Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1934
Page 3
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ftM, HOPE STAU, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAOE M«s. Sro HENRY ocietaj NRY 111 [ 111 TfiLEPttoNtf 821 'o tirtia havo wo for the Yesterdays, Nor Kirn have.wo for the Tom'Orr6\VS! Our store of stmi.ftth but meets the Tcslays ' With their fullness of smiles arid sor- ro\vs: Past and Future trifles he- Each day has enough for me: Tho Past Imd its place in'the scheme of things- It.- rigors, its Recompense's, Anguish antl loves and glamorous dreams Filling and-thrilling our senses:' Willinjaly that's laid atva-y— Quito'enough has each Today. Hidden af;(r in the Future's folds Nothing you know, nor do I; Thru to its brim we shall find each Today Giving and gathering gladfully: Past and Future trifles he- Each day has enough' for me.—J.F.S. The Alathen class of the First Bap- list Sunday school, Mrs. Hugh Jones, teacher. \Vill meet Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the homo of Mrs. A.D. Brannan, Floral Hill farms. The Young Womens Circle of the First Methodist church held their Sep teml*r meetini! at the Fair Park with a pitfnic lunch. The devotional was given' by Mrs. If. O. Kyler. with Mrs. Joe Lusetcr presenting the program. Others taking part on tho program were' Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Guy rd, after which a most tempting :nic lunch was served. o Tho Womans Missionary Society of the First Baptist church mill meet on Monday morning at 8:30 at the church. The Bible study will be conducted by Mrs. Hugh Smith. Mrs. J. H. Williams and Mrs. Jack Williams wore Friday visitors in Little Rock. Dwlght and Hoyt Andres loft on Thursday morning for Waco. Texas where they wil enter Baylor University. Mr. and Mr;;. Tom Kinscr will spend the week end in Hot Sprinngs, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Tedrick. Misses Inez Taylor and Fern Garner will leave Sunday for Arkadelphia to enter Ouachita colleg for the coming term. Leaving Sunday for Magnolia, to . enter the A. and M. College there are Misses Frances Enson, Elizabeth Kent and Blanch Light. o Mi-, and Mrs. W. T. Franks will have as week end guests, Mrs. Frank's .<;istcr, Mrs. E. I. Crank and two chiltl- rcn, Helen and John of Prescott. Miss Nancy Clark, who has been 1he guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Green left Friday f6r her home in Arkadel- & '• SOFT BALL Sunday Afternoon p.iii P'li'i- ° -on J till i ell K, o .ou Admission 15 Cents Hollywood Bound She 'II Soon' Leave Sunflowers for Orange Blossoms Island' Saenger Sunday Written' to Amuse Youngsters, Gave Its Author Immortal Fame Two hundred' million brtys" in all parts of the world, many of them now grown men, have read "Treasure Island*." Booksellers' statistics shov» that no printed volume, ex'cepf (he Bible,..e'X-' ceeds.this story of pirates in-yein* to year sales. "Best sellei's" bt each' li months sflririg upy ha'i'C thief*' Reach No Verdict in Murder Trial Jurors in Case Against Shuffield Deliberate ' Several Hours and are' promptly forgotten. Imtnor-' tal life, h6wever. sc?ems to have tou'ched the book of piraterf wllkjfifhe 1 kind-Fieart'ed Robeft Louis Stevenson \VTO(O to amuse tho children of'rcla-' lives and neighbors. Now this greatest adventure story of literature' has found its into a .hisi like another gun: is sunflower. Lorcim Laywon appears in IjiiK pose, bubbling over with happi- ncs-i;. as she liiok^ ah.'ail to her autumn marriage 1 . I,ort-iia's imp of the most promising among the younger ar(n-.«>-i>.s t lti the Hollywood Him colony, coiiihirrin.e: talent with striking beauty. The lucky mart is Daniel Jj.ml-.fi', Jr.. innel. prominent New York and Hollywood advertising jnnii. - ' Vory much nnnoyod by rumors she'll nlarry Peppy d'Albrew, the blonde and alluring Peggy ilop- kins Joyce on her arrival in New Vork from the lUviera vehcTnen-t- ly asserted slio hardly knew the gentleman. When the cameras 1 woro trained in her, however, she brought out this sunny smile, foi she's Hollvwood bound. CHURCHES FIRST CHRISTIAN CIKIRCII Guy D. Holt, Pastor Bible school will start promptly a 9:4. r ). Be in your place. Worship hours 10:45 a. m. and 7:3' p. m. Note change in time. Subjects: Morning, "We Must Keej Faith," evening "Almost." Let in start all services on time. Wednesday night weare to gather a the 'Church Bungalow' for a Sacrificial banquet, given in honor of the Sixteenth Birthday of our Unilec Christian Missionary Society. Eacl The members of the Thursday night one will be expected'to make an of club woer guests of Miss Alice Mae fcring which represents a real sacri- Waddle for Thursday evening at her fice, all of which will go to Missions home on South Main street. Guests You are urge dto attend all services ether than the club members were: Misses Helen Bowden and Marie Black. Tho high score favor went to Miss Elaine Reynolds. Following the game, delightful refreshments were enjoyed at Morcland's. Fulton Tho Fulton home demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. T. H. Seymour on Tuesday, September 4 at 3 o'clock with seven members present. Miss Griffin was in charge of the demonstration which was frozen desserts, homemade ice cream and sher- OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE llilli Sunday Afler Pentecost 0:30—Study "Our Sunday Visitor." 