The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '.' '.'.t: 2SDAY, APRIL 2, 1940 Clapboard Holds Popularity FHA Lnnd Planning Division Suggests Melhods of Treating Soil As Spring gains greater foothold home owners In all sections of ihu country are turnliiB their attention to- lawns mid shrubs wilh n view toward \ising the early growing season to full advantage In obtaining attractive landscape development. The owners of new homes, lacing theii- first season of horticultural activities, have a problem Immensely more difficult than that of.seasoned land owners. Frequently lacking previous experience as well-as knowledge of local soil conditions, their procedure is largely one_of trial niid erroi-. To minimize the error probability;- the Land Planning Division of the Federal Housing Administration lias Issued some general sug- 6?stlons which may aid the new home' owner in developing his property. : Use Top Soil , As . soil conditions differ greatly in various locations, It Is difficult to'estlirmle the expense of obtaining a good lawn. If n bnscnicnt has been constructed for the house and a good top sol! exists, the top soil should be saved In n pile to be spread over the stibgrade of the entire lot. Almost any lawn will have a more permanent value if a certain amount of fertilizer ts added to Hie soil. At times a more permanent lawn will be obtained if clover or some oilier rough legume is seeded first and •turned ovrr when Hie growth is heavy so as to lighten up the soil. It.may be necessary to delay the seeding of the lawn one year on 1 this account. It is also advisable to get the experience. of other home owners .in .the neighborhood as to the best methods tlicy have found for obtaining a good lawn. No general rules can be laid down beacuse soil conditions arc so variable. . Sharte Tree The owner of a new home should set aside a small sum of money for a sizeable shade tree. It would be preferable to go to a reputable nurseryman and select n tree for this purpose, for it adds greatly to 'the value of the property to have at .least one good-sized shod? tree.;.-'A'tree should be selected that will ';add' permanent value to the property- ,and not one that will gro,v,- : so.'rapidly as to be seriously .injtired ;.by»(he fiist wind. ''jf-- -'' . ;S«'ncicnt Shrubs ^'An.'kdequate number of shrubs 'should : .be.'selected for planting about, the house and other loca- 'RpnSvo'n. the property, preferably • the #& COLOR . _ 'o " ..' , ." „•*'- j;-. with" the "S^PAINt aridCOLORSTYLEGUIDE Guard Jewelry Store i Repaired, Enlarged Improvements lj(.'liig made to the Cliiard Jewelry .Store IjiiildJnj. |,,- Questions and Answers elude repairing oi Hie display win- " , *" """ — dows on the from cren on of a ' st ol1 ' £lloll!cl corner l)1:l «' s te u.':ed when the wood sheathing is laid horizontally? Warm Weather Relief Gained By Attic Fan At this time (if year hoi»:ehoid- l«x»k loiv.ard to lioi .. mid huge storaeo space on tin- rear and enlargement of the ..laical department. The iviirihotise will in used for storage ul stock and as a garage with the building lo extend the °j(i . ta;t lo the alley. j The o)>ticul department Is IxH.'ig p enlarged for new equipment. Ec ! gar Herricks Buy Walnut Street House Mr. mid Mrs. Edgar derrick have In exterior frame wall con-1 usually placed so thai Hie center " vl .lne ol the faucets is about-! iect '""'>• SUHIIIKT days '.viti, lr<:p C indies froui tin- Dour. Combined lion - Memories 0! hot, :.ii-i'| or separate soap tray ar.d hand grip "iuhls disturb the Ihtmjtnis may be plated about 5 leel above mil "i f hoinc owners as tin A. When wood sheathing Ls laid [horizontally or when other thai) used, all exterior corners should have diagonal 1-by-t-jnth braces let into the outside face of the studs. These braces should be applied at approximately 45 degrees. Wherever possible Die braces should extend from sill 10 plate and be .securely i:ailed to each stud and to the sill and plate. If window or door openings occur near the corners, install l-by-4-lnch knee braces I pin chased