Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1934
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS. Saturday. Sfcpteb'er 8,2934 Hope 9 Star ft JiOtie^'Delwer Thy Herald From False Report! W" l t*tintisrteo every wc^ix-wa^ «•..«--—-- Dy O IV &PsL« & Alex. H Washbum), art The Star _ 2-214 South €. E. PftLMER, President MUSH, ft WASflfltmN, fifflfor nirf u.-. . i-*«-*- - * Arfcsvn*** ^ fedtered as second-class matter at the po«ioffirt Bt Under the Act 6t Kfcrfch 3, 1897 McCoimick .,„.„„ Sate (Always Payable in Advance)- Efy city carrier, per • sw months, 52 75, one yeaf $300 6? mail, in Hernpstead, Nevada, Miller and LaFayette counties.$3 50 par year, elsewhere $j 00 ol TW A«ociat«cl ftess- The Assoeiafed Press is exclusively ' to ffie use for refcublicatfon of ati news dispatches credited to It or f ~fter*i<*> ^r -dit«» m 'ru> papeY artrf itw the local news published hertin Sbtfeoa* Advertising Repre<iehfsrtrfr*i: Arkansas Dailies, Inc Memphis, Wo** SSertcfe Bldg , flew Yofk City, GrAybaf Bide; Chicago, 111, 7o E Wack(i Efefv«r- Detroit. Mich ?3& Woodward Av<S; St Louis. Mo- Staf Bldg. __ oti T*8Wrf«, Ete: Cfaffges will be made for ad fiibutes, cards „ _>«__^'wsdlutions. oaf memorials, concerning the departed Commercial foewssapaes hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers 2, front » dfluge of space-losing memorials The Star declaims responsibility • the sa£fe-fceegto^_or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. „_ Health $8. 3KMHUS FISHBEIN „„.„ Journal ol tfie American Mexilcni Association.^ and of BS<geia, the ~" ' Kidney? A/fect utiea a Blood and Heari. YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton body is a cloielv ir^er* > 1 -'-o£ organs and- t2sw.i<--- -{iiil *liP bodV *htr Ho u *- tne ur- ion or Ute blcou. im' tne 'c t<r ev- a wstem- It ib- \mrwn >s cartKovatcuiar r*nal bttm jm nsattMl ainc'ionmR u» ib^-oiUfl t to gtrad he.tUh <Sstttrtence of inv msTp patt 11 "ystBin u. Uk^lv w be rft'ec'et 1 n _ tw<T parti- Thin- a *i arf> tlte he-rrt -v 11 how "Sell in ;orr off Thc blood mil sctnW t fe kataer c .& disturhaflG* of cumnation. rr "-"- eys will =hmv f-ete in tne otoot f itt tfee JCUon, ot tfe peart The material cor ot the fed" and" efiminatiftg ii term die eoni&ffi tne yaturrar of the biooa s c&ennca! eimEpasitusr:- onvii-u* e:E£eed"mgiy iciport- ,. t&e ftafaeys- be- vrifc&Ki con- to make certain Shat they are .ua^sz^—s adequately. ,Jt has be™: estirnased that. 101 mination. of one and one-half qt „, flttid by the kidneys, mere than ruarts pass through them. When there U chornic inflammation A Grade Burdens Chilil. Moth- W ttau hf rts ^ajd ««. i- 1 tco crowded. ii i'i No 11 V<*. J'.d M s> Bndtt u<« 10 ir vork in i^- I ' 1 1 6B no-% Open Field Runner Wanted at Georgia A 1 e x a n d e r Wants "Roy Who Can Get Loose and Go Places ATLANTA.— (/Pr— As the writers in the press box woulr phrase it, Georgia Tech needs "n guy who can get loose and go places." itlimn Anderson Alexander, be- his fifteenth year as Tech's SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '•'or h f r i it i' Wcr u HI." i . ttl --i^-ic 1 ^ S. 1 x'd fai' pro,. 1 Th i ha i "a- ot frobably the most accurate clocks in tho world arc- two at Greenwich Observatory. In England. Each is checked every 30 seconds by a pcn- i lulum swinging in a vacuum. Before an employer can bring a forcinn maid-servant into England, the ministry uf labor has to be shown that the services of a British \voman are not available. Thc EnfiHsh minister of health has a "while list" on which arc recorded thc towns which have no slum ureas. There arc S3 towns listed on the list at present. Aad 1 - ..j .