10:00—Mass Prayers. 0:30—Bible Stories. 7:30—Benediction with the Mosl Blessed Sacrament. Discourse: "We pray—Thy grace may always precede and follow us." FIRST METHODIST CHURCH E. Clifioii Rule, Pastor "God's Call" will be the pastor's SU1 l;\ t ll\Jll!(_llUllli: jL^i-i'-i.iiiiiii»i.«.THV-i bcrt. Everyone enjoyed a very proas- subject at 10:5H o clock Sunday morn- ant social afterwards . The meeting I i"g. T ''e organ prelude will be by adjourned to meet with Mrs. Herbert, Luther Hollamon. Miss Murphy and Cox on October 5. (Mr. Walace will sing, "Somewhere," .»«<». by Parks. Peru has issued a decree prohibiting! "The Groat Invitation" will be the all agricultural, industrial, and com- I tubjcct at the evening service. This mcrcial enterprises from reducing the "^'"C 'f llt 7 i 3( J u0 ' clo ^ k ' instendtiof wages of or discharging laborers. "' " -'•-'---' - ' u ~ " —"-- 1934 gets its biggest thrill from this mighty film treasure! —tho screen's most lovable pair together ride (hi- seas n-f adventure! TONITE tSat.) Double Program medy antl News Wallace BEERY —and— Jackie Cooper With the screen's greatest character actor— TRtASU /X ' r.'i'f ISLAND In the- cast too, are:— I.civis Stone, Otto Krugvr and Chic Sale They bring you now the greatest tcrtcii treasure in years—heart- touching, pulse (jiiickening, thrill- packed romance, brought to life I Kim the adventure classic by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON SUNDAY-MONDAY +* WM & TUESDAY Don't forget—Wed-nite is "BANK NIGHT" at 8 o'clock, as in the summer months. Revival services have been held at the church during the past week. The interest has been growing. The services will continue during the coming (week. There will be morning meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9:30 o'clock. G'n Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday" and Friday evening services at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Routon will play and Clifford Franks will lead the congregational singing. The church school will meet at 9:45 c'clock. There is a class department for every age group. The adult classes are extending a special invitation for the day. The young people's groups will inee( at 7 o'clock. HUEY LONG (Continued from Page One) come famous because, in this raini- ment he had received'the officers of a German warship, paying their respects to the governor of the host state. This episode rocked the nation with joy, and also rocked diplomatic chancellories, but not for joy. Sound Tnicli Champion When Long came upon the scenr- the sound truck twas an obscure irritant in the advertising world. Long too kit and made of it a political machine. He bough an outfit and campaigned from it. Tho novely appealed and the machine enabled him to speak to the most distant backwash of the crowd. Ho bent radio to his ends. Practically every newspaper in the state was against him. Long tossc-d his voice into every home in the state. Naturally, he was against every newspaper, and this was his principal campaign issue. Huey has a pleasant voice, a plausible- delivery, and a man-to-man style that nukes friends and convinces even those who know better. He is not well educated (formally speaking) and be is naturally uncouth, but he makes himself sound nicri! ungrammatical and crude than he really is. He gives the impression that he is a poor boy struggling up, one of the people, and the double neS- tives and the ain't gots are of course in tho majority. Stresses His Crudity He's willing to clown it al any sta:4e of the game. Many of his anecdotes are pointed at himself—he's the ridiculous one in the story. In the next sentence he tears into .some opponent, and makes him appear to be worse. Steel Rail Goes on a Bender picture that iy to be shovfrr Stindny, Monday and Tuesday at the Saerfger Theater. Certain it is that Ihjcrc has never been a tiitrt towards which m'ort; eyes have been c'ast in an intense conc<*n- Itration of interest. Characters whose names are as well kriowrt to milfionS upon millions of readers,- boys of eight Id eigfiteeri, stern, bearded railroad presidents of 'rxt^-'-ai'e about 16 step in full flesh and blood from the pages of Stevdn- soii's much-loved book.' Victor Fleming, the competent nian chosen to direct "Treasure Island," was bombarded with thousands of letters ,phone calls and telegram's when it \vas announced that Mctro- .Goldwyn-Mayer had assumed the task of fefeathirYg 1 life into perhaps the best- ;knq'\vn story of literature. "We had tw6 problems in casting 'Treasure Island,' " said Fleming."First it was most evident gooo* business for ws to choose characfei's Who 1 looked like 1 the