the six room residence I above ami below tiic oiieiungs | at the noitheiisi corner of Walnut Knee braces should extend across ! and Mghth slrccl.s from Mr. and al least Ihrcc stud spaces and i Mr.; Ivml n n/,,,~ ~r i,. .... , ' Ivan p. of Memphis. j which they will convert into a du| pk'X, alter it is moved lo lhi> rear of the lot, iind will use the I rout for a new residence In which they will reside, The frame building, now lacing Walnut street, is being moved northward and to face Eighth street. The building will be re- mudr-led with one of the porches should be let into the fane of Ihe sluils at approximately 45 di-grces. Q. Al what height from the floor iliould Die various fixtures used in .1 shower stall be tailed? A. The shower head, if placed on Ihe wall, should be located so that the lowest part of the head Is approximately 5 feel 4 indies from tile floor. If an overhead shower the flow. If the shower enclosure broi««-s of Spring appear. is not lo be equipped with a duor, ' locule the rod "for the shower curtain at a. height of not less than t;, y ' The experience of reputable heating contractors din-inn tlic- |)= si few 'ill's JJKlk'Ules Hint for tin- lainllv ol nunk'iiite means tin- aiiiu tail ii the cheapest and must practical uay to cool a lie-use. Because il its lai'jje ca)>;icHy, nn w'.lic fan will quickly exhaust UR> ttarm nlr lium Hie IOBIIIS en tlie lirst ;uul si-cond Doors and it-place- it with cciul night air. A complete change of air many times an hour Q. What closets are considered necessary in n well-planned house? ' A. A coat closet located near the front entrance, u linen closet close lo the bathroom, a clo.sct for clean- in;; equipment, and at least one closet for each bedruom should be c ~ ~ the minimum in a house. In hirge| c:i " "- "Warned ai >><miin,-il cost, bedrooms, two closets are de.sij'able, I , '' " t . li<! lnl> lws l!lc 'minor and it is often advisable to provide | u(lv "" t: additional room for luggage, s| ing e(iiii|»iie.'.l, ami storage of ional articles. That clapboard retains Us popularity as an exterior material is shown by (lie last Federal Housing Administration tijjun's available, which Bliow thai hro-liflhg of nil new houses oa wliicli (he FHA insured marl£.ig<>.i have been liuilt of wood. Tins most favorable monthly tcnasi hi financing (his home, which is vnlueii at $5,500, are through n 25-year niortgnge insured by the Federal Housing Administration, This would require only a 10 per cent clown payment and rnonlhly payment* of less limn ?30, exclusive of local luxes and hazard insurance. to be converted into a room so as | is used. Die lowest part of the head i lo have one unit of fnm- .-mm* one unit of four rooms and one unit of three rooms each with bath. The Herricks plan to start work on their new six room house as soon as this remodeling Is completed. The lot is 75 by 140 feet. L 0 O R. along the boundary line and on the front lawn so as to give,blooming (lowers in the Summertime and berry and bright twig effects In the Wintertime. Mast shrubs should be planted abo\it three feet apart so that they will not crowd each other and be so arranged about the house as to not give the appearance of the house being set down in n wilderness of planting. Let the foundation of the house appear in certain places. The shrubs should be pruned often so that they will not become obstructions to the view. Hume owners who feel it desirable to have several fruit trees in the rear of the properly should obtain these at a good size and pay an adequate price for them so Ihey wil! bear fruit early and give shade at Iho same time. Repair Urge Is Annual Harbinger Of Spring Convenience Gained By Swinging Door Funds obtained from quatlficd lending Institutions under Die Modernization Credit Plan of the Fert- |[eral Housing Admlnistrntlon may be used lo replace nn old-fashlcned cioor between the kitchen anil the dining room with u convenient swinging door that will be In keeping with the general irim of the room. The swinging door may be of a style identical with the other cioors of the house and may be equipped with similar hardware. