Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1934
Page 4
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t:«*o> Worker in India SWho the Aiiswf-v to Previous Pfmle worked to r- India? l&N'afin-.il power. 15 To suj 17 of surpris brine 22 Maxim 24-Timlin- tree 25 FaslnVs nn \oioe statesmen of Japan SOCoverins for the apox of a roof 30 Work of skill 31 Uetl Cross. 33 Theme 37 Kxclamation of inquiry 3S Fluid in a trco 41 Cravat 42-Some 43 Kindled Side. Lubricated M;ilf courtesy title An ounce o Genus of small mites 5 She was president of the Indian National " She was a of Hindu University l-Mandatcs. was —— of the National Knfornier (pi.). 3 North Carolina 4 Hows 5 Within << Half ad em. T Kxclaniatioh used to startle. ' KAntl '.(South America, 10 Tiny particle, .11 Northeast 12 She was a teacher and believer irt'-rf"'- 1-1 To arrange' cloth. Ifi fcxterlor. IS To place in line 19 To restrain. 21 To run away. 23 Music drama. 27 To scratch. 28 Wind. 32 Cheap cotton cloth. -'M To drink slowly. 30 Sound of .sorrow, 30 Three-toed Kloths. 37 To enroll In tho army. 39 Meat and rice dish. 41 To palpitate. 4U Genus including the moose 44 Threefold. 4G Twitching. 47 In reality 48 Kit's child. 49 Old garment 01 Exclamation of disgust. 52 Onager. 54 Southeast. 56 Northeast. Notice -Notice is Hereby given that the ftlar- athon Oil Company has made application to the City Council for a permit to install gasoline tanks and pumps on the South Half of Lot Six (6), Block Thirty-four (34) East Third and South Laurel streets, Beard's addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas. The City Council will hear this petition at its regular meeting October Second (2), 1934. •£. "ft. 'BTJuLTNGSLEY, City Clerk. Sept. 6 and 7. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you teE. the quicker you sell. 1 time, 10c line, min. 30e Vm consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 30c 26 times, SVic lint;, min. SS.'.Tt (Average 5'£ words fo the line) NOTE—Want ads will bs accepted with the understanding tli.it the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tho fires publication. Phone 768 Weekly Sunday School Lesson Text: II Chronicles 30:1-9, 13 The International Uniform Sunday- School Lesson for September G. By \YiVI. E. GILROY, D. D. -Editor of Advance Screen doors—Hope Bids. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT: Furnished two-room apartment. Private bath and garage. Mrs. Judson. 320 Nortn Elm. Pho. 2U1. 3 -3tc. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope BIdg. Mat. Co. BARGAINS IN USED CA^S. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WaJ] Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co~ USED PARTS FOR ALL P. A. Lewis Motor Co. WANTED WANTED: Medium sized used * T. S. McDavitt & Co. 3-3t-p. LOST LOST—Three liouths old in ;i [ ( . setter pup, white witli light brown our and spots. Reward. Call g-iG. ,j-3tp MALE H^LP~WANTED I WANT 3 MEN for local Tea &. Coffee Routes paying up to §60 a week. No capital or experience required but must be willing to give prompt service to approximately 200 steady customers. Brand-new Fords given as bonus. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr., 6603 Monmouth, Cincinnati, Ohio. 5-ltp PERSONAL WE BUY UCOLN HEAD PENNIES. Will pay up to ?2.00 each if over ten years old. Indian Head Pennies worth up to $51.00 each. Send lOc for Buying Catalog. CONTINENTAL COIN CO., Box 1722, Chicago. 5-ltp. NOTICE NOTICE— have moved my hat shop to "Cotton Row" between the Postoffice and railroad. Men's hats cleaned and blocked 75c. Extra good grade rebloc'kcd hat for sale 9<fc and "$1.50. Look for the sign: Stack's Hat Shop, South Walnut street. 5-6t In the background of the 'prophetic utterances of Amos, Hbsea, and Micah we have seen the failure of a Ipeople to live right lives and to establish justice and truth in their social and national living. If we have throughout History the tragic evidences of failure in personal and social life, we have, also, thank God, the record of great eras when men were aroused to a sense of their condition, and when, under divine Influence and prophetic leadership, they purged their souls from sin and reestablished life upon the higher plane. It is one of these great epochs, or I movement sfor reform, with which j cur lesson, deals. It was the time of [ tl:e Pf ssovor—a time s;icrcd in the life i and tradition of Israel that marked ! cKcnti.iHy God's protection and guid- | anco of the people and his choice of i them to serve ^his purposes. ! Yet the priests themselves, who ought to have been leading in that celebration, wer not sufficintly sanctified—a lack of ceremonial purification that, possibly symbolized a condition of heart. It was under these circumstances that Hezekiah rallied the leaders of Israel and Judah to Jerusalem with the people that they might observe the Passover in sincerity and in repentance. So the message went froth from the king and his supporters throughout all Israel jmd Jiulah, from Dan to Beertheba; that is, from the most northern city to the most southern. -It was a message of appeal to the people to turn to the Lord and to-consecrate themselves to the rebuilding of the nation in righteousness and truth. It was a time of humiliation, when the nation had suffered defeat in war , and when many had been carried off '-into captivity by conquering Assyria. " In his message to the people, Hezekiah reminds them of these Ihings. He assures them that evil has fallen upon the nation because of the sinfulness of their fathers. He appeals to them not to be stiff- necked like those who had pursued thc-ir own perverse way, but to sanctify themselves and to serve the Lord. Along with this Hczekiuh assures the people of the Lord's graciousness and mercy, that he will not turn his face away from those who v/ill turn to him and who seek I'.'.A blessing. The massage had its effect. Multitudes of people came to keep the feast of unleavened bread, ready and willing to respond to the call of a new crusade. It is the capacity for repentance, for retracing the way.