^ mot i.er. I'm sure I am. Wasn't i, Jc j. :v -> j| ;here'had been four in^ ' c£ five rd have been left be_ - ^^ f ^ th from the top> My : ar jjhmetic paUcd me do\vn. I juri .fte . caQ , t ^ arithmetic very well." Her face ctouds. "I hope the arithmetic in £B .^^ very h£rd ., .^ ever minci . HI help you. You'll ic sntianmiautHi, a](mg fiae _ j mUEt go and caU up the Kidney, there is considerabie ; grandma anct lcll her the news . She'll erferehce with its function, mere . cbaMy givo you something nice." sacnay be.a failure of the kidney to I go & ^ ly ^^ back (o schoo i an d a foiminate water properly; .there may , tf fstl . t gte such as sh e has ffelso be a failure of the kidhe/ to get ; ^^ knQwn bcfore |Vid of waste protein substances. , Fj . Qm the firsl £he was in water far collections of fluid in j cvej . ^ ef heac) a i3 C ut the arithmetic. Under these circumstances there j J{ seemcd that cvcry pro blem involved ay be collections of fluid m various i e ^ m ess that the othcrs h ad had portions of fre body, bringing aoout I ~^ ^ HQW could . she find the soll . 'the type of swelling called edema. | . ccst of th(jse appies in tna t simple lei'e may also be headache, vomit- , looking pro blem without being able ^.g, dizziness, and othsr symptoms due I ^ divide dec imals? How could she |to retaining of poisonous waste pro- j ^^ hope t(> kn(JW what the who i e ducts. - ,. . , (structure of the problem in building tne , ,_ , ,. ,.u:i:«,, trt fin/l tVio lir.ui.-. ..^..^. TOO At i the creamy skin and the delicious j HOOTS RAEiiuluw. is. manric» | English voice, with the frill of or- i gandie flower petals calla-lily white j against tho dead bldck of her frock, was talking lightly to Denis. Her smoke-gray eyes traveled restlessly about the room as she spoke. Oncf she laughed and the sound was like thtf {inkld of silver dells. Denis' smile rested on her approvingly Doots envied that girl. She wa- so cool and sure of herselL Then' were blue shadows smudged anove her eyes and her dull brown halt nuss i.uxn. handsome ••"«> liivtrnclor. dccnn»f «he aotun't \\an< 10 race he* pnTettt*" <li»- njJlJrttrttmVn't 1 on ItfnrnrnB «lie ha» lieen «nnlilicU by' the yonnecr net of Lnrdmcck.- fashlonablo New York «uhnrli. RUM* earn to Olinml. promUlne to iena tor flootir later. She eet» n Jnli In a me department «tore and laker n liny room In Green- wiol* Villase- She liecomcn 111 ^vlth Influcrixn nnrt . l» liefrlcndcn , uv-i ^.^^.^ ».... «^. ..— — hy DEXis rnNWAY. yonnc j was swept back from her broad, low nullior iilie met In Ijarclincclt. I forehead. Fenwny *ec^ that Hoot» ha. a «\y] lo j s she?" she a.^kerl young Edward. GLORIFYING YOURSELF , water, he' cannot put to much water thc oniy 1fling that brokc . into the system. j jjer appetite went, she couldn't sleep, , It is not desiragle to sweat all pa- . ^ ^ - • • - tienfs or to give cathartics that are too i £ _ ehcs _ duelor aud nurse anil heK9 tier not to worry oliont expense. After "he recover* lie asks her to tea sit Ills apartment nnd Doom, who haw been iihut olf from social contacts for HO lone* coes with Tjjt UCJ>* l-> *•"• *•"-* to* * •- Bactive, because these tend to weaken $|the body arid may have an ultimate Affect of concentrating the poisons-in [the body through removal of too much water. The amount of salt that the patient takes must be carefully regulated in relationship to the condition of his j " blood. The collection of large amounts j /. #,--?.! :- AU« i^.rt^ t^n hands, and a • be taken as j At the end of the term it was de- icart is not cided thta she had bettor take the ;,.