Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, , ARKANSAS French Painter Answi- to 2,5 Who \vas the French painter !n the picture? 11 Born. 13 JUniMcms of tfpvaltv. 16 Lubricant. It Thrived. 15 Coffin Cloths. 16 Auriculato. SlAcrtform fuel. 2S Slave 25 Above 21 MflttV -plaited ' skirt 57 Unoccupied. .14 Stream obstruction. Sfi Large flower. .""Male sheep "fOFoldinfi bed. <2To pull along. 4s*ln \he middle of h. 1^ . 47 Opposite of bottom '48 Drink tag tup. sott.ms - • JU Inlet - . ( .y -j-j ( iy Cl He was the greatest painter of — — life. C2The City of Cherbourp; grunted him an - -- while studying. VKHTfCAL 1 His most widely known ^painting is "Tlu- -- .' 2 Scoffs ;? Meastirp.of • area. •1 Wool fiber knots. 5 Pertaining to (he check. 6 Misfortunes. 7 Circular enclosure. 8 Minor note, 0 Toward. 10 "The s" is 52 Wins one of his best 54 Heady. painting;!. fin C!oil of war. 12 Age. 56-Iliimnnluu 14 Forcible re- coins. xtraint of 5S Corpse. speech (iO Gbaos 17 Seven (i'.-ys. 20 To let fail in Urops. 2.1 rrinKed leaf. 24 To. diversify. L'fi Hmatl tablet. US Allcwanoo for \vnsti-. •39 Hymn. '.11 Moecnsin. ".'! Hoth these pictures hang in the . .15 Witticism. ;!7 An outtlt. SSJ'aicl publicity, liil Certificate of indebtedness. , 41 To draw along 41! Mire. 44 Dt-voulness, •IGTo drive. •IS Common laborer 49 Average, no Fuel from Irdlunrt. Notice • Hotice is hereby given that the Marathon Oil Company has made application, to the City Council for a per' nut -.to install gasoline tanks and '* pumps .on the South Half of Lot Six ffiK'Block Thirty-four (34) East Third and South Laurel streets, Beard's ad- i ditibn to the City of Hope, Arkansas. The City Council will hear this per tition at its regular meeting October - Second (2), 1934. T. R. BILLINGSLEY, City Clerk. Sept. 6'and 7. Sen lit Firid~Itt Rent Itl Buy Itl ' in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you telS, tba quicker you sell. I time, lOc line, min, 30o fo» consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, Cc line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. !)0c 26 times, S'/ic line, min. ?2.7S (Average 5% words to the liao) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement before tha first publication Phone 768 Groceries are getting higher—but cooked groceries are the same at the Checkered Cafe. 2 meals a day for 2—$30 a month. 7-6t Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. Center Point Health is good in this comunity at this writing. Everyone enjoyed the shower which fell Monday morning. Delma Wright spent Saturday night at Bright Star. Misses Norma and Margaret Wiggins from Liberty Hill spent Sunday with Misses"Geraldine Taylor and Dorothy Kennedy. Miss Marian Meers, who has spent the summer visiting Mr. and,Mrs. Oscar Hodnett returned to her home in New Orleans last week. J. B. Wright spent Monday night at Bodcaw. Miss Jessi& Mae Wright called at the home of Mrs. Lee