Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1934
Page 5
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'•";•- -flhurcday' Setotembev (M&u El Dorado Goes 'Ga Ga' Over Rowe Plan Special Train to World Series to See Schoolboy . EL DOnADO,~Aik.~<U.F>>_El Dorado is on a baseball boom. The town has gone " Kn g n " over the metcroie climb of its favorite son Lynwood T. (Schoolboy) Howe, to baseball's hall of fame. Dusty bulletin boards have been wiped off and whenever Rowc pitches for the Detroit Tigers fans crowd about them. Ever since Howe hit his winning streak that took him to 10 straight victoiics lo tie the American League record, El Dorado has been baseball conscious. When word of lhe record- making name reached here fans ran tip and down the streets of this otherwise decorous city, shouting the news that, 'Schoolboy has knocked 'em cold again." Pictures of (ho slrappling 22-year- old pitcher appeared by dozens in store windows. Enthusiastic sign-; Were placarded. One enterprising newspaper stand operator displayed- Schoolboy wins, read 'em and weep! Beside that sign wore pictures of Howe and Miss Edna Mary Skinner 01 1M Dorado, who will become Mrs Rowe when the world scries is over this fall. Their engagement was an ' nomiccd after Rowe's IGth victory. Newspaper sales have excecdc. those for any of the Dillinger an ( arrow desperado forays. He-sent Hillbilly Stories One thing i! 10 pcop le here don 1 like is the imaginary stories of East e-rn j-ports writers about Schoolboy Howe is no Ozark hillbilly, he didn' leave an O/.ark diet of "hominy grit, und boo cake" to play Moses for the Detroit Tigers, he wasn't 20 years olt before he ever saw a uniformed baseball (earn, and he didn't learn to pitcli '>y throwing rocks at .squirrels in his fictitious hill country home. As a matter of fact his home town of Kl Dorado is a cily of nearly 20.00C inhabitant.; in the Southern Arkansas nil fields some 200 miles from the • Ozark inounliiii).<:. He has been pitching ball since lie wore knee panfs and • never shy at (he bright Ib-bls of the . city.-; white way. Schoolboy has been sort of a favor- He ever since his high school days : when he won about all the state athletic honors offered. He was all-state football quarterback. all-Mate basketball center, nll-sVate irterscholastic golf champion, won the state track meet single-handed at Conawy, and was an amateur boxer of no little rc- pulo. In 1931 he played independent ball with a Bastrop. La., papormill team then advanced to the Texas League • where lie played for a year before go- ;ing with the Tigers. Arrunecmont.s are bciiiR made for :P. special train to take (he fans here M,\|> the World series and indications 'ire that more residents will make the Stages Career For Prince NOTICE Proposed Initiative Act Submitted to (he People of tlcmps(r.i ( | Counlv ArlcniiMis, by Initiative Petitions. " I-elitioiw have been filed i n iho'of- HbPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Counly, Arkansas-, as follows: "INITIATIVE ACT NO. I or HEMP STEAD COUNTY^RKANSAS "An Act to Fix the Compensations and Expenses of County Officers and to Fix the Manner in Which qwi , Con L p< :'; sati ° ns and Salaries Shall be Pa,d and to Hcduce the uost of County Government inrl for Other Purposes." Be it enacted by the people of Hempstead County, Arkansas' , ,o?r° C !i° n ] ;.. From ? ntl aftor J --"»>ary I, 935 the officers of Ilempstead County, Arkansas, hereinafter named, shall !