>. ,00. .~i color and developed head LL-hcs. And still something else broke besides her health. Her pride. She w:ii n good little sport herself but she could not bear to disappoint her parents and relatives who had expected i-o much of her. She had been adver- as the '.mart little girl who had grade. "Kay?" He Indicated the ?,irl with the organdie petal collar "Oh, she's been around quite a bit, Wo knew her at Cambridge. Her •n,*»•....*. 'sister. Desiree, is married to one NOW co o\ WITH THE STORY j of tho young Instructors In chem- CHAPTER XXVII ! Is try. Kay's in charge of the Eve- THE room was full of the babble 'J"' Amable shops here." He men-I of light voices. Cigaret smoke tioned , . a n!ime whtch «°°, d for s."'i i±s vsrjrz ra^rrs^i MOT her raw shyness, that there were "She's very lovely," Doots said strange faces everywhere. Where I faintly. You could see this girl, r^. ... n n i_ _ fl_ii__^.i ___ ki-.A mnvlTif (n n I Jtt Ti» «'«»»!»l nt 1-1 m> Denis? She faltered on the big-shouldered threshold and Task Was Too Great proper drugs. thus.obvious that a chronic in- jmmation- of the kidneys represents most delicate and serious condition in which careful study of the symptoms of the patient is necessary, to [prescribe the proper treatment. ^ The- taking of kidney cures out of. ^bottles without relationship to the expert nature of the condition is trifling iwith the regulation of a most delicate Wganism on which life itself depends. Robust Sotig of American Spirit —Paul Engle Rediscovers Old Note of National Faith By BHIICE CATTON The depression is over, if Poet Paul Zngla can be credited. m Not so much the industrial depres- Ision as the spiritual depression which ettled down on. the land's .singers at he Close of the v/ar and led them to Ichant sadly like men stumbling fthrough the twilght of the gods. 1 In his new volume of poems. |"American Song," Mr. Engle sounds ITanew the old note of hope and conti- fldcnce in this broad and powerful land xf ours. , . i |,, He calls on us to pick up the o Id l-tfaith-the faith that was Walt Whit- Pman's, and innumerable inarticulate ! but active men's as well, the faith I-'that looked over to the western hori- W savored the clear air of the great .'plains and saw always, beyond each Bimoerfect city of the present, the Igie'at city that would be built in the C To this kind of singing Mr. Engle »brings real gifts. His poetry swings i as it moves, and has a wealth of sun- is browned, red-blooded imagery. And all through it there is an exultation in. the feeling that all of us get now cc^s work thaw — i - l ; keynote of all later artilhmelic. The : whole mathematical structure was un; dermined, and all her school work ' thereafter was doubly difficult. ! There are times when a child can Iskip a grade safely, but unless he is ' unusually capable, extreme care should be taken. The pushed child may be ' facing a task too grc-ijt ior young ; nerves. ; While it is true that grade-school i work seems to be to olong and there ' is a possibility of shortening it at tome future time, it v/ill be done by ; specialists and treated,as a whole with ; no missing links. Let us have a care , in this matter of pushing children jand loading them ; with worries far ! beyond their years-. It is an empty honor that feeds on the health and ; happiness of the recipient. j , I.eith