The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL a, 10-10 BLYT11EV1LLE (ARK.) COUUI1DR NEWS U. S. Bombers To lllasl Isle Author Of Decade, l.oonks' Inlo Fillure And Makes Prediction WJid-c are HI- C i>jn 8 i,, (lie iic.xl iln-ailc'.' Slcplini Loiiplrrrt, ;iiillior if llii 1 ln-M-selli-i- "IK-raili-," j-ivcs Ills iili-ii of tbe answer ill t'>.k :irti- J-lf HTiltni rsnri-iaUy for NI.'A Ken. in- and Cunricr .NVu.s. ]|i< .sjicnl fii-c years digging intii newspaper fili-.-i fur liis sciirn- Imuk on the IID's, published by lliiiiloiii House, ;inil H Is on (Ills study Ilia I 1 K . t Msl . s tin- rolli»riji s Icm-.-iit fur (lit- next H.V STKi'iiKN I.ONOSTKEKT U'ridi-ii for NKA Service ;uu| The Conner .Vest's The cIcrndD from 1940 lo !9J3 will not- he any different from ilie tliousniuls of tld-Litk-.s Hie world 1ms -seen before. Et is not :t lonely little decade marked off in spiii-o time. Imt ;i l.-iil on (he erc.-il kite at decile-loaded liislory. The- puitern will lie worked mil. Tlie world has lost IHIIH- of peace, of of love uud goodwill !o Juan. Tlial Is nol iiew. The next decade will ;,ee war. PAGE FIVE slant of bayonets go murcliius; off into tlic sun. Hilt hope mid liberty antl the right of all men—ro mallei- «-hat tlieir race or creed—to live and In-red will not perish. The dccnclc will NOT sec the mad men lake aver llie world. They will die by the swm-fj they sharpened; iinil hope will again Ue with us. True, in .some future decade, we may sec the whole mad. stupiil business repeated \VII.LTill- .MOVlli!) AISSOKIS AIJ, AltT? It will be a great deriidc for the common man. once he is Iree ot llic yoke of the win-lords. Art. music-, wiling will improve, knows- the motio:i picture Squadrons of Uncle Sams mistiest naval I>om.H,s, hke tb, w picUucd above*', will rain longer u,n of 1,, B 1, eaptare tonta upon Monita Islam, im.owi. uninhatnted .-oral reef !s , 1UK , , , , !, Puerto . iininliabiti'il coral n-i'f island SO miles west ol lo OP Held on April 20th. will \, f O nc of Ihe Navy.s most i-vinuisllvc' 'ind itulisitc tests of lout; i«Ul sliort mnge bombini;. iieu'spapers must remain free ami daring. The nev.'spapcrs are the last hope oi free thought. Radio is a loud monster which in Ihe wronu hands can do grcal damage. But (here is no dimmer as ion 1 .; • Die daily newspaper t-s free to print and gather news in its oiv.'i way. I do not think the dreadful fear people have of Iho future will come true. There liare ah'.-ays been timei; lament. They need not always be. Who I If we follow the ideals of liiosc knows- the motioa picture may who built America and arc true to take over all art form, and men tile ideas that creed, rare or -nlur will no longer write books ,, T Uleil Held O i „. un Larceny Charges Ray nauuherty, 2(1, and Philip 22, who live between tlu> wnucs son said a sutatnntinl rciluclion in rales for Insurance on mereiinllle establishments was responsible. Amany purticipatiin cities and towns, with the amounts iippur- lioned to them aie: lllyilieville, $l,li):i,n ; Oscuulii, Lcacliville, s'JS.ri'J; Jores- paint Stephen J.ungslrccl: Tlie nc.vl of us. then we will see a decade Irom the years 1940 lo 1050. ties in western,ijijij (.-otiiity, were held to circuit court on char- Sts of ciutid larceny in connection with the then of f< mi - tnic^ loads of cottonseed alter hcarlnys had been held Saturday at O.scc- ola. They were released on bum! after having been in jail ;u Osccola. Hoth admitted to Shi-iilT Hale Jnck.TOii that they stole cotton seed from W. 0. Mnsoi) at the Florida Brothers Oin at Mandaliiy. and Fred Ui-miisi-y at l-'loodway! aiier- i ilt Jackson announijed lollowins • their arrests Friday. I This makes a total of nine men air:sled in connection with numerous recent cotton seed thclts j iu Mississippi county. 