Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1937
Page 6
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• HOPE STAR, HOPS. ARKANSAS Saturday.'October 16, Jj tery of Man's Progress From Cave Age Is Revealed in Northern Syria Mound 5 >,-•. ">-< PERIOD 5 1000-1200 B. 0. 1'KUIOD G 1200-1GOO B. C. PERIOD 7 1600-1800 B. C. PERIOD 8 1800-2000 B. C, PERIOD 9 2000-2400 B. C. PERIOD 10 2400-2GOO IJ. C. PERIOD 11 2600-3100 B. C. I'ERIOD 12 If 310.0-3400 B. C. II W88«S!taS*BSW»W» ^1 PERIOD 13 3400-3800 B. C, PERIOD 14 S800-4500 B. C, VIRGIN SOIL Six feet below present water level Oriental Institute of the Universit (Photos by Courtesy Fi ve thousand years of history .11 laic, bare ,„.,«„*. t-ch Syrian for the first time, a complete chronology By NEA Service j CHICAGO.—The story of the rise of j man at the crossroads of ancient civ- i ilization, northern Syria, is being | told in greater detail than ever before j by the discoveries of the Oriental In- j stitute of the University of Chicago. Pour years of digging in the region around Antioch have revealed this story with startling clarity, and dis- . covieries of the American scientists | are believed to rank with any of the j past 100 years. Six ftatutettes of cop- , per unearthed here may well be the j earliest representatives of the human j form in metal. 'And the kind of surroundings known to Uriah the Hittite when he left home to seek service under King David 3000 years ago are revealed with enlightening detail. Show Civilization's Progress Perhaps the most graphic demonstration ever made of scientific method in digging up ancient civilzations, however, is that made by the Orenta Institute's Syrian Expedition at lelt Judeideh. There, in a step-trench cut across the slope of a huge mound, the explorers were able to show, one on top of another, successive stages of civilization. . , At the bottom were the evidence- at man's earliest communal living, 7000 years ago, his first step up from < » Patienl care, meticulous measurement, a complete photographic record, must accompany each "find." All this is done in detail before the "finds" are removed to permit unearthing a lower level. Here, an Oriental Institute researcher with native help chonicles the finding of a long-buried skelton at Tell Djcdcideh. Srof^e-vr^ithetop^hy dot were relics of a humble munity during fRoma " W ell within historic times reg . Qn w ith scattered and miserable villages, f W ell within historic ime ^ at different levels, were th e r ema ns an Circassian or Turkish peas . of successive cities in each o w men ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ of successive ciies i ^ were the objects of art and utuity w ce ( showed their place m the long story. | " for Amer . In few other places of the world is it possible to find such a connected story hidden in the earth. In the Near East, the common building material is sun-dried brick, or adobe. Such walls must be thick. When they collapse, the amount of debris is very great/V*.r bricks can not be used | ground fgain, the simplest thing is to evel off Greek the debris and build on top of "<="• an interest in broken shards of pottery and corroded bronze dolls. Americans Unearth Treasures But they are descendants of people who lived at a busy crossroad where trade between Europe. Africa and Asia passed by, and which was a battle- conquering hosts, Assyrian, Egyptian and Persian, co-oparation of the der the most scientific conditions. Every "find" is accurately located, measured, photographed in place, for, of course, the exact place it is found shows its place in the record. This is no "prospecting" for treasure, but the most painstaking search for every bit of knowledge that can be obtained from every "find." When it is necessary to destroy or remove pavements or other relics, they are carefuly photographed first, so that a permanent record will remain. In the mound at Tell Jucloideh 130 feet of the compressed rubble told the