traditional il'us'tra- tions of the book. Second, vve were positive that we must have, pf imorily,- placers with sufficient talent to act the parts, to make you beh'eve them "No film company would have dared to make a talking picture of Treasure Island' except in an ctri snch ; as this— an era which has among its- motion- picture' stars Wallace Beery arid Jackie Cooper. "There are riff , other living players who so look like Long John and Jirri Hawkins. The fierce pirate had to be a big man, a man with a rough face and a terrific voice. Jim has been Visualized by millions as a sturdy, not too goodlooking little English boy, caught up in the dangerous web of a gang of pirates. "And in all the ofh'er roles the casting is ideal. No one wa'S ever (hou'ght ci' for Billy Bones cflccept Lionel Bar- rymorc, and the production was delayed until he could be secured. "Otto lirugcr's strong patrician features were Immediately indicated for the 'role of Dr. Livosey. The magnetic quality of his voice adds power to many dramatic scenes. " 'Will you play Captain Smollett?" I asked' Lewis Stone. 'Flay him!' retorted Mr. Stone. 'I will never forgive you if you let anyone else have the part!' " It's the steel rail, not the olisfirver. that lias been on a bender in tills aase, although 0110 can't he blamed for not crediting one's eyes. The rail loop'ed tlio loop when four oars of a speeding New York-bound express train were derailed near Bristol, Pa. Two women passenger* wen- '-MOi,t|y injured. He is a vigorous orator. His red- tinged hair, long in front, becomes a flailing mop. He pants with the cf- 1'ort, he swims in perspiration, gives everything in him to the crowd. Don't forget that Huey P. Long is smart. His brain is like a photograhpic ens, his mind is like an X-ray; he is :>ruta] and always believes that the neans justify what he considers the end, but the end always entrenches him more strongly in power. Energy Is Astounding Long's energy is amazing.; ho appears to never tire. There isn't a single job in the whole politiscal make- ip of Louisianan that he doesn't horoughly know. Ono night some years ago Long vantod to make a demonstration of is power and his forces before the cgislature. Ho called four or five of li.s leaders in each parish in the state >y telephone. ' "I want you to bring 100 men to Salon Rouge by tomorrow," he told hem. The army was there the next day. NEXT: The amazing political rarer of the Kingfish. Blevins THE NEWS REVIEW (Continued from Page One) in Congress. XXX Farm purchasing power is going to be up this year, in spite of the druoth. Latest estimates are that farm income (or the year will exceed six billion dollars — fully bilion above last year's figures. A good part of this increase, Miss Betty Ann Fladger of Texar- kann spent the week end with Miss Imogcne Nolen. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wade and family of Dallas, spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wade. Mrs. Byron Andres and son John Thomas of Hope spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sage. Mr. and Mrs. William Jones of Little Rock are visiting Mrs. Jones' parents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sutton. Mrs. Leonard Brown and children of Prescott are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas. Miss Era Nolen of Texarkana spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nolen. Mrs. W. P. Sage and children, Wallace, Allen and Mary Sue were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. J-. A. Wade. Miss Ruth Huskey was the Friday guest of Mi's. Johnnie Wade and Mr. Wade. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin of Duncan, Okla., were visiting in Blevins -, Thursday. Miss Flora Cotton was in Blevins Thursday afternoon. Mr. Bob Varberry of New Boston, Te as, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. John Austin Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Nelson and Mr. Claude Freyburger were business visitors in Prescott Wednesday. Rev. F. L. Hunley of Frcscott is holding a rcviva Imeeting at the Blevins Methodist church. He is assisted by the pastor. Rev. J. T. Thompson. Everyone is invited to attend these of course, is due direct to the federal government's benefit payments. These arc expected to run to nproximatulpy S780.UUO.OOO. Higher prices for farm produce, will make up the rest of the anticipated increase. Now while the bulk of the rise is artificial, the good effects of it'. should be evident nevertheless. The farmer wil be able to buy more things this year that he bought, hist. This, in its turn, will help to ytimulati; industry's prctluction — and we hope, will help It; start us on that upward spiral by which the prosperity uf each class or ere. up cuiiHinicate.s itself to the wh"!'- country. Kumania iia.s more lluiu '), r -!!0 mil«-:i ul' hi <i'..'h fore.