Hill. England, holds the grave j of ft man who die*-in 1775; he was | buried upside down, on horseback to; be ready for the judgment day when | ! the world would be : rev<-r-:ed. accord- j ; in'; to thc popular belief at that time, j young man in country tweeds came forward. "You'ro Mrs. Lund? Denis told me to look out for you. He's been waiting for you—just hcen called to the telephone." After that It was castor. Someone found her a deep chair and put a long glass In her hand. When Denis came in a moment Inter his oyes sought hor out. "Here, she's having tea," he said rathen rudely to tho man In brown tweeds/'"Didn't you know?" j Boots flushed unaccountably but i tho young man (he was Edward Van Sciver whose parents' apart-1 to ment Denis was renting at tho mo- moving In a littla world of her own, issuing crisp orders, Doing efficient and charming and aloor all at once. No wonder Denis looked at her with admiring eyes. "Smart girl," Edward Van Sciver affirmed, producing a clgaret case and proffering ono to Boots. "Very good family, too. Kent—Derbyshire —something liko that, 1 forget which. Sho does this for a lark." Of coin-so sha woulrt, thought the younger girl with a surge of resentment. That frock probahly came from Afendel-Bart's, 'in 57th street. It was a far cry from Kay of lOvelyn Amablo's marble palaco dedicated to the service of beauty s of tho chintzes in Lncy's. ( ment) grinned companionahly at irv-ENIS seemingly hod forgotten her and said that parties were had •L' i, pr this afternoon. Of course for i' disposition. , proudly. Sho was just Imaginin things. What did she. expect, after all? He'd been kind to her as one is kind to the, lame, or the halt and that out-Jit to be enough for her. It was nothing to Hoots Hint Kay Chilling-ford had Denis' whole at- tnnllon for a solid quarter of an hour. Coots had no earthly claim on Denis. Just tho same sha felt Kirk and shabby and a bit chilled. "His Ktntf is absolutely putrid. If you know what I moan. Tho Nobel They frightened Hoots, all these clever people, Denis' friends. What would they say if they discovered ; she was just a saleswoman ID tlio Bricks made from sawdust by a •:•:'.:• tern firm can be used for fuel. The sawdust is placed in a machine . v.Inch exerts an enormous pressure on ! chintzes at Lacy's? Sha was glad the tine wood particles, pressing them ; into bricks which have the efficiency ; , of 'f'\ pounds of coal. ! ond then—the- fee-ling that he ex.- • ipic-ies in the words of a railroad :?te- f ! tioii hand: "It's a hell of ;j big coun- < j t:-;.. ir.istei." i Aud :-.c he writes: ; I Yet there's a spirit hen.-, I know." ! I've ftlt it iF.om Boston to Hollywood. It'.-, i> • I strong thing, | Bigger than we know, big as the iiiiid. ; maybe. If we could see it whole. "American Song" i^ exciting nnd , ro-buit stuff, which might very v.ell ; take this year':. Fuliuer Pri/.e. : Published by Doublcday. Dor.-m :.nd Co., it is priced at $1.70. ho was busy. A host Is always "Takes 'em too seriously," he In- busy, Hoots told linrsclt hotly and formed her, finding a hassock and establishing himself at hor feet. Roots hnd" a thin cup of hot, delicious tea and crusty toast with pato. She nibbled salted nuts arid olives. And all around them fashionably dressed young women In amazing hats disr-uspcrl tho latest. play, tho latr-st book, tho latest scandal. "But. ruy clear, you don't know the half Of It . . ." JSICH cum tuuuuy uuu a uii i-miiKu. "Ah, but K)IO dates, dates fright- j Sho wished with all her henrt thai fully if