^ C _? n i bc I"^ °«l of the rev- For each non est on subpoena 10 For serving each notice or rule of court, notice to lake depositions, or citations lo executors, administrators or guardians inal case, or confession in open court Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) of liabi , , a< r'<" With his .30 2.00 qualifie miurn:; may f,le c ) nini { onsuc)l and lh be allowed and paid as r expense of .said office. of the County ns hereinafter provided, the compensations and sal- - - j m-ics herein provided, and nothing For every trial in a capital ea.se For executing each death war- Section" U. ""section's 12 n u *™\, ; 25.00 IS of this act Have - ' "' "' am For mileage m serving each writ, '" process, notice, subpoena or rule, except county matters, salary. for each mile circular .05 .75 more. Section 2 The county and probate ! judge for his services and expenses | :«s such judge and as cx-officio road I commissioner, shall receive a salary of Iwcnty-soven Hundred and no '100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year, and nothing more, payable out of the County General Fund, provided, however, <hat the Levying Court may authorize u- , said salary to of the Highway or Road Fund as now or hereafter allowed by law Section 3. The county judge shall do and perform all the duties now or hereafter imposed upon the county judge as ex-officio road commissioner Section 4 The Clerk of the Circuit t,ourt shall receive as compensation and salary (he sum of Twenty-seven | Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($270000) pbr year for performing n ll the duties of said office, cither as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Chancery Court, Ex-Officio Recorder For advertising goods or land for sale For returning each execution or attachment 75 For advertising elections for each township 2.00 For delivering poll books for each township 2.00 For serving each order or rule of county court (but no mileage) 75 For collecting and paying over nil fines, penalties and forfeitures 3 pcr cc nt. For commission for receiving and paying money on, execution or process when lands or goods havc been taken in custody, advertised, or sold, 2 per ccnt. For posting each notice required by order of county court of on a AU , saIari « Prided f 0l Urllcss °""=rwiso pro. Salarics »nd shal lns taWraente by in be' county warrantsrissueTTolnd the name of the officer or deputy enlitlod to same, and based P * o"'/, 1Pd , claim filed with the but no such claim shall issued letting of all public contracts insufficient to pay' in full the to build bridges 2S;ponsalkm and R nlnrv ~L !i.f. t su fees for such office have been co mtv f nd COl ' CCted !lnd .hern L treasurcr lo l»y te .<rame; and thereupon warrants shall be issued for any months in arrears .<rame; and in said s n sa fiscal year, lo bo paid out of said fees so earned, collected and paid to the county treasurer. If tne fees and ncd wn antl by a - u *?",' IS rcc l ui «d to charge collect fees or other compcnst Servlces «n*«d shall be For services in attending upon the grand jury each day it is attended by sheriff or deputy 2.00 For attending' on Circuit Court for otich day the court is attended by a deputy sheriff 2.00 For any and all other services where the fee for such service is not fixed by this act, the Sheriff shall receive the fees for such services as fixed and found in Crawford & Mose:-.' Digest of the Laws of Arkansas published in 1921, but with- ponsalion | this act, salary SUc provided by fld in that event the officer and deput PAGE with the County Clerk, ah& the '**• porting officer shall then pay. to th County Treasurer all sums $o ''datne and reported. ' • • ' 's 7 . >, •: j ;,' .Section 14. The County Treasure shall keep a separate and correct nc count of funds received .frrim .eacl officer herein named and no part o such funds shall be transferred 't any other fund or account un'til Sand lho sums cr odUcd thereto or Commissioner in Chancery, as' out any amendment thereto, well as all other acts and duties! and 1 Provided, In criminal cases where Hiall receive no other or further i 1 " 8 costs arc paid by the county, no compensation, perquisites, emoluments i sheriff, cororncr, constable or other fhall lie reduced ratably and alike i proporlion to the earned and collecte revenues of said office. Section 13. All county officer whose salaries are fixed by this Act except those receiving no fees, shal charge and collect, for the use ant benefit of the County, the same fees costs, commissions, perquisites aw compensation as are now or hereafter required or permitted by law tc be charged by such officer for such services. All sums so earned shall be public funds, the property of the County, and the collecting officer .