compile story of 7000 years of progress and catastrophe for generation after generation, where the prophesy of Isaiah came abundantly true: ". . . all her princes shall be nothing. And northern Syria. Bronze crosses of early Christian priests. Roman lamps of time of St. Paul. Coin of Alexander incident to his conquests, Hittite hieroglyphics. Philistine vases. Pottery of time Joshua took Jericho, Cylinder seals of Biblical Horites. Painted bowls, time of. the patriarchs. Clay figurines of "Mother Goddess." Decorated goblets. Cylinder seals from Ur of the Chaldees. Figures cast in copper. Painted pottery. bjfgf Pottery, flint P 1 . tools. How the objects dug up revealed the kind of culture that existed at various levels, and hence at various times. These objects, from top to bottom, are characteristic of those found at the corresponding levels of excavation shown if the larger picture. thorns shall come up in her palaces, thereof; and it shall be an habitation nettles and brambles in the fortresses j of dragons, and a court for owls. Locals Win Over (Continued from Page One) ton nn Hone , stopped by Bright. :{4. On a re- kicked out of bounds on Hope's 14 yard It is third and about 3 to go. Eason , gets around right end for a firstdown Bright kicked out of bound on his j on Jonesboro's 11 yard line. On the own 41 vird line Jonesboro's ball on next play Jonesboro was off side and «* --•-' penalized 5 yards. Eason through \J\\ U 11 J"' 1 -* »...%.. —— own 41 yard line. Alexander off right tackle for 4 yards, stopped by Eason. Ak'xander Ht center for no gain, sloped center of the line for 2 yards, stopped by Pemberton. " •'-* — ' Passes: Hope completed 2 for 16 and stopped him. Ort a lateral, Owncnt, Corey to Tllley Jonesboro WHS thrown for a yard loss by Ramsey. Osment fniled to gain at center, stopped by the line but Hope wns off side nnd pen- nlized 5 ynrds. Alexander through center for 2, stopped by Stone. Alexander off right tackle for a first down on Jonesboro on Jonesboro's 42, stopped by Stone nnd Qulmby. Reese broke through and threw Osment for n 2- yard loss. A pass, Tilley to Cnrey, was good, Cnrey downed in his tracks on Hope's 44 ynrd line by Bright. Tilley's fumble recovered by Reese for Hope, on Hope's 49. Masters off right tackle tor a first down on Jonesboro's 37, stopped by Dreher. Enson over left gunrd for 3. A lateral, Masters to Enson, lost 3 yards. Third nnd 10 for Hope on Jonesboro's 37. A long pass. Masters to Ramsey, wns completed on 1 the Jonesboro 15. Musters on a long end run wns run j out of bounds by Dreher on Jonesbor's j 7 Enson through center for n first i down nnd gonl to go on Jonesboro's 4 I ynrd line. A lateral, Aslin to Bright, i was completed for no gain. Masters off left tiicklc for a touchrown. Parsons kick wns wide. Score: Hope 26, Jonesboro 7. Stone kicks off to Tilley on the Jonesboro 5, returns to Joneslxiro 3-1, Tilicy fumbled, he was down. Joncs- boro's ball on Hope's 34. Tilley failed , to gain at center as the quarter ends with ball in Jonesboro's possession on own 33. Subs—Bearden for Bright Hope. Durham for Phnris, Jonesboro. Ful- kcrson for Ramsey, Hope. On a reverse, Durham around left end for a first down on the 50 yard line. Bearden run him out of bounds. Tilley around right end was thrown for n 3-yard loss by Aslin. Hope was off sides on the play and play called back nnd penalized 5 yards, put the ball on Hope's 45. Alexander goes arcund left end, run out of bounds on the Hope 35 by Reese. A long pass, . Tilley to Carey was completed, Carey receiving on the 5 and runs the remaining 5 for touchdown. Tilley plunged the line for the extra point. Score: Hope 26, Jonesboro 14. Sub—Bright for Bearden of Hope. Tilley kicking for Jonesboro. Masters receives on his ten, runs it back to the Jonesboro 48 before Tilicy ran him out of bounds. A pass, Bright intended . for Ramsey, knocked down by Tilicy. Another pass, Bright intended for Reese., knocked down by