you- ask me ..." | sho might creep away from this well-flrcRSOfl, chattering group. She didn't belong here. . . . A voice at hor elbow. Denis- deep, soft voice. "Knjoying yourself?" , Instantly she was at attention, i lying bravely, gallantly as a woman | must. 1 "It's a lovely party." "1 haven't." Denis told her ac eusingly, "had a word with you j all afternoon. What do you thiuk I of the place?" j He was at her feet now, on the j hassock lately vacated by the anna- j ble Edward. Boots glanced arouno j at the dark balcony, tho paneifil walls, tho deep chairs iu aniif|uecJ white fabrics. ', "It's a beautiful room." j "I think so. Comfortable, too | Look," no digressed, "you haven't j met Kay, have you? Ah. aut you i must. She's such a darling." The slim English girl witn Der soft, controlled voice, ner air ol being adequate t<j auy siiuaiic! that Edward Van Sciver stayed by her side as the smoke thickened I and the arsumMiis swirled all i about lior. "I'm not clever like tho rest of them." lie told her f.:-j.-,\\y, "I'm in Wall Street; don't paint or write or anything. J'ni here under false Uenls jii.-t let mo slide pretenses in. . "You were at school together?" gha liazurderl. It KeernciJ to her Denis tiuti tolrl her U;at. "Yea." Me nodded. "He wus head and alioulckra ovor the re:;t of us. Denis has real oralas. The ruiu of u» just plug alon;.:." • • • S HR siuP e '' ti'-r tea thouahtfuHy now. That oi'julslte jjii-l with en , brought over and presented. Tueru was nothing about her manner to indicate that she had ever heard of Boots before. Sho was perfection itself, cordial In tho most poliu- fnshlon, interested, sweet. And yet Boots was conscious of the sllglitosi strain of antagonism between them "\Vhy?" sho wondered. "What on earth can she find to disliko In meV I'm so—so utterly harmless." Tho afternoon wore on. Early diisl< had Ions since closed in HOUR, dapper and smiling in nis starched white coal, hr.el drawn tlu string-colored dull silk curiains shutting out the wintry blue twi llslit and tho rellncted street limits More food Had neon bronchi in more drinks served. People drifted in. drifted away. More than onct Boot:, had st.irrc-d t.o go but Heni.- li.-id detained her. • • » A T last only fivo remained —tht i -* host. Kdward, Kay, I'oois ami la small spectnclcvl man mhlrcsse'.) .simply as (Iriff. "How about drivini; some plju-o up on tho Iluclson lor dinner?" K<\ ' ward demanded robustly. "I've i;ot j my car downstair.-) . . ." "Oh, dinner!" oxr'nimnd tho English girl. "How could anycno o.i-cn consiilnr more food?" Griff Informed them that he wnt hungry. Ma cnuld "Oo with a steak." Denis said 112 thought it a good Idea, only net up m !h<> country. Wasn't tho Clnremoni far enough? It was I-Mward's party The Claremont was df-cidnd upon and prcsnntly tli« two girls weir- left alono in tho channins red ami whito tli-CKsing room to repair what ravages the party had stamped upon their frock* nnd compluMmi Hoots was I'iiscinnted liy tin; oiliei girl's suave lovelinops. There wa;- not a hair nut of place In her fhin ing brown wave. Her skin had a creamy ologanro, point"d up by the deliberato scnrlot or her small, beautifully t'ormntl muutli. linots own pale-gold colorini; i^^meil utterly eclipsed tiy thi.; oilier ^.iil's more dclinilo tints. "Denis is such a darlim;." mnr mured Kay. no»li:-'orilly hniRhirif; an imaginary trucn of powilnr from a pnrfrclly fcrmmed ami arched eyebrow. Hoots nsi-eed. Sho had the feeling tho other airl was abnormally cun our, about her. wanted to know all about imr t'rlninlshin with Dnnis Obviously Boots didn't Dolnm; In thin wfll-dresned f.rr.up. Her frock was too flialiliy, her mannor too shy. "You've known him English girl !