Brown Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ode Taylor and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. P. .L. Aslin. • Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kennedy. • •Curtic Caudle spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rcthwell and children near Hope. Mrs. Ahbie Abbott and family are visiting relatives here. John Wigins'. was in the comunity Monday afternoon. Miss Audrey Derryberry is visiting her sister, Mrs. Vera Recce and Mr. Recce and children. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WANTED WANTED: Medium sized used safe. 'T. S. McDavitt & Co. 3-3t-p. LOST LOST—Three honths old male Setter pup, white with light brown ear .and spots. Reward. Call 840. 4-3tp MALE HELP WANTED I WANT 3 MEN for local Tea & Coffee Routes paying up to $60 a week. No capital or experience required but must be willing to give prompt service to approximately 200 steady customers. Brand-new Fords given as bonus. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr., 6603 Monmouth, Cincin, nati, Ohio. 5-1 tp PERSONAL WE BUY L1COLN HEAD PENNIES, Will pay up U> $2.00 each if over ten years old. Indian Head Pennies worth up to $51.00 each. Send lOc for Buying Catalog. CONTINENTAL COIN CO., Box 1722, Chicago. 5-lip. NOTICE NGTICE— have moved my hat shop to "Cotton Row" between the Postoffice and railroad. Men's hats cleaned and blocked V5c. Extra good grade reblocked hat for sole 'J8o and ?1.SO. Look for the tign: Stack':; Hat Shop, South Walnut street. 5-6t DRESS SALE > Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 C33CUO Our advise on insurance problems is as professional as the advice of a Doctor or Lawyer. ROY ANDERSON & CO COMPUTE MSUMHtt SfRVICE PHONE 610 HOPE, ARK. New Coats Just received complete line of -new winter Sport Coats.' Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive But Not Expensive" Trusses, Abdominal Supports, Elastic Knee Caps and Anklets Our stock is all new and of the very latest and improved merchandise. WL- /it children as well as grown-ups. For many years we have; sold this line of goods and now is quite an important department in our store. This stock is carried in a separate room where our litters can serve you without interruption. We make no charge for fitting and our prices will please you. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAHEKN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS NOW US EN TO ^AE,YOU TOBY »3UG/-v.l TOLT3 YOU SIXTY TIMES, I BORPNfb ^SO OPFN YOU, AN' GAVE "YOU T\-V T3t£Tj TO rAY MINE •FOR SfcCUT5\TY—I COMES TAP/—YOU TAu A "FULL rWOUTrA — ODt),INDEED,THAT * \OL) WA\TEt) CVER A YEAR TO "REPAY ME THt . LOAN ,ANTb THEN ONLY LOAN,AN' VAERt YOLlVE ^' A^ T S^ ^^LJ HtWRDTHt SOLG MY M\NE|—-WHY SAY ) MINE WAS SOLti/— L GOT YOU CUT AW DR\tD, LIKE: J —H/VX-NN- NCW VOLfLL . POTATO CmPS.TOR A LAW f\ SUE ME /-v-HAW- J / (^ VER "BOYS— COOL OFF IN THE lCE."BOX/ = T. M. nsG, u. s. PAT. orr. ^ I9J4 BIT NEA SERVICE. INC. / , O H~ IT'S YOU — OVER OW TH' OTHER SIDE/ GOSH! you POOLS o ME, PER A MINUTE. nruTT:^i± WTOM!?