Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1934
Page 5
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- 7; HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Eight Tigers Are Hitting Near .324 Mickey Coehrane's Cre\\ Going Into Last Home Stay DETROIT -(/pj~ So you want, to know why the Detroit Timers aro lend- Jrit( the American Lcnguo. Thp answer is simple. Going into tin-it- last home stay in the last month of Ihf rare, the eight regulars who balled an nvei.iRO of .324,31 points i liiyhor Ihan they did last year. Only one player. Ervin Pox. was be low lii.i final mark of last yenr, and ho only by four points, .284 against hi." (hull ,2K8. The rest were above the .31)11 mark. The .L'rratest jump was made by Jo .Jo White who finished last season willi an average of .252, and started S( btembcr with a mark of .326, a Rain ol ?•! points. Even at that he gninetf only one point more than Marvin Yoim." who hit .2G2 last year and is now on the .335 point. Even Skipper Coehrane. whose record last year was ..'122 when the final pame was played, has jumped up 10 points, with Charley Gchdinger, a 325 hitter last year, is now in the battle tcr the league's battin ^honors with n mnrk of .357. Going on down the batting order, Goose Goslin is now hitting .310 compared with his .287 made with the champion Senators last year. Hank Gixenhrrir is ;!(i points higher than his- 19X1 averafic of .301. It is .'aid thai lundcrMorms in the Spring are usually an omen of colder •weather al hand. Iftcreaied Enrollment forecast fof U. of A. FAyETTEVlLLE—Incrensed enrollment in nil colleges of the University of ArkarisaB for 1934-35 is indicated by the heavy correspondence in the IORCS and high schools and applica- his mail, Mr. Kerf said, consists ofj a transfer of credits from other colleges and high schools and abplica- tions for jobs. Mere jobs ore being provided at the school IriiF year by .students who need part-time employment to stay in the , school. Aside from the normal number of jobs available around the Vin- iversitj' and town, 170 jobs have been provided with Federal Emergency Relief Administration funds for allot- thoht t" heetly Undents. A committee beaded by the Dean of Men G. E. nip- ley has been,working for several days 'electing students for these jobs from he hundreds of applications received, dnaf-ocschooli Navy's Plying Skill Shown st National Air Races Carolina Doctors Admire This Laxative Doctor! regularly prescribe the taxativ* ingredient in delicious Pcen-a-min t, tin ehinvinK gum laxative beciuirt it thoroughly cleanses tut is gentlf. My chewing delicious l'een-3-mint, the luxativf ingredient is dil- tributed uniformly into the intestines to give • thorough "full" cleansing of the intestinal walls. Jr is safe and positive foe both children hnu adults. Oeluv in dingerou* so today safe* ly yet hack on schedule and iUy there. Chew nun li.ibit forming PVc-n a-mint for constipation. Euoll Guelly nild P. M. Blake'oy tended to biiciai.^ Ji C;'.:i:v!ii -in Monday. Mr. mid Mrs. Joe Mosloy and daugh- cr Norma Jean spent the week end 'isiting in Reeder. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Foster had as liiests Sunday her brother Fred Culins, Mi', and Mrs. L. W. Culling and Ruthal Cullins of Blevin.-. Mi's. Jim Blakeloy and Mn Ma'-y Blakeley shopped in Prescok one day last week. We received a fine lain in this eom- iivmity Friday nijrn! Miss Polly Moslev i;: spending the weci: tnd with her brother in Reivl- er. Fclv;:ird Null ic!t Saturday for Cam- flon to acoi'pt a po.-iti.vi with his hi-o- Ohio has a raccoon rariu'i at Milan. which breeds between 1500 and 200(1 for forest distribution annually. PRIZE£IGHT (Continued from Pago One) and if the. weather is still uncertain, mi Saturday night. Neither MeLai'in, who scaled HV!i pounds Thursday, iior Hess, who came in r.t a somewhat iln- oxpctlcd 140, will be forced to weigh again Friday. Jf the show goes over to Saturday night however, they must step on the scales again Saturday afternoon. Editor and publisher 1 of tho only French newspaper in Louisiana is a woman, Mme. Gabrielle de Baroncelli. Swit7erlahcl has been manufactuf- ing paper since the first factory was established al Basel in 1440. | Fdtir Airplanes j by Fire at Dallas Field DALLAS, 1 i-.