>ursuoil. her small, olesanl n',-o. "Not very!" Hoots "Wo rnet in Larchneck —my home —last stimnipr. lie wns visiting nis cousin. . • "Ah!" The other's ;;IP.nee met hers In tho mirror with franker interest. "Lareline<-kV lloally!" Fdward shouted from nelo-.v that hr/was starving. Won:,I they bu pleased to hurry a nit? In an undertone Hoots murmured to Denis as they w;mdore<] down tho hall i" search of an elevator that she really ought to w "Nonseuse." Ue w.vi Ijnlu- polite -'i" (1 friendly was nice to bo wanted. Fdward held her bar.;; as lloim helped Kay Into the car. "You sit with me. little golden one Let Kay have hor own young man." Unaccountably Boots' heart plunged. U was none ot l,r,r i.^l- no"; Klie reminded tiers' If sternly, if"T)cui.s belonged to Kay (To Ue Conliiiu'.-il) coach, aHi-ces with this sli'm^'lilirj'' -of the Hi-iilii-on outlook, but ptiinis ft prcatcr foiTfingrr nt his l(l-gatiie : ,-hodule and adds flnotlief quilifv'mg ;-,np.lc~-" 1 wi'r:> KoiriK to ntfed (At the luck an:l i^.-.ict condition ol' oui' key i tn have n chnnco." "\Vo had « pietly fair crop of half- i..,cks laf.t year but \Vo couldn't sooi'n '.; .'hake one loose. And when we did jive thorn a clear track they'd Ret stai>e:;triiek or seme-thing," the pilot of the Engineers says. "The baekfield ].,-expects arc? bcttc rthis year ami i ue'll be C. K. if we can find one who , v.,.. take care of himself out in it par| tially open field." The real problem facinji Alexander is (hat of possible injuries to any of his five "key" men. The boys who Alexander says he cr.rnot satisfactorily replace thc Jack- Phillips at fullback, Clarence (Shorty) Roberts at quarter. Clyde Williams at tackle and the Wilcox brothers at "lioberlK developed into a fine little .signal caller last season. The boys seem to have great confidence in him. I Phillips, in adidtion to bc'mi,' n Rood i , runner, line puncher, defensive ace, | j and kicker, was also the best short p.-u.ser in the Southeastern conference. 'The 19,'W team was built around him ' and he again will be the center of the' ot'lensive tactics- afjain. •There- hardly is a better tackle or :, finer pair of RUards than Williams and the Wile-ox hoys. At Ms time I know of no players who ca nbe sub- sfitutcd for any of these five men without \vetikr-iiinR the team to some extent. Aud I'm not optimistic enough to think these five* hoys can K" through Icuii!. touwh season without injuries of some kind." Georgia Tech schedule: i;epl. 2!i~Clomson at Atlanta. Q L .|. i;—Vanderbilt at Atlanta. Oct. 13—Duke at Durham, N. C. Oct. 20—Michigan at Ann Harbor. Oct. 27—Tulnne at New Orleans'. Nov. 3—North Carolina at Atlanta. Nov. 10—Auburn at Atlanta. N ov . 17—Alabama at Atlanta. Nov. 2-1—Florida at Gainesville. W I -'.tf": ^ppp;:^ 7 - ".. :""" -M s4-Vi^. ; .X£iI'u £*..* \ [ •' ' >> ^.n^a^LfP/* f "".I ^-a^~*.:yt ,V ( i '•!j-''.l"'V r A \~,<>. •^/•\\ /"«; Emory, it looks us if you've lol somebody \vnlk oul in a pa ol* niismntos." THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF ' Hii»«« m » ? T Dec. 1—Georgia at Athens. §ByAK ca TWO TONS o^ WATER. ARt RBQUlREO TO PRODUCE THH INGREDIENTS FOR A Ofi/£-pOUA/£> LOAF of BREAD/ & U.S. D8PABTMEIJT OF AQPICyl-TURD Ions'.'" lll e powdering wary home. rnr-rcly -Si.ill it Co-Kil Cciffiu-c Calls for a Little Care Simple coiffures are most suitable for