sames were seven Innings. Manager Frankic FrLscli of the Pirates announced that Gene Handle?, younger brother of Leu. ins been optioned to Hartford. SANFORD, Fla., April 2. (UP)— First Baseman Jimmy Wasdell went on it batting spree as the Wcishing- ion otn.ttors UL-al tne bunium club of the Florida State Ls.igtu-. The Nuts whitewashed the Samorn club 15-0. Wasdell got Iwo homers, one Kiln tut- bases loaded, lie drove i., seven mns. THOMASVILLE. On., April a. (UP)—Ken Keltner of the. Uleve- .land Indians sau today tic won..-, not change his batting style of lasi year for that of W3a, wlien he hit 20 home runs. "I can do more ^oo.i by controlling my swings," he uddc;l Vernon Kennedy, St. Luuis Browne piU-her, was considered a likcW candidate lo figure in Indian deal;'. Manager r VHt watcher, him closely. HOLLYWOOD. Fla., April 1!. ,Ui', —The fit. Louis Cardir.:-,,s *cre 10 play Kocliester. a Card laim duo nt West Palm Beac.i loany. Tncy dropped a close game to 'anodic of their little brotner clubs yesterday when the Cohunau.; K«U ,ii fl< staged a ninth inning rally ,o wi:.. 2-1. A former Cardinal, Lyn Myers, singled over the winiiin tiiily. SAN ANTONIO. Tex.. April •< tUP)— An Intersquad game vv.,_ everything on the program for ilis St. Louis Browns today. Manager Frc,1 Haney was said to be hoyi p, for warm weather to improve ih-' health of his pitchers, main- o. v;!i-_n> ais suffering minor colcis. EL PASO. Tex.. April 2. iUP>~. The Chicago Cubs and \Vdite Sox ainved heie today lor a two-day inter-city series. The Sox beat ihn Cubs yesterday, 3 to C, at B,,^.., Ariz. The Sox will go lo I,iiMra:k after NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Tlie 1'liillies ilispo'oil of nms ISuck.v Wallers, left, (u (lie Hods to the Cubs last May. i|f rlghl-lianilers wlicn Ilicy sent n IDIIS and Clainle I'iisscaii risht, Hie scries and the Cuds will en- Irnin for Sim Anlunlo where they probably will pl:'k nji llic SI. Louis Uro\vns. LAKELAND. Pin.. April 2. lUI'l T)ic Detroit 'riser.i mirl Hie Wasldpgtun Senators liere today. Ilien break camp anil head north at a leisurely pace with stops for exhibition gimic.s along (lie route. Seven of Ills 13 players to he released during tlie next three weeks were cut from the staff yesterday as the Tigers defeated Indianapolis of the American Association 5-3. Pitcher Floyd Glebell mid Outfielder Pal Mullin were sent to Huffalo, find Outfielder Ned Harris. lmk-Ui- er Boyd ferry, and Pitvliors Hir Manders and Cliiv Smith to Ijcau- monl, all on 24-hour recall. I'itclier Les ploinlng WiLs released unconditionally and returned to Hollywood. John Talc, up from Benuinonl, will be one of (he additional six fanned out, Manager Uc) Baker said. Dillman And Rich Winners Sergeant Rich, Texas mat champion, was just too lough for Floyd D.vrd and won In Ills initial ap- uearnnce nt (he Lesion arena Inst night. The Birmingham roughie. however, did score (he first fall, kut found (he newcomer possessing n soli-lion for every hold. H.vrd won the first in '>0 minutes wilh l.ody slams and body pin, (hen Rich quickly swepi ihe remaining two fnJis nith tricky Japanese holds. Hii-li required but one miniili: in t'ike the second fall over llyrd. "'sin 1 . 