'iflh Circuit Court Of Ap- _ peals Rentiers Decision I Firemen's Pension In lesl Case NliW OKLEANS, Apr. 2 (Willie litth U. S. circuit court, of appeals today upheld constitutionality of (lie wafjc hour law. The appellate court, refused 1" j set aside an order of the waye hour administrator selling a minimum I wage of 32'i cents an hour lor ' employe.? of (lie textile industry. The ruling was made in llie cine. of the Opp cotton mills of Opp. Miv, and IS other textile mills ol the south that joined the suit after it was filed. The Southern i.,,,*. ,„„„,>; viu IMIJL-I Coll °" Maiiiifaetitrers oiBaniKiliou Styles will be saner. Pnri? will cnlevetl Ihe suit, as an inter- Fninl Apportioned L-ITTLE ItOCK. All:.. April ? — The stale's two per cent lax on lire insurance premiums netted s-ll.- ;VJ7.5!) lor the firemen's pension fiuxls ot 8B cities and (owns, ,M. j. Harrison, slate insurnncc cnmmi'i- boro, $l,22?.-(i. Spring Cleaning Ordered For Independence Hall I'HJMUIiU'lllA. (UPl-llistotir- incleiiendi-nce Hall, where the Ucclaralion of Independence and llie Constitution were signed, will lie made "spick and span for visitors" to the Republican National Convention in June. Howard \v. Mnrpliey, chief ol the bureau of city property, said lhat the iiiMcle and outside ol the shrine ivould he clciincd, Biiurds would be fjiveu new iiniroriiis, mid that the park aiound tlie beautiful Georgian structure would lie landscaped with [lower-licds., Kvcn new curtains will be hung llirniiRlioijl the Viiildinu, and the floors of (lie IJcclarallon and Supreme Court cluunhcu will bi- repainted. 10 years took better. pictures or mark nmsi die out as a fashion center. Fvibrics ve "°' 1 c.« Crime in Ulah •SALT LAKE CITY. Ulnh itjpi — CiitiH! liecreascd iu Ulah during llic seven years. Jay C. Newman. Federal Bureau or'liirustlgn- lion agent, disclosed. His statistics showed murders dropjictl from 4.7 - — •— • t/'.'v last per IO.OIK) to U'^- robberies from year and the municipalities- share HO.l to -19.7 and uutomoWlc (Hefts declined from S-12,-15-1.50. Mr. llarri- ' from -187 !o U7J.C. sifiner, announ:cd yesterday, f'rcmium collections were 1)1:111 the Sl.2-i5,i50.52 paid not wrinkle so easy. The case was the first, test of the H-J tc. Under congressional dircclion the i wage-hour administrator has been ' ordered to aiipoini. a,, industry committee "as soon a.s practicable " 'I lie case also was Ihe first on which an appellate court was asked lo pass on constitutionality ol (lie acl which President Roosevelt. Tiie cities will stop growing i 'I"" 15 "*' ™mmitlce procedure nn- f'eople will move buck to the soil 1 ,"' llle f:l "' labor standards act. ol The danger of air raids will be I eslablishinif jniiiiniuin v.-fii,'- too 8 reat lo spend millions on cs war<t " lllc o'wclive of a nni- yreat building; industrv will hide Ve „ 5 vaec 0| 40 ce " ls "» hour" ils plants and men will "go back to ",' ''i^rslncs ciiBagcd in inter- God's BITCH earth - -acli family , ™"'"'m.-c or in the prodnc- wiih ,'i Jioiise and some eround for ..'."!!. ° Bocxls °'' """'slate coma Harden. In this way the bomber will prove a blessing. HOl'K I OK DUST IIOWI,, .M.lVIii: NOXK I-'OK C()I,1> People will travel aijain. We will see the first in many garages. Television will work ortlcr, but pcuplc will still (;o In ball panics and (H-i/c fi'.!hls and hunt deer and fish. The dust boivls will be forests: the livers will be b.inkcj a-aiiisi Hood;. 