-rucl fna Claire, who picked John Gilbert for tho,rolG of husband and divorced him, lias proved sho s n good picker of actors. ler ,'nfluenco Prince K_ >4 . •onLiechtenstein, was given"n'roia - t • »- -- -i -— -n binijiuii tviiia • ' * -"* • "*«"**»- ui. VJHIL.I. -»»—•"* i *j j niiu lilt; LCJJUCClinfi Oil ICC/* or fees, either directly or indirectly, I P crson serving subpoenas for witnesses shall receive same as trustee for the for services rendered by reason of or s »all be allowed to receive from the i County. Tne said fees and other com result of holding the office. county pay for making more than two ' pensation shall bo collected in each clerk may employ one deputy | returns on subpoenas in any given instance in advance of the rendition at i, salary of no more than One casc - and in "° case shall cither of of the said services, and each officer Huntlrnrl 7V11 B - «,„„,«» _.. .„;„ „«,„.„ or othw ^^^ charg ^ ^ ^^^ .-1^ e^Ch Officer pay on mileage in serving; with all sums so earned by or ac-- . . , process or subpoena in a cruing to the office whether collected approval of the Circuit criminal case for more than the actual. or not; provided, however thit whpn in I*-,*, t 4.* «(*jl__ . i »-i» 1ivtV.n« +.P *~* !!._* 1_T fl » * . ' **»MlHi»VTlitll Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per' month, '< saicl as heroin provided. 'jor receive way, with u 1 —i-f.«i.t* VL vitv V^llUUJL ——•-.."• *....-,*. *,,. ..ii^nj ^iitll Judge and a majority of the members, number of miles traveled. of the Levying Court, employ an extra I "Hw Sheriff shall have charge of deputy at a salary of Ei and t"p county jail and may appoint a bond for costs is tendered and accepted or sufficient cash deposit is made in lieu of bond for costs in any the t »*« /mn T-\ 11 « —. O ..v*.*.,» uim -" * — -...~ ...«., ..i^ijuiiii, ,1 ...LMV, ... in.- lt ul uuim lor cosis in anv no/100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for i^or who shall, also be cx-officio contested matter or action in anv of not more thnn si^ctecn weeks n year; deputy sheriff and for whoso conduct' the courts, the clerk may carrv the provided s,«.h r.viv, ,.„ _ i), rt si,,*,:™ ^ nl , ... rcsponsib , Q as | accruing costs as uncollected fees un. til the matter or action is concluded I . - ~" 'v^^ivr, i( VI,-(U , ,i ' provided such extra deputy may not — ^ ' bo worked more than four weeks on now provided by law. ' °nc approval; and, provided thc . a PP al ° f «>id ! and equipment and keep the same in County shall furnish the jail but, in no event longer than sixtv ias marked him for chance- on Droudwny. On the playbills he's dentiflert n. s Kdward Ructhberg , , TJ "ft'* "-* " lli UA OiilU — *^».j**«jy»j •*.»»!, U1114 IVtlJJJ 11IU OUJJ ins work i Judge and a majority of the members repair and shall also furnish days after final conclusion of said matter or action. Each such officer trip to ECO their favorite son pitch than out to the World's fair during'the ist two .summers. ~~Tokio ~ Mi. and Mrs. Leonard Hile of Mur- frecsboro attended churcl .... _ " *f —-»««•- *n\_*nijtji .-> —* —. .*. t.»iu» u j.jij ^uiiiioii H.IL 4i«.i>i>vuA ui ul,LIUIl< uaClL SVlCfl OZIlCCr m tno Levying Court may be obtained bedding, clothing, medicine and med-j shall, - between the first and fifth of oy mail or petition without the ex-1 '«>t attention necessary for the proper! each month, render in duplicate a penso of assembling the Levyin care of prisoners, but nothin more. I dul verified e penso of assembling the Levying Cuurt. ' Section receive prisoners, but nothing more, j duly verified report of all sums For feeding and keeping prisoners f earned by, the off ice. during the pre- r , pre- i o. lho County Clerk shall confined in the jail, said Sheriff shall ceding m(inth, showing in detail the th ns compensation and salary receive seventy-five cents each per. sources arid amounts of said earnings lhe sum of Twenty-seven Hundred, day, payable as now provided by law. one copy of which shall be filed with Dollars (W700.00) per year for per-! Section 8. -The Sheriff as ex-officio' the Counly Treasurer and the other forming all duties of said office, cither Tax Collector shall receive commission! _;•?'