-jtas.— (/P) —Four nil-planes were ikslroyed wlren fii-c rax- ed \r,\n?ut No. <t ;\t Love (lying field here early Friday. The hangar and planes wore operated by Boh Keepers, -who look them over two months ago aftgjj their previous owner, Harry Fwvlor, was drowned in n flying mishap at White Rock lake. CIIUSP of the- fire, which broke out about 3 a. m.. was undetermined. —«•>.«,«. L. ' Sixty-two pound loaves of bread can b emado from the 42.6 pounds of flour produced by oho bushel of wheat. It Has boon estimated thai, animals in (ho national increased 40 per cent sinae WANTED Ash Bolts and Gum Blocks For prices and cations apply Hope Heading Company Phone 245 on d, L for lor by world-famous .airmen, moos at fottr-mlles-n-mintite spcwl. and fornmton ; nleked crniarlrons tlirilled t| )G crowd of .",5,000 (lint packed Clnvelnnd O, air- <atlonnl Air races. [lore nine navy pursuit planes are shown as they roared- above tho stands in "stnfigored" formation. The vuluu of mineral products taken from Montana since IHCIi has been valued at $.'!,OOU.OOO,OI)0. ystem Store It Pays to Buy Qualify Groceries Specials for Saturday Life's A Banquet to Maxie, Who Hasn't Trained Since Winning Title Says Pie Doesn't Know of Any Heavyweight Deserving of Serious Consideration As His Next Opponent FANCY JONOTHAN—DOZEN 15c UED TRIUMPH 10 u ,22c Domino Pure Cane 10 Pound Cloth-Bag,. 54c CORN FLAKES Kelloggs.or Post Toasties—pkg 7c CRACKERS QUAKERETTES Li LI,. l!nx I 9C Edtfemont—7'/4 oz Package lie PEACHES"""" Halves Or Sliced Large Can 2 for 35c SAN FRANCISCO — (/P)-Max Baer. cx-Livermore butcher boy who became a changed man after he had loved, lived, litigated and lambasted his way out of obscurity into the limelight of the world's heavyweight chain pionship, shows no sign of weakening under the strain of reformation. "Being niore dignified" is becoming tc the wearer of the boxng crown, I but tho Adonis of the prize ring hasr\[t lot it get him down. As n mater of fact there arc some who profess to sec in the new Maxic as much exhubcrance as in the Maxic of old. One Bun<|tict After Another Life for the heavyweight champion has been one banquet after another and in each speech he has introduced variations calculator to have a thrill or two for the boys who make their living writing pieces for the paper. The peace and solitude of Lake Ta- hoc first claimed the boxing king upon his return to his home state, but the quiet life bored him to such . an. ..extent that he..left ..suddenly—days ahead of his schedule—for Sacramento. Civic leaders tendered him a ban- ciuct. San Francisco gave him a rous- | ing reception, and Oakland across the bay, followed suit. So did San Leandro. In the meantime Baer hasn't pulled on a glove or indulged in any physical training. "When tho court finally decides iny managerial troubles I'will be in a position to talk about fighting again," he saye. "At present I don't know of any heavy weight'who is deserving of serious condideration as an opbonent." He had intimated that he would .like tc "put on a real fight," not a benefit boxing exhibition" for Mrs. Frank-, ic Campbell, who was widowed when her husband died a few years .'ago from injures sustained in the ring with Baer. Wants Half a Million Ansel Hoffman, his manager, still maintains that it will take a guarantee of considerably more than the announced Berlin offer of §150,000 to get Baer back into a title go. A half- million is the sum he casually mentions. Refereeing a rehearsed appearance anre.at the San Francisco Seal's baseball par!?, radio performances "and other sources of revenue have lessen- , cd the financial teasion in the Baei camp and the §40,000 received fron the Camera engagement would no he a