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS ances which good taste decrees today are easily Installed; and under the FHA plan the cost Is broken Spring is here nnd householders can begin thinking about, giving their home "a new lease on life." H Is time lo begin planning the annual quota of household im- provemcmls and Hie Insinuation ol modem conveniences that make tor more comfortable living. , The exterior of the house usually is the first item considered when the family begins lo discuss remodeling and modernization. Many houses lire poorly designed (is to exterior, and no matter how well tin? interior is handled there is no indicallon of It In the outside appearance. Color Treatment Architectural deficiencies are sometimes overcome by proper color treatment nud expert land- s.caping. Two-color paint combina- Dons may aid In making attract- ™' yI , tllc ' n0st u ,™ it-.. „„ n ii.«,-,..i r « .i..ii ,„„,.:..,. .... ' bo the housewife Fred Hanna House Has Been Enlarged The Prod Hanna residence, which has two units, lias been cnlnrged recently by the addition to a kitchenette In the unit occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hanna who will use the former kitchen as a second bedroom. Tills residence is at 815 Chickasawba avenue. Use of Stock Plans Not Banned By FHA Low-Income families planning to build small homes under tile Federal Housing Administration plan may use stock plans, accordinp to FHA ollicials. It is generally accepted that most houses designed byarchitects more indlvidualistically plan- up into easy monthly payments. Heiiair ivalls j ned than houses built froiii stock Many home owners are inclined jaf » should be at least G feel C inches from the floor. Mixing faucets are Q. Does a garden dry wall need a foundation below frost? j A. No; but il should be \vell | drained. Generally, Ihe wall should be started 0 lo 12 inches below grade on a bed of cinders, gravel, or other drainage. Slope stones inward. Wall can move someivhal without damage if no moiiar is I used. To ni'll for human consumption a potato weiijhiuL- moiu than one pound is: against the law in England. Gardener Bii! says: m "™"~ Officials Suggest Care In Planning Small Homes LAWNS AND GARDENS GROW 6OOD ONLY IF RIGHTLY. Careful planning is as Important l He cnn plan openings for a small home as for u large -' V\e. FHA oificials say. Prospective home owners who intend to build under the new FilA regulations, which facilitate the financing and construction of homes costing; less than $2.500, are cautioned to plan wisely for n well- built, compact home. In planning Ihe house, llic prospective home owner cnn arrange the size of the rooms lo allow Ihe use of slandard-size materials, eliminating the necessity of cutting and fitting materials on Ihe site. Adequate Storage Absolute Necessity Storage space is an absolute necessity in a house, no matter what its size, FHA officials say. ive an otherwise dull-looking _.. lerlor. More important even than Ihc value of added beauty Is Ihe value of Added prolecllon which paint gives to wood, metal, and piaster surfaces. Careful technical inspection of- Un reveals small defects, so small I to put oil much-needed plastering jobs, and the interior appearance of the house .sijiTers at the evidence of unsightly walls, cracked ntul stained. In many homes "the most popular room In the house," the kitchen, is old-fashioned and awkwardly planned. In other homes il Is far "behind the times." Modern step-saving kitchens, with al: the latest appliances and finished off properly wilh gay louche* of color, will be appreciated by all members of the family, but prob- the most L'rfiteful [xn'son will arduous standard miilwort; inn IK thus making an additional 1:1 Concentrate Plumbing; It is also wise lo concentrate Ihe plumbing lines by placing the kitchen and the bathroom tiguons to each other. Thi;. be clone without reducing Die ciency of the interior plan. Savings in the cost of installation of pipe and <iucl work