_.-}' as Clerk of the County Court, Clerk for collecting the revenue as follows-1 : —;?-- — ' r ^ —— ' ^ of the Probate Court; Ex-Officio Clerk For the first ten thousand dollars , ( — *.• L.VII L^Vl 1.1 »li shall m the aggregate exceed the „., nual salary of said officer and', fri. deputy or deputies and such', .expense as are herein fixed and authorized for the current fiscal' year. In the event any officer whose duty it is to lie such report and 'pay, in(o the reasury the receipts and, feypnuf>s of his office for the preceding 'month' as defined in this act shall fail or" re'fusft o do so, it shall be the duty of lho Treasurer, within five'days', to rcp'orj such fact in writing to the "County Judge, Circuit Judgd and Prosecuting Attorney. ,.., Section 15. Each county officer ivhose salary is fixed by this Acti xcept those receiving ho.f<*es,,ishall eep in a well-bound book an itemized tfily statement of all sums earned by he office for services rendered, shov/J collected u\g therein the nature of , the cspective services rendered; and 'the' urns accruing therefor. At the end f each month said officer shall make nd add to said statement the totals f each page and of the whole sums o earned during said month, and shall attach to the said statement his certificate under oath that the sai totals represent the full, true an correct amounts of all fees, costs commissions, perquisites and com pensation or other revenues earne by his office from all sources what soever during the said month. Tin system of keeping such books, th books to be kept and the form o statements to be made, shall first bi approved by the State Auditorial De partment or officer whose duty i will be to audit the books and reports of such officers. Said statements shall be open at all times to public inspection. The said officers shall, a the expiration of their terms of office deliver the said books to the County Clerk, who shall preserve the same a public record. Section 1C. Any and all purchases or contracts for supplies or equipment necessary for the conduct of the several county offices and institutions shall hereafter be, made by the County Court, in, the open market, jpon invited bids and in each instance 'com the lowest responsible bidder. In case of emergency or immediate need, supplies or equipment may be purchased or contracted for In amounts not exceeding $25.00 in the aggregate n any oiie mOnth without first inciting bids therefor. The . County -ourt, upon requisition of each' coun- y officer, working for a salary as herein provided, shall furnish all tationcry, books,, records, stamps, urniture and equipment, and other upplies and facilities requisite for ho proper conduct of the respective rific.es and . institutions, except as 'thcrwise herein provided. After all salariesJand be transferred to the County Genera c Fund. i Section 18. , The various, provision; and. parts of this Act arc hereby declared to be severable, and if any provision Or part sh6uld be declared unconstitutional by a court of last resort, the. same shall •• not invalidate or affect the remainder of • the Act, . Section 19. All laws and parts of laws .in conflict, herewith shall be and they are hereby repealed and this Act shall be and become effective on January 1, 1935. " Said petitions appear to r be in form •equired' by law and- are -signed by the requisite numbe> of qualified electors/ "'• • •• i : ...... .;• , Therefore, noticb is '.hereby giVen hdt the 'question of adopting; or re : ecling said : proposed Initiative Act yill be referred to the people in the banner provided by lawVal •tne'fie'xt eneral Election . to be held : ..on Nor 'ember. 