'tin next decade may make sold so wanhless that children's toys may be ina<lc from it. Perhaps, but we bave. most of l!i<- world'n gold. If the nations of the world slioiild discard il— an-.l they arc turning mnre and more in l;ai(er--wo would h;> lioldin-^ a ynllon- .soft inctiil thai woiilii lie amuiit wovthbss, e;;';ept to dmlist.s. Another menace is radio. It menaces irccdmn of the press. The Hlyfhcvilk Casoline Al HTATK 1,INK I'KICES (i (Juls. for .IOVNKU OIL CO. I. S. Uijtinay 61. Noilli Al Kr;l To-j (iin s. H. Clark Hl.vllitvillc, Ark. Aiilliori/rrt r,, r 1.01111 D'•in I .if r IliHlir-lltip Co. LOW KATKS PROMPT INSPECTIONS ' TKKJ1S run'H,[;<;t'.s Clark- H'ihinn A;eiuy, lusnr. Jus. C. Clark STONEVILLE 2 EX|.eriii!«-rii Sia'ion To -is IVnve H To Be B'it Moi.ty Vnir.e c»r.,,n for M • Mi t k 5 j p f i County We Kive a timilerl s-ipiily u [ thcso sml «:iio!i j r - fij.i -..„ ,„.. ertcil Stoiicviito •• II i, OT gU direct Irom Iho brcertor, Jt'«», ew IOMI farms ami Its purity I, Insurtrt by succlai .iifcivl'lonlnd s scjiaratlon In planlins, i>kAlii( and sinning. s Gel fresher and purer seed now—\te will lie jljd to trad- tnr i^ or you ray obtain dcsc dc'.inlcd seed tor 52.60 tci hitnaicS? RE® TOP Plirnc ^73 Highway , Ark. this your ye^r ior .1 health vacation in Undo's oldest National Paik. The World Bows to a WELL Man With hcsllh all other lichcs in lilo liuicHylollov,. He.illh.oftcnI.mos, 13 only n mailer o! prcc.iiilion. Tho wotld-lnmous Eprinq-. in Hot Hpiinrja Nalional P.nk lisvc Ihoij own way of rotloting cnc-rqy--ol lirin<jing relief lo sufferers of van. BUS ailments. And wtul d j ay it i s to t.iko a courso ol Ihoso bodybuilding haths. TKo Holol MAjoslic IMS ,t.« own U. 3. Govornmenl Eujjorvisod balh house righl under Ilin s,imo too! of Iho hoiol wlic-io rjuet^s may procoo<i (o and from their looms lo Iho bjtlis in robes anci slippora. Trained attendonls kno-,v your msds and provide evciy Com.! at any I,mo in Ihe -/nai. Come now lo protect your hwlth. DO AS UNCLE SAM DOES Undo Som so loves H6t Spiir.qs lhal h» owns an d conlrolj (ho famous water ond dijpon; cs n coiolully lo those who seek health. Ho has built Wi own qianl Army and Navy hos- pita! hero la: Iroclmonl o( his vet. eronj. Uncle Sam lukoj r,o chances— ho puts health first—In Hot Springs. Write for Descriptive Literature, Address Aic Avilo Trailers Lcgnl Reside Thai's Del toil's Problem r. April I -ahcanillncd i'vlclion is slavlnii itj.Ono lemporary I'elroitcrs squaie In the face. They arc (| 1( . Irailerfolli, ||vln« In it mm scanned rollln« homes within llie city, null tlu-y are slandhu: mildly aualnst all ctlorls ol ei!i/ens and olllclals to give them a speedy sliovo (o«ard the city limits. The City Council has silid 'Move on." The municipal court has said tin' same. The corporation counsel mid (lie police chief have said the same. l!u( u,<- luillerfnlk aren't. moving. About »r> per cent ol' those , r >OI)l) trailers are occupied peviuunenlly, I'stimales Assistant (Jiirpo rail o n C'ranisel Niilhaniel II. (loldstlck A woeful luck (if up-lo-dule plutcs on the trailers seems lo bear him out.. riioiintir occtti'ANfv SIOHI! THAN !)0 DAYS Ho De-troll passed Drdinances AIclJin Wlhhison: I-'otir years In n Ir.-iilcr in d(iwii(o»n Dttruil makes tier Die eliJimi. Sign the New.Register at the Ritz TUESDAY —PAL 2 iiilmlttcil for prii-e of 1 Also Oimedy ,t N'tivi'lly Wcil.-Tlmrs., April :!-1 fiil^' A ' Otl ' Ccaliiry.Fm Pk(uc< Shirley Temple • Spring RylrtRlon CoFlin* * Sybil Jason drj a (jil Also .Vi'Ks A- Cumrily 0XY SIATINKK liVKHV ])AV THIS WI:I;K TlfKS., \VIOI).. i 'IIIliUS. 2 ;iilliii((cd for (lit- liricn i>f I A NEW UNIVERSAL PICIURE Tuesday, April 2nd Also Selected Shorts HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK LISTEN TO KLCM ll-.flft a.m. —12:45 ji.ra. —1;30 p.m. Wlial Is. Their Slalus? she says, "Healthy? Before i-'(ot>r up trailcrlng i weighed I15-no» i weigh 119. I'm baying right lieje" ilcaiiivlille, anyone wlio has any id Idcos about- liow to gei wheels back under 51X0 trailers ond start them rolling can make a We hU for himself wilh the Detroit police department. Iliimli'd livelier for umipnny, Drli-oll's business hulldlni;s. Inillm lake coot between nmkiii!: it iinliiwlnl lo il v ( ; in a trailer more than ill) diiy.s In any 12-immtli period In nny inn. camp. If thill were strictly enforced. II would put- all (he trailer camps mil ol busliuvis, for it also provides a lli-eiiM- lee ol $11) per trailer spare |ier year. Ho tin- (nitli-r- Ke.s. UiroiiKli the Niitloniil Trailer CMncli rts.