/ Vr!.-'-';' ? m^mm\ ^y^¥' F5^^«r^M^^ . n 1834 BV NC* StBVICtJNC _ OUTSIDER/- T M nco. u. o PAT orr. AND HER BUDDIES HUH GWEAT STUFF , CQE WT SVOPF VO/XV 6H£ D\O 1OOAV I 1 CAMt TO MY BL\O Cold Feet!_ VOO WOOVOKiT ^UeE OV BV A V^E WOOVOW'T Ae 50 6RO\\JVW OF SEAVJO P^fVH TO VOU fc-^^^w^e ''•""""'•/:••; H-' - 'jftSWWVr.-!'."- ..•-•' '•'•• : :t$ ALLEY OOP CYK S.OOT& OO\N6 THNT Ht'e TOO WEA\_,TOO , —TOO WOKTOfcRVOV 1 . fcWc WOO\.ON>T Mt ,fcl5T £>«£'& ST\\X "VWE. &£ST 1 HWJt \W Tttt WORUD I ^>V»£ 6O BACW OKi Kt \ ertE/6 SJV\VL \Ni KX CO^lViEW ,AWO OO\NiG AW 'bWi CAM TO &A\)E Mt VWO^A MV FOOY. 'b^L'f AWO AMO, W>\A OO\K>6 \t> Mt LOOt H^R AUTHE MORt '. I-1 T *^ ii '^-,j v gy MARTIN ^' vo >s;> I© 1934 BY NEA SERVICE JNC. T. M.' TM' DIRTY THUGS, THEY (SOT OL 1 OOP KNOCKED A FEW FOR A &REAT BIG LOOP BUT HE'LL NEVER ESCAPE-, THAT'S VERY PLAIN THEY'RE ON HIS NECK LIKE A HURRICANE/ In the Hands of the Enemy! By HAMLIN U/ELL, LOOK f WHO'S HERe. ALLEY 00f> IN PERSON/ ,. . O 1934 Bf^CA SCRVICC, INC. T M'nCC U S PAT. 0IT ' WASH TUBES He Nearly Gets the Needles! 'UDDEMLV. MR. BOARDMAM I ! £) 5ACE TD PflCEjAMTH A PORCUPtME._ FKECK.LES AND HIS FRIENDS <7 V T. M. REG. (J. S. PAT. OFK. 6 T934 BY NEA SERVICE. AUIMQ EMCOUWTEREDNO WILD AMD FEROCIOUS WbASTS / HOP?AT(O GROWS BOLDER,OW THE SECOMD T3WV/ AMD DROPS FARTMBR BEHIND BBP^TcANY SCARe ME WITW THHIR OLD WILDCAT YARMS. By CRANE ^T^SELliviTHERe 'SUCH THINS AS A Spilling the Beans! By BLOS3LR I DIDN'T MEAN WO HARM WHEN X "THROWED DOWN CM Yo... I WAS JES I THOUGHT Yo 1 V/E'RE MOT V/A*Z A'COMIW' \ GOING TO T' GIT ME / HARM YOU... BUT I RECkOhJ ) WE'RE JUST YO' AIN'T i SAW YO A'LOOKIW' AT LAFc MOSEBV'S SKULL AN 1 GUM, OKJ "!HE BOTTOM THERE, AN' IF'W MY POWDER MAD BEEN DRV, I RECKON I'DA KEPT LAFE'S AN' MY SECRET .' DON'T MIND ME, WOULD I YOUNGSTER...I'M JES A'TALKIN'...! DON'T kNovy HALF THE TIMIH WHAT'S GONNA ROLL OFF MY TONGUE ; r HOW LONG HAS THIS [LAKE MOSEB/ YOU SPFAK OF, BEEM DEAD ;. -I TWENTY YEARS, COME CRASS.' AN' \ BOYS, IT'S ALL OM ACCOUNT OF A j FORTUNE IM GOLD.' GOLD, D> XA "Cy HEAR ME THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) The Law Does Some Figuring! By COWAN HEN THE CONSTABLE'S HOUND TQPsCKED THC MVSTEQIOUS THIEF UP TO MBS. SWANKTON'S SOHEHOW, I JUST CAN'T M'SELF BELIEVE THET YOU DOUBLE-CROSSED :.SHEP TRWM OF THOUGHT DCWVM WIOTHER [QACK \U THE CONSTABLE'S 7,~>C0V tf MRS VAN SWNKTOH HADN'T BEEN THE ONE PUSSEN IN TOWN THET HA.S 5QOAWKED THE, UOUOE.%T,Br:CftUSE I HAVEN'T CAUGHT THE THIEF, I TM4K S'MOCH ABOUT IT- -BUT THEVS BEEN MAMY A SNMEDE THE QUILTV FW3TV HAS BEJ1KNDED OUST»CE,WITH A VE\^GEKHCE, JEST T'THQOW THE. UF\W OFF THE TBWCK-AND SHE"S fK STPAHGER T'THESE PABTS 'COURSE, I A\NT S/NYIN' iT'S MQS.VAN SWANKTON.BUT THEPe'S HEP CHAUFFEUR, MAID—VV1 GONNA KEEP

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