-ts. c.Miii services. Married: Mr. Cecil Beustin of Blevins and Miss Vineta Carlton of Rosston. We join their friends in wishing the ma long and happy life. Mrs. S. H. Battle and Mr. Gray Battle were visiting in Hope Sunday. Miis Cledith Taylor is spending this week in Nashville visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Tollc-tt. Mrs. J. Glenn Coker, of Mi-. Horace Lay of Amity. C.-M-land of Hope-. Mr. '•'.. '. ,-y of Stamps, Mr. and • : of Sianijis. Miss Flora •!- ;..- Mr. ai'.l Mrs. Earl : 1 . . .-,. c ikl-i.. and Tom S'l-ii-... v ..- :.r.i'.:i.4 the li-u-iiil.s to -Mil-mi the fu- Tlmr:;i.lav at !•• 'i .it-Mby for '.o.-l at (be Coll. Tests by the U. S. Di parlini-nl of Agriculture have indicated thai ira;..-' ' It never mii::' in northern Chile, painted green attract more insccl.s : K.iin would dissolve th;.- rich nitrate than when painted any other color. Vlcpuaiis there. I NASHVILLE. Ark.-Aftcr deliberating several hours the jury in tire' ca.se of Carl Shuffield, age'cl 22. chafed with first degree murder, retired late Friday night without having rca'ched a verdict. The state asked the death penalty. Shuffield. who shot and killed Luther Arnold, 24, and wounded Arnold 1 ;? borUer, Henry, 26, at the .Shuffield home here last Apfil 22, pleaded self* defense. He (esiified iha£ Ltithel- was reaching for a guii when he fired. Ho said that the Arnold brothers were drunk when they came to* his' home 1 and started a fight. He was reading a newspaper when they entered, he said. Shuffiohl testified that the fight started in a front bedroom, and that the shooting occurred in'the kitchen. Hd' said that he fired one snot into the' wall in an effort to frighten the brothers, but when they continued their attack he shot Luther and* then Henry. Lttther was killed almost instantly, while Henry was wotrndea* in the arm. Other witnesses had . testifie'd that Shuffield Bind'his wife \vcre fighting and that Luther and -Henry Arnold went into tho house in ah attempt to quiet them. The theory that the absorption of light from a star by the atmosphere surrounding it causes it to explode was advanced by Dr. Dean B. McLaughlin of the University of Michigan. Providence Mrs. Luther Aslin and son, Ray-- 1 burn of Evening Shade, Mrs. Clint Crawford and children of near Blevins, and Mrs. Jeff- Sutton and. baby Of Holly Grove, spent last w6ek with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Cart Thornton and children of Pin6y Grove spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ray and family. There was preaching at this palce last Saturday night and Sunday by Bro. Jiim Ward of Providence' No.-1. Mr: and Mrs. Scudder Bateman and sort, rFancis, and Mr. arid Mrs". J. M. Watson and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs..R. S. Watson. •'Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Campbell spent last! week with thetf daughter, Mrs. Trusses, Abdominal Supports, Elastic Knee Caps and Anklets Our stock is all new and of the very latest and improved merchandise. We fit children as well as grown-ups. For many years we have sold this lino of goods and now is finite an important department in our store. This stock is carried in a separate room where our fitters can serve you without interruption. We make no charge for fitting and our prices will please you. ' i .1-1...: . JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company J. B. Gaihcs and family of Hopp. « ,^ Mrs. Lora Jones and children on _,, Hope spent* Sunday with Mr. afta • Mrs. E. S.'Jones. Mr. and" Mrs. P. A. Campbell and' sort. Ferry spent Sunday with tfielf daughter Mrs. Dale T.oTrtncmafefiV itfffl Mr. Tonnemaker of Hope. Miss Ocfavia Wilson has returned 10 her home after spending several weeks with friends of Shover Springs. Dcn't forget preaching at this f • ; i 1,4 the third Saturday night and Sunday fry Bfo, Willie Riste'r, of Lewiwilfe. Only IS.SOO.OOO.OOO ounces of silver nave been produced- in the-world since the discovery of America. MESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SH6P O'uf advise COT JrtsuY* ante problems is aS professional as the advice' of a Doctor or Lawyer. W, ROY ANDERSON L CO •14. PHONE 6IO HO PC, ARK New Coats Just received complete line of new Winter Sport' Coats, Popular prices. Ladies Specially Stop "Excuslvef B'irf Nof Extensive" (ft She wouldn't walk down the street in an 1895 dress; but she lives with 1895 Old furniture taken in trade Hope Furniture Co.. Phone Five eison;Hiicki!i$ Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each PHONE 8 -i: D :Q G oing /\way to School! Posted on Happenings at Home Star FROM NOW UNTIL JUNE 1st To any Boy or ©irl Away at School PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Getting the Homo Town newspaper every day is just like getting a letter from home . . . Long, lonesome days and nights pass swiftly by when you are in touch with happenings at home. If your boy or girl is going away to school be sure to subscribe for the home' paper and eliminate all worries about them getting homesick and lone.-oiru you can make them. It will be the most treasured gift r*l "9£*t3* "T I Phone 768 Today D

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