temptation, now avers Hoffman, THE NEWS REVIEW (Continued from Page One) Versailles, is to hold a plebiscite in January to decide whether it shall bt- returned to Germany or become a part of France. The, plebiscite gives Hitler his first chance to fulfill his campaign promises to restore Germany's lost territory. Oidinarily yc would assume that .a pro-German. vote was a foregone conclusion, the inhabitants of the valley being largely German by blood, .language and tradition. j Yet it is reported that many of'them xire hesitant about voting to return to the..Reich. Hitleri.sm docs not look altogether attractive to them. Many j art* loath to vote themselves into its grip. Once again, Hitler's violence and autocratic rule may deprive him. of the very prizes he had meant them to gain; GUNMEN (Continued from Page One) cations. ' Guillord .had been editor of .various '• y.-eekly newspapers in the twin cities . for nearly 20 years. He started out in ' St. Paul-and remained there a num- I ber of..yeais bufore moving tb'-Min-t neapolis. ,: TWO KILLED LONG IS FACED COFFEE RED AND GOLD-POUND 19c HERSHEY'S Chocolate Syrup--! Lb. Can 10c K. C. Raking Powder-25 oz can 17c SALMON CHUM TALL CANS 2 for 25c Selox Soap Powder-2 pkgs 9c Wilsco, 100',' Pure Cotton Seed Oil— 8 Pound Parton .................. 48 Lb - Golden Puff .................... $1.65 48 Lb Shawnee's Best ................ $1.85 ET SPECIALS- SLICED BACON-Lb. 22c CHEESE-No. Hull cream-Lb. 17c BEEF ROAST-Pound 71c -Pound 3 Lbs. 25c 12'c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE-Lb. lOc PIG TAILS-Pound 12 ic MIXED SAUSAGE-Pound PORK SHOULDER RQAST-Lb. 15c Dressed Hens, Fryers, Fish (Continued from Page One) stacked up something like this: Third congressional district: Numi Montet, a Long man, sure to win. Bu Montet has quarreled \vith Long anc may break with him. Fourth district: John N. Sandlin anti-Long candidate, already conceded to 1)2 the winner. Fifth district: Joseph Rilcy Wilson, anti-Long will win. Sixth district: Jarcd Y. Sanders, Jr., bitter anti-Long candidate, unapposed. Seventh district is in doubt; but the anti-Long forces are now in the lead. Eighth district: Cleveland Dear, anti Long, is practically in the bag. Centers His Fire Long it 1 now centering his guns upon the first and second districts, comprising New Orleans and St. Bernard and Jcflcr.son parishes. If he can pull his men, Joseph Fernandez and Paul Maloncy. out of the fire. Long will have a chance to rebuild his political machine. To do this he is counting on the swollen vote of St. Bernard and Jef- lerson parishes, for he won't get much more Hum his payroll vote in New Orleans. If Long can swing these two elections,, ho believes that the horrible ex ample of what happenes to seccession- ists Iroin his empire will drive the en-, tire slate hack into his control. j Since he was 18 Long has denounced' the New Orleans ring, lie won his! first office r.n this platform, with the j mpporl of Col. Ewing, who was also I lighting the ring. (ids His Cily Help Later. Long's country influence waned, and he needed New Orleans to bolster his power. Hence his coalition with the ring a few years back. But the coalition didn't work out as well for Long as he had hoped. In Alexandria, he was egged. Through all the state defection continued- and increased. Long determined to break with the city, ond raised the age-old issue of i country vs. city. how dues Long keep his men in ' line—men whom he culls "sacks of I potalLe.',." with a known market price. i 1'ayroll Holds 'Km \ At lua.st five state senators have .six relatives on the .state payrolls, i. even .'cnators have four relatives each. Nine senators have two or three there each. In some instances the ; family ol ;: senator drays down §110U i a month from the state payrolls. j This fight in New Oilcans is Cus! te's lust sand foa j tcr's last stand for Long. In his dcs- Ipcnitioi 1 . he forced Gov. O. K. AlU'ii i lo declare partial martial lu\v, anci j fur a month thy National Guard