Tilley. Third and 10. Masters through center for J yards, stopped by Dreher. Hope's bnll fourth and 5, on Jonesboro's 43. Hope was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Bright kicked to Tilley who was downed in his tracks on his 15 by Parson. Tilley around right end for 5 yards, but Jonesboro is off side and the play called back and Jonesboro is penalized 5 yards.. Subs—Ramsey for Fulkerson. Hope is penalized 15 yards. Jonesboro's ball on own 26, first and 10. Tilley around right end for a first down on Jonesboro's 36. A long pass. Tilicy intended for Osment intercepted by Bright who runs the ball to the Jonesboro 20 where Tilley stopped him. A long pass, Bright to Ramsey in the end zone was good for a touchdown. Parsons kick was no good, blocked by Durham. Score ^Hope ,3<2, Jonesboro 14. Stone kicks to Tilley on his ten, runs it back to his own 27, Parsons stopped him. Alexander fumbles, recovered by Bright on Jonesboro's 40. Bright's long pass intended for Ramsey was knocked down by Tilicy. but Hope off sides and penalized 5 yards Sub—V/ilson for Eason. Hopes hall on Jonesboro's 45, first and 15. A loin; pass Bright to Masters who received on Jonesboro 35 and ran it to the one yard line before Tilley pulled him down. Stone plunged over on the first play for a touchdown. Slonc went to the b'ackfield when Wilson went in. Parsons kick for exlra point was blocked. Score Hope 38, Jonesboro 14. Subs—Still for Parsons, and Turner for Reese, Hope. | Stone kicks to Durham on Jonesboro i 20 runs it back to 41, Aslon bnngmy , !im down. Jonesboro's hall on their , own 41 yard line, first and 10. A pass, . Tilley intended for Black, incomplete, j Sub-Jonesboro: Pharis for Durham; Hope: Mack Turner for Bright. Alexander through center for no gain, stopped by Stone. A long pass, Phnris to Tilley who received on the Hope w, . ran it to Hope's 24 before Stone stopped , him Jonesboro ball on Hope 24, first I and 10. Pharis around left end for ii j first down on Hope's 11, .stopped by Masters. Tilley through center for 4 , yards, stopped by Jewell. Alexander off right tackle for a touchdown. Pharis around left end for extra point, but Jonesboro was off-side and extra point no good. Score: Hope 38, Jonesboro 20. Alexander kicked to Masters who was downed in his tracks on his .11. yards, stopped by Ea-son and Reese. Another rever.se Osment off left tackle for two yards, stopped by •, Hope's ball first Eason. Third and 5. A reverse from . Alexander to Tilley who .slipped , Hope 7, Jonesboro 0. around right end for a first down on j Second Quarter Hope's 20 yard line. Osment goes over left tackle for 5 yards., stopped by ... . . ._ and Masters. Alexander hit; ou t of bounds on his 30 far no gain, stopj.jd by Par-; Eason over right guard f son. Osment off left 'tackle for no gain, stopped by Stone Bill now on Hnne 15 yard line. A pa.ii Tilley ajid . , _,„..„.,. —,-,---• -„ - - _ . . Osment was no good and Hope takes j herton. third and 1 to go. Bright was the ball on downs yard line. Bright gets around Parson. Alexander was again I right end for a touchdown, standing -topped at the line of serimrnage by ! up. Parson's kick was good. Score: Parsons and Keith. Tilley's kick was ', Hope 14, Jonesboro 0. rounded by Jonesboro on Hope's 15. ' Stone kicking for Hope, Bright hold- dope's ball first and 10 on their own I ing Stone kicks to Tilley and he is 15. at the first quarter ends. Score, j fj nna [y run out of hounds on Jones* ' u " horo 40 yard line by Parson. Osment off left tarkle for 5 yards, hit by Masters. Tilley over right guard for Hope goes to the south goal. Bright .n a sweeting end run. was finally run by Tilley. 5 yards, :d by Rhe and 5 to go. B. .„..4 yards, stopped by Dreher and Pem- ,u ii,,j~ ,«-— jberton. third and 1 to go. Bright was their own 15 ihit hard on thai play but got up and a yard. Mopped by Keith. Third and , „ - - - 4 to go. Osment gets around left end cht guard for 5 yards, for a fj rsl ;mc | IQ (jn t ( 1L . 