the college sirl. She has no time to worry about complicated curled arrangements that won't stay in place when .'ho goes to classes without a hat or when she stands up in the bleachers to cheer for the home team. Anyway, one so young can rely on natural hair beauty and forget about exotic coiffure modes until a few years later. If you want to make thc most ol your looks, keep your hair in healthy Londiticn. That means a shampoo at leart every ten clays, nightly brushing and an occasional hot oil shampoo. If you have a permanent wave, why not learn to set it yourself? That's not of course, but you can do it n ti-v. Remember, thai straight hair, provided it's smooth and shiny, is becoming to young girls. New coiffures for long hair have a tendency to be rather high. Instead rf being placed low on the back -ol the neck, snoods and buns arc llnt- tened out and pinned up on the crown ot the head. If you like a bobbed effect around your' face, cut the ends and then ro the longer locks into a flat bun. If you decide to have hangs, try the new two-way one .-that start in the middle of the head. When you get tired of them, you can part your hair <>n the side. Old Liberty This community is very thankful lor the nice rain. Mr -md Mrs. Frank Rowlctt and children of Little Rock are the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. George Shearer this i W Mrs Frank Shearer, Mrs. J. E. Mos- ioi- Mrs J. F. Moody, Mrs. Floyd p-'i-due'imd Mrs. Guy Hicks spent the ,.', Wednesday in Washington. 'Mrs Tim Rowlctt of Guy, is visit- i,,!! Mr-, and Mrs. Frank Shearer this W Mr.' and Mrs. Daniel Rccdor, Mr. | Hugh Rccdcr and daughter-ot lex .,, ;i ,-e visiting Mrs. J. B. Hicks. M,- -,,id Mrs. Frank Shearer and I Miss Lola Hicks were Tcxarkana vis- 11 'MT R -md Ivi'i-s Floyd Purdue spent •lucsda'y with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hicks Mr, Eula Gilbert .spent the wek i , ,,d at Patmos with Mr and Mrs. Tim Gordon. Tubing for airplane fuel or oil lines lint is averted to resist fracture by ! .-iriins or vibration is covered with i-.ilr.n;i;f fabricated rubber, vulcanized K the metal. i .Snails ; uecumb quickly to tainted ' water, and for that reason are some- , ' tin-Js'carried in dry countries to test! ! widely scattered water holes before i drinking from them. Throe-fourths of Ire totul population , increase in this country dui'ing the '''• !nbt- decade occurred within 30 miles 1 (Your 95 cities with more than 100,000 i population. &AM6OO IS THE WORLD'S TALLESr GRASS'/ IT REACHES A HEIGHT OF /oo Fftr :&°&ve, •VeGKLKGt — /ufrUjiL ^ C/UJide. \abelA and a |j2. I T IS obvious that this i-lt-ver frof-k will .serve for many occaHions. The model is suitable for making in either seer.-.uekcr or pen-ale. 11 is dfSiKiied IDr hi/.es .'!•! li'i -I-I, .six.e ;!-S rei|iiiriiln -1 yard.-! ni '•'>'•> iii'-!i i'ubric with IJ-S yard of coiitrii.stini; material. To secure a I'A'l'TKKX and STKI'-IJV-STMI* Sf-:\VI\(i l\- 8TKL T ("i'l()N'S, lill unt the coupon helmv, heiny sun: to .Ml-:\'llu\ '1'HK XAMK 01' THIS XK\VSI'.\l'l-:it. TI',0 I'AI.K r.\'i'TI-:i!\ JtOOK, v.itli a complete selection 01' Julia Boyii de. it!ii.~.. now is ready. It's 15 cents when imivha-.'-tl .separately. Or. it you want to order it with the pattern above, .^-ml in just an additional 10 fonts with the coupon. JULIA uovi), 10:; PAUK AVKNUK, xi-:\v YOUK Euclosc'l is IS (.enl.-; in coin £01- Pattern N'u Size Naillfc Adill'es.-i City 8lalr; of this liewsyiaper > .- • • •

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