-ioclallon, iisked for un liiJiinrUini lo pri'vrDl I'lifiumm-nl of the t'dli'l "Move on." Jusl Ihe oilier <liiy nmnli-lp;i| court, threw out Ilielr pctlllnn. Now, after n short period ol ifriirp, police dlrei'lctt by the Health Ot'parliuenl, an> (iolny lo slnti. trylni; lo gel the Inillpj.s lo roll- liil!. I'rad it-ally unanimously, the lialleiites say "We're slnndliii! ]inl. Not. a wheel turns milll we're nc.- Imilly foired (nil." iMeaiuvlilln throuith UK- iis-iiicliHIon Iliey nre luepailn^ a tesl, in tedernl court al Cincinnati which they Mope will yet save these nominal from becoiiilnc, niiinudlt:. TO KOI. i. Mrs. Hotly liobblns, who runs 11 downtown camp In whlcli 2(1 Iratl- crs K(|tii\t with every si|!U ot per- iiiiiiiency. wiys "We're just nolnu to sit buck and .see wluit, hnppi'n.s. We don't hurt, anybody. We aren't, a puhlic ntiisanee. We don't, ciutsu (he pnllce nuy trouble. There's no Mckncss in tnj' cnmii— licit, us much us I've had In my own Kl-ioom which adjoins It, VVJiul luu'i: |(ll 11|>lllU,sl USV" . Alelhn Wilkinson, who lives e Kobblns camp, noes lar- "Trallcrlnij saved my lire," Jlcad Ckmrier News' want ads. PuH the Lazy Bowels, and 'Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! ., > Pepsin helps ym «,,„ |j !3t m ilnlouinclicomfort.wlillctlicUxali-c boini.1 movesyourbwcls.Iratjprm-c he |xjwrofl>c|.s,,,todissolve thoseilumrso imciiscstccl protein food wliicli may linircr iil>-rji.rsli)i)i.-icli.Io ra iiscbcfchin g , B ri s (ric acKlity unit nausea. Tliia is how ncrein "nil! your stoniacli liclpn of such distress. At (lie same lime this racdicinc waxes ii|> l:mr nerves and muscles in your ds to relieve you r constipation. So ««. 2 Great New Gasolines! _STANDARD_OIL_COMPANY OF LOUISIANA BEFORE YOU BUY ANY REFRIGERATOR IN 1940 Delivered In your kitchen with 5 Ye >r Pf otcctlon Plan 'rMiis is THE WAY to pick the best rcfrig- - 1 t'r.ilorj'imrmoncycanbii)'. Check j things. SIZE7 It's -a full f>'/i cubic fool- holds an nvcniijc week's supplj' oi /oo<l. NAME? It's :\ Kofvinator.. . nude hy the in,-ikcr u) clc-ctric r(.'fr/nc'r,itors. 1'IUCK? it's only $11-105 delivered in your Kitchen \viili 5 Year I'rntL'ciion Plan. !i's pmvvrcd hy tbcnm;uinj; Polarspherc that uses current less than 20% <>' the time, yet tun keep 5 refrigerators 'cold, under nrcrujjc liousehoUI. conditions. /'//« other features and savings— lhat make il (lie biggest refrigerator value we've ever seen. , \Vc want you to be sure to sec it— and llio other big 6 and 8 en. ft. ly-SO nioilels, now offered at savings ol S JO to S60 Many bave llun new Moist-Master System, too. To hel|> you pick (fie best relrigcrator, c'onic in anil gel a free copy ol "The 19-iO Hcfrigcraior Guide '. .See our complc(e new line ol iy-10 Kelvitiators today! LOOK AT AIL THESE FINE FEATURES J ol shelving * Automatic light • finish * Porcelam-on-steannterior • 2 extra-fast freezing shelves • Embosssdfreezercfoor « Big cctd storage troy— and many otfm fealures ycu'P ba glad to sec, Come In today, WARNING! I>on'r p.iy jtonJ mone) 1 for mi uvit-of-vlitc, list year's refrigerator otTcrcd at "rcduccii" prices — when you CAH own a bnni) new 19 SO Kclvin.xior at suchanamaz- ing low priced look, before yon buy; ami pet a 1940 model, wiihaflefie ly-fOimprovcmcnij. and foal taxet extra. HOTEL, APARTMENTS & BATHS Blyihevllle, Ark. Phone 67 109 So. 2nd- , Mo.

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