has i teen quartered in the reiteration c>l- fice, heavily armed. Lcng flouted the courts when they ruled that this was unconstitutional, lie threatened to seiie the city hall and the mayor armed 500 special po- liccmcn and marched them into the citadel. Then Long drove his "Cossack" bill through the special session of the legislature—a bill that authorizes the state machine to put special deputies in the voting places, the freight to be paid by the communities. On this, many communities in the state of Louisiana!! are today in a state of revolt. Long alsc drove through a bill to investigate the city government of New Orleans, and its alleged graft, and had himself appointed brosccu- tor. He .says the board will meet under National Guard protection and says: "To hell with the courts." There is no doubt he will find the worst kind of vice conditions in New Orleans. "1 am the state," he says. "I am the investigating committee, the governor; everything else; I am the constitution!" NEXT: The real Hucy Lonjf, and itrw he KOi that way. (Continued from Page One) club. Whitney, who was visiting Routt here, said he did not know the names of the women. When taken to the hospital, Routt was unconscious. One of the women was killed outright as the ear, after colliding with that occupied by the negroes, careened against a tree. The other woman died a few minutes later fater the crash. Two negroes and two negro women were in the other car. Dry ice is being used by German bakers to freeze bread to keep it fresh until it is thawed out and used. A Spanish seaman invented a steamboat with a speed of three miles an hour in 15«. Envelopes did not come into common use in the United States until 1840; ten years later practically all etters- were enclosed. SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK END Shop at A&P and Save Eight O'Clock Coffee-Lb. 19c FLOUR VERI* GOOD 24 Lb. 89c 48 Lb. $1.6$ PEANUT BUTTER "Sultana" 16 oz. Jar l£>c 32 oz. Jar 23c | NECTAR TEA 2 oz. pkg '.......'...... Bt '/, Ib, pkg..... 15c '/ 2 Ib. pkg ....25c SLICED PINEAPPLE Del Monte No. 1 Cans 17c WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Large or 6 Small Cans Fancy National Biscuit COOKIES Large Pkg Comet Rice, pkg 17c Raisin Bran .....13c Popular Brand Cigarettes, 2 pkgs 35c WHEATIES Cereal O Packages Grandmother?^ « Bread, Loaf :..; Pan Rolls, doz/} 5c Raisin Loaf . t . j . v ^ 9c DELICIOUS CAKES Assorted, Layers..... 23c Spec. Pound Ca^ce....20c Bar Laye'rs \&& I5c 3 TOILET PAPER "Pacific" Rolls lOc ASPARAGUS j.; Del Monte Picnic._j ' Small Cans 27ft' SALAD DRESSING I Rajah Brand •• | Pint |7 C > 29(6; A&P COFFEE ^ Bokar, Lib. .... ........... 27c Red Circle, Lb....l..23c Brillo, 2 pkgs. .......... Fleischman,; Yeast.... Royal Gel tafn, 2 pkg 1 3c Quaker Crackers .... Produce Speicals POTATOES ., Fancy Red, 10 lbs...25c California ORANGES Size 252-288, Doz 27c CABBAGE, 2 Ibs 7c Jonothan APPLES Size 150-163, doz..J.23c Fresh Tbrmp Greens, 2 Ibr.... Thcmpson's Seedless Grapes, 2 Ibs.. Watch Our Windows for Added Specials -SUGAR-! 10 Lbs. 53c SPECIALS- ALL MEAT U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED Decker's Ta!I Korn SLICED BACON-Lb. 26c' Western Beef Roast Tender end Juicy—Ll>. 10* Sugar Cured Fine For Bakln^Lb. +JO 18c Wisconsin Cheese FULL CREAM—POUND 19c LAMB LEGS A&P French Style Pound Rolled Breast of Lamb. Ib 17c 15c DRY SALT ' N,lb. 15c O Notice All Masons are requested to utetnd j meeting of Whitfield Lodge No. 23'J t 7:30 Friday night. CHAS. FRIBOLT. TEACHEKS EXAAI1NATION The regular quarterly teachers cx- mination wil be held at Washington .September 20 and 21. Signed, E. 10. AUSTIN, County Examiner. -~»-*~m~ __ A Norwegian .scientist reports his 'indings prove that tho movement of j.-laciers foretell the weather as well as regulate drouth and Hood. "She wouldn't walk down the street in an 1895 dress; but she lives with 1895 furniture." Old furniture taken in trade Hope Furniture Co. 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