6,- 1934,. and Av411 -appear. on»the ffieial ballots in the following term: ACT N6 1 1 dP D COpJm' i lhe Compensations and An Alit to ,ExpehEes >£ eounty:,pf/iccrs and lo fix the manner in which such Co#l- pennaticns and Salaries shall be paid and to reduce the cost of County Government, rind for olhcr'purpose*." FOR INITIATIVE ACT NO'I. ' AGAINST. INITIATIVE ACT wo, 4 Each elector of the County may vdte for or against adopting said proposed act. ' , i ,; £ • WITNESS our hands and. the test of ?nid .County, in .the Town of Wash-- ington, Hempsteed County, Arkansas, en. this-5th day of .September, 1934.-. j H. M.-STEPH'E'NS. County Judge. ... A. C.JVNDERSON;.county cierU (Seal of County .Cqurt) , Our; advise'on insurance ijiiobl ems is as ' professional a>s .iht> ! '> advice : of .a Doclor-' or Lawjor. HOY ANDERSON c CO COMPlfTF INSURANCE SERVICE PHONE 610 HOPE, ARK BEST TONIC FOR WOW Due to its : tonic and ! purifying effect on the -blood, women will find, in MendenhallV Malaria, Chill ancti Fever Tonit witliSS-scn ic "eVas 6 fe/Tlr f ° r i f . se . jn , varibus^lin^n^lulrT he r the' United ^ l J y *JS nlediclna ' Properties of Arsenic set forth in of l,ad W «i •'• Dls P e »f a °ry, a book prepared by a committee scrb« he P n?nn Cia " 5 ^ { ',' I™** 1 ** of ^c U. S. and which de- fin« the s.«n«Sr *^° " dr "P US ^ d . ! " P rcscr! Ptio"s and de- this country. ^ S * ° f medicines ' according to law in This book lists the principal effects of Arsenic, as follows: (1) Stimulation of nutrition— body building- S\odSffu*nl£ f5r?n8 aCti ° n °" the blo «>a-ther e by imprdvm, and imoSe a ?h bleach j nff . the ^in-thus eradicatW blemishes of C r«? va ,?5 . tlle ., corn P lexlon . and through its alterative effect. or great value in the 'treatment of certain skin diseases. (4) .Beneficial m the treatment of bronchitis, partinilarlv thp asZa. yPC fre<1UCnt '>' found in the aged, ahd 'i.fmany case, of tlL ivn/^'f"* ^^'V^^ases/sucn as tuberculosis or in certain types of nervous .debility with malnutrition, arsenic k ore o£ the most powerful remedies we possess. It is one of 'he v few substances which really de-erve the iiame of "^heral Lni since it increases both the weigh.. and strength of fhfe-pa!i*m (6) In regard to; malaria the .Disensatory states "Arsenic is' headache or due to malaria or genera bad I. C. MendenhaH Medecine EvansvHIe, Indiana day night. Sll!1 - 1 other Juvenile Court, as well as other collected, five per cent, in kind; for| and duties, and shall receive no; all sums over ten thousand dollars! Trusses, Abdomliuil Supports, Elastic Knee Caps and Anklels Our stock is all new and of the very latest and improved merchandise. We fit children as well as grown-ups. For many years we have sold this line of goods and now is quite an important department in our store. TI)is stock is carried in a separate room where our fitters can serve you without interruption. We make no charge for fitting and our prices will please you. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company compensations, and under twenty thousand dollars, WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go If you feel sour anil cuiik mid the world lookj punk, ilon't R mtHow n lot „. tutts iniii- , oil, l»»»iivc uaudy or chcwlne I'.ura Misses Frances and Anti tuirl of Hot Tpi-inss are vi U in- re Jnilve" J ci^e f now. " 10 " Illlt * hclc " l Clyde Owens of Bin fi en attended ! " church at Sweet Home Wednesd- night Wednesd Aony Bell of Murfrcesboro w-m business visito, to To do Wednesday I B. J. Stcen was a visito, i, aC I Thursday. I S. W. Pool of Binge,, was , Tokio ' visitor Tuesday H. K Holt was a business visitor to Washington WednesdT " „. . — any and all other services as! Clerk may employ one deputy ex-officio Tax Collector, where the salary of no more than One i'ees for such services are not fixed Dollars (?100.00) per month' by this act, he shall receive the fees Tf n Prided. I for such services as fixed and found L If the work increases, the clerk may,' in Crawford & Moses' 'Digest of the with the approval of the County,'laws of Arkansas published in 1921 I Judge and a majority of the members: but without any amendment thereto.j 01 the Levying Court, employ an 1 Section 9. The Tax Assessor shall) extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen' receive as compensation and salary! and no. 100 Dollars ($18.00) per week) and for all traveling expenses the! lor not more than sixteen weeks a! sum of Twenty-seven hundred and I r; provided such extra deputy may | no/100 Dollars (?2700.00) per year, and I bo worked more than four weeks'nothing more, for performing the' Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Coolev nnrl children of Corinth 'attended church' Jud^ndT ma^^^ of tnn T.nuvntw Onui-f .»ni, u~ -u*~: , ; . .. . , j. icre Sunday. George McLarty and W. T. Cooley were business visitors in Murfrees- joro Saturday. T. L. Sanford was a business visitor o Hope Friday. Ed Smith attended a quarterly con- ercnce at Bingcn Sunday. Mrs. M. L. Stuart and children of lot Springs attended the revival at Cwcct Home Sunday. of the Levying Court may be obtained; receive no other fees by mail or petition without the ex- j emoluments, expenses' ponse of assembling the Court. Section C. The Sheriff of Hemp- commissions, .-- or perquisites, Levying either directly or indirectly, for service;; rendered as such assessor or as the result of holding said oifice. stead County, Arkansas, shall be ex-' Said Assessor may employ one off 1010 Tax Collector as now provided deputy at a salary of not more than '?.. *. aw ' an £ smcl Sheriff and ex- One Hundred and no/100 Dollars n 1'nT,„ K.-Pol^nl.^. n0t r> laccd ° n i! <$100; n <» Per month as ' herein pro- > present law, requiring I Clerk to make the tax! , , ccwne I'.ura ! •*'!'} "Pcct them to make you suddenly uwett •?••&$ buoyant and full O f suMhino. ° nly mov<! «"» . >A mi ' re """"enient doesn't yet ut uiuo. 'l h(1 reason for your down-and-out iay ? urllv '' r - l Bhou1 ' 1 our • ., iquid bilo in'.o your iowela duily fi. 1 ' 8 ^! 1 . 10 -' • :owinLr freti| >'- y° ur '<">'« «ta JJI ad 5j in the __ You have a &r!, *¥ •"- "o-rHnitfc 1 fi'? 0e u,' Bltln ottcn brmka out in blemislim. Your he a ^ tt fc U S d ° Wn a ° d - 1 ' *»•'"&« LAV^tiVlTffi °^ K X fEH ' 3 ge pound* of bila flawing frcely « nd r fed "up uud up." They contain wonduif l«rml«», eentle vojetatle fjitruota™ umnlnx vuKijti il- nor.ii.,, «... _...!•_ . . . " ™' ****'*»*tlllfi a salary, but shall continue to render, vided ^£^^' a °™«)^^^^^£-^^&F« ™&*J^^~Jt^VZItt^.ttZjttZZ£&Z shall be only those hereinafter Tax Assessor may, with the approval )ir time. We are very thankful for the nice rain that fell here last Sunday morning. Dee Chism made a business trip lo Nashville Saturday. Mrs. J. F. McLaughlin is on the ;:ick list this week. The protracted meeting closed at Sweet Home Sunday night. The drouth was really bronken on mentioned and set forth, and shall of the County Judge and a majority not, in any instance or in any wise,| c f the members of the Levying Court exceed the fees hereinafter mentioned I employ an extra deputy at a salary of and set forth. 'Eighteen and no/100 Dollars ($1800) Section 7. The Sheriff shall be allowed fees as follows: For serving every capias, sum- 5 moil;;, scire facias, or attachment, for each defendant and garnishee . per weck for not more than sixteen JhTfSil r,'^' 18 by thC hanl sh ° WW Fo1 ' fcWng and"en(ering'"evcry bail or delivery bond For serving every writ of gar- that fell here. Mrs. Tiffin Kelley when ninlit falls, lho IVriHranee of most growing flowers increases immeasurably. L .