50 yarc j a n e, 2a and Whidden. second . stonpe d by Masters. Tilley around (right off left tackle for r jght end. tripped over his own man ...i V.... r~v-.-.VM,r. -<nf\ fttim— . .1 -fi .] I: c.._ .... ..,.:., T*;!!^.. 1 !.. 5. Jonesboro, 2 for 15 yards. First downs: Hope 11, Jonesboro 6. Penalties: Jonesboro 2 for 5 yards each. Punts: Hope, 2 for 31 and 26. Jonesboro, 4 for 11. 31, 24 and 36. Third Quarter Stone kicking for Hope, Bright hold, ing. Ston kicks to Osment on Jones- >ro's 20, returns to 24, Stone nabbed ,m. Jonesboro's ball on own 24, rst and 10. On a reverse Tilley went round left end and raced the entire istance of the field for a touchdown, illey plunged the line for the extra J3right goes around right end for 14 OK. Eason over right guard for a firstdown on Hope's 42. on the 50 yard line for no gain. Tilley's pass intended for Osment. incomplete. Tilly kicks to Bright on Hope's 15. He returns 5 yards to his 20. stopped by ya*rds*^and E first down, downed b> Alexander. Hope's hail ,,n own 34. Masters off left tackk- tor a yard. Stopped by Pemberton. Ma.-,ti-.-r.i pa.v, intended for Reese i* ^'.erceptfcd r,y Tilley of Jouesboro on Hope 44. Tilley goes around right «'d for a yard, run out of bounds by Masters. Tilley failed to gain at the t-nler of the line, stopped by three men. Tilley's pass intended for Carey iva.-i low and incomplete. It waa now fourth and a _ for Jonesboro on Hope's 42. Tiileyjil. WhkJden. Masters off left tackle for 5 yards'. Bright over left guard for no gam | .,.__ _ „ stopped bv Coker and E. C..n.-y. A pass ;. s u jr , pe d by Black. BripluV. pass intend- to Reese v/a.-, tcood for a firstdown on - - - ™ :1 jM!t*b-/ri/_-> ^ 1 Reese was downed in hi.-, trai.k.-. by Oninent. Eas'.n takes the bv.ll over left gu-nd for 7 yards, slop- ed for Rec-st- was knocked clown by Tilley A long pa.v;. Bright to Masters, i who was run out. of bounds on the l>c 4'J by Whidden. Mastois through ,>,.-,, .,,, Whiddwi. On the next play : ce iHer for 2. stopped by Rhea. Ea.son both sides were off sides and the pl'iy over | e fi guard for 2 more, stopped by was called back. Hoof's ball on Jones- j Q rc .her. On a reverse, Bright U toro'.s ''A. second a/id .'). Bright plunged ! Masters, who was clear but stutnbltc through center for—they're measur- , an ,| f e jj f rjr t>l) gain. Bright kicked U iny it.'s a firil and 10 on Jonesboro's i Alexander who was downed in hi: guts over right guard for 3 ! ^ ri ^ i: \^f > o u the Jonesboro 25 by Ramsey £\ O T 1 t- Jc.. 'o My Customers and Frieiyls: I have changed from . Nelson- luefcias t" Hope Steam I-aMndry, *O& invite you to continue your business with me- We offer you service of the highest sti.pped l-.y Whidden. Bright ni/.hi end for i, first and 10 01 .;c,i,,>' Drvh. •tul for and Ma.Mers. ' ' Alexander over right guard f 21. finally stopped by j y ari .| ..stopped by Quimby. On a lateral hurt on the play, Carey to Carey who went arounc w Hope It's Hoj*'s ball. . .i:d 1U on Jonesboro's 21. Bught i.s up. He's staying in. Play j resumed. Eb.son through center for 2 j yards, stopped by Rhea. Bright off left '. tackle for 6 yards, stopped by Whidden. right end for a first and 10 on Jones hero's 40. Stopped by Parson. A Ion pa.ss, Pharis to McCarty v/as good fo a first and 10 on Hope's 45, as the hal ends. Score: Hope, 11; Jonosboro 0. ,omt. Score: Hope 14, Jonesboro 7. Alexander kicks to Rarn.sey on lope's 30, he returns to Hope 41, stop- jed by Dreher. Bright gets around ight end for a firstdown, on Jonesboro's 42, stopped by Tilley. Masters ^ff left tackle for no gain, stopped by -arey. Eason through center for 4 •ards, stopped by Pemberton. Bright hrough center for a first down on fonesboro's 25, stopped by Tilley. Aslin 'umbled and recovered for a 5-yard .oss. Bright hit center for no gain. Jiohoi and Coker stopped him. A pass Bright to Ramsey was good for 14 • v-rds. Ball on Jonesboro's 16 yard marker, fourth and one to go. Bright plung'-id over left guard for a first down on Jonesboro's 14. Eason through center for 4 yards, .