7 a double reverse Japanese >K lock. A famous Jui jilsu hold :imm as the Japanese mm scissors •nnhlrd the Texan lo win over Byril in 13 minutes in (he linal. A rjooi! fllci-fnshloiiL'd slugging bee resulted in (he BCt-lOfether ol "Dynamite" Joe Dilimnn and C'linrles Sinkey. This was ii no time limit, no holds barred, alfulr with Dillman finally knocking Sinkey cold as a ivedue lo climax the match. The (wo wrestlers did n •nl deal of llicir fighlin); outside (lie ring amour; Ihe customers, but no innocent bystanders were Imrt. Sinkey used the front crotch rnd body slam to lake the lirsl in 12 minutes. Dillman's appliculion «f the Jim Lourtos toe hold was good for the second full in ten minutes, then In another five mill- I cirs Dillman climbed Ixick Iliroiujli the ropes to hang a haymaker on Sinkey's chin and end the match. War Metlal 21 \nrs l.ilc LETHBSIDGE. Alia. lUP) —An old i-.rta>c. --Better laic than never" mii'.it have boon applii-d (o tin- case of Major O. P. KI'CVIN offi-ev commanding the 108th anti-tank battery. Royal Canadian Artil ef The United Slates awarded him a insdil for iiis services with Unlt-d •States force.? or Hie .Mexican birder--^1 Deal's ago. Washer Keed Tuning Up? •HIST G1VK US A CAI.l, KOR BXI'KUT \VASIUN'(; MACHINE SKUVICK —All Jlakcs— PKOHE 233 We Imve secured the services of Mr. Phillip Frlc, a fnclory trained Maytag Service Man HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service On All Makes Radios—Hffrtfcrators 20C W. Main Wlonc 233 Four-Cliil) Circuit Will Have 126 Game Schedule Tlie Northeast Arkansas Baseball League will play 12(i games 111 Ihe I£HO season, it was announced .today by J. P. Friend, official statistician. Tlie fits! dame will be played May 2 and liie season will .close Sept. 1 with the split season to close July 4. The league will a»ain have four trams, Jnnesboro, Newport, Pani- goulcl and CnriithersvtUe. Mo., will! all new managers. Jonesboro will play nl Newport and Paragould at Ca'rutlicrsville ur Ihe opening days and the July J Baiucs will be pluved i" all of thr towns with Cnruthersville to play at f'aragould in the afternoon air) at Canithcrsvillf that night while Jonesboro will pby .-it Newport In the afternoon and at Joncsbor^ Hint ni^hl . !\1I (owes now hnv; H';lits for night gnmc.s- except. Newport and it possible thai Munn field will lie lighted before the season opens. An all-slur name will be played at Jonesboro July fi. ac'coi-dhr;'.'- Mr. Friend, ivlio drew up tin- schedule. All of Ihe (earns will have nmjor league bar-kin';. C'aruUi'-rsvill" v'-l be ii farm of tin- St. Louis Cardinals,- Jonesboro «ill l; ( > nltiliit -d with the CUU-ago While 3:«; Pani- Sould will agai- be clnuinmmcd bv the St. Louis Browns and Newport. formerly a fium of the Brooklyn r,od;;(.Ts. will In 1 affiliated with 1)V- i-oit. % IMItllV (JKAVSO.V NBA S>i':vlr B K|«,ru KJIlor ' COUIMIIIA. S. C., April 2~ Oeiiild I'. Nu-jcnt's hint that pi-r- haps a fast one was put over on himself and !hi> Philadelphia Nationals with (he transfer of William Henry Walters to the Clncliin:iil •i-lub, June in, HNS. ,-iies j :(111 ,. s Wilson. William If. Walters, as you k:.ow. was tin; most valuable pt.-iyi-r In the National League In 19311." Wlthoiil William Walters, 'tin- Neds would not have go I tun (o IJIIM-. let ulnae won tin; fl:i^. All Ducky Walters did was nip- lure 27 contests, and tin: majoiily I would not have let Walters go nhd would have opportu- - nity to bring in a new manager In time for him lo get, accustomed to (lie league for the following .season. "As It wa.s, I was lelt flul wilhout a manager and without Wallers, tha finest pitcher in the league. WILSON TOM.OWS (illKAT ITI'CHLIt TO CINCINNATI "Perhaps." went on President NusjeiU, "it was' one of those controlled coi.'.'cldenees that Wilson. after dismissing j;ie iiiid UK.. Phillies. !