•» i\r "••—•• »•"*• iUM mufti ii nubatitute.USeatdruiiatoria. ol931C. TffE CAUSE IS PLAIN YOUVE USEDRCR MOTOR FUEL/^AIN/K'S «^W^e4 SMOOTHER PERFORMAMCE .10 SERVICE STATION Phone OS nishmcnt on every garnishee .50 For serving a writ of injunction on each defendant 1.00 For attending each Circuit or Chancery Court, per day 3.01) For attending each County, Probate, Municipal, or Justice of the Poaco Court, per day 1.00 For calling each action at each lime For calling each party at each time For calling each jury Por calling each witness For committing a criminal or other person to jail For furnishing a prisoner, pel- day, when paid by the prisoner, For serving habore facias pos- sessicnem, or attachment For serving every writ of execution For making, executing and subscribing u sheriff's deed, to be paid by (lie pure-baser 2.00 For executing u certificate of purchase for real estate under execution For every return of non cst on a writ, original or judicial For return of nulla bona For executing a writ of inquiry For summoning u grand jury For summoning a petit jury, regular nune-1, selected by jury commissioner;; For summoning a special jury (o assess damages on special venire- For summoning each witness weeks a year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than four weeks on any one approval; and, provided further, that the approval .50 of said Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court may 50 be obtained by mail or petition without the expense of assembling the Levying Court; provided further that if Ibis extra deputy is allowed to the Tax Assessor by the County Judge • ml a majority of the members of the Levying Court on account of the law being changed as referred to, then the County Clerk may not have an extra deputy as provided in A BRAND NEW S Section 5 of this act. Such portion of the Assessor's salary j and deputy's salary and expense asi •10 j may be duo from the Slate and other •£>; slate agencies shall be paid into the •051 County Treasury, to the credit of I the County General Fund, and shall .SO : bo used only for the purpose intended; ! and if sur.h portion ever be paid di| reel to the Assessor or deputy, the .75j same shall be deducted from the I compensation as herein fixed, so that 1-00, the; entire- amount paid to the Assessor j shall not in any event exce>ed the •V5 | sum of §2700.00 per year and the entire amount paid to the deputy shall not in any event exceed §1UO.OO per month. Section 10. The County Treasurer. ! shall receive us compensation am! ' •50 salary the sum of twe-nty-seven' j Hundred Dollars ($2700.00) per year •25.' for performing all duties of suid offico, •25; and out of raid sum said Treasurer 1.001 shall pay nil deputies und assistants.' 7.50^ Said 1'reabure-r shall receive no other, or further compensation, perquisites.' e-molumenti;, fees or commission.-;, i 10.00 cither directly or indirectly, for M.T-' , vicet; rtndered by j-euson of, or as tin 1 i result of, holding the office. | 2.5Uj The Treasurer may execute ti •M, "surety bond" to cover th e first Fifty i mi iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimiimimiiiii HIM SEPTEMBER marks the opening of a brand-new season in this business of running one's life. Back home—back to work—back- to school. Time to take stock of most everythig, isn't it? What's needed for the house, for the children, for yourself? ... At least a dozen spending decisions to be made very soon. How about choosing- a school for the youngsters? (It's not too late even now.) And school equipment, too—pen-and-pencil set, typewriter? Then don't forget new linens ad towels for the house—and bathroom supplies, of course. Perhaps the pantry wants restocking. And you are going to redecorate at least one room, aren't you? Whatever your needs, the advertising pages of this newspaper will help you decide wisely and spend wisely. You can depend on advertised goods and services . . . for if they didn't represent pretty worth-while values, the sponsors couldn't keep on advertising and selling! Read all the sales messages in this newspaper. They have something worth-while to say to you.

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