is some-, times possible through simplifies- j tion of the healing layout. Other savings which merit consideration in planning a low-cost home are possible through elimination of neces.siny rooms, EKcli ns Die dining room, placement of the house in the front of Ihe lot so the cost of installing titiUies is less, and through elimination uf fancy exterior trimmings. Aucqualc I'ainlinK FHA officials suggest tlu.1 the outside of the house be simple. plans. However, many low-income I Closets in bedrooms and a single --- families who are building small iclosel in Ihe hall for linen storage Adequate painting and otlu-r sur- lionies ••••••the families who are building small jclosel in Ihe hall for linen slorage Adequate painting and otlu-r sur- lionies feel that they cannot afford i"- 5 "ot enough, either in an apart- f" 00 finishing is important, ami it the services of an archilect men I or in a house. The average ' s advisable lo spend more money Good stock plans may DC on fnmily lmisl store ' '" ^dillon to °n "ns feature rnlhcr Ihan for liUncrt from builders, contractors. "'? clotnin B "'"' (he lille " s ' sudl effects"*''" ' det ' orativc sunnK' df>(iif>r« unr) *\n,n,.,. ...u~ uimgs as tnniKs, luggage, old loys, Good from builders, contractors, supply dealers, and others who maintain libraries of tested nnd approved plans. Some of the national magazines publish booklets of plans drawn by good architects which may be purchnscjd al small cost, cooking lasks will be lightened. Improvements Nccessnry Consclontioiis home owners real- i/c that there arc always ways to improve their homes. For example, the upstairs porch, closed In. will make n charming extra bed, that the home oivncV does no no-i t00 ™' Anotllc ,', l '°° m in I 1 ! 0 "' lc ' lice them, such as loose bricks ov " m unls CI) ™ SC ' vv " "*' ' sidings, loose shingles or llusiiing, * renl f" ° 1 ™, ljlm 5' <"«< 1 faultv el.imn<>v.v. >n»l »-^t ,„„.,.,, i « m«ch-necded playroom for ,, *"' clU < lcnl of Mippurl. It repairs are necessary,I '"S c , and prov.rtc grow- children. Conversion of into a small comfortable SEE IT HERE TODAY! Jusc look through ihe huge pigti ?vv,f- ur new '. "dusivs Sherein. WilLims Paint and Color Style' Guide. They arc over 2 square-ftct in size . . , contain 120 pages 14} iUusuatioas-95 of which IK Ml.' color photograph, each tlliae m entire page! When jou're through - you'll know (UK what colors and color combinations will best suit both in- tetiors and exteriors of yout own home. It's ths quickest, easiest, surest way to visualize colors and color comfainaiitms foi your home aad ever/ room in ir. It's color Hying ;as you've never seen ie hefoic! Come in today and let us give you a demonstration of this itraztax Style Guide. No obligation I Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. 35 2U W. MUln COLOR HEADQUARTERS Diey may bf made under the FHA plan. Under this plan qualified lending institutions make FIIA-in- sured modernization Iwms. The embarrassment of showing guests sn out-of-date bathroom may be overcome. The "' su "p . „. walls and floors, bruht fixtures.['"» ."- s v " 1 ." 0 ' [h .<: re ls , gleaming (lies, and modem appli-1 J™"" 1B , * , mc ,}.' '' ] In it. "Keeping up Die easy today with funds On I'aintini,' riaslereil Walls Application of a coat of sizing i a plastered wr\ll surface before painting is a wise procedure. A »ood preparation for siring may be purchased from any paint dealer or may be made up of varnish thinned with turpentine and colored wilh a mile of the wall paint. Walk may be sized and painted with funds obtained from qualified lending Institutions under the Modernization Credit, Flan of the Federal Housing Administration, I)rcal»ii,f won't KCl you a i, 0 ,,, Ci bl| , aclio|1 wH| , ,,. a|K with us about your building plans. We'll show you how tn go about It. LET US NEGOTIATE YOUR FHA LOAN- PHONE 403-W1 HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Only Home-Owncd Yard Serving the Ulylhcvllle Territory room is a simple mailer Spring is an ideal time to iv model, redecorate, or