-lopped by Rhea. Eason off left tackle ,r 3 yards, slopped by Rhea. Bright, ouml right end for about 5 yards, .stopped by Dreher. The ball is on Joncsboro'.s 2 yard line. Time out for Jonesboro. Eason over left guard for a li.uchduwn. Parson's kick for exlra point was wide. Score Hope 20, Jonesboro 7. Stone's kickoff went over the goat line and Jonesboro takes the ball on their 20. Tilley over left guard for a first down on Joncsboro's 30, E'ison V/tio l*" wnv.»j *** • ••«- — Stone off left guard for 4 fut Hope penalized 5 yards for off side. Masters oft right tackle for 2 yards, stopped by Dreher Second and 13. A pass, Masters to Ramsey, who fumbled, Dreher recovering for Jonesboro on Hope's 3a. Alexander through center of the line for 5 yards, stopped by Stone. Pharis around left end for no B"'n. Turner tackling. A puss, Tilley to Black, who fumbled, Keith covering for Hope on own 40. Aslin off left tackle for 2, stopped by Pemberton. Masters on a sweeping end run run out of bounds on Hope's 48. Horn's ball on own 41), third and about 2 to go. Masters through center for a first down, but Hope is off side, penalized 5 yards. Put the ball on Hope s 44. Ramsey punts out of bounds on 11 Jonesboro 22. On the first play Pharis fumbled, recovered by Keith for Hope on Jonesboro's 25. Hope's ball on Jonesboro 25. first liu^t, a >'«-»* and 10. A pass, Masters intended tor Turner, wide, incomplete. Masters arpund right end for a first down, run out of bounds by Whidden as the game , | ends. Final score- Hope 38, Jonesboro 20. School children saved their pennies and donated them toward the building of many monuments, among them being the Buffalo Bill monument, James Whitcomb Riley memorial, Eugene Field memorial, and the new Liberty Bell. According to a leading Vienna physician, who claims to have used it successfully in thousands of cases without a failure, honey is the best "cure" for wounds. Even burns and carbuncles succumb In •] honey trcut- hc enys. MILLER LANDSLIDE Bailey Machine Smashe People STILL Rul Conservative reports from every section of the State indicate that Miller will carry not less than 65 counties and will win 2 to 1. Senator Caraway and a majority of the Arkansas Congressmen have endorsed Miller for United States Senator and are actively supporting him. The Democratic County Central Committees of 53 counties—more than two-thirds of the counties of the State—have adopted resolutions condemning Bailey's Committee nomination as illegal, saying that any Democrat who votes for Miller will still be in good standing and will not be barred from future primaries. There is no party issue involved—Miller and j Bailey are both Democrats. Bailey's hand-picked Committee nominated him and the Democrats i throughout the State nominated Miller. Bailey was not nominated by any convention or primary. f Everyone now knows that Bailey's Committee nomination I I is illegal. I The true, regular Democrats of the State refuse to be intimi- I dated and will go to the polls and vote their choice for United i States Senator, regardless of any threats. They will defy Bailey i and his crowd who are trying to force them to accept the Bailey I nomination. i Miller's victory will be so overwhelming that no one in the i future will dare deny the Democrats or Democratic party the right i to select party nominees by primary election. No one will have I the audacity to undertake to deprive the people of the right to vote H their sentiments. i i This election is a Democratic state-wide re- I bellion against Baileyism, i Do not be afraid. Vote your sentiments. Nobody will be barred on account of voting for Miller. Go to the polls Monday and vote your choice for United States senator. CONGRESSMAN JOHN E. MILLER l°l SENATOR I • Campaign Committee ELECTION MONDAY, OCTOBER 18th

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