-; where he has gone astray; it is the fact that God never casts away those who will turn t ohim, upon which we build the hope of mankind. The world has never reached so dark a condition of degradation and seeming despair but the divine spark in man has funned a flame of new life and idealism. The influences that created a revival in Israel are powerful to create a revival again whenever and wherever prophetic leaders can set them at work. A member of '.he Quebec House 'of Commons, Miss Agnes Macphail, has advised women to get ready to go into their legislatures and congresses because they are every bit as smart as men. liOUSE 6, 1 By AHERN OUT OUR WAY '•;-%2\ FOR TvV LOfxM o\~ TVAA3 ''•:$ \ -#56 YOU GAVE A VEA'R AGO /-- iVv v>Av»Nf n 'BACK, i- V WITVA s\>; P6f 6 \ —MOW,<3\VE fAE 7 ^ ^EE"D TO N'\V GQL"D gj V A fA\NE ,TV-\"'L\TTLH PHOEBE"" ^ ' ' THATi" 5 GAVE YOU TOR \ 't tw K \ By WILLIAMS O? "BABBLE \S "TVAATT YOU ^OUTVA c ?-—Wl-\Y- SOL"D TO'R #SO /-«- HNVAA - £6 At), 1 SUSPECT K "Bit O^ CHICAKVE'RY /—HAVE A %f : Tf/E<_. /rv" YOUR T'R\C«E;RY/--YOURE NOT AS SLICK A4 THE TOP OF% YOUR I,M\ (MiM 111!! — —• % %|]iiA WVAATS \^\ TH\S^ |M/1 I i'l \\l\ C S«N.!iW'l '. « «9:« s f" orr. l' f *34'OV NC* fll BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES : PIDN'T GET MUCH 60T TO GO ALOWE, F I EXPECT TO 3ET ANV SHOPPING DOME. HEROES ARE MADE —NOT BORM Not Even Friends! ; HU . . WHKV I ' •'. 1 OUT TO &•£ tX VOA.-b ••• .VJST ^ CO1AMOM \t'O KitMfS ftMOLrtOTV \O OVP OUR tWG^6'EK 1 e.V5V '." O\O Sy MARTIN ' I !!• 9V£KTCV Of OTHER ^3-t DY NCA BtRvicL.'me T"H. HCK : u. g PUT. orr. ALLEY OOP Disaster! WOW, POptY, HERE'S HOCV WE'LL GET US .AN AX£/ I'LL ,' ? RAS TH'L-AST GUV IN LINE BY TH' NECK AN 1 HACU, 'IM UP; YOU CLOUT- 'IM WITH HIS OWN By HAMLIN it:, .... / - -u.— - u '$& ^-^ ( .tOOK WHAT (YV'V t GOT/ r V5A-! V"_ fj ^ *^-l-- J 'l ~ ~-. • \ <f&a. ..."'. : ' ,-•» \ xV^f^Wpl f^^/^ ;^,^« s J ^^v^ -•.^^^'-• > -. -^ '-' , ^'•'/ l -<l^-.v • x.r.^l€ •-' WASH TUBES /HOT 'POSSUM N 'POSSUM.' VERV THOUGHT For Once, Boardman Joins In! fa ^ O.i QJ< Of "" scnviec, INC T. M. nco u s P»T orr. By CRANE DOM'T LOflMT AMV EH? O.!-:. BV ME, AH, BW THE ', AMD NO COFFEE EITHER? SALT flKJD PEPPER TOSBASOM IT? 'BAH CAN'T EAT PAST WITHOUT COPFEE.... HMM , SMELLS THO...SAV, BV THflT's-NOT BAD-6IMME ANOTHER PIECE, .r »s 'I ')»•/: •| FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Jed Barrows! By BLOSSER WHERE YI DAYLIGHT THROUGH TARKIATION ONE THAT BAT I'M JSD BARROWS.... UNDERSTAND H=D BARROWS. 1 AN' THIS IS MY PROPPITY YORE A'POACHIM' ON...GIT OFF, AFORE I SPRAY YO WITH BUCKSHOT! GIT!! / THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) fl^Kili / ^'•* '' ' lit Vi 4 /y;-; 11if \V jL!iil_JM__L PARDON ME, MR I CLUMBA TREE AN' SLID OFF BARROWS, N INTO THE WATEK?, BUT HOW DID ) JUST ABOVE you shlEAx UF? ^ HERE '. S'/rrHour us v 1 —— y HEARING Y&U ? J ( '-^ f : ir\ '•$ w( -J X A , .^ I SHO DID... THflM YOU i AM' IT'S IV! 1 .SWAM ) LIKES O' - ••: ACROSS / VARMiM, "2 J X DOTEO •:: SMOOTH," V"\ u PUT 'EM UP,YOURSEt^., MR.BARROWS! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO 'THREATEN A WOODSMAN WITH' THAT MUZZLE-LOADER Of YoUR YOU CANT SWIM RIVERS, AMD YOUR POWDER DRY .'.' Look Who's Here! By COWAN -AMO THC. COM^TASLE'9 IT'S SOrAE FOLKS, IN A CAP—THE.Y'PE: -GETTING OUT— WHY! (T"3— POP /AMY,woNr.xTe; IE J^VJ-T FEELING s / now AGE; J so HOT-SHE'S YES. MV STOVIACH TIPPED RIGHT OVEQ, GUWDYS 1 . 1 , TRWLEO TV,E THKF VtGiiT UP 1O MRS.YAU / CUCKOO-LISTEW/ ••SWAWKT iHOUSE5 J!" ^" z A! r k" i /V.I I V YOU / rl '^ WA UPSET f l ? /-V STO \. jf ^--^.•S rn*V?*Z o CAH THW BE? —- rMREo.u.s,pAorF. ^_'g) JOM BY HEA SEHVfce. IHC-"''

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