>H:m'd with the Keds as a coach itiul ul :, good salary for su;h a position. "Oddly enough, th:>rc he found Wallers, the third baseman IIP Iraiislonned into a pitcher." And here is the Wilson account. "1 don't have to tell you why Nugent peddled Wallm,' but 1 wish you'd cjuole me as sayim- v;i> .says he!:) of the II ho lost was thruu<jli or no fault of his own. run Hvrrage—2.23—IMI both Now. when Wallers swllihwl from (he Philadelphlas to the cin- cinnalis it generally was supposed lo have tic.en just another of dune Philly deals — you know, Orover i Cleveland Alexander, Bill KHl;fcr, 1 Irish, tOlck liartell. Chuck I Klein. Curt Davis. Dolph Camilli, Claude Pai-seau ... a long line. I After all you've got to pav DIP I rent. ,' j But Gerald Nugent was tellini! me thai wasn't the cnsc — thiil 1 Jimmy Wilson advi.wd him to swap Wnltei's lo the Rhlncland for Vlrijil Duvls, Al lloHuiHswoi'ih nnd Baxter .Ionian and a sum which Nugent inferred was- considerably less than the $55.000 which appears in the records. I'll ILS Li:t-T WITHOUT MAX.-UiKH AND H'AI.TKKS llack.slop Spud Davis is now with the Pirates. SoiHlip/nv Hol- llngswoilh, inclined to be beefy, went lo Brooklyn, First Baseman Buck Jordan spent 1030 with a couple of International League outfits. And just take a peck at Walter? nnd the Redlegs! "i am as food of Walters as f nm of Charley .Klein," related Gerry Nugent, a sentimental sbiil. "I didn't like the deal . . . told Wilson 1 didn't like 11. We didn't need Ihe money at the time. But Wilson seemed lo believe Davis, Hallingsworlh and Jordan would lie useful lo us. "Until llieu 1 had always backed my mamiger. I sti'iin^ along witli Wilson for five years. ' ' "Wilson wasn't fired ;is rn-ina?ei of the Phillies, lie resigned, and the part f didn't like about it was Hint he waited until (lie 1038 race was concluded before informing ! m he mndr step out "Had lie :.uld htm tor the sale priu'." (lie old Cardinal catcher. "I up (lie deal for a few days became I wanted Pcachc.s Iwvis as liic j pitcher, not llolllngswoitli. "Nugent evidently had to dispose of cither wnlu-r.s or I'lisi.can "i the time, nnd the |{«N chose Walters. "It Ls significant that I'asseau went 10 the Cubs last May. and Nugent can't say 1 had anviliing to do with that one." Gerry Nugent and Jimmy Wilson really ought to gel logeiiier. Meanwhile, there's both sides oi the story of the transfer of Bucky Walters, who pitched Cincinnati 10 its first pennant in 20 years doivn during the minute of rest and came bounding out for the second round, ready for the kill. A sweeping right hand knocked out (1) a Webster's dictionary. (2) an authentic Woolwortli copy of a Ming vase Ci> n pah of Ijookmds, and (4) Louis. "There," nurman cried as he .•.truck a pose lor imaginary pho- s. There is what f ca:i do to Louis whenever they lei uie a shot al him. Only i don't think tliure'd even lie any second roiiiKl. He's a sucker for "my kind ol fighting." "You mean this kljid of liKhtius- —up in an office building at noon, with Louis in UctroltV" T ventured' to ask from the working pivss seat on UK.' window d!l i hud taken when tlie light .stalled. "Nnw," the rci;:icad s;iid, "rijht in » ring, wilh just mi< and him nt it. iiu! tlu-y won't givu nu UU'O. They idi.'.j; in a Iniiii like Paychck and lie is so seared lie can't even hold his hands up And they talk about letting Conn fight for (he (file, uhui everylx».ly knows he couldn't hurl his sister with a slick, and is .so ;:ki:aiy Lonh would biisl him apart with 0 ,i ( . punch." 11 must lit' a (raiKiull domesti. scene indeed when Biirmau, n^inp- juJE3DAY L APRIL. 