repair the home. Improving, modernizing, or repairing n home is actually Investing In the home nnd incrcas- more lo st living home is obtained from private lending institutions qviallfled under the Moderni/allrm Crctlit Plan of Ihe Federal Hosing Administration. in building a small home costing not more than $2.500 under the Federal Housing- Administration^ simplified long-term plan, it is wise to put the- limited funds into a sound exterior and interior struc- , lure, basiciHiy balanced and prop- Reinovhijf Ink From Wallpaper j erly proportioned, which will meet Rather than allow unsightly Ink ! lh<? revised regulations of (he. FHA. tennis rackets, golf clubs, odd pieces of furniture, extra china, Winter clothes, titeiulls, and toois not in use all Ihe time, nnd manw other small and large items. stains to mar the appearance of wall. It is well worth Iho trouble of attempting their removal. To ' do this, mix one ounce ol chloride i of lime, well puK'C'rsi?.e<l, in two | ounces of distilled water, let stand . 24 hours, strain through cotlon I clolh. then add two to 15 drops of j commercial accllc acid lo each tea- ! spoonful of the .solution. Apply this liquid to the spots only, using a camel's hair artists' pencil. After a moment or two lay a piece of clean white blotting paper over the spot to absorb tin- liquid. It one application docs not. remove the ink u , • Soils wear out! Thai's why it's so important to make sine they've got in them all the food elements that growing things must have to support vigorous, healthy growth. You do make sure of that when you use tiie complele plant food called Vigaio. There's no gamble; you get results. Let us show you how easy and economical it is to feed your lawn and garden "rightly." WE RECOMMEND Hubhard Hardware Co. L, K. Ashcraft & Co. Swift & Co. Pert. Works Location Is Factor In Material Choice FHA officials caution home builders to choose outside finishc.s with careful regard to Ihe general location of (lie house and lo Its im- tr.ediate surroundings. They point out. for Instance, llul I tirilliiintty colored stuceo may bp • quite appropriate for a California or Florida tnmgalow and suggests the Spanish background of liiosc rrglonii. In n conservative fnstrrn j enmmunlty. however, a pink or blue, j house on a bleak hillside would be j out of place. IJ.v Hie smile iriuson- I ing, n modem steel lious:> would appear too bizarre In o:; "old South" community \rtiere Cdlontsil houses prevail. i CIc-anliiR V.-rnislied Floors i As a rule, varnished hardwood floors that linvc never been waxed should not be washed with water. if they are badly soiled, however, , U>ey may be gone over with a ] clolh wrung from sllghlly soapy 1 warm water, followed by a second wiping with n rug moistened wilh j clean waler. Wipe dry Immediately and |x)llsli with an oil-treated 1 mop. DON'T ENVY THE HOME OWNERS... BE ONE! There's little excuse nowadays for any family with a regular income ami good credit envying'the people who own their homes. It's onsy fo build with our help and easy lt> pay under the convenient FHA insured mortgage plan. Generally, Die payments you make each month on your home will amount to no more than rent. See us todav. ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Don't lol your lionic go too long Avilhuiil repainting it. It's good Jinsincss sense lo paitil frccjiuMilly, not only for AITEAKAIS'CE winch, of course, means much So yon and your neighborhood, ))•'! lo SAl'EGUAKD YOUR l.NVESTMEiNT. Summer's heal and rain —Winter's slccl and snow — arc constantly attacking il and if not checked by painl, H will "age" prematurely. PAINT FUKOUMTLY! LET YOUR HOUSE "LIVE" TO A Rll'E OLD AGE WITHOUT THE BIG HKl'AIR WLLS CAUSED BY NOT PAINTING ENOUGH. U'( us mako ;in estimate of your paint or wall- pa per rctiiiironicnts free including the labor. We can put you in touch with agreeable nnd reliable workmen nnd ca n get yon an I-'IIA monlUly payment loan for (he amount uciulcil. Phone 100 E. C. ROBENSOM UIMBER GO.

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