2, 1940 to up his mind in June lo so advised me in Jinv 1 Today's Sport Parade By HKNf.I McLKMOU NEW YORK. April 2. (UP)—A fellow forgets to bolt and bar his door on All Pool's Day and tile uexi tiling you knoiv a red-lieaded prizc- flglitcr with a glare in his eyr- and a grievance in his voice is knocking out Joe Louis over by the u'aslepapc'r basket. Red Bnrman was my uninvited visitor. He came in without a knock but before 'i could gel him oul he had put the knock on Jack Demp- scy, who owns part of his contract; nn Max Wnxtnun. ivho manages him; Promoter Mlk« Jacobs; Heavyweight Champion Louis, and such assorted innocents us Aituro Godoy. Bob Pnstor, Billy Conn. Tommy Parr and Johnny P.iychek. The verbal fight Biirmau waged with Louis, and wiiich saw him lift the title in two rounds, was one of Hie fiercest encounters of all lime. With Louis nol present and so unable to come to his own defense, am-inun all but killed him., Al the bell Buriuan came oul from his corner by Ihe walercooler, came to "jrips with the chnmpior. near Hie reading lamp, and drove him asainil Ihe encyclopedia stand wilh f a rain of rights and lefts. The end of the first round found Louis on his hands and ki:ecs near the lype- sey and Waxman gi-t lo^ctliei talk business. Burmaii has no \\M for cither one of them. "That Demp.sey could do me a lot of good if he wanted to, but try lo get a hold of him. He's too busy ntors, Frederick Tudoi- of Hangup, had an Idea. He'd be- a long-dls- lance ire num. Ice In the tro)>k-s. he figured, would be unusual—in fact it would be uold in his pockets From this Massachusetts town he shipped ice to Die indies. Tudor personally accompanied tin-, shlp- liii'iil to the- island of Marlinit|iie. He was richly rewarded and made many later consignments. IVAIf.VI.W OltlJKIt In tlie Chancery Cuiin, C'liieka- sawua District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Witliam Howard Thorn, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7174 Nellie May Thoiii, Defendant. The delcndai.l Nellie May Thorn Is warned lo iippeir within thirty iys in tin: court nam:-d in the ciiplimi lii'R'ol and answer the complaint of tin-pliiintjil William Huiv- ard Thorn. U.ued this 1!) day of March 1040. IIAHVI-.'Y MOiUlLS, Clerk. Ally, lor pill, Kd (j. cook Ally, ad litcm Mi-ill Heed 19-2U-2-9 of Superintendent or schools In Biii-dfltc, Arkansas. The district will reserve the right ( 0 reject am and all bids. Given this 20 day of March. llitO. BURDEITE SPECIAL SCHOOL IU«TR1CT OF MlivjIiiSll COUNTV. ARKANSAS. H.v C. G. Smith. President " II "- AWrj '- a* Courier rJnws .N'OTK'C Of HON'tj SAM'. Notice is hm>by (jjyi'ii that the Uurdclle Special School District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, will olfc-r fur sale for cash at publi -sale ili- issue of f-l'j.O'JO in ivlund ing bonds dated January I, ly-ia bearlni! interest at th = rate of ' l ' : -' li lle> ' an num from date, until U mntu """ «" Januar i HOW HE FOUND SIICKER,OU!CKER ROLLED SMQKES! f IT AllsP 1 TAKE YEARS TO (.EARN TO ROLL PERFECT JMOKES EVER TRIED Ai PRINCE ALBERT? IT'S CUT TO LAy RIGHT-TO ROLL £A$y, - e s 100 misy • with that night club and rcst-unant I P ' n " U lmumill S ° [1 January of his to bother with me. The Urns " lcl1 Jl( ' ! "' ns lol l°'-vs: he sets llirougli making up what tliey gonna serve lor dinner and slinking hands mid signing auto-' graphs and flying all ovcr°hell to referee fights and wrestling matches, its winter again." What about Manager Waxman? Doesn't he have the best interests of his fighter al heart a:id bound from bed wilh the sun (o further his cause? "Yeah. Waxman bounds all right, 1!U2 to last), itiL-lusive, S2,C'JO 1951 to 1880, inclusive, $2,5t)0 19«1 SS.CQO The sale will be tieid at 10:00 A. M., April 19. 1D40, in (lie office but he bomulj at a rating lorr^ .„ get his parlays lined up: He's horse crnisy. Maybe if 1 was a thrne- ycar-old inuddcr he'd pay mo more mind, ft ainl' helping any to have Dempsey and Mike Jacobs sore at one another. Not when Mike ruiv, boxing the way he does." . Biirman gave me a rallier full description of his life, but 1 \vil! omit his early youth and schooling, and his summer vacations with various aunts and uncles, and simply tell you that he is the o:ily man ever to knock out Buddy Knox. who he says is much tougher than Fort Knox; that he beat Eddie Blunt who gave GaJcnto a '.re- mcndous struggle; that he has beaten Steve Hildas, a conqueror of Bob Pastor, and that he holds a decision over one Edouaielo Primo. a select Argentine beef who once licked Godoy. Also, lie has beaten Parr. So. you see what a fellow get' from leaving his door unlocked. Shipped Ice Long Distances In 1805 SAUGIJS, Mas.-. (UP)—aack writer desk niul all but done' for. j 1805 when 'there weren't icc-mak- Bin-man wa.s loo fresh to even siting machines or electric • refriger- — sitys the majority! This "notniLli.lticii" whiskey is (lie largest selling striii|*li( lioiirluni whiskey in (he world. BFT! AND HOW'S THAT PRINCE ALBERT SOMETHING! PA MAKES A1E FEEL LIKE UN EXPERT ROLLER fllREADV! AND RICH, TflSTV BOOV? fTna roll-your-own cigarettes In every handy pocket tin of Prince Albert We have carload Pedigreed I>. i'l. and Slonevillc Seed. Also large amount of same kind that Jias JMY'ii planted lierc one year See or Call Vrrv liberal yciur nld seed. L THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids do not and cannot correct themselves Rehei 11 om ointments Is, illusive and temporary. Ne»lrct results in further and more serious and dangerous conditions such as cancer, fislula, fissure, cryptilis. thrombotic piles otc From these develop tlie following reflexes: nervousness, sleeplessness, constipation, despondency, lieadachq.-. hack and leg ache. etc. All types of rectal diseases are lafei care of in our ollice without hospitalizntion. All accepted ;: c4scs' gi'tnrantrcU : Main St, DRS. NIES & NIES IMPROVE MOTOR PERFORMANCE PRiCfeMREASES __ At Premium Grade Price i.ioil Klh} I is di-Mpi,,-,! for (he inotoriM >-ho Hants (In- hi|>lii>i aiili-kiincd valiur coupled Killi iritlnni b larIin B , tight- ning-fiui Accclcrntion, mid floailj, foarilig pow.T. If ,„„ ban | "record'' |ii-rforninnrc — \\w Lin,, Klhvl! At Regular Grade Price I.ion Knix-Knox is • nr<xlucl ill*! will Mand nn ils own nicril. tl provides lircniium prrformancer nl rrpular price. L f si'. Knixr-Kilnv and rnjoj l>iRh antiknock, quirk jtart*:, inslnnl |u>HCr, and long mili-DKO. KEEPS ITS PLEDGE OF PRODUCT LEADERSHIP In offering il,,-, r ,t, m . „,,„._ ; m ,, rmr ,| ,, n , 0 |; ncs [.ion ondc more fulfills in |>roinls» lo AlwD,, ,,ro,Mc ils patron, *itl, oulslmiciinc petroleum product.;. With ninpK- farilhirs for rc^carfli nn,l ,|,vrlopmrnt, I.ion i< conslanll) cn^ngcil in rinkin- in n iro\fmrnu *hicli n >Mirr ll,»l I.ion products will, •! all llmrj, mecl Ihe incrrnslnel)- cxurlinp rn|itim>iriiu of mm!or;i innlnrs. Try the gin,K- of N PH |. ioil Gasoline best mitcd to jour nrcils. You'll I',,,,] i, , 0 h c „ ] C8|!( . r .„ ils d»« . . , liontMl. described nml fairly ]iriccJ. HIGH AN.TI-KUOCKS At Thrift Grade Price Linn Thrift (Irade (;a^olillr i; always •li-pendalilc for rasy Mnrlinp. full pov.- t-r, and IOIIR mitaigr. ll i s ini ,J c f or l!ic nuitorisl «ho *nnls n gooil gasoline nl a Muinj;. Tlirifiy molurisls will iboronglilv npjirnn; I.ion (Insolinc. POWER Milt ACE ^ LION OIL REFINING COMPANY EL OOHOQ, R A DE

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